Gypsy (2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

["Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks]
♪ So I'm back to the velvet underground ♪
♪ Back to the floor that I love ♪
♪ To a room with some lace
Some paper flowers ♪
♪ Back to the gypsy that I was ♪
♪ To the gypsy that remains ♪
♪ Faces freedom
With a little bit of fear ♪
♪ I have no fear ♪
♪ I have only love ♪
♪ But she was just a wish ♪
♪ She was just a wish ♪
♪ And lightning struck only once ♪
♪ And your gypsy ♪
♪ Your gypsy ♪
I'm sorry, is this seat taken?
Oh, um,
well, I was saving it for someone,
but he's late, so go ahead.
Thanks, and who's that?
-My husband.
Oh. Oh, well,
he shouldn't keep you waiting.
Yeah, he's a bit of a prick like that.
-Always working.
[Michael laughs]
Can I, uh...
Can I buy you a drink?
Maybe something a little harder?
Yeah, okay. Um, I'll take a--
Old Fashioned? Something?
Good guess.
Well, I have my moments.
Excuse me, hi.
Can I have an old fashioned with Bulleit?
And a dirty martini with three olives?
[Jean] Thank you.
So, what does he do, this, um...
husband of yours?
-He's a lawyer.
-Ooh, yikes. God, sorry.
No offense, but those guys, man.
-They're the worst.
-I know.
-So by the book.
You seem way too free-spirited
to be with a lawyer.
-Yeah, maybe I am.
I think you need more of a visionary.
-How do you know?
-Oh, it's just what I do.
Really? And what is it you do?
I'm an architect.
-Can you tell by the shirt?
I always wanted to meet an architect.
And now, you have. What does it feel like?
Yeah, it's good.
-Thank you.
-So nice to meet you.
-So nice to meet you, too.
-You're married, huh?
-No, no. I just never...
you know, found the right...
the right woman.
You believe in that?
I don't know, I mean...
Used to.
Well, I'm sure you have plenty of hot
young women throwing themselves at you.
You're a handsome, powerful architect.
You think I'm handsome?
Well, I do have options.
But it seems that, um...
that the woman that I want is taken.
that just makes it more fun, doesn't it?
Only if you're willing to break the rules.
I never said I was faithful.
Oh, I see.
And, um...
does your husband know?
He's too busy to notice.
But, you know, trying to control myself.
I think.
So, do you work?
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-You do?
-I mean, sometimes, yeah.
-Really? What do you do?
A musician, actually.
Oh, wow.
-Yeah, not really the pop star type,
-That's cool, okay.
but just more of the-- I write songs.
-Even so, that's, um--
That's really...
fucking hot.
And unexpected.
Oh, good. Well, I like to surprise you.
You know, every time I come here,
they give me a really great room,
if you wanted to go...
Um, well...
See, we'd have to be quick, 'cause--
Can I get the check, please?
Thank you.
Oh, I never did ask you your name.
[heavy breathing]
[both breathing heavily]
You like that, Sidney?
[electric razor buzzing]
Hi, sleepyhead.
Come here. I don't want this to be over.
Aww. Well...
Hey, don't do that! I have to go to work.
I don't have a patient till one, come on.
-Come on.
Order some breakfast, okay? And relax.
I'll miss you.
Last night was amazing.
-It was really amazing.
-I know.
It was very, very amazing, but...
I'm glad that we're not those people.
I really like who we are.
[door opens]
[phone ringing]
[man] Room service.
Hello. Hello?
Swanky choice.
-Yeah, I just had a meeting.
-Sure you did.
Oh, here.
You can order whatever you want.
Yeah, it's really not my scene.
But I'm sure these people would come
to Brooklyn and say the same thing.
-Oh, my.
-They look good on you.
-Oh, yeah?
-Good morning.
-Hi, she's gonna have--
Pancakes, please.
And I'll take
an egg white omelet, please.
[Sidney] You know, um...
You didn't even kiss me "hello."
I assumed we're past that stage
after the other night.
That was quite a kiss.
Hmm. Well, uh...
Maybe we should go upstairs?
-Well, you invited me here,
I assume you have a room.
That was... quite an assumption.
I, uh, told you I had a meeting.
With who?
An architect. He's redesigning this place.
I'm writing a piece on him.
What's he like?
at first glance, you probably wouldn't
find him all that interesting, but...
He's deep.
And thoughtful.
The kind of person you see and think,
"I just wanna be around you."
Maybe I'd like him.
Yeah, maybe you would.
Hey, I'm really sorry,
but I actually have to run.
-What's going on?
-I have to pick something up.
Oh, well, I have a little time.
I could come with you.
If you fancy an adventure.
Miss? Your bag.
Oh, uh, yeah. I'll pick it up later.
-And you say that I lie.
-It's nothing.
-It's just--
-No, no, it's cool.
Just a different kind of meeting.
How was the hotel?
It was great.
Great, thank you. Um...
It was good to get away.
I'm sure.
Hey, Alexis.
Do you think I could pass as an architect?
No, I mean if you met me at a bar
or something like that,
would you believe that?
I mean, I guess.
Are you considering changing careers?
Maybe in another life.
I'm gonna need you
to book flights for Texas.
I explained to them,
it's impossible to do this second-hand.
[Alexis] I'll get on it. Who's going?
It's me, you and Scott. Jeanie won't come.
You'll cover for both of us,
if that's okay.
Mr. Architect.
[quietly] Yeah...
I'll just be a few minutes.
You can just hang here if you want.
It's way too hot in here. [exhales]
[dog barks]
[dog whimpers]
This isn't your place.
Yeah, it's Sam's.
I hope you're not mad,
but Stevie's my dog, too.
Well, why don't you just talk to him?
I'm sure he'll be reasonable.
I literally asked to take him
for the weekend, that's it.
He was being such a dick
this morning, so fuck it.
I'm just gonna grab his leash.
God, you look so scared.
How do you know he's not coming back?
Sam's had the same routine forever.
We're fine.
I, uh... I'm running late, so I gotta run.
Maybe we can go
to your place next time instead?
That is,
if you even have a place of your own.
Shit, I'm so sorry.
[sighs] Subway delays. I had to jump off
at 14th and run all the way here.
-Really sorry.
-[Gary] That's okay, Jean.
It's not like you to be late.
I know, I'm...
-I'm sorry.
-Hey, can I talk to you for a second?
Oh, I uh... I kind of have a...
[laughs] Yeah, I can see that.
What happened the other night?
-I swear I saw you getting into your car
at the rehearsal studio.
Nope, I was home when you texted,
with Dolly and Michael.
-You're sure?
Must've been my doppelgänger.
Ha. Your doppelgänger drives the same car.
Grab your coat.
Actually, we're gonna head outside today.
-We are?
All right.
[Claire] Thank you.
Oh, I don't have
the right clothes for this.
-It doesn't matter, today is just a trial.
-Well, I can't do this.
I mean, I did yoga for a little while,
but my hamstring--
It's okay.
It doesn't require physical strength
as much as it does
the mind's attention and focus.
Are you supposed to be
taking me out of the office?
Well, if I think it'll help,
it's at my discretion.
Oh, my friends are gonna be hysterical
when they hear I'm hanging
with my therapist...
-Claire, we're not hanging.
-doing meditat--
This is all part of your recovery.
Let's sit.
I think Rebecca will appreciate
your being open-minded
and trying something new.
Maybe you should tell her.
This is a meditation class focused
on letting go of anxiety...
and detaching
from our inner judgmental voice.
Now, please close your eyes.
The world will not come to an end
because you are taking time for yourself.
Notice how your breath flows in and out.
We all have noise in our head.
But today,
I would like you to release yourself...
from the excessive thoughts,
your thoughts that build up and up.
So the continuous habit of thinking turns
into a worried kind of chatter.
Though, it's not like you to be late.
[instructor] There is no need
to control thoughts or thinking.
[Sidney] Maybe we can go
to your place next time instead.
[instructor] There is no need
to change thoughts or thinking.
[Sidney] That is, if you even have
a place of your own.
[instructor] Simply allow the thoughts
and observe them.
By acknowledging these thoughts,
they will dissipate and fall away.
Do not give them more power.
[echoing] Jean!
Where they gain power,
will become important, like a secret.
[child screams]
You can't catch me.
You can't catch me!
Oh, yes, I will catch you!
Hey you! [playful growling]
[Dolly] Let go! People are over.
Ah, she's too old
to be wearing a boy's bathing suit.
-She's tough to reason with.
-Trust me, I know.
What's Sadie doing here?
I'm surprised she's allowed over.
Michelle couldn't get her from Holly's,
so I said I'd drop her off.
-Oh, cool.
-[Sadie] ♪ Daddy and Jacqueline ♪
♪ Sitting in a tree ♪
♪ K-i-s-s-i-ng ♪
Hey! Who's Jacqueline?
Daddy's friend. She's a waitress.
You know, if Sadie was parading around
in a boy's bathing suit,
Michelle would be freaking out, too.
What is it that you're so afraid of?
I don't know. I just don't want life
to be harder for her.
[Michael] Oh, come on, honey.
Life is hard for everyone.
We have to look at the big picture.
We can't control
who Dolly's gonna grow up to be.
Now you sound like the therapist.
I don't know why I'm having
such a hard time with it.
Oh, I forgot. I've gotta go to Texas
on Thursday for two nights.
-For the case?
-Yeah, it's unavoidable.
It's okay. I get it.
Guess you're not gonna miss me too much.
We always miss you.
[phone dings]
I'm so fucking mad.
Like I can't control myself.
Why don't you sit?
I come home yesterday, and she took him.
She stole my fucking dog.
-Are you sure it was her?
-Uh, yeah!
She was texting me all morning
about how it was unfair.
She didn't even want
the fucking dog in the end.
She liked the idea of having one,
but literally never fed him or walked him.
-She's the most irresponsible--
-Sam, just slow down.
I-I don't know what to do!
She used her old key
to break into my place.
I mean, maybe I should call the police.
-Sam, hold on a second--
-Who am I even protecting anymore?
She thinks I'm a worthless pushover,
but that's not who I'm gonna be anymore.
-No one's saying you're a worthless--
-I'm sick of her controlling me,
keeping me in the wings like
I'm some bullshit fan she shits all over.
I'm telling you, I could fucking kill her!
I have to ask,
it's part of my job to report
if you're a danger to yourself
or to others.
Do you really think I'm capable of that?
I just need you to be honest.
Even if there's an ounce of truth.
I wouldn't even know how to anyway.
I know you're angry,
and you have every right to be.
Is it really worth getting
the police involved, all this drama,
if you can't even really prove it?
One of my neighbors saw Sidney
and another woman leaving.
It must've been Diane.
I bet it's a turn-on for her to try
to fuck a woman in her ex's apartment.
And I found these.
And I'm supposed to go on a date
with Emily tomorrow.
To catch up.
I think I'll cancel.
I'm really not in the mood.
I understand you're panicking...
but digging into this matter is
just another form of fixation on Sidney.
Instead of it being how in love you are,
you're just getting preoccupied
with the dog.
When, really,
this could be a real positive.
What? How?
This is your chance
to break free from Sidney.
Now, I know how much you love Stevie,
but that dog is just a reminder
of the heartache.
It's impossible for you to move on.
Don't cancel your date with Emily.
In fact, this is great timing.
Go out. Have fun and see for yourself.
You don't need Sidney to make you happy.
Come here.
[phone ringing]
Um, Lex?
-I hope you didn't think it was cheesy.
-Not at all.
Is that true about your father?
Unfortunately, yeah.
-We're all set for Texas, by the way.
They didn't have any high-end hotels,
so I booked the closest thing.
Kinda like a Holiday Inn,
so don't get too excited.
No, that sounds great.
Oh, um, thank you for reading.
Means a lot.
[woman] Logan's been coming home crying
about how Spencer told him
that he can't be a part
of the Super Boys Club
unless he starts to dress
and act like the other boys.
Spencer made him eat sand the other day
to prove that he's worthy.
They also compared penis sizes
to determine who could join.
I mean, they're eight.
It sounds like a fraternity!
I'm sorry, but I can't tell Spencer
who to be friends with.
[woman] Well, you have to talk to him
about not forcing other kids
to do things that are dangerous.
Lindsay, have you spoken to Spencer
about disbanding this group?
They'll just find another way
to choose their friends.
We all know kids are tough at this age.
Sorry, can I interject here?
Modeling's a huge way
that kids learn to be social.
I mean, there are clear lines
being drawn, even here.
Jean, could you speak more to that?
Well, the truth is, bully or victim,
the feeling's just the same.
It's insecurity and fear.
And we've all got things
to be vulnerable about.
Fears of losing something,
whether it's your best friend
dropping you for the new kid,
or your husband...
having an affair with the waitress.
So, why don't we just be
a little bit more compassionate here
and less judgmental?
And maybe you should get
Logan and Spencer together for a playdate.
I mean, who knows?
That level of animosity might mean
they actually could be great friends.
I think that's pretty sound advice.
Lindsay, are you open to that?
-Oh, hey, honey.
-Hey there, hey.
-How was the PTA meeting?
-I killed it.
Oh, really? Look at you, power mom.
-I know, right?
-My, my, my.
All we have to do
is get Dolly signed up for soccer
and then you'll be a real soccer mom.
[Jean laughs]
-How was your day?
-You know, whatever.
Coming up?
-I learned how to crow.
-You did? Let me hear it.
[mimics rooster]
[laughing] Oh, my God.
That's incredible.
And Sadie's gonna be Tinkerbell.
Oh, well, I think you would be
the perfect Peter Pan.
Hey, Sweetie.
Do you wanna be part
of the Super Boys Club?
No. I think it's stupid.
You're right.
I think it's pretty stupid, too.
-[Jean] I love you.
-I love you, too.
[Jean] So, I just got done
playing my show at Rockwood,
and, uh, someone mentioned that
you were waiting backstage for me.
Hi, Paul. It's Jean.
Listen. I have to be away
on Thursday and Friday,
so, unfortunately,
I'm gonna have to reschedule.
So, can you call me back
when you have a chance? Thank you, bye.
[Larin] Hey, you.
Oh, hey. Sorry, I was just
rescheduling an appointment.
Are you guys going away?
-I'll have some.
-Um, yeah...
No. Michael has to be in Texas for work,
-so I figured I'd just hang with Dolly.
-Oh, thank you.
So, apparently,
Darrell has a new girlfriend.
I think she's like 14 or something.
-Or like 29, but still, man, it's...
-Michael mentioned she was younger, but--
You guys knew?
Well, no.
He just said that Darrell was texting
with someone and--
Jean, if it was reversed,
[stammering] I would've called you.
I would've called you immediately.
You're right. I was preoccupied. I'm--
-It's just a pretty big thing to forget.
-I know, I'm sorry.
Hey, I'd love to get your guys' opinion
on this situation.
-What's up?
My cheater.
Oh, I have your notes on Allison,
by the way.
-Oh, great, thanks.
-Thank you.
I now think there's a lot more
to the story.
I think he could be a sociopath.
I hate when people throw that word around.
Yeah, but if the shoe fits...
[Hunter] In his case, it might be true.
He told me
he sees a blind man in the street
and enjoys watching him struggle.
Had to teach himself
to pretend to feel things.
Those are pretty big signs.
I wouldn't be so quick to label.
No, because you think all people exist
in a gray area. Don't you?
No, I just think,
given we're professionals,
we should reserve judgment.
Well, what's even more intriguing is
he tries to manipulate me.
How so?
Well, like when he told me
about cheating on his fiancée.
But I later found out
he's been cheating for years.
Maybe he's just not ready to face it yet.
I don't know. I think people need
to own their circumstance,
and it's actually our job
to hold them accountable.
Right, but you can't force
a patient to be...
truthful with himself.
Or anyone, if they're not ready.
I think you're underestimating
the importance of honesty.
Happy to see me?
How can I help?
What, your colleagues don't know
you make house calls?
-That was extenuating circumstances.
-So what's the problem?
What do you want?
[Allison] Jean.
Sorry, I...
Let's begin.
[Allison] It's my fault.
I said I wouldn't talk to him
unless it was in front of you.
I'm confused why you're seeing her at all.
You know, my buddy's a shrink.
-He sends his addicts to rehab.
-I'm not an addict anymore.
She still uses.
I thought you came here to try
and win me back, not be an asshole.
Why are you here, Tom?
She just told you.
She won't see me... without you here.
I guess she's scared.
Not normally big on therapy.
I mean, you're the ones
that are more fucked up than me.
If you're gonna be disrespectful,
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
I'm sorry.
I, uh--
You know, I act out when I'm angry.
You should be with me.
I mean, you know that, don't you?
I won't get all crazy.
Just come home already.
I miss you.
You know how good we can be together.
Allison, where are you living right now?
At a friend's on her couch.
Amber's a crackhead.
She's not a good influence.
And you are?
You're an adult, Allison,
and you can make your own decisions.
I don't think you're good for me.
[scoffs] Baby--
I don't think you're good for me.
-You heard her.
I think you should leave.
Are you okay with that, Allison?
Fucking joke, the both of you.
You think she cares about you?
I'm the only one who actually
gives a shit about you.
-Not your mom, not her!
-Okay, Tom...
And you? You're gonna get
what's coming to you, lady.
Just hope you enjoy the ride.
[Alexis] Michael Holloway's office.
Hi, Alexis. It's Jean. How are you?
I'm good.
He's actually still in with Allen.
Ah, okay, um...
Well, if he can't reach me,
tell him I'll be home after dinner.
-I'm just going into another session.
-Cool, I will.
Okay, great. Thanks.
Is this weird? I hope this isn't weird.
Honestly, I was a little surprised
that you wanted to meet up.
'Cause you and Sid, like,
fell off the face of the Earth
when you ran off together.
We didn't--
I mean, we didn't run off together.
I just feel like
I'm finally getting my life in order,
and you were really important to me.
Yeah, me too.
So, what happened with Sidney?
I mean,
you didn't tell me the other night.
Oh, um...
We were ultimately just too different.
That's all.
It's hard to understand the full story
from the outside, you know?
I mean, if you're gonna be a barista
into your late 20s...
it's just not cool.
I mean, she's still pursuing music.
Oh, come on. She's never gonna be
smart enough for you.
I don't mean to be rude, but...
she really fucked me over.
You did, too.
But I have made amends.
I just...
I think that...
she just sucked you in.
She's bewitching,
but she'll fuck you over...
when she's on her next obsession.
[elevator bell rings]
Can't believe you left work
in the middle of your shift.
Oh, whatever. You don't think
it's my dream to be a barista forever.
As long as I can make rent, I'm fine.
Plus, I have this demo thing which might
actually be the thing that takes off.
And what about your future?
-What do you mean?
If things don't work out with music,
what's your backup plan?
Well, you can't plan for the future,
'cause you don't know
what the future holds.
Unless you have some crystal ball you've
been hiding somewhere I don't know about.
-[Sidney laughs]
-That's not how people live.
I mean, sure, plans change,
but you have to have
some kind of direction, right?
Planning's a code
for making people feel safe.
It's not certain.
Nothing's certain, except for
whatever's happening right here.
In this moment.
That is real.
It's a tempting way to live.
It's the only way to live.
[both laugh]
Well, you don't have responsibilities.
-Like what?
-I don't know.
House, kids, things that make you
settle down, be an adult.
Do you have those things?
I mean, you say all this like
you're living some encumbered life.
Your stories don't exactly track, Diane.
I mean, you're a single woman
in your 40s, I presume,
who works freelance.
You should feel completely free.
Well, I guess I just live according
to how I think I...
Well, stop.
Stop thinking about
what everyone else wants for you.
'Cause, eventually, they'll all fuck off.
And all you'll be left with...
is whether you were true to yourself.
-[chuckles] Don't stop on my account.
-Oh, no. No, it's okay.
You on, like, Tinder or Hinge or anything?
No, um...
I'm actually not trying
to jump into anything at the moment.
I'm actually texting my therapist,
since you seem so curious.
You see a therapist?
That seems so unlike you.
[chuckles] Yeah, I know right?
Well, she's actually been...
really helpful through this breakup.
Feels like...
it would've been
too touchy-feely for you before.
Jean's different.
I mean,
she makes it enjoyable. She's, uh...
She's normal, like us, you know?
Is she cute?
Oh, what? You're jealous now?
-I'm just curious.
I know you like those authority figures.
Actually, she's pretty.
-Really pretty.
-You are totally into her!
[Emily scoffs]
Jealousy's never been my strong suit.
Oh, I remember.
In Costa Rica, you got in a fight
with that random woman who was
-showing us around the coffee plantation.
-You were totally flirting with her!
-I was scared for my life.
-Shut up!
Oh, my God. [laughs]
Whoa. Hey, are you okay?
-[labored breathing] Oh, God.
-Okay, whoa. Okay, just stand here a sec.
-You all right?
-[Jean] I don't know.
-I just feel dizzy, sorry.
-Okay, hey, can you walk?
Okay, we're just gonna
walk right over here. Yeah?
-I don't know what's happening.
-Sit right here. Right here. There we go.
-Okay, okay.
-I'm sorry.
It's okay, okay? Just breathe, it's fine.
-I'm sorry.
-It's fine. I got you.
Just breathe, okay?
-I don't know what's going on.
-It's okay. Just take a minute, yeah?
[deep breaths]
Who's that?
[Sidney] Who?
-Diane? Look at me.
-Oh, God.
Okay, whoa.
Okay, should I take you to a hospital?
-No. No, I'm fine.
I just... I don't... Just need a second...
It's fine. Take all the time, yeah?
-It's Tom.
Tom. He must've... I don't know, I just...
Okay, just rest a second, okay?
[Jean groans]
Okay, breathe. It's okay.
-You're fine.
-Oh, God.
-I'm scared.
-Don't be scared. It's fine.
It's fine. I'm here.
-It's fine.
Can you-- Could you call--
Call Michael, please...
-Who's Michael?
-and tell him I'm gonna be late.
Um, all right, well,
what's your passcode, Diane?
I forget...
Three, six...
Okay, kid.
Just rest and relax a sec, okay?
I'll call later, okay?
It's fine. It's fine, okay?
Shh... shh...
[phone chimes]
["I'm Lost" by Billy Fury playing]
♪ Friends all ask me about you ♪
♪ You're gone, and they want to know why ♪
♪ Tears fill my eyes ♪
♪ I walk away ♪
♪ What can I say? ♪
♪ Where can I go? ♪
♪ Without your love ♪
♪ What can I tell them? ♪
♪ Now that you've left me ♪
♪ What can I say? ♪