Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 8, Episode 18 - The Renegades - full transcript

Quint says that white renegades, not Indians, are the cause of recent raids around Dodge. Working shotgun on the stage, he proves his point when he is attacked, then pursued by those ...

(theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


(exhales) Comanches are late.

They'll be here.

They always are.

When it comes to
buying and selling,

them Comanches
is real trustworthy.

Especially if you've
got a gun at their bellies.

Well, that don't hurt none.

Looky here.

Well, doggone, what do you know?

They got a white
woman with them.

Yeah, it's about time.

Ain't had one in about a month.

She don't look
none too old, neither.

Looks like our luck is changing.

See you done
pretty good this time.

Check the wagon, Poole.

Woman young.

Bring good price.

Well, that all depends.

You're white.

My being white ain't gonna make

a whole lot of
difference to you, lady.

You got, uh,

anybody who'll pay
ransom money for you?

Ransom money?



Relatives that are
worth anything?

My people were all killed.

All of them.

Yeah, well, she ain't worth
as much as she might be.

You finished?


Worth maybe $200.

You heard that?

Horses and wagon, more.

About $25.

How about woman?

Well, you heard her.

Ain't nobody to
go ransom for her.

She worth something.

Oh, sure.

We'll take her down
to Mexico and sell her.

Sell me?

That's right.

Ain't my fault, lady,

you got nobody
left to pay ransom.

I'll give you $30.

Pay me.

You can't mean...

I'm a businessman, lady.

I do business with
the Comanches.

I buy their stuff,

including their captives.

They take the
money and buy guns.

Works out fine
all the way around.

(speaks native language)

You let me know
next time you get lucky.

Lots more money
where that came from.


(singing quietly)

Well, howdy, Quint.

What you doing?

I'm, uh, shoeing
horses, Chester.

Well, I mean,

how come that you've
got so many of them?

Well, they're, uh, cavalry
horses, Fort Dodge.

Well, how'd they get here?

They walked.

Well, I...

I mean, how come there ain't
no troopers out there with them?

Well, a couple troopers
brought them in this morning.

They'll be back to
get them tonight.

That colonel doesn't want them
loafing around Dodge all day.


You're going to get to
be a rich man there, Quint.

Well, I would if I did this
kind of business every day,

but I don't.

Don't they got a
farrier out at the fort?

Well, they did have,
but he was killed.

He was killed? How come?

Fighting Indians.


You want a drink of
water or something?

No thanks, Chester.

Well, you-you got to
stop to eat, don't you?

I don't have time.

Oh, that's ridiculous.

Anybody that works all day
has got to keep up their strength.

You got to have
something to eat.

I'm gonna get you a
plate of meat right now.

Well, thanks, Chester.

Well, howdy there, Colonel.

Hello there, Chester.

I'd like you to meet
my daughter, Lavinia.

This is Mr. Chester Goode.

- Miss Lavinia.
- How do you do?

Would you get him out
here, please, Sergeant?

- Yes, sir.
- Are, uh...

are you gonna be living
here in Dodge, are you?

Hardly. My home's in Dallas.

Oh, well, Dallas is,
uh... it's a nice town.

Well, it's somewhat more
civilized than an army fort.

Oh, now, you'd get
used to it, Lavinia.

Lots of women have.

Oh, there he is.

Colonel Pate, Quint Asper.

Well, Quint, I've been
wanting to meet you.

This is my daughter, Lavinia.


You are the best
farrier that I ever saw.

The way you shoe
horses is a wonder.

You know, the United
States Army could use you.

Have you ever
thought of joining up?

Well, I don't think the
United States Army

is the place for me, Colonel.

Oh, why not?

Well, you see,
I'm half Comanche.

An Indian?


Well, you may be half Comanche,
but you're half white, too.

That's right.

It would be a shame to
waste you shoeing horses.

You'd be invaluable, Quint.

I want you.

I want you for a scout.

I need you.

Well, no, thanks, Colonel.

I'm not interested.

Have you ever lived
with the Comanches?

Yes, I have.

Well, then you
know all their habits,

uh, their customs,
where to find them.

You mean you're going after
the Comanches, is that it?

Well, they've been
raiding constantly recently,

and they've got to be stopped.

Well, Colonel, I'm afraid

you're going after
the wrong people.

The wrong people?

Comanches have
been raiding, sure,

but when they
raid steady like this,

it only means one thing.

The renegade whites
are behind them.

Now, wait a minute,
I don't think I...

A man named Trask runs them.

Their meeting place
is down south of here,

where the Crooked Creek
runs into the Cimarron.

You go after the renegades,

and the Comanches
will quit raiding altogether.

Well, he's right, Colonel.

Them renegade whites, they'll...

they'll buy anything that
the Comanches bring them.

Yes, I've heard of them, but
if we put the Indians down,

the renegade whites will
be out of business, too.

Well, the day you
go after those whites,

I'll give you a hand.

Of course.

Anything to kill a white man.

Anything to kill these
white men, yes, ma'am.

Whatever you decide, Colonel.

I'm going after
the Indians, Quint.

The rest doesn't
make sense to me.


Well, I got one
more shoe to tack on,

and I'll be finished.

That's all of them, isn't it?

Is that so, Sergeant?

Yes, sir, this bunch will do it.

I've got a couple of men
coming for them in an hour.

Good. Well, Quint, if you
ever change your mind,

let me know.

Bye, Chester, Quint.

The colonel's kind
of hardheaded.

Well, a man's got to do
things his own way, I guess.

Daughter's kind of
pretty, though, wasn't she?

I mean, she's kind of spoiled
to my way of thinking, but...

She's sure got spirit.


Well, that's awful fair of you
after the way she treated you.

Well, I'll... I'll
go get your eats.

Oh, it's you.

"Oh, it's you."

Now, don't get smart.

"Now, don't get smart."

You do that to
me again, and I'll...

"You do that to
me again, and I'll..."

Well, looky here.

(door opens)


Oh, hello, Doc.

You going to dinner right away?

Well, I was kind of
figuring on it, yeah.

- Fine.
- Oh, you got the mail, huh?

Yeah, it's right
there, Mr. Dillon.

I got a letter here from
my brother, Magnus.

Oh, where is Magnus these days?

Da... uh, Damascus.


Yeah, Damascus.

Well, I had no idea he
was such a world traveler.

Well, Damascus
ain't so far away, Doc.

It's only about 200
miles east of Fort Smith.

Oh, Arkansas, you mean?

Yeah, Arkansas.

What's the matter with Arkansas?

Nothing wrong with it at all.

Well, I'd sure rather
be there than here.

That'd suit me just fine.

At least the
Comanches ain't raiding

and fighting all over it.

Well, now what in thunder
is he talking about, Matt?

Well, they raided
a small wagon party

south of here yesterday, Doc.

- They did?
- Killed all the men.

They didn't find
any of the women.

Bad business.

Well, you coming?

"Well, you coming?"

What did Magnus have to say?

You mean my brother?

Well, he's the only
Magnus I know of.

- Oh. (chuckles)
- He coming to Dodge?

Oh, heavens, no.

Gracious sakes,
I should say not.


Well, I got enough
problems, Miss Kitty,

without having my brother,
Magnus, following me around.

How would you like it if
your brother come to Dodge?

Well, I'd love it if I had one.

Well, that's just 'cause
that you're a woman.

Hello, Matt.

Hi, Kitty.

- Mr. Dillon.
- Chester.

There's the man I'm looking for.

I'll be back in a minute.

Hello, Quint.

- Matt.
- How you feeling?


Did you finish up
the army horses?

All 27 of them.

Well, you got anything
lined up for tomorrow?

No. Why?

How would you like to get
out of town for a day or two?

I'd like nothing better.

Good. You know Sam Gordon?

- The stage driver.
- Yeah.

Saw him on the street;
he needs a shotgun man

for tomorrow's run south.

He's got one now.

Come on, let's have a
beer, and then we'll find him.

Let's get this
stuff on the stage.

Well, this is a sad
day for me, Lavinia.

Once you're back on the
prairie chasing Indians,

you won't miss me.

Seems like you've just arrived.

It's been over a week, Father.

Over a week,

and I haven't laid eyes
on you for two years.

Well, an army fort's
no place for a woman.

I don't know how
Mother ever stood it.

Well, it was hard
on your mother,

but no harder than
for other women.

She knew her duty.

She did it.

And died young.

She died proud, Vinnie.

Proud as can be.

Well, I guess I haven't
got the same kind of pride.

Let's not argue
about it, Father.

It's all settled,

and I'm leaving
in a few minutes.

I know, my dear. It's all right.

It's all set, sir.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Are you about ready to leave?

Yep, just as soon as my
shotgun man gets here.

Well, we might as
well wait out here.

There's no use
your sitting in there

until it's time to go.

Those filthy men.

It's the worst part
of stage travel.

Well, look who's here.

- Morning.
- Morning, Quint.

You, uh, seeing
somebody off, Colonel?

Yes, Lavinia is
going back to Dallas.

Oh, I see.

And by the way, Quint,
I wanted you to know

that that job as a
scout is still open to you.

Well, like I said
before, Colonel,

the day you go after
those renegade whites,

I'll give you a hand.

You're a stubborn man, Quint.

So are you, Colonel.


I suppose it would give
you a great deal of pleasure

to go hunting down
those white men.

Yes, it would.

Where have you been?

You said 9:00. It's 9:00.

Well, let's get moving.

Is he going?

That's right.

I'm riding shotgun.

Now, really, Father...

Oh, Lavinia, I have no doubt
he'll be a highly competent man

with that rifle he's carrying.

You mean you trust him?

Yes, Lavinia, I do.

Come on, folks.

This stage is leaving.

Good-bye, my dear.

(door closes)



Hyah! Hyah!

Find anything?

I picked a spot; we
won't have no trouble.

Find any good cover?

That stagecoach will
be right on top of us

before they know
what's happening.

Good, then we can get
the killing done right off.

You better not go getting
wild like you sometimes do.

Might just be a woman
or two on that stage.

I ain't about to kill no woman.

You better not. (sniffs)

Woman that's riding a stagecoach

is more likely to
be worth ransom

than some of those poor
wagon train immigrants.

We ain't had too
much luck lately, either.


Trask is beginning to think
maybe we're holding out on him.

How could we do that?

Oh, there's a way.

How would that be, Brice?


let's just say there is
a woman on that stage,

and let's say that...

that somebody will
pay ransom for her.

We just hide her out somewhere,
collect the ransom ourselves.

And not tell Trask
about it, you mean?


No, we tell him later.

Tell him nobody
had ransomed her.

Then he takes her
down to Mexico, sells her.

We're all ahead of the game.

That is, less'n she tells Trask
about the ransom money.


You ever hear about
splitting a blackbird's tongue

to make it talk?


Works just the
opposite with a woman.

About time we went to work.



Looks like a good place for
an ambush up there, Sam.

I ain't never been
ambushed there yet.

What does that prove?

Prove you're carrying
on just like an old lady.

That's how ladies get
old... By being careful.

Wake up, cowboy.

I said, "Wake up."

Ain't nothing wrong.
We're just playing it safe.

Put the lady between you
and keep your eyes peeled.

Anything happens or goes wrong,

you get down on the floor...


Quint, you beat
anything I ever seen.

(distant gunshots)



(gunshots continue)





(gunshots continue)

- You all right?
- Yes.

- Stay down on the floor.
- He's badly hurt.

He'll either make
it or he won't.

Now, stay down on the floor.

(gunshots continue)


Poole! Mclver!

Meet at the horses!

Meet at the horses!

Poole, come on!


I'll get him out of here.

I may need this.

Want us to get
mounted and rush 'em?

- What's going on?
- Just take it easy.

What do you mean, take it
easy? What's the matter with you?

They could be driving off!

They can't drive off
without us hearing them.

What'd you call
the fight off for?

There's only one of
them doing any harm.

We could take care of him.

You heard that
scream... That's a woman!

You want to get her killed?

Who said anything
about killing a woman?

By accident.

Yeah. Maybe you're right, Brice.

How we gonna get her?

We'll go get 'em after dark.

Everything's easy in the dark.

Are they dead?


What's happening?
I don't understand it.

It could be they're
waiting for dark.

Well, do we have to wait, too?

Why don't you take a
chance and drive out of here?

Because I'd make
too easy a target

sitting up there on
top of that stage.

Oh. So that's it.

Miss Lavinia, if they get me,
they're gonna get you for sure.

Why don't you go out there
and let them know who you are,

that you're half Indian?

Because those are
white men out there.

How do you know that?

Like you say, I'm half Indian...

I can smell them.

Well, what are we going to do?

Those two saddles up
on top of this coach...

Come dark, I'll strip the
harness off these horses

and slap the saddles on.

Then we'll ride out of here.

Ride? In these clothes?

Well, you can stay here.

I may just do that.

You know what they
got in mind for you?

Hold you for ransom.

And whether they get
it or not, they'll sell you

- across the border.
- Sell me.

That would occur to you.

In all that stuff
you brought along,

you must have some riding
clothes in there someplace.

Where would I change, anyway?

Right where you are.

I'll get your stuff.

- ♪♪
- (insects chirping)

Take this.

It's loaded.

Don't try to use it
to scare anybody.

Only when you have to.

And take that hat off.

What about them?

We don't have time to bury 'em.

- Come on.
- We'll ride straight into them.

There's only three of 'em.

They've scattered... they
can't cover the whole area.

How can we tell which
point they haven't covered?

Well, I'll ride
out of here and...

take those two horses with me.

That'll draw their fire.

You watch for it, and ride
through the hole they've left.

But ride easy.

What do you mean, ride easy?

Well, their attention
will be on me

unless they see or hear you.

Aren't you taking
an awful chance?

Yeah. But I'm half
Comanche, remember?

I'm just full of tricks.

Now, come on.

Hang on to that other horse.
I'm gonna ride out of here fast.

Where'll I go?

Just ride in a straight
line. I'll find you.


Good luck.


(gun clicks empty)

Get the horses!
We'll run him down!


(horse approaching)


Oh, Quint, I wasn't
sure it was you.

I told you I'd find you.

I-I'm sorry.

Forgive me. I-I wasn't...

I was upset.


Are you sure they
didn't follow you?

No, but they'll be on
our trail come daylight.

This time, they'll bring
every man they got.

But why?

I killed one of them.

Oh, no.

So now it's not just
you they're after.

What are we going to do?

How tired are you?

I can make it.

Well, we'll ride out of here
and find a good place to hide.

Quint... I'm glad you're here.

Did you feed the men?

Well, feed 'em!

- Trask.
- Well?

We ran into a little trouble.

We sure did.

Poole... he got killed.

MclVER: They had a man
riding shotgun with a rifle.

- Yes.
- He was a terror!

Yeah. He's still out
there somewhere.

He's got a woman, too.

That's why we came back.

We need help.

Now, don't blame us
for not finding them.

This man makes
tracks like an Injun.

BRICE: We did right, didn't we?

What was in the treasure box?

The treasure box!

Well, it was dark
when he killed Poole.

He was riding around
like a crazy man.

We took off after him.

We forgot about everything else.

You're gonna pay for it.
You're gonna pay for it plenty.

But first I want that woman.

And I want that
man that killed Poole.

Now, get the men mounted.

BRICE: Trask says mount up, men.

You know, by golly, the food
gets worse here all the time.

Matt, I tell you what
I'm thinking about.

Why don't you go hunting

and bring something home
for Kitty to cook for us?

We'll have a good meal.

I can't cook.

Well, neither can they.

Doc, you, uh, getting
tired of the food here

or you just want to get
a free meal? Which is it?

A little bit of both.

Mr. Dillon, I've been
looking all over for you.

You know that stage

that Quint and Colonel
Pate's daughter was on?

- It never did get to Oklahoma City.
- What?

They got a telegram
over at the stage office

wondering what happened.

It was eight hours
overdue when they sent it.

Well, you better go
get our horses, Chester.

I'll meet you
back at the office.

Doc, can you, uh,
take care of this?

Yeah, I'll take care of it.

- Bye, Kitty.
- Bye.

That sure doesn't
sound good, does it?

Sure don't.


Renegades are everywhere.
All of 'em, it looks like.

You sure it's us
they're looking for?

I'm sure.

Then, in time, they're
bound to find us, aren't they?

If we just sit here and do
nothing about it, they will.

- I got an idea.
- You do?

I found signs of Indians
out there... Comanches.

Not too far from here.

Oh, no.

You got nothing to
fear from Comanches.

I keep forgetting.

They're here to trade
with those renegades.

So the renegades and the
Indians don't bother each other.

What's that got to do with us?

Well, you aren't gonna
like this too much,

but as a white woman, well...

well, you're not very safe.

But as an Indian squaw,

you'll be all right.

I'd make a fine-looking squaw.

You'd do all right.

You're not serious
about this, are you?

Well, it's a lot better than
being taken by those renegades.

You'll be safe here
for a little while longer.

If you hear anything,
get in those bushes

and cover up like I showed you.

Those Comanches
I told you about...

I'm gonna take our horses
and ride out the back way.

If I can find them, I'll...

I'll trade our horses
for Indian ponies.

With luck, I can
exchange our equipment

for clothes and food.

You stay under cover.

Please hurry, Quint.

Be back as soon as I can.


(insects chirping)

Well, that's the first time

the cavalry ever
beat me anywhere.

What in the world happened?

Let's go take a look.

Hello, Colonel.


You sure got here fast.

I had a man waiting at the
telegraph office, Marshal.

I see.

Yes, the driver and
two men passengers.

And there's no
trace of my daughter.

Or Quint Asper.

Did you find any arrows?

No, but they stole the horses.

That means Indians.


Indians always steal
the horses, Marshal.

What about the treasure box?

No, they didn't touch it.

Indians wouldn't.

We opened it. It had nothing.

Well, we'd better get going

as soon as they're finished.

Well, we've been trying
to decide which way.

Ah, they could be anywhere.

Well, I got a good
idea where to start.


Down south of here,
where Crooked Creek

runs into the Cimarron.

Why there, Marshal?

'Cause that's where the
renegade whites hang out.

I'm interested in Comanches,
not renegade whites.

Well, this is where
the Comanches

bring their loot, Colonel.

And their women prisoners.

All right, we'll go, Marshal.

The graves are ready, sir.

Thank you, Sergeant.


Put these on. Hurry up.

I watched you down there.

You were taking
an awful big chance.

I had to.

(quietly): Well...

get out of those clothes
and we'll bury them.

What about my skin?

What good will clothes do?


What's this?

It's a dye the Comanches
use to color cloth.

Mix it around with that water,

and rub it on good.

It'll work fine.

Hurry up.



Surprised you speak English.

I've been thinking about that.

In case we run into those men,

maybe you'd better teach
me a few words of Comanche.

All right.

(Quint speaks Comanche phrase)

(Lavinia repeats phrase)

That'll do for a start.

(Lavinia repeats phrase)

What does it mean?

All white men are fools.

(Lavinia laughs)

You really take
advantage, don't you?

That's the first time
I've ever seen you laugh.

It's been a long time.

You really brought some food?

I'm starved.

All right, let's eat.

What's that?

I don't know what
it's called in English.

It's made with corn.

It's lucky I found those
Comanches when I did.

They must have thought you
were one of the renegades.

Well, not for long.

I just thought of something.

This bow... Where's your rifle?

I traded it to 'em.

Not having a rifle will make
us look all the more like Indians.

I still have that pistol.

We're gonna have
to get rid of that, too.

We're gonna have
to leave before long.

Shouldn't we
wait till after dark?

Oh, Indians don't
travel at night,

especially with their women.

With their women.



You've worn that
before. What is it?

My mother gave it to me.

Your mother was Indian?

Yeah. Comanche.

Your father was white?


Where are they now?

My mother died last winter.

And your father?

He was killed... by white men.

I'll bury your clothes.

(horse neighs)

They're renegades, aren't they?


Just remember
everything I told you.

I shall.

You're a brave woman.
Just go on being that way.

You won't be ashamed of me.

You speak English?


You ain't seen a white man
around here with a woman?

You white man.

We're not looking
for ourselves, stupid.

Shut up, Brice.

You know, that's about

as good-looking a
squaw as I've ever seen.

Never you mind
about her, Mclver.

You're Comanche, ain't you?


- He's with them others.
- Oh.

Doggone, that's a
good-looking woman.

TRASK: Never you give
her any mind, Mclver.

What difference does it make?
He ain't no chief or nothing.

Yeah, I always figured you'd
turn out to be a squaw man.

You don't bother me.

Why can't I take her, Trask?

Because they're
Comanches, that's why.

We do business with them.

Little something like this

will turn them against
us for good and all.

How'd they find out?

You keep on, I'm
gonna shoot you.

(speaking Comanche)

All right, let's get riding.


Stretch your legs?

(Lavinia sighs)


It's that man.

The one that was
talking about me.

Now, you just take it easy and
go along with everything I say,

just like a real squaw.

What do you plan to do?

I don't know just yet.

(speaks Comanche)

Never mind that stuff.

You know what I'm here for.

White man lost?

I ain't lost nothing,
but you're just about to.

Now, I'm taking her with me,

and I don't want no
objections from you.

White man take squaw.

Well, you're not as
dumb as you look.

Now, you give me them reins.

I don't want to be chasing
you across the prairie,

you take a mind to run.

Now, you stay right here.


(Mclver gasping)

(Quint grunts)

You did fine.

It's just that I'm
learning to trust you.

We better go.

What's the matter, Marshal?

Crooked Creek lies
off that way, Colonel.

I know that.

Their stomping ground is down

where it flows
into the Cimarron.

You're still talking about
those white renegades?


It's Comanches I'm
interested in, Marshal.

Well, they kind of run
together down there.

You'll admit that we've
been following the tracks

of a large body of Indians
for some time, don't you?

Last 20 miles.

I aim to stay on it.

All right.

We'll leave you here.

That's your privilege, Marshal.

Forward... ho!


Let's get 'em... to the attack!

Gallop... ho!

Hyah! Hyah! (whistles)

They're attacking, Mr. Dillon.

Well, that's Quint Asper.
Stay here, Chester.

Colonel, that's just a
brave and his squaw.

(birds chirping)



Hello, Colonel. How are you?

I just got back to Fort Dodge.

Dropped by to see you
the first chance I got.

Oh. Where you been?

I took a company of troopers

down to where Crooked Creek
runs into the Cimarron River.

And what did you find?

Just what you
told me I'd find...

Camp full of renegade whites.


Uh, we wiped
them out, of course.

Just wish I'd listened
to you sooner, that's all.

Well, you got them.
That's all that counts.

Say... is there any chance

of you reconsidering my offer

to come out to Fort
Dodge as a scout?

- No. No, thank you, Colonel.
- Or as a farrier?

You'd be a good man
to have around, Quint.

Well, I'll do my,
uh, blacksmithing

right here in Dodge.

You know, there
was something else

I wanted to talk to
you about, but I, uh...

Wait a minute.


Well, I... I'll see
you later, Quint.

I'll wait for you by the buggy.


Hello, Quint.

I wasn't expecting you.

I don't imagine you were.

I'm not exactly dressed
like a country gentleman.

You look like a
hard-working blacksmith.

Nobody could
complain about that.

You've changed.

I've learned a lot
from you, Quint,

and I want to thank
you for everything.

We never would have
gotten out of there

if you hadn't been
such a brave woman.

Coming from you, that's as
fine a compliment as I've had.

I guess you'll be...
moving on soon.

I'm not going back to Dallas.

I'm going to stay
here at the fort.

Well, I bet your
father's very pleased.

He's very fond of you.

He is.

That's something
else I've learned.

Something else I
have to thank you for.

Now that I'm going
to be here at the fort,

maybe I'll see you
from time to time.

Well, I don't get
out to the fort much.

Oh, I didn't mean in
the line of business.

I thought maybe you could
come out and have supper with us

some evening.

Well, I'd... I'd like that.

I'd like that a lot.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Well, good-bye, Quint.
We'll see you soon.