Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 30 - The Promoter - full transcript

Henry Huckaby, a local farmer and fed up with a sore back and an empty belly leaves to seek his fortune in Dodge. After several failed ideas he hits on one that may make him rich but could also cost him his life.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Oatmeal... and potatoes, hmm?

Well, you can't have
bacon every day.

Daisy, do you suppose...

if I work myself to the bone

for another 15
years on this place

that maybe, just maybe we
might be able to afford bacon,

say, every other day?

Eat your breakfast, Henry.

A man works all
his life, sweats...

struggles, breaks his back,
and what does he get for it?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He don't end up with no
more than he started with.

Now, you got your health,
Henry, so don't complain.

Oh, my health! I'm talking
about money to spend

and-and good food to eat
and fine clothes to wear.

Eat your breakfast, Henry.

The sun's just up.

Oh, now, that's
just terrible, ain't it?

Here that sun come up
and didn't find me out there

hard at work already.

And that pigpen
still needs fixing.

You gonna find time
to do that for me today?



No! I ain't gonna
fix the pigpen today.

Now, Henry...

Daisy, I've come
to a big decision.

The biggest decision of my life.

I'm quitting.

You're what?

I'm sick of working for nothing.

I'm gonna change my life.

I'm going into Dodge,

and I'm gonna find me a
way of making my fortune.

Well, other men have
done it, ain't they?

Well, now it's my turn.

You are acting like a fool.

Oh, no, no, no, no, I've been
acting like a fool for 15 years,

but-but not anymore.

I'm going in, and
I'm gonna mingle

with all them successful
men there in Dodge.

And I'm gonna find
a way to get rich.

Now, I've put it
off long enough.

Henry, you wouldn't
last two weeks in Dodge.

Oh, you don't have faith, woman.

I'm going in and get
dressed right now.

One move, and
you're dead, mister.

Are you crazy?

I ain't no Injun.

He ain't armed, Lieutenant.

What's your name, mister?

Henry Huckaby.

- That's the wrong man, Sergeant.
- Yes, sir.

Well, we'll take a
short rest. Dismount.

Yes, sir.

All right, dismount. At ease!

Well, what's this all
about, Lieutenant?

We're looking for a
gunrunner, Huckaby.

Thought you might be the man.

Oh, you mean some fella's
selling guns to the Injuns?

That's right.

There ought to be pretty
good money in that, huh?

Might be if you lived
long enough. Not many do.

You fellas catch 'em
all, I suppose, huh?

Huckaby, with this bunch of
troopers, I could catch anybody.

What's so special about them?

They're all handpicked.
Each man is a specialist.

Well, now, you take Boone there.

Not only is he the
best shot in Fort Dodge,

he can actually see in the dark.

That could come in handy.

It does. And Adams...

He's got a sense of
smell like an animal.

Why, if he was to grow
hair, he'd be a bloodhound.

And Johnny Towers...

He's a genius with his fists.

He's a what?

- A - boxer... fist fighter.

Boxer, huh?

Well, what-what good
does that do out here?

None. But he also happens

to be one of the best
trackers in the cavalry.

Oh. Well...

Lieutenant, tell me, what kind
of pay do these troopers get?

Not what they're worth, Huckaby.

$15 a month for a private.

That's 50 cents a day.

Oh, that's terrible.

I... I got to do
better than that.

I wish you luck, Huckaby.

Mount up, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Prepare to mount.

So long, Huckaby.



Hey, fella, is the owner around?

No, he ain't. I work for him.

My name is Hank Miller.

Moss Grimmick owns this place.

I'm Henry Huckaby.

You know, I was just thinking...

this must be a
mighty fine business,

running a place like this.

Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

Another ten years, Moss figures
he might be able to hire a boy

to help me rake this manure.

Oh, I... I guess
maybe there is ways

to make money faster, huh?

I'll tell you one.

You go down to the river
and lie in the sun all day,

you'll do better.

But you didn't come
here to buy Moss out.

You came here
to board that horse.

That's right.

Put him in that back stall.

Can I help you?

No. Just watching.

My name's Henry Huckaby.

- Uh... Quint Asper.
- Ah.

Kind of a new thing for me

to be watching somebody
else hard at work.

Well, you watch all you
like if it gives you pleasure.

Well, you, uh, been
in this business long?

Too long.

Well, any money in it?

When I get real
hungry, I go hunting.

You looking to make
some money, are you?

Well, that's what I
come to Dodge for.

Yeah? Well, you'd be better off
to go back where you came from.

Unless you figure on
buying into the bank,

or the general store,
or something like that.

Oh, the few dollars I
got, uh, I need to live on.

You a farmer?

Oh, I was, but I quit.

Come here to make my fortune.

What, the easy way?

I don't mind work,
but it's got to pay off.

Yeah, well, I wish you a
lot of luck, Mr. Huckaby.

Thanks, Quint.

Right now, I'm gonna
go get me a beer

and do some thinking.

Well, that's as good
a place as any to start.

- So long.
- So long.

Well, what'll it be, mister?

Uh, one beer, please.

One nickel, and
you're paid in full.



That fella there seems
to be doing real good.

It's his business to do good.

What do you mean?

Well, it's his business,
like I'm a barkeep,

and you're a...
a farmer, I guess.

Oh. I understand.

Four fours, gentlemen,
just like before.


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Oh, well, you know,
perhaps next time, huh?

Yes, sir, you never
can tell. Why, uh...

Well, I think I've had
enough for today, gentlemen.

- What?
- No.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait. There was
no time limit put on this game.

You'll all have an opportunity

and a chance to
get the money back.

At some later date, huh?

- What?
- Now, now, we all can't be winners.

Here, to show you I have
a good faith, good heart.

There we are,
that's for the next pot,

just sweeten it up for you.

Thank you, gentlemen, thank you.

Uh... whiskey, barkeep.

Have a drink, Marshal?

Shell, I want you
on the next stage.

Yes, Marshal. Certainly.

You know, I threw you
out of town last year,

I threw you out of town
the year before that.

Don't you ever get tired
of coming back here?

Well, I... I like
Dodge, Marshal.

Well, next time,
I'll throw you in jail

for a couple of weeks,
see how you like it.

Too bad you won't
have a drink, Marshal.

Just be on that next stage.

Mr. Shell, I'm Henry Huckaby.

I just wanted to tell you

I thought that was awful
doggone mean of him.

Well, it's nice of you
to say so, Mr. Huckaby.

I-I don't think he was
very nice, uh, myself.

I don't understand it.

You wasn't hurting anybody.

Why's he want to
run you out of town?

Well, uh...

I was winning their
money. Maybe that's why.

But that's your business.

That's the way you
make your living.

That's true.

Yes, I am a professional
gambler, that's right.

Oh, but you ain't crooked.
Anybody can see that.

Mr. Huckaby?

I wouldn't say this if I wasn't
leaving on the next stage,

but, uh... no, they can't.

I don't know what you mean.

Bring your drink.

Bring your drink.
We'll sit over here.

I have some time to kill
while I'm waiting for the stage.

Just happen to
have a deck of cards.

- Cut them.
- Oh.

All right, sir.
Now, Mr. Huckaby,

you and I will have a
nice, friendly little game.

And we'll just suppose

you and I are betting, eh?

I'll stand.

So will I.

Well, you ain't even
looked at your cards yet.

Tell me something, Mr. Huckaby.

You'd, uh, be willing to
bet everything you have

on that hand, now, wouldn't you?

Well, I sure would.

Uh-huh. So would I.

And, uh...

I'd beat you.

Does, uh... one, two,
three, four sevens

beat your sixes, huh?

Yes, you see, in a
real, regular game,

why, I wouldn't dare deal
as obvious a hand as that.

I just wanted to show you
that it could be done, you see?

How'd you do that?

It was, uh, pre-stacked.

Of course, now, uh...

we have other ways of
stacking the deck, you see.

Uh, it's called the, uh...

When you pick the cards up,
that's the, uh, pick-up stack.

Then there's the riffle stack,

the overhanded shuffle stack.

Cutting the cards is
extremely, very important.

Now, there's the single-hand
switch, table stack. See.

Would you teach me just that...

just that, uh, one
little trick as a starter?


I might show you
one or two little things.

But you've got to bear in mind,

uh, it's going to take
a long, long time.

In, uh, this business
of ours, you know,

you've got to do it
right from the very start.

Or you're, uh...

liable to get... shot.

Show me.

Fetch us a drink,
and then we'll begin.

Whiskey and a beer.

- Sam.
- Hi, Quint.

Hello, Huckaby. How you doing?

- Evening, Quint.
- I'll have a beer, Sam.

You make your fortune yet?

I've been working on it.

You mean you
found a way already?

Well, I run into a
fella the other day.

He taught me a few things.


Well... just give me
a few ideas, is all.

You mean you're
just standing here

trying to figure out which
idea to use, is that it?

Yeah, that's right.

I just wish I had a little more
money to start with, though.

Yeah, well, we all wish we had
a little more money, Huckaby.

'Course, a fella can
always make it gambling.

I think I'll try my luck in
that poker game over there.

I'd say that's about the
last place in the world

you ought to try your luck.

Maybe... and maybe not.

Mind if I sit in, gentlemen?

Well, some new blood.

No, not at all. Sit
right down, friend.

I'm, uh... Henry Huckaby.

How many cards do you want?

Uh... one.

Give me three.

I'll raise two.

Three of a kind.

Well, that's too bad, gentlemen.

Better luck in the next hand.

It's your deal, Huckaby.

Come on, Huckaby,
deal the cards.

Are you sick, Huckaby,
or just plain stupid?

Hey, I know what he
is. He's a card shark.

He's a crossroader,
a hand mucker!

Shut up!

You shut up!

Hold it, Price. He's unarmed!

Hold it!

Put the gun away.

He shot me, Marshal. He shot me.

It was self-defense, Marshal.

Even if he isn't armed,

it looked like he was
reaching for a gun.

Did you see it, Quint?

Yeah, I guess he's right.

He did look like he
was going for a gun.

I was just reaching for my
handkerchief to dry my hands.

Well, it doesn't look too
bad, but you better go up

and have Doc take a look at it.

The man's crazy. He
shouldn't be allowed in here.

All you should be worrying
about is the fact he was unarmed.

Now, you can't hold me, Marshal.

Any more gunplay, Price,
and you're through in Dodge.

Want a drink, Quint?

Now, let's continue
with this game, fellas.

- Hey, Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

Well, how's the arm?

Well, it's a little scratched.

Scared him worse
than it hurt him.

Where you from?

I got a little place north of
here a good piece, Marshal.

I'm Henry Huckaby.

From what Quint Asper tells me,

you sound like a man that
hasn't done much gambling.

Very little.

And from now on, none at all.

Good idea.

If you're going to be around
town a few days, Henry,

I better have
another look at that.

Oh, I'll be here. I
ain't about to give up.

I come to here to make
my way, and I'm gonna do it.

Well, you got a farm, you
say. Why don't you farm it?

Well, all a fella gets
out of farming, Doc,

is a sore back and empty belly.

Well, I'd say that that would
sound better than being shot at.

Oh, I'm looking,
and I'm thinking.

Something'll turn up.

When it does, I'm gonna
be right here to grab onto it.

Well, I hope so, Huckaby.

Just be sure it's straight,
and you keep out of trouble.

Oh, I ain't done
nothing wrong, Marshal.

Good luck to you.

See you later, Doc.

All right, Matt.


I ain't got very much money.

Well, I haven't, either.

How much do I owe you, Doc?

Oh... just forget it.


Go on. Get your horse.

We're riding back
out onto the prairie.

I've had all I want
out of this town.

Well, you don't have
to be so rough about it.

Well, I'm all fed up! I
want out of here! Now get!

Get out of my way!

He-he ain't armed, Jake.

Huh? Ah.

Well, neither am I.

Take my advice and
make a run for it, fella.

Jake'll crush you to death.

He has to catch me first.

I'll bust every
bone in your body.

Stand still, you hear?

Who started this, Huckaby?

The big fella.

And if he lands one, Marshal,
he's gonna kill that man.

I don't think he's
gonna land one.

Well, how do you know?

Yeah, that other fella knows
how to take care of himself.

He's a boxer.

- You mean one of them prizefight fellas?
- That's right.

It's kind of worth the
price of admission, ain't it?

By golly, it sure is.


Now, that's the doggonedest
thing I ever did see.

Well, it was a good
show, I'll say that.

Yeah. Best of all,
nobody got shot.

I'll kill that man.

I'll catch him, I'll
tear his head off!

Would have served him right.

You started it, didn't you?

He got in my way. I just
gave him a shove, that's all.

All right, but it's all over
now, and it was a fair fight.

I want you to leave him alone.

I'll catch him out on
the prairie. I'll show him.

Jake, you're a poor loser.

But I'm telling you,
you keep out of trouble,

or you're gonna spend
a few days in jail here.

I sure admired
your fight just now.

And I got me a idea.
I'm Henry Huckaby.

I don't believe I
caught your name.

Otto Gundlach.

Otto... Gundlach, oh.

Well, Mr. Gundlach, how would
you like to make some money?

- Some good money?
- Anybody would.

I mean fighting. Prizefighting.

Oh, I'll do all the work.

I mean, I'll organize it.

I'll-I'll... I'll
find the place,

I'll-I'll get the people there,

I'll-I'll... everything.

What do you say?

How much money?

We'll have to work
that out, but it'll be fair.

You bet it will.

Now, you know anybody
you'd like to fight?

Anybody, anywhere, anytime.

I'll talk to you later.

Come in.

Uh, Henry Huckaby
to see the lieutenant.


That fella the patrol ran down

on the prairie the
other day, Lieutenant.

Oh. Well, I wonder
what he wants?

Send him in, Sergeant.

The lieutenant will
see you, Huckaby.

Come in, Huckaby.

Hello, Lieutenant.

- Have a chair.
- Oh.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Well, Huckaby, did you
come to enlist in the cavalry?

At $15 a month? Not hardly.

But I did come to make some
real money for one of your men.


You remember that fella

you was telling me
about out on the prairie?

The one you said was,
uh, so handy with his fists?

Oh, Johnny Towers.

Well, it's not his fists that
are important, Huckaby.

He's one of the best men
at tracking I've ever known.

Oh, but his fists are
important to me, Lieutenant.

How's that?

Well, you see, I'm
promoting a fight, a prizefight.

And I got this one boxer,

and I need this
Towers fella to fight him.

A prizefight, huh?

Well, now, that's interesting.

When's it to be?

Just as soon as I
can get it organized.

Ordinarily, I'd have
to say no, Huckaby.

But Towers is getting his
discharge in a couple of days.

Then he'll be free to
do whatever he wants to.

Well, can I talk to him?

Well, he's on patrol right now.

But I tell you what I'll do.

I'll have him in Dodge, at
the, uh... the Long Branch,

tomorrow about 4:00. How's that?

Oh, that'll be just
fine, Lieutenant.

And I'll have the
other man there,

and-and we'll get the
whole thing settled.


Lieutenant, the
day of the fight,

you're gonna get in free.

- Thank you, Huckaby.
- So long.


I'll stay with the
horses, Lieutenant.

Oh. Hello, Lieutenant.
You're right on time.

Hello, Huckaby. Now,
Huckaby, this is Johnny Towers.

Howdy, Johnny. This
is, uh, Otto Gundlach.


Well, Huckaby, Johnny's
ready to fight any time.

Uh, any time after
tomorrow, that is.

He'll be a civilian
again after tomorrow.

Well, that's just fine. I
got a place set already.

The freight yard down
near the edge of town.

Does Marshal Dillon
know about this?

Oh, he's out of town.

Won't be back for
about three days.

Well, that's lucky
for you, probably.

I, uh, talked to this
fella Harry Obie.

Runs the Oasis Saloon.

I hired him to referee.
He's done it before.

He knows a lot
about prizefighting.

Never mind him.
What about the money?

I'm coming to that.

How about a purse
of, say, uh... $100?

Winner take all.

- All right with me.
- Johnny?

Fair enough.

Uh, how much are you gonna
charge the spectators, Huckaby?

Two dollars each.

Well, that means just 50,

and you'd pay off your purse.

Well, I sure hope there's
gonna be more than that.

Now, how do you fellas
feel about Saturday?

Afternoon, say about, uh... -00?

Is that all right
with you, Johnny?

It's fine with me.



We'll see you then.

All right. Nice
meeting you, Johnny.

Well... looks
like we're all set.

Let's go.

All right, Price, you're
a gambling man.

You got the winner picked?

No, not yet.

I'll give you eight to
five on the trooper.

I'll have to think about
it for a little while yet.

I'm for the Dutchman,
but even money.

How about $25?

Now, not now. A little later.

What are you waiting for?

You're not gonna know
anything more later.

Oh, I think I might.


I'm going to have
my fortune told.

Louie, how are you?

Oh, how are you, Mr. Price?

Fine. Say, that fella
Otto Gundlach...

Doesn't he board
his horse in here?

That's right.

Oh. Well, I've been
looking all over town for him.

He's inside... training.

Training? Oh,
yes, for the fight.


Thanks, Louie.

Well, hello, Otto.

You, uh... you
all alone in here?


Oh. What in the
world are you doing?

Walnut juice... pickled.

Oh, to, uh, toughen
your hands, huh?

- Yeah.
- Mm.

Tell me, Otto, uh...

you're interested in
making money, aren't you?


Mm-hmm. That's why
you're fighting, isn't it?

To win that $100 purse?

It ain't for the exercise.


All right, uh...

Now, if you win that
fight, you make $100.

But if you lose,
what do you get?


You're wrong, Otto.

If you lose, you make $200.

$200, Otto.

Now, uh, you
understand, don't you?

That's for losing.

Now, I trust you, Otto.

I trust you because
if you cross me,

I'll kill you.

See you Saturday.

Oh, by the way, good luck.

Brown... I'm taking the trooper.

Did you say $25 dollars?

I sure did. Do you
want to make that $50?

- You're on.
- Good luck.

All right, gentlemen,
now listen to me.

I made my mind up,

and I'm taking trooper
Johnny Towers.

Now, anybody interested,

just step over here
and name your terms.

You sure started something
around here, Huckaby.

Oh, I hope so, Miss Kitty.

I ain't talked to one
person who won't be there.

I won't.

Well, now, that's

A fight's no place for ladies.

Well, I wish you a lot of luck.

Oh, luck's already here.

I'm on my way, Miss
Kitty. I'm on my way at last.

You don't think
promoting one fight's

gonna make a rich
man out of you, do you?

Oh, that's only a start.

I'll probably be putting on a
fight every week from now on.

If you can find the fighters.

Word'll get around.

You know, I think I'm gonna
open up an office here next week.

I'm gonna have an awful lot of
business matters to attend to.

Well, it sure beats farming.

I'm getting rid of
that place, Miss Kitty.

That's the first thing I'm
gonna do... get rid of that place.

Sam, how about another beer?

You enjoy yourself, Huckaby.

I got a little work I got to do.

- Vance.
- Doc, hold it.

- What's the matter?
- I'm working for Henry Huckaby.

- Congratulations.
- You heard what he said.

Doc, what we mean is...

it'll cost you two
bucks to see the fight.

I didn't come to see the fight.

I came because I
just might be needed.

I see that you finally figured
out a way to beat ranching, huh?

Oh, I sure did, Doc, and
this is only the beginning.

Well, if I had my
way, this'd be the end.

Don't like prizefights, Doc?

Well, not especially,
but I figured

if he was foolish enough to
promote one of these things

that I just ought to be here
in case somebody needs help.

He got you roped
into referee it, huh?

Yeah, and I'm gonna try
to do a good job of it, too.

Did you ever think
that prizefighting

might be illegal in Kansas?

Well, nobody ain't said so.

But you did know

that Marshal Dillon was
out of town, didn't you?

What's the matter, Doc?

My boys out there didn't
charge you admission, did they?

They tried to, but
they didn't do it.

Well, then, why don't
you just enjoy yourself?

It's gonna be a great fight.

Henry Huckaby guarantees it.

That's some guarantee, ain't it?

Come on, Obie.

I want to show you over here.

All right.

Four and five...
Well, hello there, Doc.


You better get a few
dollars down on the fight.

I'm taking the trooper,

and I'll give you
three to one odds.

I'll give you odds they both
get their brains knocked out.

Well, I can't take
that kind of bet, Doc.

Hey, Price, three to one odds?

I could, uh, use another
ten dollars’ worth.

All right, George...

Hello, Doc. Come
here. Meet Otto.

Dr. Adams, Otto Gundlach.

- Hello, Doc.
- Otto.

What in thunder are
you doing here, Louie?

I'm his second. And
we're gonna win, too.

You just wait and see.

Young man, did you ever stop
to think what you're gonna do

for a living when
you get a little older?

I'm too busy trying to
stay alive in my youth, Doc.

Hmm. Well... you sure
picked a fine profession,

but good luck to you anyway.

Thanks, Doc.

- Sergeant.
- Doc.

- Lieutenant.
- Hello, Doc.

Doc, this is Johnny Towers.

- Johnny, Doc Adams.
- Doc.

Johnny. I didn't know
the army allows this.

Oh, Johnny's a civilian,
Doc. Since yesterday.

Should have reenlisted.

Don't you worry, Doc.
He's gonna win easy.

- Who says so?
- A month's pay.

Well, Johnny, good luck to you.

Thanks, Doc.

All right, you men,

they've paid their money,
and they want their fight,

so let's get her going.

I've, uh, got a lot of
money bet against you, fella.

Nothing personal, I just
don't think you can win.

And, uh, remember
what'll happen if you do win.

Those fists are nothing
against a six-gun.

Oh, it's, uh, nothing personal.


The boxers is here!

And this prizefight,

promoted by me, Henry Huckaby,

is about to start!

The referee is Harry Obie.

Now, quiet!

Quiet! Quiet, men,
and listen to me.

Now, I've already
talked to the fighters,

but I want you all to hear so
there'll be no misunderstanding.

Now, about the rounds.

A round is over

when either fighter is
knocked down or falls.

But if a fighter goes down on
purpose to avoid punishment,

he forfeits the
fight. Is that clear?

All right, all right.

Now, I ain't gonna allow
no hitting below the belt,

no kicking, or hitting a
man when he's down.

- That's right!
- Yeah, right!

Right! -Fair enough.

Do you see that line there?

- Yeah!
- Come on, get going!

All righty! At the
start of a new round,

if either fighter is unable
to come to the scratch there,

the fight is over, he's lost it.

All right, all right.

The seconds... the
seconds out of the ring.

Out of the ring!

Otto Gundlach... you ready?

- Yes.
- He's ready.

- Johnny Towers, are you ready?
- Yes.

All right, come to scratch.


- Come on, John.
- Come on!

That's it, come on, John.

Go get him, Johnny,
that's it. Go get him!

Come on, come on, come on.


All right, go!

Round... round 18!

Come to scratch!


Ice for it, Johnny?

All right!

Come to scratch!

Okay, go!

Come on, John.

- That's it, John. Come on.
- Come on.

What's the matter with
him? Why's he still fighting?

Who, Otto? Oh, he's
just getting started.

Well, he'd better
start getting stopped,

if he knows what's good for him.

- What?
- Oh, nothing.

Oh, I'll kill him.

I'll kill him for that.

Round 26!

All right, come to scratch!

Come on, now. All right, go!

Hello, Kitty.

- Well, when did you get back?
- Oh, about an hour ago.

- Say, where is everybody in this town?
- At the fight.

The fight?

Mm-hmm. Prizefight
out at the freight yard.

Well, who's putting that on?

Henry Huckaby. He's
found his new career.

He says he's going to start
promoting them regularly.

Oh, poor Huckaby.

What do you mean? He
ought to do real well at it.

Well, Kitty, it so happens

there's a law
against prizefighting.

- I didn't know that.
- Yeah.

And I'm gonna have to
go out and stop the fight.

You're not going
to be very popular.

I know it.

See you later.

- Open that door.
- Mister, uh...

- Open the door.
- Mr. Huckaby told me...

Hold it! Hold it! That's
all, the fight's over.

Now, wait a minute!
Now, wait a minute.

Listen to me. I'm
sorry about this,

but there's a law here,
and I've got to enforce it.

Now, the fight's over. Get
your fighters out of the ring.

Hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it!

Hold it! The law has
spoke, gentlemen.

Under the circumstances,
I declare the fight a draw!

Shame, Matt. It
was a good fight.

Yeah. Well, Doc, I might
have figured you'd be here.

- Why?
- Trying to pick up a fee, huh?

Huckaby, I'm sorry about this.

You were just doing
your duty, Marshal.

Well, I'm afraid I'm
not finished yet, either.

See, any man caught
promoting a fight

is automatically fined $50.


Oh, that's all right. You
don't have to pay me now.

Why don't you come
by my office later,

and I'll-I'll give
you a receipt?

Sure ain't gonna make
much money off of this fight.

Well, I guess that's
what they had in mind

when they wrote this law.

- We want our pay, Huckaby.
- We done our part for you.

I'm gonna pay you, fellas.

This is yours.

- And... yours.
- Thank you.

Thank you, fellas.

Obie, how much do I owe you?

Well, the $15 we agreed on.

All right.

Ten... and 15.

You gonna have enough
left for the fighters?

Do you suppose,
since it was a draw,

they'd mind if I split
the purse, $50 each?

No, I don't think they'd mind.

- I'll see you around, Huckaby.
- Yeah.

I got $50 dollars for you, Otto.

Fair enough. Give it to Louie.

Now I got to go give Johnny his.

You cost me a lot
of money today, Otto.

I'd have won over $1,000
if you'd have lost the fight.

All right, we'll
take that up later.

Right now, I want my $200 back.

The $200, Otto...
I want it back now.

My shirt, please.

You don't have to get
dressed. Just give me the $200.

Give me $200, Louie.

I'm warning you, Otto!

Don't you play games with me!

Here. Take it.

What's that for, Otto?

Huckaby already
gave him his $50.

Wait a minute. I can explain it.

The gambler Price tried to
bribe Otto to throw the fight,

but Otto's splitting the
money with Johnny instead.

I'll sure say this.

Otto wasn't about
to throw no fight.

I never told him I would.

Otto, you mean
you planned all along

to give Johnny half
the money, is that it?

Okay, Johnny?

- Okay.
- Now we maybe go to Texas, fight there.

- Sure.
- Otto!

You've crossed me all the way.

I'm gonna kill you.

Doc, we'll get him
up to your office.

He tried to bribe Otto to
throw the fight, Marshal,

but Otto wouldn't
ever agree to it.

That doesn't matter, Louie.

He's going to jail for
attempted murder anyway.




Well... how'd you make out?

I got this.

Five dollars.

That's for you.

It's all I got left.


not going away no more, Daisy.

I'm gonna stay
and work this place.

Well, I'll get you some supper.

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