Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 36 - The Love of Money - full transcript

When an ex-marshal passing through town is shot in the back, Matt suspects a new saloon gal might have had something to do with it.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

You want I should stable
the horses, Mr. Dillon?

Yeah, that'd be fine, Chester.

Well, you mind if I go in
and get the fire started?

Like a cup of coffee
when I get back.

All right, fine.



- Nate, how are you?
- Fine, Matt.

Hey, you ain't growed an inch.

Chester, this is an old
friend of mine... Nate Tatum.

- Well... how do you do?
- Chester.

My golly, you had me scared
there for a minute, you two.

Oh, well, I'm just a little
jumpy lately, that's all.

Nate, sit down. My gosh.

What brings you to Dodge?

I'm heading for California.

Just stopped to say hello.

Well, you're still a US
Marshal, aren't you?

- US Marshal?
- Well, sure.

Oklahoma Territory
the past four years.

Not anymore, Matt. I quit.

Quit? What for?

Scared, I guess.

Oh, maybe that ain't the word.

But I got the feeling my
number was coming up.

I still got it.

A real strong feeling.

I don't like it.

Well, sure, Nate.

You probably made
some enemies, but...

I ruined too many of
their games for 'em, Matt.

They ain't forgetting.

What, do you think
somebody's after you?

I'm sure of it.

Won't be anybody I'll recognize.

They'll probably hire
some stranger for the job.

Well, Nate, whatever it is,

I think you can
handle it all right.

Head on, I'll face any
man in the world, Matt.

It's getting shot in the
back that bothers me.

Nate, how about a drink?

Now, that sounds real fine.

Chester, I think I'm gonna take
Nate over to the Long Branch.

Well, I got some things
to do here, Mr. Dillon.

- I'll see you later.
- All right.

Oh, I sure envy you,
Nate, going to California.

You been there, Miss Kitty?

Yeah, San Francisco.

Always wanted to go back.

Well, Kitty, if you
got to San Francisco,

you'd probably wish
you were back in Dodge.

Well, that might be,

but I'd kind of like
to find out for myself.

You're making
money here, Miss Kitty.

Looks like you got a
real good business.

Oh, it is, it is, but
money isn't everything.

It is to some people.

Well, guess it isn't to you.

You just quit a
good job, didn't you?

Didn't pay much. Ask Matt.

Well, Nate, I guess they figure

if a US Marshal's doing his job,

he doesn't have time for more
than one meal a day anyway.

- That's just about the size of it.
- Yeah.

Hello, Boni.

Evening, Kitty.

Hey, you came to work early.

Ah, nothing else to do.

Oh, Boni, this is,
uh, Marshal Dillon.

- Uh-huh.
- How you do, Boni?

And this is, uh, Nate Tatum.

Nate Tatum. Okay.

Why don't you sit down?

Uh... I got a better idea.

Will you excuse us, Miss Kitty?

Why, sure. First
drink's on the house.

Thanks. Should we go to the bar?


Excuse me. Oh.

Now, there's a man who
knows what he wants.

Well, Nate never was
one for wasting much time.

Who's the girl?

Oh, Boni?

Oh, she came in a few
days ago from Abilene

trying to get a stake
to go to California.

Looks like she found one.

Oh, no. No, she says
her man is coming in

from Abilene in a day or two.

Some gambler. I
don't know who he is.

Well, it's just as well.

Nate's been traveling pretty
thin these days anyway.

He looks like a good man.

He is, Kitty. He's the best.

Say, you know, you can do me

- a favor while he's here.
- What?

Just keep an eye out for
any strangers coming through.

Anybody that looks like
they might be packing a gun

for hire.

Looking for Nate?

Oh, what a rotten world.

- Chester, where's the marshal?
- Oh, he's asleep.

- What's the matter?
- What is it?

There's been a shooting
down the end of Front Street.

I was having a drink
in the Texas Trail,

and a man come in
and told me about it.

- What, was it a gunfight?
- I don't know.

He just said someone
had been shot,

and I came for you right away.

It's probably just a couple
of drunks, Mr. Dillon,

this time of the night.

Yeah, could be.

I'm gonna get down
there and find out about it.


He's dead.

Any of you men see this happen?

- No. -I didn't see it.
- I didn't see it.

Shot in the back.

Just like he said that it
might happen, Mr. Dillon.


He could have
ambushed him real easy

from that alley
there, Mr. Dillon.

You want me to take a look?

No, there wouldn't be
anybody in there now, Chester.

There's a light on
over at Ma Donovan's.

- Somebody's still up there.
- Yeah.

Chester, get some of
these men to help you

and get Nate back
up to Doc's, will you?

Yes, sir.

Who is it?

Marshal Dillon.

- Boni.
- Thank heaven.

You got anybody
in there with you?

No. The landlady
and her husband went

to visit some
friends in the country.

They won't be
back until tomorrow.

Tell me what happened.

What about the
other roomers here?

I'm the only one right now.

I heard a shot.

I was afraid to go out.

Tell me what happened, please.

Nate Tatum. He
was killed tonight.


Oh. Oh.

Was he here tonight?

Well, he walked me home.

We had a drink, that's all.

Just one, then he left.

So he was here, huh?


I had nothing to do with it.

You can't blame me.

Oh, somebody must have
followed us, and-and...

and come up here and
looked in the window,

and-and then waited for him.

You always keep your
windows open like that, do you?

No, of course not.

They could have
heard our voices.

Now, just a minute, Marshal.

Let me tell you something, Boni.

Nate knew that
somebody was after him.

You got to town just
about the same time he did.

You're being unfair, Marshal.

Maybe it is,

but you're the only
thing I've got to go on,

and I'm gonna keep you
where I know you're safe.

You mean, in jail?

That's right. Get your things.

Well, I don't blame you.

He was a good friend
of yours, wasn't he?

I kind of liked him, too.

All right, I'll be right out.



Morning there, stranger.

Can I... I help you in some way?

Oh, I'm looking for a saloon.

Well, you-you come
to the right town.

Just about every other
door here's a saloon.

Well, I'm looking
for a particular one...

The Long Branch.


Uh, are you a gambler?


I, uh, just rode
in from Abilene.

Yeah, well, Abilene...
That's a pretty long ride, uh...

Long enough.

Say, did you know
a girl there, uh,

by the name of-of
Boni van Damon?

Boni van Damon?

What about her?

Well, I just wondered
if you knowed her.

Well, that's why I'm
looking for the Long Branch.

She was gonna get a job there.

Yeah, well, uh,
she didn't, uh...

She ain't at the Long Branch.


I guess the job didn't work out.

No. No, it... it
worked out all right.

It's just uh, uh...

Well, to tell you
the truth, mister,

she got into a little bit
of a trouble last night.

Trouble? What happened?

Well, maybe you better have

Marshal Dillon
tell you about it.

He's right in the office there.

What about Boni? She all right?

Oh yeah, yeah, she's
all right. She just, uh...

She spent the night in jail.

She's all right.

In jail?

You sure took a long time

telling me my
girl's in jail, mister.

Didn't have to tell you nothing.

You Marshal Dillon?

Yeah, have a seat.
I'll be right with you.

I didn't come in here
to sit down, Marshal.

I want to know why you
got Boni van Damon in jail.

Well, you must be that
gambler friend of hers

from Abilene, huh?

That's right.

My name is Myles Cody.

Now, what's this all about?

There was a man murdered
here last night, Cody.

Shot in the back.

I'm sorry to hear that, but
what's that got to do with Boni?

I don't know. That's why
I've got her locked up.

I don't understand you, Marshal.

Don't let that bother
you. A lot of people don't.

Just wait there.

Boni... get your things.


What are you
gonna do... hang me?



Oh. Mmm.

Myles. Oh, you got here!

Not soon enough
by the look of things.

What's going on?

Well, a man was
shot on the street

near where I live, and
the marshal locked me up.

But you had
nothing to do with it?

Of course not. Mmm.

Oh, Myles!

You've got no right
to hold her, Marshal.

I'm not holding
her. She's free to go.


Well, the man who was killed
was a friend of the marshal.

What's that got to do with you?

Well, I think the
marshal was a little upset,

and he had to lock up somebody,

and I was the most
available, I guess.

Oh. Marshal, I, uh, was a
little short-tempered there,

but I think I understand now.

No hard feelings?

No hard feelings.

It's a bad thing, shooting
a man in the back.

I hope you catch him.


Let's go, Boni.

Thanks for the bed, Marshal.

Well, Kitty, how are you?

Well, I'm fine. How are you?

Well, I'm all right, I guess.

I sure didn't expect to
see you in here tonight.

You didn't? Why not?

Well, I thought
you'd be too tired.

Well, I am too tired,
and I've been busy.

I've never been
so busy in my life.

But even a doctor needs a
little relaxation, you know.

By gosh, I got to come in here
and get a drink once in a while.

I can agree with you on that.

How's Miss Ketchum?

Oh, she's fine. She's fine.

She was sick, wasn't she?

Yeah, she sure was,
but it's the kids now.

- Hmm?
- Yeah, six of them. All got the croup.

I got to go out there
again in the morning.

Oh, no. You have had a day.

Yeah, I'll tell you.

I'd say you deserve
a drink, on the house.

My golly, I was
beginning to think

I was gonna have to pay for it.

- The usual?
- Yeah, what else?

Fred, bring Doc the usual.

Coming right up, Miss Kitty.

Hey, where's Matt? Have
you seen him this evening?

No, no, he hasn't
been in tonight.

- Hmm.
- Say, um,

do you know when they're
going to bury Nate Tatum?

My gosh, didn't you
know about that?

About what?

Well, Matt buried him
before dawn this morning.

Before dawn?


Yeah, Matt took him
all by himself in a wagon,

down by the river some
place and buried him.


That was sure nice of him.


Golly, Matt thought
an awful lot of him.

Here you are, Doc.

Well, thank you, Fred.

Kitty, to your very good health.

And to yours, Doc.

Thank you.

The marshal's here.

You still think
you can swing it?

Well, always pays
to be nice to the law.

Then go on and be nice to him,

and, uh, good luck.

Evening, Marshal.

- Hey, Boni.
- I want to talk to you.

All right, fine.

All right, table right here.

Won't take a minute.

I got to ask you something.

Myles and I are trying
to get to California,

and we're pretty broke right
now and we need a stake.

It seems to me that you're
both working, aren't you?

Sure. How long will that take?

I want to get out of here.

I want to get to California now.

All right.

Myles is a good dealer, Marshal,

but he could be a whole
lot better with your help.

We could get all the
money we need in a week

if you just look the other way.

You know the
answer to that, Boni.

I knew you'd say that.

All right, then what
did you ask me for?

I was hoping maybe I could
make it worth your while.

Sorry, Boni.


you know where to find me
in case you change your mind.

Hello, Doc.

Hello, Matt. How are you?

What's the matter? You
need a little help there?

No, I don't need any help
to hitch up my own horse.

Where you been? Fishing, I bet.

Take him, won't you, Moss?

Yeah, you didn't
answer my question.

So, you have been fishing, huh?

Yeah, I've been fishing, Doc.

I've been fishing for
Nate Tatum's murderer.


Been a waste of
time so far though.

Well, what are you gonna do?

Well, I don't know.

I'll tell you one
thing though, Doc.

I want that man,
and I want him bad.

I'm gonna get
him if I have to go

to Oklahoma Territory for him.

Well, you sound
like you mean it.

Well, I do.

If nothing turns up
here in a few days,

I'm riding for Oklahoma.

Well, don't go till I get back.

Right now, I'm trying to
win a race with a new baby.

Mr. Dillon?

Hello, Chester.

I got a telegram here for
you from Washington, DC.

Huh, maybe they finally
came through with something.

- Yeah, well, they sure did.
- What?

Well, I sent them a telegram
about Nate Tatum's murder, Doc.

Yeah, they're
gonna come through.

$500 reward for Nate
Tatum's murderer.

My golly, that there's
a heap of money.

Chester, why don't you help
me get some posters made up?

Yes, sir. Sure would.

Maybe that'll help
smoke him out, huh?


Well, I hope so.

I'll see you.

- All right.
- Come on.

Hello, Chester.

Hi, Boni.

What do you got there?

Well, you can read
her if you want to.



For Nate's murderer?

Yeah, I guess you could kind
of say he's wanted real bad.


Well, uh, I got work to
do if you'll excuse me.


Hello, Marshal.

Hello, Boni.

May I sit down?

Have a chair.

Thank you.

What's on your mind?


You certainly don't change much.

Not when it comes to money,

and right now money's
gonna buy my way to California.

What's so important
about California?

It's been a dream of
mine ever since I was a kid,

and now, I'm going.

And you're going to send me.

Is that so?

$500 is a lot of money, Marshal.

That's what you're offering
for Nate's killer, isn't it?

Yeah, I knew there was
some reason why I jailed you.

Well, I didn't lie
to you, Marshal.

I just didn't tell
you all I know.

No, but for $500 you will, huh?

Woman like me hears
a lot of things, Marshal.

I could lead you
straight to that murderer.

All right, who is he?

You don't expect me to have
the money right here, do you?

You want the
murderer, don't you?

If you can produce him.

If I can't, you don't pay me.

I'll be at the Long
Branch tonight.

You bring the money there and
then we'll go find the murderer.

Surely you can borrow the
money somewhere, Marshal.

See you tonight.

Evening, Marshal.

Hey, Boni.

You got the money?

Yeah, Boni, I got the money.

Can I see it?

Don't worry. I've got it.

You wouldn't trick me,
would you, Marshal?

No, Boni, I wouldn't trick you.

All right.

There he is.

You mean Cody?

I thought he was your man.

There are lots of men, Marshal.

I don't get a chance
at $500 every day.

The way you feel about people,

I'd think you'd get
plenty of chances.

Well, I'm always
looking for them.


All right.

What's the story?


he reached Dodge that night,

and he rode back out
and came in in the morning,

just for show.

Go on.

Well, he knew where I lived.

I sent him a telegram,
so he came there.

He must have heard Nate
and me through the window.

It was the only light in
the house, you remember.

You trying to say that he
waited for Nate in the alley

and shot him in the back?

That's what he told me.

And he wasn't
hired to do the job?



He's the most jealous
man I ever met.

Outside of business, of course.

He must trust you a lot.

I'll get him for you.

We'll hold the
play for a minute.

Hello, Marshal.

You been thinking
over our proposition?

No, I haven't been thinking
about our proposition.

But you just said that...

Never mind what I said.

What is this?

Cody, did you kill Nate Tatum?

What did you say?

I asked you if you
killed Nate Tatum.

So, you sold me out.

I saw those posters today,

and for a lousy 500 bucks,

you sold me out.

There's your
confession, Marshal.

I'll take your gun.

Take it.

All right, let's go.

Take him over to the jail.

Yeah, come on. Let's go.


All right, it's all over, folks.

He tried to kill me.

Dirty dog.

Maybe you'd feel
better about it, Boni,

if you went to his hanging.

I don't need any lectures
from you, Marshal.

Where's that money?

I feel sorry for you, Boni.

Sorry for me?

I'm headed for California.


but you're gonna
hate every minute of it,

even you.

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