Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 22 - The Kite - full transcript

Festus finds a little girl out on the prairie. He learns she saw her ma get killed by a stranger. When he takes her to Dodge, Matt hears she was hiding when this happened but can identify this man who may already be in town.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

They're gonna show any minute.

They're getting
closer every mile, Joe.

I know it.

We keep on this way,

they're gonna ride us down.

You want to stand
and make a fight?

No, they're too
many for us. Here.

What's this for?

My share of the holdup
money. You take it and ride.

I'll handle the posse.

You can't do it alone.

Joe, I'm an old
hand at this game.

I know every trick there is.

Even if they catch
me, I'll be clean.

Nobody's got close
enough to recognize us.

Now get moving.

Where'll we meet?

Dodge City... it's a couple
hundred miles south of here.

All right, Polk.

But you take your time, see?

Head west for a day or
two, then ride for Dodge.

It'll help throw
'em off the trail.

See you in Dodge.

One more thing, Joe.

No man's ever crossed
me yet and lived.

I'll be there.

- Get moving.
- Right.



I'm leaving.

Here's your food.

When'll you be back?

I don't know.

A few days, maybe a week.

How far north you plan to ride?

When you're looking
for land with water on it,

you ride till you
find it, Clara.

You're sure you're right
about wanting us to move?

Now what's your idea...

Sit here and pray for rain
for the rest of your life?

No, but...

I'm sick of this place, Clara.

I'm sick of working
my head off for nothing.

I want land with water
on it, and I'm gonna find it.

Get away from there!

You didn't have to do that!

How often have I told that kid

not to be fooling
around all the time?!

Quit blubbering.

Take care of things here.

Keep her in line and see
that she does her chores.

Letty, get up.

Letty, I want you to
do something for me.

I want you to go up there
and hide in that brush.

Hide real good, and
don't say a word until I call.

You understand?

What's wrong, Mommy?

Nothing, dear.

There's a stranger
riding in from the prairie.

We have to be careful.

Now you run on.

That's a good girl.

Hurry, Letty, hurry!

Morning, ma'am.


I was hoping maybe you'd
have some water around here.

There's a water hole
about five miles south.

Not for my horse, for me.

I'm sorry, mister, but
we're kind of low on water.

Maybe I ought to talk
to your husband about it.

Well, he's not...

Not here, huh?

Well, that's all right.

What I could really use
is a little glass of whiskey.

I know you got a bottle
around here somewhere.

No, I don't.

And please, mister, I'm busy.

You need a little rest.

Come on, have a drink with me.

I'll be real good to you.

Listen, mister, you get
back on your horse and you...

I ain't some little
old farm boy, lady.

I get what I want.

Now you gonna be
nice about it or not?

All right.

But you wait here for me.

Not hardly.

Allow me.

Look! My husband!

That was a fool
thing to do, lady.


Who are you?!

The name's Festus Haggen, ma'am.

Go away!

Well, you go away yourself.

I can't.

- Why can't you?
- I'm lost.

Then how'd you ever get
way out here in the first place?

I ran most of the way.

Where from?

If I knew that, I'd
go back, wouldn't I?

Well, that's kind of a
smart-alecky way of putting it,

but I reckon you're right.

Here, give me your
hand and I'll help you up

and we'll see if we
can't get you found.


Well, don't be a dumbbell now.

I'm just trying to help you out.


I always said kids ought
to be penned up in cages.

Now I've been getting
plumb tired of this game.

Come on, now, I'm
trying to be your friend.

Just hold on
tight... here we go.


Letty, I think
your ma would like

the place we picked
out for her, don't you?

I think so.

Well... everybody's
got to die, Letty,

even you and me, someday.

I know.

You figure she's went
to heaven, do you?

Course she has.

They say it's a real fine place,

so you'd ought to be
pleased for your ma.

Ain't that true?

Just real happy that's she's
went to such a pretty place.

You got your doll
and stuff ready?

Well, we'd better fetch it
and get started for Dodge.



I've never been to Dodge.

What am I gonna do there?

Well, I don't rightly
know offhand.

I... I got me a friend there
that might help us out.

Let's get started,

and you leave word for your
pa, so he'll know where you're at.



Do you think he likes me?

Well, are you a
good girl or a bad girl?

I'm a good girl.

Most folk like good girls.

But what about him?

We'll ask him.

Don't you dare.

I'm telling you, Charlie,

one more complaint out of you,

I'll put you on bread
and water for a week.

That's the worst part of
this job... is being a jailer.

That's what you get for
taking prisoners alive.

I just might come
after you someday,

you might be singing
a different song.

Yeah, but I'm a good boy,
Matthew, not a bad boy.

Ain't that true, Letty?


What's that?

You was starting to ask
her to tell you about that man.

Now, Letty, you know,
if you could tell us

just a little bit more
about that man,

it might be that we'd
know him already.

But I've told you.

Yeah, "not tall, not
short, not fat, not thin."

I'm afraid we got to have a
little more to go on than that.

Now, for instance,
what color was his hair?

Well, how about his nose,
was it long or short or...?

In between, I guess.

In between.

Well, do you think
you'd recognize him

if you saw him again?

Oh, I think so, Marshal.

I'd sure try.


Well, I guess we'll just have
to wait till her pa gets back.

Maybe he can tell us something.

I doubt that.

The way she talks about
this feller, he was a stranger.

Are you sure he didn't see you?

He couldn't. I was hid.


Well, what are we
gonna do with her, Matt?


Well, now, just hold
on a minute, Matt...

Well, I thought you said
you'd taken a room here

for a couple of
weeks or something.

Well, no, I borrowed that
old shack of Jim Brown's,

but that don't mean
I'm fixing to settle down

with a girl, that's for sure.

Well, it's just till
her pa gets back.

You know, after all, somebody's
got to take care of her.

But why me?

- Festus?
- Yes'm?

You don't have
to worry about me.

I'll be all right.

Now, you see what
you went and did?

You got her a-feelin' like
nobody wants her around.

Oh, well, I didn't
mean that, Letty.

Listen, you're a fine girl.

Anybody'd be proud
to have you around,

but see, it's, well, it's
just that we're men,

and... and we're not set
up to take care of you.

Are there only men in this town?

Hey, now there's an idea...

Ma Smalley.

I'll bet Ma Smalley'd
take care of her.

Let's go over and find out.

Come on.

See? I said I'd be all right.

Course you will, honey.

Letty, you've got a caller.

Who is it?

Well, come and see.

I don't see anybody.

Not here.

I don't allow
riffraff in my parlor.


You notice that I didn't say
you had a gentleman caller.

Oh, you're just peeved

'cause I ain't never took
no room at your house.


I've got enough trouble

keeping the
place clean as it is.

Oh, Festus isn't all bad, Ma.

Well, you can have him, child.

To me, he's a no-good wanderer

who never earned an
honest penny in his life.

Well, golly Bill, Ma,

you've made enough
money for both of us.

When are you and me gonna
married up with each other?


Come on. Sit down.

What's all that you got there?

Letty, did anybody
ever make you a kite?

What's a kite?

Oh... that's what I figured.

I swear, young'uns
is getting to where

they don't know nothing
about nothing no more.

Don't think you're just gonna
set there and watch me now,

because I'm gonna tell you how,

and you're gonna
make it yourself, all right?

What's a kite for?

Just one thing at a time now.

See, we start out by making
a kind of a star there, see?

Get a little piece of string...

Festus... say, this
is Rod Cassidy here.

Festus Haggen.

Where'd she get that?

She made it.


Well, I helped her a little bit.

The marshal explained
things to me, Haggen,

and I want to thank
you for all you've done.

But, uh, kids need chores
more than they need toys.

Well, a little bit of
fun never hurt nobody.

Especially Letty, right now.

The sooner we find the
man that killed her ma,

the sooner she'll get over it.

I don't see how you
figure that now, Cassidy,

but I'll tell you one thing,

this man's not going
to be easy to find.

Not for you maybe.

I'm gonna find
him and right quick.

No man can dare come onto
my place and shoot my wife

and get away with it.

You like he done
it just to insult you.

Oh, you think it
wasn't an insult?

I wouldn't know about that.

You say that Letty told you

that she could
recognize the man,

but he didn't see her?

That's right.

Then finding him is
no problem, Marshal.

He figured he was safe.

Now he's probably
right here in Dodge.

Now, if you got an idea
of taking her around town

to see if you can
find him, forget it.

I've already thought of that.

- Now, why didn't you do it?
- For her sake.

For her sake?!

I don't know what
you're talking about.

No, I guess maybe
you wouldn't, Cassidy.

I want that man.

I'm gonna find him.



Oh, now quit that!

And turn loose of that kite.

You're coming with me.

Please, Daddy...

- Now turn it loose, I said.
- Whoa!

Now you better back off, mister.


the minute I laid eyes on you,

I knew we wasn't
gonna get along.

What harm is there
in Letty having a kite?

Letty ain't none
of your business.

Well, then let's just
talk about what is.

All that wood and
paper and string

and stuff belongs to me.

You do any harm to that kite,
and I'll blow your brains out.

Go ahead, Haggen...

you just try it.

Letty, why don't you let me
take care of the kite for you?

Do I have to, Marshal?

Well, your pa wants to
take you around town.

Here, I'll take good
care of it for you

and I'll bring it back
to Ma Smalley's.

All right.

I'll settle with you later.

Come on, Letty.

Well, I never thought I'd see
the time when Festus Haggen

let a woman make
a fool out of him.

I just felt kinda like
shooting somebody, Matt,

and he was making
hisself awful handy.

Pay attention, Letty!

I didn't bring you down here
to watch the kids playing.

It might've been that
man, for instance.

How do you know?

- Now you quit fooling around.
- Yes, Daddy.

Come on. We'll look in here.

Look them over, Letty.

Please, Daddy, let's go.

Look them over, I said.

Excuse me, mister... what's
this little girl doing in here?

She's looking for the
man who shot her ma.

Your name's Cassidy, isn't it?

That's right.

And this is Letty.

I've heard of you.

Well, look, Cassidy,

I appreciate what
you're trying to do,

but, uh, don't you think
it's a little hard on the child?

Now, why don't all you people
mind your own business?

Letty's the first child that's
ever been in this saloon.

And she ain't doing no harm.

Keep looking, Letty.

No, you don't.

Get her out of here right now.

- Now just a minute...
- Don't argue with me!

Get her out of here.

You're a fine one to be talking

about what's right
and what's wrong.

Sit here a while.

I'm tired, Daddy.

Well, you're sitting
down, ain't you?

You keep your eyes open.

I don't want you to
miss a single man.

Even if I do see
him, won't he kill me?


Maybe he will.

Unless you see him
first, in time to tell me.

Now, you look hard, you hear?


And bring me another,
while you're at it, barkeep.

I tell you, things have
really gotten out of hand

when a man can't leave
his home for a couple of days

without something
like that happening.

I plumb agree with you, Cassidy.

Ah, there's bad
happenings all over.

They get worse and worse.

I don't care about "all
over"! I care about me!

All I want to do is to find that
man who dared come onto my place

and shoot my wife.

They ain't nothing
sacred anymore.

Neither a man's
home nor his family.

I tell you, he won't
get away with it.

He rode into a lion's den

when he rode onto
Rod Cassidy's place,

and I am here to tell you.

You never did tell
us what happened

to your little girl, Cassidy.

She was hiding.

He didn't see her...

but she seen him good
enough to know him again.

Where's she at now?

Over at Ma Smalley's place.

She's staying
there until I find him.

And I'll find him,
I guarantee it.

Another drink here, barkeep.

That'll be something.

I'd like to see that,
when you find him.

Oh, you've got the
wrong place, mister.

Shut up.

Oh, this is a boarding house.

You're wasting your time.

- Where is she?
- Who?

The Cassidy girl...
I know she's here.

- Who are you?
- Are you gonna get her

or am I gonna have
to find her myself?

She's not here.

She's gone out with her pa.

We'll find out about
that. Now come on.

You sit down here and shut up!

I'm gonna put a gag
on you and tie you up.

Golly Bill! Letty!

What are you do...?

Is anything wrong?

I came for a visit.

A visit?

This time of night?

I couldn't sleep, so I
got up and sneaked out.

That's what I get for showing
you this house the other day.

You're sorry to see me.

Yes, I am.

Wait a minute. Just hold on now.

Come on in.

I'll get my shirt and boots on
and take you back to Ma's house.

Say you're sorry.

Sorry? What about?

For not being nice.

All right. I'm sorry.


What's going on?

Well, it looks like
Letty's been kidnapped.

- What?!
- You better come along with us.

What is this? What happened?

How did Letty get kidnapped?!

This is fun.

Well, for you, maybe it is.

Ma's probably found you missing
and went out to get the marshal.

Why don't we go, too?

We'll do no such a thing.

You're gonna stay
right where you're at!

Let's play a game.

Ain't that how we
started, playing games?

You a-traipsing around
all over the prairie,

and me a-running my
head off trying to catch you?

You were awful rough.

Young'uns ain't no different
than a bunch of calves.

They'd all ought to be
treated the same way.

Festus, you know something?


Way down deep, you're
the meanest man I know.

Well, good.

Oh, Letty!

Letty, you're back!

Oh, you weren't
kidnapped after all!

I'm so glad to see you!

What's going on here, Haggen?

She snuck out and
come to my house.

I just brought her back.

Oh, you did, did you?

Now just a minute, Cassidy.

A man came in
here, he was masked,

he tied Ma to a chair,

he wanted to know
where Letty was.

Well, that's got to be
man that killed my wife.

He's after Letty now.

After Letty? What for?

Well, how do I know?!

Well, I'll tell you... You
had her all over town today.

Probably everybody knows
the whole story by now.

Including the killer.

Will you men please be quiet

until I get this
child out of here?

Come on, Letty,
you come with me.

All right, Marshal, what
are you gonna do about this?

You got any ideas?

Now, you're the law, the brains.

At least he's got brains enough

not to do what you
done with her today.

I'm getting plumb
tired of you, Haggen.

Now, Cassidy, I'll tell you
exactly what we're gonna do.

Letty here needs protection.

Now, we're gonna stand
guard on her 24 hours a day,

six hours off and four on.

- You want to start out?
- Why me?

Well, you're her father; I
thought maybe you'd want to.

You're paid for this
work, Marshal, I ain't.

I'll come pick her tomorrow,
take her around town again.

- No, you won't.
- What?

She's staying here till I
say it's all right for her to go.

Ain't you forgetting
that I'm her pa?

It's like you said,

it's my business
protecting people.

Suppose I decide
to take her home?

Not till I say it's all right.

From now own, she's
under protective custody.

What are people gonna
think about me for that?

- I don't know.
- Well, I do.

I tell you, Marshal,
I'd rather see her dead!

Well, I'm sorry to hear that,
but she's staying here anyway.

All right, you stand guard over
her all you want, both of you.

But I'm gonna find that man,

and when I do, you're gonna
be the laughingstock of this town!

You see what
you've went and did?

You made him mad.

Yeah. You want
to stand first guard?

Course I do.

See you later.

I hate to wake him up... he
might decide to close the place.

For a nickel, that can be the
liveliest man you ever saw.

Worth a try.

Barkeep, bring me a beer.

What'd I tell you?

Worth a nickel just to watch.

You live around here?



Well, I'm thinking of settling.

Never was one
for drifting around

and living wild, you know?

Yeah, I find a place,
I'll send for my wife.

She's back in Illinois
just waiting for the word.

You're lucky you got a wife.

You're not married?

She was murdered...

a few days ago.

Say, you must be Rod Cassidy.

How you know that?

People talk.

I know all about you.

And it's a doggone shame.

You don't know the half of it.

You mean, about the marshal
and that other fella guarding

your kid down at
the boarding house?

I ain't a man to
be treated like that!

First, that fella rides onto
my place and shoots my wife,

then the marshal
takes over my kid.

Well, ain't you figured out
why the marshal's doing this?

Eh, it's another insult to
make a fool of me, that's what.

That, and something else.


Well, don't you see it?

The marshal figures the
killer'll be back to get Letty.

And he's right... That
fella's gotta get Letty

and finish her for good.

Yeah, you're right.

So this way, when
he comes back again,

he falls right into a trap.

And the marshal gets all
the credit for catching him.

I'll catch him myself.

Oh, no, not now.

I don't like to see a man like
you done this way, Cassidy.

Just ain't right.

But I guess there's
nothing to do

but forget about it now.

They made a fool of me...

all three of them... The
marshal, Festus Haggen,

that fella that done my wife in.

All three of them.

That sure is true, Cassidy.

But you know something?

You could make fools out of
that marshal and that other fella.


Kidnap your daughter.


Steal her back, right out
from under their noses.

How would I do that?


It'd be kinda fun, too.

Oh, I got it all figured out.

Hey, wait a minute...

I don't even know your name.

How come you're so
interested in my problems?

The name is Ed Polk.

And I am interested,
for one reason:

I just ain't the kind of man
that can stand by and watch

another man get his
nose rubbed in the dirt

without wanting to help him.

But I don't mean to interfere
if you don't want me, Cassidy.

I'll shut up right now,
you say the word.

No, no, let me hear your idea.

All right.


Couple more beers.


Festus Haggen
on guard, all right.

Good, then we
timed it just perfect.

I got the horses tied
up a hundred yards

straight back of the house.

Come on. Let's go.

I don't know about
just walking in there.

He knows you.

He won't do a thing.

If I go first, he'll
have a gun on me

before I get up onto the porch.

I guess you're right.

Quit worrying.

What if Letty starts hollering
when you go in there?

She'll be too scared
in front of a stranger.

That's the whole point.

I hope it works.

It will. Come on.

It's me... Cassidy.

Come in.


The marshal around?

He don't come on
guard till after midnight.

You broke down and decided
to take a turn after all, huh?


Yeah, I wanted to talk
to the marshal about it.

Playing solitaire, huh?

Anything to pass the time.

A couple of moves
here you ain't made.

Never mind... Just
keep your hands off.

I'll make 'em myself.


You got a pretty
good game going here.

Well, I know I have,
and it's my game!

Now quit!


We're stuck.

What in the thunder
are you talking about?

We're not stuck at all!

All I got... I gotta
do is take that card...


Good work.

Now you get the horses
and bring 'em around

to the side of the house
and be quiet about it.

Hurry now!

Where's Letty?

- She wasn't there.
- What?!

She must've slipped out
like she done last night.

Well, she couldn't be at
Haggen's, he was on guard.

We can't fool around
here looking for her.

Haggen'll come to any minute.

What'll we do?

We ride out to your ranch.

Are you crazy? That's the
first place they'll come looking.

Let 'em come.

You dropped by to
check on your kid,

Haggen got smart,
and you hit him.

You ain't committed
no big crime.

You're right.

Let's go.

Look at that now...
Morning already.

You mean we drunk
the whole night through?

We sure have.

Well, I feel fine.

I wish the marshal and Festus
Haggen'd show up right now.

They probably will show
up in an hour or two.

What'd you say?

I said you don't have
to worry about them two.

I'm not worried about them.

There... Let's
have another drink.

Here, let me pour it.

Drink up before it gets cold.

That's a good idea.

I'll do just that.

Whew! That stuff still hits.

I told you I made it.

Yeah, you told me.

Don't let nobody take my seat.

I'm gonna get a
breath of fresh air.


Took him long enough.


Who are you?

Name is Bryan; I'm
looking for the trail to Dodge.

Well, there are a
dozen trails to Dodge.

All right, mister,
just tell me one way.

Why don't you try
going straight up?

Are you drunk this
early in the morning?

Why, you young punk...

Hey, wait a minute.

Did you kill my wife?

Kill your wife?!

You are drunk.

Oh, sure, you're young,
and she was pretty...

I been looking for you!

Now you move, and I'll
put another bullet in you!


Oh, you've been hit hard, boy.

What're you doing here?

Never mind about me.

You bring our money?


I was coming to Dodge.

You're a good boy, Bryan.

Ain't you gonna help me?

Sure... I'm gonna spend
your money for you.

Help me!

You know, when you
got to Dodge with this,

I was gonna get
rid of you anyway.

Mr. Cassidy there
saved me the trouble.

You'd wouldn't have got
a whole lot older anyway,

being such a sucker.


Thanks, Bryan.

You're an outlaw.

Now don't you be
worrying about me.

Come on, you get
inside where I want you.

Don't move me.

Ah, you've got enough
strength left to get inside.

Now get up, I say!

- Put me down!
- Come on! Inside!

Put me down!

I'll make you real
comfortable inside.

Come on!

You sit there.

Well, that's where you'd
have wound up, anyway.

A bed... put me on a bed.

Huh! The next bed you'll
have will be six feet under.

Help me, Polk, help me.

Get out of here!

Now I can have a drink.

I had to stay sober just so's

I'd get the drop
on you, Cassidy.

But everybody's
taken care of now.

What're you saying?

I killed your wife.


And that rotten kid
of yours, she seen me,

so I killed her,
too, last night.


Only the marshal's
gonna think you done it.

That you went kind
of crazy last night,

and so you killed her.

And then you come out
here and you got to drinking

and thinking about it,
and you couldn't stand it.

So you shot yourself.

Oh, I bet the marshal's
been looking all over Dodge

for you all night.

And he'll be out
here, 'fore long.

He'll catch you.

He'll string you up.

Oh, I won't be here.

I'm gonna pack young Bryan off

and dump him somewhere,
then I'll be on my way.

No, no, there won't be no
signs left of Ed Polk around here.

You are the most obliging
customer I ever come up against.

I'm almost gonna
miss you, Cassidy.


one more here.


That's the last one.

The day's still young.

Yeah, but it's a
long way to Texas.

That where you're headed?

Yes, sir.

Just thought I'd drop by
for a... kind of farewell drink.

You ain't been around
very long, have you?

Long enough to collect
my pay and close the books.

You a working man?

I do my work.

A man don't have
to get down in the dirt

and strain his back
every day, does he?

Well, most men do.

Most men are fools.

All right, I see you.

Come on out!

Come on out now, or
I'm a-coming in after you,

and when I come in, I'll be
a-coming like a wounded bear.

There ain't gonna be enough
left of you to pin to a wall!

And I mean it now.

All right, then,

you brung it all on yourself.

I swear, you're the onliest
young'un I've ever knew

that was dumb as a camel.

What's a camel?

A camel is an
animal that's so dumb,

that when he buries
his head in the sand,

he thinks he's hid all over.

What did you run off for?

I told you, before
we left my house,

that I'd thump you if
you done that again.

Now, Letty, you've
gotta quit that!

What if I hadn't
sneaked out last night

and gone to your house?

You would have to bring that up.

My daddy would've beat me

instead of the doll and
eiderdown I fixed there.

Let's not talk about
what could have been.

You've run off for the
last time, do you hear me?

I thought it was
funny last night,

you guarding my doll,
and me sitting over there

in your house the whole time.

I'll tell you how funny that was
someday, when you've growed up.

I don't want to grow up.

Well, just don't you worry none

because you ain't making
a great deal of progress.

You want me to go away?

Oh, don't start that again.

I'm on to you!

I swear, the only difference
in women is in their size.

Some are big
and some are little.

You don't like women, do you?

Sure, I like 'em fine.

But I'll tell you one thing,
a drink or two helps out.

Then let's go to a saloon.

No, we ain't going to no saloon!

What's the matter with you?!

Now, come on, the walk's over.

We're going back to Ma
Smalley's house where you belong!

All right, but I'll
carry the kite, Festus.

You might ruin it.

Pick up the tail

and quit dragging
it around in the dirt.

Hello, there, Festus Haggen,
you miserable old thief.

Well, Billy Darwinkle!

The cussedest man
north of the Rio Grande!

Why, you ol' scudder!
I ain't saw you...

So long, you fine
bunch of fools.

I didn't mean to!
I didn't mean to!

Letty, don't you fret none.

He ain't killed.

His leg's just
hurt a little bit.

I think you got a
broken leg here, mister.

That miserable
rotten kid done it.

Ought to knock her head off.

If I could get up,
I'd horsewhip her!

Well, you think she did it
on purpose or something?

You better lay
back and cool off.

You better go get Doc.

I think his leg's
broken pretty bad.

That's him! That's the
man! He killed my mommy!

I got a surprise
for you, Marshal.

What's that?

Out at the ranch.

I killed her pa, too.

Come pretty close to wiping
out the whole family, didn't I?

Pr... Pretty close.

Think I better go out on the
ranch and check up on this.

Take care of her, will you?

All right, Matt.

Why don't you men haul
him out of here, will you?

Come on, Letty.

I don't have a
home anymore, do I?

Well, just don't you
worry about that none.

We'll find you a place to live.

Till we do, you can stay
right at Ma Smalley's house.

Walk me back, Festus.

I'd rather not go alone.

Sure, honey.

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