Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 29 - Colleen So Green - full transcript

A southern belle charms Chester and many others in Dodge, not including Kitty.

♪♪ [theme]

starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hey, when does the stage
to Independence leave here?

What's the matter with you?

I want to go to Independence.
When does the stage leave here?

Well, can't you read?

There's one coming
in any minute now.

Won't be none going out
for a couple of hours yet.

Well, I guess I got time
for another drink, huh?

You've had enough
already if you ask me.


I didn't ask you. I
didn't ask you nothing

but about that stage
out to Independence.

Let me go.

Let me go!


Let me help you, Miss.

Oh, well how sweet of you.

I... I hope it wasn't
too rough a ride for you.

Oh, no. I survived beautifully
thanks to your expert driving.

I done the best I could.

You're a real gentleman.

Look, I'll take you inside
and find you a place to sit.

And then as soon as
I get your bag down

and as soon as I
put the horses up,

I'll come back, and I'll
help you find a place to stay.

Well, aren't you
the kindest thing!

♪ You can look all over Kansas ♪

♪ Never again this town ♪

♪ You'll never
find another pair ♪

♪ Like her eyes a'brown ♪

[Continues singing]

Well, I'll swear to goodness.

Well, I never in my
whole life, Mr. Dillon...

What's the matter?

She's a'coming here.

Who's coming here?

Uh... uh...

[Knocking at door]

Oh, come in. Come in.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Would either one of you gentlemen
be the United States Marshal?

Yes, ma'am. Matt Dillon.

How do you do?

Um, Marshal, I'm Colleen Tawny.

And I have a matter
that's very unpleasant

that I'd like to
discuss with you.

Oh well, here, here, Miss Tawny.

Just... Just set yourself
down right there in that chair.

Thank you, sir.

Chester Goode at your service.

Well, what can we
do for you, Miss?

Well, Marshal, I'm an orphan.

And I'm all alone.

Well you see, I
was born in Virginia.

And my aunt raised me,

and she took me
to San Francisco.

Well, a month ago
my aunt passed away.

Aw, that's too bad.

Well, anyway I was on
my way back to Virginia,

and I had saved just
enough money to get there.

I just wanted to see some
of my kinfolks, you know,

if there were any left.

And, Marshal, I
just... I just don't know

how anybody could've done it.

Done what, Miss?

They took my money.

I was over in the stage office,

and I put my handbag
down just for a minute.

You know, people usually
so nice. I just never thought...

You mean somebody stole it?

Every penny.

I'm... I'm a pauper.

I'm destitute.

Well... well, Miss Tawny,
let me get you some water.

Marshal, I'm so alone.

I don't have a house.

I don't have anybody to turn to.

I don't have a thing to eat.

Well now, I'm sure
sorry to hear that, Miss,

but now, don't you
worry about a thing.

We'll do everything
we can to help you.

Uh, I'm sure we could get you

a room over at the Dodge
House for a few days.

Oh, do you really
think you could?

Why sure.

Something's bound to turn up.

We might even get
your money back for you.

Yes. Want some water?

No, thank you, Chester.

You know, Marshal,

when I came in that
door and I say y'all's faces,

I just knew you would help me.


Chester, why don't
you take Miss Tawny

over to the Dodge House
and see if you can arrange

to get a room for her.

Uh, well, yes. Sure, I will.

Of course, Miss Tawny,
I would just be delighted.

You're a real gentleman.

You know, Marshal,
the stage driver wanted

to help me find a place.
But I came right to you.

And I'm so glad I did.

Well, I'm sure everything
will turn out all right.

Just don't you worry.

Well, thank you
so much, Marshal.

Oh, Chester, hold
on here just a...

Well, aren't you
going to introduce me.

Uh, Miss Colleen Tawny,
this here is... is Doc Adams.

How do you do?

How do you do?

- You're a real doctor?
- Oh, yes.

A physician?

Yes, indeed. You're...
you're a newcomer.

Yes, I am. But everybody's
just been so nice,

I feel like I just got
a world of friends.

Well, you see what I
was trying to do, Doc,

I was taking Miss Tawny
down to the Dodge House

to get her a room.

Well, I'm certainly glad
they made you feel at home.

And let me just say
that anything I might do

I'm at your service.

Well, thank you very much.

Well, you see,
the thing is, Doc,

that we're just afraid the
rooms is going to be all gone

if we don't get down there.

Well, why don't you go?


[Door closes]

Um, excuse me, Miss.

I'm Bull Reeger.

Have we met, Mr. Reeger?

No, ma'am. But
we're meeting now.

I made him tell me your name.

Colleen Tawny.

That's about the prettiest
name I ever heard.

Uh, I seen you getting
off the stage this morning.

I was going to Independence.
I got business there, but...

I ain't going now.

Business can wait.

Besides, I ain't
exactly broke nohow.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

Oh, I used to hunt buffalo.

That is 'til I found out it
was easier work buying 'em.

The hides, I mean.

Well, what does that
got to do with me?

It's 'cause of you I'm
staying here in Dodge.

I figured you might
need somebody

to kind of look after you.

Isn't that sweet of you.

This here's a mighty
tough town, Miss Colleen.

Why, the people, they
ain't hardly civilized.

And a pretty
little girl like you

could get in all
sorts of trouble

without someone standing guard.

And you want to be my protector?

This here hotel, it ain't
no fit place for a lady.

Come with me, I've got
something to show you.

Mr. Reeger, I don't think...

No. Miss Colleen,
you're as safe with me

as if you had the whole
United States cavalry

right around you.

Well, all right.

But just promise to
bring me now right back.

Oh, you give the word,
I'll burn this town down

and build you a new one.

Hello, Marshal.

Mr. Jonas, uh, what's
Chester doing here?

Is he stocking up for
a buffalo hunt or what?

I don't know. I ain't seen
none of his money yet.

Mr. Dillon, what
are you doing here?

Well, I was going to
ask you the same thing.

Well, actually I was
just thinking about

maybe buying a few groceries.

Maybe buying them?!

Now look, Chester, you're
going to buy this stuff,

or you're going to
spend the rest of the day

putting it back
where you found it.

You got weevils in your flour.

Well, anybody can get
weevils in hot weather.

What are you buying
these groceries for?

Uh, well, uh...

well, it's stuff that a
body could use, you know,

if they had to eat in a room

where they couldn't do no
cooking or nothing like that.

Well, a few cans of beans
and a sack of cracklings

ought to do that.

Well yeah, if you're
a buffalo skinner.

But beans and cracklings
ain't fit for a lady, Mr. Jonas.

Chester, you couldn't
be buying these things

for that new girl that
came to town, could you?

- That Colleen Tawny?
- Oh...

So that's it.

Now I know what you're up to.

You know, Marshal, that
girl must be something.

She got everybody
turning handsprings.

Well, she's just kind of
a young, innocent girl.

Somebody's got
to look out after her.

Well, somebody's already
looking after her, Chester.


Well, Bull Reeger bought
a wagon-load of stuff

in here an hour ago.

Bull Reeger?

That buffalo?

Well, that may be.

But, Chester, I hear he's
just a sure enough devil

with the women.

You know, you're going to
have to get out and hawk some

if you're going to
run rivals with him.


- Well, uh, I'll see-
- Where you going?

Well, I'm going out to see

if I can save the
beauty from the beast.


[Knocking at door]

Who is it?

Marshal Dillon.

Why, Marshal, what
are you doing here?

Well, Colleen, I'd like to
see you for a minute, if I can.

Why, I'm just delighted.
Come right on in.

Thank you.

Well, Colleen, I understand that
you've been seeing Bull Reeger.

Yes, I have. He's just about
the nicest man I ever met.

Well, Colleen, look,

I... I don't want to
interfere in your business.

But, you see, I've known
Bull Reeger for a long time.

And, well, he's just
not the kind of a man

that a girl like you
should be associating with.

Aw, Marshal, my old
Aunt... God bless us both...

She said that innocence
was its own defense.

Well, I'm just afraid that your
aunt never met Bull Reeger.

Oh, he's just trying
to be kind and helpful

just like you are, Marshal.

Why, everybody's
been so nice to me.

Chester stopped by
twice this morning.

He did?

Yeah. You know, Mr. Reeger
just simply insists on helping me.

Why, this morning he took
me out to the edge of town

to show me this
little old house of his.

He said I could live in it
for nothing as long as I liked.

- He did?
- Yeah.

Oh, I told him I couldn't
think of doing such a thing.

And you know what else he said?

He said I could have it.
He would give it to me.

- He'd give you the house?
- Yes!

[Bull] And that's
exactly what I done.

Don't you know how
to knock, Reeger?

Not when the
door's open, Marshal.

I went and done it, little lady.

Had it all drawn up proper
and legal over at the bank.

This here's the deed.

Mr. Reeger!

The house is yours,
lock, stock, and barrel.

And no strings on it.

You can move in right
away if you have a mind to.

I... I loaded it up
with groceries for you.

Why, Marshal,
isn't this wonderful?

I'm just so excited.
I'm going to have

to go read this little
paper all the way through.

You do that.

Reeger, I'm telling you
right now, I don't like this.

Well, all's fair, Marshal.

Now, let me tell you something.

This girl is new in
town. She's young.

And she's all alone.

And I'm making it
my business to see

she doesn't get
into any trouble.

Marshal, I played it
fast and loose all my life.

But you're looking at a changed
man standing here, Marshal.

I've been born new.

And I'll marry that young
lady if-ing she'll have me.

Marry her?

That's right.

All right, if she
wants to marry you,

that's her business.

Good-bye, Colleen.

Why, Chester, what are you
doing here this time of night?

Well, it's only 8:00.

I... I just thought I'd bring
a few things down to you.

Oh, well aren't you a
darling. Come right on in!

Oh. Thank you.

Oh. Oh, my goodness.

What all did you bring me?

Well, just a few things to eat.

Oh, well, put them
down right, uh, right here.

Kind of looks like you got
a few things there already.

Oh, just some things
Mr. Reeger dropped off.

How'd you know I was out here?

Well, they... they
told me at the hotel.

Oh, they did?


- Uh, speaking of Mr. Reeger...
- Yes?

Uh, actually that there is
the reason why I come out,

Coll... Miss Tawny.

You see, I... Well, he
ain't too nice of a man.

- No?
- No. No.

And I just... Well, I
thought that you'd maybe

oughtn't to be seen with him.

You know, a nice girl like you.

[Knocking at door]

Oh! Oh, would you get
the door for me, please?


Men are sure all alike.

Well, is that something
you just found out recently?

No. But I've been
reminded of it the last 3 days,

watching them all flutter around
that little Miss Colleen Tawny.

Well, they think she
needs protection, Kitty.

She needs protection
like a tiger in a circus.


That's what the
iron bars are for.

To protect the tiger.

Oh. Mm-hmm.

Well, I'll have to
remember that.

Flat broke 3 days ago.

And now she's got a
house of her own and, well,

enough food to
last her for a month.

That's not the end of it either.

Chester's still running
up there 3 or 4 times a day

with more groceries.

Oh, and that Bull Reeger.
Now, there's a real Romeo.

Well, see, they're
trying to protect her

because she's an orphan.

Well, she probably
drowned her parents.

Kitty, you're a pretty
hard taskmaster.

Say, how'd you like to have
lunch over at Delmonico's?

I'd like that.

All right. I'll stop
by the office.

And I'll be back to pick you up.




2 bottles, Clem.

There we are, Bull.

Thanks. Put 'em on the bill.


I guess Reeger's
trying to protect

that poor little
girl from water.

Now, what is it... 5 cards to
each person to begin with?

That's right, honey.

Don't you never play with nobody

that's got more
than 5 cards, neither.

Why would anybody
want to do that?

Don't bother to ask them why.

Just put a bullet
in their belly.

Oh, Mr. Reeger.

I'm sorry. I... I forgot.

I need a drink.

Oh, here, that's not
enough. Let me get it for you.

I can do it.

Why, I'm delighted to do it
after all you've done for me.

Oh, that ain't nothing
to what I'll do for you

if-ing you'll marry me.

Now, Mr. Reeger, that's a
very big step for a girl to take.

Now, you know I'm going
to have to think it over.

Sure. Well, I... I ain't
pushing you none.

You've been so kind
giving everything.

Even teaching me
this silly old game.

What I can't figure out is
why a pretty little gal like you

would want to learn
to play draw poker.

Oh, I didn't really.

It's just so many people talking
about it, I sounded so ignorant.

Is that to your liking?

I ain't never seen no whiskey
yet that weren't to my liking.

Would you like some more?

Well now, doggone! I
never did see a woman

know how to treat
a man like you do.

Aw, Mr. Reeger,
it's a pleasure for me.

That's a woman's place
in life as far as I see it.

Oh, honey, you
sure see it right!

Oh, Mr. Reeger, we're
forgetting the game.

Oh, you pick up your cards
and show me what to do.

I've forgotten already.
I'm such a ninny.

Well, I guess I'm all ready.

I sure do appreciate
this, Mr. Jonas.

Oh, 'tain't nothing,
Miss Colleen.

No really, I just don't know
what I'd of done without you.

You know, I'm all
alone in the world...

Don't you worry about a thing.

I'm just more than glad to
do anything I can to help you.

You're a real gentleman.


Howdy, Doc.

Mr. Dillon.


Have you seen Colleen lately?

You know...

Mr. Dillon, sometimes I
get... get to feeling that...

Well, that she don't hardly
even know that I'm alive.

Well, you got some
pretty stiff competition

with that Bull Reeger, you know.

Well, yeah. He bought
her a whole house.

Well, you just let him spend
too doggone much time

alone with her.
That's the trouble.

Well, Doc, I can't spend
all my time with her.

I mean, I'm just so broke
and so far in debt now

that I just ain't never
going to get out.

Well, you give up.
That's the trouble.

A faint-heart never
won a fair lady.

Oh well, yeah. It's easy
for you to talk. Yeah.

At least I done
something for her.

If it'd been up to a lot of
people I know around here,

she'd of starved to death.

Oh, I don't... I don't
think there's much chance

of her dying of
starvation, do you?

Not likely with that stock
of groceries she's got there.

Well, at least the poor,
defenseless little thing

knows that there's
somebody in this whole world

that she can turn to.

All right, Marshal,
where is she?

What have you done with her?

Why, is something wrong, Reeger?

There's plenty wrong.
She's gone, that's what.

She's gone?!

Well, what... What
happened to her?

That's what I came
here to find out.

She cleared out bag and baggage.

And you had
something to do with it.

Now, just hold on here a minute.

Suppose you just tell
us what happened, huh?

Well, we was just sitting there.

And I was teaching
her to play draw poker.

And I kind of dozed
off for a minute.

Drunk, probably.

Now, you just
wait a minute, Doc!

How much did you lose?

Oh, about $1,200,
near as I can figure.

How'd you know I lost?

You mean...

nah, she couldn't have
been cheating, could she?

You were there.

Well, I wasn't
paying no attention.

Now listen, if something's
happened to her,

I'm going out there at
the house and find out.

All right. We'll
all go along. Doc?

I wouldn't miss it.

Well, there ain't nothing
there. Nothing at all.

Oh, what is this about her
leaving bag and baggage?

Her clothes. She took
her clothes with her.

She even took that little
lacey thing I bought her.

Cost me plenty, too.

Well, I wanted to sell you
one of them cotton robes

for half the price, Reeger.

What are you doing here?
Where's Miss Colleen?

Oh, she took the train for St.
Louis about half an hour ago.

She what?

Yeah. I walked her
down to the depot myself.

That's a smart young
woman. She's got a good head.

Yeah. Good thing she
didn't take the house along.

It's a lucky thing
for me she couldn't.

What do you mean?

She sold it to me.

Made over the
deed and everything.

$1,400. Cash.

This house is worth $3,000!

That's about
what I figured it at.

Marshal... You gave
it to her, Reeger.

She had a legal
right to sell it.

I'm going to take her to court.

I'll prove she got me
drunk or something.

Mm-hmm. You want to be
the laughing stock of town, huh?

Yeah. I think if I
was you, Reeger,

I'd just forget about
the whole thing.

Well, I just, uh...

Well, I just don't
understand it.

I mean, well what in the
world is going to happen to her?

Chester, I wouldn't
worry about her.

I think she'll get
along all right.

As a matter of fact, I
think she'll always find

somebody to protect her.

Doc, how about a beer, huh?

Suits me.

- Jonas?
- Uh-huh.

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