Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 25 - Potshot - full transcript

A concealed gunman takes a shot at Chester, and it may have been a bank robber, or it may have been someone who's been making trouble at the Long Branch.

Starring James Arness.


Hey, what's going on here?

Whoa, boy.

Whoa, boy. Easy, boy.

What happened, mister?

Them horses took a fright.

Did you light them firecrackers
and throw them at them?

No, horses is like that.

They're scared to
death of firecrackers.

It was you.

Oh, you know, I ought
to knock your head off.

Hey, you let me alone, now.

I-I didn't hurt nothing.

A man doing a thing like
that ought to be strung up.

Strung up?

Just for having a little fun?

I'm gonna beat you, mister.

As old as you are,
I'm gonna beat you.

Now, get out there!

No, Bert, you'll kill him.

Yeah, well, he
ought to be killed.

All right, come on.

Let's see what you can do.

I know what I can do.

Not so sure it's
worth hanging for.

Oh, you don't scare me none.

Come on. Come on.

Now, you gonna
fight or ain't you?

All right, now stop
that, you old fool.

Stop it.

You're scared of me, ain't you?

Sure, scared to death.

All, right, hold up.

Hold on a minute now, Bert.

Oh, it's all right, Marshal.

I ain't gonna hurt him.

What's the matter
with you anyway?

My, what a fuss
everybody's making.

I'll pay for them busted reigns,
if that's what's worrying you.

With what?

Here, I'll show you.

Look. Go on, take some.


That's for your busted reigns.

Where'd you get all
that money, mister?

My name ain't mister.

It's Hutch Dawkins,
and I got this money

for selling my hog
ranch up north.

And I'll buy everybody a drink

that'll come into
the saloon with me.

You, too.

Come on!

There's something wrong
with that man, Marshal.

Yeah, Bert,

but I'm afraid there's nothing
you and I can do about it.

You better forget
the whole thing.

Think I'm gonna have me a drink.

Mr. Dillon!

There's a telegram for you.

Oh, thanks, Chester.

Operator said it
was from Wichita.

"Harve Peters and Bud
Grant heading your way.

Bank robbers."

Signed, the sheriff of Wichita.

Bank robbers? They're
headed this way, huh?

Yeah, that's what it
says and that's all it says.

What do you mean?

Well, no description, nothing.

What are we supposed
to do, sit around the bank

and wait for the first man
to come in and pull a gun?

Well, I don't know.

I tell you, let's go
back to the office

and check through
the wanted circulars.

Maybe some of the
names will match.

All right.

Supper really gonna
taste good, Mr. Dillon.

We could have eaten an hour
ago for all the good it did us.

Yeah, well, maybe they
won't stop here in Dodge.

Maybe they'll go on to
Pueblo and rob a bank.

Yeah, maybe.

Chester, where you hit?

Come on, fellas, give me a hand.

We got to get him up to Doc's.

Easy now.

Hello, Matt.

How is he, Doc?

Well, I'm not gonna know
very much till in the morning.

Did you get the
bullet out of him?

Oh, yeah.

It's a rifle bullet, you know?

Yeah, I figured it was.

That alley was a
long way up the street.

Who in thunder would
want to shoot him?

Oh, I don't think it was
him they were after.

Why not?

Well, I got word
from Wichita today

there's a couple of bank
robbers headed up this way.

Way I figure it,

they must have got
here a little early.


You they wanted, huh?

That's the only thing
that makes any sense.

Well, if they can't shoot
any better than that,

why in thunder couldn't they
have missed him altogether?

The worst part of
it is that fool sheriff

didn't even send me
any description of them.

You don't even know
who you're looking for.

Not till they walk
into that bank to rob it.

And I'm gonna be there
waiting for them when they do.

Starting tomorrow morning.

Well, where you going now?

Well, thought I'd go out

and wander around
the streets a little bit,

and I'm just gonna
hope they try it again.

Well, wait a minute.

Now by golly, that's
a little silly, ain't it?

Doc, you'll get word to me

if there's any change
in him, won't you?

Tell me the one
about this little pig

went to market again, will you?

Oh, barkeep, that's good.

That's for you.

Oh, there.

Any news about Chester, Kitty?

No, Doc doesn't
know anything yet.

He said he won't be able
to tell much until tomorrow.

That's a terrible thing, Kitty.

And the marshal doesn't
have any idea who did it?


Bill, have you ever
heard of anybody

by the name of Harve
Peters or Bud Grant?

No, can't say that I do.

Keep your ears open.

What do they look like?

That's just it, nobody knows.


Barkeep, bring-bring
another bottle!

Been buying drinks in
here all evening, hasn't he?

All day practically.

Hmm. Well, he seems
to be enjoying himself.

I'm going over to Doc's.

There might be something
I can do over there.


I'm coming.

I'll be right there.

Is he any better?

Well, he-he's no worse.

I sure wish Matt would give up

and get on back here.

Give up?

You ought to know
Matt better than that.


Answer me something
straight, Doc.

You're worried, aren't you?


There just isn't any
more I can do for him.

Kind of up to Chester now.

You need some sleep.


No, I don't.

- You do, though.
- No, I don't need any.

I'm gonna make some more coffee.

Come in.

Well, good morning, Marshal.

Mr. Botkin.

You come to take some
money out or to put it in?

Neither one, I'm afraid.

I just came here to see if I
can help you keep what you got.

You keep your
money locked up there

- at night, don't you?
- Yes, of course.

Why do you ask?

Well, at least I
don't have to worry

about guarding the
place at night then.

What on earth
are you getting at?

Mr. Botkin, I'm afraid
there's gonna be

a holdup attempt made here.

Oh, for heaven's sake,
why didn't you tell me?

We've got to do something.

I want men, armed
men with rifles.

I want at least a dozen of them.

No, I'm afraid not, Mr. Botkin.


What are you saying?

I'm gonna handle
this thing alone.

All alone.

Where are you going?

What are you doing?

One isn't enough, Marshal.

I want guards all
around this bank.

Just one man isn't
enough, even you.

One man's all there's gonna be.

This is my bank, Marshal.

Things will be run my way here.

Two men are gonna
make this holdup attempt.

They tried to
shoot me last night

to get me out of the way.

Well, they didn't shoot
you, that's obvious.

No, they shot Chester.


Marshal, they didn't kill him?

He's still alive.

Well, thank goodness for that.

Mr. Botkin, I want those men.

I want them myself.

I understand, Marshal.


You just going to stand
there and wait for them?

They'll be along, Mr. Botkin.

Sooner or later,
they'll be along.

Well, this is the
last of it, Marshal.


Glad this day's over.

Better get you home
and get some rest.

Maybe it's a false alarm.

Maybe they aren't coming.

We'll find out tomorrow.



Oh, hello, Marshal.

Peters, would you mind
stopping that thing for a minute?

Well, I was only
sending a telegram.

Has anything come
in from Wichita yet?

Well, you said to bring it over
to the bank if it did, Marshal.

Then you mean nothing's come.

Well, I'd have brought
it to you if it had.

That's what you told me.

Yeah, thanks.

It's a description of
those men you want?

Well, that's what I
asked you for, yeah.

Well, I'll get it
to you right away

as soon as it comes in, Marshal.

Thank you.

How's Chester?

Well, Doc says he's
gonna be all right, Peters.

Well, that's fine.
I'm glad to hear that.

Good night.

Good night.

Oh. Howdy, Marshal.

Looks like you got a
visitor here, Mr. Botkin.

Botkin... Botkin?

Well, Hutch Dawkins.

I haven't seen
you in over a year.

Well, maybe you ain't,
but they have out there.

Put a heap of money in this
bank a couple of days ago.

Yes, I know.

Sold my hog ranch.

Moved into town.

- Well, that's fine.
- Yeah.

No! No, it ain't.

This town's deader
than a doornail.

You don't say.


I come to town to, to
get some excitement.

Nothing happens.

So I'm leaving.

Now, I want you to
ship my money west.

I ain't gonna carry it with me.

Well, I think that
can be arranged.

Where are you going?

Well, I think I'll
try Pueblo first.

Well, that's not very far away.

No. But you send
the money anyway.

I ain't gonna carry it on me.


Get back out of the way.

- What, what, what?
- Get back.

What is it, Marshal?

All right. Let's have it. Quick!

Hold it.

No, don't... don't
shoot, Marshal.

Stay where you are, Marshal.

He'll... he'll shoot
me, Marshal.

You bet I'll shoot him.

Don't... don't...

- Don't let him shoot!
- Come on, you.

Don't... don't let him shoot.

Poor way to see Dodge, ain't it?

Only been in town a half hour

and I got a bullet in me.

You say you been
in town a half hour?

I reckon you killed me, Marshal.

Drink up!

Drinks for every man at the bar.

Thought you were leaving town.

Me, leave Dodge just when
things are starting to happen?

No, sir. I was there today.

I seen the whole thing.

Bullets was flying
right and left.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Here's to Dodge City
and more days like today.

I was right there.

Seen the whole thing happen.

The bullets was
going to the right...

Hey, come on,
drink up! Drink up!

I got an idea, Bill.

I'll see you later.

Talk to him?

Yeah, a little while.

He dropped off to sleep.

Matt, uh... I've been thinking.

You suppose that bank robber
just could have been lying

when he told you he'd only
been in town 30 minutes?

He was a dying man, Doc.

I don't know what
reason he'd have to lie.


Hello, Kitty.

- Hello, Doc.
- Come in.

- Hello, Matt.
- Kitty.

- How is he?
- Well, he's a lot better.

- He's asleep.
- Oh, that's good.

- Here, won't you sit down?
- No, no thanks.

I... I want to ask
you two something.

What would you think
of a man that got all lit up

and excited and happy when
there was a shooting or a killing

like there was today?

He just can't wait
for it to happen again.

Well, I'd-I'd say there's
something wrong with him.

Who you talking about?

Hutch Dawkins.

He's over at the
Long Branch right now

buying drinks for everybody
like it was election day.

You know, he was going
to leave town but, uh...

he's not now.

He's gonna hang
around for a while.

He's very happy here.

Well, what do you mean?

Because of the killing?

That's what he says.

Kitty, what are you getting at?

Well, I was just wondering.

Now this might be
completely crazy, but...

well, you know a few hours
before Chester was shot,

he came into town and
threw his firecrackers

under the horses for excitement.

Well, I was just wondering if

maybe there couldn't
be a connection there,

between that and
Chester's shooting.

Oh, my... Kitty,
that's awful flimsy.

Matt couldn't do
anything about that.

I don't know, Doc.

Might be Kitty's got something.


He still over at
the Long Branch?

He sure is.

I think I'm just gonna go
have a little talk with him.

Now, Matt...

I may be all wrong about this.

Yeah. And on the other
hand, you may be right.


Hit 'em up again, barkeep.

These are my good friends.

That's good money, too.

I, um, worked long
and hard for that money.

Tell us, Dawkins, weren't
you never married?


Oh, I, uh...

I've been married lots of times.

Lots of times?

Well... half a dozen, anyway.

You must have had
a run of bad luck.

No, no, not me.

I just up and walked out on 'em.

I-I never could stand no woman

for more than a
month or two at a time.

I, uh...

I'm thinking of
getting married again.

Pretty soon, too, maybe.

You move awful fast, Dawkins.

Well, uh, women
don't mean much to me.

I never could get
no work out of one.

That is, not to amount
to anything much.

Well, uh... where's my whiskey?

- Coming up.
- Well, I want it now.

I'm paying for it, ain't I?

- All right, all right.
- All right...

Howdy, Marshal.

You have a little drink with us?

No thanks, Dawkins.

Oh, well now, that,
uh... that ain't friendly.

And we're all
real friendly here.

Ain't we, boys?
That's right. There.

Now, you see, Marshal? You
see how happy they all feel?

Dawkins, I'm afraid
you're under arrest.

Uh, what was that?

I said you're under arrest.

You're going to jail.

Marshal, you got the...
you got the wrong man.

I... I ain't a bank robber.

I didn't say you
were a bank robber.

This is for
bushwhacking Chester.

I don't even carry
a gun, Marshal.

Why, uh... what proof have
you got of a thing like that?

I ain't even gonna
listen to you, Marshal.

Leave him alone, Marshal.

He ain't going nowhere.

We all like old Hutch.
Ain't that right, boys?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Suppose you mind
your own business, huh?

Well, now you're
insulting me, Marshal.

Well, that's too bad.

Let's go, Hutch.

Well, I guess you boys'll
have to buy your own drinks.

You know what, Marshal?

You ain't said a word to me.

Not one word since
we left the Long Branch.

You lock a fella up
without telling him why?

I told you why: for
shooting Chester.

Well, there's a
lot of other fellas

you could have
picked on besides me.

In there.

What's the bed fer?

You're gonna be spending
the night there, Dawkins.

You're going to be spending
a lot of nights in here.

I don't sleep on no bed.

I hate 'em.

Well, this is your home.

It's up to you.

Marshal, eh...

If'n I was to pay you,

would you, uh, get
me a cup of coffee?

I'll get you a cup.

Here, get one for you, too.

Dawkins, put your money away.


Uh... that fella
Chester, is he dead?

Nope, he's not dead.

He's alive, huh?


Uh, Marshal!

Hey! Marshal, come here!

I don't want no coffee,
Marshal. Come here.


the fella that, uh, did
shoot Chester, uh...

what'll they do to him?

Oh, I don't know.

He'll probably stand trial.


They hang him?

Oh, I don't think so.

He'll go to jail, probably.

That'll be up to the judge.


Hey, I've heard
about them trials.

They kind of
exciting, ain't they?


A lot of people come?


Uh, if I was to stand a trial,

I'd bet a lot of people
would come, huh?

Yeah, I'd imagine you'd
draw quite a crowd, Dawkins.


Marshal, I don't know how
you done it, but you're right!

You're right. I'm the
one that shot Chester.

That's how I figured it.

Now, when do I have my trial?

Uh... no, uh, Marshal!

When-when do I have my trial?

I don't know, Dawkins.

No, Marshal, I got
to have my trial.

Now, you promised me.

I got to... here...

here, I can pay for it.

You tricked me, Marshal!

Tricked me.

Never could trust
them city fellers.