Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 24 - Kitty's Killing - full transcript

♪♪ [theme]

starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

♪ My daddy come west ♪

♪ Of Kansas ♪

♪ To make his home ♪

♪ In Kansas ♪

♪ But all that he made ♪

♪ Was his own grave ♪

♪ When he crossed
the path of... ♪

- [knock on door]
- Come in!

- ♪ He'd always come... ♪
- [knocking]

Well, come on in.
The door ain't locked.

Heaven's sakes, you
can't expect me to...

To look up and go over
to the door every time...


Oh, well, I'd already
knowed it was a stranger.

Nobody else would
bother to knock.

You're not the marshal.

Uh, no.

The marshal rode
out south of town.

Is there anything
that I could do for you?

- You look like a good man.
- Yeah.

I was told the marshal is a
good man. Are you good also?

Well, I don't know about that.

I could tell you one thing...

I expect to do just
about as good as I can.


But these are cells?

Uh, well yeah.

I want you to
unlock one of them.

Well, what for? There
ain't nobody in there.

I want you to put
someone in there.

Well, where is he?
What's he done?

I want you to lock me up.


are you giving
yourself up? Is that it?

My hands are clean!

Well then, I'm sorry, mister. I
don't think that I could do that

without you having
done something.

I think there's
a law against it.

I must be locked up now.

Well, I think you come
to the wrong place.

Well, this is the jail.

But you said that
you ain't done nothing.

I'm about to kill a man.

I want you to lock
me up to prevent it.

Well, now... now listen, mister,

you don't have to kill
nobody if you just think on it.

Besides, what good
would it do to lock you up?

I mean, after you get out...

It will be all right tomorrow.

He will have left
town by tomorrow.

- Well now, listen, I just don't know now.
- [door opens]

- Oh, Mr. Dillon.
- Hello, Chester.

- Golly, you got here just in time.
- That so? What's the problem?

Well, this feller here
wanted me to lock him up.

He claims that he's
going to kill somebody.

- Kill somebody?
- Yeah.

Well, what's your name, mister?

I'm called Jeremiah
Leech, Marshal.

Jeremiah Leech?

Now what's...
what's your trouble?

I'm about to kill
a man, Marshal.

- I want you to lock me up till morning.
- Who is the man?

Radford! Ollie Radford.

Ollie Radford? Well,
what's he done?

He's a bad man, Marshal.
He ought to be punished.

I see. And you figure
that's your job, huh?

That's right. That's why
I want you to lock me up

till he leaves town tomorrow.

All right.

You've acted wisely, Marshal.

Maybe. But let me tell
you something, Mr. Leech...

When you get out of
here tomorrow morning,

you leave the
punishment to the law.

The law doesn't need any help.

The bad man must die, Marshal.

And so must the murderer.

You think about that.


Mr. Dillon, that feller
there absolutely baffles me.

You know, talking
to him is like...

Well, it's like being out in
a rowboat without no oars,

just helpless.

Did you ever hear of that Ollie
Radford that he's talking about?

- No, I never have.
- Well, me neither.

- He sure is a strange one, isn't he?
- Strange?

Well, I'll tell you... I've seen
people that was kicked in the head

that had more
sense than he does.

I'm telling you, a feller like that
could be downright dangerous.

Well, I'm sure not gonna
worry about it tonight.

I'm tired.

- Here's your coffee, Leech.
- 'Morning, Chester.


Mr. Dillon says you'll get
the rest of your breakfast

- when he turns you loose.
- Thank you.

Of course, if you was going
to stay here with us for a while,

why, I could fix you
something more to eat.

- [Leech] I seldom eat.
- You seldom eat?

Oh, just a little bread
now and then, Chester.

Oh. Well, that isn't what I
meant. What I meant was, like,

fried chicken and
mashed potatoes

with that kind of...
That speckled gravy

and pickled beets
with the corn on the cob

and the butter
oozing up out of it

and real hot biscuits that's just
a little bit burnt on the bottom

so they're nice and
crusty with the honey...

- Good morning, Chester.
- Uh, oh, good morning.

Ah, you had your breakfast yet?

Uh, well, I was just
thinking about it.

- Uh-huh. Still got Leech in there?
- Yeah.

- You might as well turn him loose.
- Well, all right.

Mr. Dillon said
you could come out.

Thank you, Chester.

I want to thank you, Marshal.

I couldn't have resisted killing
that man last night without your help.

Tell me, Leech, how did you
like spending the night locked up?

Well, Marshal, I can't say
I'd like it as a regular thing.

Well, most men wouldn't.

You know, you're going to have to
change your plans about killing this man

or you're liable to spend the rest
of your life in one of those cells,

if they don't hang you. You
understand what I mean?

Marshal, I'm a different man

from the one you saw
standing before you last night.

At that time, my soul was
filled with passion, with anger.

But now in the cold light of
morning, that anger has left me.

Well, good. I'm
glad to hear that.

What are your plans now?

I'm going on to
Colorado, Marshal.

I shall take the Denver
stage in the next few days.

All right, you're free to go.

But just remember
what I told you.

Yes sir.

I thank you once again, Marshal.

You know, for somebody that was
as worked up as he was last night,

he sure is as mild as
milk this morning, ain't he?

Yeah. Well, are
you still hungry?

- Yeah.
- Let's go eat.

Uh, Matt? Hold
on there a minute.

Let's go talk to Marshal Dillon.

Uh, Matt, this is Ollie Radford.

Ollie, this is Marshal
Dillon and Chester Goode.

- How do you do?
- What was that last name again?

- It's Radford, Marshal.
- Ollie Radford?

How long you been
around town, Ollie?

Oh, not too long, Marshal.
I seldom get to town.

I set up ranching out near
Cimarron a few months back.

Oh? What brings you in now?

My wife. She's
expecting any day now.

Yeah, see, I moved them
in over at Ma Smalley's there

because I want to have Mrs. Radford
where I can keep an eye on her.

Now, Ollie, I'm gonna
have to make another call,

but you tell Mrs. Radford I'll
drop in on her this afternoon.

And don't you worry, either,
because I've never lost a father.

Thank you, Doc.

Ollie, do you know a man by
the name of Jeremiah Leech?

Leech? Is he around here?

He sure is.

He was threatening
to kill you last night.

Marshal, that man
is full of foolish talk.

What's he got
against you anyway?

Well, four years
ago, back in Missouri,

I was married to his
daughter. She died.

- Leech blamed me.
- I see. Why?

She died trying
to have our baby.

That's why I want the
doc close by this time.

How did he find you?
Has he been following you?

Not that I know of, Marshal.
We ain't seen him in years.

- Does he know you're married again?
- He must have found out.

That's probably why he
was carrying on so last night.

He'd think it was a terrible
thing, me marrying again.

Well, he thinks you've left town
again now, so let's just leave it that way.

He's an odd kind
of a fellow, Marshal.

Now I don't want
no trouble with him.

He's planning to leave
Dodge himself in a few days.

I'll see if I can't
hurry him along.

Well, I don't want to go
through this again now.

I can't stay off the streets
forever. There ain't no justice in this.

Ollie, I'll tell you
exactly what I told him:

You leave the
justice to the law.

Come on, Chester.

- Has he left, Mr. Dillon?
- No, he didn't leave by stage.

Well, he didn't leave by train neither,
or by horse, if Moss Grimmick's right.

Then he still must be
around town somewhere.

Well, we've looked just
about everywhere that there is.

Just to think that we
had him right in our hands

not more than two hours ago.

Chester, I'll tell you what we'll
do: We'll try a few more saloons.

You head down that
way; I'll go this way.

- I'll meet you back at the office.
- All right.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, I thought you
wasn't never gonna show up.

There's no sign of him yet, huh?


Yeah. I was kind of hoping
he'd showed up here.

- No sir.
- The only thing I can figure

is that he must have had a
horse hidden out somewhere.

You mean you think that we've
been looking for him all day

and he might not
have even been here?

It's possible.

Well, Mr. Dillon, he was
going to go to Denver, he said.

Now I don't think he would have
rode a horse all the way to Denver,

a fellow like him.

No, just a possibility, Chester.

I think I'm gonna go back and
check the Long Branch again.

- Well, I'll go with you.
- No no, you stay here

in case he shows up back here.

I'll be back in a few minutes.

If he shows up here,

I don't know whether I
want to be here or not.

[piano playing]

- Okay, go on with your story.
- That's about all there is to it, Kitty.

Ollie Radford's over at Ma Smalley's
and nobody knows where Mr. Leech is.

- Maybe he has left town.
- I hope so.

Miss Kitty, would you mind the
bar? I have to get another keg of beer.

Oh sure, Clem.

Hey now, Matt, if I do hear
anything, I'll sure let you know.

Thanks, Kitty. I was by here earlier,
but they said you weren't around.

No, I didn't come
in till after supper.

I've been promising myself a
day off, so I just up and took it.


- Matt?
- That's him now.

It'd have to be.

Marshal. Ma'am.

Where you been all day, Leech?

In a grove by the river. It's good
for a man to be alone at times.

Mmm. What brought you back?

I come here to observe...

To watch the human
animals in action.

You picked a good place for it.

I'll have a beer if you
don't mind, ma'am.


Marshal, you asked me
where I'd been all day.

- Were you looking for me?
- I was.


You told me this morning
you were going to leave town.

That's right... in a few days.

Well, I want you to
leave right now, tonight.


There's a stage out at
midnight. You can be on it.

But why? I have done
nothing wrong here.

That'll give you a couple
hours to pack your bags.


Marshal, you were
good and honest with me

when I came to you for help.

I shall ever abide
by your wishes.

I'll be on the stage.

Thank you, ma'am.

Hmm, he gives me the creeps.

You know, I think I'll be
glad when he leaves town too.

So will I. Look, I want
you to do me a favor.


I gotta get back to the
office. Keep an eye on him

and see as he gets out of
here in time to make that stage.

All right.

If he doesn't, send Clem
or somebody over, will you?


Clem, what's taking you so long?

Oh, a couple of
the barrels fell over!

Mmm. Take it easy.

Wait a minute.
I'll get the door.

These are getting heavier every day.
- [laughs]

[Goode] Miss Kitty?

- Have you seen Doc?
- No, why?

Well, Ollie Radford just
run over from Ma Smalley's

- and his wife took sudden...
- Shh. Shh.

And I can't find...
- Chester.

- Huh?
- He's sitting right over there.

- Who, Doc?
- No, Leech.


Matt just left here. He told
me to keep an eye on him

and make sure he gets
on that stage on time.

Well, where's Mr. Dillon? Did
he say where he was going?

He's going back to the
office. Didn't you see him?

Well, no. I'll go find him. Maybe
he can tell me where Doc is.

Clem, do you have
any coffee in the back?

You bet I have.

- Gee, I'd love it if you'd bring me a cup.
- Sure.

That must have been bad news
the marshal's helper brought.

No, it was just
some town business.

I caught the name of Radford...
Something about his wife and the doctor.

She's having a baby, I take it?

You got big ears.

Ollie Radford's
wife having a baby.

Where is this place...
This Ma Smalley's?

It's a long way from here. It's
clear on the other end of town.

Tell me how to get there.

It's getting late. Your stage is
going to be leaving pretty soon.

There's time enough for that.

Now you give me directions
how to get to this place.

I want to see Radford.
I want to see him now.

You'll never be able
to find it in the dark.

Well, you take me there.
We'll find it together.

Look, why don't you just cool off and,
well, have another drink on the house?

You're going to take me to this
place where Radford has his wife

and you're going to take me now.

I'm taking you nowhere.

You raise your
voice the slightest

or give any kind of
warning and you're dead.

You'll die right here and now
unless you do as I tell you.

Now then, take me to Radford.

Make up your mind.

The back way.

- I'm sure much obliged to you both.
- Don't mention it, Ollie.

Well, we was just lucky to
find Doc as soon as we did.

He'd been out to Morrison's
place. Their youngest cut his arm.

Doc said he'd like
to have bled to death.

Yeah, well, Chester, we don't
have to bring that up right now.

Well, the important thing
is that we did find him.

And I thank you for it.

Doc says the baby will
be born in maybe an hour.

- Well, I'll be.
- That's wonderful.

And don't worry about a thing.
Doc really knows what he's doing.

When it comes
to babies, he does.

Well, I ain't
worried about that.

But I don't want Leech showing
up around here causing trouble.

Now, Ollie, don't worry
about Leech either.

We'll handle him.
You just sit tight.

I'd better get back inside.

- Thank you, Marshal.
- You betcha.

- Chester.
- We'll see you later, Ollie.


Real nice fella. Where are
we going, back to the office?

No, we're going over to the
Long Branch and make sure

Leech gets on that Denver stage.

How much farther?

It's not far.


What is it?

We've come a long way. Are
you sure you know where it is?

Of course I'm sure.

Where is it?

It's around the corner
and down another block.

All right, lead the way.

That's what I've been doing.

He was sitting right
there at the table.

- Clem.
- Marshal, Chester, what can I do for you?

I'm looking for that Leech... That
fellow that was sitting back there.

- Oh, he left a while ago.
- He did?

Yeah, him and Miss
Kitty went out together.

Went out together?

What would she want
to go out with him for?

- Where'd they go?
- I don't know.

I was down at the other end of the
bar and they went out the back door.

- Come on.
- Well, uh...

It's sure darker than
the inside of a cat's belly.

We ain't gonna be
able to track 'em now.

Chester, I tell you
what I want you to do...

You go back to Ma Smalley's
and wait there in case he shows up.

- I'm gonna look around some.
- You want me to wait for you there?

Yeah. I'll be back
as soon as I can.


Now we've gone far enough.
Just where is this boarding house?

It's right there... third one.

- There are no lights.
- That's because we came the back way.

Ma Smalley doesn't waste
lights in the back of the house.

There'll be a light up
front where Ollie is.

There'd better be. Now lead on.

And lead straight.

- Is this the house?
- Yeah.

All right, go on in.

Don't you think we'd
better see if they're there?

Go on.

- Go on.
- [door creaks]

Get round that table.

Stop there.

There's no light beyond.

Well, I told you... Ma Smalley
doesn't like to waste light.

You told me there'd be
a light up here in front.

I thought there would be.

Light that candle.

We'll soon find out
whether you're lying or not.

Come back where you were.


You're a brave woman.

You led me to a deserted house.

And a long way
from Ma Smalley's.

I might have known it.

You tricked me. You want to
keep me away from Ollie Radford.

But I'll fix you for that.

You just stay right
where you are.

That gun can't stop me.

Oh yes, it can.

You don't dare shoot.

I will if I have to.

You know shooting you won't
be murder; it will be self-defense.

I said to stay where you are.

Lady, I mean no harm.

I wouldn't harm a woman
as beautiful as you.

Just head for the door.




Oh, Matt!

Oh, it's an awful
thing to kill a man.


Yeah, Kitty, it's bad.

Come on, I'll take
you out of here.

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