Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 31 - Trip West - full transcript

Given three months to live by a quack peddler of patent medicines, a mousy bank clerk quits his job, withdraws all his money, makes ready to go to California, and falls for a girl who may endanger what time he has remaining.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hmm. What's the matter with you?

Say, maybe you could
tell me where he's at.

Maybe I could if
you'd tell me who he is.

Well, that professor fella

that was, uh, selling
that magic elixir.

I can't recollect his name.

You know where he's at?

Matt ran him out of town.

Run him out of town?

Golly Bill, what for?

- 'Cause I told him to.
- Well, why?

Because he was a charlatan!

I still wished I knowed
where he was at.

You and about six
or seven sheriffs

between here and Wichita
would like to know where he's at!

Smart aleck.


Oh, that hurt?

- Uh, a little.
- Oh. Loss of appetite?

Well, sometimes, I guess.

And when you go without a
meal for a while, vertigo, perhaps?

Uh, lightheadedness?

- Now that you mention it.
- Mm.

Ah. Open.

Uh, ah. Ah?




Hmm. Well, you
can button up now.

Well, it's-it's
just a little pain.

I-I... I don't get
it very often.

- I just want...
- A little?!

Young man, appearances
can be deceiving.

Well, what is it?
What have I got?

And you mustn't take
my word for it, young man.

Even the great Professor
Ramsay can be mistaken.

It's just unfortunate
that your small town

doesn't have a resident
doctor to confirm it.

Perhaps you should go to
Dodge, Abilene, somewhere, but...

But what's wrong?!

Well, I hate to
say it, young man,

but it's almost surely
an advanced case

of calcification of the liver.

Is that bad?

Bad? Why...

It could hardly be worse.

You mean, I could... die?

Mr. Hardacre, if I
were a betting man, I...

Well, I... I wouldn't
give you three months.

Three months?!

But-but surely... isn't there
something you can do?

Not in such an advanced
case, young man. I...

Of course,

Ramsay's Beneficial Elixir has
done miraculous things, but...

Well, it's worth
a try, I suppose.

Yes, yes, I'll-I'll
take a bottle.

Uh, one bottle? Young
man, I don't believe

you realize the
seriousness of your case.

I only have enough for
one bottle... two dollars.

Oh. And you can't get more?

Oh, yes, yes, of
course, tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll be back first thing.

Oh, that'll be
fine, that'll be fine.

Just remember that
without Ramsay's Elixir

taken religiously several
times a day for several weeks,

you won't stand a chance.

Roughly, I'd say,
uh, a dozen bottles.


I'm sorry, young man, to be
the one to give you this bad news,

but perhaps the Elixir...

Three months?

Maybe even less.


It's wonderful pie.

Oh, wonderful, Mrs.
Crabbe, believe me.

I sure enjoy it.

Oh, so there you
are, Mr. Hardacre!

Late again for supper!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Crabbe.

It was unavoidable.

You're sorry, huh? You
think that makes it all right?

You'll be sorry, all
right, Mr. Hardacre,

if you don't mend your ways.

I'm sorry, but, well, there
was something I just had to do.

Arbuckle keep you late
at the bank again, Elwood?

Why don't you stand
up to him and tell him off?

I'd like to see that...
Elwood telling off Arbuckle.

As a matter of fact,

I'd like to see him
tell off anybody.

Hey, what was it
this time, Elwood?

You a penny short
in the accounts?

That'll teach you not

to pocket old man
Arbuckle's money.

Elwood? Why, he wouldn't pocket
a penny if he was a penny over

and couldn't find it
in a week of hunting.

And don't give me no
looks. That's all that's left.

So don't squawk about
me underfeeding you.

If you'd get here
on time, we would...

- It's fine, Mrs. Crabbe.
- Why, Emma,

you know that Elwood
ain't squawked once

in all the years he's been here.

Why, uh, you could feed
him pig swill if you wanted.


Excuse me, please.
I... I'm just not hungry.

You forgot to leave
your sheets in the wash.

You'll have to do with
dirty ones another week.

You know, I think I
know what he was doing.

He was out lollygagging
with some girl.

That'll be the day.
What girl would that be?

Well, what about Rosie?

- Hear now!
- Oh, Rosie.

Remember you're
talking in front of a lady.

- Oh, yeah, sure.
- Oh, say...

You know, he could
make you a good husband.

Oh... I can see it now.

- What a wedding that would be, huh?
- The idea of it...

The social event
of the season. Sure!

Morning, Elwood.
What's the matter?

The van, the professor's
van... Where is it?

It's gone. The sheriff chased
him out of town last night.

And good riddance.

Gone? Out of town? But where?!

Who knows? Who cares?

That patent medicine quack
stuff wouldn't cure dandruff.

Give me my hat!

Why don't you watch where
you're going, Mr. Hardacre?!


Get over here!

Yes, sir.

What are you doing out
here, playing with children?

You're five minutes
late for work! Get inside!

Yes, sir, Mr. Arbuckle.


There you are,
sir. And thank you.


Do you think I pay you for
sitting there daydreaming?

Yes, sir. I mean, no, sir.

Well, then, get
busy and go to work

and make it quick!

Mr. Arbuckle, sir, uh, I-I
was just wondering, sir.

I-I'm not feeling very well
today, and I-I-I just thought

perhaps if you
wouldn't mind, sir...

So, you want to sneak
out on me, do you?

It isn't enough that you
steal my time daydreaming.

Now you want to steal a
whole day's work on me!

Listen, if you're well enough

to play with the
children in the street,

you're well enough
to do my accounts!

Now get busy and go to work.

I don't want to hear
any more about it!

You ought to know, Elwood.

Your life ain't your own

when you work
for Arbuckle's bank.

Well, I'm not gonna do it.

I'm not gonna live
for that old warthog

or die for him, either.

If I'm gonna die, it's not gonna
be sitting behind this desk.

Hardacre, what are you doing?

Mr. Arbuckle, I'm leaving.

- You're what?!
- Yes, sir, I'm leaving.

Why, you miserable worm!

Just because you've
been here for 15 years,

do you think you can
do something like this?!

Let me tell you...!

Mr. Arbuckle, I'm not
afraid of your threats.

They don't mean
a thing to me now.

You can't really hurt
me now, not anymore.

Hardacre, I warn you...!

Mr. Arbuckle, do you
know what we all call you?


It's really much too flattering.

Don't you ever come back!

I never want to
see your face again!

Say, George, what have you
been putting in my whiskey?

I swear, that looks
like Elwood Hardacre.

Hey, everybody, ain't
that Elwood Hardacre?

Well, if he ain't, I'm
clear out of my head.

By golly, it is Elwood.
What are you doing here?

I'd like a drink.
Whiskey, please.

Elwood, have you ever
had anything to drink before?

- Anything at all?
- Whiskey, please.

Come on, everybody.

Elwood's gonna
have his first drink.

Maybe you ought
to make that a beer.

Uh, this'll be fine, thank you.

Well, now, ain't you
the big strong man.

How'd you like come sit
with me and have a few more?

No. No, thank you. I-I-I...

Come on. It may
prove interesting.

Interesting? Elwood Hardacre?!

- Come on. Buy me a drink. Come on.
- No, no, no. No, thank you!

- Thank you very much, but no!
- Don't be a chicken.

- No, no. No, no.
- Come on!

What's going on?!

Lucille, now cut it out!
Now, leave him alone!

Oh, come on, Annie,
don't spoil our fun!

Fun? You sure
all think you're big,

especially when you're
picking on somebody.

Now, go on, get back
to your table, I mean it!

Now, just leave him alone!
You just 'caused enough trouble.

You just never mind them.

It's all right. They
didn't mean any harm.

Uh, wait a minute.

I want to get another drink
of whiskey from the bar.

- Haven't you maybe had enough?
- I only had one. I want another.

- You sure?
- Ma'am, I need more than one, bad.

George, bring a
bottle to this table.

Go on.


Thank you.

Sit down.

Mm, go ahead.

You got a problem?
Lost your girl?

I never had a girl.


No, I lost something
else, though.

Your job?

Yeah, that.

That's too bad. I'm sorry.

But, you know, this
isn't going to help.

You know, you're beautiful.

No, just pretty.
There's a difference.

No, you're-you're...
you're beautiful.

You know, I don't
even know your name.

It's Annie Gilroy.

Mine's Elwood J. Hardacre.

Ooh, how I hate that "Elwood."

What does the J. stand for?


I'll just call you Jim then.

How comes I never seen
you around town before?

Uh, I haven't been here long.

Oh. You don't, uh,

work here?

Sure, I do.

At least, I did.

Haven't you had enough?

No. I'm... I'm just
beginning to feel real good.

Real good.

You know what I think I'll do?

I think I'll walk across
the street into the bank

and punch old
warthog right in the face.

Punch him right
in his big fat...!

Oh, oh! Hey, hey!

You have had enough.

Now, you better go
home and get some sleep.

You know, you're beautiful.

Not just pretty,
you're beautiful.

- Now, Meade!
- Out!

Do you hear me? Get out!

Meade, he's just
drunk! Leave him alone!

All right, then, get him
out of here... right now!

Go on, mister,
you do like he says.

Well, wait a
minute! He can't...!

Yes, he can! He owns this place.

Now, go on. You've had plenty.

But I don't want
to go! I... Uh...

Frank, get him out of here.

Frank, Fran... Frank, I want...
I want another drink, Frank!

You think that anything was...?

I told you! You don't
work here anymore.

I don't want you down
here hustling drinks.

I was just coming
in from outside.

I was only trying to help him.

You don't have to worry about
nobody but me from now on.

And not see anybody
or talk to anybody else?

That's right. Nobody
but me, understand?

No, I don't! Just
because I'm your girl?

Well, I won't do it!
It's unreasonable!

You'll do what I tell you!

Oh, no! Meade, I've had enough!

This is no kind of life, and
I don't want any more of it!

Annie, I'm warning you!

I'm a woman. I don't wear a gun.

What are you gonna do,
shoot me in the back?!

Hardacre, I thought I told
you not to come back here!

I didn't come to
work, Mr. Arbuckle.

I came back to withdraw
all of my savings.

Every penny of it.

There's over $1,500.

I hope you have enough cash
on hand, because if you don't,

I'll have to spread the rumor

that the Arbuckle
Bank is going bust.

Why, why, Elwood,
what's gotten into you?

Why-why do you act this way?

You must realize that I
didn't mean what I said.

Why don't you go over
there and sit at your desk

and-and everything'll
be forgotten?

$1,523 and 40 cents, please.

I'll have to get some
gold out of the safe.

Well, get it and be quick.
I haven't got much time.

Elwood, what in
tarnation are you going

to do with all that
money, bury it?

I'm gonna take it to
California with me.

California? Are you
out of your mind?

I'm taking the next
stage to Dodge.

In ten minutes... warthog.

Why, Mr. Hardacre,

are you going to
Dodge City, too?

Well, yes'm, but I didn't know

it was gonna be
such a lucky trip.

All set! Let's move out!



Whoa... ho!

Are you going on west?

Yes, ma'am. California.

My, you're traveling far.

Yes, I-I want to live a little.

I want to do things, see
things, be somebody,

even for a short time.

Well, I mean, I don't
want to live and die

behind a desk at
Arbuckle's Bank.

I envy you.

Have you ever
been to California?


I've often thought I'd
like to see it, though.

Well, why not?

I'm not so very
different from you,

- Mr. Hardacre.
- Jim.

- Jim.
- In what way?

I'm not sure what I've
been doing is living, either.

At least, I've never
done the things

I dreamed about
when I was a little girl.

Well, you can still make
those dreams come true.

It's a little late.

All aboard, folks.
We're ready to go.

Annie, uh, I may be
staying a few days in Dodge.

Maybe we can talk some more.

No, Jim.

It wouldn't be any
good for either of us.

Uh, but-but maybe
I could help you.

You-You'll be needing a job.

I doubt whether you
could help me with that.

I'll find one all right.

But I want to see you again.

I told you, it wouldn't be good.

When we get to
Dodge, it'll be good-bye.

Well, Festus,
what are you up to?

Oh, just watching
the dudes, Matthew,

going back and forth
and back and forth.

Gee, it seem like a
man moves to town,

something gets into him.

He just starts to running
around like a rat in a corn crib.

Just don't make a lick of sense.

Here comes the stage.

Ho! Ho!

- Excuse me a minute.
- Oh, sorry.

My good man, uh...

would you help this lady
with her, uh, bags, please?

Well, thank you, Jim,
and-and good-bye.

Not good-bye, Annie.

I've decided to stay in
Dodge for a few days.

I'll be seeing you.

Thank you.

Uh, I guess you're a lawman.

Right. The name's Matt
Dillon, United States marshal.

Oh, glad to know you, Marshal.

Maybe you could tell me
which is the best hotel in town?

The Dodge House
right down the street.

Oh, thank you. My
name is Hardacre. El...

E.J. Hardacre. Just call me Jim.

I'm on my way to California,
but thought I'd stop over

a few days and see
the sights of Dodge.

Well, I don't know about
the sights here, Mr. Hardacre,

but if I can make a
suggestion to you.

I think you ought to put
that satchel somewhere

where it'll be
safe, like a bank?

Oh, not a bank, Marshal.
I've had enough of them.

Maybe the safe at
the Dodge House then.

Thanks, Marshal.
I'll take your advice.

I guess I'm just not
used to traveling yet.

Dodge City.

Some place. Yes,
sir, some place.

What do you reckon he's
so giddy about, Matthew?

Apparently, all that money
he's carrying, Festus.

Ah, pshaw.

Money never made
no man happy nohow.

Yeah, but some of 'em
doesn't know that yet.

How about a drink?

No, thanks.

I'm still numb from
that stagecoach.

You know, Midge Fuller wrote
me a long time ago about you.

You must have
gotten sidetracked.

By Meade Agate.

I met him on the train,
he offered me a job.

I guess I was charmed.

I've heard he has
charm... like a snake.

I guess everybody's
heard the story by now.

Word gets around.

I've left him. It's all over.

You're lucky you're
all in one piece.

I see you came directly here.

I guess that means you
want me to put you up?

I had your name from Midge.

You're the only one I know.

I just want a job.

Well, to tell you the truth,

I hadn't really planned
on hiring anybody just now.

You mean, after Meade
Agate, my reputation is too bad?

No, it's not that.
It's... It's Meade.

He's just liable to
come looking for you.

That means I have to keep going?

Someplace far enough
so he won't find me?

How far is that?

I don't know.

Well, thanks anyway.
It's not your problem.

Yes, it is.

Come on. Let's get those bags
upstairs, and you get some rest.




For me?

Gee, thanks, mister!

Well, Hardacre, it looks like

you made that little
fellow pretty happy.

Oh, that?

It was worth a dollar to see
the boy's face light up like that.

You know, Marshal,
when I was a kid,

I-I wanted a
jackknife just like that.

I never got it. Not until now.

I... I bought two.

Evening, Annie.

- Hello, Jim. How are you?
- Fine.

No, I-I just don't
understand that Hardacre.

- Is that his name?
- Mm-hmm.

Peculiar fellow. I don't
understand him at all.

Nobody does.

Well, he... don't
waste any time.

He got acquainted with your
new girl awful fast, didn't he?

He came in on a stage
with her from North Fork.

Oh, I didn't know that.

Do you know, people
have been telling me

how he's... he's
been going into stores,

buying things, you know,
and then just giving it away.

And he's getting
acquainted with everybody,

and everybody's getting
acquainted with him.

Knows everybody.

Well, he's the happiest
man I ever saw.

Well, that makes me suspicious
of him. That's not natural.

Yeah, well, with your
disposition, I can believe it.

Well, I'm serious about it,
and you ought to be, too.

Gosh, he could be a
con man or something.

Doc, he's probably
just trying to be friendly.

Oh, it's more than
friendly, it's everything.

He's seen everything,
and been everywhere,

and done everything
there is to do in Dodge.

I don't know where
he gets all the energy.

Annie, come over and
sit with me a minute.

Jim, I'm supposed to be working.

Well, you're supposed to be
keeping the customers happy.

I'm a customer
and I won't be happy

unless you sit and
talk with me a minute.

All right. Just a
minute, though.


Well... here we are.

I thought you'd be on your
way to California by now.

Oh, I'm enjoying myself
too much in Dodge.

Well, there's no hurry.

Besides, I don't
like to travel alone.

Uh, how do you like it here?

Fine. Miss Kitty is wonderful.

And you're planning on staying?

As long as I can.

I was sort of hoping that you
might have decided to go west.

I... I mean, you... you said
you wanted to see California.

Are you asking
me to go with you?

Yes. No strings
attached. Just friends.

It's a tempting offer, Jim.

You don't know how tempting.



Get out of this town, Jim.

It's not a healthy
place for you.

Oh, I think it is.

I... I've never felt
better in my life.

All my aches and pains are gone,

just like I-I left
them in North Fork.

- Annie?
- Oh, I've got to get to work.

All right. I'll be around.

Would you like
to sit in the game?

Uh, poker?

Uh, I've never played it before.

I guess I might as well learn.

If... if you don't mind
teaching a greenhorn,

I don't mind losing a few
dollars for the experience.

Well, your money's as
good as anybody else's.

Sit down.

He's living pretty
dangerously there, isn't he?

No. It's an honest game.

He can't get hurt too much.


- Hello, Doc.
- How are ya?

Say, did you know
Meade Agate's in town?

Yeah, I heard about it. He's
over at the Dodge House.

Well, ain't you
gonna run him out?

Doc, he hasn't broke any
laws. There's nothing I can do.

Well, what about little Annie
Gilroy down at the Long Branch?

Well, that's a private affair.
It's none of my business.

Well, you know, Meade
Agate didn't come to town

just to pass the
time of day with you.

I'll be keeping an eye on him,
Doc, you can be sure of that.

I'll see you later.

- Hello, Hardacre.
- Good morning, Marshal.

- Well, you're looking chipper.
- I never felt better in my life.

I'm on my way to a rummage sale.

- Never been to one before.
- A rummage sale?

Yeah, the one the ladies
are having over at the church.


I don't know what I'll find to
buy, but I'll find something.

Uh, besides, Annie's
over there with Miss Kitty.

I-I thought I might get a
chance to walk them home.

Hardacre, let me
ask you something.

How much do you know
about this Annie Gilroy?

Well, I know a lot
about her, Marshal.

She's beautiful, kind, good.

I mean about her past.

I know all about
that, too, Marshal.

It's, uh, not important.
It's all forgotten.

I think the people around
here ought to forget it, too,

and mind their own business.

You been by the
Dodge House lately?

Not in the last
couple of hours. Why?

Well, nothing. I hope you
enjoy your rummage sale.

Hello, Agate. Remember me?

Uh, Dillon, isn't it?

Are you still marshal
around here?

That's right.

Thought you'd be
on Boot Hill by now.

Must be as good as they say.

How good are you these days?

I run a cafe now, Marshal.

So I heard. Is that all?

That's all, usually.

Usually? What does that mean?

Oh, reckon I could defend
myself if I had to, Marshal.

Every man has the right
to do that, doesn't he?

You need a gun
to defend yourself

against a woman, do you?

Now, your cafe's in North
Fork. What brings you to Dodge?

My business here
is personal, Marshal.

No concern of yours.

Let me tell you something.

It'll stay no concern of mine

just as long as nobody's
threatened or hurt.

All I'm doing,
Marshal, is sitting here.

Yeah, and with a man like
you, that can be a threat.

And I'll tell you
something else.

Some of the men in this town...
Like that one... don't wear guns.

You better remember that.

There's no defense against
shooting an unarmed man.

I'm sorry, Kitty.

I didn't really
believe he'd come.

I didn't think he
cared that much.

I did.

But not for love,
Annie. It's his pride.

He can't stand people
saying that you left him.

I just didn't mean to bring
you this kind of trouble.

I expected it.

I accepted it when I hired you.

Now I think you
just better buck up.

He can't do anything to you.

Just stand your ground,
let Matt take care of him.

I'm not afraid for myself.
It's that Mr. Hardacre.

You've never seen
Meade when he's jealous.

He's killed men before
for looking at his girl.

What do you feel
for Mr. Hardacre?

Nothing. He's just a nice man,

and I don't want
to see him hurt.

I just wish he'd go away,

on to California like
he was supposed to.

Well, nobody can
make him do that...

except you maybe.

Come on. He's right out there.

Right over there.

Oh. Here, Annie, sit down.

Are you all right?


Jim, I want you
to do me a favor.


Well, it's been fun having
you here these last few days,

and I've enjoyed
knowing you, but that's all.

And now, I...

You want me to go.

Yes, like you
planned, right now.

You want to protect me.

You're afraid of that man Agate.

Annie, what does he mean
to you? You don't love him.

That's none of your business.

All right.

I-I know you don't love me,

and I was just dreaming when
I asked you to go to California.

I-I was forgetting something.

I-I can't really go myself,
so I couldn't ask you.

- It wouldn't be fair.
- Why?

Well, that's not important.

It was just a dream
for me, but you can go.

Annie, I've got nearly $1,500
in the safe at Dodge House.

I want you to take
that money and go.

Are you crazy? What about you?

I'll be fine.

But all that money?

I don't need it. I-I won't
need much, believe me.

You don't have to
worry about that.

Just-just take the money and go.
Get away from that man forever.

Jim, I'm in no danger.
I can handle Meade.

You go, please?

You won't take the money?


Then we'll have to
handle this in another way.

Jim, what are you going to do?

Jim, where are you going?


You're Meade Agate.

My name is Hardacre.

E.J. Hardacre.

I want you to know that
your presence here is...

is not welcome.

You're frightening Miss
Gilroy, and... and I won't have it.

You what?

She's obviously
finished with you,

wants nothing
more to do with you.

You're-you're wasting your time.

Oh, she can tell
me that for herself.

I'm telling you.

It's none of your business.

I'm making it my business.

Now you'd-you'd better
clear out of Dodge.

Are you telling me...

you're gonna run me out of town?


Well, then you better go
and get yourself a gun, mister.

I'll be here... waiting...

at your pleasure.


You're not thinking of
buying a gun, are you now?

Well, why not, Marshal?
A lot of men wear them.

There's no law against it.

What, are you
looking for trouble?

Sometimes trouble comes to you.

I saw you talking
to Agate down there.

Did he threaten you?

No, Marshal. It was
more like I threatened him.

Now, you're not thinking
of challenging him, are you?

Because if you are,
you're no match for him.

Sometimes, Marshal, a man
can accomplish more by losing.

I don't see how if he's dead.

Well, under certain

it's not important.

I don't know what circumstances
you're talking about,

but I'll tell you the
same thing I told Agate.

Don't start trouble.

Well, trouble's
already here, Marshal.

Annie's upset, she's
frightened of him.

Well, she doesn't have to be.

I'll see that he
doesn't bother her.

Well, maybe you ought

to tell her, Marshal,
reassure her.

All right, I will. You
come along with me, too.

I want you to
stay out of trouble

and away from these gun shops.

Say, Kitty, I want
to talk to Annie.

It won't do you any good.

- She's gonna go through with it.
- With what?

She's going back to Meade
Agate. Back to North Fork.

That what she
really wants to do?

That's what she says.

Of course, she doesn't want
to! She hates him! Fears him!

Can't you see she's only
doing this to protect me?!

Oh, is that so?

You sure do have a high
opinion of yourself, don't you?

Here I was thinking
you were nothing more

than a shrinking violet.

- Well, you're wrong.
- Annie!

If I go back to Meade,
it's because I want to.

He's quite a man, you know?

A lot more man than you, Elwood.

I don't know
whatever got into you,

- thinking I'd ever go for you.
- Annie!

Or go to California with you,
except for maybe the free trip.

Annie, I don't believe you!

Well, you'd better because
Meade's more my type.

You better just run along,
back to your account books

and back to your bank.

Bye-bye, Kitty. Thanks
for the hospitality.

Oh, I'll, uh... I'll send
somebody by for my things.


Why did you let her go?

You know she didn't
mean a word of it.

She just said that
to avoid trouble

for me and you and everybody!

Why did you let her do it?!

Well, what could we
do? She's her own boss.

She's doing it of her
own free will, you know.

She is not, and you know it!

Well, I'm afraid we don't
have any right to interfere.


Agate, turn around!


He drew on me, Marshal.

This man never carried a
gun in his life, and you know it.

You're under arrest, Agate.

Some of you men get him up
to Doc's right away. Let's go.

How is he, Festus?

Oh, Doc says he's gonna
be fitter than a fiddle.

All it done was crease
his side and crack a rib,

spilled a little bit
of blood, that's all.

- Well...
- Well, thank goodness.

Why don't you go on up?
He'll be glad to see you.

I'll see you all directly.

Bye, Festus.

Oh, Kitty?

I'm not going up.

I found out what
I needed to know.

Well, I... I guess I'd
better be on my way.

Annie, are you sure
you're doing the right thing?

I'm sure. It's best
for both of us.

Will you say good-bye
to him for me?

Of course I will.

Good luck, Annie.

Thank you.

- Morning, Kitty.
- Hello, Doc.

- Matt.
- Kitty.

Well, I just saw Festus
downstairs, and he said

that Mr. Hardacre's
gonna be all right.

Huh. Sure is. That Meade
Agate must be getting rusty.

Missed his heart by
about three inches.

Put him in jail,
didn't you, Marshal?

And he's gonna be
there quite a while, too.

You know, that was a
pretty foolhardy thing you did.

I had nothing to lose.
You can ask Doc here.

I only have three
months to live,

even less now.

What in thunder are
you talking about?

Well, can't you tell, Doc?

Calcification of the liver.


Well, who told you that?

Professor Ramsay.

Professor Ramsay?!

Where in thunder did
you run into that quack?

Well, he came
through North Fork.

For heaven's sake,
you're as bad as Festus.

Professor Ramsay is a faker!

He wouldn't know the
measles if he had 'em himself.

- Well, you mean, I haven't got...?
- Well, of course.

There's nothing wrong with
you except what I told you!

You got a scratched side
and a rib cracked a little.

I'm all right?

All right? 'Course,
you're all right!

I'm gonna live?


You'll live to be 100
years old if you want to.

Where's Annie?

I want to tell her.

Annie's gone.


She just left.

She wanted me to
say good-bye for her.

Whe-Whe... Where?
Where-where did she go?

Well, she didn't tell me.
She wouldn't, you know?

Mr. Hardacre, Annie
just has to be free.

But why?

I guess it wouldn't work out.

No, I... I'm afraid it wouldn't.

I know... I know, she
never really loved me.

It was just me. I...

I guess because
she's the first woman

that ever really looked at me.

Well, I-I'm... I'm sure

the right girl will
come along some day.

Maybe in California.


Oh, sure, you got a
lot of living to do yet.

You bet you have. And
I never saw anybody

that could have more
fun at it than you, either.

I never did before.

I guess I never
really started to live

until I... I thought
I was gonna die.

Maybe that Professor
Ramsay did me a favor.

You're a lucky
man, Mr. Hardacre.

I guess I am, Marshal.

I guess I am.