Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 6, Episode 20 - Love Thy Neighbor - full transcript

The theft of a sack of potatoes leads to increasingly violent hostilities between the Scooper and Galloway families.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.



Wake up.

Leroy! Wake up!

There's somebody
prowling outside!

- What? What'd you say?
- Shh!

Listen to Barney.

There's somebody out there.

There's somebody
trying to rob us.

The shed door is open.

Go wake up Jep.

Hush up.

Come out of there, now.

Come out of there,
or I'll start shooting.

I'll get him, Pa.


There ain't nobody in here.

You get the horses, Jep.

I'll grab my jackets.


There he goes!

We got him cornered now.

There's a barbed-wire
fence running through there.


Must be close by;
there's his horse.

You shake the
bushes over yonder.

I'll look this way.

Here he comes, Pa! Get him!

We got you now!

No sense you trying to get away.

That's Ben Scooper's
boy, ain't he, Pa?

You Ben Scooper's boy?

Boy, does your pa know you're
out here thieving in the night?

I ain't robbed nobody.
I ain't been thieving.

- You lying whelp!
- I ain't lying.

Now, you stop that, boy...
We caught you red-handed!

I didn't steal 'em.

It was gived to me.

Gived to you?

I ought to smash your head!

Don't, Mr. Galloway! Please!

Then you start
telling the truth.

You admit you stole
them taters from my shed.

But I didn't, honest I didn't.

An old man give 'em to me.

- An old man?!
- Yes sir.

He give 'em to me and he
said, "Take 'em and run."

And then I heard you coming.

And you ran, didn't you?

But we catched you!

My leg's tore open.

It, uh, sure is bleeding
something all right, Pa.

Serves him right, little sneak!

Maybe we ought to see
him to home or something.

Nah! He can walk home.

Get his horse, Jep.

Turn him loose
out on the prairie.

- Yes, sir.
- You hear me good, boy!

You try coming to rob us
again, we'll fix you right!

You tell Ben Scooper I said so.


Why ain't breakfast ready?

I'm attending the boy.

He ain't well, Ben.

He's just putting on.

That's all he's
ever done, is put on.

Ben, you just take a look here.

We got to do
something about it, Ben.

The whole leg's gone bad.

Been over a week;
ought to be well by now.

How long has he been like this?

Been getting worse every
day, but you wouldn't listen.

I listened to you about not
going over and having it out

with Leroy Galloway, didn't I?

His fault this happened, making
the boy walk home that night.

I didn't steal them
taters, Pa, honest.

An old man give 'em to me.

Never mind, Peter.

Galloway had no right doing that

even if the boy did
steal a sack of taters.

I didn't.

It ain't important

what anybody did or didn't do.

We got to get Peter into
town, that's what's important.

Doctors cost a lot of money.


Well... Doc Adams
is a pretty good sort.

Maybe he'll let me pay him
when we come into something.

We're taking him in today, Ben.


All right. Harley!

- Yeah, I heard, Pa.
- Get the wagon hitched.



He's, uh... he's in
awful bad shape.

Ain't there nothing you can do?


Maybe if... if you took the leg.


No, it's just gone
too far, Mrs. Scooper.

No use... no use
putting him through it.

I told Ben we should've
brought him to you right away.

- I told him.
- Yes, I wish you'd done that.

I'd like to be alone
with him, Doc.

I'll be right out
here if you want me.

How is he, Doc?

Well, he's not good.

Is he gonna die?

Yes, he's gonna die.

You can't let him die.

Well, there's nothing
I can do about it.

But you could've
brought him to me sooner.

Well... I didn't know
his leg was that bad.


No, I guess you didn't.

I wish I hadn't been
so mean to him now.

Took him.

Just like that.

They killed him, Pa, by making
him walk home on that bad leg.

Just as sure as if
they'd put a bullet in him.

Let's get us some Galloways.

Ben, now, you hold
on here a minute.

That was an awful
bad thing they did,

making him walk
home on that leg,

but they didn't
mean to kill him.

He's dead.

- Take a look!
- Well, I...

Ben, if you've got any
complaint against the Galloways,

you see Marshal Dillon about it.

This is a family matter, Doc.

Us Scoopers don't need
the law to help settle it.

Go on, now.


Get your rifle, Jep.

What you want here, Ben Scooper?

You killed my boy.

You're gonna pay for it, Leroy.

We didn't kill him.

But we sure will the next
time he comes stealing.

He's dead.

What you done to him killed him.

I'm sorry your boy's dead.

But he was a thief all the same.

You take Jep.

I'll take Leroy.

All right, Pa.


Hold your fire over
there, you men!

- Get out of here, Marshal.
- Drop your guns.

This ain't your fight, Marshal.

All right, throw your
guns out over there!

Now, you men get
over by the house.

You got no right
busting in here, Marshal!

You're just getting in the
way coming out here, Marshal.

- You ain't gonna stop it anyhow.
- It's gonna stop.

And I'm holding you
two men responsible,

and I'll take all four of you

and throw you
in jail if I have to.

Now, is that clear?

He murdered my boy...
What am I supposed to do,

sit back and do
nothing about it?

We didn't murder anybody.

If he hadn't been a thief, it
wouldn't happened anyway!

Well, that didn't give you no
right to make him walk home...

All right, now, that's enough!

You listen to me, all of you.

Leroy, you and Jep ought
to be ashamed of yourselves

for the way you
treated that boy.

You ought to be whipped for it.

That's strong talk, Marshal.

You knew the boy'd
cut his leg, didn't you?

He had it coming.

Over a sack of potatoes?

You make me sick.

Now, Ben, I'm sorry
for what's happened,

but spilling more
blood around here's

not going to help anybody.

- You're wrong there, Marshal.
- I'm not wrong.

Now you think about it.

Take Harley and get out of here,

and you stay away
from the Galloways.

Come on, Harley.

If I was you Leroy, I wouldn't
count on getting older.

Next time we shoot you on sight.

Both of you.

Man's got a right to
protect hisself, Marshal.

How about a 22-year-old boy?



Yeah, Ma?

You go down the barn and get Pa.

Tell him that supper's ready.

He should've been through
that milking a long time ago.

Well, he got started late.

So why didn't you
give him a hand?

Well, he don't
ever help me none.

You do as your told.

But he'll be along in a...

You get back in the house, Ma.



He's dead.

I'll kill 'em both for this.

Jep, no!

Don't do it.

There's been enough blood shed.

You let 'em go.

They're just gonna come
back and ambush me later,

and I ain't gonna let 'em do it.

No, please.

Go to the Marshal.

Let him handle it.

Now, how you think
Pa would like that?

Let's, let's have another.

Nah, I'm okay, I'm okay.

Come on.

Nah, nah, I'll wait here.

Give me a whiskey.

I'm busy.

Take care of him, Freddy.

Just look at that.

Comes into town and
drinks up the money

he ought to be
spending on groceries.

Yeah, I can see that his son's
dying really tore him up, huh?

Well, it's always
been like that.

Every Saturday
it's the same thing.

This is the second time
he's been in here today.

Stop right there, Ben.

What do you want with me?

You know what I want with you.

Turn around or I'm gonna
shoot you right in the back.

All right, Jep.

I've got a gun at your back.

You pull that trigger,
you're a dead man.

There's something
you don't know, Marshal.

He ambushed my pa
right out at our barn.

He shot him dead.

It wasn't me, Marshal.
I swear it wasn't.

Then it wasn't you,
and it was Harley.

All right, Jep.

Now you just go real slow now.

Just take it easy.

Now, Jep, put the gun away.

Go on, put it away.

What am I supposed
to do? He shot my pa.

All right, get on your feet.

Now that just leaves
me and Harley.


Well, you're gonna have
plenty of chance to talk it over

with him 'cause I'm
locking both of you up.

But it was
self-defense, Marshal.

You men seen it, didn't
you? Some of you did.

It was self-defense.
Wasn't it? Wasn't it?

You're doing right, Marshal.

I seen it all.

He started the whole thing.

Some of you men get
that body of the street.

All right, let's go.

But it was
self-defense, Marshall.

Let's go.

It was self-defense.
Pure and simple.

Marshal, come on in.

Mrs. Scooper.

Is Harley home?

No. No, he ain't.

He's out in the
prairie somewhere.

What happened, Marshal?

When do you expect
him back, ma'am?

Most anytime. It's
getting on towards supper.

Something's wrong, ain't it?

Yes ma'am, it is.

Mr. Dillon, Harley's coming.

Okay, thanks.

What is it, Marshal?

Well ma'am, I, I
hate to tell you this,


your husband was killed today.


What are you
doing here, Marshal?

Harley, your pa was killed.



In Dodge.


Did Jep Galloway do it?

Now what makes you say that?

Well, who else would it be?

Now, look, Marshal, both of
them Galloways was after Pa,

you know that.

You ambushed Leroy, didn't you?


Harley, you're going to jail.

You ain't got no proof,
Marshal. No proof at all.

I don't need any proof.

I got Jep there now

and you're going next.

Mmm, they ain't gonna hang me.

You'll get a fair trial.

I don't want no trial.

I ain't gonna sit in
no jail and get hung,

and don't you try and
force me, Marshal.

Now Harley, you'll
take my advice.

You'll come along
without any trouble.

Well, how do you do it, Marshal?

How do you arrest somebody
that don't want to be arrested?

Mrs. Scooper, I...

I'm sorry.

There's nothing else
I could do, ma'am.

♪ Bambi come west to Kansas ♪

♪ I'll make his home... ♪

Jep, here's your coffee.

You call that breakfast?

Well, you can
take it or leave it.

Where's the marshal?

I told you he went
out to see your ma

on his way home last
night. I ain't seen him since.

Well, I want to get out of here!

Yeah, yeah...

- Morning, Mr. Dillon.
- Chester.

By golly, I didn't hear
you come in last night.

Well, I got in kind of
late so I went right to bed.

How's the prisoner this morning?

Oh he's barking his
head off to get out of there.

What did you tell his ma
when you was out there?

Well, I told her she could
come and pick him up

any time she wanted to.

You gonna turn
Jep Galloway loose?

Might as well. He killed
Ben in self-defense.

And what with Harley dead now,

there's nobody
else left to kill.

Look's like the war is over.

There she is.

Yeah. Go get him out, will ya?

Morning, ma'am.

Marshal, I want Jep out here.

He'll be out right away, ma'am.

You know where his horse is?

Why, yes, I had Chester
lock him up in the stable.

Well, I guess I can get
him on the way home.

What are you doing here, Ma?

Jep, you hush. You just listen.

Marshal, this here
is Sy Tewksbury.

His shack is a few
miles from our place.

Last night after
you left, it was late,

and I heard a noise

so I went out and...

I found Sy in our potato shed.

I didn't steal nothing.

Well, that was because
I caught you in time.

Now, Sy, you tell

the Marshal what you told me,

what happened the last
time you was in there.

Just, just go ahead

and tell him now.

Go on.

You mean how I was chased,

and give them taters

to that little boy I
seen in the trees there?

His name was Peter Scooper.

Peter Scooper.

Jep, you get in the
back of the wagon.


Get in the wagon I said.


Marshal, we're going
out to Jennie Scooper's.

Can't leave that
poor woman alone.


Poor women.

There just wasn't no need
for neither one of them

to be left alone.


Just imagine all
this killing just...

just over a sack of taters.

Just old taters.