Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 5 - Shooting Stopover - full transcript

There is $10,000 in gold being shipped on a stagecoach, Matt and Chester are escorting a prisoner on that stagecoach, and there is a beautiful lady Laura and a pastor along as passengers. Is there danger afoot when the stage stopover is strangely empty?

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

All right, Gurney.

There's your gun.

Uh, I don't remember
much, Marshal,

except waking up in jail. I...

You were just about
to kill a man last night

over at the Long Branch.

I kind of tapped
you on the head.

So that's where I got it.

Don't you think you could
have handled it some other way?

How, put a bullet in you?

One of these days,

somebody's going to put a
bullet right in you, Marshal.

You, huh?

If I stick around this
rotten town long enough,

I might have to,
but I'm leaving.


Saves me the trouble
of running you out.

Mr. Dillon, here's
a telegram for you.

Well, Gurney, you kind of look

like the dogs had
you under the house.

If I was to smash your
head in for you, boy,

I might feel better.

Kind of like you did that feller
in the Long Branch last night?

How many men you killed anyway?



What are you talking
about, Mr. Dillon?

"Bud Gurney,
headed toward Dodge.

"Description follows.

"Arrest in person
and return to Wichita

"on two charges of murder.

Brandt, United
States Commissioner."

That's a lie.

I ain't never been to Wichita.

You ain't? Well, how
come you was bragging it up

in the Long Branch
last night how Wichita

made Dodge City
look like a hog waller?

Well, if I was, I
didn't kill anybody,

and they can't prove it.

If they can't prove it,
you won't have to hang.

Sure, it's easy enough for
you to say, ain't it, Marshal?

Well, I thought you said
that you was innocent.

I am, but I ain't
going to Wichita!

Chester, there's a stage leaving
in, I think, about half an hour.

Why don't you go
down to the depot

and arrange for three fares?

- We'll meet you there.
- Be a pleasure.

Oh, Chester!

- Huh?
- Hold it a minute.

What... what is it?

What... what's the matter?

Just wait a minute.

Well, what's the matter?

Matter? Nothing's
the matter. Why?

Well, you was
yelling at me like that.

I-I figured that
something was wrong.

Yelling? No, I just asked
you to wait a minute.

I saw you rushing
along, and I just figured

there was only one thing
that'd make you do that: food.

I thought I'd just have
breakfast with you.

Oh, you did, huh?

Well, for your
information, I had breakfast

early this morning
like all hard-working,

decent people would,

and just because
that I'm rushing,

that don't mean that
I'm thinking about food.

Usually does.

Well, I... well, I-I
don't have time

to stand here and jaw with you.

Well, where you going?

Well, I-I-I just don't have
time to tell you about it, Doc.

Oh, well, I'm sorry about that.

I shouldn't have
stopped you at all.

I'm sorry. Go on.


Well, now, you're
busy. Just go on.

Well, if you've just
got to know, now...

I don't want to hold
you up. You've got to...

Well, the truth of the matter
was I was going down there

to the stage office
to get some tickets.

Well, you don't have
to explain it to me.

Well, I think you ought to know.

Mr. Dillon and me
was going to Wichita.

We're taking a
prisoner up there,

and we'll be gone
for a few days.

- Oh, is that so?
- Yeah.

Well, what are you
telling me about it for?

Well, you asked me, didn't you?

Matt's not going to
appreciate you standing here

when you're in a
hurry to talk to me.

Go get your ticket.

Well, that's what I've
been trying to tell you.

I'm, uh... I was mighty glad

to make your
acquaintance, Miss Laura.

Thank you.

Anything that I can do to...

to make your trip
more comfortable, now,

well, you just...
you just say so.

All right.

You'll be safe enough,
that... that's for sure.

Well, I'm glad to know that.

You're, uh... you're
going to Wichita

to teach school, huh?

- Well, I've been teaching there.
- Oh.

I just went out to
Pueblo to see my parents.

Oh. Wow.

W-Would you like to get in

and get yourself a good seat?

Thank you.

Oh, Mr. Dillon,
uh, I'd like for you

to meet Miss Laura Rand here.

This is, uh, Marshal Dillon.

- How do you do, Marshal?
- How you doing, ma'am?

Uh, Miss Rand is
going to be going

with us on the stage to Wichita.

Oh, that's fine.

Well, would you like to get in?

Thank you.

Howdy, Matt.

- Jim.
- What you doing here?

Well, I got a prisoner here.

I'm taking him to Wichita.

You are?

Well, that sure takes
a load off my mind.

I got a shipment of gold going.

Can't find nobody
to ride shotgun.

Every man I know is
off someplace or other.

Well, at least I can
keep you from stealing it.

Well, now, we might split
it 50-50: $5,000 apiece.

We'll be rolling as
soon as they get loaded.

All right.

- Chester.
- Yes, sir.

Think I'm going to
ride up on top with Jim.

You'll have to ride
inside with Gurney.

Oh. Oh.

Well, you want to take over?

Well, uh, do I have to ride

all the way like
this, Mr. Dillon?

I don't like this any
more than you do.

Look, you can ride comfortable
if you behave yourself in there.

Otherwise, you can
ride uncomfortable.

- It's up to you.
- Come on.

Oh, let me give
you a hand with that.

Now, if you'll just sit there
and go to sleep or something,

everything will be all right.

All right for you to sit

and sweet-talk
this little lady, huh?

You just watch what
you're saying there, Gurney.

You'll find yourself up on top

riding with the
rest of the baggage.

You was smart, you'd
turn me loose now, boy.

- Oh.
- Excuse me.

Oh, certainly, Reverend.

Hyah! Hyah.


That's funny.

I don't see Old Man Miller.

He's generally out here
before I ever get near the place.

Well, he's probably off with
the horses somewhere, Jim.

Doggone him, he
knows I'm due here today.

Well, I'll take a look out back.

You tell the folks
there's some coffee

waiting inside, will you, Matt?


Well, folks, why don't
you come on out?

Coffee inside and all.

- Thank you.
- You betcha.


Thank you.

Mr. Dillon, do I have to stay
shackled like this all the time?

Well, I guess not, Chester.

Maybe, uh... maybe
we can shackle him

to that trough there.

Once I get loose, you won't
live to complain about it.

I wouldn't count on
getting loose, Gurney.

Yeah, that... that
looks solid enough.

Maybe not, boy.

I'm liable to tear it out
and crack your skull with it.

Marshal Dillon, what
are you doing to this man?

What do you mean?

Well, shackling
him here like this.

Well, ma'am, this man
has committed two murders.

He's on his way to a hanging.

That doesn't mean you have
to treat him like a wild beast.

You might at least take
him inside, out of the sun.

We have several people's safety

to think of here,
ma'am, yours included.

Now, I wouldn't waste any
time worrying about him.

This isn't going
to hurt him a bit.

I believe in the dignity
of man, Marshal.

So do I, Miss Laura.

It's just too bad
that he doesn't.

This isn't exactly as
you presented it, Marshal.

What do you mean?

Well, there's nobody
inside, and there's no coffee.

There's no coffee?

How long do we
stay here, Marshal?

Usually 25 or 20 minutes.

Just long enough
to change the horses

- and get a cup of coffee.
- I see.

And what about your
prisoner, Marshal?

Well, don't you worry
about him, ma'am.

We'll see that
he doesn't go dry.

Mr. Dillon, there ain't
nobody in the kitchen.

There ain't no coffee
out there, neither.

Well, they got a fire going?

Well, they got some
coals there, yeah.

Why don't you fix
up a pot of coffee?

All right.

You folks just make
yourselves comfortable.

- All right.
- Matt!

I found Old Man Miller
in the pasture out back.

Somebody blowed
the top of his head off.

I'm taking a look out front.

Chester, you better
grab one of those rifles

and stand guard out back here.

Now, you folks stay right there.


You hurt bad?


They tried to
stampede the horses

to get the treasure box.

Take it inside, will you, Matt?

That's what they're after.

Get him inside.

Come on, Jim.

This man is badly hurt.

Too bad they
missed you, Marshal.

- Chester.
- Yeah?

Get him unlocked
and get him inside.

We ought to just leave
him right where he is.

One false move
out of you, Gurney,

and I'll put a bullet
in you. You got that?

If you're still alive, that is.

Come on, let's go.

Sit down.

Put your hand over here.

It looks like there's
three of them out there.

They'll probably cover
the place from both sides.

I'll look over here, Mr. Dillon.

All right.


Let's take a look at that.

Oh, it's not going to kill me.

Now, Jim, that bullet's
got to come out of there.

It's pretty close
to the surface.

All right.

Ma'am, could you go and
heat up some water, please?

I'd be glad to, Marshal.

I've seen a lot of wounded men.

If there's anything
I can do to help...

Did you ever operate, Reverend?

No, but I'll do it
if you want me to.


I'll do it myself.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Then you just
tell me what to do.

Well, just stand
by, if you will.

Marshal... I put the water
on, what there is of it.

But I'm afraid we'll
have to use it all for this.

Well, that's all right.

We can't get at the
pump now anyway.

We'll worry about that later.

Maybe you can find
some clean towels.


Ain't got the best cover in
the world out there, Mr. Dillon.

We might be holed up
in here for a long time.

Yeah. And with no water.

Reverend... would
you go into the kitchen,

and see if you can
find a sharp knife?

And then put it in the
water as soon as it boils.


gonna be as easy
as I can on you.


Mr. Dillon, I swear
them men must be gone.

I ain't seen nothing move
out there for over an hour.

Well, Chester,
they're out there.

They're just
waiting for a chance

to get their hands
on this treasure box.

Well, do you think that they
know we ain't got no water?


One thing for sure, they
know that pump's out there

and we can't get at it.

They've probably got it
covered from both directions.


Well, there ain't much chance
of them rushing us, is there?

I wouldn't count on it.

Boy, I sure could
use some water.

Marshal Dillon.

This man's burning
up with a fever.

He needs some water.

I sure do, Matt.

Ain't we got any at all?

Even if you can't get
to the pump, there's...

water bag on the stage outside.

No, Jim, they put a hole
in that a long time ago.


Well, I'll manage.


Yes, sir?

Cover me, will you?

I'm gonna make
a try for the well.

But... Mr. Dillon,
you-you-you can't do that.

What is it, Marshal?

Lucky you wasn't
killed, Mr. Dillon.

Those men are murderers.

Well, they're sure trying to be.

Well, at least I know
where they're hiding now.

If we want to make
it out to that pump,

then we'll all have
to wait till dark.

I'll get the water, Marshal.

Reverend, they'd
blow your head off.

I don't think
they'd shoot at me.

Them bandits? They'd
kill their own mother

to get that gold in there.

I'm afraid he's right.

But Jim Buck needs water.

We'll get water as soon
as it's dark, Reverend.

Jim will last till then.

- Mr. Dillon! Mr...!
- Reverend! -Reverend!

Mr. Dillon!

Hey, Marshal,
what's going on here?

How is he, Mr. Dillon?

He's not good.

Wasn't worth taking
a chance like that.

You told him not to.

Any man's life is
worth a chance.

It was just senseless,
shooting a man like that.

Just senseless.

Chester, you better
give me a hand with him.

They got the parson,
huh, Marshal?

They're gonna get everyone
around here, exceptin' me!

It's kind of too bad
about the parson though.


You need somebody else
to draw their fire, don't you?


Well, maybe I could do it.

That's it, Marshal.

Send the little lady
out to save you.

You don't really think I'd
let you go out there, do you?

But we've got to get water!

Why don't you go and
see if the food's ready.


Here you are, Marshal.

Thank you.


Oh, thank you, Miss Laura.

You gonna have something to eat?

Later. This is for the prisoner.

Prisoner? Oh, you-you
can forget about him.

Sure, you would forget about me.

I won't forget about you, boy.

May I have the key, please.


He can't eat shackled like that.

He's not a wild animal.

The key, please.

Chester, keep your rifle on him.

Very kind of you to
do this for me, miss.

You have to eat
like anybody else.

I sure don't like for you to
be doing this, Miss Laura.

If I was as scared as you,
I'd hate to see it, too, boy.

I hope you choke.

Your lady here doesn't hope so.

She's on my side.

I'm only on the side of
what's right, Mr. Gurney.

Well, Miss Laura, you
can't be on his side then.

He's a two-time murderer.

A man is not considered guilty

until he's had a
fair trial, Chester.

Well, he'll have a fair
trial, but he's a murderer.

He's guilty, all right.

You ain't afraid of
me, are you, miss?


I'm not afraid of you.

Most folks is.

Uh, lady...

you really meant
it when you said

you'd go out there for
the water, didn't you?

Yes, I meant it.

How do you figure
it'd be worth it?

There's a need, Mr. Gurney.

Jim Buck has got to
have water, and soon.

That ain't no reason for a lady

to go out there
and risk her life for...

I think it is.


Marshal, we have got
to get water; he's dying!

Well, getting
somebody else killed

isn't gonna help
anything, is it?

Well, is the gold
all that important?

Can't we just give them the
money and be done with it?

Those men killed
the reverend, ma'am.

It's not likely that they want
to leave any witnesses alive.

I know that I can get to that
pump and back, Marshal.

- I know I can.
- Now, you listen to me.

Nobody's going out to
that well, especially you.

I can draw fire for you and
Chester, Marshal, please!

Look out, Chester!

He's running around back!

I got one of them, Mr. Dillon!

Is he dead, Marshal?

Yeah, he's dead.

So are the others.

Mr. Dillon, that
Gurney was a fool

to try and make
a break like that.

He ought to known that
they'd have shot him.

Maybe he wasn't trying
to make a break, Chester.


Maybe he did it on purpose.

To draw their fire, to
save Jim Buck's life.

That's possible.

Isn't it, Marshal?

Anything's possible, ma'am.

It wouldn't hurt to think
it was that, would it?

No, ma'am.

It wouldn't hurt at all.

Let's get the water, Chester.

Mr. Dillon, you
don't, you don't think

that he really did that
on purpose, do you?

I don't know, Chester.

Sure wouldn't do
any harm to think so.

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