Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 33 - Hard Virtue - full transcript

Hot tempered Andy Coe and his wife want to sell their wagon to Moss, but can't when Ed Fallon's team spooks and crashes into their wagon. Fallon pays for the broken wagon and gives Andy a job. Fallon is sweet on Andy's wife.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Whoa, whoa.

Hello, stranger.

Howdy. You run this place?

Yes. Moss Grimmick.

- Andy Cole.
- Glad to know ya, Andy.

Something I can do for ya?

Well, uh, I'd like
to sell this wagon.


Yeah, I was, uh, I was
told you might buy it.

It's a good wagon.
It's a little old maybe.

You must be broke.

Well, I just, uh,

moved into a place
down Bel Aire, Kansas,

and we're looking to
get our start somehow.

Well, I need a
little eating money,

till I can find myself a job.

I see.

I'm sure sell it
cheap, Mr. Grimmick.

Oh, all right.

I'll take a look at it.


- Whoa.
- Millie...

- Whoa, whoa.
- You all right?

- I'm all right.
- You sure?

I'm scared, I guess.

- I should have jumped.
- Is she all right?

- Who is that man?
- That's Ed Fallon.

He runs a freight line here.

- Now, Andy, don't start trouble.
- Is the woman all right?

I-I'm might sorry about this.

Can't you handle
that team, mister?

Now, Andy, I'm not hurt.

Now, look, I feel
terrible about this, mister.

You ought to feel terrible.
You nearly killed her.

Andy, stop, stop.

You got a mean temper, ain't ya?

- You bet I have.
- Now, you leave him alone.

- You've done enough.
- You trying to stand up for him?

Andy, stop it. I won't
stand for any more.

Now, you listen to me.

It was an accident, and
he said he was sorry.

What more do you want?

Now, you just get
hold of yourself.

The next time, you better
be wearing a gun, mister.

You threatening
me with a gun now?

No, he isn't,

and you're not gonna
start wearing one either.

Now, you just get a
hold of yourself, Andy.

I won't stand for it.

We'll see about that.

What's the trouble here?

This man's threatening
me with a gun, Marshal.

Well, he ran into my
wife with his wagon.

He didn't do it on
purpose. It was an accident.

- He nearly killed you.
- He didn't kill me though.

I'm not even hurt.

There's no cause
for all this trouble.

Like the lady says,
Marshal, it was an accident.

I couldn't help it.

You shouldn't be driving a
team if you can't handle 'em.

Well, Fallon, you sure didn't
do this wagon any good.

Sure didn't.

They was just about to sell it,

and they needed the
money pretty bad, too.

Uh, I'll make good
for it, Marshal.

Now, folks, just to show ya...

I'll take care of the
damages to your wagon.

- How much is it worth?
- Just never mind.

It was my fault so
I should pay for it.

Here, $20 cover it?

I ain't asking for no handouts.

I'll take it. We
need that money.

Sure. Here, ma'am.

Believe me, I'm very
sorry about what happened.

I know what it's
like to be broke.

Thank you.

Oh, uh, maybe I could help
you two out in another way.

I'd be willing to give
your husband a job

starting tomorrow
morning if he wants it.

Well, Andy, do you hear?

Yeah, I hear
it. I don't like it.

But, Andy...

Why should he offer me a
job? That don't make sense.

He's just trying to
be nice to ya, Andy.

Tell him you'll take it.

- Oh, I don't know.
- Oh, Andy, you've got to.

We can't even live a
week the way things are.

All right. I'll try
your job, mister.

Maybe not for long.

You sure don't make
it easy, do you, fella?

Well, my place
is right over there,

and I can... I'll see you
the first thing in the morning.

Good day, ma'am.

See, Andy? It
worked out all right.

We sold the wagon
and you got a job, too.

Isn't it wonderful?

My golly...

that Andy sure is a
mean-tempered one, ain't he?

Yeah, sure seems to be.


Who is it?

It's just me, Ed Fallon.
Nothing to be scared of.

Who'd you think it was a bandit?

Well, I didn't know.

Oh, gee, I'm sorry.

I sure didn't mean
to scare you none.

Oh, that's all right.

No, I, uh... I had to
come out this way.

I just thought I'd
stop by and say hello.

Oh, that's very kind of you.

Yeah, I, uh, wanted to make sure

that Andy wasn't playing
hooky while I was gone.

Why, of course not.

Andy wouldn't do
a thing like that.

Oh, Millie, I was just
joking. I know he's at work.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it.

He's got three freight wagons
to get loaded up by noon.

Oh, well, hard work
never hurt anybody.

Well, I've got that
wash to hang up.

Here, maybe I can
give you a hand.

I never heard of a man
wanting to help hang up wash.

Oh, I don't mind helping
out a pretty woman.

Excuse me.

Andy's a hard
worker, Mr. Fallon.

You're gonna be real
pleased you hired him.

Now, look here,
Millie. Call me Ed.

We're friends, aren't we?

Well, yes, of course.

When you get through
hanging up the wash,

you gonna make
me a cup of coffee?

Well, I'm not sure
that'd be proper.

Why not? There's
nobody around here.

Nobody'd have to know.


I'll make it and bring it out.

- How's that?
- Millie.


That job I gave Andy, you know,

I'm paying him a dollar a
day more than it's worth.


Don't you think that
deserves a cup of coffee?

All right, Mr. Fallon.

I'll make you a cup of coffee.


Andy, I didn't hear you ride up.

Who was here?


I say, who was here?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You don't? I seen
tracks outside...

and boot marks.

Well, they must be yours.

They're not mine,
Millie. Who was here?

Nobody was here. What's
got into you anyway?

Now, don't lie to me.
I know what I seen.

I'm not lying. Andy,
have you been drinking?

I never drink and you know it.

- Who was here?
- Nobody was here.

Now, I won't
stand for this, Andy.

Well, I won't
stand for it either.

Andy, you put that gun back.

You're covering up
for somebody, Millie.

I'll find out who it is.

Then I'll put this
gun back, not before.

Whoa, whoa.

- How you do?
- Hello.

You're, uh, you're
Miss Cole, I believe.

Well, how'd you know my name?

Well, now, I heard there was

some young folks
moved in out here

so I just kind of inquired
around what your name was.

I'm Doc Adams from Dodge City.

Yes, I know. I've
seen you around town.

- Oh, yes, yes.
- Won't you come in?

It'll just take a minute
to boil some coffee.

Well, uh, well, now,
that's awful nice of ya.

I don't, uh... whoa...

I don't think I care for coffee,
but you know what I'd like?

Nice big dipper of water.

- Come on in.
- Well, thank you.

You know, it feels awful good
to, kind of, stretch my legs.

I've been in that fool
buggy over four hours today.

Are you on your way to Dodge?

Yes, yes, I am.
On my way back in.

Thank you.

You sure you won't sit down
and have a cup of coffee, Doc?

Well, no, I don't
think I better do that.

I ought to get
back on into town.

I never know when
somebody might need me there.

- Oh, well next time maybe.
- Well, that's a promise.

Say, uh, how's your husband
getting along in there?

Oh, do you know Andy?

Well, yes.

I guess most everybody in
town's heard about that accident.

Well, he's coming
along just fine now.

Well, I'm awful
glad to hear that.

I'll drop by and
say hello to him.

I kind of like to get acquainted

with all the new folks
who come to town.

Oh, maybe you'll do
something for me, Doc?

Well, yes, I will if I can.

If I wrote a note, would
you take it in for me?

Well, I will if you don't
make it a whole letter.

I know you womenfolks
when you get started writing.

It won't take me a minute.

Yeah, you go right ahead.

You know, Miss Cole,
you and your husband

have inherited quite a
productive little place here.



what I mean is, I
guess through the years,

I've delivered, oh...

six or seven babies right
here in this old house.

Here, that didn't
take long, did it?

No, no, not at all.

I'll, I'll give that to your
husband right away.

No, it's for Mr. Fallon.


And, uh, give it to him
personally, will you, Doc?

Don't tell anybody
else about it.

Well, I sure will if you say so.

It's just a little
thank-you note

for his being so nice to us.

I sure do appreciate it, Doc.

Well, you're, you're
just more than welcome,

and it's, it's been awful
nice meeting you, Mrs. Cole.

Nice meeting you, too.

Well, thank you.

- Good-bye.
- Bye.

- There you are.
- Yeah.

Thanks, Kitty.

- Here's looking at you.
- Thank you.

It's the first out
of a new barrel

we just got from St. Louis.

Well, I'll say that's better

than most of that stuff
you've been getting lately.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Maybe we ought to
start charging more for it.

On second thought,
it's kind of flat.

By the way, um, how is Andy
Cole getting along with Fallon?

I don't know. I saw
him this morning.

He was wearing a gun.

Hmm, well, doesn't
exactly make him

a standout around here, does it?

No, it's the first time
he's ever worn one.

I wonder why.

Well, he claims his wife
has been seeing somebody,

and she won't
tell him who it is.

He's pretty worked
up about it, you know.

I tried to talk to him,
but it wasn't any use.

Good evening.

- Hello, Doc.
- Sit down, Doc.

Thank you.

How about a beer?

It's pretty flat.

That don't scare me.

I'll have one.

Lee, bring Doc a beer, will you?

Now, you two are
looking kind of serious.

I hope I didn't
interrupt anything.

No, we're just talking
about Andy Cole.

Oh, say, you know,
I met his wife today.

By golly, she's very nice.

Thanks, thanks, Lee.

- Was she in town?
- No, no,

I just stopped
by that little shack

they moved into out there
just to say hello, that's all.

What about Andy?

Matt's worried about him.


Apparently he's wearing
a gun around town, Doc,

for the first time.

What for?

Yeah, he claims somebody's
been out seeing his wife.

Hmm, maybe he's after me.

This isn't a joke, Doc.

Well, I know that.

He's pretty hotheaded about it.

You know, uh...

By golly, I made a promise and
I think maybe I ought to break it.

What do you mean?

Well, Mrs. Cole gave
me a note to deliver.

Didn't want me to.

Didn't want me to say
anything about it to anybody,

and I guess, under the
circumstances, maybe I ought to.

It was for Fallon.

For Ed Fallon?

Well, did you give it to him?

Yeah, I did, about an hour ago.

What'd it say? Do you know?

Well, I don't know.

She said it was
a thank-you note.

That's all I know.


Well, if she's been
sending notes to Ed Fallon,

maybe Andy's not
so far wrong, huh?

Excuse me a minute.


Oh, hello, Marshal.

What can I do for you?

Well, I just thought maybe
I could do you a favor.

Oh, fine, what?

Wanted to talk to
you about Millie Cole.


You been seeing her?

I don't see it's any of your
business what I do, Marshal.

It isn't.

My business is
stopping killings, Fallon.

I just thought you
might be interested.

Well, I'm interested in law
and order, you know that.


Well, Andy's running all
around town wearing a gun.

He knows that somebody's
been seeing his wife.

Now, if he finds out it's you,

you just might wind up
getting yourself killed.

Now, just a minute, Marshal.

I don't think you know
what you're talking about.

You got a note from
her today, didn't you?

Note had to do with business.

All right.

Have it your own way.

What'd he say?

He's not going
to admit anything.

Well, did you mention
the note to him?


Well, he's not gonna
own up to that anyhow.

Well, I'd sure like to
get at the truth of that.

Well, how do you figure
you're gonna do that?

Well, I think maybe I'll
just ride out there tomorrow

and have a talk
with Andy's wife.

I don't know what
makes you think

Mr. Fallon's been
visiting me, Marshal.

Well, Andy's in Dodge,
Millie, and he's wearing a gun.

I'm afraid he means to use it.

I know.

All right, then, why don't
you tell me the truth?

I'm just trying to help you.

Was Fallon here or wasn't he?

Nobody's been out here, Marshal,
except you and Doc Adams.

Well, I'm afraid that Andy
is not going to believe that.

What's the matter
with you men anyway?

Won't you take a
woman's word for anything?


Stay right where
you are, Marshal.

You're about the last man I
would have expected, Marshal.

- Andy, wait.
- Stay out of this, Millie.

Keep your hand where it is.

You're making a
big mistake, Andy.

You already made yours,
Marshal, and it was a bad one.

- Now, listen to me.
- I'm gonna kill you, I swear I will.

Andy, wait, it
wasn't the marshal.

You were lying.

There was somebody here.

But there was nothing wrong.

Who was here, Millie?

What difference does it make?

There was no harm done.

Millie, who was here?

Mr. Fallon come by that one
day, but there was nothing wrong.

I'll kill him on sight.

Andy, wait.

Andy, wait, there
was nothing wrong.

Must have been a real
big laugh all over Dodge.

Me in there working for him,
and all the while he's out here

spending time with you.


He ain't gonna make a
fool out of me no longer.


Now, you listen to me.

Don't be a fool and go
out there and do something

you're gonna be sorry
for for the rest of your life.

Now, you can put that gun away

and we'll ride into Dodge
and we'll talk to Fallon.

We can find out
what this is all about

and we can do it
without gunplay.

What do you say?



That's right. It's me.

You surprised?

Andy and the marshal...
They were both just here.

They went into
town looking for you.

I seen 'em.

You told 'em, didn't you?

- Well...
- You told 'em, didn't you?

I-I had to; Andy was
going to shoot the marshal...

I warned you what would
happen if you told, didn't I?

You get out of here!

Got me in a fine mess.


Go ahead. Yell your head off.

Nobody's going to hear you.

I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
I'm gonna teach you not to...



Millie, open the door.

Jenkins, where's Fallon?

Well, Andy, where you been?

I looked everywhere for you.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Chester, why don't you
take a look out in back, huh?

Yes, sir.

Hello, Marshal,
maybe you won't mind

telling me what's going on here.

We're looking for
Fallon, Jenkins.

Fallon is going to
be looking for him

when he finds out
he's loafing on the job.

He's paying you too much
money as it is if you ask me.

Not for long he ain't.

Well, you're getting a dollar
a day more than you're worth.

Now, whose idea was that?

Wasn't mine, Marshal.

I'm only the clerk here.

I don't have no
reason for it, do I?

But Fallon does, huh?

Well, he ain't out back there,

Mr. Dillon.

All right, Jenkins, would you
mind telling us where he is?

You sure you want
me to tell you, Marshal?

Now, what's that supposed to
mean... that he's out at Andy's?

What's so funny?

You are... Running
all over the place

while Fallon's out
there courting your wife.

- All right.
- I ain't gonna let him get away with that.

Don't waste your time here.

Let's get out to
your place, come on.

If he's here, he must
have come afoot.

Probably ran off with him.


Millie, what happened to you?

Are you hurt?

- Fallon.
- Where is he?

In there.


What happened, Fallon?

Take it easy, Andy.

She shot me.


I... ain't doing so...




He tried to beat me.

I was wrong.

Why didn't you tell
me the first day?

I didn't want any trouble.

There, it's all right.

Trouble's over.

I was on my way
to the river to wash...

wash my hands.

Come on. I'll go with you.