Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 34 - The Boys - full transcript

The market for snake oil is on the decline, so a peddler and his sons expand their con game with murder.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


- I'll take it, Doc.
- Thanks, Hank.

Well, Hank, when
you get a little time,

I wish you'd kind of reset
those shoes, will you?

Yeah, okay. Have a
nice ride, Miss Kitty?

Oh, just wonderful, Hank;
wish I could do it every day.

By golly, I'll trade
jobs with you anytime.

Oh, Doc, I said every
day, not every night.

Hey, what's going on here?

Well, there.

Let's go see.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,

I discovered the formula
for this famous elixir

while serving as
personal surgeon

to the King of Santo del Rio.

And since that time, Professor
Eliot's Wonder Medicine...

This Celebrated Vegetable
Pulmonic Detergent...

Has cured over
3,000 cases of ague,

2,500 of green sickness,

1,500 of mercurial diseases,

and over 1,000
of general debility.

- What a liar.
- Oh, I think he's funny.

In fact, my friends, Professor
Eliot's Wonder Medicine can cure

all disorders of the human
race, without exception,

no matter what the age,
what the circumstance

or the place of residence
of the afflicted patient.

Hey, Professor!

I got drunk when
I was 12 years old

and I've had a quart of
whiskey every day since.

Will it cure me?

My friend, you're so cured now,

you'll last a hundred years.

And now... and now,
my sons will pass

among you and distribute

this amazing elixir.

Why, it's only 50 cents a
bottle, ladies and gentlemen.

Only 50 cents for a panacea
that may be administered

to the tenderest infant.

Come on, he's
gonna start selling.

- Let's go.
- Now, who will be

the first to try the
miraculous powers

of Professor Eliot's
Wonder Medicine?

The boys will
provide you handily.

You're some boy, ain't you?

Come on... I need a drink.

Wait a minute!
Wait a minute, folks!

Take a bottle of Wonder
Medicine with you.

You'll never have a
sick day again in your life

with Professor Eliot's
Wonder Medicine.

Don't leave without
trying a bottle.

Don't go, folks...
Take a bottle with you.

It's your last chance,
folks, your very last chance.

Don't leave...

I feel like a fool
selling that stuff.

- I didn't see you sell much.
- It's no job for a man.

It's your job to do and you'll
do it as long as I tell you to.

What kind of a son are you?

He's always complaining, Pa.

Now, shut your mouth
or I'll take a fall out of you.

Stop this bickering!

Now, give me the money
you collected, come on.

Here's a dollar, Pa.

A dollar fifty, and two
dollars this morning.

We ain't exactly
getting rich, huh?

We're not gonna
leave this town broke.

There's money to be had here.

Not by selling medicine.

I've been doing some thinking.

You boys are really gonna work.

What we gonna do, Pa?

I'll explain all
that to you later.

And right now, I'm
gonna get me a drink.

A drink?!

I'm hungry!

Don't be greedy,
boy; don't be greedy.

Shut your mouth
or I'll kill you.

About ready to leave?

Yeah, you the passengers?

Yeah, bought our tickets last
night, all the way to Colorado.

Yeah, they told me I
only have two this trip.

Then there should
be lots of room for us.

Yeah. I ain't seen you folks

around Dodge before, have I?

Uh, no, we're from
back east... Uh, St. Louis.

We arrived last night.

And this is my daughter Molly.

- Hello, Molly.
- Hello.

Her ma died a couple of months
ago... had to sell everything.

I'm taking her out to Pueblo.

We're gonna live with my sister.

Well, I wish you a lot of luck.

Want to give me your bags,
and I'll put 'em on, get aboard,

and we'll get started.

Hey, Joe.

See you next week.



How much you get?

A little over a hundred dollars.

What about that old
man... Is he dead?

He ought to be. I
hit him hard enough.

Come on, let's get out of here.





Bottle ain't all
yours, you know.

How about me?

Don't I ever get
nothing around here?

Give me some whiskey.

I suppose you're gonna tell Pa

we held out on
some of the money?

Nope, I wouldn't want to see
him take you across his knee.

I'm gonna show him...
good one of these days.

You never gonna
show him nothing...

You're too scared of him.

How would you like me
to knock your eye out?

You're always
bullying me, ain't you,

when Pa's not around.

Can't you two do
anything but fight?

You tend to your own business.

The day'll come,
Hug, you'll see.

Anytime, Nate.


We better get back to the wagon.

- Pa's gonna be waiting.
- He might bawl you out.

One more word
and I'll smash you!

You put that bottle down, Hug.

Don't start no trouble in here.

We're going back to the wagon.

- Hello, Farnum.
- Hello, Marshal.

I've been looking
all over for you.

How you feel?

Not too good.

Look, I... I'm awfully sorry

about what happened
to your daughter and all.

I... I know how you must feel.

I was wondering
if there's anything

you could tell me
about those Indians.

I mean, how many there
were, what tribe they're from...

I don't know much
about Indians, Marshal.

The three was all I saw.

Are you sure that
there couldn't have been

a white man with
them... A renegade?

No, it was Injuns!

They tried to steal Molly
and Injuns do that, don't they?


Well, look, I, uh, I
won't bother you now.

I'll... I'll talk to
you in the morning.

You better make
it the afternoon.

I'm gonna be pretty
busy in the morning.


I'm gonna be busy, all right.

I got three men to kill.

Well, Matt, there just...

there's not much more I
can do for him right now.

I guess there's no way of
telling whether he got slugged

or just fell and
hit his head, huh?

Well, that be awful hard to say.

Could've happened either way.

He sure got a bad concussion.

Well, he's gonna
make it, isn't he?

Well... I sure hope so,

but I'd hate to venture
a guess on that, too.

He's not too
strong, as you know.

We just have to wait and see.

Might as well have
some coffee, Matt.

All right.


I'll kill them...

I'll kill them... for sure.


Who, Farnum?

Well, what'd he say?

Well, he said something
about killing them.

Well, does that help you any?

Well... must mean
that he got slugged.

I don't know why, though, they
didn't get any money off him.

He couldn't even pay
for his drinks last night.

Hmm, got slugged
for nothing, huh?

Lost his daughter
for nothing, too, Doc.

Yeah, I know.

Well, Indians, you know?

Not much you can do about that.

I tell you something... I don't
know if it was Indians, Doc.

- Hmm?
- There's something funny

about the way they
behaved out there,

not taking the horses and all.

Something funny
about the whole thing.

I think I'm just
gonna ride out there.

Well, you don't have
anything to go on, have you?

Well, no, but maybe I
can pick up their prints, or...

find their trail or
something... I'll be back later.


Tell Hug to get out here.


Hug! Pa says get out here!

What do you want?

Get out here, boy,
and I'll tell you.

I was getting a little rest.

Been enough rest around
here the last two days.

Well, we deserve it.

Riding around the prairie
dressed up like Injuns,

shooting up stagecoaches.

And earning less than
a hundred dollars for it?

You might as well stayed in bed.

We done what you told us to, Pa.

It ain't our fault that the
treasure box is empty.

Maybe we ought
to be moving on, Pa.

Maybe you'd have better luck

with your medicine
in the next place.

We're not moving on.

There's money to
be had around here,

and we're gonna have it.

We're gonna bleed this
town white before we leave.

And probably end
up getting lynched.

Boy, I've heard about all
I'm gonna hear from you.

Now, you keep your
mouth shut and toe the line,

or I'll take a horse whip and
beat a pound of hide off you.

What's your plan, Pa?

That's more like it, son.

Now, I've got several plans.

You go get Park
and then I'll explain

the first one to all of you.

Yes, sir.

We're gonna bleed
this town white.

I've said it before and
I'll keep on saying it,

you let those Indians
go unpunished

and you're not fit
to be called men.

You let those Indians
maraud and plunder and kill,

and go scot-free, and you're
just a bunch of cowards.

No, we're not...!

Oh, what'll your
women think of you?

And your children, if you
won't lift a finger to protect them

from those wild savages?

Those red murderers are lurking
right out there on the prairie,

just waiting for the
moment to ride in here,

slaughter the men and take

every woman and
child in this town captive.

And you know what that means.

Are you so gutless that you're
gonna stand by like sheep,

and let them have their way?


Go out there, come on.

Are you gonna be men
and do something about it?

Get organized and see that
those Indians are punished.

It's up to you.

I've had my say now...
I've done my duty.

- You're right, Professor.
- What are we gonna do?

What do you think we
ought to do about it?

Hey, by golly, you
know something?

A drink of whiskey
tastes better in here

when it's nice and
peaceful and quiet like it is.

Mm-hmm, well, if it keeps on,
we might as well close up shop.

I don't think I've served a
half a dozen drinks all day.

Is that so?

Maybe the world's changing.

Maybe everybody in
the whole world except us

has decided not to
have any fun anymore.

I sure hope you're
wrong about that.

- Give me a drink, Sam.
- Gonna burn that place down...

Well... what's going
on here, Mr. Green?

Why, we're having
a meeting, Miss Kitty.

Hope you don't mind.

Well, no, no, I don't mind.

As long as you don't meet
so hard that you forget to drink,

you can hold meetings
here day and night.

Well, now, that may be
fine for some folks, Kitty,

but I got a store to run... let's
get this thing started, Hank.

Now, look, Jonas,
we're all busy men,

but that don't mean we
can't have a friendly drink.

Jonas is right... Let's
get this meeting started.

Oh, all right, all right.

All right, now quiet,
everybody, quiet.

This meeting's
gonna come to order.

Oh, will you get
on with it, Hank?

Will you shut up, Jonas,
and give me a chance?

All right, now you men
know why we're here.

We got to do something
to protect ourselves

from them Indians.

Now, that old
professor was right.

If we don't act now, them
Indians will think we're afraid.

And they might raid Dodge even.

Now, they got to be punished.

And we're here to find out

just how we're
gonna go about that.

Now, I've had word that
Fort Dodge will be empty

of troopers for another month.

They're up north somewhere.

But we got plenty of
good men right here.

And we can organize more.

Now, are we gonna
let those savages think

they can get away raids
and killings, are we?


Can't we do something
to break this up?

Well, that all
sounds fine, Hank,

but I'm kind of old to
ride out and fight Indians.

Well, I certainly don't
intend to chase them.

After all, that's not
my kind of a job.

Now, will you two take it easy?

That's what the meeting is for...
To find out what we're gonna do.

Now, does anybody got any ideas?

Yeah! I have.

Well, I wonder who this is?

All right, if you'll
allow me, gentlemen,

maybe I can be of
some help to you.

Now, uh, me and my brothers,

we, uh, we heard all about
them Injuns and the stage and all.

It was us who told Pa
about it, got him all riled up.

Now, we know
what Injuns is like.

We've fought them all over.

Out in the Colorado,
up in the Dakotas,

even here in this state.

Now, we know all about Injuns,

and we come here
to lend you a hand.

All right, now, listen.

Now, them Injuns that,
uh, held up that stage...

Now, me and my brothers

propose to ride out
and get them for you.

Now, we'll bring them
back here... dead or alive...

Or we won't come back ourselves.

Now, wait a minute.

How come you're so willing
to sacrifice yourself for us?

You don't live here, and I
doubt you plan to stay very long.

Well, you're right, Mr. Green.

Uh, if we're gonna
risk our lives,

we're gonna expect
a little something for it.

Like what?



- What?!
- $600?!

Wait, wait!


Any of you men would rather
go out than us, well, then go.

But remember...

there's a lot more than
three Indians out there.

Could be a whole big
war party of them savages.

And you'll be going for free.

Now, ain't it better
to pay us a little bit,

and sit here nice and safe,
while we take all the chances?

Well, ain't it?

Well, this is the craziest
thing I ever heard of.

Okay, wait a
minute, wait a minute.

We decided what we're gonna do.

We're gonna take
up a collection.

Botkin here'll handle it.

He'll figure it out, collect so
much from every man in town.

Now, uh, only it's
not gonna be $600.

It's gonna be $300,
and myself, Mr. Botkin

and Mr. Jonas will guarantee it.

How about it?

But that's only half.

That's as high as we'll
go... We've decided.

Take it or leave it.

Well, all right.

Now, hold on here.

Hold on just a minute.

Well, let's... let's just
not go off half-cocked

on anything like this.

- Let's stop and think about it.
- We've done our thinking, Doc.

Well, now, let's... let's just
wait until Matt gets back,

and see what he's
got to say about this.

Well, chasing
Indians isn't his job.

We got to protect
ourselves, Doc.

Now, Jonas, just a
minute... Listen to me.

We don't know anything at all

about what happened
on that stage.

Farnum said there was three
Indians, but Matt doubts that.

He thinks they just might
have been renegades

or something like that.

He doesn't think
they acted like Indians.

Well, they got to be punished,
no matter how they acted.

And then start an
uprising, is that it?

We ain't gonna
start no uprising.

Well, now, how can
you be sure of that?

Well, we'll get them three
Injuns off by themselves.

The rest of the tribe will
never know what happened.

You hear that?

They'll get them
off by themselves.

He and his two brothers
don't know any more

about fighting Indians
than any of you do.

If there is any Indians,
and I certainly doubt it.

And if there is, how's
he gonna find them?

Now, that ain't so.

We've had years and
years of chasing Indians.

There ain't nothing we
don't know about them.

Forgive me.

We are in the presence of
three great Indian fighters.

Well, now let me
tell you what I think.

I think that that professor
just set this whole thing up.

And I don't think you're gonna
see any more of these three,

your $300 or any Indians.

They won't get a dime till
they bring back those Indians.

We ain't as dumb
as all that, Doc.

Well... maybe you're
not, but I still think

you're all making
fools out of yourselves,

and I...

Well, that's all I got to say.

Get going.

Your money will be
here when you get back.

Well, you sure tried, Doc.

Doesn't look like
I did much good.


Yeah, it's a
pretty terrible thing

to see an old rabble rouser
like this professor come to town,

get people you know all excited,

worked up, doing silly things.

You ought to been here.

For all the luck I had out on
the prairie, I should've been.

And you say these boys
really rode out there?

Well, yes, they
did... They went out

and gonna bring back
the Indians, they said.

By the sound of them,
we'd all be better off

if they kept on riding.

There's no question about it.

How about Farnam...
How's he doing?

Well, he's no... no
better, no worse, I guess.

He hasn't said
anything more, huh?

Well, nothing else
except what you heard.

He comes to... not very
often... But he keeps saying,

"I'll kill them,
I'll kill them."

That's all he says.


I guess I better get
back to the office, Doc.

Probably got a lot of
work piled up there.

If he says anything more,
let me know, will you?

Oh, I'll do it. You bet.

- Thanks for the coffee.
- Anytime.

Whoa. Hold on.

Now what?

You don't remember
nothin', do you?

You'll find out someday
how much I remember.

Are you gonna start that again?

Now, shut up and listen!

These rocks, we rode back
along the other side of them

after holding up the stage.

- So, what if we did?
- Well, you remember what I said

about taking you
where there was Injuns?

Well, this is a good
place for 'em, all right,

all around these big rocks.

Well, the brains
you got, this is where

you'd look for 'em, all right.

Well, I don't see
nothing nowhere else.

Hey, I remember now...

There's a little
spring on t'other side.

Well, now, nobody'd ever
brag about you for having brains,

but you got just about twice
as many as your brother.

I remember the spring.

Sure you do.

It's the only one
around here for miles.

That's the only good
idea you had all day.

All right, get your rifles.

We're gonna leave
the horses here.

Get yourself
around by that tree.

And don't fire till I
give you the signal.

Sure, General.

And don't you forget it.

Now, that wasn't
so hard, was it?

Yeah, just like
shooting fish in a barrel.

Yeah, what about
that one just run off?

Well, one Injun ain't
gonna cause no trouble.

Well, what if he brings
the whole tribe back?

I'll let you know
when to start worrying.

Now, go get the horses...
we'll get these Injuns loaded up.

We got money
waiting for us in Dodge.


By golly, I knew you'd
come back with them.

Well, it wasn't easy, Mr. Green.

Well, when it comes to
Indians, there ain't nothin' easy.

Did you have to kill them?

Now, how else are you
gonna take an Indian?

Injuns ain't like birds... you
don't put salt on their tails.

Well, Marshal, it looks like
our Indian troubles are over.

What'd you do
with their weapons?

Well, what difference
does it make what...

You keep your mouth shut!

I'll do the talking.

Now, w-we was hired
to bring back Injuns,

not their bows and arrows.

It so happens that stage wasn't
held up with bows and arrows.

Now, do you see what
these men have done?

They've gone out and murdered

three innocent Indians.

There ain't no such thing
as a innocent Indian, Marshal.

And we didn't murder nobody.

Them redskins
attacked us from ambush.

We was on their
trail, all right,

but they attacked us.

Then it was in self-defense.

It don't make no difference
one way or the other...

There ain't no law
agin' killing Indians.

Let me tell you
something, those are men...

I don't care what color they
are... and they've been murdered!

And every one of
you had a part in it.

Now, look here, Marshal,

we're respectable
citizens in this town.

He's right... You got
no call to jump us.

That's the dirtiest money
you men'll ever earn.

An if I had my
way, you'd rot in jail

before you had a
chance to spend it.

Now, get them out of here.

Come on, let's go.

Go on back to work.

Break it up here, all of you.

Go on. Break it up.


You here all by yourself?

Well, that's a bright question.

I mean, where's Pa and Nate?

Well, they went up the street
to get me a new pair of boots.

I don't believe it.

You're getting
smarter every day.

If I was smart, I'd run off
and leave the whole lot of you.

Well, we'd catch you
and bring you back...

with a rope around one foot!

Yeah? Well, one of these days,
you won't be able to catch me.


You had no cause to do that!

Quit that, Hug!

You're some bully, aren't you?

Oh, he had it coming.

Oh, you been having
yourself a little drink, huh?

We saved some just for you.

Bet it ain't even whiskey.

I don't like the
way you talk, boy!



You been gettin'
mighty uppity of late,

and I won't stand for it!

Wait a minute.

Come back here, boy.

You hear me?

Now, we're gonna
have a little meeting.

I've got another plan.

I hope it's good
as the last one, Pa.

Better. A whole lot better.

I'm tired of this
hundred dollars, $300.

This time we're gonna
try for big money.

You mean rob a bank?

No. Better than
that. Safer, too.

Now, this afternoon
I was around town,

and I overheard a Pinkerton man
say something very interesting.

Very interesting.

Tickets, please.

Tickets, please.

Well, Joe!

How was business at Dodge?

No complaints, no complaints.

Matter of fact, I got
the biggest order ever.

Yeah, them people in Dodge
know how to drink whiskey, all right.

Well, mostly it's the cowboys.

The trail herds start
arriving next month.

Say, I forgot about that.

- See you next trip.
- Yeah, sure, sure.

He's more your size than mine.

- Get out of your clothes.
- Well, h-here's the rope.

Never mind that... hurry up
and get out of your clothes.

- Who is it?
- Conductor!


Got to get through here.

Come on.

Here, get this back on.

How hard did you hit him?

Well, he'll need another
little tap before we get off.

All right, hurry up.

I'm hurrying fast as I can.

Now, there's what
we've come for.

You little darling.

Hurry up, will you?

- I'm ready.
- We timed it just right.

That bend up there is where
Park'll be with the horses.

Well, pull the cord!

All right, let's
get rid of this.

All right, now, go
ahead and jump.

I forgot to hit
that guard again.

You handled him fine!
Go ahead and jump!

Good morning, gentlemen.

Well, we certainly didn't
expect to find you here, Marshal.

Just setting around,
drinking coffee.

Would you like some?


Surely you've heard
about the train robbery.

Yeah, I got a telegram
this morning from the sheriff

- down at Newton.
- Nearly $10,000 in gold

was stolen from that train.

These robbers have
got to be caught.

You afraid they're
gonna get bold

and come in here and
rob your bank, is that it?


Well, now, I'll tell you...

if I find 'em, I'll
let you know.

Now, in the meantime,
if you'll excuse me,

I got work to do.

Well, of all things...

Let's get out of here, Botkin.

Oh, Matt.

Farnum... Marshal Dillon's here.

Now, you can you tell
him what you told me

about that holdup?

They wasn't... Indians.

They was... wh-white men.

White men. Who were they?

White... men.

Yes, but do you
know who they were?

Can you describe 'em?

One... One had a...

Too late.

White men disguised as Indians.

Yeah, you know, that takes
some imagination, Doc.

Same kind of imagination

maybe it takes to do a spiel
about snake-oil medicine.

Were you talking
about the professor?

And his three sons,
those great Indian fighters.

I'll tell you
something else, Doc.

Could have been them that
pulled that train robbery, too.

Why, they may have that
gold right in the wagon.

No, I doubt it.

That old professor's
too smart for that.

I don't have any
evidence on him at all.

Nothing that'd
stand up in court.

Well, I sure think
you're on the right track.

How are you gonna trap them?

Well, there's only one
thing I can think of, Doc,

and I sure don't
like the idea of it.

Well, if you can
think of anything at all,

I don't think you've
got any choice.

Doc, you're right.

Did you make the stew?

I made it.

Well, I'll have some anyway.

There ain't nothing in it.

Oh, you think you're
pretty funny, don't you?

It'd kill you to make
enough for somebody else.

As long as you get fed,

you don't care if the
whole world starves.

You ain't crippled.

I'll see you crippled one day.

How about today?

You're a mighty big man
when Pa ain't around, ain't you?

Yeah. I'll fight
you bare knuckle,

I'll fight you with a gun,
I'll fight you with a knife.

You choose.

You know what Pa
says about fighting.

I want to hear what
you say about it.

I'll get you one of these
days. I'll get you good.

Now, you coward.


What did I tell you
about fighting, boy?

Pa, I'm 38 years old.

I ain't a boy!

You're anything I
choose to call you.

All right.

But do you got to take
his side all the time?

I take the side of the
right, whoever's on it.

Oh, Pa.


Why, Marshal Dillon.

This is an honor, sir.

That so?

Something wrong, Marshal?

Do you mind if I take
a look in your wagon?

Not at all, Marshal.

Tell me what you're looking for,
perhaps I can be of assistance.

Wouldn't want to bother you.

Don't worry. He
won't find a thing.

Where did you put it, Pa?

That's no sort of
question to ask your father.

Oh, this is some
fine system we got.

Now hold your tongue,
boy. Stop looking so worried.

You're gonna have
him thinking things.

Well, what's he
doing in the wagon

if he ain't already
thinking things?

Think it's time we left Dodge.

You go find Park and
bring him back here.

Oh, that's fine with me.

Well, Marshal, did you
find what you were after?


If you'd just let me help...

You know, I think maybe I will.

Good. What can I do, Marshal?

You'll find out.

Well, good morning, Marshal.

Good morning.

You planning to
take a trip, are you?

Yeah, we're pushing on.
Things a little too slow here.

All of you leaving?

Well, sure. If I'm going,
why wouldn't they?

Oh, I don't know.

I just thought maybe they
might try to leave without you.

What do you mean?

Well, the professor and
that brother Nate of yours...

They make a pretty
good combination.

I thought maybe they
might have some plans

that didn't include you.

What kind of plans?

Two-way split instead of three.

What are you talking
about, Marshal?

Money from that train robbery.

Now we don't know nothing
about that train robbery,

and neither do you.

Do you?

I got a pretty good idea.

Well, you got no reason to think

we had anything to do with it.

All right. I guess if
you're telling the truth,

you got nothing to worry about.

I just thought I'd tell
you because if it is true,

you stand to get
yourself shot in the back.

I'd hate to see that happen.

Hold it, Pa.

What's the matter?

I want to ride with you, Pa.

All right, son. All right.

Are you too good to ride
a horse like me and Park?

I want a change, that's all.

You ain't never needed
no change before.

Well, do I have to do everything
the same way every time?

Well, you don't have to
suddenly change things, neither.

Come off it, Hug. He's
not doing you a bit of harm.

And he ain't about to.

He's getting touchier every
day just like an old woman.

Hug, you ride up ahead.

Ride up ahead? Now what for?

Because I told you
to. Now do as I say.

Let Park ride up ahead.

I told you to.

Now don't you cross me, boy.

No! It's you two
that are crossing me,

and you ain't gonna
get away with it.

You ain't shooting
me in the back.

Have you gone crazy?

I know what you two are up to.

Now where did you put that gold?

You put that gun away.
You hear me, boy?!

Cut me out, will you?

Well, I'm cutting you out.

Now, where's that gold?

Now, you're next,
Pa. Where's that gold?

I'm through.

I'm through. I'm leaving,
and I ain't never coming back.

You come back here!

Come back here,
Park. You hear me?!

Well, still don't understand it.

Why not?

Well, I would think

that you would have
at least followed 'em.

Kitty, I can always find
'em if it doesn't work out.

You know, they can't
hide that wagon very easy.

No, I suppose not.

Anyhow, I know that you
know what you're doing.

Well, I hope so.

Tell you, I think I'll, uh...
I'll just make one last round.

All right, see you later.

All right.

Hello, Professor.


Oh. What are you doing?

Digging a hole to
put my garbage in.

You mean you spent
the night out on the prairie

and then came all the way out
here just to bury your garbage?

Well, now, if you'll
just let me explain...

No need to explain, Professor.

Let me give you a hand.

No, no, I can do it, Marshal...

No. I'll give you
a hand with it.

That's deep enough.

No use digging deeper.

Might as well go on down
now that we've started it.

Now, that's deep enough.
Here, give me the shovel.

Wait a minute.

Now, there's some kind
of a box in there, Professor.

I'll split it with you, Marshal.

Nobody'll ever know.

What about your sons?

They're gone.

Hug and Nate killed each other,
and Park rode off and left me.

Why did you bury the gold here?

I thought you might be watching.

I was going to have Hug and
Nate come back and get it later.

I see. So you figured

that hating each
other the way they did,

they'd keep an eye
on each other, huh?

That's the way it always worked.

Way I planned it, kept it going.

Oh, Professor, we're
gonna take this gold,

and we're going
back to my office.

I'm an old man, Marshal.

I don't want to die in prison.

There's a lot of people
didn't want to die, Professor,

including that young
girl on the stage.

Dig it up.

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