Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 9, Episode 19 - No Hands - full transcript

The Ginnis family, not from any town, live on the prairie and are used to getting their own way. When one son gets hurt, they ride to town to get help. That was just their first brush with the folks of Dodge but proves not to be their last.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Lon? Lon!

Lon, where you going?

I'm gonna get me some meat.

Well, Pa and
Emmett's out hunting.

I'm gonna get a rabbit.

Pa told you to tend the fire.

He got flung.

He hurt hisself.

Yeah, looks that way.

Well, give a hand here.

I busted my leg.

What's going on?

I busted my leg.

You don't ride so good, Lon.

He never did.

Shut up.


That's busted good.

That the horse that done it?

No, it was Lon
falling off that done it.

Don't you talk back
to your pa, boy.

Get some kind of a
splint on that leg, and...

we'll take him into Dodge
and have it done up proper.

Emmett, get the wagon ready.



Ooh, ooh, whoa.

Will Timble, you're marvelous.

I'm glad you
like it, Miss Kitty.

They're just beautiful.

Here, I brought you a
beer and a sandwich.

Now, you're not
supposed to feed me.

It's just a snack.

And knowing you, you
probably haven't eaten yet today.

Well, I ain't hungry,
Miss Kitty, honest.

You eat that.

And I'm gonna be
back to check on you.

Come here, boy.

Uh, come here.

You hungry?

No, sir.

What kind of a boy
are you anyway?

Not hungry?

You eat that.

A bite to eat now and then
never hurt any man, did it?

You come back when you're
older, I'll give you some beer.

Thanks, mister.

By golly, Will, that's fine
work you're doing there.

Well, howdy, Doc.

Hey, we've got an artist in
our community... I'll tell you that.

Well, thanks, Doc... I
wish it was really true.

Well, you're a fine craftsman.

That's just lovely.

Oh, oh, oh!

What's the matter, Will?

Well, what... what is it?

My eye, a splinter of wood.

Well, wait now, wait...
Don't-don't touch it.

Wait a minute, hold it.

Get your hand away from it.

By golly, you sure have
got something in there, Will.

Now, I-I can't do
anything about that here.

You'll have to come
up to my office.

Now, don't don't touch it.

Well, let me get my tools.

No, never mind your tools now.

Come on up to the office.

Well, my coat.

It ain't bad, is it, Doc?

No, not too bad, Will. There
was a little splinter in there...

I got it out.

You're pretty lucky.

I want you to keep this bandage
on though for a day or two.

Aw, you don't need to cover it.

Now you just do as I say.

- Doc Adams?
- Yes?

Bring him in, boys.

Lon here busted his leg.

The boys tied it up some,

but we'd like to
have you fix it right.

Well, put him on
the table over there.

I'll be with you
in just a minute.

Ow! Ow!

Can't this fella wait?

We come a long way.

I'll be with you in a minute.

Us Ginnises ain't
used to waitin'.

Did you hear me?

Yeah, you said something
about "us Ginnises ain't used

to waitin'."

You funnin' me?

Where you from, anyway?

All over. What difference
does that make?

- I didn't think you were from Dodge.
- Why?

The folks around here
know I can't be pushed.

Well, I don't figure to stay
around here long enough

to learn that.

Well, you've already learned it.

All right, there you are, Will.

Well, what do I owe you, Doc?

You don't owe me anything, Will.

I dragged you up here, didn't I?

Well, thanks, Doc.

All right, you just
take care of that now.

All right, now...

Let's have a look at this boy.

If you can spare the time
from treating all the town bums.

Maybe you'd rather
see another doctor.

Who'd that be?

Dr. Tobin's a very fine man.

Good. Gather him up, boys.

Where is he?



I might just bash your head in.

All right, but you'll have
to wait till I set this leg.


- I'll break my leg all over again!
- Stop screaming!

I never seen anybody so
touchy about a little old leg.

Hey, Emmett, you got...
you got my boot and my hat?

I shouldn't have
paid that fella a cent,

that's what I
shouldn't have done.

Well, he done a
good job, Pa... Ow!

- What you doing, you...
- Easy!

Sidin' with him now?

Don't be such a sissy!

All right, Jess and Emmett,
let's go have ourselves a drink.

- That's a good idea.
- Oh, I'm for that.

What about me?
You can take me, too.

You stay right where you are.

Maybe that'll teach you not
to side with people like Doc.

I only said he done a good job.

You said enough.

Come on, boys.



Sam, could I have
the salt, please?


Barkeep, get on
the job down here!

Me and my boys
want another bottle.

That'll be two dollars.

Still don't trust us, huh?

You got to have your
money right now?

That's the custom here.

All right, here
you are, blast you.

You're gonna need it.

We're liable to just wreck
this place when we leave.

Come on, Em. Hurry up.

Pour your pa a drink... I
can't stand this town sober.

Is your name Ginnis?

We're all Ginnises.

What do you want, feller?

What you want?

Did you leave a man down
the street there in a wagon?


Did you leave a man down
the street there in a wagon?

He must mean Lon, Pa.

Oh! Oh, oh, yeah!

That's my son.

What about him?

Well, he ain't feeling too good.

He'd like you to
come and get him.

Well, Pa... Pa, can you beat
that Lon just layin' down there

complainin' to any
stranger that comes along?

What are you
meddling in this for?

You looking for trouble, mister?

No, I'm just
delivering a message.

Well, you delivered it.

Now get.

You gonna help him or not?

What difference does
that make to you?

It don't make any
difference to me, old man,

but it might to him.

I notice you don't wear no gun.

Guns are easy to come by.

Then you just go
get yourself one.

I don't need one
for you, old man.

You better go help your
boy before it starts to rain.

- Hello, Kitty.
- Quint.

I'll fight you with my fists!

I'll fight you with a knife!
I'll kick you to death!

Aw, Pa, simmer down!
He-he ain't worth it.

Now have a...

Give me that!

Imagine scum like that
telling me what to do.

I... I-I ought to hit
you with an axe!

This whole town
needs straightening out.

I swear I never have
seen such people.

I've had just about
enough of him.

Well, the old
man's drunk, Kitty.

That's no excuse.

Well, Will, what
happened to your eye?

Oh, it's all right.

Uh, Doc fixed it.

- Uh, hello, Quint.
- Hello, Will.

Oh, Miss Kitty, I've
got your sign out back.

I was wondering if it'd be
all right if I finish it tomorrow.

Well, of course. You
take your time with it.

- How 'bout a drink?
- Uh, no, thanks.

Uh, I got to get along home.


Night, Will.

Let's find ourselves
another place.

This whiskey's watered.


Look what we got here.

The little bum the
Doc was working on.

Well, it's Doc's
favorite little friend.

On account of you,
my boy had to wait.

You know that, don't you?

Leave me alone.

Scum like you...

making decent folks wait.

I'm gonna learn you a lesson.

Keep your hands off him.

Pa, Pa, whop him.

Whop him, Pa! Go on!

- Get back!
- But I'm going to...

Help your brother!

Hold it!

They's just having
a little fun, Marshal.

What's the matter with you?

You all right, Will?

I'm all right, Marshal.

What's going on here, Quint?

He thought it'd be a
good idea to beat up Will.

All right, you're going to jail.

What for? I only
stomped him a little.

You want to prefer
charges on these two?

No, no, Marshal.

That's real smart of you.

All right, get out of here.

You'll never get away
with this, Marshal.

We'll push that
jail of yours over.

Come on, let's go.

Get him up to Doc's,
will you, Quint?

Don't you worry, Emmett.

We'll get you out.

I've come for Emmett, Marshal.

Has the... that fella, he didn't
make no charges agin us?

No. He refused to.

Lucky for him he did.

Tell you something, Ginnis:

Now, it just so happens
that Will Timble's

a well thought-of
man around here.

He's not only a good wood
carver, but he's a decent man.

Now, that ape son of yours
smashed up his hand pretty bad.

It may never be the same again.

Can you understand that?

I don't care nothing
about that little man.

I want my boy out of here!

There's something
missing in you, Ginnis.

Get up, you're leaving.

Hey, Pa.

Pa, how-how come you
let him talk to you like that?

Why just didn't
you just kill him?

Why don't you mind
your own business?

People get killed when I decide
they need killing, not before.

I told him he couldn't
keep me in here!

Didn't I? Didn't I tell him, Pa?


I want you to get out of Dodge,

and I don't want
to see you or him

or any of your sons
around here ever again.

It ain't likely.

Not that we're scared of
you, but I don't like this town.

It ought to be buried.

Now, come on.

Marshal, you disgraced
me locking Emmett up.

I ain't gonna forget it.

Get out.

Come on!

Oh, Will!

Will, come here,
I want to see you.



Good heavens, that
bandage is a disgrace.

Who did that?

Well, I been changing
it myself, Doc.

Will, I told you I wanted to
see that every day or two, now.

Why didn't you come up to the
office, like you said you would?

Well, I-I didn't want
to bother you, Doc.

Uh, and besides,
i-it don't hurt much.

Well, look, you better
do like Doc says.

You can't carve much
wood with that, you know.

Well, I tried, Marshal,
but it ain't easy.

All right, let's go up
to the office, come on.

Oh, no, no, no, not now, Doc.

Uh, I-I've got some errands
to run, but, uh, I'll come by

the first thing in the
morning now, I promise.

First thing in the morning, now.

Yeah. So long, Doc.


Come in.

Oh, Will, come in.

I want to see you.

I-I hope that I ain't
troubling you, Doc.

Oh, for heaven sakes, Will,

I wish you'd have
troubled me three days ago.

I know I was supposed
to come sooner.

I know. Sit right down there.


It, uh, hurts kind of fierce.

It hurt that much?


All right, I'll be as
careful as I can.

That bandage, I...

Oh, for heaven's sake.

I-It ain't doin'
right, is it, Doc?

Will, why in
thunder didn't you...

Didn't you notice that this was

swollen and
gettin' colored like...

No, Doc.

Uh, it started to hurt some.

Well, I can imagine.

That's the worst
thing I've ever seen.

That's a...

that's a gas gangrene infection.

What's that?

Well, that's bad.

Well, uh, you can fix it.

I'm gonna have to amputate it.


I'm gonna have to
take your hand off.

Take it off?

Well, you know, I kind of
knowed that yesterday...

but I waited, kind of hoping

that things would
turn out all right.

Wh-Wh-When you gonna d...

Right now, Will.


I ain't gonna let you
cut my hand off, Doc.

You're not?


You want to die, Will?



Want to live.

Want to live.


Oh, hello, Kitty.

I'm on my way over
to Will Timble's place

to take him some food.

Thought you might
like to go along.

Oh, sure, I'll walk
along with you.

Should have been out to
see him before this, anyway.

It's been over a
week, hasn't it?

He ought to be up
and around by now.

Well, Doc says he is.

But Will says he's not
gonna leave that shack.

I can sure understand
him being down,

but we can't let him
become a hermit.


Rafe... Rafe... get in here!


We see you.

Come on out of there.

Hello, Will.

Well, howdy, Marshal.

Uh... hello, Miss Kitty.

Well, that's not very
friendly, hiding like that.

Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Kitty.

It's just that, well,

I'm not used to
seeing folks out here.

I brought you something to eat.

Oh, you shouldn't
have done that.

Uh, we don't need much.


Uh, me and, uh, Rafe there.


How you feeling, Will?

Pretty good.

When you gonna come
to town? We miss you.

Yeah, I don't know
whether it's a very good thing

for you to be out
here all by yourself.

I'm leaving.


I-I'm leaving Dodge.

I-I got a little money saved up,

and, uh, I'm gonna buy me
a wagon and some goods

and become a peddler.

Oh, no.

Well, I-I can't be a
wood carver no more.

Uh, not with, uh, this.

But, uh, I can learn to
do other things in time.

Well, Will, you've never
been out on the prairie.

You've never lived out there.

That takes experience.

Well, I'm gonna start getting
that experience, Marshal.

Will, I'll give you a
job at the Long Branch.

Well, that's real
kind, Miss Kitty,

but I thought a lot about it,

and, uh, my mind is made up.

Well, you'll stop
and say good-bye

before you leave, won't you?

Oh, sure. I won't be
leaving for a while yet.

Well, we'll see you later, then.

So long, Will.

- Yeah, so long.
- Bye.


Oh, and, uh, thank
you for the food.

You're welcome, Will.

It's gonna take him a
long time to get over it.

I know it, Kitty.

It's a bad thing to lose a hand.


I know there ought to be some
way to make those Ginnises

pay for what they've done.


Wait a minute, Timble.

Got a present for you.

Oh, now... you
shouldn't have done that.

Three jars of pork sausage.

Made by the widow Burns.

Best in all Kansas.

Well, that's mighty
good of you, Wib.

You just enjoy it, that's all.

And I wish you
luck on your travels.

Oh, thanks, Wib.


Bye, Timble.



Well, sir...

Rafe... seems like
I'm lost already.

Not that it matters much.

We wasn't heading no
place in particular, was we?

Well, I'm sorry, Rafe.

It seems that I
clean forgot matches.

Uh, wait a minute.

Here's that sausage
that Wib gave us.

It don't need no cooking.

There you are, boy.



I think I'll give you one more.

That'll be about enough for now.

There's no telling how long

we're gonna have to
live off this sausage.

You know, if I
was a whole man...

I'd have brought along a gun,
and we had done some hunting.

But the way things turned out...

Well... that's the
way things turned out.


Rafe, old boy?


You look sick.

We are.

Uh, you come along just in time.

What happened to your arm?

Well, I-I lost my hand.


Well, some time ago.

Well, then that ain't what's
making you sick, is it?

I-I don't know what's wrong.

I can't move, hardly.

I-I can't get up.

And Rafe... he's worse.

You're funny.


Well, here you are sick,
you can't even get up,

and you're worried
about that mangy old dog.

Well, he's a good dog.

He's been with me for years.

Yeah, well, he
ain't fit for much.

You ought to shoot him.

Put him out of his misery.

I'd never shoot Rafe.

You live around here?

Nah, we're traveling people;
we don't live nowhere very long.


Can't hardly move my legs.

What, the wagon fall on you?

No. I-It's something else.

I-I don't know what.

You could ride into Dodge.

Uh, Doc Adams
would come out here.

Nah, I'm out hunting antelope.

I can't go chasing into Dodge.

Mister, we're in trouble.

Well, that ain't my fault!

Say... I'm hungry.

Well, uh, help yourself.

What do you think I'm doing?

They're good sausage.


It is pretty good. You made it?

No, I-I didn't make it.

You know...

there's one thing about
being sick, mister...

You either get well...

or you die.

No, I guess that ain't
very funny to you, is it?

Well, doggone it,
you can't blame me

for the fix that you're in.

And anyway it's true... people
either get well or they don't.

It ain't none of my doin'.

Well, that's real good, but...

I got to get going.

I'm sorry I can't
spare the time, mister,

but, uh, I'll tell
you what I will do.

If I run into anybody, I'll
tell 'em where to find you.

You know, maybe
they ain't busy like I am.

Well, thanks, thanks a lot.

Uh, so long.


You bring any meat?


That lazy Ben
bring something in?


What's the matter with Ben?

He hurt hisself?

He's sick.

- Sick?
- He really is, Pa.

Terrible sick.

Emmett, you take
care of the horses.

Lon, you get over here and
start butchering out this antelope.

All right, Pa.

You sure you're sick?

Ben's real sick, Pa.

I don't know what's the
matter with him, but...

- he can't move so good.
- When did all this start?

He was all right when he
rode out of here this morning.

The last couple of hours, Pa.

It's getting worse.

- I'm scared.
- Scared?

It's some kind of terrible
disease, I know it is!

How could you have some
kind of terrible disease?

None of the rest
of us has got it.

That fella out on the
prairie, he give it to me.

It's the same thing he had!

What fella?

What are you talking about?

Pa, it's some fella that
Ben met out on the prairie,

and he stopped
and talked to him.

And, Pa, that fella was
sick just like Ben, and...

he didn't move so
good neither, Pa.

Where is this fella?

He's just east of them chalk
bluffs beyond Big Spring.

His wagon busted down and...

I don't care nothing
about his wagon!

You say he had the
same kind of a disease?


Yeah. Yeah.

Well, I...

I don't know what it is, but...

you get a little fresh meat
in you, you'll be all right.


Ben can't move his legs.


being paralyzed...

that could be bad.

Real bad.

- Pa?
- Hm?

- Pa, wake up.
- Hm?

Pa, you got to get up.

What, are you telling
me I got to get up?

I ought to take a strap to you.

I was awake half the
night with Ben's groaning!

I know, Pa, but... but
Ben died a little while ago.

He just kept getting worse
and worse and worse.

That was a mighty
powerful disease he caught.

Pa, that fella
what give it to him,

I wonder what happened to him.

You... you think he's dead, too?

Ben told me where to find him.

If he ain't, he's gonna be.

You gonna kill him if he ain't?

An eye for an eye.

Soon as we get Ben
underneath the ground,

we'll saddle up.

Well, let's do it fast... I
don't want to get what he got!

Death ain't nothin'
to be proud of.

We'll bury him so's
nobody knows he's there.

Come on.

Well... if it ain't that
little bum from Dodge.

Well, how come Ben
didn't tell us it was him?

Ben wasn't there!

Oh, that's-that's right.

You can't move
much, can you, mister?


Pa, I don't know what it is, but
it's the same kind of sickness

what Ben had.

What kind of disease you got?

I-I don't know.

Uh, please go get Doc Adams.

Hey, look here, it's his dog!

Oh... he's dead, huh?


You sure do spread around

whatever it is
you got, don't you?


help me.

Just how sick are you?

You figure he's
sick enough to die?

Why do you ask that, Pa?

It ain't no revenge to kill a
man that's gonna die anyways.

W-Well, Pa, you ain't
gonna let him live?

Why don't the two of
you go through the wagon

and see if he's got
anything we can use.


you won't go for Doc?

Course not.


do one thing for me?

Why, sure.

That's why we rode
all the way over here...

To do something for you.

Now, what is it you want?

My horse.

He needs water.

You're laying here dying, and
you're worried about a horse?

If... you won't help me...

help him.

You got more to worry about

than a horse, mister.

He needs water.

So did Ben!

Pa, wh... wh-why'd you kick him?

Clean my boot.

Oh, sure.

Oh, Pa, there ain't nothin'
in the wagon worth havin'.

That's too bad.

You know, it's a shame
we can't just kill him outright.

If you weren't sick
and dying, mister,

I'd cut your throat!

Yeah, you're lucky,
mister, you-you're real lucky!


need Doc.



Well, if I'd have had a
gun I'd have shot you.

Well, hollering
wouldn't stop you.

What the thunder you
doing out here, anyway?


Not doing very
good at it, are you?

Well, I just started out.

Ran into Will Timble.

- You did? Where?
- You know that mesa

over by Big Springs?

Oh, yeah... that's one
of my old fishing holes.

Well, that's the place.

Well, what's he
doing over there?

He's dead.


Yeah, he was half
dead when I found him.

Somebody beat him up real bad.

I'm going to town
and get Matt, Doc.

Why don't you
meet us over there.

- Hello, Doc.
- Matt.

What do you think, Doc?

Well, it's like Quint said...
He took a terrible beating.

What happened to the dog here?

I haven't the faintest idea.

I just don't know.

You figure the beating's
what killed him?

Well, he was hurt awful bad.

It... sure could've been.

Well, maybe the wagon fell on
him when the wheel came off.

I don't know about that.

Look here.

A lot of tracks around here.

From the looks of it, I'd
say there was at least...

two, three men came here.

Well, you're right about that,
but why did they take his horse?

I don't understand it at all.

Will Timble didn't have an
enemy in the world that I know of.

- I wouldn't say that, Doc.
- What do you mean?

The Ginnis bunch.

Oh, well, for heaven sakes,
they were drunk in the saloon

when they hurt him. They...

Are we going after 'em?

Let's get him buried first.

We're about ready, Pa.


This was a good camp.

Seems a shame to leave it.

Well, there'll be others.

You never did tell
me why we're moving.

'Cause I don't like it here.

The hunting's
better further west.

- How far west?
- I don't know yet.

Will there be a town
somewhere's nearby?

Why do you ask that?

Well, I'll figure... I figure
that ain't the real reason

for we're moving.

I figure, uh, since the marshal
won't allow us in Dodge,

why, we got to have
somewheres to do our drinking.

You're smart,
Emmett, real smart.

Thank you, Pa.

We'll be near a town.

But first we're gonna
make us a camp,

and we're gonna do some huntin'

'cause we got to have
some buffalo hides to sell.


Tell you what, Pa...

In a night or two,
I'll slip into Dodge

and get us a little
jug to tide us over.

A little drinking
whiskey would go good.

You do that. Tomorrow night.

- Yeah.
- Emmett...

don't you let that
marshal see you.

Pa, he won't see so
much as my little finger.

All right. Get up and at it.


- Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

- Quint.
- Kind of wet out there, Doc.


It rained all night.

Guess you never found any
trace of the Ginnises then, huh?

No, we tracked them
to their camp, Doc,

but they'd already left,
and then the rain came.

- Quint.
- Well, we lost 'em for sure now.

By golly, I'd sure hate to
think of that bunch gettin' away.

Well, so do I, Doc.

The bad part of it is even
if I find them out there,

why, I'm gonna have a hard time
proving they had anything to do

with Will Timble.

That's the last one.

Oh, I was wondering
where you was, Louie.

Now you go home and
get in bed with it, you hear?

Thank you, Pete.

And there you are.

I wish I had all the money
you've spent on whiskey, Louie.

You'd be a rich man.

I sure would.

But if I had saved it all, Pete,

how do I know it
would've made me happy?

There you are.

You can't win, can you?

- Good night.
- Good night.

That's the last one, mister.

One more.

Didn't you hear me? I
said that's the last one.

I'm going to bed.

I hope you die before you wake.



You ain't gonna drink all that
by yourself, are you, friend?

You got a whole jug there.

Oh, no. That belongs to
my pa and my little brothers.

Where they at?

Way out by Twin... Buttes.

That's a ways. You
better get started.

Here, give me that.

No, no, no, no, no.

Please. Please.
Please leave me some!

That's all I've got! Please!

It's all I've got!

Next time a Ginnis
asks you for a drink,

why, you give it to him.

You drank it.

You drank all of it!

No, no, no!


See you a minute?

Hi, Quint.

Matt, somebody beat up
Louie Pheeters last night.

They did? Well, where is he?

Inside here.

He stumbled in a
few minutes ago.

I let him sit down.

Louie, what happened to you?

I smashed a fella's whiskey.

He got mad.

Who was it?

Twin Buttes, he said.


That's where his pa
was waitin' for him.

His pa?

His pa and his
brothers, he said.

I don't know, Marshal.

My head hurts.

I don't recall
any of it too clear.

Did you get his name, Louie?

I told you, I don't know, Quint.

I... I'd had a couple of drinks.

You know how it is.


Sure, Louie.

We better get started.

Twin Buttes is a long ride.

Well, there's nothing much we
can do to 'em when we get there.

Maybe they'll give
themselves away.

Would you get him up to
Doc's while I stop by the office?


Come on, Louie. Come on.

Jess, unsaddle the horse.

All right, Pa.

No luck, huh, Pa?

No buffalo.

No antelope. No nothing.

Well, we won't starve.

We can always
get us some rabbits.

Well, I'm sick of eating rabbit!

It's easy for you to complain!

All-all we do is wait on you!

Well, it ain't my fault!

Will you two stop arguin'?!

I had a long, hard ride,

and I'm sick and
tired of your yapping.

Give me some coffee, Emmett.



Aw, what do you want?

It's that big feller from Dodge.

What you doing way
out here, Marshal?

Which one of you men
drove into Dodge last night?

You told us to stay out
of Dodge, remember?

It was either you or you.

Wasn't me.

I turned in right after dark.

I didn't lose nothing in Dodge.

Somebody burn down a church?

Somebody beat up a harmless
little man named Louie Pheeters.

And you rode all the way out
here just to tell us that, huh?

When'd you last see Will Timble?

- Who?
- The, uh...

little fella that gave you so
much trouble in the saloon.

You went to jail over him.

I ain't forgot that, Marshal.

Neither has he.

Pa, ain't that the fella that...

I thought that you was
unsaddling the horses.

Now, we got a lot of work
to do around here, Marshal,

so if you got anything to
say, you say it right out.

You found Will Timble and
you beat up on him, didn't you?

The bunch of us against
a little bum like that?

Why bother?


Hold it.

Put the gun down, Jess.

Put it down over here.

You got nothing on us, Marshal.

There ain't a thing
you can arrest us for.

Ginnis, you're the lowest
kind of man there is.

You don't know what it is to
have respect for people, do you?

You're so low, you don't even
have respect for each other.

If I had any proof against you,
you and these boys of yours

would be hanging from
the highest tree in Kansas.

Well, he rode out, didn't he?

I outfoxed him.

If he'd have made one more
move, I was gonna take him.

You're real smart, Pa.

And you're real dumb.

If you hadn't been so dumb,

could've had ourselves a...

drink of whiskey
'long about here.

Yeah! A drink of whiskey'd
go real good before dinner,

wouldn't it, Pa?

What dinner?

We ain't got none.


What dinner?

- No, Pa!
- Holding out on us, huh?

- I ought to bash you!
- No! No, no!

I-I was gonna share it!

- Honest. -Sure you were.
- What is it?

- What is it? Pork sausage!
- Now wait a minute!

Wait a minute! Give me that!

Now, where'd you get this?

I got it out of that
little fella's wagon.

All right.

Now, the marshal was right.

We gonna start having
respect for each other.

We're gonna share this equal.

Now, they's one for you.

One for you.

And one for you.