Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 32 - Long Hours, Short Pay - full transcript

A gunrunner supplies the Pawnee with weapons. Matt arrests him, but when the Pawnee find out, they capture Matt and free his prisoner.

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Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.



They're in working
order, every one of 'em.

Where's Chief Stone Eagle?


He said you have been paid.

Oh, sure, sure.

I picked up all them furs three
weeks ago over in Fox Canyon.

Stone Eagle always
pays me in advance.

He trusts me.

Because you know what
will happen if you fail him.

Oh, now, I ain't ever failed
Stone Eagle yet, have I?

Stone Eagle says you
bring more guns soon.


Where, how many?

He meet you... Oak Springs.

He tell you.

I'll be there two
weeks from now.

You tell him.



Who are you anyway?

The law, mister.

Get your hands behind you.

Well, what do you want me for?

Right, come here.

What's your name?


Serpa, huh?

All right.

That's the name
you'll be tried under.

Tried for what?

I've been following
you a long time, mister.

I saw the whole thing.

If you've been following me, how
come you didn't jump me sooner?

Stone Eagle's braves are
all over this countryside.

I'd just as soon not
attract their attention.

They'd skin you alive.

That's why I fixed it so there
wouldn't be any shooting.

Well, you wasted
your time, lawman.

Ain't no reward
money out for me.


Then, maybe I'll
just put a bullet in you

about half a mile from Dodge.

You got something
against me personal?

You ever see a ranch

when Stone Eagle's
braves get through with it?

I'm going out there
and getting my horse,

and if I hear one
sound out of you,

I'm gonna come back
here and kick your teeth in.

All right.

It's about time.

Oh, that's a mean way
to haul a man, Marshal.

The Indians got a meaner way.

Let's go.

What'd you do with
my food, Marshal?

Right here in the saddlebags.

You can ride one
of your team horses.

- Let's get mounted.
- Get mounted?

Yeah, we're gonna leave
the wagon here; it's too slow.

Now, you look, Marshal.

I ain't going nowhere
without that wagon.

That's my wagon.

Serpa, we went
a round last night.

Now, we can do it again
if that's what you want,

but the wagon stays here.

What do I do with that
other one... turn him loose?

So your Indian friends
will get suspicious?

Bring him along.


What's the matter?


You can't get away
from 'em now, Marshal.

They look like Pawnees...
Same as that raiding party.

Probably a hunting
party on their way back

to join the others.

Serpa, I know what
you got in mind,

but it's not going to work.

What do you mean?

Now, you figure maybe 'cause
you're a friend of Stone Eagle,

you'll tell these men
what you're up to

and they'll kill
me or something?

Well, now, let me tell you, I'll
put about three bullets in you

before I die,

so you'd better think
about it real hard.

I'm Serpa, big
friend of Stone Eagle.

You bring guns?

I left a load of
'em with Little Fox.

You no come alone.

Oh, uh, this is my partner.

He rode out to meet me.

Partner have two guns.

You have none.

Well, you see, that's on
account of my horse here.

He keeps trying to throw me.

He ain't used to being rode.

Wheel froze up and we had
to leave the wagon behind.

You come back, more guns?

I ain't never failed
Stone Eagle yet, have I?

Well, if they don't know now,

they'll know as soon
as they find that wagon.

Let's ride out of here, come on.


You gonna sit there all night?

I never heard of
Indians attacking at night.

We'll be in the country
for another hundred miles.

You still think you're
going to make it?

Suppose you let me
worry about that, huh?

Well, you ain't got much
going for you, Marshal.

They got everything.


They got guns,
too, haven't they?

Man's got to make
a living, ain't he?

Serpa, if you had
any conscience,

your life wouldn't
be worth living.

I just worry about
myself, Marshal,

like every other man if he
was honest enough to admit it.

Let me tell you
something, Serpa,

you're the worst kind of
man there is, red or white.

Well, Marshal, it'll be
daylight in a little while.

You ain't getting
nervous, are you?



Well, Marshal, how
are they treating you?

Everything all right?

Oh, they're real
friendly people.

They'll give you
some water tonight.

They don't want you to die.

Say, how's that head wound?

Giving you any trouble?

It's fine.

You're lying.

Your head's about to bust open.

I can tell from your eyes.

Don't you worry about me, Serpa.

Oh, now, it don't worry me none.

I won't start worrying

till they really go
to work on you,

when Stone Eagle gets here.

When will that be?

Three days.

Three more days of this

and you'll look like
a piece of bacon.

I'll be back, Marshal.

Now, don't you run off.

My son.

You kill my son.

That was a battle, ma'am.

I had no choice.

His blood run onto
earth like water.

She brought you some
water, huh, Marshal?

I told you they would.

You know something?

I just ate the finest
antelope stew

I ever ate in my life.

There was so much of
it, we couldn't finish it.

You're wasting your time, Serpa.

Well, I got lots
of time, Marshal.

Say, you notice something?

There ain't no guard out here.

Now, that's an insult, ain't it?

I could kick your head in
and nobody would even see it.

You do that, Little
Fox will have you

staked out here tomorrow.


Well, I can wait.

Anyway, the way
they're gonna kill you

is gonna be much
more amusing than that.


All right, let's get
going, Little Fox.

He got a seven-hour start on us.

On foot?

A man can travel a long
way on foot in seven hours.

They find his trail?


What is it, Little Fox?

Track, fresh.

Stop here.

We spread out now.

I'll go with these two.



Now, get up.

All right, let's go.

Go on.

Come on.

Get up here.

Hold it.

Get down here.

Now, let's go. Get
the saddle off this.

Throw it behind that bush there.

Come on, get moving.


What you run the horse off...

One more sound
like that out of you

and you're a dead man.

You think you're gonna walk
out of this country, you're crazy.

Another thing,

what do you think happens
when they find that horse?

You've got that figured out yet?

I'm hoping they
don't, but if they do,

they're not gonna taking
either one of us alive, Serpa.

You ain't got a chance,

not a chance in the world.

All right, get going.

Come on, go.


Now, get down there.

I can't stand much more of this.

It beats being staked
out in the sun, Serpa.

You plan to stay
here till we rot?

No, just till dark.

Then we move.

Ain't very dark, is it?

It's dark as it's gonna get.

Then they shouldn't have
any trouble finding us.

Now, Serpa, let me
tell you something.

You better hope
they don't find us.

Let's go.

I ain't used to this
walking, Marshal.

I thought you was just
gonna travel at night.

Why don't you quit your
complaining and shut up?

A man can't walk forever.

Well, the U.S. Calvary.

Oh, I sure hope they
got plenty of water.



Hey, fella, how about
some water, huh?

I-I'm about to die.

- Hello, Captain.
- Here, some water for you.

Oh, thanks.

Could sure use it.

Name's Dillon.

I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.

Well, what happened
to you, Marshal?

Well, I'm bringing
this prisoner in,

ran into some trouble
out there on the prairie.


You out here afoot?


The Indians got our mounts.


Yes, sir?

Bring that horse up.

Smith, bring that mount up!

We got one already
saddled for you.

Belonged to a hunter we found.

Pawnees got him.

Stone Eagle's clan probably.

How'd you know?

Well, they're the ones
we ran into out here.

Maybe you could
help me, Marshal.

I'm looking for a man
who's been running guns

to Stone Eagle's bunch.

That so?

His name's Serpa.

That's all I know about him.


That him?

That's him, Captain.


Yes, sir?

Take charge of the prisoner.

Oh, no, wait a minute, Captain.

I can get him into
Dodge from here easy.

Sorry, Marshal, orders.

But your orders don't
have anything to do with me.

I'm afraid they do.

What do you mean?

"This man will be
taken into custody

"by the United States
Calvary or given into custody

"by any law enforcement
officer under the jurisdiction

"of this department.

A.J. Roberts, War
Department, Washington, D.C."

As a U.S. Marshal, you're
included in that order.


That's the way
it reads, all right.

Sergeant, take the
prisoner to the rear.

Yes, sir. Come on.

Come on, move.


I'll see that you
get full credit.

I'm not worried
about that, Captain.

They're not gonna
raise my pay any.

You've been through a lot.

I put in a day's
work, all right.

Good luck to you.

Yeah, thanks.

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