H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 1 - Metamorphosis - full transcript

Silly skylarking schoolgirls Cleo, Emma and Ricki get caught in a cave on 'moon island' Mako. Before they can swim away, the moon lights them up at night. Back on land, they find that each will, when wet, quickly transform temporarily into a fish-tail mermaid. They dare not tell anyone, not even nerdy tutor Lewis McCartney. Two even discover they now have a magical control over bodies of water.

I've got a special power

that I'm not afraid to use.

So come on this is my adventure.

This is my fantasy!

It's all about living in the ocean

being wild and free.

Coz I'm no ordinary girl

I'm from the deep blue underworld.

Land or sea,

I've got the power if I just believe

Coz I'm no ordinary girl

I'm from the deep blue underworld.

Land or sea,

the world's my oyster I'm the pearl.

No ordinary girl!


0.2 under my personal best

Emma, you were really murdering that.

I'll do better than that tomorrow.

Give me two weeks

then I'll be ready for The Regional

So cool!


Hey, Cleo!

Yes, that Cleo!

I'm in some trouble here.

Can you help!

I don't think so.

Come on!


My Zodiac can't go,

And all I need you to do

is just pass me the tools

I'm not good with boats

You'll be fine!

Took me a while to realize

that some one stole my spark plug

So, does it work without one?

Nah, no spark plug

No spark

I was getting sick of that thing anyway

Why me?

I didn't steal your spark plug.

Because you're here, Cleo!

My dad will buy me another boat anyway.

I'll tell you what.

If you get it going

you can keep it!

This isn't funny.

Are you kidding?
Works for me, right Nate?


Looks like you'll have to swim for it, Cleo!

This isn't happening.


Is this supposed to be some sort of rescue?

Because it is a fatal floor here.

I don't mean to set the obvious,

but we're just floating out to sea.

Both of us.

You took that!

Zane Bennett's a pig!

Anything I can do to get under
his skin can't be bad thing, can it?


Thanks, Rikki!

You know my name!

Yeah, well! I've seen you on school.

since you've arrived.

Oh, I mean I've meant to say hello and everything.

Hold on!


Hey, Emma!

Want a ride?

Are you licensed?

Are you my mother?

Want to go out to the sea?

Is it dangerous in across this side?

Chill out!

Are we chilled out yet?

So, we're floating,

it's not like we're sinking.

Not yet!

I think we're out of fuel.

Feel like paddling to that island?

Mako Island?

Forget it!

No one goes there.

It's surrounded by sharks

and reeves

and mangroves

Well, it's all we've got!

How we ever gonna get back home?

Good question, Cleo!

Ask your friend.

Don't put this on me!

Oh, it was someone else's fault.

Someone else took this thing miles off shore

You two are lucky I've got this.

Emma's always really prepared.

I'm so happy for her.

I'm not getting any signal,

we should try to get to high ground.

Do you have any idea where you're going?

Just up!

I'm still not getting signal.

Maybe we won't get a signal.

We're banned

What if we can't call anyone?

What if nobody finds us?

We'll have to draw straws then

decide which one of us
the others relate

That's not funny!

I'm relieving the tension.

You're making it worse.

Come on!

Mind your steps!

I can't do this.

It's too slippery.

There's got to be another way.






I'm okay!

I'm fine.

Can you climb up?


Are you sure?

Come on, just try!

I can't!

There's no way

It's too steep.

I've got to go down and get her.

Are you crazy?

It doesn't make sense if you


Are you okay?

My leg hurts a little.

It's probably just scrapes.

What are you doing here?

Well you came down.

You were meant to stay in the top
and throw us a rope or something.

What am I?

A mind reader?

And what rope?

Shouldn't we concentrate
on getting out of here?


There's no way out.

Let's try here!


This is like a kind of volcano.

It's um ... not going to erupt, is it?

It's been dormant for 20 thousand years

I think we're safe.



The level of the pool rises and falls.


So it's connected to the ocean

There might be a way out.

I'm not going to like this.



Just give her a minute.


I was right.

It's about in 20 seconds swim to the way outside.

Strike through, plenty of room,
we can all fit.

Through there?

No way!

Go on, Cleo!

There's no other way out.
You can do it.

I can't do it.

And besides,

I can't swim.

Everything will be fine!

How can you be sure?

Listen to her, Cleo!

What alternative do we have?

Stay stuck down here forever.



Okay, now concentrate!

Take a deep breath.

That was more than 20 seconds.

Oh relax, we made it, didn't we?

I'm proud of you, Cleo!

I knew you could do it.

This is the water police.

Please make your way to the boarding ladder

at the rear of the vessel

Come on!

Come on, Cleo!
You can't stay there forever!


It was orange and covered with scales.

The minute I hit water I

I was water for a second

I was a fish!

What's going on?
I was a fish!

What's going on?

That's what I wanna know.

Is there anyone else here?

No, dad's at work
and my sister and mom are shopping.

OK, what happened to us?

about 10 second after we touch water we

we grow these

and it vanishes when we're dry.
we grow these

and it vanishes when we're dry.

And that's the same with you too, right?

The tails are like

Exactly like

We look like


I've told you before,
you're not funny.

Mermaids don't exist.

That's just too weird.

No, it's Lewis.

I forgot he's helping me with biology today.


Cle... Oh!


Ah, don't I get the time wrong?

No, we said 9:00.

But, sorry Lewis something has come up.

Like what?

just something important

But, not so important that
you need to know about it.

Sorry Lewis, I have to cancel.


Maybe some other time


You're smart

Do you know anything about mermaids?

No, not really!

Okay, sorry, bye!


Do you know anything about mermaids?

Are you crazy?

Cleo, this is really serious.

If anyone found out about this we could be in big trouble.

Well maybe

Look, something very strange has happened to us
Well maybe

Look, something very strange has happened to us

We don't know how and

and certainly don't know why

there is a way for us to find out more


Go back in the water

No way!

Not me!

I'm going.

I just don't think I should go alone.

Any volunteers?

I'm not so sure about this.

It's alright.

I am.

That gives me no confidence whatsoever.

About 10 seconds, right?







Lewis, what are you doing?

Oh, well you asked, so

I don't know I thought I'll just do some research

That's really nice, Lewis!

It's just. You didn't need to do that.

No, but I've got way
too much time on my hands.

Hey, look! I found this really cool stuff.

Mermaid myth have been ran for
at least 3 thousand years.

And people really believed in that stuff.

Yeah, apparently!

Sometimes they were good omens,
somtimes they brought troubles with them.

What kind of trouble?

Oh no!

Just ignore him.

Let's go back.

Watch out!


What do you want, Zane?

My father didn't appreciate

having the water police knocked on his door.

Well, you shouldn't have told
me to keep the Zodiac.

I don't like people making me look bad, Cleo!

Especially chicks like you.

If I were your dad, you mean Zane.
Especially chicks like you.

If I were your dad, you mean Zane.

Sounds like you're scared of him.

You think you're better
than me, Lewis, is that it?

Almost everyone's been there, live with it!

Tough guy!

Got yourself a protector, have you Cleo!

You and whose army?

It's not gonna do you any good!

You know, Cleo!

One of these days, with or without Lewis

something really bad might happen to you.

So we climbed out of the water and

everything's back to normal when we're dry.

Like nothing've ever happened.

But it did.

This is the trace of my life

I mean, are they even worth for that?

I don't think so.


You'll never believe what's just happened?

And it grows even more.

Where's the extra water coming from?

I don't know.

Did I do that?

It wasn't me.


This is over the top!
I'm gonna use some of it.

All I did was

Not fair, why don't I get to use the cool stuff?

I don't think 'cool' is the word.

It's scary.

But you should have seen the look on Zane's face.

This isn't funny.

We've gotta keep this as a secret

from everyone.

We could end up dissected or

or in the circus or something

So this's a secret.

It's just between the three of us?

Our secret.

Our responsibility.

Whatever happens, we're in this together.

Doesn't mean we're married, does it?

Not that was actually funny.