Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 33 - Quint-Cident - full transcript

A woman newly widowed is powerfully attracted to Quint, but when he gently turns her down, she vows to make him pay for scorning a white woman.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Your horse needs water.

Now, ain't you nice to be
thinking about the horse.

You better lead him
down there, it looks boggy.

Don't worry, Marshal,
I'm not gonna run.

I'm not gonna give
you an excuse to kill me.

You're not worrying me.

I ought to be.

You're gonna look
like an awful fool

when it comes out
you got the wrong man.

Mm-hmm. I'll risk it.

It's just not right for a man
to have to die on your say-so.

It wasn't my say-so that put
your face on that wanted poster.

Well, it sure wasn't mine.

Crown, I'm just taking you in.

You'll have your
chance to talk at the trial.

Well, now look, Marshal, you
don't know a thing about me.

That's right, not a thing.

Let's go, we got
20 miles to Dodge.

How about eating before we go?

Well, good idea except
we don't have anything.

Ain't you gonna kill him?

Not this time.

- Howdy, Quint.
- Matt.

Thought I was trailing a wolf.

Well, it seems to
me you do better

- with rabbits there.
- I guess you're right.

What are you doing out here?

I'm just bringing in a prisoner.

I see.

You an Indian, ain't you?

You always half-right?

It's a funny law, Marshal.

Me a-heading for jail and this
half-breed moving around free.

Yeah, he's not wanted
for murder, Crown.

Not yet anyway.

Say, those look like
eating rabbits, Quint.

Yeah, they are.

We get back to Dodge,
I'm gonna cook you up

the biggest pot of
rabbit stew you ever saw.

Well, that's gonna make
a ride back worthwhile.

Let's go.



Looks like you could
use some help there.


You're too late.

I don't need it now.

Three of you.

Now, that's the prairie's way.

Any one of you...
Two, three days ago,

it might have mattered.

That sun's punishing.

Why don't you take
her inside, Quint?



I'll, uh, find some
water for you, ma'am.


Well, I guess
you'll be holding her

for murder, too, huh, Marshal?

Ma'am, you feeling better?

Just look at all the help

I got now I don't need any.

Looks to me like you
could still use some help.

I guess you found Luther.

Well, yes, we did.

Uh, is he your father?

Luther was my husband.

He was a long time dying.

He's a long time dead.

I couldn't help him die and I
couldn't help him once he did.

Three of you

and you come too late.

Well, Quint, why don't you set

those rabbits to roasting?

- Right.
- Sure.

Lend a hand to
the poor widow lady.

Now, ma'am, you get
some food and some rest,

everything will be better.

They could've been better.

If any living soul
had come in time.

Anyone to help and
share the burden...

the awful weight of it.

What's the matter,
Marshal, she die on you?

No, she just fainted.

Well, that'll keep
her from bellyaching.

Well, now, that's more like it.

He was a big man, Crown.

Dig him a big grave.

Why me? Why not you?

Or him?

'Cause I say you.

That suit you, Marshal?

You might've earned your dinner.

Hold this.

You ought to spare
yourself some, ma'am.

You're awfully young and strong.

You better go back inside.

I want to see the grave.

My husband's grave.

He was bound we'd be
off and away from folks.

It'd choke him to
have people near.

Crowd around him and choke him.

That don't worry him now.

What was his full name, ma'am?

For the marker, I mean.

Luther Devlin.

I guess we didn't
have a proper meeting.

I'm Willa Devlin.

How do, ma'am?

I'm Matt Dillon, this
is Quint Asper here.


Oh, well, this is Ben Crown.

I'm obliged you put him to rest.

I only do what the
marshal says, ma'am.

You did say I earned
a meal, didn't you?

Guess maybe we
could all use one.

He was long on
pride, Luther was.

He was a fool.

Peculiar-like, folks
setting at my table.

Can't 'call when anyone
was here to take a meal.

You do a good rabbit.

Comes from running a forge.

I said those arms were strong.

Marshal of what?

Dodge City, ma'am.

That's off a way.

Well, it's about 20
miles north of here.

Luther said we'd
go there one time.

We never did.

And what do you do

besides dig graves and eat?

I told you, I do what
the marshal says.

He's my prisoner, Mrs. Devlin.

You do a crime?

He thinks so.

Out here, just living's a crime.

Mrs. Devlin, uh,

we're gonna be heading
back to Dodge pretty quick.

Be glad to have you come along,

if you'd like to.

Come along?

Well, you can't
stay out here alone.

Well, I can't do
anything else yet a while.

I'm not used to
folks being around.

Been so long without them,

I'd have to learn

to be with them again.

It ain't safe, a woman
being off here alone.

One thing and another
these last few years,

I can't remember feeling safe.

What's here's mine.

Ain't every woman gets
left a house all her own.

Well, there's always
danger, ma'am.

Being alone, I mean.

Quint, why don't you and
Crown get the horses ready?


Just a minute, Crown.

A man don't earn much
off you, does he, Marshal?

Just his due.

Give him a hand.

Sure, both of them.

Now, Mrs. Devlin...

Only name I know
is Willa, Marshal.

Well, all right, uh,

look, how are you gonna
get along alone out here?

Well, the way I always have,

a roof over my head
and a bed and a stove.

I got potatoes in the ground

and fish in the stream

and the prairie's
alive with rabbits.

And I ain't ever by
myself here, Marshal.


All in the world I got is here.

I'm sorry, ma'am.



The least I can
do is see you off.

All right.

Now, don't forget,
Willa, if there's anything

I can do for you, why,
you know where to find me.

I'm obliged to you.

All of you.

I'm most always here.

Most always.

Good luck, ma'am.

Lead on.

You know, Matt,

I don't think she should
stay back there alone.

Well, I don't either, Quint,
but what can you do?

Ain't nothing around;
what's she got to be afraid of?

Of course, you could go back

and protect her
from all this nothing.

You know, Matt, I might
save you from a hanging.

You gave her a chance to go,

and she's bound
she's gonna stay.

Let her go, and
don't cry for her.

You sound like a practical man.

That I am, and she's a
mule-stubborn old woman.

She's not an old woman, Crown.

Did you look close?

She sure took some shine to you.

That's 'cause I
brought the food.

Could be you're right.

You know, an old woman
don't spark up like that.

Oh, hope you don't mind
if we water our horses.

I can't stop you now.

My name's Dillon.
I'm the U.S. Marshal

over from Dodge City.

Name's Nally, Marshal.

Don't generally
allow Indians around.

Any kind.

Guess if he's with you,
there ain't much I can do.

You a married man, Nally?

Lizzie's inside,
doing woman's work.

Ain't no concern of yours now.

Well, I thought
if it was callers...

Ma'am, I, uh, wondered
if you might know

the Devlins about
ten miles back?

We see them, but
we don't know them.

Don't more than nod as we pass.

Nally takes me to Meade
for supplies now and again.

Oh, I see.

Well, Mr. Devlin just
died, and she's there alone.

Oh, my.

You're the first
place we've come to,

and I thought maybe
if you knew them,

you wouldn't mind stopping
in, see how she's doing?

Oh, indeed we
will, won't we, Nally?

Just be glad to.

We ain't that way often.


thank you, ma'am.

We'd want to do what
we could, I'm sure.

Thanks for the water.

Just get the breed
out of my sight.

Quint, it's gonna be a hot
enough ride home as it is.


Yeah, looked better before.

This place just don't
lend itself to light.

Well, if you don't
like the parlor,

maybe you'll like the bedrooms.

You know, Marshal, I'm
a little short on money,

and it might be that I
couldn't afford to stay here.

I'll make you a rate.

You will bring my
meals to the room?

No extra charge.

Tell you what I'll do, Marshal.

I'll stay here tonight,
and I'll eat your food.

Good. I'm getting
tired of your jaw.

But now tomorrow, I want
you to give some thought

to setting me free.

'Cause you plain
got the wrong man,

and I wouldn't want to see you

make a fool of
yourself like that.

Well, it's just a chance
I'll have to take, isn't it?

I still can't figure out why
she'd want to stay on out there.

Well, you gave her
a chance to leave.

Maybe she's just
a stubborn woman.

What's a stubborn woman?

Same thing as a stubborn man,

only with long hair.

Now, you mean to tell
me you'd stay on out there?

I don't know.

Maybe she's got a reason.

Maybe she's afraid
to be anyplace else.

Well, Kitty, what she
needs is to come into town,

be around people,
find a reason to live.

Well, Matt, if she
needs a reason to live,

then she's gonna
have to find it herself.

Well, I guess you're right.

Now, how are you two?

Morning, Doc.

Hi, Doc.

Well, sure was nice
of you to wait on me.

No trouble.

You seen Quint?

No, not this morning.

Well, I can't find him.

I thought you said he
rode in with you last night.

Well, he did, yeah.

Well, he's not at
the blacksmith shop.

I was just there.

It's closed up
tighter than a drum.

Can't find hide nor hair of him.

That's kind of funny, isn't it?

Well, it's not very
funny to my horse.

He needs shoes.

Well, maybe he's just out
around town somewhere.

I've talked to everybody.

Nobody's seen him anyplace.

I sure would like
to keep his hours.

He works hard, Doc.

Yeah, when he works.

Goes fishing, hunting, three
days all over the country.

Comes in with Matt.

Gets up again this
morning and leaves.

Uh, Joe?

Can I have a cup of coffee here?

Sure thing, Doc.

Fine way to run
a blacksmith shop.


Don't come no
nearer or I'll blast you!

Please, Nally,
he's just riding by.

- Is he?
- Don't make no trouble, Nally.

I just can't bear it.

Wasn't no trouble till he come.

- Please, Nally.
- You hear me?!

- Not a step nearer!
- Nally.

- Please, Nally.
- Stop your whimpering.

Not a step nearer!


What do you want?


Then ride on.

Ride on!

You hadn't have took on so,

I'd have killed me a breed.

You near provoked him.

It don't set well, the
likes of him riding free,

hunting like they own the land.

Don't matter now.
He's riding on.

If I had my way, they'd
put them on reservations

or shoot them outright.




Go on back to your churning.

You ain't doing a
lick of good out here.

Why, hello.

Hello, ma'am.

I brought you some food.

Last time I was here,
you seemed a little short.

It has been kinda bad.

Leastways it was... till now.

All right if I hang
it in the shed?

Ain't nothing else
hanging in there, sure.

This ought to last
you a long while.

I don't know when I've
known such a kindness.

I'll start the
fixings for supper.

I can't stay for supper, ma'am.



Well, come on in.

My goodness, but you stand on
ceremony, knocking at the door.

I haven't had a fire in
the fireplace this long time.

Well, I'll start one
for you, ma'am.

Evening chill goes
right through me.

Luther was too sick to bring the
wood, and I couldn't manage it.

I just been warming
by the stove.

Well, it's, uh, it's
started now, ma'am.

I'll be going.

This rabbit'll simmer up fine,

and with the potatoes, well,
we'll make a supper of it.

I can't stay for
supper, Mrs. Devlin.

I told the marshal. Only
name I know is Willa.

And he called you Quint?


Well, Quint, you
brought all the food I got.

I don't mind sharing with you.

Well, I have to be
back tonight, ma'am.

Not right now.

- Right now.
- I...

I wanted you to come
back, and you knew it.

Just a little company.
Just someone near.

I waited a long time, Quint.

I can't afford pride or shame.

Ma'am, that antelope ought
to hang out there for a while.

I guess you knew that.

It's not I'm old, you know?

I get me some care, I'll
be young-looking again.

I was pretty, Quint.
Can't you tell that?

I was right pretty.

Yes, ma'am.

You ought to go to town,
be with some people.

You're just lonely.

You inviting me to
go to Dodge with you?

No, I'm not.

Such a strong,
smooth, young arm.

Luther was older.
Did I tell you that?


You want me to
go with you, I will.

I just want to help
you, ma'am, that's all.

Just being with me, that'd help.

Just listen to me
a minute, will ya?

You said I was
lonely, just lonely.

Well, I didn't know
how lonely till you came.

Now, have a little patience,
take a little time with me.

Ma'am, you-you got some
neighbors about ten miles back.

You ought to go and
stay with them for a while.

You feel sorry for me...

just sorry.

No, ma'am.

Just ought to get away
from here for a while.

You'll be a lot better off.

You're a half-breed, ain't ya?

That's right, I am.

Well, I'm a white woman.

You think on that.

You know, you keep
hammering on that thing like that,

you're gonna beat it to death.

Something on your mind?

Well, yeah, for one
thing, good morning.


What happened to you yesterday?


What, you go back out
hunting or something?


We were kinda wondering
what happened to you.

Doc wanted to
get his horse shod.

What's the matter, can't
a breed come and go

as he likes around here?

Well, what's eating you?


Well, there you are, Marshal.

Been looking all
over town for you.

What's the matter?

Can't a marshal come
and go the way he wants to?

Why, sure, sure, but golly,
I didn't mean anything.

It's all right,
Harvey, neither did I.

I'll take an answer
down if there is one.

No, no need to answer this
one. Thanks for looking me up.

Sure, Marshal, any time.

Well, I guess Crown was
right. He's not guilty after all.

I thought you said
he was wanted.

Well, he was, but some
other fella confessed evidently.

The marshal at Wichita
says Crown's a free man.

Well, I guess I
better go tell him.

Hey, uh,

if you think you're gonna
be around here for a while,

I'll, uh, I'll tell
Doc you're back.

I'll be around.


Thank you, Marshal.

Next time, you
better listen to me.

Be sure there's no next time.

No need unless you come
round tapping me on the shoulder

and tying my hands
together again.

I sure hate to see you make

a fool of yourself
like that, Marshal.

You just see you keep your
face off the wanted posters.

Say, I hadn't
thought about that.

They's apt to still be some
of them around, ain't they?

Yeah, maybe. I wired
the marshal at Wichita

when I brought you in, and
he wired me back to let you go,

so that probably takes
care of most of them.


Now I know you're not
too kindly disposed to me,

but if you was a mind
to, you could favor me.

How's that?

I got a chance to buy
into the Nations Saloon

down to Hays City.

You could send a telegram
down to the sheriff for me.

I sure don't want
no more law trouble.

Now, you wouldn't
be the kind of a man

to refuse me that, would you?

All right, I'll send it.

Thank you, Marshal.

You ever get down
that way, come by.

Drinks is free.

Remember? You was obliged to me.

Oh, Nally. What
can I do for you?

The blame's on
you for this, Marshal.

The blame? Now, what
are you talking about?

Me and Lizzie stopped by

to see how that widow
woman was getting on.

Willa Devlin?

Well, she's had a
mighty hard time.

Your friend, that breed...

Now, just what are
you talking about?

He come back for her.

She's lucky she's alive.

You better talk
straight to me, Nally.

You don't hear me, Marshal!

I said that breed come
back for her. I saw him!

Me and Lizzie both.

The next day after you come
by, he was past our place.

Had him an antelope as
big as a man! I run him off!

Well, he headed
straight for the widow's.

Where is she now?

Me and Lizzie brought
her to the Dodge House.

You gonna jail him now?

I want him killed, Marshal!

Right here, Marshal.

She's only just drifted off.
You shouldn't bother her now.

When I think of what
she went through.

The marshal don't
believe it, Lizzie.

Mrs. Nally, I want Doc
Adams to see her. I...

No. No doctor.

Oh, now you've wakened her.

Can you talk?

I got nothing nice to say.

I want you to know how
sorry I am about this, Willa.

Sorry's not much, Marshal.

I'm gonna have
to know who it was.

Was it Quint?

I most forgot that name.

I have to know, Willa.

Leave me alone.

That's all I ask of any
of you! Leave me alone!

Now, Willa, I won't
let anyone bother you.

You better go.

I'll be back, Willa.

What are you gonna
do about this, Marshal?

I don't know. I don't
even know who it was yet.

Well, I know! It was him.

It was him all right!
Your fine Indian friend!

You done enough now, Marshal?

He ought to be
strung up on sight.

Hello, Matt.


I, uh, just saw Willa Devlin.

Oh, how is she?

Right now, she's not so good.


Quint, did you go back
out there the other day?

She didn't have any food.

I shot an antelope
and took it to her.

What do you mean she's
not so good right now?

They got her over
at the Dodge House.

I just sent Doc over there.

Seems like somebody
went back out there, and...

Well, she's had a
pretty rough time of it.

Are you asking was it me?

Quint, you're the
one she's accused.

Well, are you asking was it me?

I'll believe anything
you tell me.

You'd take the word of a
breed over a white woman?

A pure white woman?

None of them are safe when
a breed's around, Marshal.

You know that.

I told you I was with her.

That day you couldn't
find me, I was with her.

You gonna help me or not?

Well, what do you want?

The truth.

Well, why don't
you just jail me?

Or hang me or whatever
white man's law is.

Will you come over there
with me and see her?

You better tie my
hands, Marshal,

'cause I might try to run away.

Hello, Matt.

Doc, how is she?

Well, she's had a...

pretty rough time of it.

She's gonna need an
awful lot of rest and...

be nice if she'd
help a little, too.

What do you mean?

Well, uh,

if she'd just care... she
doesn't seem to want to live,

and I haven't got any
pills or powders in here

that can do anything about that.

Well, I'll...

I'll be back shortly.

Come on, Quint.

Why ain't he in jail, Marshal?

On your way, Nally.

You filthy, rotten breed.

Don't let him hurt me, Marshal,
please, don't let him hurt me!

Get a hold of yourself.

What happened? What happened?

He was killing me, Lizzie.

He-he'd like to kill me.

Get him out of here, Mrs. Nally.

Oh, my.

Let's go.


I brought Quint.

Now I want you to look at
him and tell me the truth.

I don't want to
see him, Marshal.

Was it Quint?

He was there...
He don't deny that.

He hasn't denied anything.

Then I don't know what
you're waiting to hear, Marshal.

I'm waiting to hear the truth.

That's what I came here for.

He brought it on himself.

He knows it.

Look, if you're not tired
of hearing it was me, I am.

Let's go.

You're always willing
to leave, ain't ya?

Wouldn't take supper,
had to hurry off.

Wanted to help, he said.

Well, gathering firewood
and bringing antelope...

That didn't help much.

Why didn't you
bring me with you?

You'd have spared me if you had.

I told you then I can't afford

pride or shame.

I'd have come with
him... I begged him.

But he just kept pulling away.

If he'd just give
me a little time,

showed me a little interest...

I'm not an old woman,
Marshal, you can see that.

It was the other one, Marshal.

The one who dug Luther's grave.

Said he never got paid for it.

It was the other one, Marshal.

I don't mind if you leave.

I've most had my fill of people.


I guess you just about have.


Better give the
boys up there a refill.

I'm out of whiskey.

Oh, hello, Marshal.

What are you doing
around these parts?

You come to get your free drink?

You better drink up, Crown.

It's your last one.

Well, now, no need

in getting hard-nosed.

You got business with me?

You're under arrest.

Under arrest?

Now, wait a minute, Marshal,

we've been down
that trail before,

and you had to turn me loose.


This is something
different, Crown.

What are you talking about?

Willa Devlin.

Oh, her.

Now, you know yourself

she's nothing
but a cheap little...

Ah! Ow.

Where's the sheriff's office?

Across the street,
you can't miss it.

- Get him, will ya?
- Yeah.

Hey, Quint.

Hey, uh, I think
my horse is lame.

I think it's that right front
foot of his that's sore.

I'll take a look at it.

I can't find anything.


Well, I guess maybe he was just

trying to tell me he was tired.

Pretty long ride from Hays.

You get Crown?

Yeah, I got him.

Well, that's good.

Well, I guess maybe
I'll get back to the office.


Think I'll ever

stop acting like
such a wild Indian?

Well, I don't know.

Why don't we have a beer
tonight and talk it over?

All right.

See you at the Long Branch.