Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 30 - Minnie - full transcript

Rough and rowdy Minnie comes to Dodge City and sets her designs on Doc Adams much to the delight of Matt, Chester and Kitty.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Uh-oh. Say, you got
a visitor here, Doc.

I wouldn't be
surprised. Who is it?

Well, it's a woman.
You better go let her in.

You Doc Adams?

Well, yes, ma'am.

I seen your shingle down below.

Well, who are you?

Well, my-my name's
Dillon, ma'am.

Oh. A lawman.

Ain't you gonna take
a look at my arm?

Well, yes, I'll be glad to, but
you-you sit down over here

and just make yourself
comfortable, ma'am.

Oh, you can call me Minnie.
My name's Minnie Higgins.

All right, what seems to be
the trouble with your arm?

Well, it needs doctoring.

Well, I... I mean, where?
Where's it need it?

Oh, here.

Well, I...

Let's take a look at it.

Well, I fell off a horse. I
got scratched up some.

Ain't nothing bad.

There's just some proud
flesh developing there.

I already put turpentine on it.


Well, it's not too bad.

I'm gonna have to
clean it out, though.

- Yeah, that bullet went clear through.
- Doc.

Oh, well, I have to tell
him about all bullets.

Well, now, uh, just what, uh...

what happened to
you there, Minnie?

Well, I just said
I fell off a horse.

It was a stick I hit.

You see, it run
right through here.

You don't believe me, do you?

You from around here somewhere?

Well, I ain't from
nowhere in particular.

But that don't mean I
ain't got money, Doc.

I'm gonna pay you.

I'm not worried about it at all.

And anyway, I'm
leaving tomorrow at dawn.

Well, look, you're
welcome to stay in Dodge

as long as you'd
like to, Minnie.

I'm still leaving at dawn.

You're not gonna tell me
where you got that, huh?

It was an accident.

I was cleaning a rifle.

Well, Doc, I'll see you later.

Yeah, all right, Matt.

Now, Minnie, this, uh...

It's gonna hurt
just a little bit, but...

Oh, I can take it, Doc.

Oh, all right.

Well, so long, Minnie.

Now, if you're in
any kind of trouble,

anything I can help you
with, why, you just tell Doc.

He'll tell you where to find me.

I ain't in no trouble.

Well, don't that hurt you?

Maybe I ought to stop
over at Jonas' store

and see if he got those
water bottles I ordered.

Well, he just ordered
them a month ago.

They won't be in yet.

Well, they might be.

Oh, hello, Minnie.

Yeah. Morning, Marshal.

Thought you were leaving
town at dawn this morning.

Oh, well, a girl can always
change her mind, can't she?

I guess she sure can.

Oh, this is Chester Goode here.


Oh. Hi.

You're kind of country
even for Dodge, ain't you?

Minnie, how's your arm?

Doc fix it up all right for you?

Oh, he sure did.

Well, then, that's not
what's keeping you here?

No, Marshal, it ain't my arm.

By golly, she's a
character, ain't she?

Yeah, she sure is.

Well, I never
seen it take so long

to get a little old cup
of coffee in here before.

Well, uh, you know,
you can starve to death.

We was in here before they was.

Well, Chester, if the coffee's
as bad as what you make,

we're probably
better off without it.

You know what you ought to do?

- What?
- By golly, you ought to get married.

Then, you see, you
wouldn't have any problems

with restaurants
and coffee and...

Yeah, oh, sure, yeah.

- Lookie there.
- Hmm?

It's awful crowded
in here, ain't it?

Oh, well, yeah. Well, here,
Minnie, you sit right here.

- Oh.
- Oh.

Well, ain't that sweet of you.

Well, all right.

How do you like my new hat, Doc?

Oh, it's very impressive.

Oh, I thought it was pretty.

Oh, well, yeah, that's
what I mean. It is.

It's-It's very pretty.

Hey, wait a minute, you.

You got any steak out
there in the kitchen?

Sure have.

Well, bring me
one about that thick

and put three or
four eggs on top of it.

Yes, ma'am.

What's the matter with him?

He ain't never
seen a lady before?

Well, I'll-I'll say one thing.

You, uh, really know
how to eat good.

Oh, girl's got to
keep up her strength.

- Don't she, Doc?
- Mm, you betcha.


You ain't asked about my arm.

Oh, yes. How is
your arm, Minnie?

Oh, it hurt.

It hurt awful bad last...

- I almost come and got you.
- Hmm.

Then I thought I'd stay over

so you could look at it
again today or tomorrow.

Well, I-I will look
at it today. I, uh...

Just as soon as we finish here.

I-I've got to go out in
the country this afternoon.

Oh, you do?

Hey, uh, Chester, I think maybe

we better, uh, get
back to the office.

We got some work to do.

Oh, I-I think you're
right, Mr. Dillon.

Good-bye, Marshal.

- Good-bye, Minnie.
- Bye, Chester.

Oh, here now, hold
on. I'll go right with you...

Oh, Doc, just take your
time. Take your time.

Doc, you can't leave
a lady to eat alone.

Why, of course not, Doc.

Now, you just sit right
there with this young lady

and enjoy yourself.



you just go on with your dinner.

And I'll sit here
and look at you.

Well, I'm, uh...

Um, I'm just not very hungry.

Doc, you know
what I-I was thinking?

Uh, how'd you like some
company this afternoon

on your trip out to the country?

Well, uh, uh... No, no...

- Doc?
- No, no, I couldn't, uh...

Uh, no, I couldn't do that.

When'll you be back?

Well, I'll be
back... I'll be late.

Be awful late.

All right.

I'll be waiting for you.


Moss, are you here?

He still ain't back yet, Minnie.

Why don't you go on
home and go to bed?

Well, it's going on 20:00.

Is he usually this late?

He ain't usually anything.

Doc don't work on no schedule.

Well, there he is.

That's him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, boy. Whoa.



- Oh.
- You're awful late.

What in the thunder
are you doing here?

She's been pestering
me all evening.

Well, I didn't mean
to pester nobody.

I was just worried about you.

I'll unhitch him for you, Doc.

Thanks, Moss.

Did you have a long drive?

Yes, I did.

You look tired.

By golly, I am tired.

- What you need is a drink.
- I know it.

Well, come on,
and we'll go get one.

Well, now, wait a minute.

Well, what's the matter?
Don't you want a drink?

Well, yes, I do, and
I'm going to get one, too.

Right now. Alone.

You won't take me?


I thought you was
gonna unhitch my horse!

Oh, oh, sure, sure, Doc.

Well, Minnie, ladies
just don't go into saloons.

That's all there is
to it. You know that.

You can come see me
about your arm in the morning.

- Kitty.
- Well, howdy, Doc.

- Matt.
- Doctor.

I need a drink.

There it is. Help yourself.

Yeah, you look
like you need one.

Well, yeah, I do,
and you would, too,

if that woman was chasing you.

Doc, I don't know what you
got, but it must be pretty powerful.

Yeah, that's about
as much sympathy

as I'd expect out of you.

No, I'm just jealous
of you. That's all.

Well, she's yours.

Matt, lay off of him.
He's got trouble.

I haven't got any trouble.

There's no woman
gonna force me into...

No, sir.

That's the spirit, Doc.
Have another drink.

I will.


- You lied to me, Doc.
- What? What?

About there being women in here.

Now, what do you call her?

Oh, now, look here, Minnie...

Oh, well, now, wait a minute.

Maybe I can
explain this, Minnie.

You see, uh, well, women
are always welcome in here.

It's just that, well, some
ladies might not approve.

Well, you look
like a lady to me.

- I'm staying.
- Good for you, Minnie.

You shut up.
Now, listen, Minnie.

Uh, well, Miss Kitty
owns this place.

What's the difference?

Well, there is a
difference, you see,

because, well, the men in here.

You see, if you came in here,

well, you'd get a
bad reputation. It...

Oh, I know about men.

Barkeep, drinks for the house.

That'll take care of the men.

Doc, you come and sit
down at a table with me.

Oh, no. We...

I'll start to holler.
I'll set up a fuss.


Well, I don't want her
to start hollering in here.

- I will.
- Matt?

Doc, you better
go along with her.

Oh, well, he's coming.

There ain't no question of it.

- Well, I-I'm...
- Now, come on, Doc.

Now, come sit
at a table with me.

She's kind of
rough, but I like her.

Yeah, I tell you, I don't think

Doc's enjoying this
very much, but I sure am.

Ah, Mr. Dillon.

Where you going?

Well, I'll tell you,
I've got to go out

to Jake Worth's place
and drop this stuff off.

You want me to go with you?

No, you might as well stay
here. I'll be back before dark.

Let me in.

What's the matter, Doc?
Uh, somebody chasing you?

Shut the door. Shut the door.

Say, Chester, maybe you
better lock Doc up in a cell

and give him a cup of
coffee to calm his nerves.


Well, by golly, Doc.

You-you look like

that you got a price on
your head or something.

Well, that's about the
way I'm beginning to feel.

You know where that
woman was this morning?

Oh, Doc, you-you...

you don't have to tell me
now, if you don't want to.

Oh, shut up.

Well, I was...

I was just a-kidding you, Doc.

- Well, this is serious.
- Well, I know it's serious.

I know it is.

Now, where-where was she?

Well, she was waiting for me

at the crack of
dawn at Delmonico's.

Well, you know, a body's
got to keep up their strength.

My golly, she's
gonna grow into a lion.

She had a steak that
thick and four eggs

smeared all over the
top of it and potatoes.


- For breakfast!
- For breakfast?

Yeah. Disgusting.

She eats like a horse.

Well, she's, uh, she's
gonna be an expense.

Yeah, that's for
sure, an expense.

Didn't Matt tell you to
make me some coffee?

Well, the funny
thing there, Doc,

there-there just
ain't no coffee.

You know, uh, what
you ought to do, Doc?

- Yeah.
- About her.


I think you ought to marry her.


Then you wouldn't have
these kind of problems.

With me, about the coffee.

I'm going to the office.

Well, I'll go with ya.

I got to go down to the store.

I think I'll go to
San Francisco.

Won't do you no good, Doc.

She's determined.


Oh, Doc!

You better run, Doc. This
may be your last chance.



What happened to you?

I bought me some clothes.

I got tired of
looking the way I did.

What'd you follow
me here for anyway?

Follow you here?

You been gone two days!

And I'm gonna be gone
a lot longer than that!

You look like a crazy
woman in that hat!

You leave my hat alone!

What are you doing?!

That's my pretty hat!

- You leave my hat alone!
- Give me that hat!

Oh! That's the
prettiest hat in town!

You stop that, you big ox!

He's got no right to do that.

Well, who is he?

Well, I don't know, but he'll
be beating up on her next.

Why, you ugly old thing!

You mangy old goat!

That did it.

Woman, you got
plumb out of hand!

No! Stop! Now, now, now, now!

Now, just leave her alone.

Now, beating up women
don't go in this town.

He ain't carrying a gun, Jake.

Well, what's he doing
messing around without one.

Well, just never you mind.

You just leave her alone.

Now, there's such a-a...

Who are you?!

Well, I'm Doc Adams.

He's the one that
fixed up my arm, Jake.

You mean it took two
whole days to fix her arm?

By golly, now I think I know
who it was that shot you.

I told you to keep
your mouth shut.

Well, I couldn't fool him.

He's too smart.

Then-then it was
you that done it.

Oh, he... he didn't
do it on purpose.

It was an accident.

Minnie, is he your husband?

Not no more, he ain't.

What do you mean,
"Not no more he ain't"?

I'm leaving you, Jake.

I got me a lover
here in Dodge now.

You got what?!

I got me a lover!

A real gentleman, not an
ol' hog wallower like you.

Where's he at, Minnie?

I'll kill him dead.

Just let me reach him.

I'll tear his heart out.

I'll show you what
kind of gentleman he is.

Who is he, Minnie?!

Well, say his name, woman!


Ain't gonna tell you nothing.

- Then I'll beat it...
- Now, now, now, now, now, now!

I-I said just leave
her alone now.

I'll leave her alone.

I'll leave you all be.

Minnie, I'm gonna
get me a drink,

then I'm gonna go looking
for this lover of yours.

And when I'm finished with
him, I'm gonna start on you.

And you,

or nobody else,
better get in my way.

He means it, Doc.

He's gonna do
something terrible.

Well, what did you
have to go tell him

that you had a lover for?

I feel that way, Doc.

I feel that way real strong.

Well, you just quit
feeling that way.

I'm... I'm not your lover.

And I'm not ever gonna be.

You'll come around.

All men are kind
of shy at first.

Minnie, you listen to me.

You are a married woman.

- Jake is your husband.
- Yeah.

Now, you've got no
right to go chasing around

- after other men.
- No.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

Doc is right, Minnie.

I mean, it ain't fitting.

When a woman has been churched,

why, she-she's got a
duty to her husband.

It don't make no difference
whether he's good or bad.

He'll find out, Doc.

He'll kill you for sure.

Well, I know it.

Why don't you just
go tell him the truth?

We've got to run right
now while there's a chance.

We'll get a head start and
then by the time he finds out,

we'll be on our way.



Now that is just as
simple as I can put it.


Come on, Chester.

Hey, barkeep, two beers.

Coming up.

Hey, was you in
here last night, Hank?


I don't remember too good.

All I remember is that dame
buying drinks for the house.

Oh, what dame?

Minnie, Winnie something.

Big horsey dame.

Dressed fit to kill.

What was she buying drinks for?

I don't know.

Must have been
feeling romantic, I guess.

Not for me though.

She had ol' Doc Adams cornered.

Did you say Doc Adams?


Was you here?

No, but I am now.

What's that mean?

Means I'm gonna kill Doc Adams,

that's what!


Jake Higgins
found out about you.

Well, now, I don't like
the way you put that.

Well, you know what I mean.

I don't-I don't... I-I...

What are you doing with that?

Well, well, he said he
was gonna kill ya, didn't he?

Oh, for heaven's sake.

Chester, there's not going
to be any shooting over this.

Well, now, Doc.

This here ain't
your play, it's his.

Oh, I don't care
whose play this is.

Put that thing away!

Let me tell you something, Doc.

He's a jealous man.

And he's armed.

And he's got a
belly full of liquor.

And he's a buffalo hunter.

And you know as well as I do,

that there ain't a
buffalo hunter alive

that's even halfway civilized.

Well now, Chester,
I'm not thinking

about palling around with him.

Well, you better
think about something.

Jake Higgins is
not the kind of man

that's gonna go away
just 'cause you ignore him.

Oh, this thing's ridiculous.

Well it-it... yes,
it was ridiculous.

It's got a little bit
serious now, I'd say.

Well, I'll tell you one thing,

no woman's gonna drag
me into anything like this.

Well, she don't have to.
You're already drugged.

Oh, I'll just...
I'll talk to him.

I'll explain the
whole thing to him.

Doc, you can spit
at bad weather,

but you sure enough
can't change it now.


Well, just like I said,
he's coming up here.

Well, let him
come. I'll talk to him.

I'll get the whole
thing straightened out.

Doc, you're just
too valuable a man.



That's Doc Adams'
office, ain't it?

Yeah, but you ain't
going up there, Jake.

Well, he's the one that's
been courting my Minnie.

No, he ain't.

And you ain't going
up there now, Jake.

I got to shoot you first?

Well, that could be just
about the size of it, yeah.

What's your part in
this anyway, mister?

Well, let's just say that
I'm a friend of Doc's.

- Jake?
- There you are.

Doc, get back in there!

Now, you be still.

Jake, I want to talk to you.

I'm gonna kill you.

No, you're not.

You're not gonna
kill me. I'm unarmed.

You wouldn't shoot
an unarmed man.

Doc, I got a right to
shoot you standing, sitting,

lying down; anyway
at all and you know it.

Now, Jake, you ain't
got no such thing,

and if you don't go
on and get out of here,

I'm gonna put a
bullet in your belly.

Now you stop talking
like that, Chester.

I never seen a man
wanting to die so bad.

I'll shoot you
first if I have to.

Well, then why don't you just
start and quit talking about it?

Now, hold on here!

There's not gonna be
any shooting here at all!

Jake! Wait!

Now, there ain't no
call for a shooting.

Reckon I'll decide that.

I was wrong, Jake.

I'm going back with ya.

I made a mistake. That's all.

Look! I even got rid
of my fancy clothes.

I ain't gonna try to
be no lady no more.

What about him?

Oh, he didn't do nothing.

It was me.

I just got to
feeling girlish is all.

You know what
you said back there,

about me being married and all?

Well, you was right.

It brung me to my senses.


You know, Jake, now you
never did have no quarrel

with Doc here at all.

Is that true what you're saying?

It's true.

I belong with you, Jake.

Back there on the prairie,
skinning buffalo for ya.

I never was cut
out to be no lady.

You're lady enough
for me, Minnie.

You always was.

City fellers don't
know everything.

Come on, Jake.
Let's get out of here.

Never did mean to
shoot you, young fella.

Well, I-I never really meant
for it to come to that neither.

So long.

Wait until I pay Doc
for fixing my arm.

Oh, no.

No, Minnie, you don't
owe me anything.

You just keep the money.

Or why don't you buy
Jake a bottle with it?

Well, that's right
neighborly of you, Doc.

My pleasure.

Bye, Chester.

Bye, Minnie.

Bye, Doc.

Bye, Minnie.

Come on, woman. Let's go.

My golly, Doc, that...

that might be the last
chance you'll get in a long time.