Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 14 - A Man a Day - full transcript

A band of outlaws offer to pay Matt to make himself scarce while they rob the bank. If he refuses, they promise to kill one man per day until he agrees.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Well, is it gonna be yes or no?

Yes or no what?

Well... well, now,
just a minute.

Now, just wait a minute, Doc.

Now, you ain't said whether it's
gonna be a bettin' game or not.

I told you... I never
bet on a sure thing.

There's no fun in it.

Well, I didn't figure you
was gonna bet on me.

- Doc?
- Yes?

There's a girl in here.


Well, it's getting so you
find women everywhere.

Yeah, did you see what...

Why, hello there, Doc!

- Chester.
- Hello, Dan. How are you?

Come on, Bessie.

I want you to meet Bessie.

Uh, this is Doc Adams
and Chester Goode.

- This is Bessie Lee.
- How do you do?

- How do you do, Bessie?
- How do you do?

Bessie just started
work for me today.

She's gonna be taking care
of things when I'm not around.

Oh! Well, that
there's real good, Dan.

A... sort of added
attraction, eh, Doc?

Well, I should say so.

But then I'm having
trouble enough

keeping Chester's
mind on the game as it is.


Well, now, I-I-I got to get
down to the post office, so...

I'll be back and you take good
care of the gentlemen, Bessie.

I sure will.

Well, nice meeting
you, Bessie. Now, uh,

I haven't got much time, so
Chester and I... come on...

We got to get at this.

Where, uh... where
are you from, Bessie?

- Out west o' here.
- Oh, out west.

Well, isn't that interesting?

This game might be
a little more interesting

if I had somebody to play with.

Well, I-I'm gonna be there, Doc.

Uh, if you want to stick
around and kinda watch us,

- why, you're perfectly welcome to.
- Well, all right.

Oh, would you gentlemen
like a beer while you're playing?

Oh, no. No, thanks, no.

Well, why don't
you just, kind of,

speak for yourself, Doc. I
think I'd kinda like a beer.


Oh, let me get it for ya.

Now what in the
world do want a beer?

I thought we were
gonna play billiards.

I'm just being neighborly, Doc.

Well, it's not free.

Well, I know that it ain't
free. For heaven's sakes.

- What a thing to say.
- Oh, well, come on.

- "It ain't free."
- It's your shot.

- Here you are.
- Oh, thank you a lot.

That'll be ten cents.

Doc, uh, you got
ten cents that I can...

till I get back to the office?

In my other pants.

- Oh, thank you.
- Well, it's a real pleasure.

As a matter of
fact, I'd kinda like

to buy you a beer
if you'd let me.

I think that'd be
right nice. Thank you.

Just until we get
back to the office.

Thanks, Doc.

Well, there's nothing
like a little beer

to kind of relax
ya, I always say.

Ain't no sense in driving
yourself all the time.

Life's too short.

I don't think that people really
talk to each other anymore,

an get acquainted
like they ought to.


Say, Doc, you haven't
seen Chester, have you?

Well, yes and no.

Yes and no?

Well, you know how
it is with Chester.

Sometimes you
think he's with ya,

and then all of a
sudden he's just, just not.

Just not there.

Yeah, well, where is he now?

Well, you know
Dan Binny hired a girl

to help him there
in the billiard parlor.

Does that answer your question?

A girl?

Oh, Marshal Dillon.

I got something for ya.

Enoch Miller.

You work for Enoch, do you?

A couple of weeks.

Well, what is it?

He wants to see me
out there right away.

You know what this is all about?

I have no idea, Marshal.

Chester, can I see you a minute?

Oh, uh, yeah...

Oh, Mr. Dillon...

Doc, what are you
doing out here?

Chester, now this fella
works for Enoch Miller.

Enoch wants me to see him
out at his place right away.

I can't make it.

Why don't you ride out there
and find out what he wants?

- Sure.
- You mean, you're not going, Marshal?

No, Chester will go in my place.

Well, uh, Mr. Miller,
he said, uh,

he wanted to see you.

Well, he's not in any
kind of trouble is he?

Oh, no, no, sir, but he
says it's real important.

He wanted to talk to
you. It's real important.

Well, I'm sorry, but I can't
leave Dodge right now.

I'll go down and
saddle my horse.

Why don't you meet
me at the stable.

He's gonna be real
disappointed, Marshal.

Sounds kind of urgent.
Don't you think ought to go?

Well, I can't, Doc.
There's a shipment of gold

coming in from Colorado.

I've got to stay here until
they get it in the bank.

Yeah, well, I can see that.

Oh, is that you, Chester?

Howdy, Enoch.

Where's the Marshal?

Well, he said he's awful sorry,

but he had to stay
in Dodge today.

But if there's anything
that you want to tell him,

just let me know. I'll be
glad to pass it on to him.

I'd like to have you tell him...

What's going on
out here, Hatcher?

There's nothing I could
do about it, Cooner.

Marshal couldn't make
it. Sent Chester instead.

Well, Chester, huh?

Yeah. Who are you?

My name's Cooner. Nick Cooner.

All right, boys.

Over there's Jim Morgan.

And over here's Elia Grice.

You see, was really were
expecting the Marshal.

I'm sorry about this, Chester.

But they'd have killed me
if I hadn't wrote that note.

Bunch of outlaws, huh?

I prefer to think of
us as businessmen.

Plan things ahead,
make 'em turn out right

with no slip ups.

What do you want from me?

We didn't really want you,
Chester, we wanted the Marshal.

What'd you want to do
with him? Get him out here

so you could murder him?

No, we just wanted
to talk to him.

Now how come he sent you?

He wanted to stay
in Dodge, I guess.

Mm-hmm. Well, you're here
now, so we'll explain it to you.

Will you step inside, Chester?

Morgan, keep an
eye on the old man.

They didn't hurt
you, did they, Enoch?

No, I'm all right, Chester.

You want a drink?

No, I don't want a drink.

Make yourself comfortable.

Get it, Grice.

Chester, we didn't ask
the Marshal out here

to do him no harm.

All we wanted to do was
make him a little offer.

What's this?

There's $1,000 in there.

That's for the Marshal.

And all he's got
to do to earn it

is to ride up to Hays
City in the morning.

While you do what?

Rob the bank in Dodge.

Just exactly what I thought.

One of our boys is leaving
with that money today.

He'll be there waiting for
the Marshal in the morning.

As soon as he sees
the Marshal in Hays,

we'll get a message
that Dodge is clear.

That's real smart,

except you just
forgot one thing.

And what's that, Chester?

Mr. Dillon can't be bought.

Not for $1,000,
not for no amount.


All right.

You can go back to Dodge.

But you bring the Marshal
a message from me.

What's that?

A man a day, Chester.


I said a man a day...

until we hear that the
Marshal's in Hays City,

some man, somewhere around
here is gonna die every day.

Now you and the Marshal's

gonna learn to believe us.

Now we start tomorrow.

Are you crazy?

You tell the Marshal
we'll start slow.

First a few unimportant people,
then we'll work our way up.

Now, Miss Kitty...

I understand she's a
good friend of the Marshal,

and Doc Adams, and you, Chester.

We won't forget you.

Now you tell the Marshal that.

What about Enoch?

Enoch done what he
was told. He'll be all right.

Don't you worry
about a thing, Enoch.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Why should they harm me?

I ain't done nothing to 'em.

Yeah, I know that, and I'm
gonna explain the to Mr. Dillon.

Tell him I didn't
have no choice.

I'll tell him.

They, they letting you go?


Uh, you come by the office

and say hello next
time you're in town.


By the way, Grice,
where you men from?

Pueblo, Chester.

But there ain't no
use you looking for us

on no wanted poster.

You'll make the wanted
poster soon enough.

You got any other questions?

Yeah, I'd just like to know
how you're gonna die,

by shooting or by hanging.

Chester, when the time comes,

I'm gonna ask
Cooner for the privilege

of being the one to kill you.

Good, I'll know
who to watch for.

By golly, Mr. Dillon, I
think that Grice was right.

They just don't seem to be here.

Now, Chester, you're
sure there's nothing

you've forgotten to tell me?

No, nope. I told ya everything.

Everything that I can think of.

- Oh, Chester, you're back, huh?
- Yeah.

- How was the ride?
- Well, just wait'll ya hear.

What does he mean by that?

You know that
note that they sent in

from Enoch Miller this morning?


It was a gang of outlaws
that forced him to write it.


They want to rob the
bank here in Dodge.

I guess they heard
about that gold shipment.

Not only that, but they
want me out of town

and they're gonna
start killing a man a day

until I leave.

They said that?

That's right, and
they're gonna wind up

with Chester, you and Kitty.

And I'm gonna start
packing me a shotgun.

I can tell you that.

Well, you don't
believe it, do you?

Well, you'd believe it, too,

if you'd have been out there.

I tell you, they was the
meanest-looking bunch

that I ever run into.

Well, what about Kitty?

Well, I'm going over
and talk to her, Doc.

Try to get her to go out
to Jake Wirth's place.

Well, what makes you think
she'll be safer out there?

Well, at least he's got
enough cowboys around.

He can start a small
war if he has to.

I'll tell you something else.

I think you ought
to go out there, too.

Well, that's very unlikely.

Well, we'll talk
about that later.

I'm going over and see Kitty.

Matt, I just can't, uh...

I just can't run off and
let this business run itself.

Just can't do it, that's all.

Kitty, you don't
seem to understand.

These men mean business!

Well, I'm not gonna let their
business ruin my business.

So help me, you're worse
than Chester and Doc.

Well, maybe we are stubborn,

but the idea of running
and hiding someplace, well,

just goes against my grain.

Kitty, I'm only thinking
of you. I don't want to...

Now, listen, Matt, what would
you do if you were in my shoes?

I'd use my head. I'd go
on out to Jake Wirth's,

and I'd stay there till
this thing blows over.

In a pig's eye you would.

All right. All right, I tried.

Well, drink, Marshal?

No. No thanks,
Sam, but I would like

to talk to you for a minute.

Well, sure. What?

- Well, Sam, I need you to do a job for me.
- For you?

It might not be to your liking,

but you're the best
man I can think of for it.

Well, you got me curious,
Marshal. What is it?

- Bodyguard.
- Bodyguard?

Yeah. Pays three dollars a
day. That's all I can afford.

Well, who am I protecting?


Miss Kitty?!

Oh, no, Marshal.
I couldn't do it.

I mean, I couldn't
take money for it.

You'll be earning it, Sam.

Well, Marshal, if you say
Miss Kitty needs protecting,

I'll gladly do it,
but not for money.

Sam, I need you for this job,

but that's the only
way I'll have it.

Well, I won't argue
with you for now.

All right, I'll go and get
a shotgun at the office.

Oh, I got my own right
here... if you don't mind.

All right. Well,
that's good enough.

Now, I'll be back
after I find out

a little bit more about
who these men are.

In the meantime, keep
a close eye on her,

and don't let her give
you any arguments.

I won't.


Hey, there.

Oh, it's you, Marshal.

Well, Enoch, I'm glad
to see you're all right.

Well, everything
was nip and tuck there

for a while, Marshal.

Sorry I didn't get
out here sooner,

but I had to wait for that
shipment of gold to come in.

There was no need, Marshal.

Soon as Chester
left this morning,

the whole gang scurried out
of here like they was on fire.

I guess they can't
afford to stay in one place

any longer than they have to.

Don't suppose you
know where they went to?

No, but they're gone.
That's all I care about.

Enoch, I think you ought
to come on into town

for a few days till
this thing blows over.

Nah, they ain't coming
back here, Marshal.

You can't be sure of that.

Why, they don't want
nothing of me no more.

Well, just the same, I think
you ought to come on in.

The change'd do you good.

Well, I tell you,

I got to meet Sam
Frazer in town tomorrow.

I'll stay on a day or so, maybe.

But I got a lot of chores
around here today, Marshal.

Well, all right, Enoch.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Sure, and, uh, I thank
you for your trouble.

Hello, Doc.

Oh. Come on in, Carver.

I'll be with you
in just a minute.

Been hunting, huh?

No. No, I ain't, Doc.

Well, you look all right to
me. What's your trouble?

Nothing. You just
go on with your work.

I'll just sit here. I
won't bother you.

Well, nothing
important about this.

What's on your mind?

I'm staying with you, Doc.

Marshal Dillon's orders.

Marshal Dillon ordered what?!

He-He ordered me to
stay with you night and day.

Oh, he did, huh?

Well, who in thunder
does he think he is?

I told him you'd be
a little... little riled.

Well, you told him right.

Now, you go on back
and tell Marshal Dillon

that I'm not taking orders
from him or anybody else!

It was me he give the orders to.

Well, I'm un-ordering you.

Now just get on out
of here with that thing.

I'm sorry, Doc.

Well, I suppose he's even
paying you for this, huh?

He offered three dollars a
day, but I wouldn't take it.

Why wouldn't you take it?

Well, I'll tell you, Doc.

You've done a lot
for me and my family,

and I sort of think it's time
I did something for you.

Oh, hogwash. I sent you
a bill for it, too, didn't I?

Yeah, and I don't recollect
as how I paid it, either.

Now, I'm staying, Doc.

You want a cup of coffee?

Now, that'd be fine. Just fine.

Hello, Dan.

Hello, Marshal.

Oh, Mr. Dillon.

I didn't, uh... Oh, this
here is, um, Bessie Lee.

This is, um, Mr. Dillon, Bessie.

I kind of guessed that.
How do you do, Marshal?

- How do you do?
- I'm so glad to meet you.

Chester talks about
you all the time.

He does, huh?

I hope I'm not keeping
him away from his job.

Oh, no. As a matter of fact,

I'll always know where
to find him this way.

Chester, I'm going out to
Fort Dodge. I'll be back later.

Nice to have met you, Bessie.

Thank you.

I really liked him.

Oh, me, too.
Well, I like him, too.

He-he's an awful dedicated
man, though, Bessie.

He just don't hardly
have time for nothing.

I mean, you know, take,
for instance, uh, well, women.

He just don't know
that they exist, hardly.

Would you like a beer, Chester?


You're up kind of early.

Maybe you're not up yet.

Doc, why don't
you just sit down?

It might make thinking
come easier for you.

Well, I think I will.
Sit down, Carver.

I think I ought to
warn you, though.

Right now is where you're
gonna start hating your job.

Where's Matt?

Well, I guess he's over at
the bank talking to Mr. Botkin.

You mean Botkin doesn't know
what's going on around here yet?

Well, Mr. Dillon was a
pretty busy man yesterday.

I think he even went
out to Fort Dodge.

Well, bet he didn't get
any satisfaction there.

Every last trooper out
there is being sent north.

Why is that?

Indian uprising.

Where? Where is that?

Up on the, uh, Republican
River somewheres.

Oh, well, that's-that's
a long way from here.

Well, Doc, Indians can
move awful fast if they want to.

Well, that's fine. They...

Maybe they'll get
together with the outlaws,

and this whole thing
will be over with.

You're awful
joke-uler this morning.

I'm what?


That's a word.

I learned it from an old man
used to live down on San Saba.

Did he tell you what it meant?

Well, of course he
told me what it means.

It means, uh,
uh... full of jokes.

Joke-uler, joke-uler.
Don't you get it?

You give up now?
You want to quit?

I don't always listen to
everything that's said, Doc.

Well, you're a mighty smart man.

- Well.
- Well, morning, Ana.

- Good morning.
- Mr. Frazer.

- Morning.
- Hi.

My gosh, Ana, we ain't seen
you in Dodge in a long time.

You ought to get your pa
to bring you in more often.

It's seldom he comes
himself, Chester.


Well, Sam don't do
too much for us himself,

but by golly, you
brighten up the place a lot.

Thank you, Doc.


Yeah, well, won't you sit down?

Oh, thanks. We can't.

I got a meeting with Enoch
Miller over at the land office.

Gonna buy a piece
of land from him.

For a good price, too.

- Well.
- Oh, we'll see you later.

- Ana.
- Good-bye, Chester.


Oh, golly, if she ain't just
about the prettiest thing

that you ever seen?

Well, I guess you're awake now.


If Enoch shows up, tell him
we're over at Delmonico's.

Come along, Ana.

We'll go over and
get a bite to eat.

Would you like that?

Sure, Pa.

No use waiting around
here all day for him.

Oh, uh, uh, hi,
Mr. Frazer, uh, Ana.

I'd like for you to
meet Bessie Lee.

This is Mr. Sam Frazer
and his daughter Ana.

- How do you do?
- Hello. -How do you do?

Sure have got a pretty
daughter, Mr. Frazer.

She's my pride and joy.

I bet she is.

You folks will
have to excuse me.

I got to get back to work.

I hope I see you again, Ana.

Thank you.

I'll-I'll see you in there.


- Oh, good morning, Sam.
- Hello, Marshal.

- Ana.
- Hello.

Say, you haven't seen Enoch
Miller around here, have you?

Well, no. Weren't you supposed
to meet him this morning?

Well, 9:00 at the
land office, yes.


Yes, and it isn't
like Enoch, either.

If there's cash
money waiting for him,

Enoch is never late.

What's the matter, Marshal?

Let's you and I take a
ride out to his place, Sam.

- What's wrong?
- I'll explain it to you on the way.

Would you mind looking out after
Ana while we're gone, Chester?

- Oh, sure.
- I'll see you over in my office.

You'll be all right
here with Chester?

- Of course, Pa.
- Okay.

Well, uh, should we,
uh, kind of go down

and see if we can get
something at Delmonico's?


Enoch's still living
alone here, isn't he?

Yeah, ever since his wife
died three winters ago.



Somebody came in here and
shot him while he was still asleep.

Without a fighting chance.

That's a bad
way to go, isn't it?

Well, they meant
what they said, all right.

They've made that real clear.

It's a dirty, rotten business.

Who's going to be next, Marshal?

I don't know.

What about Enoch?

Well, I'll send
somebody out for him.

Well, I-I just don't
think it's ladylike, is all.


I can go into any saloon I like.

But what are people
going to think?

You know, just let 'em go ahead

and think what
they want to think.

Well, you know, now, that,
that they're going to do it.

Chester, you are a
gentleman, aren't you?

Well, I'd like to
think that I am.

And you think I'm a lady?

Well, of course.

Then, there's no problem.

Miss Kitty.

Oh, evening, Chester.

Uh, Doc.

This here is Bessie
Lee, Miss Kitty,

and Bessie, this is Miss Kitty.

- How do you do?
- How do you do, Bessie?

- And of course you know Doc here.
- I'm sure.

Sure, how are you?

Bessie just wanted
to kind of come in

and say hello and meet you.

She's new in Dodge.

Well, you planning on staying?

Oh, yes, I think
it's a good town.

Where you from?


up till a couple of years ago
and then I was in Colorado.

Now here I am in Dodge.

Chester, you going to buy
Bessie a drink or do I have to

or what...?

Well, of course I was
gonna buy her a drink.

For goodness' sakes, I'm buying.

It just, uh... just
give me time.

Where's Fred?

He's right there.

Oh, uh, Fred, uh, could
we have two beers?

Four beers.

- Four.
- Hmm?

Well, you're buying,
there's four of us.

Well, I'm buying, yeah, but...

Uh, why don't you make
that four beers, Fred?

Bessie, I, I understand
you're working for Dan Binny.

How do you like it?

Oh, it's just fine.

It doesn't pay a lot,

but I never did need
a lot of money anyhow.

But I don't know,
once I get settled,

I might look for something else.

I mean, a billiard parlor
is kind of a funny place

for a woman to be working,
but when I got into town,

I didn't have a job so I
couldn't be too choosy,

and Dan Binny has
been awful good to me.


Well, if you, uh, if you'd
like to make a change,

I can, I can always
use another girl.

I can talk to Dan;
we're old friends.

Oh, that's very nice of you, but
I worked in a saloon in Pueblo

and, well, I was
kind of glad to quit.

Well, I sure don't
blame you for that,

but if there is anything
I can do for you,

you be sure and let me know.

Well, that's awful
nice of you, thank you.

Thank you, Fred, Chester.


Well, Doc, uh, uh, why don't,

why don't we go on back
over to the table, huh?

Table... wha-what for?

Eh, come on.

Oh, oh.

- Chester.
- Huh?

If you don't mind too much,
Kitty and I will just go on

over here at the table and
leave you and Miss Bessie alone.

- Is that all right?
- Well, heavens, I don't mind at all.

- Go on.
- Well, thanks, then.

In that case the beer's on me.

Oh, now, now, just... now,
Doc, y-you don't have to do that.

Well, all right, if
you don't want me to.

Well, if you want
to do it, I mean...

Just never mind.

I'm buying tonight.

Nice to have met you, Bessie.

- Thank you.
- Well, thank you.



Uh, Chester, I didn't
mean to say that

about working in that saloon.

Well, I'd appreciate it if you
didn't mention it to anybody.

Oh, heavens, no,

I wouldn't mention a
word about it to anybody.

It, it ain't nobody's business
nohow but just our'n.

Well... here's to you.

I'll, uh, I'll just
wait out here, Doc.

I might get away from you.

I don't think so, Doc.

- Hey.
- Doc, what's on your mind?

Well, I've been
thinking about eating.

How about you? Did
you forget about it?

- Oh, it's that time again?
- Sure is.

Why don't we go on
over to Delmonico's?

All right, I'll join you.

Nothing new on the
Cooner gang, huh?

Not a thing so far.


George Day, my hired hand.

What happened, Sam?

Same bunch that killed
old Enoch, all four of 'em.

They came riding
down to my place

yesterday afternoon,
about sundown.

Hung around like they was
expecting something to happen.

Then this Cooner fella...

He made Ana cook
'em dinner and...

and he kept bothering
her all evening.

Said some mighty bad
things to her, Marshal.

She's pretty upset, Doc.

Was nothing I could do, Marshal,

I was no match
for the four of 'em.

And this morning George was
out working out by the woodshed,

and when they rode out,
they gunned him down.

Then this Cooner
fella came riding back

and said to tell you,

"Another day, another man."

Take care of this, will you?

Ana, how are you feeling?

You all right?

I'm fine, Marshal.

Do you have any
idea where they went?


Now, Ana, I want
you to think real hard.

Can you tell us anything
at all that might help?


except I think I heard
one of them say something

about a man in Dodge
working in a billiard parlor,

but I'm not sure.

All right, Ana.

Sam, I want you to take
her and get some rooms

over at Ma Smalley's
boarding house.

Keep off the streets.

Whatever you say, Marshal.

- All right.
- Come on, Ana.

Matt, by golly, they
got to be stopped.


Look, Chester and
Bessie are having dinner

over at Delmonico's.

Let's go on over there.

Now, Doc, whatever I say,
go along with it, will you?

Don't act surprised.

Hello, Chester.


- Hello, Mr. Dillon, Doc.
- Chester.

You mind if we join you?

No, no, heavens, sit down.

Why, thank you.

Yeah, we were just about through

but we could order some
more coffee while you eat.

Well, that's fine.

I sure hope you don't
mind us interrupting like this.

We don't have a
chance to have dinner

with a pretty lady
very often, you know.

Oh, Doc, you're a flatterer.

W-Where's that waiter?

Oh, well, he'll be by directly.

Uh, tell you the truth,

I think they're having a
little trouble in the kitchen.

Well, they always have
trouble in the kitchen here.

We just left Sam
Frazer, Chester.

His foreman was
murdered this morning.

George Day?

Oh, my gracious sakes alive.

Was it, uh, that gang?

Same gang.

All four of 'em.

I didn't hear any shooting.

Well, Sam lives clear out
by Wagon Mound, Bessie.

That's a pretty far
piece from here.

George Day.

Well, that's not
the worst part of it.

Sam was purt'
near beside himself.

Bad enough to have
his foreman murdered,

but to have his daughter run
off with Cooner is too much.

Ana ran off with Cooner?

Yeah, she evidently
took a shine to him

and ran away with him.

After what he'd
done, I-I can't believe

that she'd run off
with a man like that.

Hard to believe, but that's what
happened according to Sam.

Well, it sure don't
sound like Ana.

Guess with all
his other talents,

this Cooner is
quite a ladies' man.

That's just terrible.

That poor man
murdered and Ana...

Oh, it is, it's just terrible.

Yeah, well, excuse me,
Chester, I got to get back to work.

Oh, uh, don't you want
to finish your coffee?

No, Mr. Binny will
be needing me,

but you go ahead
and finish yours.

Oh, no, no, I'll,
I'll walk you back.

Afternoon, gentlemen.


Now, what in the
thunder was that all about?

You... we just left Ana.

What do you mean?

Just playing a hunch, Doc.

I got an idea that
Bessie works for Cooner.


Find out soon enough, too.

If I'm right, she'll be riding
out there this afternoon.

Well, I just don't
believe it and I never will.

Know where she is?

Well, just because
she left Dan Binny's

and said she's going over to
her room and she ain't there

doesn't mean she left town.

- Moss.
- Hello, Marshal, hello, Chester.

Moss, do you know Bessie Lee

that works over
at Boss Billiards?

Yes, I know her.

Well, has she been
here this afternoon at all?

What's the matter, she
run out on you, Chester?

No, she didn't run out on me.

Because, if she did, she stole

a horse of mine,
and I want it back.

Well, what are
you talking about?

Well, she came
in here a while ago,

all dressed up to go riding,

and rented a horse from me.

Well, I didn't think there
was anything wrong

or I would have said something.

I'm holding you
responsible, Chester.

I want that horse back.

Don't worry, Moss, you'll
get your horse back, all right.

Well, I sure hope so.

Mr. Dillon, what, what makes you

so sure that she'll be back?

Because, Chester, the worst
thing she could do to Cooner

is to let him ride in
here thinking I'm in Hays,

and I hope that that's exactly
what she's gone to tell him.

Well, what do you think
that she's gonna say

when she gets back, though?

I don't know, but she'll
think of something.

Just don't you say too much.

Well, I ain't saying nothing.

Is she still in her room?

I just spoke to
the clerk inside.

He said that
she's still up there.

Did you see
Mr. Botkin at the bank?

Yeah, yeah, I had to
do quite a bit of talking,

but he finally agreed.

Then, everything's all set, huh?

Yeah, why don't you go up
there and give him a hand?

- I'll be along in a minute.
- All right.

Marshal Dillon.

Hello, Bessie.

Well, excuse me, but I
was just on my way out.

Well, I'd like to talk to you
for a minute, if you don't mind.

Well, all right.

What're you looking for?

What in the world is it?

Bessie, uh, where'd
you ride to this afternoon?

I just went for a ride.

I was upset,

and I felt like I had to
get away for a little while.

But you got your message
to Cooner, all right, huh?

About my being in Hays City?


Hays City?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I didn't follow you 'cause I
knew it wouldn't do any good.

I'm just curious to know how
you got your message to him.

Marshal, you're
talking in circles.

Now, I don't know who you
think I am or what I've done,

but you're wrong,
you're dead wrong.

I guess maybe I
am wrong about you.

Just what was it
that you thought?

I thought you were
part of Cooner's gang.

They said they had somebody
working the billiard parlor.

I thought it was you.

I guess it couldn't
have been you after all.

You couldn't be Cooner's girl.

If you were, he wouldn't
have run off with Ana.

What're you doing?

I'm going to lock you in.

Lock me in?

You've got no reason.

I think I have.

Marshal, I've got
to get out of here.

It's no use to try
and holler or scream

because the clerk's
got his orders.

Marshal, wait.

You were right.

Everything you said is right.

I sent that message to Cooner.

I did it just like
we planned it.

I built a fire on that hill.

That was the signal.

When are they coming in?


The four of them.


What are you doing?

You're not going
to lock me in now?

Not after what I told you?

Oh, Marshal, please,
I've got to get out of here.

I've lived for nothing but
him for the last five years,

and I want to be
there when he rides in.

I want him to know
that I did this to him.

Oh, please, Marshal.

Sorry, Bessie.

Please, Marshal!

Please, I've got to be there.

I've got...

Don't exactly look like
an armed camp, does it?

No, it's like church
on Sunday night.

Get down, take a look.

Hey, mister.


Up here!

What's the matter, lady?

You want to earn $5?

- $5?
- I got it right here.

What can I do that's worth $5?

It's easy. Now, all
you got to do is get me

a piece of rope
that'll reach up here.

What for?

I can't get the door open,

and I got to get out of here.

I'll go tell the clerk.

No, no, no.

Don't tell nobody.

Here, I'll make it $10.

Now, catch it.

Well... I don't know I should.

You got the money.
Now you got to do it.

Now, hurry up.


All right, take a
look at the door.

One sound out of you and
you're a dead man, you got that?

All right, let's go.

- Anything?
- Nothing.

And what about you?

There's nothing here.

Let's get out of here.
Something's wrong.

They're gone!

He must've taken the
horses around the side.

Let's take a look.

Hold it!

Don't make a move,
you're covered.

Throw down your guns!

Who is it, Cooner?
I can't see nothing.

It's got to be that Marshal.

We've been sold out.

What do we do?

Now, you men can
throw down your guns

or you can die right
there. Make up your mind.

They got us
trapped like rabbits.

I'm making a run for it.

You got nowhere to
go in there, Cooner!

Throw your gun out
and come out of there.

Go on, throw it out.

Now, drop that gun
and come out of there.

Bessie... you sold me out.

That's right. I did.


'Cause you turned on me, Nick.

What are you talking about?

I heard all about you
and your girlfriend.

What girlfriend?

Ana Frazer.

That little baby face.

What about Ana Frazer?

I told you what would happen if
you took up with another woman.

Well, I meant it.

Oh, Bessie.

He's dead.

That's just the way I want it.

I don't mind going to jail now.

He double-crossed me, Marshal.

After I planned
everything for him and me.

What do you mean
you planned everything?

Everything! The robbery...

Even killin' a man a
day... That was my idea!

That was your idea?

Well, then that makes it
easier for me to tell you,

his running off
with that girl Ana...

that was my idea.

Let's go.