Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 7 - Don Matteo - full transcript

Don Matteo, who once rode the range with Matt, comes to Dodge looking to shoot down a shady cowboy who once romanced Don Matteo's sister.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Be right with you.

Look, mister, I can't be
standing around here all day.

I'm in a hurry.
Can you fix this?

Well, that depends
what's wrong with it.

Can't you tell
what's wrong with it?

What kind of a gunsmith
are you anyway?

Ah, well, that's
got a busted spring.

All right, how long
will it take you to fix it?

Well, I've got a lot
of work to do here.

It will probably
take a day or two.

A day or two?

Do I look like the kind
of a man can go around

a day or two without a gun?

Well, I do my best.

Sure you will. I'll
be back in an hour.

But, now look,
stranger, an hour?

That's what I said.

Here. Keep this for me.

And you have it ready, ya hear?

All right.

Say, what's the best
saloon in this town?

Well, I suppose you might
call the Long Branch the best.

It's just down the street there.

You get yourself busy now.

Get me another one of them.

Just one?

I can't drink more than
one at a time, can I?

Bartender says
you owe him for five.

I like a man can add.
He'll go a long way.

Sit down.

Well, I really
should be going...

Go on ahead. Sit down.

Say, you ain't very
talkative, are ya?


what do you want to talk about?


You know, you remind
me of a little Mexican gal

over in Chihuahua.

She wasn't very
talkative either, but...

well, she was a real
pretty little gal, too.

Just like you, right pretty.


ain't you ever gonna
buy me a drink?

Buy you a drink?

I never buy no gal a
drink. You don't have to.

It's a pride for them just to
be sittin' with Garve Tabor.

What makes you think you're
any better than the rest of 'em?

That's what I'd like to know?

I-I didn't say I was any better.

Well, you ain't.

I know your kind. I've
seen them all over.

All you want is to
get a man drunk

and leave him broke.

You're no good. None of ya.

You're a fine one to talk.

You ain't even bought
me a glass of beer.

That's right.

And I ain't gonna buy
you a glass of beer.

I'm leaving.

- No, you ain't.
- No...

- Just sit down.
- Take your hand of me.

I'll knock you
silly in a minute.

- Miss Kitty.
- Shut up.

Miss Kitty.

What's the matter here, Trudy?

He won't let me leave him.

Say, you ain't bad. Sit down.

It's all right,
Trudy. You can go.


Good riddance.

Go on ahead. Sit down.

I don't like men who
rough up the girls here.


You don't like them?

I own this place.

Now, um... why don't
you just leave quietly?

I don't believe it.

A woman throwing me out?

There are other saloons.

Yeah, I know,
but I like it here.

Well, we don't need your money.

You must be plumb
out of your head, lady,

talking to me like that.

Go on. Get out of here.

Throw me out...

That was a mighty
nice shot, Bill. Thanks.

No trouble, Kitty.
I'll throw him outside.

Still owes us for six drinks.

You never miss a thing.

Can't afford to these days.

Come on, you.

You ain't throwing
me out of no saloon.

You're out and
you're staying out.

You had a bungstarter, mister.

If I'd've had my gun,
you'd never got near me.

But you didn't have your gun.

I will have.

No dust town saloon keeper's
gonna manhandle Garve Tabor.

Kitty, what seems
to be the trouble?

He was getting rough with
one of the girls, Marshal.

Kitty ordered him out.

Don't need the law in this.

You better go do your drinking
somewhere else, mister.

U.S. Marshal, huh?

Sticking up for a saloon gal?

What makes her better than
any of the rest of them women?

Now, you listen to me, mister.

You keep away
from the Long Branch.

If I hear you coming
around here again,

I'll throw you
clear out of Dodge.

Now get moving.

I ain't taking this,
not Garve Tabor.

You'll see.

He could be trouble.

He said he'd be wearing
a gun the next time.

No, don't worry, Kitty.
He ain't gonna do nothing.

I'll, uh...

If he comes around again,
let me know anyway, will ya?

Sure will, Matt. Thanks a lot.


- See you, Marshal.
- All right, Bill.

Here, have some fresh ones.

Oh, thanks.

This is about the
best job I ever had.

Matt must be, um,

sort of worried, having
you come over here

and, well, stand guard.

Oh, I ain't standing
guard, Miss Kitty.

I'm just here to let
him know right off

if that Garve Tabor
comes in here with a gun.


Well, you should've
run him out of town then.

Yeah, well,
Mr. Dillon ain't the kind

that'll do that, you know,
without a good reason.

Yeah, I know. You're right.


who's this?

Well, I've never seen
him around Dodge before.

Have you?

No, but...

he's a good-looking man.

Well, he looks all
right from here, yeah.

I just wouldn't want
to get too close to him.

Whiskey. I'll have whiskey.

Coming up.

There you are.


That's the best
whiskey that you have?

It's what we got.

It's not very
good, this whiskey.

Like I said, mister,
it's what we got.

Please, señor, I don't
come here to fight with you

about the whiskey.



I want to find a man.

Maybe you know him.


It's been a long
time, but they tell me

he's in this town.


This man's name is Dillon.

There's a Dillon here, mister.

He's a U.S. Marshal.

So it's true.

What's true?

That he is with the law.

Makes a difference.

I don't like this
business of the law.

Maybe you better go get Matt.

Yeah, I'll see you later.

I have one more of this, uh...

not-so-good whiskey.

And then I think I'll
find your U.S. Marshal.


He had a knife and
a gun both, Mr. Dillon.

He sure looked like
he could use them.

Probably can, the
way you described him.

Well, he come into
the saloon there,

and he had Bill...




I told them I was
gonna find you.

Yeah, you know, they told me

somebody was
after me with a gun.

With a gun? Me?

Oh, no.

But it's a difference now, huh?

They call you "Marshal."

You wear a badge.

Doesn't make a difference
between you and me, Esteban.


this is Esteban Garcia.

- Hello.
- Great pleasure to know you.

How do you do?

Esteban's an old friend of
mine from the border days.

Oh, sí, we make many good
fights together, huh, Matt?

We sure did.

You know, we used
to hire ourselves out

to cattle companies
and go after rustlers.

Oh, sí, sometimes so
many men against us.

But Esteban and Matt,
we always win, huh?

Yeah, I think the reason
we did is 'cause we were

probably just a little
wilder than they were.

Oh, but this were the
fun days, no, Matt?

Esteban, come on inside.

Oh, but, Mr. Dillon,
you think that, uh,

should I ought to go
back to Long Branch

and wait for that fella?

Yeah, maybe you better, Chester.

All right. Well...

Chester, you and I,
we meet again, no?

Well, anything you say.

Esteban, how about
a cup of coffee?

Sí, I like that.


You got a lot of guns, Matt.


You have more guns here
than we had at the whole border.

Well, things were
a little different then.


Esteban, sit down.


Hey, Matt, tell me something.

You find pleasure in this...

business of the law?

Well, it's, it's a living.

We were always on the
side of the law down south,

- weren't we?
- No, made no difference then.

We rode, we fought, we got paid.

Was good times, no?

Sure was, Esteban.

You want to ride with me again?

What do you mean?

I come here to find a man.

I follow him a long way.

All the way from Chihuahua.

Who is he?

He's a nothing.

Well, what are you
bothering with him for then?

You know how it is
sometimes with an insect?

It's a nothing
but it bothers you.

So you kill it.

What's he done?

My woman, Maria,

when I was away he tried to...

make romance with her.

So, I follow him.

And I'm gonna kill him.

Esteban, you know,

if you did kill that man...

I'd have to come after you.

You go after me?

That's the law.

That's too bad, Matt.

That makes me very sad.

I am sorry that we
will not ride together.

Ah, look, Esteban,

why don't you forget him?

He's nothing, you
said so yourself.

You are my old friend.

You know me better than that.


perhaps we will
meet again, you and I.

This time with great sadness.

Hasta la vista.

Well, at least the coffee's hot.

That's more than I
can say for the supper.

Well, Kitty, you should've
ordered your steak well done.

Is that the only way to get
a hot meal around here?

Kind of looks like it.

If you ask me, the
whole place is crooked.

Well, it's the only
game in town, Doc.

Oh, say, Matt, uh,

what happened to
that friend of yours?

That Mexican fella.

Oh, he left town.

He was only around
for about an hour.

Hmm, too bad. I sure
would've like to met him.

Chester said he
was quite a fellow.

Yeah, he is, Doc.

You know, he's the
doggonest tracker I ever knew.


He can ride along a
trail that forks three ways

and he'll take the
right one every time.

Always amazes me,

a fella got a talent
for anything like that.

I couldn't track a bull
through a cornfield.

I believe that all right.

What was he doing in Dodge?

Well, he's, uh,

he's after a man, says
he's gonna kill him.

- Oh.
- Who?

I don't know. He didn't tell me.

I tried to talk
him out of it, but...

no use.

Oh, Mr. Dillon.

- Miss Kitty.
- Hello, Chester.

Doc, you better get up
to your office right away.


Well, there's some
dirt farmer just rode in,

and he's got a
bullet in his leg.

Bullet in his leg?
Did it happen in town?

No, out at his place I guess.

It's about a day's
ride from here.

Well, I guess we better
get out there, Doc, huh?

- Yeah. Excuse me, Kitty.
- Uh-huh.

Chester, have you
had anything to eat?


Well, why don't you borrow
yourself some supper,

and maybe you can
walk Kitty home, huh?


Sit down.

- Oh, howdy.
- You the doc?

- Yeah.
- I'm Burt Grimes.

My name's Adam. This
is Marshal Dillon, here.

- Howdy.
- How do you do?

- Took one on the leg, huh?
- Yeah, I sure did, Doc.

Well, here, can you
make it over to the table?

- I can look at it.
- I'll see.

Just a might stiff though.

I bet it is.

Oh, that's fine.

Well, Grimes, can you
tell me what happened?

Marshal, I was out to my place,

just south of the fork
at Pawnee Grove.

I don't know why that fella
come by and shot at me.

Well, have you got,

you got any idea
who it was at all?

No, sir, I sure ain't.

I've always been a fella
that mind my own business.

I never cause
trouble for nobody.

Well, what happened?


I was out in the back
chopping wood, see...

Marshal, and along
come this here fella.

Not the fella that shot me.

This other fella,

and he wanted
to fill his canteen

with water by the spring.

Said his name was, um...



Garve Tabor. So...

He and I were having
a little talk there,

and along comes this
here fancy dressed fella,

swooping down out of nowhere.

What do you mean
"fancy dressed?"

Like a Mexican.

Sombrero and all.

I'll tell you...

Hang to yourself,
this might hurt a little.

There was a lot of shooting
going on there, Marshal.

I, I run.

As a matter of fact,
I was on my horse,

starting to ride away
before I ever got hit.

Well, what about the other
two? Either of them get shot?

Well, like I said,

I don't know nothing
that happened

because the first
thing I looked for

was where my horse
was, and I didn't stop

to do no looking around to
see what they were doing.

Well, thanks, Grimes.
Doc, I'll see ya later.


How she look, Doc?

Well, it's not too bad.

Of course, you're
not gonna be able

to run around on it too much.

Gonna be stiff
for a couple days.

Yep. It feels might better now.

Does it? I'm glad of that.

- Hola.
- Esteban.

You have come at last. I
wonder how long it would take.

Now my old friend
come to join me.

You know better than that.

You're welcome to share my fire.

Well, I could sure use
a little bit of that coffee.

There are cups inside.

I don't think the
owner will mind.

Well, I'll just go get them.

All right, my old friend.

If you are not here to join me,

then why do you come?

The man that
owns this place here

made it into Dodge
last night, Esteban.

But he wasn't too
clear on what happened.

You rode all night
just to find out?

All night.

I didn't think that
man, that farmer

was going to make it into Dodge.

He was so frightened,

he almost fall of his horse.

That bullet might've had
something to do with it.

Did you shoot him?

I call out to him,

I say, "Don't ride away..."

You must have been
awful busy around here

to get off only one shot at him.

You know how it is.

Sometimes a man
has no time to spare.

Or bullets.

What about Garve Tabor?

You found out his name?

Man is a nothing.
He's an insect.

Did you kill him, Esteban?

It is true what you
told me in Dodge?

That if I kill this man
you will come after me?

That's what I'm out here for.

I have no wish to fight you.

You trying to tell
me you did kill him?


No, I don't kill him.

Not yet.

Where is he?

That I cannot tell you.

What are you camped
out here for anyway?

You wait.

You will see.

He will come back.

You mean he'll
come here? To you?

It is so arranged.

This insect will crawl back.

Mr. Dillon?

Found 'em.

Uh, Grimes got some side
meat hanging up in there,

I wonder if I could
cook up a little bit of it.

I'm just about half starved.

We'll wait, Chester.

Well, uh, you had
anything to eat, Esteban?

No, Chester, just the coffee.

But I seldom eat.

You seldom eat? Well,
that's kind of a silly thing to do.

You know, a man
could die like that.

Sí, but a man can
die like this, too.

Pretty fast, huh?

You always were.

In the old days,
even faster than you.

I wonder if I still am.

I don't know, Esteban.

I'd hate to find out.

You and me? What
would we fight about?

A man who is a nothing?

That would be
very foolish, Matt.

I agree.

But if he's around here
somewhere like you say,

and you think he's gonna
come back, don't ya think

- he might come back shooting?
- Oh, no, he won't, Matt.

Tabor has no gun.

- No gun?
- No.

Didn't I tell you?

You haven't told
me anything yet.

Well, it's very simple.

We had a little,
short fight here.

And Tabor ran away.

And it's very bad for a
man to run from a fight.

I see.

So that's why you
didn't kill him, huh?

Wouldn't shoot a
man in the back?

Not even a man who is a nothing.

How do you figure
he doesn't have a gun?

He dropped it.

I shoot it out of his hand.


go up there on those rocks
and take a look around, will ya?

- Yes.
- No, wait.

All right, Matt.

There's a little root cellar,

and Tabor is hiding in it.

There is no water.

And even a man who is a
nothing has to have a drink.

Even a man who would
run away from a fight...

will crawl back for water.


That's what you
figured on, wasn't it?

That's why you stayed here
and kept shooting like that.

I guess you figured
that if he came back

looking for the water,

you'd probably just kill him
with your bare hands, huh?

You know me well.

Chester, go up there
and get him, will ya?


I'm disappointed in you, Matt.

Call him back.

Esteban, you said it
a minute ago yourself,

this man Tabor's not
worth you and I fighting over.

You know me, Matt.

It must be this way.

Call him back or I shoot him.

I can't do it.

It's a very sad thing,
this job of yours.

There's no pleasure in it.

Oh, that's a shame, Mr. Dillon.

That's a terrible shame.

A job without pleasure.


I guess we'll take him in to
town to bury him, Chester.

Might as well find his horse.

What about Garve Tabor?

Never mind him.

He'll get thirsty sometime.

He'll come crawling out.