Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 21 - He Learned About Women - full transcript

Taken prisoner by a band of comancheros, Chester is helped to escape by one of the band's women and flees with another who may or may not be worthy of his trust.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


She is Mexican.

She looks Indian to me.

Don't let go of her,
Solis, not yet anyway.

She'd claw our eyes out.

I think you are
right, my friend.

She has fire, this one.

Yeah, what are we fooling
with her for, anyway?

She'll just bring us trouble.

Because she will be mine.

She will be my woman.

Unless she screams.

If she screams, she
will be nobody's woman.

I wouldn't count on that.

Wait'll we get to camp
and Garvy sets eyes on her.

Garvy won't notice her

as long as we bring
him those horses.

Are we gonna steal them, too?

S I, why not?

Well, those two hombres
ain't gonna stand by

while we run off their stock.

Then you may have to kill them.

I'll wait here with the girl.

Yeah, we got to do all the work?

You are three men
and three rifles.

Out there are two
men and an old woman,

and I want those horses.

Well, where you been?

I been wondering about you.

Well, I just went by
to get some coffee.

It's a good thing I did, or
we wouldn't have had none.

Well, it sure wouldn't hardly
be worthwhile stopping by

if there weren't any coffee.

Well, you ought to know.

You stop by more
than anybody else.

Well, that's not because
the coffee's good.

It's because it's free.

Oh, yeah, sure, yeah.

You know, Doc, you ought to
stop by the grocery store sometime,

look at our coffee bill.

You think it's free.

It might be of some
interest to you.

Wouldn't be of any
interest at all to me. I don't...

I've done all I can do

to take care of the sick and
the wounded around here.

Yeah, well, you sure
didn't do them people

down on the Canadian
River much good last week.

Well, Canadian River's 75 miles.

That's a long way from Dodge.

Well, it sure ain't long
enough away from me.

You know, I was talking
to some buffalo hunter.

He said that the Indians
killed two men and a woman

and stole their horses.

Yeah, and not only that,

they found sign of another
woman that was there.


Yeah, her footprints
were right there.

You know, that can
only mean one thing, Doc.

They-they took her captive.

Oh, golly, Chester, I...

I always hate to
hear things like that.


- Oh.
- Chester, Doc.

- Mr. Dillon.
- Hi, Matt.

By golly, I-I'll get
some coffee made

here for you in just a minute.

Well, good, as long as
it doesn't take too long.

I'm heading right out.

Where're you fixing to go?

Well, I'm gonna
try the south first.

Well, you don't
think those Indians

are gonna be waiting
for you down there,

- do you?
- Well, as a matter of fact,

- it may not be Indians.
- Huh?

There hasn't been an Indian
raid down that way for six months.

I got word just now there
may be a band of Comancheros

operating down that way.

Oh, for heaven's sake.

You mean Comanches, don't you?

Comanches is Indians, Doc.

Comancheros is worse.

They're whites and Mexicans.

They're renegades.

They go around
looting and stealing

and blaming it on the Comanches.

Well, I don't need a
lecture from you about it.

Well, you don't
need to get grumpy.

When you gonna...

You want me to go
with you, Mr. Dillon?

No, you've got a job
to do here, Chester.


Well, you'll have to ride
out and get Kitty tomorrow.

Oh, by golly, that's right.

She's visiting Hy Parker
and his wife, ain't she?

- Yeah, -Well, I'll sure enough
go get her and bring her back.

When do you think
you'll be getting back?

Well, I don't know.

I'll just have to get
word to you as best I can.

- Oh.
- Well...

So long, Doc.
I'll-I'll be seeing you.

Golly, I... I kind of feel
like I ought to be going.

Why don't you, um,
make some more coffee

and then come over
here and sit down

and tell me everything you
know about the Comancheros.


Co-man. Comancheros, Doc.

It's Mexican. Co-man.

What do you got there?

Chicken, stewed whole,
the way you like them.

Give me some.

Wait a minute.

I want her to serve it.

Chavela, come here.

I said, "Come here."

I've got to tell you, Chavela,

you act right,

you got nothing to be afraid of.

The fact... The fact is,

I'm thinking of marrying you.

What do you say to that?

You are already married.



She won't cause no trouble.

She's pretty.

Too pretty.

I know him.

He'll want to keep her here.

What will you do?

Garvy is my husband.

I must get rid of that girl.

But how?

He would kill you if you tried.

Nobody takes my place.

I wish you luck.


Well then, this is
the only water hole

I know of anywhere around here.

I hope the horses understand
that and drink accordingly.

You know, them horses
is the dumbest pair

that I ever seen.

They couldn't even follow
the trail coming out here.

Well, you were driving
them, weren't you?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I, uh... Well,

I did kind of doze off
there a time or two.

Well, you know, if, uh,

if you'd like to take a
little nap for yourself,

don't forget to hand
the lines to me first.

Don't you worry about that.

I ain't gonna go to sleep again.

Where you going?

Well, I think maybe we
could use a little fresh water.

Well, there you go, Miss Kitty.

Thank you.

You know, if you come
by the Long Branch tonight,

you can have all the
beer you can drink.


That ain't gonna
be necessary at all.

Well, by the time you get
this team back to Dodge,

it'll probably be
mighty welcome.

Who are they?

By golly.

I don't know.

Looks like they
could be bandits.





Hyah! Hyah!


Here you go, Miss Kitty.

I'll get in the back so I can
get a better shot at them.

We'll never make it!

You just keep on driving!


You want us to go
after the woman?

No. She's gone.

You killed one of my men.

I'd have killed all
of you if I could've.

What do we do with him, Solis?

We'll take him to Garvy.

Best know when Garvy
finds out you killed Hank,

you'll wish we killed you here.

My rope.



Well, what's this we got?

A prisoner.

He kept us from
capturing a white woman.

What's your name?

I said, "What's your name?"

Chester Goode.

Chester Goode? Now,
ain't that a right pretty name.

I had a purpose for
bringing him in, Garvy.

He killed Hank.

He killed Hank?

Pepe, bring my chair.

Si, patrón.

Are you gonna give
him a trial, Garvy?

I do things right.

Why are we going
through all that?

Why don't we get on with it?

He gets a trial, Solis.

It's a waste of time
and you know it!

I could have Pepe
horsewhip you for that.

But you won't.

One of these days, I will.

Fine. Trial's open.

You know where you are, mister?


Well, it don't matter
none. What's the charge?

- Murder.
- Murder?

Oh, this is a waste of time!

Shut up, Solis!

So... you admit that
you murdered our man.

I think you're all crazy,
that's what I think. All of you!

Wait. Leave him be.

Now, there's no need for you
to confess if we got a witness.

That's me. I'm the witness.

Then he's guilty.
Now I'll pass sentence.

Well, what kind
of a trial is this?

One more word out of you,
mister, and we'll beat you blue!

Sentence is death,

as slow a death
as we can make it.

I'll turn him over to the men.

Wait! I didn't say when.


Tomorrow morning.

A man like this'll worry
hisself into a sweat all night

just thinking about it.

That's a waste of time!
Let's get it over with.

I said in the morning!

I'm gonna sleep
for an hour, Pepe.

Have Chavela put
in my seat by the tent.


Stake him out.

She is kind of
pretty, ain't she?

She's too pretty
for a pig like Garvy.



Are you all right?


Well, where's Chester?

I don't know.

You don't know?

We were attacked.

Red says it must've
been Comancheros.

Oh, this is Red Graves.

- This is Doc Adams.
- Howdy, Doc.

How are you?

Chester stayed
behind to hold them off.

She made it over
to our camp, Doc,

and me and my partner went
back, but we didn't find nothing.

Well, what do you
suppose they did with him?

Hold him prisoner, most likely.

Well then, let's organize
a posse. Let's go find him.

Never find him, Doc,

and even if you did,
they'd kill them prisoners

just as soon as they
catch sight of you.

I wish Matt were here.

Well, golly, I do,
too, but he ain't.

Well, I'll send for him.

Who could ever find him in
the Canadian River country?

That's a mighty big
country, like I said.

Well, do you know the country?

Well, sure. I'm
a buffalo hunter.

Well, then, why don't you go?

I'd like to help you folks,

but, well, I'm in
the hide business

and I've got my
partners to think of.

If you find Marshal
Dillon, I'll pay you $300.

$300 is a heap of money.

Just find him, Red.

Well, it'll be like looking
for a needle in a haystack,

but I'll, I'll do the
best I can, ma'am.

Well then, can-can-can
you go right now?

Yes, sir. Right away.

Thanks for bringing me in.

It's all right, ma'am.

Oh, Doc, I'm so worried.

Just a minute.

Hey, Pratt, come
here a minute, will you?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Here, will you take this rig
over to Moss Grimmick's?

Come here, now.


It's a hard life.

You like my husband?

Not many do.

But for me, he's my husband.

He's all I've got.

I understand.

I want you to go away.

You must go away.


It'll take much courage.

I'll do anything.

Will you risk your life?

This life?

All right.

The white man they brought,

the one who is to be
tortured in the morning?

He has a good face.

He is better than
any of these...

Let's hope he has courage, too.

What are you talking about?

I have a plan.

Couldn't sleep.

Thought you might
want some water.

Oh, by golly, thanks a lot.

I-I'm just-just about parched.

Not you, you murderer.


Thank you.

What's wrong?

This water is bad.

It's from my own tent.

If you don't like
it, pour it out.

No. I drink.

Give it to me if
you're gonna waste it.

You, murderer,

with the dawn, you begin to die.

It'll be a pleasure to watch.

I have horses ready.

If I cut you loose, will
you take me with you?

Well, yeah, sure.
Sure I will, but...

What are you doing this for?

I'm a prisoner, too,
but I'll explain later on.

W-Where are the horses?

Over there.

We're gonna have to
do something with theirs

or they'll have us 'fore
we're fair mounted.

Yes, yes, come on. Hurry.

Come on.


Somebody's run off
the horses! Tell Garvy!

Garvy asleep.

You mean he's drunk.

Mario, take three of the fastest
runners, go after the horses.

Don't come back until you
have at least four of them.

Then we'll go after the rest.

- Solis!
- ¿S I?

Prisoner's gone.
The girl Chavela, too.

This is Garvy's fault.

I told him this afternoon
we should kill the prisoner,

but he's old and foolish.

He made us wait!
Now look what happens.

There is no longer
a horse in the camp.

Garvy is no longer strong.

His brain swims with whiskey!

Right now, he lies
drunk asleep in the tent!

Right now, when we
need a real leader,

Garvy can only lead
us to destruction!

So I say we are fools
to follow him anymore!

Am I right? You agree?

Then there is no choice.

I will do what I must do.

All of you, stay where you are.

By golly, I... I don't know,

but I think we ought to
keep going straight ahead.

All right.

Sorry we lost those
horses so soon.

Well, that's all right. I
think we done pretty good.

We got a real
good start on them.

All we got to do is just
kind of keep a-goin'.

Tell you what, when
it comes morning,

why, we'll find someplace
where we can rest up

and hide out a little bit.

Well, you better
come and get it.

Dinner's about ready.



Set myself a little
snare and got me one.

Oh, Chester, you're wonderful.

Yeah, well, we got
to eat, don't we?

Now, you just grab a hold
of that leg there and pull,

tear you off a little... There.

Mmm. It's the best
I've ever tasted.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, I hope it
don't taste too good.

You know, we might
have to make that do us

until we get clear
back to Dodge.

How long do you think
it'll be, till we get to Dodge?

Uh, well, just traveling nights,

I'd say maybe, uh,
three more nights.

I wish we had a gun.

Yeah, so do I.

Uh, what is, what is that, uh,

thing that you wear
around your neck?

Oh, it's a medal.

A gypsy woman gave me
that when I was a little girl.

Huh. Well, I never
seen one like that before.

It's a Spanish coin stamped
with the Christian cross.


Golly, that... must,
uh, mean something.

Gypsy women give it to
the man they, they love.

Oh, their husband.

Well, if that's the
man they love.

Real nice medal.

Are you married, Chester?

No, no, no. My gracious,
what would I be doing married?

Well, you will be.


Well... maybe when I'm real old.

Uh, here.

Golly, I've got some,
some berries here.

You ought to try
that with your rabbit.

Goes real good with
rabbit, berries do.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.



What's wrong, Solis?

We will never
catch them this way.

We should've searched
both sides of the creek.

It would be no use.

I know they're
headed for Dodge City.

What we must do is spread
out, cover the whole territory.

If Chester's smart,
he's traveling by night.

S i. We will never
catch him at night.

What are we gonna do?

We will spilt up.

The rest of you, fan out,
cover the whole territory.

We will ride by
day, sleep by night.

Search every place
they might hide,

and remember, it can be small.

They've got to hide
two horses, too.

All right, let's go.

We've only got a couple
of hours of daylight left.

All right, you
heard him. Let's go!

I'll be back directly. Don't
you worry about a thing.


Go ahead, honey, scream

so's Chester'll come
a-runnin' and I can kill him.

I can kill you, too,

and nobody'd ever
know the difference.

What's the matter?
Don't you want to scream?

Aw, go on, scream.



Easy, Chester.

Where is he?

I think he's dead.

Here. Drink some water.

I'm so sorry, Chester.

If I hadn't fallen asleep, this
never would have happened.

Oh, that's all right.

I know that you done
the best that you could.

Where's his gun? Get it.

I tried to use it.
It's full of sand.

Well, we're gonna need it.


There must be others around.

No, I don't think so.


He threatened to kill
me, and he meant it.

Well, Garvy'd skin him
alive if he done that.

That's why he must
have been alone.

Yeah, well, I just sure hope so.

We're gonna have to
bury him, that's for sure.

He doesn't deserve
it, but you're right.

Well, that works better.

Feel like walking a bit?


Well, his horse is probably
up there somewheres.

We're gonna have to find him.

That's right.

And this time, you're
gonna go with me.

I ain't gonna let you
out of my sight again.

Chester, thank you
for what you did.

Well, I just wished
that I'd had a club.

I was never so
mad in all my life.

How do you feel, Chester?

Well, I feel all right.
Just got a little headache.

Are you hungry?

No, no, you go ahead
and have something.

I-I think we ought to make camp.

Well, we can't do that.

We got three or four
hours of traveling time.

You're not well, Chester.

You're gonna fall
right out of your saddle.

Well, I'll be all right.

I think I know what
I'm doing this time.

Come on, let's find
a place and hide.

We'll hide when
it gets to be dawn.

No. Now.

I-I got the horses staked out.

I... had to leave Rankin's
down there by the spring.

I don't think he's ever
gonna quit drinkin'.

I'll-I'll get him in a minute.

Here. Let me help you.

I'll take care of it later.

Want some water?


You'll be all right
after a few hours sleep.

By golly, I just,
I feel terrible

for weakening
out on you like this.

Oh, Chester.


All I care about is
your feeling better.

You know, you're...

you're just about the finest
woman that I ever knowed.

How come that they
made you so fine, Chavela?

I'm not.

Not really.

No fever anyway.

Right there.

Just hold it there.
It feels good.

I told you to separate.

What are you doing together?

We met, thought we'd
separate here again.

All right.

That grove is a
good place to hide.

We will search there,
then we will separate.


Well, some fine meal.

Oh, it could be worse.

I just wished, you know,
that there was some way

that I-I could take
care of you better.

You're going to get me
to Dodge, aren't you?

Well, I'm sure gonna
try my dangdest.

Well, if that isn't
taking care of me,

then I don't know what is.

Well, no, what I mean is that...

you know, I-I-I'd like to,

to take good care
of you all the time.

What are you trying
to tell me, Chester?

Uh, well, what I started
to say was, was, uh...


But then, well, I
guess I better get you

safe away from Garvy and
them 'fore I start talking like that.

I'll get the water.

Huh-uh. I'll get it.

Why don't you lie down and
rest? I'll only be a few minutes.

Kind of dizzy.


You men didn't find no
tracks or nothing, huh?

Not a sign, Solis.

Maybe we never find them, huh?

I'll find them.

If I have to ride down
Front Street in Dodge City,

I'll find them.

Big lawman in Dodge City.
Tell me pretty tough man.

I'm a tough man, too.


There are horses in the grove.

Come on. We found them.




Kill him and you die, too.

You wouldn't be so foolish.

Leave him alone.

Chavela, you
can't stop five men.

I'd rather die here
than go back to Garvy.

Of course! But Garvy is dead.


S i.

He was old and foolish. A pig!

I had no choice.

I'm the boss now. I'm the law.


You kill me, my men
kill you. What a waste.

Why don't you come back with me?

Why should I?

Solis will take
you for his wife.

The wife of Solis
would live like a queen!

She would have money and
power. She would command an army!

But most of all, she
will have Solis, huh?

But you are the law.

You can take whatever you want.

With you, that's no
good. That's like Garvy.

I don't want hate from you.

I will be the wife
of Solis, and proud.

Uh, this one, uh, he
doesn't talk much, eh?

He is too frightened.

His kind are cowards.

Not like Comanchero, eh?

S i. So he must die.


But I am the one who
has been mistreated,

who suffered his insults.

As the future wife of Solis,

I have the right to
determine his fate.

Oh, Chavela, what would
you have us do to him, huh?

Leave him here.


Killing him
outright is too easy.

I don't know.

Well, he can't go anywhere.

He hit his head on a rock
and it left him with dizzy spells,

so he'll just have to sit
here alone without food

and go crazy with fear.

Ay, Chavela, you will
make a good Comanchero.

Solis will be proud to
have you for his wife.

Let's ride, Solis.

- S i. Jose?
- Huh?

You and Pedro ride till you
find Rankin and the rest of them.

Tell them I am moving the
camp south across the Rio Bravo.


S I, you know the place
to meet. Now, move.

One day, perhaps he will learn.

He won't live long
enough to learn anything.


Forgot about one
thing: Rankin's horse.

I ain't dead yet.



What do you think, Doc?

Well, I'd say for a man
who's been lying out in the sun

half-starved with his head beat
in, he's in pretty good shape.

Think he's kind of coming to.

Chester? Hey.

Matt's here.

Hello, Mr. Dillon.


Now, just take it easy.

Matt, uh, why don't you go
and talk to him for a little while?

I'll see if we can't brew
us all up some coffee.

Yeah, fine, Doc.

Well, how you feeling?

Oh, I-I feel fine.

Oh, I, uh, brought a clean shirt
and some stuff for you there.

Oh, well, thanks.

You, uh, you feeling
up to talking a little bit?

Yeah, sure.

Well, that's quite a
story you had to tell

on the way in yesterday.

Now, you, uh, were talking
about these Comancheros.

Now, you said they
were headed for Mexico?

Yeah. Well, that's-that's
what this Solis said, yeah.

Oh, yeah. That was their leader?


The one that ran off with
the Mexican girl, Chavela?


Yeah, you know, you must
have really had her on your mind.

You were talking
about her all the way in.

What'd I say?

Well, I don't
remember everything,

but, uh, I kind of got the idea
you were pretty fond of her.

Well, I... kind of thought
she liked me, too.

You know, I've been
thinking about that.

Now, you said there were
five men out there, right?

Well, you know, they
would have killed you sure

if she hadn't taken your
six-gun away from you.

Well, and wasn't it her idea

to, to turn you loose
instead of killing you?


Well, now, a girl
that's as smart as that

isn't going to forget
that there was a horse

staked out there
on the prairie, either.

No, Mr. Dillon, she...

Now, wait a minute.
Let me ask you this:

What do you think that those
men would have done to you

if she had told them that
you'd killed this man Rankin?

Well, well, Mr. Dillon,

she-she got what she wanted.

Maybe I'm wrong, Chester,

but I don't think so.

Well, look, you probably better
get yourself some more rest.

I'll take your shirt over
and get it washed for you.

Wait a minute.

- What...?
- Hmm?

What's this?

The world...? Let me see that.

Well, that's, that's that medal
that she wore around her neck.

What's it for?

Well, it's-it's a Spanish coin.

You see, uh, gypsy women
give it to the men that they...

That they love.

Well... it was in
your shirt pocket.

She must have put it there.

You know, Mr. Dillon,
I... I was wrong.

Sh-She didn't do what she
done out there for herself at all.

You know what I think, Chester?

I think your friend Mr. Solis
is gonna wake up some night

and find a knife in his belly.