Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 7, Episode 1 - Perce - full transcript

After helping Matt prevail in a confrontation with three outlaws, ex-convict Perce McCall settles in Dodge City with $500 and apparently promising future prospects. His good fortune changes abruptly when he tries to quickly amass enough money to win the favor of hard-hearted Long Branch hostess Ida Poe.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Mind if I water my horse?

Well, it ain't mine;
help yourself.

Well, where you headed?

I'm headed for
Dodge, if I can find it.


You lost or something?

No, it's over
that way, ain't it?

Well, as a matter of fact,
it's more over this way.

I'm headed for Dodge myself,
if you want to ride along.


How far is it?

About 40 miles.

I'm gonna have to camp
some before night, though.

This horse has carried
me 60 miles already today.

That's all right.

Uh, we can head
on in in the morning.


My name's Dillon.

Matt Dillon.

Perce McCall.

Uh, afraid the only thing
I have to share for dinner

is a little coffee.

Oh, that's all right.

I got some fresh
meat in the saddlebags

and a little salt.

We'll make out all right.

If you want another
hunk of this meat,

you better get it now.

No, I've had my fill of that.

Think I'll try some more
of this coffee, though.

Well, it ain't too bad.

Well, it's like the man said
about the lady mule skinner.

She may not be sweet,
but she's awful strong.

When you need her,
that's enough, though.

I think I'll rustle up a little
more wood for the fire tonight.

All right.

Howdy, mister.


We've been riding all day.

You wouldn't happen to have
an extra canteen of water?

Yeah, I guess we could
spare you some, all right.

What's going on here?

That's him, all right.

Where's his badge?

Was two days in Dodge once,
and I'd know him anywhere,

badge or no badge.

What do you men want?

We took two days to trail you.

Looks like we caught you
instead of you catching us, Marshal.

Hold it!

I told you he ain't alone.

Get over here.

Well, I'll be doggone.

What are you doing here, McCall?

It's Kemp. Kemp, isn't it?


Three years ago, and
ain't been back since.

But how come an
old outlaw like you

is running with a U.S. Marshal?

A what?

He can't be taking you in;
you're still carrying your gun.

I didn't see any reason
to tell you about it.

Well, I'll be darned.

Get your horse, McCall,
if you want to go with us.

Now, wait a minute here, Kemp.

What do you got in mind?

Well, there's three of us.

Four of us now.

We'll leave him to rot.

Come on, let's
get this over with.

Were you after them, Matt?

I don't even know who they are.

Don't even know us; what a liar.

Get over on that side, McCall.

You can saddle up later.

Listen, Kemp, you know me.

I was never very strong
about lawmen, you know that.

I'd reckon.

Well, it just seems
like... Three against one,

I don't go for that,
more less four.

What are you saying, McCall?

Well, I was just thinking
maybe it might be

a little more interesting,
say, three against two.

Perce, you can stay out of this.

Well, I know I can,

but I was always a
little contrary about it.

I don't see any of them moving.


They're not gonna
bother anybody again.

What's the matter?
Did you get hit?

No, they put a hole in
my sheepskin, though.

Kemp was awful
slow for an outlaw.

That may be, Perce.

But I would never have
got all three of them.

You done pretty good.

I owe you a load of thanks.

Listen, I suppose what
Kemp said about me being

an outlaw and all, I guess
you want to know about it, huh?

We got some work to do here.

Think we better get at it.

Matt, you want the rest of this?

Oh, all right, thanks.

I can't figure you out, Matt.

Why's that?

Well, you being a lawman,

spending the night
out here with an outlaw,

nary giving it a thought.

Well, I had a pretty
long ride today.

Sure you did, but that ain't it.

Perce, let's just
say I don't figure that

you saved my life today just
so you could take it yourself.

Well, I figure I ought to tell you
about what Kemp was saying

about me being
an outlaw and all.

He was right.

We knew each
other back in Arizona.

I held up a couple
stages back there.

Three of them.

They didn't catch
me till the last one.

Did you work with Kemp?


No, I was always alone.

I never work with nobody.

They was really after
me on that last one.

It was nothing but a trap.

Spent a whole year in
the territorial prison for it.

A year? You got off easy.

Yeah, maybe.

Year's a long time, though.

I don't want to ever go back.

No reason to.

Well, I don't want
you to get the idea

that prison straightened
me out or anything.

It just kind of gave
me time to think.

Every outlaw has got it
coming to him sooner or later.

You take Kemp and
those fellas today.

Suppose I just
want to go on living.

I kind of got
used to it, I guess.

What are your plans now?

I had myself a job in
Colorado for the last six months.

Wages were good there;
I saved every penny.

Think I'm gonna go on into
Dodge and do a little gambling.

I mean, I got a good
time coming to me, Matt.

I'm gonna have it.

My money runs out, I
get myself another job.

Well, guess I'll turn in.

Look, Matt, uh, when
we get on into Dodge,

I'll, uh, just kind of
go on and go my way.

What do you mean?

Well, you don't have
to act like you know me.

You being a lawman, me
being an outlaw and all.

Perce, the way
things are in Dodge,

it might go harder with
you for knowing me.

I'll see you in the morning.


Mr. Dillon.

What's going on here?

Well, uh, I was, uh,
well, I was trying to, uh,

to-to stop it from ringing,
is what I was trying to do.

Yeah. Well, it sure looks
like you fixed that, all right.

Chester, this is
Perce McCall here.

- Oh, howdy.
- Howdy, Chester.

I kind of overslept
this morning.

I didn't know that you
was coming back this quick.

Yeah. Well, we slept about
four hours out last night.


Perce, why don't you sit down,
make yourself comfortable here.

- Chester, is there any coffee going?
- Uh, no.

Didn't have the time
to even start a fire yet.

I could do it right away.

Well, listen, why don't you
go ahead and get dressed.

- I'll start the fire.
- Oh, thanks.

Thanks a whole lot
there, uh... Perce?

Uh, was it?

Chester, is there any mail?

Um... no.

Just, well, just
these circulars.

Uh, just...

Say, Perce, look at this.

"Wanted for attempted
robbery and murder.

"$500 reward apiece.

Kemp, Withers and Nickols."

Well, I suppose that's why they
thought you was after them, huh?


Well, you killed one of them.

You got $500 reward coming.

Well, I couldn't, I couldn't
use that kind of money, Matt.


Well, in that case, I guess
I'll just send that sheriff

a telegram and tell
him he can stop looking.

Listen, I'm gonna go
get myself a room, huh?

You don't want any coffee?

I'll just go and get settled.

Well, you can get yourself a
room down at the Dodge House.

Oh, so long, Chester.

Yeah, I'll see you.

Looks like another
pretty good night.

Yeah. You know, Miss Kitty,
I'll bet that you're just about

the richest woman
in the whole world.

Eh, if I were rich, I
wouldn't be working.

Oh, you would. You'd work.

I mean, even if you got
married, you'd still work.

I'd like that choice.

Well, you could get married
any time that you want to.

A man would be a
fool not to have you.

Mm-hmm. Here
comes one of them now.

- Well...
- Well, Mr. Dillon.

What problems are
you two solving tonight?

Well, we were just
talking about marriage.

You and Chester?

Well, congratulations.

Oh, Mr. Dillon.

Oh, you're gonna be
awful lonely in your old age.

Kitty, I'll tell you something,
I don't think they've got it

planned for me to reach old age.

Well, I see Perce is doing
pretty well tonight there.

Bet ten.


I'll see it.

Queens and jacks.

I've never seen such
luck, if that's what it is.

Well, let's try it
again, same game.

Golly, he's doing
pretty good, ain't he?

Pretty good wages
for an hour's work.

If he can keep 'em.

That, uh... feller that
he just won it from,

ain't that, uh, Vicks?

Yeah, that's right.

He's one who
can't stand to lose.

He doesn't mind losing
a hand or two, but...

steady losing like he's doing
tonight really worries him.

Kind of worries me, too.

Why is that?

Well, he's just liable
to start cheating now.

Well, maybe I better
stick around, huh?

Mr. Dillon, I think
maybe I'd better

go on back to the
office. See you later.

- See you later, Chester.
- All right, Chester, fine.

Sam, could we have a
couple of beers here?

Two cards.

- Two.
- Two.

Dealer takes one.

Let's make it ten dollars.

Make it $20.

$20... and make it $50 more.

He'll probably double
it, knowing him.

I'm out.

Well, what are you doing?

I've had enough.

You've had enough
just because your luck

is starting to change on you?

There's nothing wrong
with my luck, Vicks.

Three aces, and you
wouldn't even come in for $50!


You seeing me?

Well, Perce, I, uh...

see you almost had a little
trouble over there, huh?

Yeah, well, it looks like I
could have if I wanted it, Matt.

Hey, barkeep, give
me a whiskey, will you?

Vicks never has
been a very good loser.

Yeah, well, you can't
say he takes to it,

Miss Kitty, that's a fact.

You called him out, huh?

Well, when a man starts
dealing off the bottom in poker,

you either walk away
from him like I did,

or you stay there
and you kill him.

Well, I think you made a
pretty good choice there.

Thanks, Matt.

Now, wait a minute.

Hold it. Whoa!

Wait a minute, Chester,

let me give you a hand
with some of that stuff.

Looks like you're
getting stocked up

for a long winter or something.

Well, it's just that we
ordered this stuff, you see,

and then it just all
come in at the same time.

Well, it looks like it.


Hold on just a second.

Morning, miss.

My name is Perce McCall,
and I just want to say

you're the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen in my life.

Perce, what-what in
the world are you up to?

You know her, Chester?

Well, yeah, that,
uh, that's Ida Poe.

She works for Miss Kitty
over at the Long Branch.

Well, I-I didn't see her
over there last night.

Well, uh, she must've
been sick, then,

'cause she works over there...
But let me tell you something,

if I was you, I'd just kind
of stay away from her.

Oh, she's your girl, then, huh?

No, no, she ain't mine.

She's Hank Seeber's girl.

Well, maybe I can
change that some.

Well, I don't hardly think so.

He's got her staked
out pretty good.

- Who is he?
- Well, he's a cattle buyer,

and he's rough and he's
mean, and like I say, now,

if you want to go on living, I'd
just kind of stay away from her.

Well, it ain't that, Chester...

I want to go on
living, all right... but...

maybe I can make Ida
Poe a part of it, huh?

Come on.


Barkeep, give me
a whiskey, will you?

Or make it two.


Evening, Miss Poe.

Good evening.

Well, would you?

To the most beautiful
woman in the world.

I'll drink to that.

Now, who is she?

She's you.

She's my girl, as soon
as she's gonna be.

Do you always get
everything you want?

Some things are all wrote
out; they just got to be.

I knew that this morning
when I first saw you.

Perce... Perce McCall.

It's Louie Pheeters.

Don't you remember?

Well, sure! Louie! Louie
Pheeters, how are you?

Louie and I were
together in Arizona.

- I-In prison.
- We sure was.

And many's the time Perce
McCall stood up for me,

and kept them other
fellas from doing me bad.

- I don't forget all that, Perce.
- Listen, uh, Louie,

we'll get together and
have a little talk later.

Right now I, uh, I'm
kind of busy, huh?

Listen, why don't you
get yourself a bottle

and I'll come over
there later, huh?

- Aw, no.
- Oh, come on, come on, Louie.

I thank you, Perce.

I sure do thank you.

Louie Pheeters.

Why were you in prison?

Well, I suppose you got to
know the bad as well as the good.

I held up one too
many a stagecoach.

- Mmm.
- I'm, uh, I'm all through with that now.

I heard you won an awful
lot of money in here last night.

I sure did. My
luck's running good.

I'm gonna win more, too.

An outlaw turned gambler.

You sure don't lead
a dull life, do you?

No, I don't.

But a man can get lonely, Ida.


But so can a woman.


That's Hank Seeber.

How do you know?

I know all about you and him.

I might take a
breath of fresh air,

back by the barrel shed.

Maybe in an hour.

So long.

The air sure feels
good out here.

Yeah. It's nice. Uh...

It's even fresher
down by the river,

if you want me to rent a
buggy or something for us.

No, not tonight.

I have to be back
in a few minutes.

Hank Seeber's waiting, huh?

No. But he'll be
back a little later.

Look... does he own
you or something?

Hank Seeber has a very good job.

He makes a lot of money at it.

Well, is it money you want?

You must have
made a lot of money

when you were
robbing those stages.

I did, but I got
caught, remember?

Then you weren't very
good at it, were you?

Well, I never looked
at it like that before,

but I suppose you're right.

I got money now, though...
I, uh, I'm doing real fine.

There's only one kind of
gambler who makes money steady.

Well, my luck's running good.

I'm talking about a
gambler who makes his luck

run good all the time.

I know what
you're talking about.

I never cheated
at cards in my life.

Perce, I could get to
like you an awful lot.

I know you could, Ida.

I'm not in love
with Hank Seeber,

but he takes care of me.

He's well off, and
he can afford things.

- Well, so can I.
- Sure.

For the moment.

But a woman needs
security, Perce.

She needs a man who
can give it to her all the time,

not just when his
luck is running good.

Now, you understand that.

I'd like to be with you
for a long time, Perce...

not just for a few days.

I've got to go.

- No, wait...
- No.

Good night.


You feeling all right?

Yeah. I feel fine, just fine.

Well, uh, what
was you looking at?

I wasn't looking at nothin'.

I just, uh, been a-thinkin'.

Is there anything
wrong with that?

Well, I'd be careful about it.

That can put a
terrible strain on you.

Doc, did you come in here to
be grumpy and disagreeable

or just to mooch a
cup of coffee, or what?

Well, now, I can get my
coffee down at Delmonico's.

- But you never do do it.
- No. It's cheaper here.

You know, you're just
about the most brazen person

that I ever run into.

I think "honest" is a more
neighborly word for it.

Well... well, I wasn't
trying to be neighborly,

I can tell you that. I-It...

- Morning, Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

- How are you?
- Suppose there's enough left

so I can have a
cup of that stuff?

Well, you better
hurry, Mr. Dillon,

if you want any of it...
Our star moocher's here.

Where's your sugar?

Well, we-we don't
have any sugar.

Well, that's the way I like it.

- Good morning.
- Morning, uh, Perce.

You're up pretty early for a
gambling man, aren't you?

Well, I-I quit gambling, Matt.

Quit gambling? What's the
matter, did you go broke?

No, it wasn't
that... I just thought

I might get myself a job.

A job? When you
can sit around all day

and play cards and
drink good whiskey?

Even that gets tiresome.

Well, you ain't been at it
long enough to get tired.

I know that. I want to
get myself a job, anyway.

I thought you might
know of something.

Well, a couple of the big
cattle outfits outside of town

- can usually use a hand.
- Well, I was thinking

more or less of a
job here in town.

You know, I did my
share of cowboying,

and that don't lead to
nothing but more cowboying.

Well, you-you can't
start at the top. You...

Well, I know that, Doc.

I wasn't thinking of that.

With a job here in town,

it'd just make it a little
easier to get there, that's all.

Well, I'm afraid that
might be kind of tough.


Well, your friend Louie Pheeders
has been talking all over town

about knowing you in Arizona.

Well, I-I did my time, Matt.

Ain't got nothing
to be ashamed of.

How about something
down at the stock pens?

Say, that'd be fine,
if you don't mind.

No, not at all... I'll vouch
for you if there's any problem.

I'm mighty grateful
to you, Matt.

Good. How about a cup of coffee?

Come on, Hank.


Well, I'll be doggone.

Barkeep, give me
a whiskey, will you?

Yes, sir.

Some change.

Well, a man can't do dirty
work and stay clean, Ida.

No, I reckon he can't.

I'm gonna talk to you,

and I don't want
you to go running off

when Hank Seeber comes in.

You mean that, don't you?

I do.

I didn't like what you
did to me out there today,

looking down your
nose at me like that.

Now, what did you
expect me to do?

I know it's not the
best job in the world,

but at least it's a start.

It's steady work,
and it's steady pay.

Just like you were
talking about last night.

But it's small pay, isn't it?

In a year's time, I could
be running that whole place.

- In a year?
- Well, that's no time at all.

Then come back in a year.

You want me to be an outlaw?

You'd only get caught again.

And you don't like
the way I gamble.

Chicken one day
and feathers the next.

But if I had Hank Seeber's
job and his money,

then you'd be happy?

Yeah, I kinda think I would.


Well, you don't make it easy.

A man like you doesn't
need things to be easy.

Just has to inherit
a million dollars.


And here's to
your first million.


Oh, Perce.

Oh, hello there, Matt.

What's the matter? I
thought you were working.

No, I quit.

Dust get too bad
for you out there?

Yeah, that's it, all right.

That's it exactly...
Too much dust.

Well, come on in,
have a cup of coffee.

No, I don't want any coffee.

Oh, come now.

Sit over here.

Hey, Joe. How about a
couple cups of coffee?

Sure thing, Marshal.

Well, Perce, what happened
out there, did they fire you?

No, Matt, they didn't fire me.

I quit, just like I said.

You quit? Well, how come?

Ida didn't think it was a
good enough job for me.

- Ida?
- Ida Poe.

Ida Poe? What about her?

She's got me going, Matt.

She's got me going real strong.

Well, I'll be doggone.

In this short a time?

Well, I always was like that.

I see something I want and
I gotta have it, just like that.

Here you are.


Thanks, Joe.

Well, what does Hank Seeber
think about you and Ida?

I don't care what
Hank Seeber thinks.

Well, look, this is none
of my business, Perce,

but, uh, let me give
you a little advice.

Hank Seeber's a pretty
big man around this town.

He's pretty hotheaded, too.

Well, that may be, Matt,
but he don't own Ida Poe.

Well, don't say I
didn't warn you.

What are you going to do now?

Well, I got one plan.

I'm going to try.

I'll be back in about a week.

I'm going to be back
with a lot of money.

Well, now, wait a minute,
where are you going?

I'm going to get me
that woman, Matt.

I gotta have her
and I'm going to try.

Whoa, ho.

Uh, Mr. Dillon, you
about through there?

I'll be along in a
second, Chester.

The Wichita stage just come in.

I thought maybe we might
go over and take a look.

Well, I don't know anybody
coming in on the stage, Chester.

You don't need to know anybody

to enjoy watching
the stage come in.

Well, maybe not,
but it sure helps.

You just ain't got the spirit.

What's happened?

Matt, Freddie's been shot.

Better get him up
to Doc's right away.

Freddie, you think you
can make it up there?

Sure, I can make it, Marshal.

- Give him a hand, Chester.
- I sure will.

One of you fellers help me here.

All right, folks, it's all over.

Go on about your business now.


How did it happen?

We was held up, Matt.

About a hundred miles east
of here, near Bent's Crossing.

We was lucky... only had
one passenger this trip,

and an empty treasure box.

Where's the passenger?

I guess the shooting
scared him some.

He got off at the
next road ranch.

Did you hit any of
the holdup men?

There was only one man, Matt.

We didn't even
get a shot at him.

He cut Fred down before
I got the horses stopped.

- One man?
- Yeah.

Did you get a look at him?

No, he was masked,
and in the brush.

I wouldn't even know
what his horse looked like.

I just throwed the
treasure box down

and he ordered me to drive on.

Well, at least he
didn't get any money.

It's been a long time since
I've heard of a lone outlaw

working around here.

I've heard of one.

You have? Who?

He's a friend of mine, Jim.

- What?
- Jim, I'll explain it to you later.

Hello, Perce.

Hello there, Matt.

You can sure have that prairie.

It sure has been a long week.

- That so?
- Yep.

I tried, and it didn't
work, but I tried.

What didn't work?

My idea about
getting a lot of money,

making it to the top fast.

I guess I just wasn't
fitted for it, that's all.

What happened?

Well, I went riding out
of here heading east,

over towards Wichita.

Suppose it was a fool
idea even to start with,

but a fella I was working
with over at the stockpens

told me about it.

Said there was a man over
there by Bent's Crossing,

had a herd of cattle
he wanted to sell cheap.

Real cheap.

Bent's Crossing?

Yeah. So I took
all the money I had,

and went up there and was
going to use it as a down payment.

I had it all figured out.

I was gonna buy the herd,

sell it fast, make a big profit,
and then pay him off with it.

Only one thing I
didn't know about it.

He was selling the herd cheap
because he needed the cash.

All the cash, on the barrelhead.

I suppose I just wasn't cut
out to be a big cattle buyer

after all.

Yeah. Well, you tried.

I just wasted my time out there.

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

I told you what to do about
it before you left, Perce.

Forget about Ida Poe.

I told you I didn't want
to hear about it anymore.

I need a drink.

Come on, I'm buying.

I, uh, I got to stop over at
the Lady Gay for a minute.

I'll be back.

Yeah, well, don't
make it too long.

That's not a standing offer.


Oh, evening, Miss Kitty.

You look like you've
been to Texas.

Yeah, I don't guess I could've
done any worse if I had.

How about a drink?


Here's how.

Ida Poe's really got
you hooked, hasn't she?

Yeah, pretty bad.

Well, one thing
I'll say for her...

The best is none too good.

Can't call Hank
Seeber "the best."

I guess I should've
said the richest.


Every woman's got a
right to a little security.

Don't let her fool you.

You wait here, Ida.

No, Hank. Hank,
there'll only be trouble.

Hello, McCall.

I hear you've been out of town.

A little business trip, huh?

I guess you call robbing
stages a business, don't you?

What are you talking
about, Seeber?

The whole town knows
about you, McCall.

What's he saying, Miss Kitty?

Well, the Wichita stage
was held up a few days ago.

The treasure box was empty,
but the messenger got shot.

He's all right now, though.

Seeber, why don't you
go on back to the table.

It's none of your business.

Sure, you would
stand up for him.

Are you saying I robbed
that stage, Seeber?

Makes sense all the way around.

All right, then you're going
to have to back that up.

You're going to have
to back that up right now.

Hold on.

What's going on here?

I just called your
stage robbing friend

a stage robber, Marshal.

I didn't hold up no stage, Matt.

Suppose you let me
take care of that, huh?

It sure pays to be a
friend of yours, don't it?

A lawman and an outlaw.

People are gonna start
thinking about that, Marshal.

Just don't do your
thinking around me.

Now get out of here.


Just don't get any
idea this is settled.

Perce, let's go
over to my office.

There's a couple of
things we got to talk over.

See you later, Kitty.

Well, thanks a
lot for the advice.

Yeah, well, I just
wish I could be sure

you were going to use it.

You know I can't stop trying.

Try to stay out of
trouble, will you, Perce?

I've been in and out
of trouble all my life.

Say, what time is it?

Oh, it's about 10:00, I guess.

I think I'm gonna go
get cleaned up, huh?

See you later.


I've been hungering for you,
Ida, hungering something fierce.

I shouldn't be
out here with you.

A week's a long time
to be without you.

You didn't even tell
me you were leaving.

Really, I wanted
to surprise you.

I wanted to come back
with a lot of money.

But you didn't.

I didn't have enough
cash to make the deal.

Something'll turn
up, Ida, you'll see.

Then, it really wasn't you
who held up that stage?

No, but if Seeber says
anything else about it,

there's going to
be trouble, Ida.

I mean, there'll
be real trouble.

I tried to stop him.

Well, why is he after me?

Does he know about us?

He knows that I care about you.

Well, then, you quit him.

You quit him and you
come away with me.

I'll face him down
anytime, anywhere.

There are other ways of taking
care of a woman than with a gun.

Yeah, with money, huh?

Yes, that's right,
Perce, with money.

You get a hold of enough
money... I mean really enough...

And I'll go away with you.

We'll go to Denver, we'll
go to any place you say.

All right, I'll, uh, I'll
get your money, I'll...

I don't know
how, but I'll get it.

Soon, soon.

I'll call.

I'm in.

Two pair.

Three kings.

Can't win 'em all, McCall.

I ain't won a single
hand in the last two hours.

I got to admit, your luck
ain't been too strong.

Yeah, well, deal 'em, will you?

Man gets nervous
oughtn't to play poker.

Will you deal the cards?

You talk all the time.

How about another drink?

All right.

Evening, Ida.

Good evening, Miss Kitty.

Well, I see the poker
game's still going on.

Oh, is it?

Yeah, and Perce McCall
doesn't seem to be doing

any better tonight
than he was last night.

Well, I didn't notice.

Now, that's too bad, isn't it?

That boy cares about you.

Don't you feel anything?

Now, Miss Kitty, I may work
for you, but there's no reason

for me to be telling you
about my personal life,

now, is there?


No, you're perfectly right.

Just so long as there isn't
any trouble in here, Ida.

Raise $20.

I'm in.

All black.

Well, go get some more
money, McCall, we'll wait.


Have a drink?

No, thanks.

So you went broke.

Luck's run out.

Don't you remember what
I told you about gambling?

Never cheated in my life.

And you never used
your head either.

Luck was running fine till
you told me to get that job

down at the stock pen.

I never mentioned
the stock pens.

What's the difference?

I see you now.

Do you?

Well, you take a
good, long look.

I thought I told you to
have nothing to do with him.

Please, Hank.

You keep away from
Ida, you understand?

Maybe I will.

You're a coward, McCall.

You hear what I said?

You're a coward and a thief.

I ought to kill you right now.

You, you killed him,

and he didn't even draw his gun.

Where's Matt?

Well, he went out
to Jake Wirth's.

Said he... ought to
be back anytime now.


Well, you, you heard
about the shooting, I guess.

Yeah, I heard about it.

Sure is sorry business.

Yeah, it sure is, Doc...

especially since Perce didn't
hold up that Wichita stage.

How do you know that?

Well, I got a telegram
here this evening, and...

said they caught
the man that done it.

I'll be doggoned.

Well... sure don't make
much difference now.

There he is now.

- Hello, Doc.
- Matt.

- Chester.
- Yeah, howdy, Mr. Dillon.

Have things been quiet in Dodge?

Well, no, not exactly.

What's the matter?

Well, there-there's been
a shooting, Mr. Dillon.


Yeah, Hank Seeber got killed.

Who did it?

Well, uh, that's
what I was coming to.

Perce done it,

and from what I understand, uh,

Hank Seeber didn't
even try to go for his gun.

Where's Perce now?

Well, he's, he's
sitting down there

in front of the Dodge House.

Been sitting there for
a couple hours now,

just not talking to nobody
or nothing, just sitting.

Well, would you stable
my horse, Chester?

Uh, Mr. Dillon,
there's a telegram

that's come for you.



- Hello, Perce.
- Hold it, Matt.

Well, now, wait a minute.

I asked you to hold it.

Perce, I heard
about what happened

over at the Long Branch.

You want to tell me about it?

Well, what they said
was true enough.

I want to hear your side.

I killed him, that's all.

Well, maybe it could
be self-defense.

No, wasn't no self-defense.

I... guess the law
would call it murder.

Well, Perce,
you'll get a fair trial.

I'll guarantee you that.

No, Matt, there ain't
gonna be no trial.

I got to take you in.

I can't go back to jail.

I had enough of
that, I told you.

Perce, why didn't
you get out of town?

Why didn't you run?

I couldn't run from you, Matt.

Besides, there
wasn't any place to go.

You'd just come after me.

Why take a long, hot
ride just to shoot it out?

That'd just be postponing it.

We're not going to
shoot it out, Perce.

I'm not going to draw on you.

Yes, you will,
Matt, yes, you will.

I'll give you no choice and...


Easy, Matt, easy.

Some things are all wrote out.

They just got to be, huh?

Is he dead?

Yeah, he's dead.

I didn't want to... I didn't
want it to happen this way.

Well, maybe you didn't,
but as far as I'm concerned,

you loaded the
gun that killed him.

Now you can live with
that the rest of your life.

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