Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 2 - Lover Boy - full transcript

A charming cowboy apparently is guilty only of breaking hearts until he gets to Dodge, where he finds two women who may make a killer of him.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Oh, Kyle, I-I wasn't
expecting you.

Well, I can only
stay a minute, Terry.

Well, sit down; I'll fetch
you a cup of coffee.

No, thank you. I don't
believe I care for any.

Well, I'm sorry I
wasn't fixed up.

I didn't know you were coming.

You look fine to me.

I got me a job, Terry.

Kyle, that's wonderful!

I knew you would,
I just knew it.

I wanted to tell you, because...

I'm so happy.

Well, because, uh... this
kind of settles everything.

Oh, Kyle.

Well, go ahead and ask me.

You know what my answer will be.

It's a good job, Terry.

I can't afford to turn it down.

Of course.

All I got to do is
kind of ride guard

on a few freight wagons
going up to Salina.

Well, when are you coming back?


I'll get around this
way someday, Terry.

Fella like me is apt
to show up anytime.

It sure has been
nice meeting you,

and thank your mom for
me for all them good meals.

Well, I got to go now.

You mean you're not coming back?

Well, someday maybe.

Who knows?

But you can't leave me, Kyle.

You just can't.

What are you talking about?

Well, about us.

We're gonna get married.


Are you crazy?

Well, just the other
night, y-you kissed me

out there on the porch.

Well, a little old kiss ain't
no proposal of marriage.

I've kissed a lot
of gals in my time,

but I ain't married yet.

Not hardly.

But you can't do
this to me, Kyle.

Well, I ain't done
nothing to you,

except romance you a little bit.

I need you.

Look, Terry...

you're a nice gal.

Too nice, maybe.

You've been a
good change for me,

and I ain't minded it a bit.

Man gets kind of
tired of them other kind

all the time.

Don't talk like that;
I don't believe you.

My, you sure got a lot to learn.

Oh, stay, Kyle.

You can't leave me.

Tell me you'll marry me.

- Don't go.
- Look, quit that.

What-what's the matter
with you, anyhow?

If I'd have knowed you
was gonna act this way,

I wouldn't have come by at all.

Kyle, please stay!

You can't leave me.

Get some sense in your head.

You don't own me.






Well, thank you.

My pleasure, ma'am.

The name is Avis Fisher.

Kyle Kelly.

You, uh, got some more
stuff to bring out, have you?

My husband's getting it.

They marry young in these parts.

My husband is near 50.

Well, you're quick, Avis.

Uh, I like that.

Live around here
somewhere, do you?

Two miles up the river,
one mile straight north.


No, thank heavens.

Oh, here's Ab now.

Good day, ma'am.

Thanks again.

Who's that?

I don't know, but
he's a gentleman.

He helped me load the wagon.

He's a drifter with
nothing better to do.

You go on home, Avis.

I'll go pick up my horse
at the blacksmith shop.

And a couple of
drinks in some saloon.

It's a man's privilege.

I'll be home before dark.

Don't hurry on my account.


Hello, Ab.

My horse ain't shod yet.

Yeah, I know.

I just couldn't get to him.

I'm sorry.

How long'll it be?

Uh, tomorrow, I'm afraid.

Doggone it, I sent
my wife home already.

I'll tell you what, why don't
you go down to the stable

and tell Moss Grimmick I
said you could have my horse.

You bring him back tomorrow,

and I'll have yours
done by then.

All right, Quint.

That's mighty decent of you.

Any time after 9:00.

Well, I won't be in that early.

Why don't you take
a few minutes off

and come on over
and have a drink?

I do that, Ab, and you're never
gonna get your horse ready.

Maybe tomorrow then.

All right.

Now, don't get lost.

A few drinks never bothered me.

So long.

So long, Ab.


Miss, I helped you
load up in town,

I figured the least I could
do is help you unload.

I hate doing things by halves.

You're a surprising
man, Kyle Kelly.

You're a beautiful woman.

Well, that's a fine compliment

coming from a man like you
who's known so many of them.

And quick, like I said.

Where'd you leave your husband?

He's bellied up to
some bar in Dodge.

Well, then here's
mud in his eye.

You knew you could
do that, didn't you?

I had a pretty good idea.


This a good hotel, mister?

No, but it's the
only one in town.

Well, then it's good
enough for me, I reckon.

I reckon.

- Kyle Kelly.
- Quint Asper.

Glad to know you, Quint.

You, uh, new in town, Kyle?

Yeah, I been up around Salina
for the last six months or so.

I got a hankering to
see some new territory.

You'd be better off
you kept that hankering.

Well, I don't know,
I kind of like Dodge,

what I've seen of it.

Well, then you've
seen the best of it.

It's like eating peanuts:

one handful just
makes you want another.

Well, you'll get a bellyful
of Dodge soon enough.

Well, Quint, I've
had kind of a full day.

I think I'll turn in.

All right. Good night, Kyle.

- Nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you.

What's wrong with
you this morning?


Where's my coffee?

Well, I'm bringing it.

Sit down.

Well, what's that
look for, anyway?

Avis, how long have
you and I been married?

A whole lifetime, Ab.

Four years.

And all that time,
I've treated you good.

Kept you well-fed and
housed, never beat you once.

That right?

Yeah, that's right.


So who's been putting
tracks in my yard?!


I found this out
behind the house!

And it sure enough ain't mine!

Well, it sure is, too.

No, by golly!

Ab, you're getting old.

Your brain's starting to go.

Who was it, Avis?!

Now, calm down, Ab.

We were both in town yesterday.

Somebody must have
ridden by to say hello.

Isn't that a much more
sensible explanation?

I cooked you some
sausage this morning.

I'm going into town
today to get my horse.

You'll be back in
time for supper?

Yeah, sure.

- Ab.
- Matt.

Well, Ab, what can I do for you?

I want to know if I can
shoot a man for free.


I'll shoot him
anyway, if I catch him.

But I want to know
how to do it proper,

so it's for free.

Well, what in thunder
are you talking about, Ab?

My wife's been seeing
another man, Doc.

And I ain't a bit proud of it.

So you're gonna kill him, huh?

Who is he, Ab?

I don't know, and if I
did, I wouldn't tell you.

Now, look...

I don't care what a man's
done or who he's done it to.

Informing on anybody
is a deadly sin.

Murder's a deadly sin, too, Ab.

Well, I heard tell if
it's your wife's lover

and if you catch him...

Forget it.

You try some other way.

Well, if you don't
know who he is,

how do you know
there is anybody at all?

You know, Doc.

You won't tell me, huh,
if I can kill him for free?

Ab, you can't kill
a man for free.

Then I'll think of
something else to do to him

when I catch him.

You won't tell
nobody about this?

We're not informers either, Ab.

Now, that's a bad situation.


It was bound to happen
sooner or later though, Doc.

You know Avis Fisher.


I don't know.

Just seems to me
that sometimes a man

could get by with it.

Like if he...

Hello again.

Hello. How'd you sleep?


Like you say, that
hotel's the best in town.

Ain't but one hotel in town.

Quint explained that to me.

Kyle Kelly, Ab Fisher.

How do?

Happy to know you, Ab.

Well, that does it, Ab.

Well, thanks, Quint.

And thanks for the
loan of your horse.

What was all that talk about
getting away with a killing?

Well, I heard a man
could get by with it,

if it was his wife's lover.

Well, I wouldn't know about
that; I've never been married.

I reckon if I was the husband,
I wouldn't stop long enough

to worry about it
one way or the other.

Hmm. Maybe you're right.

Seems to me the smart thing
to do would be to go to the law.

Can't do that.

I couldn't inform on anybody.

Well, there may
be only one hotel,

but there's sure enough
more than one saloon

in this town, Quint.

That's right.

If you want some gambling
to go along with that whiskey,

why don't you try
the Long Branch.

I'll try that, maybe tonight.

If you're around there, I'll
buy you a drink of whiskey.

All right.

Oh, you, too, Ab.

No, thanks.

Uh, got to be home by
sundown; I promised my wife.

Well, some other time then, huh?

- Sure thing.
- So long.

So long.

Oh, Kyle!

Thought you might have a
cup of coffee for a thirsty rider.

Ab's suspicious, Kyle.

He found your kerchief
out in back of the house.

Well, I was just
talking to him in town.


He said he wouldn't
be home till evening.

But what if he gets back before?

Will you let me worry about it?

Now, do I get
that coffee or not?

Of course you do.

Come on in.

Hello, Kitty.

Well, hello, Matt.
How 'bout a drink?

No. No, thanks.

Well, if you can't sell
a drink to your friends,

- then where are you?
- What do you mean?

Nothing. Just counting
my losses, as usual.

Looks to me

like you're doing pretty
good business here tonight.

Well, it better be awful good.

Price of whiskey's
gone up again.

Everything's going
up except wages.

Let's sit down
and worry about it.

I've been on my feet for hours.


Two beers.


Hello, Kyle.

Well, what are you
doing here, Terry?

If you want to talk to me,
you have to buy me a drink.

You're working here?

Beats Abilene.


What about Wichita
and your folks and all?

My folks think I'm in St.
Louis looking for an office job.

Now, how about that drink?

Yeah, sure.

Bar, two whiskeys here.

Well, you-you sure
have changed, Terry.

What was I like before, Kyle?

Loving, trusting, dependent?


Well, you ought to
like me just fine now;

I'm none of those things.

No, you don't understand, Terry.

I've always liked you fine.

It's funny.

I wasn't your kind
of woman then,

and I was madly
in love with you.

And now I am your kind,

and you're just
another man to me.

Just another man?

Not me, Terry.

Not ever.

Well, it ain't worth
arguing about.

I'd like another drink
if you can afford it.

Oh, I can afford it.

Bar, the same.

Now, listen to me, Terry...

Why not? You're paying for it.

I'm late tonight, Terry.

One of my horses
took sick this afternoon.

Well, how is he now?

Oh, he's gonna be all right.

Say, uh, look, mister...

Oh, uh, this is Kyle Kelly.

Luke Ryan. He has a ranch
about a mile or so upriver.

And that Arkansas
floods sometime.

Pleased to meet you, mister.

Yeah, well, that's just fine,

but, uh, this lady happens
to be with me right now.

Oh, no, I don't, Kyle.

I finished your drink. See?

Shall we get a
table as usual, Luke?

- Sure, Terry.
- Whoa, whoa.

You just back off, mister.

You got any objections?

Terry is staying with me.

Do you think you own me, Kyle?

You come with me.

Let me do that.

He grabbed her, Marshal.

I won't stand for a man
touching a woman like that.

Some hero.

You want to play
some more, Kyle?

Aw, leave him be, Terry.

You just dug yourself a
grave tonight, you big clod.

I saw the whole thing;
it was your fault, mister.

Now, suppose you just
forget about it and move on.

Yeah, Kyle.

You always did like to move on.

Come on, Luke.

Send them a drink, will you?




It's nice to have someone
to eat breakfast with, all right.

I wasn't hungry; I
told you that already.

I'm taking the bay horse
over to Dodge to get him shod.

Thought you had
him shod yesterday.

That was the sorrel.

That bay throwed two
shoes out here yesterday.

Quint Asper does a good
job, so it's worth the trip.


I hope you get
dressed by supper time.

Maybe I will.

Well, good morning.

Nice place you got here.

I only just started.

I aim to make a nice
place out of it someday.


How long you figure
that's gonna take you?

Oh, three, four
years most likely.

Well, mister, you ain't
got three or four years.

What do you mean?

You only got a few seconds.

See here now, mister.

Shut up.

I'm gonna tell you
something, Ryan...

Mainly because I know you
ain't gonna be repeating it.

I knew Terry before last night.

I knew her when
she was different.

Why bring her into this?

She didn't interest
me much then,

but, uh, she's changed.

You shouldn't have grabbed her.

It makes me feel real bad.

I'm not the kind of a
man that can take it.

I don't think you're
any kind of a man at all.

But I'm gonna get to
feeling better real soon.

There's two things
that's gonna help me do it.

One of them's Avis Fisher.

Ab Fisher's wife?

And the other one is you dead.

That comes from Luke's place.


you just take your
own time dying.

I don't mind a bit.

Luke. Luke!

It's me, Ab Fisher.

What happened?

Who shot you? Who was it?

Fella... named... Kyle Kelly.

Kyle Kelly.

I've heard that name.

Something else.

He's gone over to...

over t-to...

wi... wife.


What's that you're saying?


Your life?

You mean he took your life?




Hello, Ab.

My bay horse throwed
two shoes yesterday.

I got him right outside.

I'll take a look at him.

Uh, you don't happen to
have a bottle around, do you?


Yeah, I got one.

It's kind of early in the
day for you, isn't it, Ab?

Feeling all right?

I just found Luke
Ryan a while ago.

He was right outside his house.

He'd been shot.


Luke's dead.

I dragged him inside the house.

Well, who shot him?

I can't say.

You mean you know who did it?

Luke told me.

Right before he died.

Well, who was it?

I don't carry tales, Quint.

I ain't no informer.

I never have
been, never will be.

Well, this is different.

This is murder, Ab.

Now, you got to
tell the marshal.

You tell him.

But don't say I
know who done it.

He'll just ask a
lot of questions.

Hello, Quint.

Matt, Luke Ryan was shot
this morning out at his place.


Yeah, Ab Fisher found him.

Just before he died,
he told Ab who did it.

Where's Ab now?

Well, I tried to get
him to come over here,

but you know Ab;
he don't carry tales.

Thought maybe you
could convince him to talk.

Well, I'll sure try.

I'd like to see the
body first though, Quint.

You want to come along?

Yeah, I'll meet
you at the stable.

We can't leave him
in there like that.

Maybe I can find a
shovel in the barn.

Wait a minute.

You know, I've been
feeling so bad about Luke,

I almost forgot something.

What do you mean?

There was a big fight
in the Long Branch

last night over Terry Lee.

Was Luke in on it?

Yeah. Fella named Kyle Kelly,

I think it was, grabbed Terry,
and Luke here flattened him.

He swore he'd get Luke for it.

I guess he meant it.

Well, let's get Kelly.

I can't arrest a man
on evidence that thin.

But if Ab will testify,
this Kyle Kelly will hang.

How are you, Ab?

I'm all right, Marshal.

I got a pretty good
idea why you're here.

I had to tell him, Ab.

Murder's nothing
to fool around with.

I ain't fooling around with it.

What brings you
out here, Marshal?


Luke Ryan was
killed this morning.


Right on his own property.

How awful.

Well, surely you don't think
Ab had anything to do with it.

No, but he was there
right after it happened.

He knows who killed him.

Is that true, Ab?

Luke told him
just before he died.

You go on back
to the house, Avis.

I want to know about this.

Do you know who did it, Ab?

You know I never carry tales.

Yeah, I've heard
that till I'm sick.

It's true.

Well, this is different.

This is murder.

And if you know who did it,

it's your duty to
tell the marshal.

I got my own laws.

And one of them's not to inform
on anybody about anything.

Ab, he was a friend
of yours, wasn't he?

We wasn't close
friends, Marshal.

Well, no, but you were
sorry to see him killed.

Quint says you were upset
when you came into town.

Quint here ought to learn
to keep his mouth shut, too.

Ab, one of these
days, that law of yours

is gonna get you
in real trouble.

Right now, you're
protecting a murderer.

I got my ways, you got yours.

Would it make any
difference to you

if I told you I already
know who did it?

How do you know?

You met him in the
blacksmith shop.

Name is Kyle Kelly.

If you think it was him,
why don't you go arrest him?

Well, he and Luke
had an argument

last night in the Long Branch.

Kelly threatened him then,
but I need you to testify.

I told you, Marshal,
I ain't no informer.

Look, Luke told
you the man's name

so that he could be arrested.

Now, don't you feel
you're letting him down?

I can't help you.

Maybe he's right, Marshal.

After all, a man's
got to live his own life

the way he sees fit.

Well, you sure changed
your mind in a hurry.

I'm only trying to
understand my own husband.


Well, thanks.

Bye, Marshal.


Been looking all over for you.

Not in the right places.

What do you want?

I want to know where
you were this morning.

Were we, uh, gonna have
breakfast together, Marshal?

You get smart with me,

I'll tip you upside down
and ask the questions.

Down at the river.


Is it a crime for a man
to go fishing, Marshal?

Anybody with you?


Nobody saw me there either.

Now, can I go?

I'm sleepy.

Feel pretty safe, don't you?

A law-abiding man's got
nothing to fear, Marshal.

Don't you be too sure of that.

I hear, uh, Luke Ryan
told Ab Fisher who done it.

You know, if Ab would talk,

you wouldn't even have to
be bothering me, Marshal.

But he ain't no informer;
I've heard him say so hisself.



Ab in there?

No, he rode down
to the east spring,

but he's coming back
at noontime for dinner.

Good. I got to talk to you.

Come on out.

It looks better in case
Ab should ride back.

What is it, Kyle?

You, uh, know about Luke Ryan?

Told Ab who killed him,

but Ab won't tell the
marshal or anybody.

Well, he might change his mind.

They said there was trouble

between you and
Luke the other night.

I suppose they lied to
you about the cause of it.

No, they didn't say
anything about it.


Well, that's because
they didn't know, Avis.

See, I knew Luke
a long time ago.

He cheated me in a card
game back in St. Louis one time,

and then, uh, skipped town.

When I saw him in
Dodge, he got scared,

and we had a little
row at the Long Branch.

But did you kill him?

Now, wait a minute,
let me tell you.

I rode out to his place
yesterday morning

to kind of settle
things once and for all,

and he come at
me with a pitchfork.

I had to shoot him.

Kyle, he might have killed you.

You wouldn't have
liked that, would you?


Oh, Kyle.

Listen, the marshal
thinks that you did it.

I know; he told me last night.

What are you gonna do?

Oh, I'm all right, unless,
uh, Ab decides to talk.

You think he will?

Ab's awful stubborn
about his beliefs,

but there's no telling
what people will do.

You know, if it wasn't for Ab,

you and I could
leave here, Avis.

Go on out west, out to Colorado.

Would you like that?

Oh, I'd like anything
with you, Kyle.

Then we got to get rid of Ab.

You mean kill him?

It's the only way you
and I will ever be free.

I don't mean you
kill him, or me.

Got a better idea.

We'll let Marshal
Dillon kill him.



Ab, hurry, get inside!

Hurry, I tell you!

What's the matter?

Come inside, and I'll tell you!

What's going on?

What's the trouble?

I figure you're
safer in the house.

That way, you can hold
him off if you have to.

Hold who off?

Marshal Dillon.

Guess he's gone now, all right.

Avis, make sense.

He was just here.

He just rode off a
few minutes ago.

He's after you, Ab.

After me? What for?

For Luke Ryan's murder.


You're crazy.

No. And neither is the marshal.

He's playing it real smart.

I don't understand a thing.

Well, it's clear as day to me.

And I told him so, too.

Well, then maybe
you could tell me.

The marshal's got
a job, hasn't he?

He's got to come up with
Luke's murderer, hasn't he?

Sure can't pin it

on Kyle Kelly... He
admitted he can't.


You were there at Luke's place.

You told everybody you even
took his body into the house.

Is there anything wrong in that?

You could have
also murdered him.

You believe that?


Neither does the marshal.

But he's gonna bring you in,
and he's gonna stand up in court

and find some reason
why you wanted Luke dead.

He admitted it to me,

after I told him that I
knew what he was doing.

He can't do that.

Well, he's gonna, Ab.

Course, you could always
tell him who the murderer is.

You could always turn informer.


No, by golly, never.

I didn't think you would.

I got to admire you
for your character, Ab.

Most men would weaken about now.

Not me.

It sure is a dirty trick
that marshal's playing.

In order to get
himself a murderer

and get himself off the hook,
he's willing to see you hang.

It ain't fair.

Well, it's the worst
thing I ever heard of.

That Matt Dillon
ought to be shot.

Avis... for once, you're right.

Where are you going?

Where you think I'm going?





You reckon he's in there?

Well, I don't know.

We can sure take a look.

You ask me, Ab Fisher's
gone plumb crazy.

It doesn't make
much sense, does it?

Maybe we ought to rush
him from different sides.

Well, I don't want to
kill him if I can help it.


Ab Fisher!

I want to talk to you!

I'm gonna kill you, Marshal!

Ab, I came here in
peace! I want to talk!

Let me give it a try, Matt.

Ab, this is Quint Asper!

Now, you don't want me, do you?

I'm coming out unarmed!

No gun, Ab!

That's close enough!

The marshal just
wants to talk to you.

You tell the marshal
I'm gonna shoot him.

Look, he's always been
a friend of yours, Ab.

You talk too much.

Why don't you tell
me what's wrong

before you get
yourself into real trouble.

Go on back, Quint.

I don't trust you one bit.

Go on, now!

I didn't have a
whole lot of luck.

It beats me.

Tell you what, let's
just sit back a minute,

maybe he'll cool off...

I don't think he's ready
to cool off right now.

I'll kill you, Marshal!

I'll kill you sure!

You know, Ab's got
some pretty strong beliefs.

I... I just wonder if respecting
a white flag is one of them.

Well, it might give you a chance
to talk some sense into him.

Ab... this is a white flag.

And you're carrying it.

Now, look, we've
always been good friends.

What's this all about?

You don't fool me, Marshal.

I'm gonna kill you.

I'm not leaving here till you
tell me what this is all about.

I warned you.

I didn't... kill Luke
Ryan, Marshal.

Well, of course you didn't.

What are you trying to say?

You was gonna... pin it on me...

but... it's too late now.

I got away from you.

Well, now, who told
you a thing like that?

You came out here...

looking for me.

Avis said so.

Ab, it was Kyle Kelly
that killed Luke, wasn't it?


I ain't...

no informer.

You thinking what I am?

Kyle Kelly and Avis.

I'm going in the house.

What about your arm?

It's all right.

Going somewhere?

Is that any business of yours?

Ab's down in the barn.

I know.

Plan's working out pretty well.

Ab's dead.

Well, we all have to go someday.

It was you that
really killed him.

Don't tell me you
came here to arrest me.

Things are working out
well for you, aren't they, Avis?

I deserve it.

I've had some lean years.

All dressed up for a trip?

Gonna meet Kyle
Kelly in town, are you?

We're going out west.

We're going to Colorado.

And there isn't a thing
you can do to stop us.


All right, ma'am, I got him.

Boy, you want to earn a quarter?


Well, go on in there
and find Kyle Kelly.

Tell him there's a
lady waiting outside.

- Kyle Kelly?
- Right. Hurry, now.

Yes, ma'am.

That's her, mister.

There she is. Where's
my quarter, ma'am?

Go away.

Well, Avis... what are
you doing here in town?

It worked.

It worked faster than I thought.

You mean...?

Ab's dead. We're free.

What is it?

Is something wrong?


No, it's just that, uh,

something's come
up here in town,

and I'm gonna
have to stick around.

Uh, maybe you'd better
go on back out to the ranch

and wait for me there.

Wait how long?

Mm, day or two.

I'll-I'll get out as
quick as I can.

Well, what's come up, Kyle?

Well, it's, uh,
not too important,

but I do have to
be here in town.

So, uh, you just go on home,
and I'll see you out there later.

No, I'm gonna stay
right here with you.

You can't stay.

Well, I'm staying.

Fetch my bag down, will you?

Avis, you go on home now.

You won't come.

Not today, not
tomorrow, not ever.

You're leaving me.

All right.

It's best this way, Avis.

Why, I could never stay
tied long to one woman.

Now, don't cry.

Why do women always have to cry?

You'll never see
me crying, Kyle.


Avis, I'll be around
here again someday.

Well, a fella like me is
apt to show up anytime.

There's one last
thing you could do.


Kiss me good-bye.

He's dead, Matt.

Well, Avis?

I guess things didn't work
out so well after all, Marshal.

No, I guess they didn't.

Let's go.

Hey, lady, what
about my quarter?

Here you are, boy.

For a few minutes there,

I didn't think it was
gonna be worth it.

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