H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 14 - Surprise! - full transcript

Why is Cleo so desperate to avoid celebrating her 16th birthday? Zane recruits Lewis in his hunt for the 'sea monster'.


you like for school I'll begin



I was thinking strawberry nice touch

I'll give them the call what time

parties is that the Sun coming up for a

second time

no it's my darling daughter what's going


what fire the count admirers daughter

you're not buying anything for tomorrow

planning maybe of course not

you better not be planning what would we

be planning


what's this the thing you wanted the so

nothing said you could get side scan

sonar this is a fish detector no what's

the difference it's the difference

between night and day night the

difference between success and failure

watch it well it's my dad if anything

happens to it it's not what I want well

you should be Muslim I was you know I

don't think you're cut out for this

night oh yeah says who you what are you

doing anyway

I'm on a hunt and if I find what I'm

looking for I'll rewrite the history

books every think you might be losing a


ever hi Wilfred I just man I want to see

this is the place to find me yes a

two-part proposition Troy I wonder sir

Wilfred how much time you've actually

spent on the wave since opening the

business try numb then what can you do

business is business

well that's all about to change coz

you're about to hire me and spend the

rest of the day at the bench Lewis

that's not a bad idea

yes get to it wait a minute you call

that a job interview yeah yeah work for

me what done all the information on it

no you've got a deal probably you've

gotta ask him questions like Louis why

do you want to work at the juice net

cafe I'm committed to providing fresh

juice and friendly service to the masses

and I need money quickly Wilfred I am

prepared to work for as little as $30 a

day an hour some realistic laws really

well part to my proposal will have to

wait until I get to Mike

I'll get back to you

Oh Lois buddy

just the guy I was looking for see I've

got a problem well let me guess you're

self-centered you're vain you're

disgustingly rich did you just call me

buddy Lois look in the past we haven't

exactly seen things eye-to-eye no we

haven't but I tend to see the glass is

being half full you tend to see the

glass as being something to hit people

with you're trying to be funny right I

know it's wasted Lois look how would you

like a job job

I need a scientific geek time to try and

help me find something something really

more specific a sea monster Lois there

is something out there in the ocean and

what I need is someone who knows how to

use these side-scan sonar 3d radar

modeling software thermal imaging camera

you're really serious yeah

say you want the job when you say job is

there money involved name your price

what do you think that is nothing good

hey there she is last days of youth

Daniel let's celebrate em it's really a

bad day why didn't you say anything

Wilfred we cross movies all around

please coming right up

you know what the best part is I can

come to a party this year

well there's not gonna be as been

stopping you the past few years I've had

a serene calm fun is here I'm ready to


great we change your subject now

Claire's dad throws the best parties

here's the works German castles clowns

ponies of course we're just kids

what a guy wish might have been all add

my birthday do that look there's not

gonna be a party this year sir can we

please just drop it


but he thinks that impaired I don't know

you mentioned a birthday party and she

snapped a lie

oh hi mr. Satori yeah cool okay don't

tell her

see you then see that explains it

I was clear his dad they asked wearing a

patty for her that must be why she's so

down she probably thinks I've forgotten

okay sorry tell her no way

love can you come here for a minute

please yeah for the same money we can

get another balloon folder or ash awawa

dressed as a Renaissance poet who can

back the whole of I was made for loving

you what do you think dog don't you

think this is the best idea babe I know

what Cleo wants and she wants a

humdinger of a birthday just like last

year and the year before don't we always

have fun

oh yeah but dad's parties are the best

in the world see so what do you think

balloon folder or a chihuahua am I

kidding I mean this this is expensive

game talk - I don't care about money

Loomis I'm serious now do you know how

to use all this stuff cause I I think I

just want to know what's this about a

sea monster well remember a couple of

weeks ago when I almost drowned

I saw this looks interesting keep it

it's a photocopy the original be worth

something one day and what is it it is

some kind of dolphin why you're not

gonna find that in any book Luis and

whatever it is we're gonna catch it hey

whoa stop

you know actually on second thoughts I'm

out what I'm out

Luis my tail

see that's why I hang around with you

guys cuz all all the other girls at

school like oh no my makeup well this is

a valuable lesson

next time Zane's drowning don't help

Zane's trying to track down the sea

monster and he's offered me a job

helping you okay you should take that's

interesting logic that could work I hang


two steps back here well Zane's trying

to track you down and you know how not

to find us yeah and Louis could steer

zone away from any no-go zones like Mako

Island this is good keep your friends

close keep your enemies out in the

middle of the ocean

so when is he going that's maro you'll

miss Clara's birthday good Claire hates

a birthday party she's embarrassed by

them what why and how long's it been

since you've aimed one few years ago

yeah well I've made them all and lately

she has good reason design it's Louis

we're back on let's go find us a sea



how are happy sweet 16 sleepy head and

thanks for reminding me

so what'd you get nothing but thanks for

thought no go away please breakfast in

bed for the month I go I miss wait it's

your favorite pancakes with peanut

butter banana and honey can I stay in

bed love it you like


it's mom thank

glad you reconsidered well I do love a

good mystery did you get the hundred

bucks right here it's not enough

yeah but this is nowhere near Mako this

is nowhere near anything that's the

point solitary creature it doesn't want

to be found

think and I think Loch Ness monster this

is an isolated um I'm telling you this

monsters V R&R I was way over at night

oh hey who's the gate here you are you

bet I am

and when it comes to two monsters the

paranormal or anything technological are

you gonna trust

this is just how I remember when new

kids it certainly isn't it I'm sure this

isn't clear six birthday

Ricky this is supposed to be a party I'm

signed to see why Claire didn't make

such a big deal about this yep anything

missing is Claire's dad in a cowboy suit

sweeping down slapping a party how to

read go mad you could make it

Galgo love this or what she'll love it

you Aniston comes downstairs daddy





you said you wouldn't how could you




I think she just left something at my

house in sight probably she'll be back

she'd better be



you ever think about life though like do

you find Destiny's orders destiny find

here hmm like things happen for a reason

please stop something weird happened to

me and when I find out what it was it

well maybe right now yeah maybe I'm on

the brink of destiny look give it to me

just a pulse reading look it's gone I

see aren't you sort of bleep

folks rating pump do that that was big

and strong and and weird it was headed

towards maker how do you know that you

don't know that


okay Lewis turn the equipment on let's

do this



so going under there

not yet okay cooperating no I want you

to do macrame yeah

design of your own attain of God height


you idiot

you I can't believe you just did that I

thought you talked me in you how to use

this thing do you have any idea how

expensive it is I'm gonna have to jump

in there after now


no fairy great bread for you I don't

understand what's keeping clear with

your pipes she knows this is all here I

mean who can resist a pony this is a




clears kind of growing up lightly she's

not the same girl as say cute yep true

but all girls love ponies

do I look like the kind of girl that

would be caught dead on a pony

let me figure it out


this is Brenton Lewis rented I'm sorry

how many times do I have to say that I

am sorry is better be covered by



Oh clay oh right right keep your voice


don't worry wait hoods not with me then

why are you whispering what are you

doing here with Zane it's a long story

why aren't you at your birthday party

great did everyone know about my stupid

party except me don't let it get you


easy for you to say you don't have a dad

who still thinks you're 6 years old no

Cleo I want you to meet me at the juice

net at 5:30 at the juice now at 5:30

let's get outta here before you do

something even more stupid oh you are a

wonderful man clear


hello Lois you found her and she'll

definitely be there you're sure


are you ready so why








that clear

have you been that clear you did all


do you think I needed the money for

happy birthday


I couldn't resist Thank You Luis



I'm sorry dad I had to get away

you know why

Louis called me how's it party it was

really good

you didn't come no you're not a little

girl anymore you growing up

leaving me behind of course I'm your

girl I always will be really


but maybe code bullsh and features are

heavily in our relationship anymore what

do you say deal


one last time


every girl