Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 6 - Annie Oakley - full transcript

Attention-starved Kate Kinsman claims that her husband Jeff was murdered by their handsome (and unattached) neighbor Ed Dolliver. The physical evidence points to Dolliver's guilt, but Matt is unconvinced and sets a trap to expose the killer.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

What do you think you're doing?

Just fixin'.

What for?

Boil this hen for dinner.

We're driving the
wagon into Dodge after.


I got some business
over at the feed store.

You can sit there
if you want to.

I won't be a minute.

I thought...

You got a gun in
that wagon, Jeff?


A gun, I said.

Now, Kate, what in the
world do you want a gun for?

I want you to take it and go in
there and shoot that Ed Delliver.

Ed Delliver, our neighbor?

Now what are you
talkin' about, woman?

He insulted me, Jeff.

And you're going to
do somethin' about it.

Ed Delliver insulted you?

I don't believe it.

Are you gonna fetch
that gun or ain't ya?

Kate, I didn't bring no gun.

Besides, I can't believe Ed
Delliver would do a thing like that.

Well, you can believe
your own wife, can't ya?

What's the matter
with you, Jeff Kinsman?

Ain't nothin' the
matter with me.

Have you lost your pride?

Well, what kind of a
man are you anyway?


You sure he done it?

Well, of course he done it.

He does it every chance he gets.

Now, do you want people
to think another man

can flirt with your
wife right in public?

Why, you let him get by with this,
he'd be doing it in front of you next.

He'd better not.

Well, you'd better start
watching him right now.

Jeff: Hey, Delliver!

Hello, Jeff, Mrs. Kinsman.

I got something I
want to settle with you.

What's wrong, Jeff?

Now, you're to leave
my wife alone, you hear?


You stop trying
to fool with her.

Have you gone crazy, Jeff?

No, I ain't gone crazy.

Well, you tell
him, Mrs. Kinsman.

She already done told
me, and I'm warning you.

You got get yourself your
own woman and leave mine be!

I ain't sure I like being
accused this way, Jeff.

You put that gun down,

I'm learn you to like it.

All right, Jeff, what
are you gonna do?

I'll show you what I'm gonna do.

Now, you put that knife away.

I ain't armed.

I'm gonna cut you, Delliver.

I'm gonna cut you real good.

Hold on there!

This is my fight, Marshal.

Not with a knife,
it isn't. Drop it.

Go on, drop it.

No, I won't drop it.

But I won't use it on him.

Not 'til next time, I won't.

I don't know what
your argument is,

but you men are going to
have to settle it some other way.

He just bought hisself a
new Sharp's rifle, Marshal.

He'd better remember that I
got a Sharp's rifle at home myself.

There's something I want
you both to remember.

If there's any
trouble out your way,

I'm going to know
who to come for.

Ah, that coward
ain't gonna do nothin'.

I wouldn't put salt on an
old crow like her anyway.


You hear what he called me?

He called me a coward.

He called you...

By heaven, what's things coming
to, a woman's got to put up with that?

I never heard a man get by
insulting a lady right in public twice,

and each time
worse than the other.

Oh, he's no good, that Delliver.
And you ain't much better.

I don't know what
makes you act like this...


By golly, she's going
to have them men

fightin' yet, Mr. Dillon.

Just nothing to battle
over, if you ask me.

It's the worst kind of
trouble, too, Chester.

You never know
who's guilty of what.

Oh, you sure changed your ways.


You ever known me to
drink anything before dark?

Well, only on cloudy days
when you got confused.

You're funny.

We were talking
about Ed Delliver.

Yeah, you know, he's
quite a lady's man,

even for a bachelor.

I've never seen him to shy
away from a pretty girl yet.

Well, I wouldn't exactly
call Kate Kinsman pretty.

Well, no, but she's had
a mighty rough life, Matt.


You knew she was
married before, didn't you?


Oh, yeah. He... He
died some years back.

He was a buffalo hunter.
From what I understand,

he used to take her
right along with him.

Treated her like she
was working for him.

Maybe that's why she
demands so much respect now.

Oh, Matt, I don't think objecting
to being called an old crow

is exactly demanding
respect for any woman.

Something wrong, Chester?

Uh, well, I don't know
for sure, Mr. Dillon.

Mrs. Kinsman's outside.
Said she wanted to see ya.

Mrs. Kinsman, huh?

Well, I'll be back.

All right.

Mrs. Kinsman.

What can I do for ya?

Well, it ain't me, Marshal.

It's my husband.

It's Jeff.

Something wrong?

He's dead.


He was murdered
early this morning.

Ed Delliver done it.

Now wait a minute.

How do you know it was Delliver?

Well, I'll show you how.

I left Jeff right there on the
prairie where I found him.

Go get Doc, will ya?

Yes, sir.

Mrs. Kinsman,
you wait right here.

I'll be back in a minute.

We'll ride out with ya.

Ho. Ho.

I ain't touched him, Marshal.

I just throwed that canvas over.


How'd you find him way out here?

Well, we're only about a
mile from the house, Marshal.

I heard shootin',

and I knowed Jeff didn't
have his rifle with him,

so I came right away.

It's a bad way to go, without
no chance to defend yourself.

It's a terrible, dirty
crime if you ask me.


Look at that.

That's a mighty big hole.

Must've been done
from close range.

Well, I don't know.

I thought so too at
first, but maybe not.

I think that was a
Sharp's 50, Matt.

I've seen a lot of 'em.

And I'm gonna know in a minute.


You ain't forgettin' Delliver bought
a Sharp's 50 yesterday, are ya?

Have you seen him
around here, Mrs. Kinsman?

No. But I can tell
you right where he is.

Where's that?

Well, it's about noon, ain't it?

Sitting on his front porch like
he does every day at noon.

Always sits there for about
an hour or so doin' nothin'.

I see.

I wonder what he's thinkin'.

What he's thinking?

Well, they had an
argument over me,

and there's Jeff layin' dead.

Somehow I feel
like it's my fault.

Well, don't you feel
bad, Mrs. Kinsman.

It wasn't your fault.

Well, I can't help it, Chester.

If I hadn't talked to
Delliver in that store,

maybe none of this
would've happened.

Here you are, Matt. Sharp's 50.

It sure is.

I guess we'll go out and
have a talk to Mr. Delliver

as soon as we finish up here.

Thanks, Doc.

Yeah. There's a shovel
in the wagon. I'll get it.

[horse neighs]



What brings you
out here, Marshal?

Hi, Chester.

Jeff Kinsman was
killed this morning.

Is that so?

About a mile from his house.

Was a Sharp's 50 that did it.

We know that much anyway.

Uh, Kate Kinsman is
sure of the rest, I'll bet.

She thinks you
did it, all right.

Oh, I guess it don't
look too good, does it?

Well, I wouldn't say so.

I sure picked a poor time
to buy that rifle, now didn't I?

You sure did.

Well, it's been fired.

I had it out for that
first shot this morning.

Anybody with you?

No, I got no alibis. Not a one.

You don't seem
particularly interested

in trying to clear yourself.

Well, I figure a
fella runs around

hollerin' too much
about how innocent he is,

sometimes kind of works out to
make people think that he's guilty.

Well, you know
anybody else around here

that might've wanted to see
Jeff Kinsman out of the way?

No, no.


What about Mrs. Kinsman?

What's your interest in her?

It all kind of hangs
on that, don't it?

Well, let's just say it'd keep
the judge awake anyway.


Well, Marshal, so help
me, I wouldn't be proud of it.

I can do better
than her any day.

A whole lot better.

Well, just don't try
to leave the country.

I'd only come after you,

and it would add
to the evidence.

You ain't exactly sure it
wasn't me, are you, Marshal?

Not exactly.

Mr. Dillon, did you
ever see a spider rat?

A what?

Spider rat. Looks like a rat, but
it's got a face just like a spider.


I got bit by one last night.

And I'm telling you,
that's somethin' fierce.

Well, Doc had to take
a stinger out of me.

It was every bit of that long.

Were you and Doc
drunk last night?

Oh, no, you don't understand.

You see, I was dreamin'
about this here spider rat.


Yeah, well, I don't believe ya.

You don't?

No, I don't believe
you were dreaming.

I think you really did get bit.


Well, I've been looking for
you all over Dodge, Marshal

Good morning, Mrs. Kinsman.

I didn't expect to find
the law playin' checkers

at 10:00 in the morning.

Well, it seems to be the
coolest place in town right now.

Hot or cold, I want to know
what's going on, Marshal.

It's been two days.

Would you like to sit
down, Mrs. Kinsman?

No, I wouldn't like to sit down!

Are you going to throw
Ed Delliver in jail or ain't ya?

Well now, he
says he didn't do it.

He says.

Well what's "he
says" got to do with it?


Why them men fought
over me, Marshal.

My husband and Ed Delliver.

Why, just being the kind
of woman men fight over

makes me feel guilty.

But... But that's what they did.

And it's pure clear to
everybody around here

who killed Jeff.

Everybody but you, it looks!

Well, I'm sorry, Mrs. Kinsman,

but there just isn't
enough evidence yet.

Why, you're making
a fool of me, Marshal.

Oh, how's that?


I... I don't feel right, my
husband being murdered

and nothin' bein' done about it.

And if you don't
do something quick,

I'm gonna make
trouble for you, Marshal.

You mark my words now!

Kinda mad, ain't she?


I don't think she's going
to get over it easy, either.

Well, not until that Ed Delliver
gets hung, that's for sure.

You know, there's
something about that woman

I just can't quite believe.

Come on, I got an idea.

Ain't we gonna finish the game?

We'll finish it later.

- Where we goin'?
- Ed Delliver's.

Ed: Well, Marshal, what
do you aim to do about it?

You got a pencil and paper?


I want you to write a note.

A note?

Yeah. To Mrs. Kinsman.

Mrs. Kinsman? What do I...

Get the pencil. I'll let you
know what I got in mind.

Whatever you say, Marshal.

When we get this note written,

I want you to take it
over to Mrs. Kinsman.

Well, all right.

Well, here it is.

What do you want me to write?

I want you to sit
and understand first.

What's that?

I'm gonna put you under arrest.

Now, you sure got a funny
way of doing things, ain't ya?

Why didn't you just arrest
me the other day right off?

'Cause I didn't have
this figured out then.

Now you have, huh?

We'll find out tomorrow.


Well... what do I
say to this belle?

You might start out
with "Dear Kate."

Mrs. Kinsman?


How do you do, ma'am?

Come on in.


Well, what are you
doing out here, Chester?

I was on my way back to Dodge

from Big Spring, ma'am.

And, you see, I was up
there visiting a friend of mine.

He's, uh, well, you
wouldn't know him.

Well, you didn't come out here to
tell me about your friend, Chester.

No, ma'am. I brung you this.

What's this?

Well, that's what I was gettin'
around to explainin' to ya.

You see, I come
by Ed Delliver's...

Ed Delliver, you say?

Yes, ma'am. And he hailed me.

And... And we had some coffee,

and he wrote this out to you.

It, uh...

It wasn't too good
of coffee. It was...

kinda weak on the chicory.

Well, ma'am, I
think I best be going.

Been real good seein' you again.

Excuse me, ma'am.


You just tell that marshal of
yours Ed Delliver ought to be in jail

instead of sending silly
notes to respectable widows.

You just tell him that.

Yes, ma'am.

[paper crumples]

Mr. Dillon.


We gonna sleep
here again tonight?

I don't know. Why?

Well, I just thought that if we wasn't,
I'd go ahead and make the bed.

Oh, well, when did
you start gettin' so neat?

Well... if don't have
to make it, I mean,

I won't make it.

I'll just see how
Delliver's doin'.

Hey, careful. Don't
let anybody see ya.

Oh. Sorry.

I didn't open it too much.

How's he doing?

Good, good.

He's just sitting there
looking out across the prairie,

just... just like he
always is doing.

I hope he doesn't mind the
part he's playing in this too much.

Oh, I don't think
he'll mind that.

You know, it must be
getting along about noon.

I'm... I'm gettin' kinda hungry.

Are you?

Well, we didn't have hardly
any breakfast at all, and...

sure wouldn't mind
sittin' down to a plate

of fried ham, mashed
potatoes, and specklty gravy,

some nice hot biscuits with
the waxy honey just oozin' out.

I think I'll just rummage
around the cupboard here.


Look at that.

Hit him square.

See anybody?

Can't see a thing here.

That shot must've come
from a long ways off.

Well, that's at least
a quarter of a mile,

the sound of it.


Come on, let's get
out the back door.

I bet that cupboard of his
was just plumb chuck full.

You know, we could just
be waitin' out here all night.

At least we could've
gotten an apple or...



Hello, Mrs. Kinsman.

It's no use, Mrs. Kinsman.

You're in enough
trouble already.

What are you talkin' about?

You know the note you
got from Ed Delliver?

It was me that told
him what to write.


You wrote that note?

That's right.

I told him to tell you that
he had the perfect alibi

for not killing your husband.

A woman. And that she'd be here
this afternoon if I didn't believe it.

And when you found that out,

you came here prepared
to kill both of 'em, didn't ya?

You tricked me.

You tricked me good.

It was a pretty obvious
trick, Mrs. Kinsman.

You just had to
have people think

that men were fightin'
over ya, didn't ya?

Well, you can't
prove I did a thing.

No, that was pretty good shooting,
killing a man from a thousand yards.

Too good for a woman.

Ain't nobody'll believe it.

Well, I didn't
believe it myself.

Not until I remembered
that your first husband

used to take you out
buffalo hunting with him.

Oh, you can shoot a Sharp's
rifle all right, Mrs. Kinsman.

You can shoot it
as good as any man.

I'm glad I killed Ed Delliver.

I'm glad I done it.

Come on over here a minute.
I want to show you something.

Still glad you killed
him, Mrs. Kinsman?

You wouldn't even let
me have that, would you?

A man's life? Not hardly.

Delliver's waiting
back in Dodge.

I hated Jeff.

But I hate Ed Delliver
even worse now.

I feel sorry for
you, Mrs. Kinsman.

With Jeff gone, now you've
got nobody to fight for you.

Come on, let's go.