Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 22 - Kitty Shot - full transcript

Dillon goes after cowboy Jake Bayloe after he guns down his partner in the Long Branch , shooting Kitty in the crossfire and critically wounding her.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Oh, no!

What'll it be, gentlemen?

What'll it be?

Well, first I think I'll have
a little strawberry tart,

and then I think I'll have
a little glass of sarsaparilla

just to wash it down with.

Now do you think you
can fix me up with that?

Hey, you! Come back here.

Don't you get smart with us.

We don't take that.

No, not from you or
from anybody else.

You men want something
to drink, that's fine.

You want to
entertain the people,

go out in the street and do it.

It might entertain 'em if I
put a knot on your head!

Wait, wait a minute,
Bayloe. Take it easy.

Don't want to start no trouble.

Yeah, that's right.

But you go get us
a couple of bottles

before I change my mind.

A couple of bottles?
Can you pay for it?

Can we what?

Can we pay for it?

I'll show you what
we can pay for.

- Now you take a look at that.
- That's Colorado money.

That's a year's pay at the mine.

Yeah, we just been
kind of saving it up.

Now you go on and
get us that whiskey.

Can we pay for it?

Golly, I thought there was

gonna be trouble
there for a minute.

Poor Bill, sometimes I
think the hardest part of being

a barkeep is
holding your temper.

Well, with men like them it
sure is; yeah, a bunch of miners.

Too bad they ever let 'em
up out the ground, you ask me.

Well, as long as they pay
for more than they break,

we got to put up with them.

Now you want trouble?!

Oh, now what?

Come on, coward. Draw!

Come on. Draw!

Well, you just keep pushing
me, don't ya, Bayloe?

By golly, one of these
days I'm gonna do...

I'm gonna draw
one of these days.

Yeah, one of these days.

Let me have my drink, will ya?

Sure, just don't go helping
yourself out of my bottle.

Bayloe, sometimes I
just don't understand you.

We got enough money
here to get a hundred bottles,

and you got to get riled
up about one little ol' drink.

Because I don't like your
sneaky, thieving ways!

We might get along a lot better

if you'd quit calling
me names, too.

I've had about all I can take!

All right, now
hold on here, men!

If you want to fight,
go on out in the street.

Oh, rotten boy!

Chester? Chester?

Well, now you done it.

You big loudmouth,
now you really done it!

Now you close your
mouth, you yellow coyote.

I told you, Bayloe, I
told you a hundred times.

You quit calling me names!

Kitty! Kitty!

Chester, Chester, he shot Kitty!

Kitty! Oh, Miss Kitty!

Oh, my goodness,
she ain't dead, is she?

No, no, she's breathing.

I'll get Doc.

By golly, I wish the Doc would
hurry up and do something.

You never saw either one of
those men before, Chester?

No, sir, they was
complete strangers to me.

They said that they was
miners from Colorado.

Well, Doc?

I don't like this at all.

What do you mean?

Well, there's some
injury to her lung,

and I just don't
know how bad it is.

Well, Doc, you're
not saying that...?

Well, the bullet stopped
between the layers of pleura.

I mean it's... well, it's lodged

against the inside
surface of the rib.

You gonna need some help, Doc?

I sure am. All I can get.

Well, I guess I better stick
around here, too, then, huh?

Oh, no, I didn't mean...

You just, you go ahead
and do what you gotta do.

Chester, do everything
you can here, will ya?

Mr. Dillon, are you gonna
go after him, are you?

You bet I am.



All right, mister.

Maybe there's more
than one way to get you.



Is there anything else
you'd like to try, mister?

Well, you're a... you're
a lawman of some kind.

U.S. Marshal.

Well, why didn't you say
so? How was I to know?

I thought it was
somebody following me

to rob me or something.

- Is that so?
- Course it's so.

Why, Marshal, I... I could
have killed you back there.

You'd have killed me just now

if I'd have given
you the chance.

I didn't know who it was,
calling me out sudden like that.

- You know now.
- Sure now.

Well, it all worked
out all right.

My name's Bayloe, Jake Bayloe.

You can let me have my
gun now, Marshal. I won't...

Stay right where you are.

Well, what's the matter?

I already explained I
didn't know who you was.

I'm sorry about it.

Now what you want me to do?

Right now you're gonna
go up that hill with me

while I get my horse, then
we're coming down here

and make camp and we're gonna
ride into Dodge in the morning.

So that's it. You
taking me prisoner?

What kind of lies they been
telling you about me, Marshal?

And how come you believe 'em?

Mister, it's not self-defense
when you draw first.

It's not self-defense when
maybe you've killed a woman.

Let me tell you something:

I could have killed you
easy up on that hill just now,

but I didn't because
I want you alive.

But that depends
on you from now on.

Get going.



I don't know if
it interests you,

but I saved a pile
of money last year,

and I ain't begun to
spend any of it yet.

You aim to spend some
of it on me, is that it?

That's a good way
of putting it, yeah.

I'm not interested, Bayloe.

It's, uh... it's maybe more
money than you think, Marshal.

Then you better save it.

Maybe you can get the
hangman to buy you a silk rope.

You ain't interested
in nothing, are you?

I'm interested in getting
you back to jail, mister.

You ain't done it yet.

Well, you gonna
sit there all night?!

Ain't ya gonna get any sleep?

You can go to sleep
any time you want to.

Ah... maybe I will.


Mister, I'm getting
awful tired of you.

Don't shoot, Marshal.

Turn over.

Now one move out of
you will be your last one.

You gonna hang me?

Don't tempt me.

Get your hands behind you.

Bayloe, wake up.

A man could rot
tied up that way.

You slept like a baby all night.

How'd you know?

Thought you were sleeping.

Let me tell you
something, Bayloe.

When I got a prisoner like you,

I sleep with one eye open.

Yeah, sure.

No breakfast, huh?

Get mounted.

Hold up a second here, Bayloe.

What you looking for, Marshal?

Nothing in particular.

Well, you got it.

There ain't nothing.

That's the trouble
with this country.

It's like nothing ever
lived anywheres here.

Bayloe, there's always
something alive on the prairie,

whether you can see it or not.

Let's go.


Hold it.

Ho, ho.

What's the matter?

I'm not sure.

Well, I still don't see nothing.

Well, I don't either, Bayloe,

but that doesn't mean
there's nothing there.

I can sense trouble.

I can smell it.

Maybe you just like trouble.

Maybe that's why
you're a lawman.

Tell you what, we'll
skirt this hill here

instead of going over it.

Let's go.

Looks like your nose
is pretty good after all.

Who is that man, Bayloe?

Who is it? How should I know?

I thought your only partner
was the one that got killed.

Yeah, that's so.

Now, don't lie to me.

I ain't lying.

I don't know who that is.

Kind of at a
standstill, ain't you?

He can't hit you,
and you can't hit him.

Well, looks like he's
heading out for a while.

I guess you're right,

but he gave up just a
little too soon, didn't he?

Well, he'll be back.

He must be a pretty
good friend of yours

to go to all that
trouble for you.

I told you once, Marshal,

I don't know who that man is.

Let's get the horses.

It's a long ride to Dodge.

What's the matter?

This horse, Marshal.

He gonna fall down soon.

Well, better got off and
rest him a while then.

Gonna take more than a while.

Mister, we ain't got
more than a while.

Let's ease their cinches
and give them their wind.

What is it, Marshal?

Your friend's back.

He's ducked behind that rock.

Get over in there.

What you gonna do?

Turn around.

Hold on now, Marshal.

Turn around and get
your hands behind you.

I don't know what
you think I can do.

I ain't even got a gun.

I'm sick and tired
of playing games

with that friend of yours.

I'm going up to meet
him on his own terms.

Put your feet together.

A lot of good it does
me to talk to you.

You don't listen to
anything I say no how.

Now, you take my advice, Bayloe:

you be real quiet
and don't try anything.



Well, Bayloe, looks like
you're the one he's after, huh?

You want to tell me who he is?

How many times
I got to tell you?

I-I don't know who he is.

Well, I'm not going to let
anybody be slaughtered

with his hands
tied, not even you.

Turn around.

Give me a gun, Marshal.

Give me a gun.

Bayloe, you better
not move from this spot.

You try to run,

and if your friend
doesn't get you, I will.


Bayloe, who was he?

Helm, and I should
have killed him

when we had the chance.


Hello, Matt.


How do you feel?


I guess Doc thinks

that I might live after all.

Well, I'll tell you,

you're looking a little
better than you were

the last time I saw you.

Well, I'm feeling
a little better, too.

Oh, Matt, when did you get back?


Just now.

Well, I'm glad.

Maybe you can help me talk
some sense into this young lady.

Yeah, well, what's the matter?

Well, she's a very
difficult patient.

Very difficult.

Now, Doc, that's just not fair.

Mm-hmm, it's fair all right.

Well, I just feel like I'd be
better off in my own room.

I feel like I'm in
the way up here.

Well, as a matter of
fact, you are in the way,

but you're gonna stay right
here until I tell you otherwise.

I'm not going to take
any chances with you.

I give up.

You better give up, or
I'll turn you over my knee.

He'll do it too.

Doc, don't you take
any back talk off her.

Okay, look, I-I'm
gonna stop by the office,

but I'll be back up shortly.

All right.


I hope you found him.

I did.

Oh, oh, Mr. Dillon.


What's going around here anyway?

Well, there's a
little old mouse.

I had him cornered right there,

and he must have run
right under the safe.

Did you get Bayloe all right?

Yeah. He's dead, Chester.


Look, uh, when
you have a chance,

why I got my horse
tied up out front.

Will you get him
down to the stable?

Yeah, I sure will.

Oh, I wanted to show you
a circular that come first

that you ought to look at.

Three men held up
the Denver railroad.

They think they're
heading this way.

We should lookie
there who they are.

Well, this sheds
a little bit of light

on the whole thing, doesn't it?

It sure does. That
there is that Bayloe

that I had the fight
with in the Long Branch.


Helm, the man that was killed.


And this fella here was
their third partner, Chester.

He's the one we ran
into out in the prairie.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, near as I can figure,

the other two ran out on him,
and he was out after revenge.

He was out to kill Bayloe.

- Oh.
- And he did, too.

They wound up
killing each other.

They did?


Got the job done for me.

Well, I'll be doggone.

Hey Chester, why
don't you stop by

and send a telegram to Denver.

Just tell them all
three men are dead.

All right.

I'll sure do that.

Wait a minute.

I tell you, you might
just add to that.

Just tell them if it wasn't
for Miss Kitty Russell

of Dodge City,

they would never have
recovered their money.

I don't think they'd mind
sending her the reward, do you?

No, sir, no, sir, I sure don't.

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