Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 8 - Saludos - full transcript

Matt rounds up three men (Steed, Foss, and Pegger) knowing that one of them is guilty of murdering a Pawnee brave while attempting to rape his wife Sochi. The Marshal tells the three that Sochi can identify her attacker, but he hopes that the guilty man will give himself away during the tense ride back to Dodge.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Been a long time since
we been up this early

in the morning, Mr. Dillon.

What about Sunday?

Well, that's somewhat
different, you know.

Sunday morning is just the
tag end of Saturday night.

Well, maybe for some
high-livers like you.

Oh, well that ain't true at all.

I live mostly like
an old wet chicken.

Well, I'll tell you one thing.

That's the way you're going
to be living the next few days.

Well, that's what I've
been thinking about

ever since we saddled
up this morning.

We's really gonna ride
all the way to Tasgosa?

Well, Chester, we
gotta do it sometime.

Might as well get it over with.

I guess so.

Mr. Dillon, looky there.


Rider looks like he's hurt
or sick, one of the two.

It's an Indian girl.

She's been shot!

Take it easy now.

Let's get her down
on the ground.

It's Sochi.



Don't you remember
that little Pawnee girl

that was around a year or
so ago, a friend of Kitty's?

We're gonna have to
forget about Tasgosa now.

Yeah. Look, get her some
water, will ya, Chester?

Yes, sir.

Hey, Chester, get that blanket
roll off of my saddle, will ya?

She's gonna have to
ride double with me.

Yes, sir.

What do you think, Doc?

Well, that bullet in
her's gotta come out.

Why don't you take it out?

Can't do it yet. She's too
weak. She's lost too much blood.


You think I can talk to her?

Golly, Matt, that's
not a very good idea.

Doc, I've got to. How else am
I gonna find out who did this?

Yeah, well... go ahead and try.



It's Marshal Dillon.

Now, Sochi, you're safe.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Sochi, can you tell
me who did this to you?

A white man.

Where'd it happen?




How is she, Doc?

She's not very good.

Poor little Sochi.

Who did this, Matt?

Some white man.

Yeah, but who?

That's all I know, Kitty.

She's too weak.
She can't talk, Kitty.

Well, aren't you doing anything?

Well, yes, I'm trying
to keep her alive.

Hanging's too good
for whoever did this.

Yeah, but it'll
do for the start.

Let me know if there's
any change, will ya, Doc?


- Mr. Dillon.
- Hmm.

You let your coffee get cold.

Thanks, Chester.

Kinda... Kinda bad, ain't it?

Just sittin' around
and doing nothin'.

That Indian girl
shot up like that.

You know, I was just
thinkin' maybe we ought

to ride out there on
the prairie somewheres.

I mean, you know, maybe
we could find something.

Where would you
start? North, east, west?

Well, I...

just think that we ought
to be doin' somethin'.

We're doin'
somethin', all right.

We're drinking the worst
coffee I've tasted for a long time.

Doc ain't said a word
yet. It's been three hours.

Maybe we ought to
just go back up there.

Yeah. Yeah, we might
as well, I guess. Come on.



She's unconscious again.

Can't you get that
bullet out of her?

Oh, no, no. Not yet, Kitty.

She's still too weak.
She couldn't stand it.

But you know, she tried.
She gave us some information.

I'm gonna go tell Matt.

Yeah, and hurry back, will ya?


Oh, I was just coming for you.

She conscious?

She was. She talked a little.

50 miles on horseback.

- Where from, Doc?
- Choctaw Basin.

Choctaw Basin.

Uh-huh. The rest
of it's not too clear.

As far as I can make out,

she and her husband
had a camp up there.

This white man
rode in. They fed him.

And he shot her husband.

So she ran for her
horse. He shot her.

She managed to get away.

Choctaw Basin.

Well, there's nobody
up there this time of year

but a few Indian families.

Chester, I want you to go
over and send a telegram

to the commanding
officer of Fort Cougar Pass.

Find out if there have
been any white men

going into the basin
since the thaws.

Fort Cougar Pass.

- Yeah.
- Right now.

She's so darn pretty.


It's probably what
caused the whole thing.

You find that man, Matt.

Did she describe
him at all, Kitty?

I told you everything she said.

You know how all white
men look alike to Indians.

But you bring him in
here and she'll know him.


I'll stop by before we leave.

So long, Doc.

Yeah, Matt.

You know, it ought
to be easy, Mr. Dillon.

The commander said only three
men come into this basin lately,

and ain't none of
them rode out yet.


It's gotta be one of
them three, don't it?

Well, it shouldn't be too
hard to find out, Chester.

The basin isn't that big.

Well, how are you gonna
know which one to arrest?

Well, there's one way.

Round all three of 'em up
and take 'em back to Dodge.

Looky there, Mr. Dillon.


Sure ain't no Indian.




You a U.S. marshal?

That's right.

You always travel around
like this without a horse?

Uh, not unless I have to.

Well, I can't say as I blame you
none, store-bought clothes on that fit.

Well, Marshal, I'm
glad I ran into you.

Is that so?

Yeah, I... I wandered away
from camp this morning...

Just looking around...

And I got lost somehow.


Yeah. It's around
here somewhere.

Couple of fellas there,
waitin' for me, I hope.

Well, why don't you swing
on up behind Chester here?

We'll see if we
can help you find it.

Thanks, Marshal.

Just go kinda easy there.

This old horse don't take too
kindly to a whole crowd on his back.

You suppose that
tenderfoot got hisself lost?

Well, if he did, he can starve to death
because I ain't goin' lookin' for him.

I've been in this basin long
enough. Let's get out of here.

Let's saddle and ride.

Gotta do somethin'.

Hey, Pegger... company.

Hey, men.

Found a U.S. marshal.

My name's Dillon. I'm the
marshal over in Dodge City.

How are you called?



Had me a decent Christian
name once, Marshal,

but it kinda got
lost out on the trail.

Now it's just plain Pegger.

You're a trapper, huh?

By golly, that's right.

Sent my winter's catch
in about three weeks ago.

Now, I'm a-followin'.

You out this way on
business, Marshal?

And you?

My name's Steed, Clem Steed.

I come in here
lookin' for stray horses.

Did you find any?

You ain't answered
my question yet.

Easy, Steed, easy.

The marshal ran into us just
like we ran into each other.

How long you men been
travelin' together here?

Since yesterday.

Oh, he and Steed
are traveling together.

I bumped into them about dusk.

Seems like we was
all going the same way,

so we just strung along
together. Anything wrong with that?


You didn't say what
you were doing out here.

Oh, he got lost.
Just like today.

I guess he's always gettin' lost

He's right, Marshal.

I'm not much of a hand out here.

I was trying to
get to Dodge City.

Got tired of St. Louis.

Believe me, next time I'll
save enough money for a stage.

You still ain't answered
my question, Marshal.

I'm looking for a murderer.

One of you men killed an
Indian day before yesterday.

And you shot his wife while
she was trying to escape.

You mean you
figure one of us did it?

Something like that.

And the squaw can
identify the guilty party.

How come you didn't take our
guns before you told us that?

Well, I don't think any
of you is stupid enough

to try and shoot a
United States marshal

in front of three witnesses.

He's right.

Yes, I guess he is.

Well, supposin'
none of us done it.

Well, I don't know about that.

Take me, I'm not
particularly fond of Indians.

All a bunch of thieves.

Them horses I'm lookin' for
was probably stole by Indians.

Now, what's the difference
one more or less gets killed?

Is that the way you
men feel about it?

Well, I ain't seen an
Indian for two weeks.

Neither have I.

I've never seen one...

Outside of captivity that is.

You're all gonna see one
soon enough, in Dodge.

Well, now supposin' we
was to object to that, Marshal.

Well, then get started.

Well, I was just supposin'.

I'm headin' for Dodge anyway.

Dillon: Steed?


You're dealin', Marshal.

Besides, I think I need
a guide, don't you?

If I ever expect to get
to Dodge City, that is.

All right. Get saddled.

We got a long ways to ride.

Gonna be a dark night.

Moon's just quartering out.

Good thing we made
camp when we did.

How's that coffee
coming, Chester?

I think it's boiled
just about enough.

I'll leave it on a couple more
minutes just to make sure.

Coffee's no good
if it ain't strong.

By golly, that must be good.

Smells like a bunch
of old grounds.

Now looky here, Pegger, I make the
best cup of coffee in Dodge, bar none.

Huh. It's too bad
we're not in Dodge.

Funny thing about
food on the trail...

It always seems to
taste a little better.

Now, take these beans
and bacon you cooked.

What's the matter with them?

Well, if I was to be served
slop like this in town,

I'd pitch 'em on the floor.

But eatin' 'em here by the fire,
they don't taste only half bad.

Well, you don't have to eat it
at all, here or anywheres else.

I said it only tastes half bad.

I can think of things
that ain't fit to eat at all.

Like Indian grub, for example.

Only a dog would
eat stuff they do.

Well, he didn't eat any
of their food, you know.

He just asked them for
some to throw 'em off guard.

I told you, Marshal, I
ain't even seen an Indian.

Well, I was saying

food is one of life's
biggest blessings.

Good food and strong drink...

A man can't ask
for more than that.

Now, a riverboat's where
you find the best food.

I sure ate well those years.

I ran a faro bank
on the Delta Queen.

Queen Memphis, New Orleans.

Mr. Dillon, did you notice

them coyotes shut up
just all at once there?

Probably some
animal prowling around

in the brush there, Chester.

Or one or two animals cause
coyotes to shut up like that.

What the devil was that?

Cougar. That's what
it is. A dang cougar.

I'll fix that.

Put your gun away, Foss.

You're just wasting
the ammunition Sure.

What you need
for cougar is a rifle.

Put the gun down.

I didn't mean nothing.

I said put it down.

Sure, Marshal.

I stumbled, that's all.

I didn't mean to shoot that way.

Pretty careless
with a gun, aren't ya?

Oh, it was an
accident. I swear it!

From now on, nobody's gonna
do any shootin' around here at all...

Of any kind.

And that goes for everybody.

I just wanted to
shut him up, Marshal.

I hate cougars.
Always kill 'em on site.

Feel the same way
about Indians, do ya?

Maybe. Sayin' I'm a murderer?

One of ya is.

Ain't me.

We'll find out when
we get to Dodge.

Come on, you.

Let the wind out.

You ain't foolin' me a bit!

Chester, why don't you
just get rid of that horse?

Get rid of him? What for?

Well, it's a half hour's job every
time you try to get a saddle on him.

Yeah, but when you get it on,
he's a real good mount, Mr. Dillon.

Just as steady
as a rockin' chair.

Come on now, then, you
poor, beat bag of bones!

You men ready to move out?

Any time you are.

Let's get to town,
get it over with.

What you gettin' so
spooky about, Steed?

What makes you
think I'm spooky, Foss?

Ha ha ha! Forget
it. I was only joking.

You can be mighty funny.

Easy now, gents.

Not that I'd know
anything about it myself.

The only thing I'm sure
of is my own conscience.

It's as clean as a
newborn babe's.

You're gettin' kind of
jumpy too, aren't ya?

I'll jump right down your
throat in a minute, Foss.

Hold that horse, can't you?

If he savages me again...

Got him trained that way, Foss.
He always goes for card sharps.

You wouldn't like a bullet in
your belly, would you, Mister?

Yeah, any time
you're ready, tin horn.

Dillon: Hold it!

It's all right, Marshal.

Steed's gettin' a
little mouthy, that's all.

We'll see about that when
the marshal ain't around.

Any time.

How long before we
get to Dodge, Marshal?

About three hours' ride
if we ever get started.

Come on.

Hey! He's got the bit in his
teeth, and I couldn't hold him!


Thanks, Marshal. I never
could've stopped him.

Yeah. Until you got where?

You think I was
trying to run away?

Weren't you?

Didn't you see it, Marshal?

Steed did it on purpose.

He turned his horse into mine,
and he took a nip out of him.

He really has
that horse trained.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter.

I guess I'm more used to
stage coaches than saddles.

You stayed on him pretty good.

I swear, Marshal, I
wasn't trying to run away.


Looks like he was
trying to get away, huh?

Are you sure you know
where you're going?

There's cold beer
waitin' for me in Dodge.

We'll get there.

If I was alone, I'd hightail
me right over that ridge there

and save maybe an hour.

Well, you ain't alone.

We're only a half hour into
Dodge the way we're going anyway.

Well, I guess you
men know what that is.

That's the famous Boot Hill.

What did you think
it was, you fool?

Guess you put a lot of men
there yourself, ain't you, Marshal?

A few.

A few.

Never mind about that, Steed.

We're only 20
minutes from Dodge.

There's an Indian girl
waiting to take a look at you.

Now, why just for me?

All right, all
three of you, then.

She's gonna plant
one of you up here.

All on account of some savage.

You wouldn't see a white man
hang for a thing like that, would you?

Law says you can't
murder people, Steed.

Indians is people, huh?

- That's right.
- How 'bout that?

There might be some people
that disagree with you, Marshal.

All right, drop the gun!

Are you gonna drop that knife,
or am I gonna blow your head off?

Get up on your feet.

- Chester.
- Yeah.

- Bring me a rope.
- Yes, sir.

So it was you, huh?

Sure it was me.

You admit you killed the
man and shot the woman?

I wouldn't have hurt that poor pretty
little Indian filly if she hadn't run.

She was the
prettiest I ever saw.

I guess she lost her head when
she saw me kill her husband.

Pegger, hanging's too
good for a man like you.

All right, Chester,
get the rope on him.

Yes, sir.

Get him up on his horse.

And if he tries anything,
pull him off of it.

Come on, Pegger.

Marshal, it seems to me you could
have saved yourself a lot of trouble

by taking our guns
when we first met.

The only chance I had of hoping
somebody would give himself away.

Mighty long chance.

The only way I had
left of tagging the killer.

What do you mean?

The Indian girl
could have told ya.

Nope. The Indian girl died a few
minutes before Chester and I left Dodge.

Let's go.