Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 4 - Harpe's Blood - full transcript

When Gip finds out his boys are descendants of a killer, he promises Sarah to not spare the rod if needed to keep their bad blood in check. His efforts prove futile as the oldest falls for a dance hall girl who is about to get married to someone who once cheated his brother.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

How was she?

She don't want nothing.

She just said to stay out here.

Pa will know what to do.

Wish he'd get home.

Pa, I thought you'd
never get home!

Unsaddle him, will
you, Kyle? Turn him out.

- Ma's sick.
- She's awful sick.


She fell down just after
you left this morning.

Fell down?

Sarah? Sarah?

What's the matter?
What happened?

I've been hoping
you'd get back in time.

Oh, Sarah, it ain't
your heart again?

It's bad, Gip, it's
real bad this time.

I'll go get the doctor.

No, no, stay here. I
want to talk to you.

Now, Sarah, you
save your strength.

It's about our boys.

There's something
you don't know.


Remember back in
Mississippi? Natchez?

Course I do. That's
where we got married.

Papa changed his
name to Harris years ago.

I didn't tell you.

That don't mean nothing, Sarah.

My grandpa... he
was Wiley Harpe.

You don't mean little Harpe?

Oh, Sarah, I don't believe it.

Why, why he's the
worst murderer ever lived.

Folks say he killed more
than a hundred men.

Our boys got his blood in him.

You got to watch 'em, Gip.

You got to watch 'em close.
Promise me, promise me.

I promise, Sarah.

I'll raise 'em hard and strict.

It can't be hard enough.

It's bad blood.

It's real... bad...

I'll do the best I can,
Sarah, I promise.

I'll bring 'em up so
you'd be proud of 'em.

I turned your horse out, Pa.

Thank you, boy.

How's Ma?

She's dead, Jeff.
Your Ma's dead.

Is she really dead, Pa?

Yes, she's been took.

There, that's the spot.

I'm gonna bury your
ma right out front.

That way she can be near us.

She can kind of watch.

What's that for, Pa?

I want you boys, both of
you, to listen to me good.

I made your ma a
promise before she died.

I promised I was gonna
raise you hard and strict.

I aim to hold to that promise.

But what's the strap for, Pa?

This here's a beating strap.

I hope I never have to use it.

But I'm gonna tell you plain out

I'll gonna use it
plenty if need be.

I gotta be both father
and mother to you boys.

I'm gonna do the
best I know how.

But one flicker
out of either of you,

and I'm gonna have
you hollering for a week.

I'm gonna beat you purple.

But we ain't done nothing, Pa.

And you ain't gonna do nothing.

Not now nor never.

We'll talk about that later.

Right now we've
got work to do here.

I'm gonna bury your ma proper...

with a marker and everything.

What are you gonna do,
just sit there and wait for him?

He'll be out.

You know, you get
dumber every day, Jeff.

Pa! We got your horse, Pa!

We got your horse?

You want to yell, boy, I
can still give you a reason.

Sure, Pa.

Been 15 years come next week.

You boys are getting
on the dangerous time.

I don't want no trouble

out of you in Dodge
today, you hear me?

Sure, Pa.

We gonna be here a spell.

Might as well let
Grimmick put 'em in stalls.

Don't seem like
Moss is around, Pa.

Well, we can tie 'em up.
He can put 'em away later.

What are we gonna do?

Well, first off, I got
business at the bank.

Do we have to go with you, Pa?

No. I'll let you boys
look the town over.

But I don't want
you going in nowhere

and I don't want you
buying nothing. Is that clear?

Sure, Pa.

How long you gonna be?

I don't know, but you
be here when I get back.

"Don't go in nowhere,
don't buy nothing."

I'll show him.

You better not.

Look who's coming to town.

Now's your chance to beard him

for palming off that
bum horse on you.

By golly, I will.

Hello, Carr.

What do you want?

Well, we come to say hello,
Carr, and wish you a good time.

Now don't you get smart with me.

Ah, don't pay no
attention to him.

You know he's always like that.

I was the one who
wanted to see you anyway.

What about?

Well, it's about that bay
horse you sold me last week.

You got a good deal on him.

Only because we're
neighbors out there.

I guess you didn't know he
was blind in one eye, huh?

He sure never was
blind when I had him.

Well, I'd like to
bring him back, Carr.

Oh, no.

You bought that
horse, he's yours.

I don't ever take nothing back.

But he's got a blind eye.

Now, he's no use to me that way.

Well, that ain't
no fault of mine.

Now, I'm gonna
bring him back, Carr.

You gotta give me my money.

Let me tell you
something, Jeff Cooley...

you show up anywhere
around my place,

I'm gonna shoot you on sight.

Now you stay out of my way.

He ain't a very fair man, is he?

That's how he got rich,
fleecing suckers like you.

I saved a long time to get
the money for that horse.

You'd have done a lot better

buying yourself a
six-gun, you know.

Yeah, I know.

Now, where're you going?

I'm going to get a drink.

Are you out of your mind?

You know what'll
happen if Pa catches you.

Well, he ain't gonna catch
me 'less you tell him, now is he?

And why should I tell him?

But if he finds out,
he'll skin you alive.

You coming?

No, I ain't coming.

Then I'll see you later.

Barkeep, would you bring
me a bottle of whiskey, please?

My name's Kyle Cooley.

You don't mind if I buy
you a drink, do you?

That's what I'm here for.

You know, you're
awful pretty, Miss, uh...

Jenny... Jenny Troup.

That's a mighty
pretty name, too.

You're awful young, ain't you?

I'm twenty-four.

Well, that's what I mean.

Uh, let's find ourselves
a table, shall we?

All right.

This all right?


Jenny, here's to you.

How long you been
working here, Jenny?

Long enough.

That mean you'd like to quit?

What's the offer?

Oh, what do you
mean, what's the offer?

Well, I mean are you rich
enough to support a woman?

I have expensive tastes.

Well, I don't know,
I suppose I am.

I like you, Kyle.

Sweet lil' Jenny...

Prettiest girl west
of the Mississippi,

and east of it, too.

Honey, you've never
been east of the Mississippi.

And I am not going
east of the Mississippi.

I'm gonna stay
right here with you.


Hello, Pa.

Pa! Will you...

Pa, what's the matter with you?

You filthy scum.

Drinking whiskey,
courting a saloon girl...

Pa, you shut up, she ain't bad.

Tell me to shut up...

Get on your feet, boy.

That's enough!

This ain't none of
your business, Marshal.

You're meddling between
a man and his son.

I'm stopping a row,

and I don't care
who it's between.

He was in there
slopping up whiskey,

carrying on with some hussy.

All right, then punish him
at home, not on Front Street.

Punish him?

I'll kill him, I
catch him again.

I swear it.

I'll kill him, my own son.

That's pretty
strong talk, Cooley.

I mean every word of it.

Come on, boy.

Get to your feet.

Jeff, we're riding out of town.

It was you.

- You told him!
- Cut that out!

Come on.

My own brother, snitching on me!

You know, one of these
days, those boys are gonna

blow right up in his face.

What was Kyle
doing in the bar, Kitty?

He was having a few drinks
and mooning over Jenny Troup.

Jenny Troup?

She's pretty strong
medicine for a boy like that.

Yeah, well, he'll
probably be back.

He'll probably figure it's
worth another beating.

Come on in; I'll
buy you a drink.


That spells trouble.

You just wait till his pa
finds him in here this time.

I thought that Jenny
was Neal Carr's girl.

Neal Carr thinks so, too.

I sure hope you've got your pa

locked up in that
barn out there.

Well, he thinks we're out at
a line camp we got, Jenny.

Let's don't talk about him now.

I been doing a lot
of thinking about you

since last time I seen you.

So have I.



Maybe I'll tell
you about it later.

Well, Jenny...

I happen to be plumb
serious about you.

And what?

And I want to marry you.

That's what I thought.

How'd you know?

What would your pa say?

Well, that's just it, Jenny.

We're gonna have to
wait until that man dies

and I get that ranch.

You get the ranch?

What about your brother?


You're dreaming, Kyle.

I like you, but you're dreaming.

And I want to get married, too.

I'm tired of this
life, sick of it.

But I ain't gonna
wait until your pa dies.

He's an old man,
Jenny, I tell you that.

Yeah, well, he sure didn't act
so old a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sorry, Kyle.

Got to go now.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Where are you going?

Good-bye, Kyle.

I still like you.

All right, Jenny.

You get married...

and you see if that stops me.

Guess she got him
straightened out.

There's a young
man that's learned

- his first lesson of love.
- What's that?

Well, that a woman won't
wait for any man very long.

Not even if he's a
young, handsome,

dashing Sir Galahad like you.


Or me.

Well, ain't that right?

That's right.

You're both young and handsome
and dashing Sir Galahads.

If-if Doc is young, then...

Well, it's-it's way
past my bedtime.

Good night, Miss Kitty.

Oh, wait a minute; I'll go
along with you, Chester.

Good night, Kitty.

Good night, Doc.

Then it's all set.

You just name the day, honey.

Well, there's no use
putting it off, is there?

The sooner, the better,
as far as I'm concerned.

All right.

Day after tomorrow.

Well, that is sooner.

You said the sooner, the better.

I meant it.

I'll talk to the preacher the
first thing in the morning.

I hope you'll be happy, honey.

You sure eat like
a pig, don't you?

Don't I do anything
to please you?

I just couldn't think
of anything else to say.

Well, honey, we-we
been married six weeks

and, well, you're bored already.

It's the longest six
weeks I ever put in.

Maybe, honey, if you...

well, if you did a little
more work around here,

well, the time might go faster.

Is that why you married me?

So you wouldn't have to
pay wages to somebody?

Oh, no, but...

you're starting to look like
an old countrywoman already.

Well, I'm beginning
to feel like one, too.

I, uh, I saddled my
horse before breakfast.

I got to be going.

Well, I'll be back before dark.


I'll tie him up for you, hon.

I didn't think you were here.

I've been waiting
for you, Jenny.

I went into Dodge yesterday.

What for?


I can't stand that
ranch anymore,

and I can't stand Neal Carr.

I asked Kitty to let
me have my job back.

Are you going to?

She won't hire a married woman.

Jenny, does that mean
you're gonna get a divorce?

I'd like to, but how can I?

I told Neal last night,
and he said I can starve

for all the help he'll give me.

And I can't work, and I
don't have any money.

What am I gonna do?

I wish I could help you, Jenny.

Oh, you're sweet.

You know, it's
wrong of me, I know.

But sometimes I think, what
if I came back to the ranch

from here or Dodge
and found Neal dead.

Of a heart attack or something.

It'd sure solve my problem.

Well, it wouldn't do
anything for mine, Jenny.

You still wouldn't marry me.

I've kind of changed
my mind about you, Kyle.

What do you mean?

Well, it still goes about
getting married here,

what with your pa and
all that, but I tell you this.

If something did happen
to Neal, I'd run off with you.

We could go to
Colorado or someplace.

You mean that?

You really mean it?

Have I ever lied to you?

Mr. Dillon.


Well, seems like a peaceful
enough night tonight,

doesn't it?

Well, you just never know.

You know, I always keep thinking
how somebody somewhere is

working hisself up for
something, you know,

like murder or some
such thing like that,

and-and we just never
know nothing about it

until it's too late.


Well, that's a very
interesting picture

that you paint of the law.

No wonder they
never raise my pay.

Well, I don't mean
now that we don't try.

I mean that that there's just the
way things happen sometimes.

Doggone it, you know, you got
my conscience bothering me now.

I think we better
take a look around.

Well, I didn't mean
we had to get up

and start walking right now.

Evening, Marshal. Chester.

What are you
doing in there, Jeff?

Don't you worry
about a thing, Marshal.

Pa thinks we're
out hunting coyotes.

Well, he's not gonna think
that when he sees you.

Oh, he won't know
nothing about it.

He'll be asleep.

Besides, man's got a right
to take a drink once in a while,

ain't he, Marshal?

Ain't causing no harm.

Well... evening, Marshal.


Doesn't look to me like your pa

taught you much
of a lesson after all.

I'm doing the teaching
tonight, Marshal.

What's that supposed to mean?

Jeff here... first time in
his life he's been out of line.

Might make a man out of him.

Drink it up.

Got us another bottle.

You see what I mean?

He's standing on his
own two legs for once.

Get him home, Kyle.

He's drunk enough to
be locked up right now.

D-Don't lock me up.

I ain't done nothing.

Well, then get on your horse
and get home before you do.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Come on, Kyle, let's go.

I'm gonna have a
time with him tonight.

Doesn't look to me
like you're doing him

any favors at all, Kyle.

Oh, yes, I am, Marshal.

I'm making a man out of him.

You know what he said earlier?

He said he was gonna
ride out to Neal Carr's place

and punch him right in the nose.

And why would
he want to do that?

Carr cheated him
in a horse deal.

Tonight's the first
time he's had the spunk

to do anything about it.

You take my advice and
you steer him clear of there.

Get him straight home.

Come on, Kyle, let's go!

So long.

Now, where we at?

- Shh.
- I don't even know where we're at.

Shush. This is
Neal Carr's place.

Carr's place?


What are we doing here?

I must be as drunk as you are,

because we missed the
bend in the road down there.

Well, I don't want
to see Neal Carr.

Well, let's you and
me have a little drink.

Oh. Okay.

Long as we're here,

let's you and me put
a little scare into him.

Spook him a little bit.

Give him a scare?

That's good, that's good.

What do we do?

Shh. What we're
gonna do first is this.

We're gonna get
inside his barn, see.

And when we get inside
the barn, there ain't gonna be

no hollering and there
ain't gonna be no talking.

I mean, nothing
at all, till I say so.

- Okay?
- That's good, that's good, that's good.

Shh, shh.

Now, I'm gonna go in
there, you follow me.

Do just as I say, yeah?


Come on.

- Go ahead.
- Shh.

Go ahead.


I'm drunk.

Quiet, you fool. Quiet!

I ain't making no noise.

Sit there and don't you
make no more noise.

Now, what you
need, boy, is a drink.

I've had too much.

Drink the drink.

Drink it!

Yeah, that's gonna
straighten you right out.

Now, you drink another one.

That's enough.

Drink another one.

Yeah, I told you that was
gonna straighten you right out.

Now one more, one more.

That's enough. I
don't want anymore!

Take another drink, boy.

Take another drink.

A little more.


Where you going?

Well, we don't
need no more of this.

Hey! Whoo!

Whoo! Yeah!


Who's in there?!

Come out of there, you hear me?!

Hello, Carr.

It's just as well.

He'd have hung anyway.


Well, morning.

Matt says you haven't
been here all night.

Where you been?

I don't see that that's
any of your business.

Well, why don't you pour
yourself a cup of coffee there.

It might help your disposition.


Where'd this come from?

I made it.

I made a whole pot full.

I never do anything by halves.

You don't?

That's right.

Well, you sure did this time.

It's just half strong enough.

Well, won't ruin your insides.


Oh. Afternoon, Chester.


Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Just 'cause I'm not
here in the office

every minute of the
day and the night, well...

Well, now, you've
got a perfect right

to sleep wherever you want to.

You're a grown man, you know.

Yeah, if anybody
let him in, he could.

Well, I was just over
at Moss Grimmick's

having a little card
game last night.

It got kind of late, so I just
decided to bunk in with him.

Well, I don't blame you if
he lets you sleep that late.

Well, I never cared very much
for sleeping with horses myself.

I been looking for you, Doc.

You get hitched up and
come on out to my place.

My boy, Jeff, he's
got a bullet in him.

What happened?

You better come, too, Marshal.

Jeff murdered
Neal Carr last night.

Got drunk, rode
on out to his place,

put two shots in him
before Carr could get one off.

I'll go get my things.

Chester, would you
hitch up my horse for me?

Sure will.

How'd you find out about this?

That gal Neal married...
She come on over last night

looking for help and
just crying her eyes out.

And where was Kyle?

Boys said they'd
gone coyote hunting.

But Kyle, he fessed up
to sneaking into town here

and buying him a bottle.

They were here, all right.

I saw them.

Well, when they left,

Jeff, he rode on
ahead like a crazy man.

Kyle lost him.

Figured he'd gone on
home, but he hadn't.

All right.

Let's go.

Whoa, whoa.

Whoa there, whoa.

Whoa, boy.


Chester, take care
of the horses, will you?

Yes, sir.

Hello, Marshal, Doc.


Didn't take you long, Pa.

- How is he, Kyle?
- Well, he's middling,

and it's a good thing
you're here, Doc.

- Well, is he in here?
- Yes, he is.

Well, let me in to look at him.

Well, I guess Pa told you
what happened, Marshal.


I blame myself for it.

I never should've let him
get away from me like that.

How'd I know he was gonna
do a fool thing like that?

Where's Jenny?

Well, we took her home, Marshal.

Went for Jeff.

She's all broke up, poor woman.

Yeah, your pa told me.

Well, I guess he told you
everything then, didn't he?

Everything he knew.

I'm gonna die, ain't I, Doc?

Tell me I'm gonna die.

Why should I tell you that?

Well, I'm scared of hanging.

I just can't stand the idea.

I'd... I'd rather die
right here in this bed.

You ain't gonna die here, boy.

You're gonna die in the
gallows at the end of a rope.

What do you care how I die?

It shouldn't matter to you.

I'm bringing Kyle to
watch the hanging.

He's gonna see you swing.

If that don't teach
him, nothing ever will.

What in thunder's the
matter with you, Gip?

These boys have got bad blood.

Murderer's blood, Wiley Harpe's.

Wiley Harpe?

The worst murderer
that ever lived.

And he was their great
grand-daddy on their ma's side.

I don't care who knows it now.

It's too late to save this one,

but I'm gonna
save Kyle if I can.

Now, you just get to work, Doc.

Get out of here.

Just so you keep
him alive, that's all.

Doc, any-anything I
can do to help you?

Well, later maybe.

I'll-I'll be right back.

Is that true, Marshal,
all that he said there?

Well, Jeff, I don't
know about that.

Now, look, don't you
worry about that now.

I don't want to hang.

Now tell me the truth, Jeff.

Did you kill Neal Carr?

I don't know.

I don't remember.

She found me there.

I must have done it.

What difference does it make?

I haven't got a chance anyway.

There's always a chance, Jeff.

Now, look, you-you
get some rest now.

Take things kind
of easy, don't you?

There's nothing I can do now.

Well, he's your brother;

you could worry about
him, couldn't you?

I can't help him now, Chester.

It's one way or the other.

If he lives through this,
they're gonna hang him anyway.

And my tears aren't
gonna help, now, are they?

Well, it was you
that got him drunk

so that he could
prove hisself a man.

Are you proud of that?


And I told the marshal that.

What do you want me to do now?

Oh, I just don't
understand you, Kyle.

I swear I don't.

How's it going in there?

I don't know.

Doc's been in there
over an hour now.

I don't know why it
always takes so long.

Just so Doc isn't
having any trouble is all.

Well, Doc's doing
the best he can.

That's all you can
ask out of any man.

Well, the doc's about finished.

He's going to pull
through all right.

Fine. That's just fine.

Now you'll see what happens

if that bad blood of
yours ever takes over.

How long before you think
they'll hang him, Marshal?

He hasn't even had
a trial yet, Cooley.

Let's get out of here, Chester.


Ain't you gonna put
him under arrest?

He's not going anywhere, Cooley.

Well, I got Jeff's
dinner, Mr. Dillon.


You know, they're beginning
to holler over at Delmonico's.

They say we been
feeding him for two weeks

and we ain't paid
them a dime yet.

Well, tell 'em they'll get
their money when I get mine.

Well, all right.

Well, here's your dinner, Jeff.

I'll bring you some coffee
soon as I get some made.

I ain't really very
hungry, Chester.

Now listen, you stop worrying

and just go to eating
something, there.

I'd like to see
you stop worrying

with the hangman
staring you in the face.

Well, by golly.

Jeff, you ain't even
had your trial yet.

Well, that trial don't matter.

I just wish they'd
get it over with.

Well, Judge Brooking'll
be here next week.

I wish I'd... Well,
I wish Neal Carr

had shot a little
straighter, that's all.

Well, if you hadn't
put two bullets in him,

maybe he would've.

Yeah, I... I know.

Listen, I want to
ask you something.

Why can't they shoot
a condemned man?

Why do they have to hang him?

I wouldn't mind
shooting so much.

Well, golly, I
don't know. It just...

I sure can't change it none.

Well, I'll... I'll
get your coffee.

You know, that boy's
gonna fret hisself to death

before they hang
him, Mr. Dillon.


Well, stronger men than him

have been afraid
of the rope, Chester.

I know, but it's like I told
him, though, you know...

they ain't even tried him yet.

Yeah, I know.

Well, look... I'll be
over at the Long Branch

if you need me for anything.

Hello, Kitty.


I wasn't expecting to
see you in here this early.

Well, I've finished my work.

Don't kid yourself.

The shooting doesn't start
around here till after dark.

You know that.

I guess you're right.

- How about a beer?
- Good idea.

Sam, can we have
a couple of beers?

Coming right up.

What's, uh, what's
Jenny doing back here?

I thought, uh, Jake Wirth's
buying her ranch, isn't he?


But until she gets the money,
she says she's gotta work.

Thanks, Sam.

Well, here's looking at you.

Thank you.

Well... it's sure taken you
long enough to come round.

Well, I heard that you
sold the ranch, Jenny,

but I didn't want
to go out there.

I didn't think it was
gonna look right.

No, I guess it wouldn't.

Then I heard that
Jake Wirth bought it,

so I knew where to reach you.

Jenny, I've only got a minute.

I'm in town with Pa...
He's over to the bank.

Well, then you better hurry,

'cause I don't want to
cause another row in here.

Jenny, we got to talk
and we got to make plans.

Plans? For what?

For running off to Colorado.

Kyle, I ain't running off.

I'm staying right here.

You said if something
happened to Neal...

Women are funny sometimes, Kyle.

They like to talk and dream,

but it's only meant
for the moment.

It ain't meant to
be taken serious.

You wouldn't dare
back out on me now.

I need you less
than ever now, Kyle.

You ought to be smart
enough to know that.

But you promised!

What did I promise?

You said you'd come away
with me, that we'd go off together.

I changed my mind, that's all.

I'll get you for this, Jenny.

You ain't making
a fool out of me.


You just never learn, do you?

- Nothing makes you learn.
- Never mind, Pa.

I'm never coming in here
again; I'm through with her.

And you...

I'll catch you out on
the street one night,

and I'll fix that
pretty face of yours!

You are in no position
to threaten anyone!

Come with me, boy.

Whiskey, Sam.

Excuse me, Kitty.

Didn't you ever see a girl
take a drink before, Marshal?

Kyle was kind of taking a chance

coming in here
tonight, wasn't he?

Was he?

He must have it
pretty bad for you.

Oh, he loves me.

He loves me so much
he threatened to kill me.

You got to stop him, Marshal.

He'll do it; I know him.

So you've got to stop him.

Why is he so anxious
to hurt you, anyway?

Marshal, that night...

when Neal got killed...
well, I heard the shooting,

like I told you that
day you came out.

And I went out.

What I didn't tell you
was that I saw somebody

come out of the
barn and ride off.

That somebody was Kyle, Marshal.

I saw him good and clear.

It was Kyle Cooley.

Believe me, I ain't lying.

Mm-hmm. I got an idea you
would've known it was Kyle

even if you hadn't seen him.


Don't get any ideas
about leaving town, Jenny.

I'll be back for you.

Kitty, I've got to go.

- Keep an eye on her, will you?
- Mm-hmm.


You want me to put
up your horse, Pa?

Come on.


What are you doing, Pa?

That strap in the house, it
ain't stout enough no more.

Now, Pa, you stop that.

I told you I'm through
going in down there.

Pa, I meant it... I'm
through for good and all!

You shut up and listen.

I want the truth
out of you, boy,

and I'm gonna get it.

I'm gonna hear it
with my own ears.

If I have to beat the
whole hide off of you,

I'm gonna hear it!

I don't know what
you're talking about, Pa.

That woman, that Jenny woman.

I saw you with
her the first time,

and I saw you again today.

She's nothing to
me, Pa, she's nothing.

I want the truth, you hear?!

I'm gonna bust your
head if you don't tell me!

All right, Pa, stop it,
stop, I'll tell you, I'll tell you.

It was me. I done it. Not Jeff.

You killed Neal Carr.

Say it!

I killed him.

I knew it the minute I
saw you with that woman,

but I had to hear you say it.

She was in on it.
She put me up to it.

I'm not interested in her.

You get in the barn.

I'm gonna tie you up.

Go on, get!


- Hello, Cooley.
- Marshal.

We're looking for Kyle.

I've already punished Kyle.

This isn't for having a
drink in a bar, Cooley.

This is for murder.

I know that, Marshal.

I knew you'd be
coming sooner or later.

I've got him tied
up in the barn.

That's your idea
of tying a man up?

I had to hang him, Marshal.

He'd have lied to a
judge; he'd have gotten off.

No, he wouldn't. Jenny
saw him that night.

She would've
testified against him.

Is that true?

That's why I came for him.

I didn't have to hang him?


It was bad blood of their
ma's that caused all this.

It wasn't "bad blood," Cooley.

It was a rope.

A rope in your hands.

Let's go.

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