Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 2 - Old Yellow Boots - full transcript

After killing an old prospector and stealing his fancy boots, Frank Cassidy drifts into Dodge after a stop at the farm of siblings Beulah and Leroy Parker. Cassidy and Beulah soon find themselves strongly attracted to each other and neither will let anything get in their way.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hello, stranger.

Get down. I'll have some
coffee going here soon enough.

When'd you leave
Scott City, old man?

This morning, before dawn.


Hey, what are you doing?

Took you till noon
to ride 20 miles?

Oh, we traveled slow.

Besides, I was
only trying to make

the headwaters of
the Pawnee yonder.

Here, now, w-what's
the matter with you?

I heard there was an
old prospector around

with his panniers full of dust.

I sure never expected
to run into him.

There's no gold
in there! Get away!

You got no right!

What do you think you're doing?!

Look out, old man.

No! Get out of my stuff!

What do you want...
Stay away, old man.

You shouldn't mess around
with other people's things!

Blamed old fool.

Well, that was a waste of
time and good ammunition.

Howdy, ma'am.

It's "miss."

Miss Parker.

How about some
water for my horse?


Help yourself.

How far is Dodge?

It's ten miles.

It's hot, ain't it?

Hot enough.

I swear, if it don't rain soon, I
don't know what I'm gonna do.

Well, you just let your
pa worry about that.

My pa's dead.

So's my ma.

They left me this place
and 500 head of cattle to run.

It ain't easy for a girl.

You mean you're all alone here?


If you're looking for
a job, I'll give you one.

No, it ain't a job
I'm looking for.

Supper will be
ready in half an hour.

Can stay and have a
bite, if you have a mind.

You a good cook?

There's one way to find out.

All right.

My name's Cassidy.

Frank Cassidy.

There's a stall for
your horse in the barn.

You're a good cook, Beulah.


How many men you
got running your cattle?

Only two now.

They generally stay out in camp.

I could use a man around here.

Yeah, I can see that.

You could use a man around here.

But like I say, it
ain't a job I'm after.

You're a drifting man.

You might say that.

At least I ain't never found
a reason to settle down yet.

Well, I guess I might as
well move on into Dodge

before they close up the town.

A... a ten-mile ride
at night's no fun.

There's a bunkhouse out back.

You're welcome to use it.

Well, now, that's right
kind of you, Beulah.

But, um, if I stay...

can I have another
cup of coffee, after this?

You can have all you want.

Mmm. Smells good.

You set right down, and
I'll bring it over to you.

Must get mighty lonely
for you out here, Beulah.

Nobody to cook for.

I've been lonely
all my life, Frank.

You get busy on these.

The eggs will be
ready in just a minute.

Hey, now.

I'll bring you some coffee.

I thought you wasn't
coming back before noon.

Who's this?

This is Frank Cassidy.

What's he doing here?

Who's this punk, Beulah?

Don't you call me names, mister.

Not in my own house, you don't!

Leroy is my brother, Frank.

Oh. So this is his
house and his ranch.


Who's did you think it was?

And what are you
doing here, anyway?

Where you going, Frank?

What are you doing?

Frank? Frank?

What's the matter
with him, anyway?

Frank, come back!


Where'd he come from?

What are you doing
feeding him breakfast?

You had to go ruin
everything, didn't you?

What are you talking about?

He'd have married me.

He said he would last night.

Well, I knew it.

You told him the ranch
is yours, didn't you?

Yeah, he'd have married
you, all right, Beulah.

Then he'd have
made you sell out,

and then he'd have kept the
money and left you to holler.

You're a fool, Beulah.

And you're a rotten pig.

Don't you call me names.

I hate you.


I hate you.

I hate you, I hate you.

- Mr. Dillon?
- Huh?

Listen, now, look,
look at that, would you?

Th-That Beulah, I'll bet you,
ain't a day over 30 years old.

But she's an old
woman right now.

A woman just needs a
man around, that's all.

She put on some frilly
clothes and combed her hair

once in a while, it
might help some.

Maybe you ought to go over
there and suggest that to her.

Oh, no.


Hey! What do you men
think you're doing there?!

You think you own this town?!

An ugly town like this,
you'd have to own it!

If I had a gun, I'd shoot you!

I think I'll just stick
you in a water barrel!

- Let me go!
- Good idea, Welch!

Shoot him, Marshal, shoot him!

No harm meant, Marshal.

She started it.


You men plan to spend
much time around Dodge?

Yeah, sure.

Then you better
change your ways,

or you're gonna
be spending it in jail.

Pretty hard-nosed, ain't you?

What's your name?

Jake Welch.

And mine's Henry Head.

Now what?

Get out of here, both of you.

Let's go, Head.

You all right, Beulah?


By golly, them there's
a bad pair, Mr. Dillon.

I wouldn't be surprised if they
wasn't a couple of hired gunmen.

Hired gunmen?

Well, I ain't saying they
are, now, but they could be.

Uh, I'll get your
horse for you, Beulah.

Oh, thanks, Chester.

And thanks, Marshal.

Thanks a lot.



Who are you?

Your name Leroy?

How'd you know that?

We know a whole
lot about you, Leroy.

What are you men doing here?

Now, this is my land
and my-my spring.

We ain't gonna hurt
your land or your spring.

You never wear a
gun, do you, Leroy?

I don't need one.

Head, give Leroy your gun.

All right, Welch.

What-what... what is this?

I don't want no gun.

Yeah, Leroy, put it on.

I don't need no gun.

I said put it on.

Well, you ain't got
no right to do this.

I ain't no gunfighter.

I ain't gonna draw
on nobody, now.

You can get that through
your head right now.

There you go, Leroy.

Gonna give you an
equal chance, Leroy.

More than an equal chance.

I'm gonna let you draw first.


What... wh-what for?

I don't even know you!

I'm even going to count for you.

If'n you ain't got that gun
out by the time I count ten,

it's gonna be too
late. One, two,

- three, four, -
Now, wait a minute.

- Five, six, - Let's
talk this over.

- seven, eight, -I ain't
got nothing against you.

Nine, ten.

He didn't have no fight
in him at all, did he?

No, but he's dead.

That's what we get paid for.

Well, the cowboy was right.

Shot right through the heart.

Well, I never did
like Leroy none,

but it just never did
occur to me to shoot him.

Just plain murder.

He never did wear a gun or...

Wait, look at this.


There's something strange.

Look at that boot print.

It's about as old
a pair of boots

as a man could have on
and still not be barefoot.

Oh, what is that there?

Is that the heel print?

Looks kind of like
a heart, don't it?


Uh, Chester?

Tell you what,
you better ride back

and tell Beulah about this.

Bring a wagon back with you.

All right.

I'll see if I can
find his horse.

All right.

Mighty fine pair
of boots, mister.

Got to be for what you charge.

Well, you ain't going to
find a better deal in town.

Come on, Welch, take them.

Okay, here, I'll wear them.

Let's get out of
here and get a drink.


Come back, now.

Oh, sure.

What am I carrying these for?

Ain't worth saving.

How about that?

Well, how about that?

Yellow boots.

Hey, take my horse on down
to the barn, will you, Chester?

Yeah, all right.

Hello, Marshal Dillon.

Oh, how are you, Ah Wong?

Very fine.

Well, Marshal, what'll
you be needing today?

Mr. Jonas.

Look, I, uh, wanted to find out

if you've sold any
new boots recently.

Well, let me see.

I sold a pair yesterday.

I sold two pair today.

Well, uh, who did
you sell them to?

Emmett Bowers bought a pair.

Emmett Bowers. Anybody else?

Jim Buck just before
the stage pulled out.

Then there was one other fella.

Oh, who was he?

Oh, I don't know...
Some strange...

Think his name was
Welch, his partner called him.

Did he leave his boots
here, by any chance?

Oh, no, no, he
took them with him.

Well, did you get a look
at those boots at all?

Do you remember
anything about them?

Well, they was...
they was yellow.

That's all I know.

Were they old and...?

Oh, yeah, they were real old.


You don't remember
the heels, by any chance?

Did they have a... kind
of a heart-shaped heel?

I don't remember, Marshal.


Well, thanks, Mr. Jonas.

Uh, how long ago did they leave?

Oh, two or three...
I think they said

they had a room at
the Dodge House.

Maybe you could catch
them there, Marshal.

Oh, good. Thank you.

Oh, did this fella do
something real bad?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Good idea, Welch.

Come here and get
rested up for the night.

Tonight I'm going to gamble.

I'm going to gamble just as long

as there's a man in
this town willing to sit in.

I'm going to wipe them
out, every last one of them.

Who is it?

Marshal Dillon. Open up.

Hi, Marshal.

Well, who were you
expecting, Welch?

Oh, you never know, Marshal.

You never know.

I guess, with men in your
business, you don't, huh?

What's that mean, Marshal?

Pretty nice-looking pair
of boots you got there.

That what you came here
for... To admire my new boots?

What'd you do
with your old pair?

My old boots... That
what you're looking for?

Yeah. Where are they?

Why, I throwed them away.

They was all worn out.

I-I don't understand, Marshal.

Sit down, Marshal.

Have a drink.

We don't often get to
entertain the law, do we, Welch?

No, we don't get with
the law... That's true.

Just what is it you think
we've gone and done, Marshal?

Were you men in
town all day yesterday?

Just about.

What does that mean?

Well, we went fishing for a
few hours down at the river.

Did you have any luck?

You know how it is.

You don't object to fishing,
too, do you, Marshal?

With men like you, I
object to your breathing.

Have any ideas
about leaving town?

We ain't going nowhere.

No, we like Dodge.

Soon as it gets dark, Head,

we're going to
go for a little walk.

They just ain't here, Welch.

Ah, some kid must
have found them.

Well, we better not going
around asking questions.

You should have
throwed them in a river.

I must have left
tracks out there

a washerwoman could follow.

But that marshal
ain't proved nothing.

No, not yet.


You were there, too, remember?

All right, so I was there.

That's why I collected
half the money.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

You and your boots.



I heard about your brother.


Fact is, uh, I was
thinking about riding

out to the ranch and, uh,
offering my condolences.

But you didn't.

After the way I left
the other morning,

I wasn't sure I'd be welcome.

I guess it was my fault
for not explaining things.


Just that I get
hotheaded sometimes.

It gets me into trouble, too.

I admire a man who does things

the way he feels
like doing them.

Well, that's me all right.

Did they, uh, find the
man that shot your brother?

No. They don't even
know where to look.

Leroy and I had our differences.

You saw that.

But it's awfully lonely
out there without him.

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

Well, uh, anything I
can do to help, Beulah,

you just let me know.

I need somebody
I can talk to, Frank.

Somebody that I can trust.

Any time, Beulah.

I wonder, maybe when
I get through shopping,

that you might ride
back out with me.

That way, I could show
you some of our land.

Some of my land.

Well, uh, that would get
me back to town after dark.

You wouldn't feed a man
a little supper, would you?

I got a chicken in the
pot out there right now.

All right. I'll meet you here.

Uh, say, in a half hour?

That'll be fine.

I'll take my bag.

Evening, Marshal.

Hello, Louie.

Marshal, I ain't had
a single drink all day.

You had anything to eat?

That's the whole trouble.

I spent my only money on food.

All right, Louie.

One drink.

Thanks a lot, Marshal.

Yeah, let's get this going, huh?

You're getting a
little bit behind here.

I have to fill you up.

Evening, Kitty.

Oh, good evening, Matt.

Sit down.

Would you like something?

Oh, no, thanks.

What are you doing,
adding up your profits?

Mm-hmm, just trying to see

if I can keep this
place open any longer.

Doesn't look like

you got any worries
about that tonight.


Hey, you're a
little bit thirsty here.

- Let's fill it up.
- Oh, thank you.

Yeah, ain't often a
man gets married.

Oh, here's a cheers.

That's Frank Cassidy.

He's celebrating his engagement.

- His engagement?
- Mm-hmm.

I didn't know there were any
single girls left around Dodge.

You didn't, huh?

It's Beulah Parker.

Beulah Parker?

Well, Kitty, looks to
me like he showed up

just about the right
time around here.


What'd you say his
name was again?

Cassidy... Frank Cassidy.

Excuse me, Kitty.

Here you go.

Have a little... a
little... just a little more.

That's the stuff.

Frank Cassidy?

Yeah, that's right, Marshal.

I understand you're, uh,
getting engaged, huh?

That's right.
Here, have a drink.

No, no, thanks.

How long you been engaged?

Oh, about, uh, three
or four hours now.

I just got back from her place.

Uh-huh. Where'd you come from?

Scott City.

Well, that's the last place.


Well, uh, when did
you leave there?

Let's see, uh...

last Monday, I
think it was. Why?

Oh, just curious... that's all.

Didn't mean to bother you.

Not at all.

Here, drink up, fellas.

Here you go. Yeah!

Well, what do you think?

I think he's kind of got
me wondering, Kitty.

About what?

He left Scott City last Monday.

That's the same afternoon

that old man was
murdered just south of there.

Come in.


What brings you out
here today, Marshal?

Hello, Beulah.

Well, I, uh... I'd
like to talk to you

about something if
you have a minute.


Sit down.

Thank you.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

Oh, I don't believe so.


What'd you want to talk
to me about, Marshal?

About you and Frank Cassidy.

Oh, he's gone and told
everybody in town about us.

Well, he's been doing
a little celebrating.

Ain't that just like a man?

When'd you meet Frank?

Oh, it was about a week ago.

Monday, it was.

He come by here
to water his horse

on his way from Scott City.

And he's, uh, been
courting you ever since, huh?

Well, kind of.

I saw him again yesterday.

He come by here for supper.


What, you mean you...
you met him on Monday,

and then you saw
him again yesterday?

Yeah, I know... I know it
sounds kind of fast, Marshal.

Well, you don't know too much
about him, do you, Beulah?

All I need to know.

I love Frank Cassidy,
and I'm going to marry him.

Well, Beulah, I
hate to tell you this,

but I sent a telegram
to Scott City yesterday

and I got an answer this noon.

Now, Frank is known as
a bad character up there.

He's not wanted for
anything right now,

but he killed man a
couple of months ago.

He got off with self-defense.

Why are you coming,
carrying tales to me, Marshal?

Because the day you
met him, Beulah, Monday,

an old man was murdered
about 20 miles south of Scott City.

Oh, but Frank wouldn't
do anything like that.

Well, you met him on Monday,
your brother was murdered,

and two days later,
Frank shows up again,

after you own the ranch.

Why, he didn't kill Leroy.

You're telling lies.

You've got no proof of anything.

Beulah, Frank Cassidy is
under suspicion for two murders.

Now, I'm gonna have
to ask a favor of you.

I want you to hold off marrying,

until I can clear him
of these murders.

No, Marshal.

Well... then I'm gonna
have to get a court order

stopping the marriage.

Why, you wouldn't dare.

When he's cleared himself,
you can go ahead with it.

I'm doing this to
protect you, Beulah.

But I don't need protecting.

I need a husband.

And you or nobody else
is gonna stand in my way.

Beulah, I want
you to think about...

Get off my property, Marshal!

Get off or I'll shoot you off!

Beulah, use your head.

I said get off my property
or I'll shoot you off!

That boy said you
wanted to see us, Beulah.

I don't want to see you.

I hate both of you.

Why, Beulah?

We'd ought to be
good friends by now.

We're sorta partners, even.

Partners... with filth like you?

You want me to knock
your jaw crooked?

Don't you dare.

What'd you bring us
out here for, Beulah?

Let's get it over with.

I got another job for you.

Another one?

Well, kinda
bloodthirsty, ain't she?

Who is it?

Marshal Dillon.

Why? What's the matter?

Well, a marshal...
Especially him.

That ain't gonna
be easy, Beulah.

Well, there's two
of you, ain't there?

That ain't the point.

It's gonna cost you, Beulah.


That marshal, he
ain't no $200 killing.

How much?

Oh, I'd say about $500,
wouldn't you, Head?

No less.


All right.

I gotta go.

Boy, she sure is
something, ain't she?

Hate to have her after me.

First poor ol' Leroy
and now that marshal.

I hired a new cowboy
this morning, Frank.

That makes three you
got working for you.


That's enough for now.

- Hey, Beulah.
- Hmm?

When you gonna set the day?

You mean for getting married?

Yeah. Let's make it soon, huh?

Well, we're gonna have
to wait awhile, Frank.

What for?

Mm, not long; just a few days.

Beulah, there something
you ain't telling me?

It's not important.

Well, I want to hear
it, whatever it is.

Come on, now, tell me.

Well, you're not to
worry about it, Frank but...

Marshal Dillon don't
want us to get married.


Marshal Dill... What
does he got to do with it?

Mm... he's got a
lot of wild ideas.

Like what?


Thank you.

Like what?

Like you killed a man
up on the Pawnee.

He thinks even
maybe you killed Leroy.

Now, Beulah, do you think that?

I know better.

I mean, I know you, Frank,

and I know you
wouldn't kill nobody.

Not like that.

Well, then, you don't have
to listen to what he says.

Who cares what he thinks?

He's gonna get a
court order to stop it.

He's what?!

Why, that meddlin' fool.

Why, he'll wish he hadn't.

No man stands in my
way, marshal or no marshal.

I'll call him out for this.

I ain't afraid of him.

No, Frank, no.

Now you gotta
stay away from him.

It's gonna be all
right, I tell you.

He gets a court order,
it ain't gonna be all right.

Now, listen to me, Frank.

You've got to have
a little patience.

It's gonna be all
right, I tell you.

You gotta trust me.

You do, don't you?

All right, I trust you.

How you gonna stop him?

Well... I know the
judge real well.

He was a good friend of my pa's.

Now just let me take
care of it, will you?

Well, maybe I will.

There he is.

What do you think, Welch?

I don't know.

We could just walk up
to him and brace him.

And let that Chester fella
witness the whole thing?

No, we kill him, too.

You think I'm crazy?

I'll tell you something,
even with the two of us,

I don't like bracing
a fella like Dillon.

You never know what he
might do before he dies.

Get one of us, you mean?

Yeah, he's gonna die hard.

Real hard.

I guess you're right, Welch.

We better play it
safe and ambush him.

Well, that'd be the
smart way to do it.

All right, but when?

Well, we just keep
our eye on him.

He wanders around
half the time alone.


Later tonight maybe, huh?

Yeah. I want to
get this thing over,

we can get back
drinking our whiskey.

You mean that Emmett Bowers
didn't give you nothing to eat?

Well, he offered to, Chester,

but I figured I better
head back to town.

You mean you rode all the
way out there for nothing,

just 'cause he thought
somebody's using his water?

At least he came
to the law about it,

instead of riding
around with a shotgun.

Yeah, well, do you want to
get something to eat now?

I'm just about caved
in, waiting for you.

I can use it.

Now, Louie, think you can
make it the rest of the way home?

With one more
little drink, I could.

No, it's getting late, Louie.

Everything's closing up.

Why don't you go on home,
get a night's sleep, huh?

All right, Marshal,
whatever you say.

You're my friend.

Good night, Louie.

Good night, Marshal.

- Hey, it's Marshal Dillon!
- What's up, Marshal?

Yeah, what's all
the shooting about?

Sounded like a war going on!

Just some cowboy
baying at the moon, boys.

But he's quit now.

Go on to bed.

By golly, you leave
the door open,

ain't no telling
what'll come in.

What are you doing
here, anyway, Doc?

Oh, I'm just reading about
life and vice in the big city.

Well, you're wasting your time.

We got enough of that here.

Did you hear about Mr. Dillon
getting shot at last night?


I'll tell you, he come
within a hair of getting killed.

Mm-hmm. Haven't
found him yet, huh?

Well, no.

You think the feller's
gonna go around

with a big sign on his back
saying, "I am a murderer"?

By golly, my stomach
says I'm hungry.


Oh, Doc, you're just about

the cold-bloodedest
thing that I ever seen.

You know there's
one thing I can't stand.

What's that?

Somebody reading
over my shoulder.

If you like this so well,
why don't you buy one?

Well, whose do you think
that is, anyway? Huh?

You eaten yet?

Well, no, I...

But Mr. Dillon
said he ought to be

down at Delmonico's about now.

Well, why don't we
get on down there.

He just may be buying.

By golly, there's
something wrong here.


Well, you can eat the
food today without choking.

That hasn't happened
in a long time.

Well, you've just lost
your sense of taste, Doc.

You know, you need a haircut.


Well, the barn dance tonight.

You want to go
to that, don't you?

Oh, by golly, I
forgot all about that.

There sure enough is.

I'm gonna have to go pick up
my clean laundry eventually.

Marshal Dillon?

I'd like a word with you.

You been meddlin'.

I ain't gonna stand for that.

Looks like you're a
little bit late, Cassidy.

Judge Brooking signed
the court order this morning.

Well, you ain't gonna stop me.

You nor nobody else.

I'll kill you if I have to.

Maybe you've tried
that already, huh?

I heard about that.

That wasn't me
last night, Marshal.

I don't have to bushwhack you.

I'll take you
straight-on, anytime.

Like right now.

I don't draw against
men like you, Cassidy.

I don't have time
for your fool games.


Oh, Frank, how come
you're, you're early.

I ain't even dressed yet.

Never mind that
dance tonight, Beulah.

I got more important
things on my mind.

Oh, well, now you
sit down, Frank.

I'll fix you a cup of coffee.

Beulah, wait a minute.

I thought you said this,
uh, Judge What's-His-Name

was a good friend of yours.

- Why, he is.
- Yeah?

Well, he signed that order

stopping us from
getting married.

He signed it this morning.

He did?

Yes, he did.

I didn't even know
he was in town yet.

Now, look, Beulah, there's
only one way to beat this thing...

No, now, Frank,
you stop worrying.

Beulah, I know what
I'm talking about.

There's only one way out
and that's to sell this ranch...

Fast... and move on out
west, uh, to Pueblo, maybe.

Sell the ranch?

It's the only way, Beulah.

Oh, I'll never sell this place.

Why not?

We can always buy
another ranch in Colorado.

But we'd just spend all
the money having fun.

I know.

Don't you trust me, Beulah?

Oh, it's not that, Frank.

It's a promise I made to my pa

that I'd always live
here, and I always will.

I want us to stay
here and raise kids

and do everything right.

Kids, we... we can't
even get married, Beulah.

Yes, we can.

Now, believe me.

Beulah... Hmm?

What if your staying
here means losing me?

Well, now, don't
you talk like that.

And you stop worrying.

Everything's gonna be
taken care of, I promise.

You seem awful
sure of that, Beulah.

I am.

If you'll just wait
a short while.

And Frank... I got a
surprise for the dance tonight.

I'm gonna wear
something real pretty.

And I ain't never gonna
wear black no more.

♪ All over Kansas ♪

♪ In every Kansas town... ♪

Chester, you better hurry up.

That dance is tonight,
not next week, you know.

Well, Mr. Dillon, I got
to look nice, don't I?

Well, I'm taking Miss
Kitty, not you, you know.

Well, time you get
everything around here

straightened up and
ready to go, there's...


Oh... Oh, doggone.

Look at that, Mr. Dillon.

Is that gonna show too much?

It's the only white
shirt that I got.

Oh, don't worry
about it, Chester.

You can't even see it.

Well, I'll just go
the way I am then.

Yeah, yeah, why
don't you do that.

You'll really be
the hit of the dance.

Well, I... Shoot.

Oh, doggone it.

Well, come on, let's go in.

Well, that's a good idea!


We got gallons of the stuff.

Oh, fine. Thank you.

Get that drink going.


- Cheers.
- Looking at you.

Let's go over there.

All right.

I'm gonna take my cloak off.

Hello, Bud. How are you tonight?

That's fine.

Pardon me.

Excuse me.

Well, by golly.

You got a little bit
left here, ain't there?

Peters, just because it's free

don't mean that
it ain't powerful.

You think I shouldn't have
just one more little glass?

Help yourself. Have
all you want... Oh!

- Miss Kitty.
- How are you, Chester?

Hey, you look
kind of slick there.

What's-what's the
prob... What's...

Oh, Doc, don't do that.

I mean, if you don't point it
out, nobody's gonna notice it.

Oh, well, I didn't know
whether the shirt came that way

or you decorated it yourself.

Why don't you just
get you some old lady

that can learn you to
dance and leave us alone?

Teach me to dance?

Good heavens.

In my younger days, I
was known far and wide

as the Terror of Terpsichore.

The what?


Oh, I don't believe that.

Why not?

Well, why don't you
ever play it then?

I can still show you a
thing or two, Chester.

Miss Kitty.

Why, I'd be delighted.

This ain't the night for it.

There's too many people.

Ah, don't worry about it.

In about 15 minutes, you go
outside and hide in those trees.

I'll bring the marshal out

and make sure he
keeps his back to you.

I don't know.

Now, we do it exactly
like we planned.

Now, come on,
Head, let's go inside.

Well, forevermore.

Just kind of reminds you

of a grasshopper
on locoweed, don't it?

He's liable to need a
doctor in the morning.

You know, Mr. Dillon,
it's good to see people

get together and
enjoy themselves.

It makes you wonder why
they don't do it more often...

Just friendly, like
they are tonight.

It's a lively party, isn't it?

I want you to wait, Frank.

You promised.

I'm not used to waiting.

I'm gonna have it
out with him now.

And get yourself killed?

Here, let's get a drink.

Oh, w-wonder what that is.

Excuse me, would you?

One more time!

Now, leave him
alone! Leave him alone!

Come on, leave him alone!

All right, Chester, all right.

Down you go!

Stop that!

All right, you ought to be
ashamed of you, all of you!

Let's dump Chester, too!

Hold on there!

Hold on, fellas.

Aw, Matt, we was
just having a little fun.

Well, go on.

Have your fun inside, go on.

Come on, let's have a drink.

By golly, they just kept holding
him under and dunking him.

Uh, the poor fella.

I nearly drown.

Say, wait a minute.

Let me see those.

That there's a
heart-shaped heel, Mr. Dillon.

Where'd you get this, Louie?

I didn't steal them,
Marshal. Honest I didn't.

- Where'd you get them?
- I found them, Marshal.

Honest I did. A man throwed
them in the alley, and I found them.

Well, would you
recognize the man?

I sure would. I saw
him with my own eyes.

You can ask him if
I ain't right, Marshal.

Who would I ask?

That fella... that Jake
Welch, that's who.

Jake Welch?

Well, I'll be doggoned.

All right, Louie,
put them back on.

But don't say a word
about this to anybody, huh?

Not a word, Marshal.

Whatever you say.

You're my friend.

Mr. Dillon, Jake Welch and
Head are just inside there.

Yeah, I know they are, Chester,

but I'm going to
let them run a little.

You know, they not
only killed Leroy Parker,

but they're probably the ones
that's been trying to kill you.

Yeah, I know they are.

I want to get the man
behind them, if I can.

Louie, come on in.

Why don't you get
yourself rung out there.

Sure, sure.

- Want some?
- Oh, no, thanks, Kitty.

What was that all about?

Oh, just some of the
merrymakers out there were gonna

throw old Louie Pheeters
in the horse trough.

They was trying
to throw me in, too.

Well, like you said, it's a
real friendly party, Chester.

Oh, Marshal, could I
have a word with you?

- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.

Somebody out back
wants to see you.

Who's that?

Oh, somebody who's changed
their mind about having you killed.

What are they doing out in back?

Well, they don't want to be seen

till they get things
straightened out with you.

They feel pretty
bad about it, Marshal.

All right.

Frank, I think we
ought to leave.


I said I was gonna kill
him, and I'm gonna do it.

Frank, you don't know
what you're doing.

Hold this.

Frank? Frank, come back.


Anything goes wrong
out here, you're gonna die.

Well, he was here a few
minutes ago, Marshal.

He'll probably be right back.

You know, you're
gonna be surprised,

you find out who it is.

He's an old friend of yours.

That so?

Marshal Dillon.

Hold it.

Don't do it, Marshal.

I had nothing to do with it.

B-Beulah hired Head, not me.

I had nothing to do with it.

Beulah hired Head? What for?

To kill Leroy and gun you down.

I had nothing to do with it.

Mr. Dillon?

What happened?

- You all right?
- Get Cassidy, Chester.

He's dead.

Check him, will you?

Get his gun.

Take him back and lock him up.

Yeah. Come on, move.



Do you want to
tell me about this?

Tell-tell you what?

About you hiring Welch and Head.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

It's no use, Beulah.

Welch is still alive, and
he told me the whole story.

Frank? Frank?



Everything would've
been all right

if you hadn't come out here.

Beulah, did you hire
them to kill Leroy, too?

You might as well
tell me the truth.

Did you hire them to kill Leroy?

Did you?

I guess I'll never
get married now.