Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 21 - The Cousin - full transcript

Chance Hopper is Matt's young foster brother, torn between loyalty to Matt and to his partners in crime, who are counting on Chance to divert Matt from their course and make good their getaway.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(birds chirping)


Hey, Moran!

You better stay close
around here, Moran!

Hey, Cheevers. (laughs)

Look what I found.

Now, what is it?

I don't know, but it
sure warms your toes.


- You been drinking down there?
- No, no.

I was just down there looking.

But I never seen a fruit cellar

that didn't have a
jug of something.

Here, here, hold on to it.

You're gonna like it, I know it.

- That's it.
- (groans)

(laughs) Drink it.

Ain't that a fright? Ain't it?

I wonder what that
started out to be.

I don't know, but
it don't matter now.

CHEEVERS: All right,
give me some more.

MORAN (laughs):
I knew you'd like it.

CHEEVERS: Ah, it's
getting better, you know.

Hold it right there.

- (jug shatters)
- Now, turn around

and face the shack
and get your hands up.

I see a hair move, I'll shoot.

Well, I don't know.

Maybe I got the wrong men.

Turn around, let's
have a look at you.

Well, you look kind of familiar.

Well, Chance Hopper...
What's the idea of funning us?

No trick at all.

Thought you wasn't
due till nightfall.

You get out of prison, you
want to ride away from it

as fast as you can.

You look good,
Chance, real good.

Yeah, you got maybe
better-looking in two years.

Well, you two didn't
get any smarter.

A woman could've rode in
here and took the both of you.

Ah, that wasn't
very smart of you,

sneaking up like that, Chance.

You might've got killed.

You killed this jug when
you dropped it, too, Cheevers.

I made a little stop
on the way over.

Hey, I told Cheevers
we'd do some celebrating

when you got back.

Uh, he got a head start.

He's been celebrating all day.

Well, come on, let's keep it up.

Good to see you, Chance.

Yeah, old Chance there.

How do you like it?

It's beautiful.

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

You listening to me, Chance?

I haven't seen a
hearth fire in two years.

Or had a belly full of red meat.

Or swallowed any whiskey.

I'm sure not listening to you.

Well, we got to talk plans, boy.

Well, you go ahead
and talk plans.

Just don't count
on me listening.

You know what I'm doing?

You're drinking too much.

I'm lying here
hating my insides.

Yeah, and yours
some, too, Cheevers.

Oh, why don't you go on to bed?

We got to ride to
Larned tomorrow.

Didn't seem so bad till
you come back, Chance.

Now it seems as though
you went to prison for all of us.

I went to prison for me.

We all took that bank.

Well, Chance got caught.

That was the difference,
wasn't it, Chance?

Yeah, that was the difference.

He never spoke out once.

Never give our names.

Well, that's what we agreed on.

Whoever got caught was alone.

Been the same if
it was you or me.

Don't set right.

You wishing you'd
served time instead of me?

You seem content.

It's over and done with.

I know... I know
what's eating old Moran.

See, he spent his
share a long time ago.

See, you still got your
share coming, Chance.

No, that's not right at all.

(sighs) Just hit me
wrong all of a sudden.

That's all.

Well, this will
hit you all right.


I'm not riding to Larned
in the morning, Cheevers.

Huh? Huh?

W-We can.. we can
lay over a day or two

if that's what you want.

I want to go to Dodge City.

Why Dodge City?

Got a little living
coming after two years.

Figure Larned can
wait a few days.

You ever been there?


Let me tell you about it.

It's about, uh, five saloons

and a livery stable...

surrounded by the biggest
marshal you ever saw.

Matt Dillon.

Well, he ain't nothing
to tangle with, Chance.

Oh, I heard about
him, all right.


Prison's half full of
men just living to kill him.

What's that got to do with you?

I just don't think
he's that good.

Never did think so.

You sound like you
know him, Chance.

I sure used to.

We grew up on the
same ranch in Texas.

Same folks raised us.

You never told us that before.

Never knew what happened to him.

He went off when
I was ten years old.

Never heard of
him again till prison.

Did you like him, Chance?

I guess I hated him.

He always called me "Runt."

Matt was always
older and bigger.

And he was always right.

Guess I'm just bound
to find out if he still is.

Boy, you couldn't pay me
to go into that town of his.

I'm not wanted for anything.

I'm a free man.

You couldn't pay me
to stay out of his town.

That your way of saying
you're splitting with us?

Just want to go
to Dodge, that's all.

You ride out to Larned,
I'll meet up with you there.

You boys can
take the other room.

I'm gonna watch this
fire till my eyes close.

Ah, now, Chance, you know...

There's nothing to
worry about, Moran.

Nothing at all.


Uh, me and Moran
been thinking, uh...

That's a fine way
to start the day.

Well, you got a big time coming.
I mean, we know that, uh...

Since you're going
to Dodge and, uh,

seeing as how you know
the marshal there and all,

maybe you could set up
something good for all of us.

Now, you have been
doing some thinking.

Well, it don't hurt none
to get the lay of the land.

I never rode into a town
in my life I didn't size it up,

figure the chances.

I couldn't help myself
now if I wanted to.

You figure to see me
in about three days.

Good luck, Chance.

I told you we
could count on him.

Ah, you hear what
you want to hear.

He didn't say one
way or the other.



Oh, morning, young fella.

Stable my horse for me?

That's a fine-looking animal.

Well, he's earned a
meal and a blanket.

You paying in advance?

Mister, I'm a stranger in town.

I hear you got a
pretty tough marshal.

I sure want to toe the line.

You in trouble with the law?


Then you got nothing to
fear from Marshal Dillon.

He's a fair man, is he?

Finest man I know.

You'll find out for yourself
when you meet him.

Well, thanks...
Maybe I'll do that.

Come on, boy.

(indistinct chatter)

What'll it be, mister?


You want a glass or a bottle?

Want to get me drunk?

You get drunk,
you'll do it yourself.

Make it a glass.

I sure don't want to
get packed off to jail.

All the stories I heard
about the marshal here,

I was half afraid
to ride into town.

Well, if it wasn't
for Marshal Dillon,

there wouldn't be
any town to ride into.

Yeah, how's that?

Dodge would've been shot
clean off the prairie by now.

He really rules it, huh?

He keeps the law, that's all.

Well, he's human.

Must make a mistake sometimes.

Well, I've lived here
about five years.

He's made darn few in that time.

Sounds more like a
legend than a man.

MAN: Don't ever
pull that trick again.

MAN 2: Can't stand to
lose, get out of the game.

Ah, saloon brawling.

That's something a
marshal should stop.

He will once I get him.

(grunting and groaning)


Fight's over, Marshal.

I settled if for you.

Thanks for stopping it.

Why don't you go to the bar
and help yourself to a drink?

Yes, ma'am.

(piano playing)

You know him, Kitty?

No, I've never seen him before.

I don't think he's
ever been in here.

Why don't some of you
men give Sam a hand

cleaning up here, will you?

Are you, uh... you in the habit

of breaking up fights
like that, mister?

That your way of
saying thank you?

No, that's just my way
of asking a question.

Someday I'm going to grow
as big and be as right as you.

Chance Hopper?

You call me Runt,
I'll kick your head in.

Well, by golly, Chance.

Well, you look about big
enough to be able to do it, too.

What, are you up from Texas?

Up from Texas,
over from Colorado,

down from the Dakotas.

I see.

Well, you, uh... you
sure learned something

about stopping a fight
somewhere along the line.

But you still think you
could have done it better.

What are you, a lawman?


No, I leave that for
you big tough fellas.

What brings you to Dodge?


Soon as I set foot in Kansas,

I began hearing about
this marshal in Dodge City.

I sure enough had to
see if this Matt Dillon

was still doing things
better than anybody else.

I don't know about that.

Why, now, when we
were back at the ranch,

you used to know you
were best at everything.

Well, I'll tell you, Chance,
I'd give a whole lot

to know everything I
thought I knew then.

You mean you don't?

Are you gonna be
around Dodge a while?

My office is right
across the street.

Yeah, I saw it.

Anything I can do
for you, let me know.

No, I saw what I came to see.

I'll be moving on.

You know, I can almost
look you straight in the eye

without crooking my neck.

I'd say it was worth the trip.

Good luck to you, Chance.

- See you later, Kitty.
- Right.

You a friend of Matt's?

Last time I saw him,
he was 27 and I was ten.

But I wouldn't say
we were friends.

No, ma'am.

Thanks for the drink.

You're welcome.

(lively piano music playing)

(Chance laughing)

All right, go ahead, breathe.

That's what we
came out here for.


That's better.
Go on. You try it.

Oh, I'm afraid to.

Fresh air's all in
getting used to.

I know, but I might like it.

And I can't work in there
and like fresh air, too.

Let's walk around,
give it a try.

Oh, I don't make a
dime walking around.

You do tonight, honey.

(both chuckle)

(Chance chuckling)

(Chance sighs)

It's time to breathe again.

This air is no
fresher than a saloon.

Banks always seem
to smell musty to me.

I almost forgot what
a bank looked like.

Well, treat yourself
to a real good look.


I haven't set foot in
a bank in two years.

You know, this is no
free walk I'm taking.

Who needs banks?

(Chance laughs)

Boy, Mr. Dillon, I'd sure like
to have a stake in that hand

that Carp Henninger's
sitting on in there.

How much of a stake?

Well, I imagine
it'd take about $40,

but you know there's
over $200 in that pot?

And he can't lose.

Well, he must have an
awful good hand, then.

Well, he's got three kings,

and he's still got
to draw to them yet.

- Three kings, huh?
- Yeah.

Well, let me just
tell you something.

You're lucky you're
not in that game,

'cause Horney Mason
is holding four aces.

- Oh, he ain't done it.
- Yeah.

You see how much money you
save by following me on my rounds?

Well, I...

How... how could
he have four aces?

The law never sleeps,
does it, Marshal?

I thought you were
leaving town, Chance.

Tomorrow soon enough for you?

You're the one that's leaving.

I had to stay tonight
and teach this little lady

to breathe fresh air.

He's paying me just to
walk around, Marshal.

Can you beat that?

Come on. Let's
breathe some of that air.

Never seen him
before, Mr. Dillon.

Well, his name's
Chance Hopper, Chester.

Knew him a long time ago.

Is he a friend of yours?

I don't know.



(horses neighing)



My goodness, you're hurt.

Yeah, my leg kind
of gave out under me.

See if I can steady you.

Well, I don't know, ma'am.

I... I think my leg's broke.

It takes a couple of
turns it didn't used to.

I've got to get you
back into Dodge.

Come on, now. Let's try.

That's it. Let's try.


How bad is it, Doc?

Well, it's a broken
leg. It's bad.

But he's young, healthy.

He'll... he'll heal fast.

How fast?

Well, like I said, son,
you got a broken leg.

There's no
splintering or anything.

It's... it's not
complicated at all.

It's just gonna take some time,

and you'll have some
pain along with it.

How much time?

I don't exactly know.

You're gonna have to be
off of it entirely for a while.

Then you'll be on
crutches for a while.

Can I ride?

Of course you can't ride.

But I've got to.

Well, now, look, if you
know all the answers,

what are you asking
me the questions for?

Well, isn't there
something you can do?

Yes, I've just done
everything I can do.

Now it's up to you.

It's his business, you know?

He's pretty good at it, Chance.

Seems to me you'd be
smart to take his advice.

You think I can get smart?

That might take some time, too.

All right, Doc, what
do I have to do?

Well, first thing you can
do is find a place to stay

where somebody
can look after you

until you can take
care of yourself.

We got an extra cot
over in my office, Chance.

You can stay
there if you want to.

I don't want any special favors.

I'm not offering any.

The cot's there. You
can take it or leave it.

All right.

I'll take it.

But just for a while.

Let me know when
he's ready, Doc.

I'll let you know.

All right, you do that.

Here, raise up.

Now, lean back on that.

That feel better?

It hits all the right
spots, Chester.

Well, I see you wasn't
too wild about your supper.

The only thing I'm
wild about is being here.

You ought to be
used to it by now.

It's almost been a week.

Yeah, I know.

You got any curiosity, Chester?

Well, I got an
interest in things,

if that's what you mean.

Well, give it up.


Look at me.

I had to ride in to
see if that big stiff

was still a big stiff.

Cost me a busted leg.

Well, it give me a steady
checker partner, though.

You see, there's good and
there's bad in everything.


It's your move.

Well, one good thing...
Holed up here the way I am,

I'm bound to see Matt
make a few mistakes.

It's a big ambition
of yours, huh?

Lifelong, Chester.


Well, you must have
done something to him.

Come to think of it, I bet
you were a terrible bully.

Well, I guess I wasn't
any saint or anything, Kitty,

but I can't recall ever
doing anything to him

except maybe just ignoring him.

That was friendly.

Well, you know how it
is. Chance was just a kid.

And I was older and
bigger, and, well, you know.

Well, did you like him?

Well, sure, I guess I liked him.

But, well, he was...

- He was just a kid.
- Yeah.

And you were a bigger kid.

(chuckles) Well, I guess
that's about the size of it.

(Kitty laughs)

Well, I think it's a good thing

that he has to stay
in town for a while.

At least you two will
get to know each other.

Yeah, well, that wouldn't
do either of us any harm.

- Kitty, I'll see you later.
- All right.

Hello, Louie.


(slurring): Hello, Marshal.

What you doing?

I'm thinking.

I've been thinking how
maybe I'd cross the street.

(Dillon chuckles)

Well, I'm going
on across, Louie.

Why don't you come on with me?

Sure, that's all right.

Got yourself a prisoner, Matt?

Oh, no.

No, Chance, this is a friend
of mine, Louie Pheeters.

Louie, this is Chance Hopper.

Any friend of the marshal's...

Hello, Louie.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Hate to see a man
not get around good.

I'm coming along all right.

Well, Louie and I
are gonna wash up

and go have something to eat.

- Oh, Marshal, I...
- Louie, come on.

It's not gonna do you any harm.


What do you suppose
happened to Chance?

Like I didn't know
yesterday, I don't know today.

He said Thursday.

That was last Thursday.

Yeah, yeah, what do you
suppose is keeping him?

I don't know.

(chuckles) That makes
you about as smart as me.

I suppose it's
all right with you,

just sitting here
waiting, not knowing.

No, it's not all right,

but I ain't ready
to go into town

and show my face
looking for him.



Well, something's keeping him.

I-I don't like to say this,

but just maybe he's sizing
up the town for himself, Moran.

Not for us; just-just him.

Well, he could, you know.

He's been in jail for two years.

Could be a woman.

(horse approaching)



Oh, it's just Hallie.

Just Hallie?

There ain't no such
thing as "just Hallie."

Hi, honey.


Well, I see he didn't
show up again today.

You stop for the mail?

Mm-hmm. There wasn't any.


I sure like it better
when you're here, Hallie.

Better than with just Cheevers?


You know, you say the
nicest things to a woman.

Now, uh, look, why don't
you just clean off that table

- so I can start supper.
- (sighs)

Well, did you see anything
of that stage driver in town?

He was practically waiting
for me when I got there.

He's, uh, falling for me.

Bought me two glasses of beer.

Well, did he say anything?

He told me I was pretty,

and that, uh, he wished that
my daddy would let me stay

in town longer sometimes.

Well, your daddy won't.

CHEEVERS: Oh, come on, Hallie.

Did he say anything important?

He told me I wouldn't
be seeing him tomorrow

'cause he's making
the run to Lyons.

Larned to Lyons.

That ain't no gold shipment.

No. It won't be long now.

About two weeks.

That what he said?

In a way, he did.

You see, he knows I worry
about him on these runs,

so he tells me little things
to put my mind at ease.


And he never
mentions road agents

unless he's carrying
something real special.

Like gold.

That's only once a month.

Last time was two weeks ago.


On the Wichita to
Garden City run.

So your friend, Chance, had
better show up pretty soon.

Well, we can't go
into town and get him.

Not you or me, Moran,
but... but Hallie can.

She ain't wanted for anything.

You don't know my stage driver.

Well, Chance don't
know her, never seen her.

She don't know
nothing about him.

Well, Dodge ain't that big.

She could find him
and see what he's up to.

I don't know.

Well, we got to
know about Chance.

What's the matter?

Don't you trust me?

You know any reason I should?

Well, we both got
something in common.

Like what?

We love gold.


All right, Hallie.

You go into town
and find old Chance.

All right.

I will.

And so the second man I asked,

uh, he said, "Oh, you
mean the marshal's friend."

That's how I found you.

You tell them I've
got a cot in his office.

See what they say about that.

I'm sorry to hear you're hurt.

They've been worried about you.

They've, uh...

Well, they're working on a plan.

So am I.


can you tell me about it here?

I think so.

I'm planning to get
so I can ride a horse.


Well, I am.

But that isn't the
kind of plan I mean.

Well, I won't be
much good to anyone

unless I can ride, now, will I?

Well, no.

Hello, Chance. How do you feel?

- Fine, Miss Kitty.
- Chance, how are you?

Doc, Miss Kitty, this is Hallie.

- Howdy.
- How do you do?

- Hello.
- Hey, Chance,

you come by the
office in the morning,

and I'll cut that cast
down some for you.

I'll be there, Doc.

See you in the
morning, then. Hallie.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You, uh, seem to
have more friends here

than in Larned.

My old friends are in Larned.

Can I tell them
you'll be coming?

In a week, I'll
tell them myself.

You won't be able
to ride in a week.

I'll be able to talk and listen.

In Larned?

That's too far.

Tell them to make it
the shack in a week.

All right.

Doc says you're doing just fine.

All I want him to do is tell me

when I can swing this
lead leg over a horse.

According to him,
it won't be long.

It's already too long.

MAN (slurring): Stop
right there, Marshal.

What do you want, Gates?

I want you to stay put.

All right, I'm put.

What's he got in mind?

I don't know what
he's got on his mind,

but the rest of him
is full of whiskey.

All right, no talking.

What is it, Gates?


You and me are gonna
have a showdown.

Any particular reason?

Well, I'm calling
you out, Marshal.

If you're any kind of a man...

Will he do it, Matt?

Well, he probably wouldn't,
but the whiskey might.

It's late, Gates.

I'm tired.

This won't take long.

Pretty dark out here on
the street for a gunfight.

Yeah, it is pretty dark.

Maybe we ought to get a
little closer together, huh?

Good idea.

This is pretty close, ain't it?


Maybe we ought to put
it off till morning, huh?

I might not feel
like it tomorrow.

I think you might.

Yeah, I might.

Come to think of it,

I don't feel any
too good right now.

I'll see you tomorrow, Marshal.

How do you know when they
mean it and when they don't?

You don't for sure.

Think I'd just tuck him in jail.

If he comes back in
the morning, I think I will.

Well, how about it, Chance?

You feel like turning in?

Not just yet.

How about a cup of coffee?

Yeah, good.

What do outlaws look like, Matt?

Well, like people, I guess.

You been a lawman for a while.

Can't you tell by looking

who'll break the
law and who won't?

Who's broken it and who hasn't?

Well, wish I could.

I'd think you
could after a time.


like that fella Gates out there

I ran into tonight, I know him.

I've known him for a long time.

He's not really out to get me,

but someday, some young
fella that looks just about like that

will come along,
maybe get the job done.

You never know who it'll be.

Nope, you never know.

When you look at
me, what do you see?

Man with a broken leg.

Can't tell by looking I
just got out of prison?

Did you?

Two years.

Bank robbery.

You wanted for anything now?


No lecture?

Not from me.

I couldn't be wrong
about you, could I, Matt?

Anybody can be wrong.

Even you?

I don't know what
you think about me,

but I'm just a man, you know?

Just an ordinary man.

Well, that's more like it.

How's the leg?

First one that
yanks at that foot

gets the other one
right in the head.

You know, Hallie didn't
tell me how you busted that.

You believe me if I told you
I was helping an old lady?

- No.
- Then I won't tell you.

Well, it's good
to have you back.

Here, I'll give you a hand.

You're a man of your word.

And you're pretty.

Well, a lot of work
driving out here, was it?

More than I'm used to.

- It wasn't bad.
- Yeah.

Uh, Hallie, uh... Hallie
says you're right up

that old Marshal's nose
all the time. (laughs)

He's right under mine.

Works both ways,
don't it, Chance?

Seems like.

Well, I guess we can
drink to our plan, then.

Let's drink to something
in a hurry. I need this.

What's this?

It's the stage
line south of here.

Comes from Wichita,
goes to Dodge,

then right on to Garden City.

Yeah, I came out
part of it along in here.


Yeah, that's right.

Yeah. Now, there's a
gold shipment coming

on that stage late next week.

We figure we ought to lighten
their load a little bit for 'em.

I got nothing against gold.

Now, good cover
right up here, see?

And it's high enough so
you can see a stage coming,

uh... oh, most a mile.

Yeah. Me and Cheevers
rode up there and checked.

How'd you know
about the shipment?

Well, Hallie's been
smiling a stage driver along.

Ain't you, Hallie?

That's right.

I heard about women like you.

Knowing one's better.

Yeah. Uh, you see anything
wrong with the plan here, Chance?

Just one thing.

What's that?

They don't send gold
shipments through

without a marshal
knows about it.

Matt will probably be riding
right alongside that stage.

Well, that's up to
you to keep him away.

I don't know I could do that.

Now, we're doing
everything else, Chance.

We split the take
just like always,

and you keep Marshal
Dillon away from there

till the stage gets on to Dodge.

That's a big order.

Well, we figure he trusts you.

I'm not sure of that, either.

Well, we trust you.
Don't we, Cheevers?

Always did.

Now, look, Matt Dillon's
no tinhorn Marshal.

He's his own man.

I can't guarantee I
can keep him away.

Well, if he ain't there,
he ain't gonna get hurt.

You think you can handle
it without the marshal?

We're willing to chance it.

Let's all drink to
old friends, then.

To them and with them.

Come on, Hallie.
You get in on this, too.

All right.

Now, you, uh... you get
so you can ride, Chance.

We'll get the word
to you through Hallie.

You cook good, too.

I do everything good.

Well, Chester tells me
you're getting so good at it,

you're gonna buy
a new horse, huh?

I took a wagon
out the other day.

Stopped at Gilmore's ranch.

They got some fine horses.

Oh, yeah, best in the country.


You go out there
with me tomorrow?

I don't know. I guess I could.

I figure I'd bring
the marshal with me,

they can't bump
the price too high.

(Dillon chuckles)

Are you, uh, gonna
trade your own horse in?

If Gilmore will stand a trade.

He does it all the time.

Of course, he'll probably
want some more money, too.

Oh, wait a minute.

Tomorrow's Friday, isn't it?

Yeah. What's Friday?

Well, I guess I could
still could go out there

with you in the morning.

I got to be back in town on
business in the afternoon.

Don't you ever take a day off?

Well, yeah, but tomorrow
isn't one of them.

I got to be back here when
the stage gets into town.

Expecting someone?

(chuckling): Yeah.

What's funny?

You know, I was just
thinking of the last time

that, uh, you and I went
out to look at horses together.

(Chance chuckles)

That little paint.

(chuckling): Yeah.

I told you not to get on him.

So I did, and he
bucked me right off.

You don't suppose that's
gonna happen tomorrow, do you?

Hey, maybe I'd better
not take you along after all.

I don't know.

Maybe you should in
case it does happen.

(Chase chuckles)

How does she ride?

Well, I'll get used to her.

What's wrong?

Well, my leg
bothers me a little.

I kind of figured you
gave it a pretty good whack

back there in the corral.

You think we could
stop a while, Matt?

Well, you probably ought
to. I've got to keep going on.

Look, maybe you can
make it back to Gilmore's.

I'll see if I can get Doc
to come out and see you.

I'll ride along with you
if you take a slow pace.

No, I'm sorry, Chance. I got
to get on up to the stage road.

I understand, Matt.

Uh, you go on ahead.

I'll keep up best way I can.

All right.

(Chance groans softly)


You think you're in time, Matt?

I don't know.

How's your leg holding up?

Not too bad.




You have to do it that way?

You all right, Chance?

No time for long-range planning.

Don't matter how you did it.

It looks like it's
gonna work, Chance.

You cut it pretty thin.

That stage is just
about due now.

Let's get the horses.

There'll be other
stages, Cheevers.

Are you crazy?

We can't miss!

I'm not gonna leave
him up there like that.

I might've killed him.
He might be dead.

Well, if that's all that's
bothering you, I'll make sure...

What's come over you?

I'm going back up to him.

You got any ideas of
killing, you got to kill me first.

You make it mighty
tough, Chance.

I hope so.

Forget it, Cheevers.

You're both crazy.


Maybe we are.

You and me can't stop
that stage without him.

We've always let
Chance call the turns.

I don't see any
reason to stop now.

Besides, as he said,

there'll be plenty
of other stages.

Come on.

Hold it!

Get your hands up.

I wouldn't blame you for
pulling that trigger, Matt.

What'd you do, come back
here to get yourself killed?

Back to help.

I've had all your
kind of help I need.

You got some explaining to do.

Matt, I tried to prove that you
weren't best in everything...

I was a better man than you.

I never could do anything right.

I just proved what
a fool I've been.

(horses approach)

That stage will get through
to Dodge all right now.


You seem awful sure of that.

I am.

Like you say, Matt, I got
a lot of explaining to do.

All right.

Let's get mounted.


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