Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 24 - Father's Love - full transcript

A new in the business saloon girl spurns a rancher from Dodge. She quits, rides to Dodge, meets and marries a local rancher. When she arrives at his home, she meets his uncle -- the man she spurned in Wichita who still thinks he can make her his.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


I'll have a whiskey, bartender.

Come on, honey, let's you and
me have a drink up here at the bar.

My name's Cora Prell.

It ain't "honey."

Besides, I don't want a drink.

What's the matter, ain't
I good enough for you?

It ain't that, mister.

I'm just tired.


All right.

I'll spend my money
someplace else.

And I hope you
starve to death, honey.

Cora, I know this is
your first time in this job,

but the next time you turn
down a customer, I'll fire you.

Give me a whiskey.

Hey, uh, aren't you
the marshal of Dodge?

That's right.

Yeah, I thought
I recognized you.

I was through your
town last week.

Oh, you're from
Wichita, are you?

No, I'm headed back to Laredo,

gonna join up
with a trail drive.

Well, good luck to you.

Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm Cora Prell.

You're a lawman?

Name's Matt Dillon, Cora.

I, uh, tell you, I
think you're kind of

wasting your time
with me though, Cora.

I'm just about to
head back to Dodge.

My luck.

You're the first
decent-looking man

that's come into this place.

Nice to have met you, Marshal.

Same here, Cora.

- Marshal Dillon, well.
- Jesse.

What you doing
over here in Wichita?

Oh, just here on a little
government business.

I'm headed back for Dodge.

Oh, not me... not till morning.

I done my business, and now
I'm gonna enjoy myself a little.

See you in Dodge.

You will if I survive the night.

I figured on a big one.

Barkeep, give me a whiskey here.

Well, uh, what's your
name, you pretty little thing?


Well, Cora, you and old
Jesse are gonna have

a fine time for the
next couple hours.

What do you say to that, huh?

Huh? I ain't no
old bum, you know.

I got plenty of money...
Here, look at that.

See that?

And I'm generous, too.

Leastwise I am
with them that, uh,

sing and dance for me a little.

You gonna sing and
dance for old Jesse?

I'll have a drink with
you, but that's all.

What do you mean "that's all"?

I ain't good enough for you?

I said I'd have
a drink with you.

Oh, sure you will.

You'll have lots
of drinks with me.

Then when my money's about
gone, you'll leave me cold, won't you?


No, I'm not gonna do that.

I'm gonna leave
you cold right now.

Now, wait a minute, please.

Don't go; you're too pretty.

I'm sorry I said what I did.

I didn't mean it.

Come on, have a drink.

You said you would.

I changed my mind.

All right, leave.

But I'll get you
later, you'll see.

I don't give up.

Save your breath; I quit.

Hurry right on out, honey.

And watch out the door don't
slam so hard it busts your back.

Give me another
drink here, bartender.

I'm just getting started.

And on that
pretty little gal, too.

You'll see, I'll
get to her later.

Old Jesse don't ever quit.


Whoa, whoa there.

Golly, I thought
you were in Wichita.

Well, I was last week,
then I had to go to Elkader.

Oh. Well, I kind of miss you.

I was wondering where you were.

Well, glad to hear that.

Maybe I'll meet you
at Delmonico's tonight,

let you buy me supper.

Well, I didn't miss
you quite that much.

But then I'm gonna
be eating over there,

and I'll let you sit
with me if you want to.

Well, thanks.

Well, there you are, ma'am.
Thank you very much.

Oh, hello, Marshal.

Mr. Ross.

Hello, Marshal.

Well, hello.

Well, Cora, how come
you know the marshal?

Why, he's not even been
around town for the past few days.

Well, she can see a
badge, can't she, Mr. Ross?

Oh, aye.

Cora, is it?

Yes, Marshal.

What can we help you with?

Oh, no. I've got
it right here, Cora.

It's a new type of
ammunition I ordered for him.

There you are, Marshal.

Let me know
what you think of it,

- will you?
- Thank you. I will.

Aye. Well, Cora, I'll be back in
the storeroom if you need me.

All right, Mr. Ross.

Well... welcome to Dodge, Cora.

Thank you, Marshal.

How long you been working here?

Oh, just a couple of days now.

Well, good luck to you.

Thank you, Marshal. I
think I'm finding it already.

Hello, Marshal.

Well, well, well.

If it ain't that pretty
little hard-to-get gal.

Just what are you doing here?

I work here.

Can I help you?

That's funny.

You're willing to help
me here in Dodge,

but you wasn't in Wichita.

Now, how come?

- I quit that job in Wichita.
- I know you did.

I looked all over Wichita
for you... all that night

and a good part of the next day.

Is there something
you wanted to buy?

My name's Jesse. Remember?

I remember.

Yeah, I come in for
a load of supplies,

but I can forget about them.

Let's you and me go out
and have a little drink, hmm?


Not now, not
tomorrow and not ever.

You're real stubborn, ain't you?

I'm starting a new
life here, Jesse.

You ain't fooling me.

Gals like you
don't never change.

That saloon job I had in
Wichita was my first and last time.

Sure, sure.

Well, you listen to me, Cora.

When I set my eye
on something, I get it.

Old Jesse don't never quit.

Then old Jesse's a fool.

You think so?

I already got an idea
how I'm gonna get to you.

Yes, sir, and I think
it's gonna work, too.

Hello, Jesse.


Cora taking good
care of you, is she?

Not as good as she's gonna do.


Here, Cora.

Uh, I'll give you a hand, Cora.

I'm through in the
storeroom now.



Forget the beer, honey.

Let me buy you a real drink.

Name is Sims. Joe Sims.

I ain't a rich man;
I ain't broke either.

I'll show you as good
a time as any man.

You got the wrong lady.

Oh, no, I ain't.

Let's you and me find a
table and have a private talk.

- All right.
- Let go of me!

Move along, mister.

Yeah, sure.

Sure, I didn't mean no harm.

Barkeep, give me bottle.

He's got a lot to learn.

All right.

Now watch this, honey.

Stop it!

Don't worry, I
ain't gonna kill him.

Now for the other arm.



What's going on?

He took a shot at Quint.

I just nicked him.

All right, you, let's go.

I'll settle with you.

My name's Quint.

Quint Asper. You
can find me real easy.


There you are, sir.

That'll be three dollars.

Here you are.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.

Excuse me, ma'am, is
Mr... Mr. Ross around?

No, he went out. Can I help you?

You work here?

Is there something
wrong with that?

Oh. Well, no, it's just...

Well, I n-never seen you
around here before or anything.

Well, you haven't been
in in the last few days.

Well, say...

it's my loss, ma'am, then.

My name is Tom King.

Tom. I'm Cora Prell.

How do?

- Is there something you want?
- Well, uh...

y-you're new here
in Dodge, aren't you?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Well, you see, I
live here, and, uh...

Well, I mean, I got my ranch.

Uh, it's just a couple of
miles outside of town and all.

That's fine.

See, I don't have
any wife or anything.

Well-well, what I mean is I
just never had a lot of time to...

to go out with girls
and all, and, uh...

Is there something
you wanted, Mr. King?

"Mr. King."

Nobody ever called
me that my whole life.

What's the matter?
Don't you like Tom?

Tom's a fine name.

Yeah. Well, Cora, Cora is a...

Cora is a beautiful name.

Tom, you didn't come in
here to talk about names.

No, I... I come
in here to, uh...


Why, you know what?

I plumb forgot what I
even come in here for.

Why don't you look around.

Maybe it'll come to you.

I believe I seen
everything I need to see.

Look, Miss Cora,
if I was to, uh,

come back into Dodge
tonight, um... I mean, you know,

go home and get-get
cleaned up and everything...

Would you see me?

I don't even know you.

Why, of course you do.

I mean, uh, you will know me.

I mean, uh, we'll get a chance

to know each other
and everything.

Uh, where are you staying?

Ma Smalley's, but I
couldn't, really, Tom.

Well, sure, of course you
can. I mean, it would take

a couple of dates and
everything, but, I mean, uh...

I mean, we got to
get started sometime.

It-it may as well
be tonight, huh?


7:00, huh?

Hey, you.

When are you gonna
start wearing a gun?

Why don't you just
forget it and ride on.

Sure, I'll ride on.

Soon as I've settled with you.

You know, Sims, you're a fool.

Why don't you strap a
gun on and call me that.

I don't need a
gun to handle you.

I've already proved that.

I was a little drunk

and had to spend the
night in jail because of you.

Strap on a gun, you
half-breed coward.

You call me that when
I'm wearing a gun,

and I'll kill you.

You kill me?

You hear that?

The only way you would ever
kill me is to shoot me in the back.

You talk big, Sims.

Underneath you're pure scum.

At least that's pure something.

Not half and half.

Well, you sure you
have to go in right now?

It's proper, Tom.

Well, I wouldn't want you to
do anything that might look bad.



What is it?

Oh, never mind.

Now, come on, honey,

there's something
that bothers you.

We've only known
each other a few days.

Are you sure?

Oh, honey, of course I'm sure.

Now, you're not gonna
get out of it that way.

You're not gonna
get out of it at all.

Listen, Cora, you're mine
now, and that's all there is to it.

I'm yours, Tom.

As long as you want me.

Oh, honey.

Oh, I-I'm sorry, honey.

I-I just haven't had a lot
of practice kissing girls.

I... suppose you'll just have
to be a little patient with me.

Not me.

I don't have any patience.

Well, I guess I may learn a
little quicker than I thought.

I'd better go in now.


Sure, uh, hate to
say good night to you.

Tom, you know something?

Being with you, it's been
the only time in my whole life

I haven't been lonely.

Honey, you stay with me.

'Cause I need you.

I need you so much.

Oh, Tom.

I've got to tell you
something about me.

It's something bad.


What, bad about you?

There's nothing bad about you.

Why, you're-you're
as clear and...

fresh as a June morning.

Oh, Tom, I've...

I don't want to hear
any more about it.

You understand?

Oh, Cora.

Oh, Marshal.

Well, aren't you working today?

No, I quit, Marshal.

- You quit?
- Yes.

I'm getting married this
morning to Tom King.

Are you surprised?

Well, I guess so.

Well, but I'm pleased, too.

Tom's a fine man.

Yes, he is.

In fact, I'll tell
you something.

As long as I've known Tom,

he's been as straight
and steady as they come.

That's the one thing
that bothers me, Marshal:

Tom being so
straight and steady.

Why's that?

Well, I tried to
tell him about me

working in Wichita
in that saloon, and...

he wouldn't even
let me get started.

Now I'm too scared
to try to tell him again.

You're afraid of
losing him, huh?


Well, I wouldn't
underestimate Tom, Cora.

You know, he's a
pretty independent man.

I think he'd understand.

You're saying I should tell him?

I would.

What if I lose him?

I don't think you will.

I don't know, Marshal.

I don't know.

Well, of course
it's up to you, but...

anyway, I wish you all the luck.

Thank you, Marshal.

I may need it.

Oh. Whoa.

Well, here we are.

Aw, come on.

Don't tell me you're
still upset about me

not letting you tell me about
how bad you used to be.


No, of course not.

It's wonderful, Tom.


Come on in. I want
you to meet my uncle.

It's too bad he couldn't
come to the wedding.

Yeah, well, generally
he's feeling all right,

but now he's kind
of ailing a little bit.

Come on.


How you like it?

Oh, it's beautiful, Tom.


Oh, Jesse, I thought you was
supposed to be sick in bed.

Well, I got to feel
better a little while ago.

Good. Jesse, this is Cora.


Well, if she ain't the prettiest
little thing I ever set eyes on.

- Ain't that what I told you?
- Yeah.

You sure wasn't lying, boy.

Say, I get to kiss
the bride, don't I?

Well, yeah, sure, sure.


Well, come on now, Cora.

Ain't nobody got a better right.

Well, come on,
don't be shy, Cora.

Ah, all brides are shy.

But that don't mean
they don't get kissed.


That wasn't so bad, now, was it?

She'll get used to it.

Yeah, well, everything's
new with her now.

Hey, where's-where's Nell?

I want to introduce her to Cora.

- She's out in the kitchen.
- Nell, come on out here!

Nell, come on. I want
you to meet my bride.

This here's Nell.

Well, she's, uh...
she's been with us

ever since I was
a little baby and all.

Nell, ain't she pretty?

My, ain't she pretty.

How do you do, Nell?

How do?

Dinner about ready, Nell?

Uh, dinner's about ready.

Good. I'm starved.

Well, don't pay
no attention to Nell.

I mean, she's
always been that way.

Look, I'll get the
stuff out of the buggy.

- Can I help you?
- No, no. I can get it.

Well, it worked, didn't it?

What worked?

Oh, my sending Tom
into Dodge, into the store.

I knowed he'd go for you the
minute he laid eyes on you.

And it worked fine.

You're here, ain't you?

Here you are.

I told you old Jesse
don't never quit.

I'm Tom's wife now, Jesse.

Doesn't that mean
anything to you?

Why, sure, it does.

It means you're
here at the ranch.

Right where I am.

You're an evil man, Jesse.

And you're a wicked
woman, you pretty little darlin'.

You didn't tell Tom
about Wichita, did you?

I wanted to. I...

But you didn't.

I know Tom.

Know him better than you do.

I raised him.

He'd throw you out quicker
than you could whistle.

Come on. I know you
want to get freshened up.

Come on. Then we'll have dinner.

You back already?

Yeah, well, the east
spring ain't that far.

You get your chores
done early someday,

and I'll show you around
the rest of the ranch.

Gonna have to
teach me to ride first.

Golly me. You can't
learn everything

there is to know in
just two days, you know.

Yeah, but I want to learn,
Tom. I want to learn everything.

You're a wonder, you are.

Let's see how
much I learned, huh?


How's that?

Mm, you need practice.

Little more?

No, you better
put your horse up.

- Nell says dinner's almost ready.
- Yeah?

You know, she still
won't let me help her.

Well, Nell's not used
to help, that's all.

Just give her a little
time, she come around.

Hey, looky here, Cora.

These make a fine rabbit pie.

Won't they, huh?


Well, there, I
knowed you could talk.

Listen, I've been wanting to
have a word with you, Cora.

About what?

Well, about us,
about you and me.

Now, I didn't send Tom

into Dodge that day
for nothing, Cora.

Now, Jesse, please
don't start that again.

Well, I ain't waiting
much longer.

I've known a lot of men,
Jesse, you know that.

But you're the worst
I ever imagined.

You get to know me better,
you won't say that any.

You don't want me to tell
Tom all about you, do you?

What if I told Tom his
uncle's trying to steal his wife?

Why, never believe you.

And besides, he'd
hate you for saying it.

You're right.

But he's happy with me, Jesse.

You want to spoil that?

Well, what do I care?

I raised him, didn't I?

He owes me a lot.

Not his wife.

Why not, if I want her?



Well, here we are.

Why don't you go over
and say hello to Mr. Ross.

I'm gonna be about half an
hour over at the freight office.

After that, we'll
meet at Delmonico's

- and have dinner, huh?
- All right.

That all right, Jesse?

Yeah. I'll just go
get me a little drink.

I still don't see why you had
to come into town with us.

Cora and me could've
handled everything.

Well, Cora asked me to.

'Sides, I want to
see those people

over at the freight
office myself.

Come on, honey.

I'll meet you at
Delmonico's, huh?


I love you.


Half hour, Jesse.


Sam, give me a whiskey.

There you are, Jesse.

Thank you.

Oh, by the way, I
hear your nephew Tom

married Cora Prell.

Yeah, yeah, he sure did.

Cora's a fine girl, too.

I'm sure she is.

Say, mister.


My name's Sims. Joe Sims.

Jesse Price.

You ever been to Wichita, Jesse?


Yeah. Why?

There's a saloon there
called the Golden Horn.

Now, this Cora Prell
was working there

not too long ago.

You know what you're saying?


I'm saying your nephew
married a saloon girl.

Shut up.

Keep your voice down.

Well, I don't mean
nothing against you, Jesse.

I know you don't.

I didn't marry her, Tom did.

But I wouldn't want
him to find out about her.

You mean you knew about this?

Yeah, I knew.

Why didn't you
tell him yourself?

Me tell him?

Not likely.

Why not?

Well, I know Tom.

He'd run her off.

So he'd run her off;
what's it mean to you?

Well, you know how it is
in young folks and all that.

It'd be a shame to
see them bust up.

I ain't sure I
understand you, Jesse.

It don't matter none.

Just keep your mouth shut
about Cora, you hear me?

Now, maybe I figure
it's my duty to tell him.

- Ah...
- Somebody's got to.

- Nah, nobody's
got to do nothing.

A man's got a right to know.

You keep out of this.

I'm warning you.

You're warning me?

There's nothing you
can do to stop me.

Tom will kill you.

Now, I know him.

He'll kill you for sure,

you tell him a thing
like that about his wife.

Yes, sir.

The more I think about it,

the more I figure it's my
bounden duty to tell him.

Scum like you
talking about duty.

You can say what you
like, but I figure it's my duty

and I'm gonna follow it through.

You're a troublemaker,
that's what you are.

You don't care about nothing,
you just want to make trouble!

Barkeep, get my good friend
Jesse here another drink.



Well, what is it, Jesse?
Is something wrong?

Yeah, I've been took sick, Tom.

It come on me all
of a sudden like.

W-Well, it's bad whiskey, huh?

Oh, no, I didn't have none.

I changed my mind
'fore I got over there.

I got to get home, get to bed.

Come on, now, come on, I'll
take you to see Doc Adams.

No, no, I don't want
to go see no doctor.

I just want to get home,
lay down in my own bed.

Now, will you take me
home, Tom, please?

- Okay, okay, Jesse.
- Will you take me home?

All right, she's coming.

Come on, I'll put
you in the wagon,

let you lay down in the back.

All right.

Old men sure can be a
lot of trouble, can't they?

Oh, that's all right, Jesse.

We'll go right home, right away?

Yeah, yeah, sure.


Nell made some
soup for you, Jesse.

Well, I hope it's good.

Good beef soup.

Well, being sick don't
give a man much appetite.

Just put it on the table
there, will you, Nell?

I'll eat it when it cools off.

You eat it when it cools off.

Sometimes that woman
gets on my nerves.

She's a good woman, Jesse.

She's about as
faithful as they come.


You want me to get Doc to
come in and see you tomorrow?

Probably you'd better if
I'm still feeling like this.

Well, I'll look in
on you later, huh?

I'll eat some soup and
then turn down the lamp.

All I need is a
good night's sleep.

Okay, I-I'll see you tomorrow.

I believe I'm gonna stay around

close by the ranch
this morning, Cora.

At least until we see
how Jesse's feeling.

I never seen him sleep this
late in the morning before.

Nell and I thought we might
bake a ham for dinner today.

Wouldn't that be something

to look forward to, huh?


Oh, Jesse, how you feeling?

Well, I'm feeling
some better, thank you.

Morning, Cora.


You sure you don't want
me to go and get Doc for you?

Well, I'll tell you,
Tom, I feel pretty good,

but I just might go in
and see Doc myself, yeah.

Well, you feel strong
enough for that?

I take a lot of killing, boy.

Why don't you go out and
hitch up the buggy for me.

All right, I'll see you
out in the barn, huh?

- All right.
- Don't you work too hard.

Day's work never
hurt anybody, Tom.

See you later.


you think I'm a smart man?

I already told you what
kind of a man I think you are.

Man's got to live
his own life, Cora.

He got to take what he can get.

Ain't nobody gonna
give him anything.

Are you trying to say
something, Jesse?

I want you, Cora, for myself.

I want you to be mine.

Stop that, Jesse.

You want to save Tom's life?

Want to save him from hanging?


This is your last chance, Cora.

Once I get to Dodge,
it's gonna be too late.

Maybe you really are sick.

You must have a
fever or something.

No, cool as a spring evening.

Here, here, feel it.


Say it out.

Is it yes or no?

You must be crazy.

All right, Cora.

But I'm gonna
tell you something.

I can't lose.

Once Tom's out of the
way, I'll get you real easy.

Hello, Sam.

Hi, Marshal. Having a drink?

No, no, thanks.

I just got through burying
Joe Sims up on Boot Hill.

Well, he wasn't much, but no man
deserves being shot in the back.

Sam, I was wondering if
maybe you could tell me

anything about what happened.

Well, old Jesse Price
was in here yesterday,

and he got to talking
to Joe Sims, and...

Sims was gonna tell Tom
something about Cora,

and Jesse said if he did,
Tom would kill him for it.

That's about all
I know, Marshal.

Well, that's a lot, Sam.


Hey, Marshal!

We've been looking
all over for you.

Hey, you men, you know who
murdered Joe Sims last night?

We know.

We was practically
witnesses to it.

Only thing is, he'll
probably get off scot-free,

'cause he's the
marshal's friend.

Now, what are you
men talking about?

Quint Asper, Marshal.

Course, if you got him in
jail, you'll spoil our whole day.

But, uh, that ain't very
likely, is it, Marshal?

Now, look, if you men know

something about this
murder, speak out.

Quint Asper done it.

There was bad blood
between him and Joe Sims.

We heard him having it out
in front of the Dodge House.

Sims called Quint
a half-breed coward.

Quint says he's gonna kill him.

Sims says, "The only
way you can do that

is to shoot me in the back."

And that's exactly
what Quint done.

We heard it, Marshal,
the whole thing.


Quint, these men here
claim that they heard you

threaten to kill Joe Sims.

I said I'd kill
him, that's right.

Well, where were you
last night about midnight?

You mean, do I have an alibi?

I couldn't sleep, so I took
a walk down by the river.

Anybody see you?


Let's get out of here.

Hey, Marshal.

You gonna lock him up?

No, I'm not.

But he admitted
everything we told you,

and he don't have an alibi.

He don't need an alibi.

He's the marshal's friend.

I'll tell you something,
Quint Asper is

perfectly capable
of killing a man...

but not by shooting
him in the back.

Thanks, Matt.

Sure. You want a cup of coffee?

No, I'll get back to work.

See you later.


I'm glad you showed up, Marshal.

I don't have the strength

to go walking
over town after you.

Well, you're looking
kind of poorly, Jesse.

Ah, yeah, I've been sick.

Come into town in the buggy.

- Here.
- It's easier that way.

Come on, sit down.

What can I do for you?

Well, I got something
to tell you, Marshal.

It's something terrible.

It's about my nephew, Tom King.

He's gonna kill a man.

Fella by the name of Joe Sims.

He's going to kill Joe Sims?

Yeah, that's what he told me.

Well, Jesse, Joe Sims
was killed last night.

No... no.

I-I... oh, I can't believe it.

Now, don't say that, Marshal.

It ain't true, it can't be.

Shot in the back about midnight.

That's just terrible.

Just awful.

Jesse, I, uh, I heard
about your conversation

at the Long Branch
last night with Joe Sims.

You... you told him that,
uh, Tom might kill him

if he talked about
Cora, didn't you?

Well, I, uh...

I knowed he would, Marshal,
but I tried my best to stop him.

So I told him first.

I mean, I thought that I
could talk him out of it maybe

if I told him first.

Well, how do you know
it was Tom that did it?

Well, he said he
was gonna kill him.

He meant it, too.

Uh... I know Tom,
don't I, Marshal?

I raised him.

Jesse, it isn't very often that
a man turns in his own kin.

Well, I only come in,
Marshal, 'cause I thought

maybe you could do something
to stop it before it happened.

I just thought of something now.

I was sick last night, you
know, I was laying awake in bed,

and... I heard somebody
go out the door.


I thought they was just,
well, going outside, you know.

I fell asleep right after that.

But... that must have been Tom.

Heading for Dodge.

Heading for the gallows.

Jesse, you knew about Cora

before Sims told
you, didn't you?

In Wichita?

Well, sure, but I wasn't
never gonna tell him.

Well, guess we better go
out and have a talk with Tom.

Oh, this is a terrible thing

for me to have to
be going through.


There's just one thing, Marshal.

Tom's gonna deny everything...

My telling him about Joe Sims
and hearing him leave the house

and everything.

Well, I guess
that's only natural.




You know, Marshal,
this is one time

when I hate to be coming home.

I'll get Tom.

Tom and Cora's out somewheres.

This is Nell.

Nell, this is Marshal Dillon.

How do, Nell?

Uh, tell the marshal
what you just told me, Nell.

I'll tell the marshal.

About Tom, about his
leaving the house last night.

Tom left the house last night.


And you heard him riding
off on his horse, you said.

Ain't that what you heard?

Tom rode off on
his horse. I heard.

And he didn't come
home until late, you said.

No, not till way late.

Well, that's it, Marshal.

Sure adds up, don't it?

Let's go inside.

Nell will make us some coffee.

I'll get the coffee.

Well, Marshal, what
are you doing here?

What are you doing here, Cora?

I thought you was out with Tom.

Well, Tom had to go
down to the east spring.

I was just going to gather eggs.

Something wrong?

You better tell her, Marshal.

But remember, she's a woman;
she's gonna get all upset.

There's no telling how
she'll act or what she'll say.

Well, what is it?

Well, Cora, a man named
Sims was killed last night.

He was murdered.

Well, who's Sims?

Well, he's... he's some drifter

that'd evidently
been in Wichita,

and he had seen you
or knew about you there.

He told Jesse that he
was gonna tell Tom.

I told him Tom would
kill him for it, but...

So I came back and
I told Tom myself.

Yesterday. Alone.

I hoped I could keep him
from committing murder,

but he wouldn't listen to me.

He sneaked off into Dodge
and found his man, and...

Well, ain't that so, Marshal?

That's what you tell me, Jesse.

Well, it's clear
enough, ain't it?

I'm gonna wait and talk to Tom.

Oh, sure.

I'm glad to see you're
taking it this way, Cora.

Well, uh, excuse me.

I'll have to go
gather some eggs.

She doesn't seem
too upset, Jesse.


There's no telling how a
woman will behave, is there?

I got a bottle of
whiskey hid out in back.

Might help that coffee.

Oh. Smells good.

Smells good.

Oh, Nell?

Let me ask you something, uh...

Nell, last night, before
Tom rode off on his horse,

did you give him
some coffee then?

Oh, yes, Tom likes coffee.

Yes, but how about last night?

Did you give him some
before he rode off?

Uh, yes, I gave him some.

Just before he rode off.


Nell, you gave me some
coffee last night, too, didn't you?

Before I rode off with Tom.

You and Tom, yes,
before you rode off.

Thanks, Nell.

Here we are, Marshal.

Let me fill her up for you.

No, no, thanks, Jesse.

You, uh, you go ahead.

Well, all right.

I wouldn't ordinarily, but,
uh, I've been sick and all.

I kind of need it.


There's another reason
why I need it, Marshal.

You're looking at a lonely,
brokenhearted old man.

It's a terrible
thing to raise a boy

and see him suddenly
turn bad like Tom done.

Pretty hard to believe

that Tom would do a
thing like that, Jesse.

Yeah, I'd never in
the world believe it.

But we both know he done it.

We just got to
accept it, I guess.

She was waiting for him!

I might've knowed it.

- Wait a minute, Jesse.
- What?

Who knows what
she's telling him.

I want to be there.

Yeah, but just a minute.

We're gonna let him talk.

But he'll make a
run for it, Marshal.

He'll make a run for it,
and you'll never catch him.

You don't believe that
any more than I do, Jesse.

What's the matter
with you, Marshal?

How come you're not
anxious to get him off, Jesse?

Because I know he's guilty.

And I believe in justice,
even if he is my own nephew.

Hello, Tom.

Marshal, there's
something I got to tell you.

He's gonna deny that I
told him about Joe Sims.

Let him talk, will you?

Go ahead, Tom.

I don't know anything
about no Joe Sims, Marshal.

But I do know about Cora.

I've known about her
right from the start.


Well, it's true, Cora.

A cowboy I knew... He
saw us together in Dodge,

and he knew you in Wichita.

And he just figured
I ought to know.

He told me friendly like,
and, well, I took it friendly like.

And you married me anyway.

It's because I-I love you,
Cora, and I always will.

He's lying!

I told you they was gonna
cook up something, Marshal!

I was right, but I
didn't expect this.

Now, just keep yourself calm
now a minute, will you, Jesse?

Now, Jesse here's trying to say

that you left the
house last night, Tom.

Wh-Why, I slept
right through the night.

You're lying again!

You heard what Nell said
back there on the porch.

She heard everything.

Yes, I know all about Nell.

She's a very nice lady.

She agrees with anything
that's said, anything at all.

I just want to know
one thing now, Marshal.

Are you gonna
arrest him or ain't you?

I don't think Tom did it.

Of course he didn't.

I told him everything, Jesse.

I hated to hurt him
that way, but I had to.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

But who'd believe anything a
woman like you'd say anyway?

Well, I believe her.

Ain't the easiest thing
in the world, Jesse,

but I believe her.

I don't want to hear about it.

I don't care what kind of a
crazy scheme you're cooking up!

Now, wait a minute, Jesse.

Marshal, he's been after
Cora, from the beginning.

That's why he tried to
get Tom out of the way,

so he could have a
free hand with me.

Well... now this whole thing's

beginning to make a
little more sense, Jesse.

I'm disgusted
with the lot of you.

I'm gonna have a drink.


Jesse, put that gun down.

Not a chance, Marshal.

You're going to
town with me, Jesse.

No, I ain't, Marshal.

I got to kill you, Cora.

You outsmarted me, Cora.

But if I can't have
you, nobody can.

He's dead.

He's dead.

How's the arm, Tom?

Tom knew about me
all the time, Marshal.

You were right; didn't
make any difference.

Well, that's what I
tried to tell you, Cora.

That's just the
kind of man Tom is.

Better go in and look after him.

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