Gypsy (2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - Neverland - full transcript

Jean realizes a patient has been lying to her. As Dolly rehearses for her play, Jean contends with her disapproving mother and an impatient Sidney.

♪ So I'm back to the
velvet underground ♪

♪ Back to the floor that I love ♪

♪ To a room with some
lace Some paper flowers ♪

♪ Back to the gypsy that I was ♪

♪ To the gypsy that remains ♪

♪ Faces freedom With a
little bit of fear ♪

♪ I have no fear, I have only love ♪

♪ But she was just a wish ♪

♪ She was just a wish ♪

♪ And lightning struck only once ♪

♪ And your gypsy, your gypsy ♪

We'll go out in a sec,
Stevie, I promise, okay?

Oh, shit.

Can I get some?

Yeah, but we're out of milk.

- Ask a neighbor.
- Go fuck yourself.

Um, put the seat up this time.

I got it.

Thanks for coming. I'm totally out.

No problem. I'm kind of in a rush here.

Yeah, let me get my cash.

So you're Frances' hookup.

- And you're?
- His landlord.

For a few days.

Sidney's in the band with me.

Thanks, dude.

Can I get his number?

Maybe I want to buy from him instead.

Oh, and FYI, Ambien really
brings out your dark side.

- I hope I didn't...
- It's cool, dude.

Do you have a towel?

Just use mine.

Tickets, please?

Babe, your pass.

Thank you.

I still don't feel good
about this afternoon.

I think we should reschedule.

If we're both in the room,

Dolly's gonna think it's a
much bigger deal than it is.

Okay, but text me directly
afterwards, okay?

Of course.

Grand Central, final stop.

Please check for your
personal belongings.

Final stop, Grand Central Station.

I miss you already.

Oh, and you don't have
to be jealous anymore.


Of Sam. He blocked me on Instagram,

and... I don't know, at first I thought

it was just Emily and her bitchy ways,

but then I realized he must
have seen the photo of us.

What photo?

Don't be mad. I know I
said I deleted it, but...

It's mostly just fans of Vagabonds,

and a lot of comments
about how hot you are.

And I can't argue with that.

Well, wait, are you sure?

I mean, how do you even
know he saw the pic?

Come on, it would totally set him off.

My sexuality and all that shit.

You sure you can't come over?

I have an appointment.

Therapy. Happy?

Do you talk about me?


- Bye.
- Bye.

Jean, there's a woman asking
for you in the front.

- Oh, yeah?
- Says she's Allison's mom.

I've been trying to get in touch
with her for the past 48 hours,

and I know she usually
comes here on Wednesdays.

Well, she often changes the schedule,
so she's not actually coming today.

Has she reached out?

Look, Margaret, um...

I can confirm that
Allison is my patient,

but I can't really divulge
any details, by law.

This is an extenuating
circumstance, don't you think?

- Are you guys in touch?
- What do you mean?

She's been living with
me the last few months.

- Living with you? I thought...
- Yeah.

- What about Tom?
- Who's Tom?

It's a friend of hers
she mentioned once.

Well, we had a fight,
much worse than usual.

And I've been feeling incredibly guilty

because she left, and I
haven't heard from her,

and I figured I've been giving her money
to come see you four times a week,

so you must know more than me.

Look, like I said, our sessions are
completely confidential, so...

I'm so worried that I upset her
to the point where she might

get back involved with drugs again.

Yeah, I understand your concern.

When I hear from her,

I can promise you I will
have her contact you.

How are you feeling?

I was sorry to hear about your health.

I'm fine, what do you mean?


Allison, this is Jean.

Uh, can you call me when you get this?


Hey, what was Allison's
mother doing here?

She wanted to book a family session.

They're working hard
on their relationship.

She hasn't heard of a phone?

Yeah, I guess she lives nearby and
wanted to talk it through in person.

- Allison wasn't present?
- No.

She been keeping up with her meetings?

Yeah, she's committed to her recovery.

I told you.





Hi. I'm looking for Tom.

He moved out, can't you tell?

Do you know where I might find him?

Don't ask, don't tell.

It's a joke. Smile, lady.

Yeah, well, I was, uh...

I was actually looking for a
girl who used to live here.

- Allison?
- Yeah, have you seen her?

Nah, she ain't been here for a while.

You got a name, Curious George?

You know what? Um...

Don't worry, thanks.

- Mommy!
- See, she's still here.

- Hey, sweetie.
- Hi, Mommy.

A lovely girl, just lovely.

So, we worked on a checklist.

She tested high on the scale for ADHD.

Yeah, I've looked at that test,
and those variables seem...

Yeah, I've heard the criticisms,

but I'm trained to see what parents
tend to want to gloss over.

Something else to consider, children
who exhibit ADHD tendencies

are six times more likely
to express gender variance.

I've been reading up on
gender dysphoria, so...

Well, as you know, then...

this may become about her
sexuality, but for now,

definitely just keep allowing
her to express herself.

How are things at home?


I mean, yeah, great.

Marriage relations are good?


Anyone working longer
hours, changes in routine?

Well, my husband is working on a project

that is a little more
demanding than usual.

What about you?

You're the primary caregiver.

Are there any changes in your
behavior, mood, personal conflicts?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Good, well...

I am going to recommend that Dolly
try a period of medication.

I just figured I'd get
the prescription filled.

I didn't say I was gonna
actually start giving it to her.

I want to get a second opinion,

because I don't think she
needs to be medicated...

I think you'll find every doctor's
gonna say the same thing.

We'll just make sure.

Do you want to speak to
the doctor yourself?

I mean, it feels like
you don't trust me.

I didn't say that. Don't
put words into my mouth.

I do think that you're convinced

that if you can take care
of her learning issues,

then that'll solve other things
that you're concerned about.

No, I'm not saying that at all. I just
want to stay on top of her grades,

and that seems like the only
thing we can control here.

But we can't. Dolly isn't like you.

Not as a student, not in
the way that she dresses,

and that's okay.

I'm not sure where all
this is coming from.

It feels like you have a lot
of pent-up anger on the issue.

Hey, don't analyze me right now, okay?

Daddy, I'm brushed. Can you tuck me in?

Yes, of course I can. Come on, sweetie.

I have something I wanted to show you.

At first I wasn't sure what I should do.

She was such a part of me, it
made sense she left a mark.

So it's a phoenix.

The phoenix bird periodically
burns itself to death,

and then reemerges from the ashes.

Emily thought it made sense, the
symbolism, since I'm rebuilding.

I'm glad things are going
so well with Emily.

- Are you?
- Yeah.

Of course, what do you mean?

I figured it out.

- Sam...
- No.

You want me to be hooked on Sidney.

Keeps me sick and needing you.

Makes you powerful.

Look, Sam, I, um...

I know things ended on a strange
note in our last session,

but I was just pushing you
to challenge your feelings.

I mean, that's my job, to help you.

You know, I wanted to
believe Sidney was a curse.

This... virus, this terrible thing.

But I've started to see
things differently.

She was a gift.

In fact, without her, I never
would have gotten to you.

And you helped me change, which
brought me back to Emily,

where I actually belong.

That's good.

Remember what you told me
when she stole Stevie?

Anything that connected me to
Sidney was time to let go.

But there's still one thing
I need to let go of.


You are the last remaining thing
that connects me to Sidney.

And I'm finally in a really good place
and making major life decisions.

And as I look ahead, I was
never someone who saw myself

in therapy forever, you know?

Wait, Sam. Sidney's just
one of our topics in here,

a better way to understand you.

You taught me really well.

I'm taking responsibility.

But as long as you're in
my life, she is, too.

I don't think you should
quit therapy, Sam.

We still have a lot of work to do.

I'll always have work to do.

But I want to enjoy my life, not
just talk about all the issues.

Honestly, it'll probably
be good for you, too.

We still have a few minutes.

I'm good, that's okay.

I'd like to finish this
conversation, Sam...

Yes, hi, um...

I'm looking for Melissa Saugraves.

Does she still work there?

Okay, do you know where?

Thank you, thank you.

There's something I wanted to tell you.

- What, what is it?
- Promise you won't judge me?

- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.

Okay, fine, tell me anyway.

- I am sort of dating someone.
- Really, who?

Well, that's the thing, it's Daryl.

Wow. Oh, my God. Well, what happened?

Well, he broke up with that
high school hooker of his,

and we were hanging out more.

We just had to go over some
stuff for the divorce, and...

it's actually been so nice.

I am not getting ahead
of myself, though.

That's very evolved of you.

Seriously, I'm really happy for you.

Thank you. I actually
haven't told anyone.

Oh, um...

Uh, Greek salad, dressing
on the side, please.

Lamb gyro, please.

Greek salad. Lamb Gyro.

I'm just worried people
are gonna judge me.

He cheated on me, and I...

Well, honestly, I'm realizing...

you should never judge something
you don't understand.

So I'm happy for you.

Oh, hey, I'm looking for Allison.
Have you guys seen her?

You're her mom, right?

No, no. She hasn't been
here in a few days.



You should be ready by now.

But it's not fair!

If something were to go wrong,
that would be very dangerous.

But Peter Pan flies.

There'd be no magic if he doesn't fly.

Hey, what's going on?

One of the chains holding
the harness up broke.

We don't have time to fix it.

Oh, well, I can take it to the shop.
I don't mind.

- The apparatus is so old.
- It's not worth the risk.

- We can pretend.
- I don't want to pretend.

Hold on. Here, come here, sweetie.

Listen, calm down, okay?

It's okay, I'm gonna fix it, okay?
Mommy's got a plan, all right?

Now you just go and
rehearse with your friends,

my little sweet Peter Pan, okay?


And here I thought you were the
rare, well-adjusted career mom.

Oh, shut up.

I'm just happy to see that
you have a wild side, Jean.

Maybe we can actually be friends.

Yeah, it's more anxious than
rebellious these days, but hey.

Well, if you ever need,

I basically have a pharmacy
on me at all times.

- Hey.
- So, um,

I've been going over it.

- What?
- The rumor.

And how nobody here will look at me in
the fucking eye and what Scott said.

- All of it.
- Okay.

And you're the one that
told everyone about Texas.

Michael, I...

Just admit it, Alexis.

Do you have any idea how
fucking angry that makes me?

You have put me in an
impossible position here,

and you lied to me to my face, and
I thought I was being really nice,

you know, including you in the case,
and taking you to Texas, and...

I can explain. That is...

I don't want you to.

I know why it happened.

Do you?

I care about you, and I don't
feel fucking good about it.

But nothing is going
to happen between us.

I need you to know that
and understand that.

And if you do, then you
should come back to my desk.

I understand.

My mom will be here in a second.

All right, I'll be down soon.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hello.

You're early.

No, look, I'm right on time, actually.

You look tired, haven't
you been sleeping?

Nice to see you, too. Come on in.

What? That's not a criticism. I'm
concerned that you look tired.

You can tell me if I look tired.

Where's my grandchild?

Oh, she's upstairs
finishing her homework.

Can I get you something to drink?

Well, I won't say no to an aperitif.

One thing I really don't understand.

Why don't you and Michael
hire a full-time housekeeper?

I like my privacy.

Well, it's hard to live in chaos.


What are you so anxious about?

I'm not, I'm fine, Mom.

You might be good at fooling
others, but I know you, Jeanie.

I'm not trying to fool anyone.

I mean, just think if you had to
live in that one-bedroom apartment.

I like that apartment.

Oh, I know, I'm still paying for it.

Can you keep your voice down, please?

Yes, yes.

I know it's the secrets that
you think won't kill you

that always do, though.

Remember that.

- Grandma, Grandma!
- Oh!

Dolly, what did we say about the iPad?
That's enough.

Sweetheart, is it possible you have
grown since your birthday party?

- Yes, I'm nine now.
- Oh, gosh.

Hello, Nancy. Lovely
to see you, as usual.

You're so damn handsome.

And he just gets better
with age, doesn't he?

Mom, do you want one a
little more well done?

No, no, this is just fine.

I mean, you know that I
prefer vegetables anyway.

Very cruel to eat animals.

Well, sweetheart, are you
ready for your big night?

I think so.

Have you been working on your curtsy?

What's a curtsy?

What actresses do at the
end of the performance...

during the curtain call.

We hold hands and bow.

Which is perfectly
acceptable these days.

Oh, I just remembered,
when Jean tried out to be,

what was that, Cinderella, yeah.

Well, she didn't get the part.
She only made chorus.

Oh, she was so angry.

She had it in for the girl who made it.
I mean, it was rage.

I remember thinking,
this is a serious child.

And then, just like that...

she became absolutely infatuated
with her, didn't you?

That's not how the story
went at all, Mom.

I wasn't angry. I don't know
what you're talking about.

I never heard you wanted
to be Cinderella.

I didn't.

No, when Jeanie sets her mind
to something, she's fierce.

Well, I know that. She's unstoppable.

And then, if she doesn't get it, whoo!

She can't quite swallow it.

Like when she was rejected by Stanford.

You know, you still have never replaced
that ceramic elephant you broke.

I didn't know you wanted
to go to Stanford, either.

You know what? That was a long time ago.

And I really don't think we need
to go down memory lane right now.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

As short as you like.

- Okay.
- Wait!

Thanks so much, Mommy, I love you.

Baby, I love you, too. So much.

All right.

- Yay!
- Do you like it?

Hey, even if it was just as a "fuck
you" to your mom, I'm proud of you.

That's not why I did it, not entirely.

If there really was a
Neverland, would you go?

Is that a serious question?

Well, I'd be curious for
a little bit, but...

it always ends up the same.

Just routine.

Yeah, we kid ourselves if we think
that anyone or anyplace is gonna...

offer an escape.

I made an appointment with Dr.
Rothman again.

Is it anything specific?

No, just... just good to check in.

I mean, I only stopped
'cause I got busy.

Oh, good!

So, she'll run up these
steps, against this backdrop,

and it'll look like she's flying.

What a lifesaver, brilliant!

- I guess it works.
- It's a great idea, Jean.

Thanks, I guess I just
have a wild imagination.

- Do you have any fairy dust, too?
- I wish.

- Should we try it?
- Yeah.

- Where's Dolly?
- Um, I'll go find her. Hold on one sec.


- Hey, Holly.
- Hey, are you picking up your mom?

Uh, yeah.

Oh, I'm grabbing my sister. How funny.

Is she getting in now?

Oh, there she is. Okay,
I'll see you at school.



You drive a mom car.

It's my sister's. Get in.

I can't believe you showed up like this.

Well, maybe I'm not gonna let you
off the hook so easily anymore.

What does that mean?

It means you can't keep
playing the same game, Diane.

So what happened with Sam?

Everything okay?

Depends what you mean by okay.

He's fucking engaged.

- What?
- To Emily.

- Oh, wow, surprising.
- Yeah, I know, right?

And it's just a band-aid,
it's so fucking obvious.

Yeah, you're probably right.

But you can't control what
he does, and maybe...

maybe he really loves her.

He doesn't.

- Well, you don't know that.
- Yeah, I do.

Well, what I can't understand
is why you're so upset.

I mean, you've said yourself you're
not interested in him, right?

I'm not.

So let him make his own choices,
with Emily, or whoever.

I mean, you're out
there, living your life,

not giving a shit about what he thinks.

Well, you have no idea
what my life's like.

I only know what you tell me.

I know nothing about yours.
Absolutely nothing.

That's not true.

Take me to your niece's play, then.

Look, I have a complicated relationship
with my mother and my sister.

It's just not the right
time for me right now.

Of course.

Everyone's just moving on with their
lives, and I'm just left alone.

And now, even Sam, I mean,
he's fucking gone, too.

I mean, why am I here?

Seriously, what the
fuck is wrong with me?

You're some fucking
stranger who comes in,

get coffee whenever you
fucking feel like it.

I mean, you keep saying
I fuck with people?

But you're clearly the
one fucking with me.

Hey, hey, don't... don't say that.

It's not true.


You're right.

I wish I could be more
transparent, but...

it's difficult for me to
let people in sometimes.

Why don't you come over
to my place next week?

Would you like that?

That'll be good for both of us.

Yeah, I'd like that.

Need a ride?

Well, if it's not too inconvenient, yes.

- Who was that, Jean?
- Who? Just a friend, Mom.

Right, of course.

Look, why don't you go
into the auditorium?

I'm just gonna go and
check on Dolly backstage.

All right. Save you two seats?

Hey, this is Sam. Leave a message.

Hi, uh, I've been thinking a lot, and
I would really like to see you again.

So call me back when
you get this, please.

Thanks, Sam.

It was like that for a brief moment.

All time had stopped, and
I was outside myself.

I felt completely out of control,
like I couldn't see anymore,

couldn't feel anymore, and
all I had was myself.

If I didn't find a way
to manage my own fear,

find a way to save myself,
no one ever would.

The roller coaster would never stop.

I heard you saved the day.

Something like that.




- Sweet.
- What's your name?

Wendy Moira Angela Darling.
What is your name?

Peter Pan.

- Is that all?
- Doesn't matter.

- I mean...
- What did you do to her hair?

I cut it.

But your mother must get letters.

Don't have a mother.

I'm glad you think it's so funny.

- Shh.
- Stop.

- Okay.
- God, you never change.

Clearly, neither do you.

Excuse me.

I've lost my shadow. Can
you help me find it?

Let's just try to enjoy our girl, okay?

I love you.

Great job.

- Hey, great job!
- Where's Dolly?

Oh, there she is, honey!

- Sweetie!
- Mama!

You did such a good job.

You remembered all your lines.

You were amazing!

Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.
Look, Mom and I got you flowers.

Hold on one second.

Jean, it's me, Allison.

Please call me back. 646-555-0174.

Please, I really need to talk to you.
Soon, please.

Oh, hey, Gary.

Jean, I've been trying to reach you.

Yeah, I was just watching Dolly's play.

The police just called.

Your patient, Allison Adams,
she's been reported missing.

Have you heard from her?

No, I haven't.