Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 32 - Tell Chester - full transcript

Chester is smitten with Polly, but she has eyes only for Wade, a man new in town and newly her father's employee. Knowing little about Wade, Polly agrees quickly to marry him, but Chester discovers that Wade already has a wife.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.





Where's Matt?

Mr. Dillon?

Yeah, the marshal, Matt Dillon.

Oh, he, uh, had to
leave early this morning.

Went up to Three Springs.


You got any coffee?

Oh, I'll get it for you.

No, no, no. Sit right there.

I don't want you fainting on me.

I tell you, that... that
does make you dizzy.

Standing on your head's
got nothing to do with that.

I just hope that it works.

Supposed to make
your appetite better.


Yeah, it g-gets the stomach
juices a-going for you.

You eat like a horse now;
you don't need an appetite.

Well, it ain't that I have
any trouble eating, Doc.

It's just that when them
juices get to going down there,

well, you see, it, uh, makes
everything taste better.

That's what it's supposed to do.

Imagine that, Doc.

Your food even tasting
better than it does now.

Well, all I know is, it
can be kind of dangerous,

especially in your case.

You know, you're standing
on your head like that,

and the blood will rush
down through your brain,

and then it's liable
to clear it all up.

And that way,
people will talk to you,

and they... they
won't understand you.

They get all confused.

You want to have
some breakfast with me,

or you want to stay here
and stand on your head?

I ain't gonna have
breakfast with you.

I'm gonna have breakfast
with somebody else.

I guess that you want to know

who I'm gonna
have breakfast with.

I do know. Polly Donahue.

Well, how'd you jump
to that conclusion?

Well, I've been watching
you, sneaking down there

at the freight office
every chance you get.

Peeking around corners,
looking into windows,

mooning and
acting like a sick calf.

Everybody in town's
talking about it.

Well, I don't see that that's
anything to be ashamed of.

Polly's a very
lovely, sweet girl.

She's got a very level
head on her shoulders.

That's good.

It's... it's fine.

And, uh, you keep standing
on your head like that,

and your head
will get level, too.

Good morning, Chester.

- Morning, Chester.
- Morning.

Uh, you want me to help
you there, Mr. Donahue?

Uh, no thank you. I can do it.

I know about your plans
to take Polly to breakfast.

You two run along.

Well, I'm not ready yet, Pa.

You can be getting that
load ready for Springville.

Here are the invoices.

Let Chester build a fire.

Here, here, I'll
take care of these.

Well, all right. I
suppose I should.

You don't mind, do you, Chester?

Oh, heavens, no. Not at all.

I got to get these
papers together

so Wade can take
them to Springville.

- Who's Wade?
- You've seen him.

The new feller we
got driving for us.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Why, he should have
been here by now.

That man's got to
learn to be on time

if he's gonna get
anywhere in this world.

He live here in town?

I don't know.

He's been working
for us three weeks,

and he hasn't said two
words the whole time.

He's the mysterious kind.

You kind of like
that kind, do you?

Some days, I do.

And some days, I like those
nice, open, genuine fellers.

Guaranteed to be honest.

Like you, Chester.

Well, you know, I kind of take
that there as a compliment.

You're sweet.

Here you are taking
me to breakfast

for no good reason at all.

Heaven knows, you saw
enough of me last night.

Well, I'll tell you something.

I could just see
you every night.

We did have a time, didn't we?


Whoa. Whoa!

When you get started,

you are the stompingest
feller on the floor!

You know, they got another dance

the first Saturday next
month out at Roebuck's barn.

Would you like to go?

Well, I... I don't
like to make plans

that far in advance.


Oh, I... I don't know.

Morning, Wade.

How are you?

Good morning, Wade.

Oh, morning.

Have you met Chester Goode?

Oh, no, ma'am.

Chester, this is Wade Stringer.



Chester works for the
marshal here in Dodge.

I heard.

Oh, Wade, would you give this

to Mr. Black in the
office in Springville?

Yes, ma'am.

You ready?

Yeah, any time you are.

Let's go.

All righty.

There you are.

Looks like it's warming up.

Could be.

Have a good trip.

Thank you.

Be back in a little bit, Pa.

See you later, Chester.

Mr. Donahue.

I just can't make you out.

Why is that, Chester?

Well, ordinarily, when I see
a girl give a feller the eye,

I'd say she was flirting.

With you, it's just
downright courting.

Me and Wade, you mean?

Well, yeah. What
do you see in him?

You hardly know him.

Well, I look at a person,
I know them, Chester.

Well, he don't seem
to know you too good.

He will.

What about me?


I love you, but I
love you like a friend.

The best friend
anybody could ever have.

You understand
the way I love you?


yeah, I think
that's pretty clear.

There we go!

There you go.

Come on, Chester.
You can do it again.

- Come on!
- Chester!


How many beers has he had?

I stopped counting an hour ago.

What's the occasion?

He's in mourning.


Over Polly Donahue.

Oh, well, I guess if
you got to be mourning,

that's as good a reason as any.

What'd Polly do?

She done him wrong.

I think she broke a date
with him for the dance

at Roebuck's barn
last Saturday night.

Well, I didn't know
they were that thick.

Well, if you'd stay
in town for a while,

you might notice a few things.

Well, I, uh, I notice a
few things once in a while.



That was real good, Chester.

Oh. Well, shoot.


Could I buy you and
Mr. Dillon a beer?

Yeah. No, thanks, Chester.

I, uh... I've had about all
I can handle for the night.

Got to make my rounds.

How about you?

Uh, oh. Well, yeah.

I can make the rounds.

Well, the fresh air
might do you good.


G-Good night, Miss Kitty.

Good night, Chester.

- Kitty.
- Matt.

How you feel?

Not too good, to
tell you the truth.

Hmm. Sure you want to
make the rounds with me?

Well, maybe I...

Maybe I better just
go back to the office.

Ah. I'm surprised
at you, Chester.

How's that?

Been a long time since
I've seen you like this.


Well, everybody's got to
have a little fun once in a while.


- Well...
- Yeah.

Maybe she's not the
girl for you, anyway.

Who? What-what
are you talking about?

Polly Donahue.


What made you think of her?

Well, you've been
courting her, haven't you?

Well, off and on.

I mean, every now and again.

But, I mean, she
don't... I don't...

She's nothing serious to me.

Well, glad to hear that.

I just don't want to see
you get hurt, Chester.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, Polly
just wouldn't hurt a soul.

She's just so sweet, she...


guess I better turn in.


If you don't stop scowling,
you'll wrinkle before your time.

Oh, I was thinking.

I've noticed that about you.

What about?

Oh, I was just thinking about

how bright this
whole world can be

if you got somebody
to light it up for you.

It's always better when you
got somebody to share it with.

Oh, well, not just anybody.

I mean, somebody special.

Like you.

Why, Wade Stringer,
you're talking right up to me.

You keep that up,
I'm gonna like it.


easy to talk to you, Polly.

Never been like this before.



You must've had a big sadness
somewhere along the way.

But don't ever tell me about it.

Don't ever tell me
about the sad things.

"You must never
dwell on sadness.

Never look in dark corners."

My mama told me that, long
years ago before she died.

You sure took her advice
and strapped it on tight.

So don't ever tell me
about anything sad.

Well, that suits me just fine.

Uh, but you don't know
a thing about me, Polly.

Your name is Wade Stringer...

and I love you.

That's all I need to know.


No man ever had
a dream like this.

You're as wide awake as I am.

I wish we could be
together like this all the time.

Why can't we, Wade?




Oh, you're back.

Well, I have to leave
now, and I'm late.

I'll be back tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night?


Well, I... I've got an
overnight haul to Springville.

You didn't tell me.

I did. You forgot.

I don't want you
to be away tonight.

Well, I've got a job
now, remember?

I... I feel worse.

Lift my pillow for me, will you?

I don't want to be left alone.

Well, Tao will be here.

What good is she?

She hardly speaks to me.

Look, she feeds
you, she washes you,

she's better than I am.

She didn't dust the cupboard
above the stove yesterday.

Well, why didn't you tell her?

I did, she just looked at me!

She doesn't care
if I choke to death

on all this dirt and filth.

And I will, too, if we don't
move on away from here.

This is what you wanted!

This is what you decided.

You said you wasn't
able to travel any further.

But now I can travel on.

I'm gonna die if I don't
get away from this prairie.


You come on home
tonight, you hear?

I'm sorry, Wendy.

If I'm gonna keep this job,
it'll have to be tomorrow night.

Tonight, Wade!


Look out, friend, you're
gonna pull up lame!

I don't mind telling you,
Matt, I'm a proud man.

Well, you gave away
a mighty pretty bride.

Think there's gonna be
enough refreshments?

Oh, Mrs. Dobie will see to that.

I want everybody to be happy.

Ain't often a man throws

a wedding party
for his daughter.

Looking real good there, Wade.

Real good.

Wish that boy would
smile now and again.

Yeah, he is pretty
serious-minded, isn't he?

Good worker.

- Punch?
- Thank you.

I tell you I'm gonna
make him a partner?


Soon as he learns the
office end of the business,

I'm having him
take over for Polly.

Then she can stay
home and take care

of that little house
I'm building for them.

You're a mighty generous
man, Mr. Donahue.

- Oh.
- Oh!


You haven't danced
with the bride yet.

Well, by thunder,
Polly, we can fix that.

Wade, you dance with Kitty.

- Come on, Doc.
- Excuse me.

If you don't mind, Wade,

I'd just as soon
sit this one out.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Uh, Miss Kitty?

You having a good time?

Oh, it's a wonderful
party, Mr. Donahue.

Wade, boy, why don't
you pour Miss Kitty

some of that special punch.

Yes, sir.


You and Doc cut quite
a swath out there, Kitty.


Where he gets his
energy, I'll never know.

I think he got
some kind of a pill.

Oh, yeah, well, I wish
he'd give me some of them.

Miss Kitty.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, you want some, Marshal?

No, no, thanks, Wade.

Say, Mr. Donahue tells me
you're from Oro City, Wade, huh?

That's right.

Must be pretty good
fishing up there, isn't it?

Yes, sir, it sure is.

Been away from there long?

Oh, uh, not too long.

Doggone, I knew there
was somebody missing.

Where's Chester?

Oh, uh, he's out
on a hunting trip.

Hunting trip?

Well, now, if
that don't beat all.

How can that boy turn his
back on Polly's wedding?

She's been like a sister to him.

Well, uh,
Mr. Donahue, I'll tell you,

I think Chester has kind
of an aversion to weddings.

Especially when
they're old girlfriends.

♪ To make his home in Kansas ♪

♪ But all that he made ♪

♪ Was his own grave ♪

♪ When he crossed
the path of Killer... ♪

By golly,

looks like somebody's moved
into the old Winfield cabin.

Don't it, boy?

Hello, there.


Well, you're out in the
middle of nowheres.

Need help.

Tao need help.

Sure. What kind of help?

Tao need doctor.

- A doctor?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, heavens, the
nearest doctor's in Dodge.

That's ten miles away.

What's the matter,
did you hurt yourself?

Me not hurt.

Woman need doctor.

Woman will die.

You mean in the
old Winfield cabin?

Mm. In cabin.

Well, I'll see what
I can do for you.

Come cabin.



She's just burning
up with fever.

You got a towel and
a pan of cold water?

How long she been like this?

She sick long time.

You the only one
that's taking care of her?

She has husband.

He not here much.

- Now...
- Oh.

Now, now, just-just
take it easy, ma'am.


Don't be afraid,
I'm here to help you.

My husband.

Bring me my husband.

Well, I'll-I'll do
what I can for you,

but I tell you, you
need a doctor.

Oh, no.



Bring me my husband.

Well, if you'll just tell me
where that I can find him,

well, I... I'll try and
get him for you.

He works...

in Dodge.

Drives freight.

What's his name?


Wade Stringer.

I can see what, uh...


I'll see what I can do for you.

Here. You keep a
cold towel on her.

It might help the fever.

I thought it was you, Chester.

Somebody with her?

The Indian woman.

Why don't you stay a
bit; maybe we can talk.

One of us ought to get a
doctor; I expect it ought to be me.

Is she bad?

Yeah, she's bad, she's real bad.


you'll have to tell everybody
in Dodge, won't you?

We ain't got time
to worry about that.

But you will, won't you?

Wade, I don't have to
tell anybody anything.

Doc's gonna find it out as
soon as he comes out here.

You stay here.

I'll go get him.

No, don't you understand?

I told you, she's gonna die!

Wade, she's been asking for you.

I'm not going inside.


Come back here!

You come inside.


Oh, my goodness.

Tao go now.

Tao go home.

Buried your wife.

I saw you from over yonder.

You watched me dig the grave?

I couldn't come any
closer than I was.

Why'd you bother
to come back now?

She's my wife.

That didn't seem to make
much difference to you

when she was alive
and asking for you.

Well, I knew it was
time for her to die, and...

I knew I couldn't bear
watching her when she did.

Well, if you knew it
was time for her to die,

why didn't you get
a doctor for her?

I tried to, but she
wouldn't have it.

Polly know about her?


You mean, you and Polly didn't
get married like you planned?

Yes, we did.

You did?

Well, how could
you do this to Polly?

She wanted to get
married, Chester.

She wanted to.

Wasn't my doing.

I suppose she tied a
string around your tongue

and just led you
to the preacher,

and you had nothing
to say about it at all!

She wanted to get married!

I didn't want to take a
chance on losing her,

so I didn't tell her the truth.

I didn't tell her anything.

What's Polly gonna do
when she finds out the truth?

What she don't
know won't hurt her.

And what I can
forget won't hurt me.

There's got to be some happiness

somewhere in the world, Chester.

I could look all my life and
never find anybody like Polly.

That's why I took her
when I had the chance.

I'm telling you, Polly
means a lot to me,

and I ain't gonna let her get
hurt by somebody like you.

Chester, the only person
who can hurt her now

is you if you tell her.

Somebody ought to
squash you like a bug.

You aren't gonna tell
her, are you, Chester?

All right.

As long as you treat her right,
she ain't gonna hear it from me.

As long as you treat her right.

You remember that.


Sure messed me up, Chester.

You sure do look
pretty, Miss Kitty.

You sure you want me
to take you to dinner?

Hello, Miss Kitty. Chester.

Well, hello, Polly.

Haven't seen you
since the wedding.

I know. And that was
three weeks ago yesterday.

You should drop by the
office sometime, say hello.

You, too, Chester.

Oh, thank you, Polly.

I didn't even know you
were still working there.

Well, I won't be after Saturday;
Wade will take over then.

I been teaching him the books
in between his regular hauls.

We were just going down to
Delmonico's for some dinner.

Would you like to come with us?

Oh, I-I can't, Chester; I
got Wade's dinner here.

He's waiting at the office.

Well, uh, since we're
all walking that way,

why don't we just walk together.

Why, thank you.

Oh, that Chester is funny!


He, uh, sure must be.

You hungry?

The whole town must have
seen you laughing out there.

Well, this town's used
to hearing me laugh.

Well, they also used to
you and Chester carrying on?

Carrying on?

Why, Wade Stringer.

Well, people talk.

Makes me look silly the
way you laugh with him.

Chester and I are old
friends, nothing else.

Well, I just don't
like for people

to talk about you, that's all.

Well, what in the world
would people talk about?


Sit down and eat.

That trip to Garden
City will do you good.

You need to get
out of the office.

Well, I... I just don't like
being away from you overnight.

I don't like it, either.

But this is your last trip.

Does, uh... Chester come
around when I'm away?

He comes around
when you're away,

same as he does
when you're here.

There's no difference.

Well, he hasn't been here
since we've been married,

not once that I know of.

And he hasn't been here while
you were away on any trips.

Wade, what is it?

Well, it's just that...

I love you, Polly.

And I wouldn't want anything
ever to come between us.

And I love you.

Nothing will.


Bottle of whiskey.

It's a dollar.

I'm Stringer.

Yeah, well, I been waiting.

Well, I come round about.

I... I wanted to make sure
nobody was following me.

Nobody follows you in this town.

Well, you never know.

I got to be careful.

Ah, you and me gonna
get along just fine.

How much money did you bring?

You didn't even say
you'd do the job yet.

Well, I waited, didn't I?

But you don't
even know who it is.

Well, that don't
make no difference.

I'll gun anybody.

What if I was to say it...

it was the marshal at Dodge?


Oh, well, I never
thought I'd get the chance.

It looks like my lucky day.

Well, it...

it isn't the marshal.

Don't joke me.

All right.

Pour me a drink?

It's, uh...

marshal's assistant.

Chester Goode.


Well, from what
I've heard of him,

it's gonna be like
plucking chickens.

You mean, uh, your
price will be cheaper?

Oh, no.

No, $200. In advance.

No more, no less,
no matter who it is.

Evens out.

- In advance?
- In advance.

Well, I was thinking
more like, uh...

a hundred now
and a hundred after.

Well, I didn't
make my reputation

dealing with cheap
mule skinners.

All right!

Two hundred.

In advance.




- Howdy.
- Howdy.

Can I do something for you?

You Chester Goode?



Now, look, you just stay right
here and don't try to move.

I'll get some help and
get you up to Doc's.


- That you, Matt?
- Yeah.

How bad is he?

Well, he's gonna be all right.

I got him under
pretty good now, Matt.

He's gonna be
asleep quite a while.

You know something?

Pretty lucky.

Looky here.

I took those two
slugs out of him.

You know, an inch or two
either way, and this would've...

been a lot different.

Have any idea who did this?

Well, I didn't up till
a few minutes ago.

Found the man lying
dead in the street.

Well, who was it?

Name's Nace Porter;
he's a hired gunman.


Well, who in thunder would
hire anybody to kill Chester?

I don't know, Doc.

That's what I was
hoping he could tell us.

Yeah, maybe he
can, but not tonight.

All right, I'll be back
first thing in the morning.

Better keep this door locked.

Oh, I will, for sure.

You still working, Wade?

Closing time.


You've had your head
in those ledgers for hours.

Well, I get lost in here.

You know, it's, uh, not bad.

I think I'm gonna
get used to it.

I never could.

Well, I don't mind
it like I did at first.

Well, we better get on home.

Polly will be
waiting for supper.

Oh, well, I only have
a few more entries.

You go ahead. I'll
be along directly.

Well, all right.

Lock up good.

Oh, uh...

did you, uh, hear how
Chester was today?

He's come along fine.

Doc sent him back to
Matt's office this noon.

Told him he could sleep in
his own bunk from now on.


See you at home, Wade.

I won't be long.


I'd like to come in, Wade.


Uh, I heard you
was up and about.

You alone?

Well, something troubling you?

I don't like catching
bullets from killers

that's hired by you.

Well, you don't think

I had anything to do with that.

I had a whole week to
think about it; you're the one.

Now, whatever
makes you think that?

You got reason.

Chester, now, you and
I had our say about...

about that grave you dug for me.

We made an agreement,
and that's the end of it

- as far as I'm concerned.
- Don't you lie to me.

You didn't want that
agreement from the start!

Well, even if I didn't,
I wouldn't hire a killer.

Look, Mr. Dillon said that
that feller was last seen

in Garden City.

Now, you was there on Friday,
and I was shot at on Saturday.

That's just a little bit

too much of a
coincidence to suit me.

Well, if you know I'm the one,
why'd you come down here for?

Because I made a
promise to you, Wade,

and I don't intend to break it!

Now, you're gonna go with me,
and you're gonna tell Mr. Dillon

the whole rotten story yourself!

- Why, Chester?
- I don't want to be looking

at every alley I
cross to make sure

that one of your hired
killers ain't waiting for me!

I should've never left
you out that cabin alive.

Chester, you bring
all kinds of trouble...

Get back from there!

I'm a-tellin' you
something, Wade,

a man ain't worth much
if he can't keep his word.

I ain't gonna break mine; you're
gonna tell Mr. Dillon yourself.

Now move.



Help me.

Somebody get Doc!


Chester, what's going on?

Well, it was a... it was
a little bit of a tussle.

It was kind of like
an accident. Here.

An accident? What
are you talking about?

Here. Easy now.

Well, I had to come over here

for some business
with Wade, and...

Business? With a gun?

Well, it w-wasn't
ex-exactly a...

Marshal. Marshal.

Wasn't an accident like he said.

He was trying to stop me.

I... I wanted to kill him.

To kill him? Why?

I hired... Nace Porter.

Chester knew it.

I tried to kill him myself...

here tonight.

Well, what'd you
want to kill him for?

Huh, what's this
all about, Chester?

Why's he trying to kill you?

Well, you see,
Mr. Dillon, I-I...

Do I have to tell you?

No, we don't have to
talk about it right now.

Well, it's not that I want
to keep anything from you.

It's just that I...

well, I gave my word that
I'd keep a-a secret, and...

Well, if I break it, why, she...

Well, somebody could get hurt.

All right.

I guess he sure enough made
it clear what happened here.

All right, you don't
have to tell me.

Well, I... guess I'll get Doc.

I'll see what's keeping him.


It's too late for that.

Well, I-I think maybe he
might want to know that.

I-I'll let him know.


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