Gypsy (2017): Season 1, Episode 7 - Euphoria - full transcript

["Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks]
♪ So I'm back to the velvet ♪
♪ Ooh, underground ♪
♪ Back to the floor ♪
♪ That I love ♪
♪ To a room ♪
♪ With some lace, some paper flowers ♪
♪ Back to the gypsy ♪
♪ That I was ♪
♪ To the gypsy ♪
♪ That remains ♪
♪ Faces freedom ♪
♪ With a little bit of fear ♪
♪ I have no fear ♪
♪ I have only love ♪
♪ But she was just a wish ♪
♪ She was just a wish ♪
♪ And lightning struck only once ♪
♪ And your gypsy ♪
♪ Your gypsy ♪
[subway train rumbling]
[horn blowing]
[crushing cigarette]
[crowd chattering]
[rock music playing]
♪ There's electro type on Broadway now ♪
♪ With the Citizen Quartz
Tick tock watches by ♪
♪ Got gold star audio visual appliances ♪
♪ Girl meets a rebel bird
On 45th and 3rd ♪
[woman singing in French]
I've been waiting for you.
And there I was dying inside
of the possibility you wouldn't show.
[scoffs] Somehow I don't believe you.
I don't lie about my feelings.
Says the liar.
You know,
when he mentioned you're elusive...
I thought he was weak.
Out of his mind.
Now I understand.
What's that?
[whispers] Your effect.
[rock music playing]
Excuse me.
Bourbon on the rocks.
I've been waiting for you.
There I was dying inside
of the possibility that you wouldn't show.
You look nice.
Thanks. So do you.
What do you want?
You buying?
Don't act so surprised at that.
Well, don't pity me.
I'll take a shot. The Fireball.
Come on.
Come on.
You know,
they used to build coffins in here.
It's why I'd never leave New York.
You can literally walk down the street
and find something new.
Anywhere else, I'd be bored.
I think death's
a better existence than boredom.
That is, if you like new things.
Yeah, well, any other time
I might be shy or scared, but...
not now, not tonight.
You sure about that?
Yeah, I'm ready
for the full Sidney experience.
Sounds like an epic game.
Maybe it is.
All right then.
Let's go.
[glasses clink]
Game on.
[Sidney] Come on.
Seriously, if I hear one more person talk
about the quality of life at Abernathy--
Hey, at least we ruled out
a lot of people, okay?
Here's to a successful trip.
At South by, I had a brown-out.
But tonight, I'm hoping for a blackout.
Deep aspirations, Scott.
You sure you don't wanna come?
Austin's only an hour away.
-No, we have an early flight, man.
-But have fun.
All right, suckers.
Your loss.
See ya later.
I used to live in a place just like this.
You used to do a lot of things, it seems.
So close, Holloway!
Hey, you know, I think you're still losing
by a pretty big margin.
[Alexis exhaling]
[Michael clears throat]
Sorry. Was that distracting?
-No, that didn't help.
Hey. I never said I was good at this.
All right, fine.
You wanna play something else?
Uh, yeah.
How about Truth or Dare?
[Michael] Are you kidding?
I haven't played Truth or Dare since
Bobby Drucker's seventh grade pool party.
Well, good!
Maybe I'll actually have
an advantage and win.
[Michael] Uh, you know, I'm pretty sure
that's not how Truth or Dare works.
Don't be such a lawyer.
I dare you to go behind the bar
and make us a couple of drinks.
I don't want to get us kicked out.
Hey, you're the one
who wanted to play Truth or Dare.
Okay... Okay!
[Alexis giggles]
[glasses clink]
Cutting straight to the chase, huh?
Yeah, there's only so long
you can circle your prey
before you go in for the kill.
Just thought...
maybe a drink, or some music?
I mean, Hostessing 101.
[slow rock music playing]
[Sidney] How do you feel about tequila?
We go way back.
Do you have any limes?
Are you always this controlling?
No, I just know what I like.
Let's play a game.
Are you sure? I'm pretty competitive.
Well, what do you know? Me too.
Wanna play 20 Questions?
'Cause you're dying to
psychoanalyze me? Absolutely not.
No, we're gonna make it up. Mmm...
So, I'm gonna flip a coin
and if I land on heads,
I get to choose your fate.
-What does that mean?
-It means I can ask you anything,
or tell you what to do,
and you have to do it.
No backing out or any bullshit like that.
Okay, so if it's tails,
I get to tell you what to do or ask you--
Whatever it is you're dying to know.
Isn't that just Truth or Dare?
No, because you have no choice.
So it's a game of control.
Kind of. More like giving it up.
If you think you can handle that.
Yeah. Okay.
But no lying.
Who are you telling that to?
-You ready?
[Alexis] Hmm, I wasn't expecting that.
Sometimes I play it safe.
[Alexis laughs]
-Um... okay.
I mean, I...
I just don't wanna ask
anything off-limits.
Well, that's probably a good idea.
Why, though?
What do you mean, why?
I mean, we're...
we're respectful people.
And we clearly get along,
and if you were a female colleague,
I could ask you whatever, right?
-why should it be any different?
-That's true, that's true.
Okay, right. So, um...
All right, what is it you wanna ask
that's so outrageous anyway?
If you were single,
what would be the first thing you'd do?
I don't know.
That's the truth.
It's okay. I didn't mean
to make you feel uncomfortable.
You did not.
I just haven't thought about it.
-That's-- that's cool.
I think I'm gonna need
another drink, though.
Got one standing by.
Mm, okay.
Okay. Why did you first talk to me
in the cafe that day?
I mean, you made quite a point of it.
I was... intrigued.
And I think you know that,
so you don't have to pretend.
I love how you think
I have this whole act.
Don't you?
Well... if we're being honest...
I wanted to jump your bones
since the first time I saw you in line.
That drawn-out look, so...
pretty and demure.
I've always had a thing
for the good girls.
'Cause you're not?
Maybe 'cause deep down, I am.
[both laugh]
[softly] Shit.
-Dance for me.
-[laughs] That's seriously what you want?
It's what came to me,
and I don't wanna overthink it.
[slow blues playing]
I am so getting you back for this.
♪ Hey, Joe ♪
♪ I said where you going with that gun
In your hand ♪
No, I'm done, I'm done!
[music volume lowers]
I wish I could dance like that.
-Why don't you?
-I don't know, just...
Very dangerous
to tell me that during this game.
Yeah, you're right, I'm a fucking idiot.
But I do love this game.
'Cause I like you.
A lot.
And I like dominating.
Let me think of something good.
If you were gonna kill someone,
how would you do it?
[scoffs] You're fucking crazy.
I'm not gonna kill someone.
No backing out in this game, okay?
Well, I wouldn't use a gun or a knife,
unless it was self-defense.
I think I would...
use my mind. It's my best tool.
Reading people. Words.
I'd figure out their weakness, and...
exploit it.
That's dark.
Did you ever...
intentionally want to hurt someone?
I just...
I just remember with my ex-husband that...
There was this woman Catherine.
Fucking Catherine.
We'd broken up a bunch,
and we got back together
and he was still seeing her and...
and I went through...
every photograph, every e-mail,
and I made him get rid of all of them.
I tortured him.
I just was so... hurt that...
I wanted to punish him
for making me feel that way.
You must have cared a lot.
Yeah. I did.
Was that Michael?
You said it the other day at the museum
when you were kind of out of it.
What did I say?
What were you like then?
It's not your turn, honey.
[footsteps echoing]
[Alexis giggling]
-Hold that.
I'm telling you, it's still open.
I can come up
with a different one, okay? 'Cause...
Do you see that?
They closed at ten o'clock, okay?
-All right, that's it.
-You said get in the hotel pool.
That was my dare.
I don't go back on a dare.
[Michael sighs]
Well, I admire your dedication.
-It's cold.
I'm sure that it is.
-Oh, they have robes.
-Feels good, once you're in.
They have some towels--
-Come on!
-Hey, hey, hey, my phone! Look what--
Come on, when was the last time
you did something impulsive?
I have this standing by for you
when you're ready.
Where's that kid
from Bobby Drucker's party?
[Alexis laughing]
See? I'm not so square, you know?
[liquid gurgling]
[music playing]
Come on, I did it for you.
You said you'd do anything tonight.
Liquid courage.
Just give me a second.
I need to get into character.
[Sidney] Shit. No, wait.
That might help.
♪ So old-fashioned ♪
♪ And natural ♪
♪ Potions got me falling for you ♪
♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ Baby,
If I told you that you rock my world ♪
♪ I want you around me ♪
♪ Yeah
Would you let me call you my girl? ♪
♪ My girlfriend, my girlfriend? ♪
♪ I can give you the life you deserve ♪
♪ Just say the word ♪
♪ And I got and more ♪
♪ Girl, you're mine ♪
♪ If they don't know your worth ♪
♪ They don't know about my baby, my baby ♪
♪ Tell 'em you're my girl ♪
♪ Tell 'em you're my girl ♪
♪ And anything you want is yours... ♪
There's nothing sexier than your face.
Take off your shirt.
Yes, sir.
Tell me what else.
I love being told what to do.
Take these off.
You're so fucking perfect.
Look at you.
Not a single crack in the facade.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
[Sidney] I'll tell you what to do,
I know you're new to all this.
You don't need to tell me anything.
[Alexis] Oh!
Well, that was, um... that was...
I can't believe you ruined your suit.
No, it'll dry.
And it felt good. You were right.
I'm kind of not ready to go to bed yet.
Oh, come on,
we have such an early flight.
Come on,
when do we ever get a chance to do this?
One more drink, Grandpa.
Are you sure you don't wanna be a lawyer?
You're very convincing.
[door unlocks]
Okay, well, um...
I'll just see if there's anything decent
in the minibar.
[Sidney and Jean kissing, moaning]
-[Sidney] Let's get high.
Oh, wait here.
[whispers] Oh, God.
[breathing heavily]
What's that?
Frances stores it here sometimes.
He sells on the side.
I usually just stick to joints.
I don't like to be totally out of control.
I figured.
Blue Dream's my favorite.
It's supposed to be inspiring
and open up your mind.
Sounds good.
Do you smoke a lot?
I used to.
And shut up.
You have the best orgasms high.
Well, I do.
-[Sidney] What?
-Holy shit.
[laughing] You know you get higher,
the more you cough, yeah?
And fuck up your lungs.
You only live once.
Trust me.
I get that.
So, have you always been
into robbing the cradle?
No, and you make me sound like
a fucking criminal the way you say that.
Well, you must have had girl crushes.
It didn't really work that way for me.
I mean...
Yeah, I was always into men.
I think.
You would know.
I just think if you just focus so much
on what you should feel...
you don't really know
what it is you do feel.
You feel that?
Where are you going now?
[sighs deeply]
[Sam] It's like staring at the sun.
You know you should probably stop,
but it's the most intense feeling
in the whole world
that you can't help but look.
[Sidney] It's not showing up on Seamless.
What? Who are you talking to?
The pizza place.
Are you okay?
I mean,
you look like you've seen a ghost.
I think I'm just really high.
[Michael] Are we still playing?
Sure. It's the only way you'll answer.
[slowly] Okay...
Uh, ask away.
Okay, well...
Well, for example, marriage.
I mean, you and Jean, you seem
to have it all figured out pretty well.
Um, well, this could be the alcohol...
but it's nice to voice it sometimes.
I'm not actually...
what is going on in my marriage right now.
Okay, I'm not, um...
I'm not really following.
It's something I've known about
for a long time now.
When we took our break, it was because...
Jean was...
unsure if she could actually commit.
Yeah... so...
Maybe that's just her nature.
I mean...
-I know.
I know.
[clears his throat]
And it's fine, it's fine.
Totally fine.
That's when you met Catherine.
I mean,
I thought it was a one-night stand.
I thought it was--
'cause I was primed for it.
On the rebound
after everything exploded with Jean,
but, um...
I couldn't let her go.
Wow... can barely picture that.
I felt this...
strange permission to be someone else.
I love that feeling, it's...
It's like there are no rules or...
♪ Whisper something in your ear ♪
I can see the truth.
It's called being high.
But tell me, genius, what's the truth?
Well, there is none.
What do you mean?
It's all just perspective.
Nothing is real except for what you see
in this exact moment.
Which means you can't chase the truth.
[laughing] You're high.
Why did you date him so long?
You're jealous of him.
I'm not...
I don't think.
Apparently I fucked him up so bad,
he even sees a therapist now.
And she's clearly not helping. I mean,
he's seeing his ex again. Emily.
Fucking trainwreck.
Now you sound jealous.
[Sidney] No.
But apparently,
this therapist is super hot.
How do you know that she's hot?
Well, Sam told Emily, and so it continues.
What was the sex like?
I mean...
he's a horny motherfucker,
and I basically need it all the time.
Does that turn you on?
Now you tell me... about this Michael.
Why'd you break up?
If I tell you...
you won't believe me.
Try me.
[Michael] When we first met,
Jean was free-spirited.
Never controlling.
She wanted me to go out whenever I wanted.
To be free.
She believed I could do anything.
That we wouldn't fall
into the patterns that everyone else did.
Sounds cliche, but...
it empowered me.
Maybe not you in the literal sense.
But the part of me that's like you...
just couldn't handle marriage.
I wanted to explore, to wander.
To not be stuck.
You know, you don't live according
to the same rules
as basically anyone I know.
And I don't know what it is about you,
but you have this...
intangible quality that I can't place.
That reminds me of me.
Or how I used to be.
[inhales deeply]
Anyway, I don't know.
I guess I just couldn't bring myself
to commit to one thing for my whole life.
I don't think everyone is built that way.
[Michael] We talked about getting engaged.
Started making plans.
But the closer it came, the more she ran.
It was a really bad period.
I could just feel it.
She slowly checked out.
I think that she was afraid that I was
gonna somehow take her life from her.
[Michael] Her joy.
And once we got back together for real,
she committed.
I knew she needed me to be...
She needed me to be...
this, and I did it.
I needed her.
I need her.
[Michael] She seems so strong
on the outside, but underneath...
I'm not sure she has any...
real control.
And it's hard.
It limits you.
Having to be so strong
for someone else.
Everyone else.
I don't know if it's the weed or...
it's just in this moment...
I feel like I can see myself.
With you.
[doorbell buzzes]
Pizza. Hold on.
[door opens]
I totally have the munchies.
Can I ask you something?
Come sit over here.
Did you send this to me on purpose?
When you sent me all the pictures
from Dolly's party?
I don't know what you mean.
[slowly] Okay.
[laughing] Oh...
-[Michael] No.
What if I did send it on purpose?
What are you gonna do about it?
[Jean] What do you think you're doing?
I'm not gonna let you fuck with me.
You hear me?
Everyone else and everything else...
This is different for me.
And I think it might be for you, too.
The rules really don't apply.
I think...
you want this
as much as I do, Michael.
I think we've both had a lot
to drink tonight.
And, uh...
And we should
probably get some rest, right?
[breathing heavily]
[both breathing heavily]
[moaning continues]
[phone chimes]
-[train approaching]
-[brakes screeching]
[train rumbling]