Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 17 - Cody's Code - full transcript

Well-liked Cody is good with his hands. He has built his own house and is deemed an all-round good fellow by Chester and Matt. He is soon to be married, to one of Kitty's girls. A young fellow new in town does Cody a good turn and Cody returns the favor by removing a bullet from the fellow and hiding him in his own home. The man is being hunted in Dodge for killing someone but it was not a murder. All is well until Cody's fiancée comes to call while Cody is away and the fellow is there, hiding, alone. He's a handsome young fellow, and Cody is so much older.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hello, Cody.

Oh, howdy, Marshal. Chester.

Howdy, Cody.

Well, looks like you're
just about finished.

Not quite, Marshal.

Slow but sure,
but I'm gettin' there.

How long you
think it'll be, Cody?

Oh, couple of weeks, maybe.

Well, you got the
best-lookin' house in Dodge.

You ought to be
real proud of it.

You ought to know by now

I ain't exactly building
it for myself, Marshal.

When are you and
Rose gettin' married?

Pretty soon,
Chester. Pretty soon.

Hey, you two
fellers riding out far?

Oh, just upriver
about ten miles or so.

You sit right there
for just a minute.

I got something for you.

By golly, he sure is a
good carpenter, ain't he?


I wished I could build me
a house as good as this.

Oh, are you planning
to get married, are you?

Oh, no, my gracious, you
know I ain't about to get married.

Well, it's not against
the law, you know.

Well, it is for anyone who's
stark penniless as I am.

I figured these'd
shorten the trip some.

- Well, apples. I'll be!
- Oh, those look pretty good! Thanks!

They're just to get you
in a good mood, Marshal.

Maybe it'll keep
you from arresting

some poor wanderer out there.

Sure do thank you, there.

- Have a good trip.
- Thanks, Cody.

- Mornin', Doc.
- Hello, Henry. How are you?

What's the matter with
Chester? Is he sick or something?


Well, he's been picking
up your mail lately.

Oh, yeah, I know. He
likes to read the postcards.

Where is he now?

Oh, well, he's down
at the stable with Matt.

They're gonna ride to
that immigrant camp,

you know, on the river?


Ah, here she comes now.

I'll have the mail
ready in five minutes.

Yeah, well, there's
no rush about it.

- Hello, Doc.
- Mornin', Rose. How are you?

Fine. You got someone
coming in on the stage?

Oh, no, no, I'm just
waiting for the mail.


Kind of exciting, isn't it?

Yeah, I always enjoy this.

Oh, I'd love to travel
around the country.

Couldn't get bored doing that.

Well, let's get on
down to the livery stable

and get us a couple of horses.

- Aw, you go.
- What?

Well, it ain't much
of a ride, Koger.

- You'll be back tomorrow.
- Why should I go alone?

Well, now, you wouldn't want
me to lose out on that, would you?

You're never
gonna quit, are you?

No, not as long as there's one
pretty woman left in the world.

See you tomorrow.

Uh, excuse me, miss, uh...

I'm looking for the Dodge House.

- It's right up there.
- Oh. Well, thank you.

Uh, there wouldn't be a good
saloon between here and there?

The Long Branch is
the best saloon in town.


Well, my name's Sam Dukes,
miss, and, uh, I'd be proud

to buy you a drink in
the best saloon in Dodge.

You can buy me
a drink anytime...

Any time after dark, that is.

Well, that'd be fine.

Uh, where do you live? I'll
come by for you this evening.

Just come to the Long
Branch and ask for Rose.

So long, Doc.


Yeah, I think I'm
gonna like this town.

- Oh, my name's...
- Duke. I heard you.

And what's yours?

Doc Adams.

Yeah, she's quite a gal.

Saloon gal, huh?
Well, that don't matter.

She's still the prettiest
thing I've seen in a long time.

I'll buy her a drink, all right.

Yeah, a lot of 'em.

Well, I don't think I'd let it
get too expensive if I was you.

- What do you mean?
- Well, I mean she's got a man here

- that's pretty interested in her.
- Oh, is that so?

Yeah, and he's not just

an ordinary kind
of a fella, either.

He's, uh... Well, he...

His name's Cody Durham, in
case you'd like to remember it.

Evening, Rose.

Well, hello!

Mind if I sit down?

Go ahead.

Oh, Miss Kitty,
this is Sam Dukes.

- Kitty Russell, she runs the place.
- How do you do?

Well, that's quite
a job for a woman.

No harder than it
is for a man, I guess.


Oh, now, couldn't
I buy you ladies

something a little
stronger than that to drink?

I'll take a whiskey.

Nothin' for me, thanks.

Uh, Sam? Can we have a
couple whiskies over here?

Yes, ma'am.

I've been thinking
about you all day, Rose.

Couldn't get you out of my mind.

Then you didn't have
much to do today, did you?

Well, if you two will excuse me,

I got some work
to do in the office.

No, Miss Kitty... stay.

Why, I ain't gonna
harm you, Miss Rose.

- There you are.
- Thank you.

Here's to you.

You know...

first time I ever
laid eyes on you,

I said, "Now,
there's a gal for me."

- I think you'd better know something.
- Oh, what?

I'm spoken for.

Oh, now, you let me
worry about that, huh?

- Let you worry about it?
- Mm-hmm.


Cody Durham!
Step right in, Cody!

- Howdy, boys. How are you?
- Cody, what can I get for you?

- Uh, I'd like to have a beer, Sam, please.
- You bet.

Would you excuse me?

Oh, hello, Rose.

- Uh, make that two beers, Sam.
- Sure will.

- Is that the man?
- That's him.

Now, wait a minute.

Now, I bought her a
drink... She's gonna drink it.

Now, look. You don't want
to make a fool of yourself.

Well, he don't look
very tough to me.

He ain't even wearing a gun.

Now, wait a minute.

Don't start anything
like that in here.

Cody's got a lot of friends.

Oh. He hides behind
his friends, huh?

No, mm-mm.

He's a peaceful man.

But that doesn't
mean he's a coward.

Now, you just better sit down.

Here, let me.

Uh... I noticed that fella over
there was buying you whiskey.

Well, you also notice
I only took a sip?

Oh, I didn't mean
it that way, Rose.

I only meant it
because of the expense.

I didn't want you to be ashamed

'cause I was only
buying you beer.

Oh, well, how could I
be ashamed when I...

when I know what
you're saving it for?

The house is nearly finished.

And I got a job today
building a barn for Art Moss!

- Where?
- Right here in town.

Oh, well, good.

I thought it might be out
in the country someplace.

Gonna make a
good profit on it, too.

Be just that much
more to get us started.

Then we can get
married pretty soon?

Mm. The house
is nearly finished.

Mm, a couple of
weeks, the way I figure it.

Oh, Cody, I'm glad,
I really am glad.

So am I. I can't wait till I
get you out of this place.

Oh, don't worry about that.

All right, I won't.

That is, after we're married
and living in our house together.


You old son of a
gun, how are you?

Art! It's good to
see you. Frank!

Been a long time, Cody.

It sure has. Why don't you
two get to town more often?

Well, we're gonna
stay awhile this time.

You excuse us, miss?

- Keep your eyes on this fella, miss.
- Uh-oh. -I will!

Sam, you want to send a couple
of drinks over to Cody Durham?

I sure will.


So, you're not gonna give up?

No. No, I can wait.

People ain't gonna
buy 'em drinks all night.

Rose'll soon enough get tired
of that beer he splurges on.

He ain't much of
a customer, is he?

Cody doesn't have to
spend a nickel in here...

- He's still welcome.
- Mm.

Hey, uh, barkeep, you
bring me a bottle, will you?

You know, it doesn't
really make much difference

how little or how much a
customer spends in here.

You don't like
me, do you, Kitty?

Your money's good... as long
as you don't cause any trouble.

Good night, Norm.

I sure am sorry.

Well, it wasn't
hardly your fault.

Well, it sure wasn't yours.

I was saying good night,

and I wasn't watching
where I was going.

Say, uh, I'm looking
for a place to get a drink.

Is this good as any?

Oh, it's fine, fine.

Well, why don't you join me?

- Some other time.
- I'm buying.

That's right nice of you,
but some other time, boy.


Oh, come on, now, Rose,
I've been waiting long enough.

Nobody asked you to.

One drink, huh?

Just one little drink.

All right, one.

Ah, excellent. Come on.

Uh, bring me a
couple of glasses here.

Yes, sir.

Oh, I've been waiting
over an hour for you, Rose.

I know.

There we go.

Uh... Rose Loring, the...

prettiest thing I've
seen in a long time.

Well, now... come
on, drink it up.

Now, what's the matter with you?

You was drinking easy
enough with that Cody fella.

Now are you satisfied?

That's some better.

Now, wait a minute.
One drink, remember?

- Oh, come on. I been waiting a long time.
- I don't want.

- I won't drink it! No!
- Hey, mister?

- You're gonna...
- No!

Lady doesn't want the drink.

Why don't you leave her alone?

Now... now you just...

You just stay out of this, huh?

- Now, come on, you're gonna drink.
- No!

- You're gonna drink.
- No!


I said leave the lady alone.

And I said... I said,
you stay out of this.

All right, mister.

You got a gun.

Use it.

Hold it!

Put the gun away.

Now what's going on here?

Oh, he was mistreating
that girl, Marshal.

- Didn't you see that?
- No.

He's right, Matt.

I told him to stay
away from Rose.

Marshal, I didn't come
here looking for trouble,

but one more word out of him,

and I swear, I would
have killed him.

Drunk or sober.

I can't stand for a
man to mistreat a girl.

Maybe I better do my
drinking someplace else.


Brack Tracy, ma'am.

Thank you.

Well, that man
ought to be jailed.

What's your name, mister?

Dukes. Sam Dukes.

Now, you heard him
threaten to kill me, Marshal.

Yeah. So what are
you gonna do about it?

Oh, I can take care of myself.

Yeah, I'll get him
before he gets me.

That's what I figured.

What are you doing?

You can pick this
up at my office

tomorrow morning
when you're sober.

Oh, I'm getting out
of this town tomorrow.

Give me another bottle.


Here's another bottle for you.

You draw, you coward.

Oh, come on, draw!

You know him, Mr. Dillon?

Oh, yeah. It's that Sam Dukes.

I seen the man
that done it, Marshal.

He ran down the street there.

What, you see who it was?

Yes, he's the one
that had the trouble

with this fella at
the Long Branch.

His name's Tracy. Brack Tracy.

And Dukes wasn't even armed.

Now, some of you
fellows are wearing guns.

Give me a hand, will you?

Let's go down here
and look for him.

If you find him, holler,
'cause I want him alive.

That Tracy caught up
with him good, didn't he?



Hold it right there, mister.

I got a gun.

Who are you? What do you want?

I thought this house was empty.

Come on, get over here.


Listen, there's some men
outside looking for me.

He went in this
direction. I know he did.

I put a bullet in him,
Marshal, back by the stable.

But you didn't
see him after that?

He ran down the alley
and turned up this way.

All right, I'm
gonna talk to Cody.

All right, you're
going out there

and tell him that I'm not here.

And mister, I'd hate
to have to kill you.

Open it.

Oh, howdy, Marshal.

Oh, say, did you see anybody
run by here a few minutes ago?

No, I've been asleep,

but I did hear some
men hollering out there.

Well, all right. Thanks.

You men, check
off in this direction.

I'll look over here.

Oh, Marshal?

You need any extra help?

No. No, thanks, Cody.

You got pretty close to them.

They're gone.

Why, you're the man I
met outside the saloon.


You're hurt bad?

Listen, mister...

you better know why
they're chasing me.

I need help.

You may not believe this, but...

I killed a man tonight
on Front Street.

I thought he was drawing on
me, but he didn't have a gun.

We can talk about that later.

Believe me, mister.

He had a belt and a
holster, but no gun.

Come on. I'll look
at that shoulder.

Sit down.

Give me the gun.

Now let me take a look at that.

You a doctor?

No. I'm a carpenter,

but the slug's still in there,
and it's gonna have to come out.

Well, I ain't gonna have
no doctor around here.


I'll have to dig it out.


I'm good with my hands.

How come you're
doing this for me?

Maybe it's because
I believe your story

about how the
shooting took place.

You believe me? A stranger?

Lie down.

I'll get things ready.

Ah, you're awake.

This ought to cheer you up.

It sure will. Thanks, Cody.

How are you feeling today?

Oh, pretty well, considering.

I'll tell you something.

I don't know how
you ever did it.

Well, the slug was in there,

and it had to come out.

Listen, boy, I
want to talk to you.

Well, sure.

Tell me exactly how
this thing all happened.

Well, it's-it's like I
told you last night.

This fella came
out of the alley.

I thought he was drawing on me.

But he didn't have a gun.

That's the thing I
can't understand.

He had a belt and a
holster, but no gun.

You didn't know this man before?


Saw him for the first time
last night in the Long Branch.

He was roughing
up a girl in there.

I stepped in, was
gonna set him straight.

There'd have been a fight,
too, but the marshal stopped him.

This girl... do you
remember her name?

Oh, she was a pretty thing.

I believe her name was Rose.

Give yourself up.

Go tell the story to the marshal

exactly the way you told me.

He'll get you a fair trial.

At most, you'd only
spend a few years in prison.

A few years in prison?
Uh-uh, Cody. Not me.

I'm not going to prison
for something like this.

I got a lot of life ahead of me.

I'd rather die fighting.

That is, unless you
planning on turning me in.


Ain't my right, boy.

I can only advise you.

Thanks, Cody.

But I can't stay here.

Somebody's bound
to come looking for me.

Sure, you can. I got an attic.

I haven't got the ladder
built yet, but I'll get to it today.

And you can pull
it right up after you.

I'm gonna repay you for this
someday, Cody, somehow.

You just get well.
That's all I ask.


Well, you're not gonna
quit now, are you?


You're not through;
go on back to sleep.

Well, I'm just...

trying to clear my head here.

That'd sure be an improvement.


Why don't you go soak
it in a bucket of water.

Well, let me tell you something,

you'd be kind of
fogged out, too,

if you'd just been up
since night before last.

- Hello, Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

No luck yet, huh?


I've checked just about
everywhere in town, too...

The railroad depot,
the stage, the stable.

He's got to be around somewhere.

Well, what are we
gonna do now, Mr. Dillon?

Well, I think I'm gonna
go get something to eat

and start looking all over
again, what do you say?

That's fine with me. Chester
can't make it, though...

He's asleep.

I'm coming.

Well, I sure never
know'd the Dodge House

had so many rooms afore.

Yeah, and all of them empty,
as far as we're concerned.

Chester, why don't you go
down to that stable one more time,

look it over real
good. I'm gonna check

this rooming house
at the end of the street.

All right.

- Marshal?
- Yeah?

My name's Koger, Jim
Koger. I want to talk to you

about that killing
last night; I missed it.

They tell me a fella
named Brack Tracy done it.

You ain't found
him yet, have you?

And what's your interest in it?

Sam Dukes was my friend.

They say Sam wasn't
even wearing a gun.

- Is that right, Marshal?
- That's right.

I'm gonna help you
find Brack Tracy.

Well, I don't need
your help, thanks.

If I find him, I'll
let you know.

Yeah. You're gonna
lock him up, I suppose,

hold him for trial.

That's right.

Well, Marshal, I
aim to find him,

- and I aim to kill him.
- Koger.

Let me just tell you something.

I run the law here,
and if you start

putting your nose in it,
you're liable to wind up in jail.

Well, kind of looks
like he left town.

No, I don't think so, Chester.

We'll get a few hours sleep
and then start looking again.

Don't forget, he's got
a bullet in him, too.

I feel like I got one in me.

I declare, Cody,

you're just about the
best cook I've ever run into.

I've been living
alone since I was 14.

How come you never got married?

I've been a wanderer.

Besides, I never found
the right girl till now.

Well, you've settled down now

and doing all right,
from the looks of things.

I got a reason.

I'm gonna get married,
Brack, real soon.

Hey, that's great.

That's how come you
built the house, huh?


You know...

I promised her $500 in
the bank and a house.

Well, I got the $500,

and the house'll be finished
in about ten days now.

I'll bet she'd have
married you, anyway.

Sure, she would.

As a matter of
fact, she wanted to.

But it was an idea of mine.

- I wanted it this way.
- Well, you don't have to worry,

I'm gonna be out of
your way in a day or so.

Hey, Brack...

why don't you take
a little walk downtown

and talk to the marshal.

Forget it.

You can stay as
long as you like.

I appreciate that, Cody,
but I'm a danger to you.

I'm gonna be out of
here in a few days.

You're no danger
as long as I'm here,

but tomorrow when I'm gone,
you better stay hid in that attic.

You're probably right.

Maybe I ought to sleep
up there tonight; it's safer.


Everyone in town knows
that I never lock a door.

I better leave it that way.

Think you can handle this?

Well, if you give
me a hand with it.

First of all, let's get
these dishes done.

Hey, wait just a
minute, sit down there.

You must forget

you just had a bullet
dug out of you last night.

Now, you sit right
there and take it easy.

I'll take care of these.

I declare, Cody,

you never get tired of
doing for people, do you?



Chester's outside...
He works for Mr. Dillon.

Close it.

- Oh.
- Oh. Howdy, Cody.

Good morning, Chester.
I was just leaving.

But I sure have time to
fix you a cup of coffee.

- Come on in.
- Well, uh, I sure hate

to bust in on you
like this, Cody.

Uh... I, uh...

What's the matter,
something wrong?

Well, you know, we're
still looking for that, uh...

Brack Tracy feller, and...

I know you ain't hiding
him anyplace here,

but I got my orders to search
every house down this way,

and I know you'll understand.

- You just go right ahead.
- Oh, I surely thank you.

It won't take me
but just a minute.

Actually, I feel kind
of foolish doing this.

Uh, you got your
job to do, Chester.

Yeah. These is all the
rooms that you got, ain't it?

- Uh, yeah, yeah.
- Well...

boy, you know, you sure are
building yourself a nice house.

- Thank you, Chester.
- Well, I'll be going.

- Just a minute, I'll walk along with you.
- Oh.


It's me, Rose.

Come on in.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you like that.

You killed him.

You... killed Sam Dukes.

Well, it was an
accident, believe me.

How was I to know
he didn't have a gun?

I-I believe you.

I... I saw the marshal
take his gun from him.

The marshal took it?

They're looking for you.

They're... they're
looking all over for you.

Now, you sound like... maybe
you don't want 'em to catch me,

like you're on my side.

I don't want you killed.

Say, wait a minute.

What's all this? What
are you doing here?

Oh, I brought Cody
some groceries and things

as a surprise and...

You're the girl that
Cody's gonna marry?


He never told me.

I didn't even know he knew you.

He didn't.

I come running in here
looking for a place to hide,

and he let me stay.

Even dug the bullet
out of my shoulder.

He did that?

Did a good job, too.

You're hurt. You... you
really should be in bed.

I sleep up there in the attic.

They're looking
for me, remember?


On account of me.

Just 'cause you stopped that
man from what he was doing.

Well, it's like I said, I...

I don't like a man
mistreating a woman.

Especially a girl as
pretty as you, Rose.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.

You're Cody's girl.

Well, I... better put
these things away.


Don't worry, I won't
tell anyone you're here.

I'm not worried.



Listen, I'm...

I'm gonna be leaving
here in a couple of days.

I, uh... I wonder if I'm
gonna be seeing you again.

No, I-I don't think so.

But I-I wish you luck.

I wish you luck, too.


Bye, Rose.


About, uh, Brack Tracy, we
ain't doing so good, are we?

It's been three days.

- Koger...
- Now, wait a minute, Marshal,

I want to tell you something.

I don't think Brack Tracy
murdered Sam Dukes at all.

I think maybe it was
this fella, Cody Durham.

Cody Durham?

Why not? It's his girl Sam
was messing with, wasn't it,

this Rose Loring?

It makes sense,
Marshal... Think about it.

Besides, it was dark that night.

Those fellas couldn't be sure

just who they seen
at the shooting.

Now, mister, I warned you
once, you keep out of this business

or you're gonna get in
more trouble than you want.

And you stay clear away from
Cody Durham, you got that?


We're running out of coffee.

I'm gonna have to go
downtown and pick some up.

I declare, Cody...

I'm eating you out
of house and home.

Quit worrying about it.

Well, I don't know how I'm
ever gonna pay you back.

We gonna go
through all that again?

You know, I kind of
hate to ask you this,

but there is one more
favor you could do for me.

Yeah? What's that?

Well, I was thinking,
if I could get a ticket

on the railroad, for anywhere,

I could slip down
by the station,

wait'll the last minute
and jump aboard

before anybody ever saw me.

You think you're
strong enough to travel?

Sure I am.

I'm going.

Sure... if that's
the way you want it.

I'll pick one up today.

Thank you, Cody.

You know, uh, I'm
gonna miss you.

You're a good boy.

Hey. I'll take care of
these; you go on to work.

You know, it's too bad

you can't make your home
around here somewhere.

Look, I don't want you to
get careless while I'm gone.

I want you to
stay hid, you hear?

Don't you worry.

See you this evening.

So long.

Rose... I-I thought
you'd be in the attic.

I was just cleaning
up around here.

You know, I... I didn't
expect to see you again.

Come on, I'll make
you a cup of coffee.

Oh. No, thank you. I-I just
had dinner at Delmonico's.

Well, you just missed Cody.

It was getting late. He
had to get back to work.

Yes, I... was counting on that.

Then you shouldn't be here.

- I am here.
- Now, look, Rose... I know.

I know I shouldn't be here.

And I know I shouldn't be
in love with you but I am.

Rose, what are you saying?

And I think you love me, too.

Rose, I hardly know you.

You hardly know me.

Yes, but things like
this happen sometimes.

Look, Rose, you're a
pretty girl and all that, but...

I'm leaving town
tomorrow anyway.

- Tomorrow?
- That's right.

- I'll go with you, Brack.
- You can't.

Brack, I'll go with you.

It isn't right.

Well... I guess you
didn't hear me, I...

I said I love you.

You can't do this, Rose.

I think you want me to.

What about Cody?

Well, I... I love Cody. I...

But it-it's... different from
the way I love you. I...

Things like this happen
and people get hurt.

But it isn't our fault!

Well, Cody, he's...
older... and wiser...

and he'll understand.

It's kind of like... he's my pa.

Believe me. I-It's true.

I know him better than you do.

I can't do it. It'd
break his heart.

If you don't take me with you,

I still can't go back
to him. I just can't. I...

So his heart's gonna
be broken anyway.

Answer it.

Oh, hello, Rose.

You've probably seen me
around. My name's Koger.

- What do you want?
- I'm looking for Cody Durham.

- I'd like to talk to him.
- He isn't here.

I said he isn't here.

Look, you have no
right to be in here.

Y-You better get out.

That's funny.

What's funny?

Didn't I see you eatin'
at, uh, Delmonico's?

What of it?

You didn't eat here
with Cody Durham.


Well, so two people
had dinner here.

Cody has a lot of friends.

He's always cooking
for somebody or other.


I'll come back this evening.

Thanks for your hospitality.


He's gone.

Who was he?

He was a friend of Sam Dukes.

He was lookin' for you.

Well, that's funny. Cody
never told me about him.

Well, that settles it.
We better move fast.

There's a train
going east at 6:00.

I'll get the tickets and
meet you at the station.

Rose, wait...

Brack, I've waited all my life.

I'll see you at the station?

I'll be there.


What is it, Marshal? I'm busy.

Yeah. First time I've seen you
so busy since you came to Dodge.

What's going on?

Nothing. Look,
some other time, huh?

I'd like to know right now.


I just figured something out.

And what did you figure out?

I was out at Cody Durham's
house this afternoon, early.

The dishes were
still on the table.

Two people ate
dinner there, Marshal,

and I seen Rose eating
hers at Delmonico's.


So Sam Dukes was after
Rose Loring, wasn't he?

Why wouldn't Cody
Durham hide Sam's murderer

if he got the chance?

Anyway, I'm going out there.

I'm gonna shoot Brack Tracy
down, just like he done Sam.


You gonna use that gun,
you better start on me.

You're going to jail.

Let's go.

Maybe I should've
used that gun on you.

- Howdy, Brad.
- How's the house coming, Cody?

- Oh, just fine.
- Good.

Give my regards to the missus.

Sure will.



- Here, now, let me carry that bag for you.
- Oh, no, Cody.

- It's all right.
- Are you going far?

No, just to the station.

It's for a friend of mine.

Well, I can walk to the station.

I don't want you lugging
this around town alone.

Well, this friend, um...

she doesn't want anyone
to know she's leavin'.

That's why she asked me to
take the bag to the station for her.

She doesn't want
anyone to see her.

Oh. She do something
wrong, Rose?

Oh, no, no. Well, it's this man.

Well, I'll explain it
later. I'm late now.

All right, Rose. See
you tonight, huh?

Bye, Cody.

Brack, it's Cody.



Brack, come on down!


Hmm. Can't be.

Not possible.

Sure it is.

Mr. Dillon!

Mr. Dillon, Moss Grimmick

seen Brack Tracy down
at the railroad station.

He's hidin' behind some
boxes by the freight spur.

Let's go.



- Here's the tickets.
- Good. Now, listen.

We don't go until
everyone gets aboard.

Then we make
our move, all right?

All right.

You wasn't at the house, Brack.

I figured I'd find you here.

I'm-I'm leaving town, Cody.

With Rose.

- Cody, let me explain!
- Rose!

There's nothing
to explain, Rose.

I... I fell in love with him.

I didn't mean to.
I... I had no choice.

Maybe not.

But he did.

Listen, Cody, I'm-I'm
sorry about this.

So am I, boy.

You just destroyed the only
thing I ever wanted in my life.

You're gonna
have to pay for that.

What do you mean "pay"?

You're gonna have
to fight me, boy.

Oh, no. No, Cody,
please. Please, no!

Get out of my way, Rose!

I ain't gonna fight you, Cody.

I'm gonna count to five
and I'm gonna start shooting.

- One...
- Now, wait just a minute, Cody.

- Two... three...
- Look, Cody, don't be crazy!

- Four...
- It's not worth it! Take her back!


Oh, you killed him!

You killed him!

It's the first time I ever turned
a gun on a man, Marshal.

I thought he was my friend.

All right, Cody.

Let's go.


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