Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 12 - Miguel's Daughter - full transcript

Drifters Ab Cole and Rusk Davis repeatedly bother virtuous Chavela Ramirez and their actions eventually cause serious injury to the young woman. Matt takes Cole into custody and warns Chavela's proud father Miguel that there will be serious consequences if he defends his daughter's "honor" by going after Davis himself.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Do you need any eggs?

Not today.

Ain't this the deadest
doggone town?

Yeah. Not a thing
inside worth admirin'.

Towns ain't everything, Rusk.

They was in all them beautiful
dreams I had coming up the trail.

Well, I don't remember
having enough sleep to dream.

What do you say we
ride on in to Hay City

and see what it's like up there?

Sure. Texas can wait for me.

First, let's have
ourselves one more drink.

That makes sense. Come on!

- Oh, señor!
- Oh. Hey, well, now.

Looky here.

You dern near dropped her, Rusk.

She's a right pretty-looking
thing, ain't she?

- Sure is!
- Please, señor, my basket.

Well, now just a minute here.

It was me that kept them eggs

from gettin' broken,
ain't that right, Ab?

That's right.

Sure, if it wasn't
for me, these eggs

would've been broke
all over the place.

I'm grateful, señor.
Please let me have...

Well now, first I figure you might
want to thank me for the favor.

I do thank you, señor.
But, please, can I...

Why, sure I understand.

But that ain't exactly
what I mean. Is it, Ab?

That's right.

Pretty little gal like her ought to
know what I mean, don't you think?

If she don't, she
ought to get learned.

That's what I mean. Look here
now, show me one little old kiss.

Come on.

She understands
what I mean, don't ya?

Hold onto her, Ab.

No, señor! No!

Wait a minute here,
one little old kiss

ain't goin' hurt you none.

[all talking at once]

He ain't gonna hurt you none!

No! No!


You men leave that girl alone!

Get your hands
off of her, I said.

Who are you?

Never mind who I am.
Just leave her alone!

Aw, we were just
havin' a little fun.

You'd better get out of here
before I send for the law.

Now, we ain't done nothin'.

Do you want to
go to jail, mister?

Oh, now... Get!

Darn fussbudget!

Those men, they
were wrong, señorita.

I do not kiss.

Of course you don't.

Just forget 'em.

Come along with me,
honey, up to my room.

You can wash your face
and calm down a little.

You're very kind, señorita.

Here, drink this.

Thank you, señorita.

Maybe a little shot of
whiskey would help, huh?

Oh, I be all right. Thank you.

Chavela, is there something else
bothering you besides those men?

My father, if he finds
out, he will kill them.

He's not gonna find out. We
don't even know their names.

My father is a
man of much honor.

He would kill them both.

I wouldn't worry about it now.

Look, why don't you
run in the other room,

wash your face, huh?

[knocking at door]

Come on in.


Where's the girl?

She's in the other room.

Who is she anyway?

Well, her name is
Chavela Ramirez.

She and her father have taken over
the old Grimes place west of town.

Well, that's an
awful rundown spot.

They said they were
having a pretty hard time of it.

That's mean ground out there.

Matt, I was wondering if you
had anything real important

that you had to do the
rest of this afternoon.

No, why?

Chavela's a nice girl,
and, well, I'd hate it

if those drunks got
their hands on her again.

Now, Kitty, if
you got after 'em,

they're probably
halfway to Texas by now.

I'm serious. She drove
a wagon into town.

And I want you to make sure
that she gets home all right.

Well, now, Kitty. Wait a minute.

In this case, I
won't mind a bit.


I can have her ready
anytime you are.


We'll be waitin'
out in front for you.

Look, in case those men
are still around town...

Haven't left... well have somebody
sit on 'em 'til I get back, will ya?

I'll have 'em wrapped
in barbed wire for you.

Please stop here, Marshal.


I will thank you, señor, if
you would leave me here.

And I'll go on alone now.

Well, it's just a little bit
farther down the road.

Don't you want us to take
you the rest of the way home?

No, señor.

Well, sure. We've
taken you this far.

We might as well
go the rest of the way.

But you do not
understand, señor...


Father! Father!

Father! Father!

These men have protected me!

Put the gun down.

Stand where you are!

You are wrong, Father.

These men have come
with me so I will be safe.

I will talk with them.

Tell me who you are.

My name is Dillon. I'm
the United States marshal

in Dodge City.


Señor Marshal.

My name is Miguel Ramirez.

Now, you want to tell me
what this is all about, Ramirez?

I fear for my daughter
in this land, señor.

Today, my cow, she was calving.

I could not go to town.

Well, you can't go
around taking potshots

at everybody that comes
up your road either, you know.

Anybody brings trouble
to my house, señor,

I will kill him.

That is the way it must be.

A man can't take the law
into his own hands, Ramirez.

That's also the way it must be.

There is the law of a
man's honor, señor.

It must be in his own hands.

As long as I'm
around here, Ramirez,

the law is going to
stay in my hands.

Now, any time you have
trouble, you come to me.

I'll give you all
the help you need.

You just remember that.


next time you come to town
alone, stop by the office first.

We'll see that
everything's all right.

Thank you, señor.

I reckon this is the place.

Yeah, sure ain't much.

Yeah. Now just go around front.

You take my horse while I
go inside and talk to the gal.

You're really took
with her, ain't ya?

Just gonna tell her
I was a little drunk

and I'm sorry.
That's all. Come on.

Stay on that horse, señor!

Must be her old man.

Ain't no need for
a gun there, mister.

We just wanted to come by
to pay your daughter a visit.

That's all.

Get off my land.

Now... Now, it ain't no
use to get mean about it.

We just sort of
come by to say hello.

Yeah, you ought to be
invitin' us in for coffee.

I warn you once more.

Turn your horses. Ride back.

You watch it there, you fool!

Go now!

- Let's get out of here!
- Go!

What are you doin', Rusk?

We ain't gonna let no
dirt farmer drive us off.

I ain't done nobody no harm.

What do you aim to do?

You just stay with me.
You'll see what I'm gonna do.

- Rusk, I don't think...
- Are you scared?

No, I ain't scared, but I don't
want to see anybody gettin' killed.

I ain't gonna kill nobody.

We're just gonna
pay him a visit.

Wait 'til it's dark.

Rusk, her pa meant business.

He got my back
up acting like that.

Come on.

Well, Doc, I'm afraid
you hurt his feelings.

Well, I'm afraid he's
trying to poison us.

I got to admit this isn't
the best food I ever tasted.

Really. It's too bad Chester
isn't here to enjoy some of it.

What you got against him?

Oh, nothin' at
all. It's just that...

Well, I got a theory about it.

Hmm. I might have known.

Well, I have. And I have...

I've done considerable
research about it.

Right here too.

You see, I figure
that if a person

eats food like this long enough,

that your stomach kind of builds
up an immunity to it, you see.

And your stomach
gets stronger...

And your head gets weaker?

Well, that's why I figured

it couldn't possibly hurt
Chester too much, you see.

Uh, are you the Doc?


You'd better come with me, Doc.

We got a gal out there
on the prairie who...

Doc: Well, what?

Uh, well,

I guess I'd better wait
and see you alone, Doc.

I think you'd better go
right on talkin', mister.

Well, it really ain't
nothin' bad, Marshal.

No need for you
to concern yourself.

Who is this girl?

Well, I don't rightly
know her name.

Just a little Mexican gal.

What happened to her?

Well, I don't rightly know, Doc.

We were just trying
to explain things to her

and she fell down and
hit her head, I guess.

But she ain't moved since,

and we was kinda
gettin' a little worried.

Well, how long ago was it?

About two hours.

Oh, good heavens.

Well, I'll take you
right there, Doc.

You bet you will.

Hey, wait a minute!

You won't be
needin' this. Let's go.

Come on.

Well, I'm sure I left her
right here by this dead tree.

Hey, Rusk!


Hey, Rusk, I brung the doc!

Hollerin' for him
ain't gonna help none.

Let's spread out
and look around.

Doc, you'd better stay here.

- You come with me.
- Sure, Marshal.

Chavela: Oh, my
head. It hurt me.

Mr. Dillon! Mr. Dillon,
over here! Quick!

Over here. I found her, Doc.

Just laying right
here on the ground.


[Chavela groans]

Chavela, it's Doc
Adams. You just be quiet.

You'll be all right.

My head hurts.

I know, dear. Just be quiet.

My head, it hurt me.

Ab: I don't know
how she got here.

I left her back
there by that tree.

I'm tellin' you, Marshal,

we didn't mean no
harm. You can't blame us.

Shut up, will ya?

Matt, you want to talk to her?

Yes. Is it all right?

Go ahead.


Now everything's
going to be all right.

You wanna tell us what happened?

They come to the house.

They wanted to talk to me.

Where was your father?

They tricked him.

One of them hit him from behind.

I got scared and ran
out here and hit my head.

Then I... I tried to
go back to the house.

But it hurt me.

What do you think, Doc?

I'd like to get
her to the house.

Can you carry her?


We'd better get back there.
Her father may be hurt, too.

No, he ain't hurt none.

I tapped him real light.

He'll tell you
when we get there.

Next time he sees you,
mister, he'll probably kill ya.


Miss, I'm sorry
this had to happen.

Honestly, Marshal, we
didn't aim to hurt her none.

Kind of late to
be sorry, isn't it?


Yes, sir.

Take him back to
jail and lock him up.

Hey! Doggone, this ain't fair!

All right, come on. Get movin'.

How is she, Ramirez?

Well, the doc,
he's not sure yet.

Well, Doc will take good
care of her. He's a good doctor.

S í.

How are you feeling now?

They hurt me, Marshal.

But not here.

I know.

I'll find him, Ramirez.
Don't you worry.

I do not worry.

I wonder what
he's doing out here.

Mr. Dillon.

Anything wrong, Chester?

No, no. I just thought I
ought to ride back out here

and maybe lend you a hand.

What about Ab Gaul?

Well, I locked him up
and throwed away the key.

In a manner of
speaking, that is.

I got it right here.

Well, I hope he
doesn't starve to death.

Well, I give him
a bucket of water.

Told him he could do anything
that he wanted to with it.

How's Chavela?

Oh, we don't know yet.
Doc's in there with her now.

Are you gonna...

wait here before you
go after that Rusk fella?


Don't you worry,
señor. We'll catch him.

I do not worry.

[door opens]

She's going to be
all right, Ramirez.

She's sleeping fine right now.

Now, I left a little box of
white pills in there by the bed,

and I want you to give her
one of those three times a day.

- Do you understand that?
- I understand.

All right. The most
important thing, though,

is for her to keep
quiet, get lots of rest.

And she'll be all right.

But you stay close to home
here in case she needs you.

I have a friend and his wife.

They will watch her.

Well, just so somebody does.

I'm goin' on into town, Matt.

All right, Chester
will ride with ya.


Now, Chester, Rusk
knows we're after him.

He might try anything.

One of us better stay in Dodge.

Well, yeah, I never
thought of that.

I... you ready, Doc?

Yep. Let's go.

Well, good luck
to you, Mr. Dillon.

See you later.


S í, Marshal?

I want to talk to
you for a minute.

S í, Marshal.

Now, you told Doc
something about some people

that were going to come
here and stay with Chavela?

Mexican people. They
know us. They will come.

Let me handle this, will you?

Now, you've got Chavela
in there. She's all right.

And I've got this
man locked up in jail.

There were two men, Marshal.

I know there were two men.

And I'm going
after the other one.

I'm going after him,
you understand?

Ramirez, you can't take
the law into your own hands.

If you kill somebody,
you're going to hang for it.

Now, you'd better remember that.

I'll remember it, Marshal.

All right, then you
stay here with Chavela.

I'll get that man,
I'll promise you.

Of course, Marshal.

And there's something else.

Chavela needs you. Not just
now, but for a long time to come.

You're not going to be much
good to her in jail, are ya?


I think you are right, Marshal.

You stay here with Chavela.

I'll let you know as
soon as I find Rusk.

Goodbye, Marshal.

[singing indistinctly]

♪ He'll make his home... ♪

[horses approaching]

Hey, Ab.

You want a cup of coffee?

I want my supper.

Well, we ain't runnin' no
boarding house around here.

You can't jail a man
and not feed him.

Well, you ate this morning.

Now, you want this cup of coffee,
or am I gonna throw it away?

Eh, it ain't even good coffee.

Well, you're just lucky
it ain't a cup of water.



[singing indistinctly]

[door opens]

Oh, howdy, Doc.

You're certainly cordial
and effervescent today.

Uh, what?

Well, I mean you don't make a fella
feel exactly welcome around here.

Well, uh, I'm sorry, Doc.

You see, I've been expecting
Mr. Dillon for three or four days now.

I have, too.

Would you like a
cup of coffee, Doc?

Well, you... you
certainly are changeable.

What's the occasion?

Oh, there's no occasion.

I just thought you might
like a good cup of coffee.

I certainly would.

Well, now looky here, Doc.
I don't have to take that...

Wait a minute. Just...

Chester, I wanna tell you,
without any question at all,

you make the finest cup of
coffee in the whole state of Kansas.


That's the truth.
No doubt about it.

- I do?
- Sure.

Uh, could you loan me a dollar?

A dollar?

Well, I kinda went broke
last night is what I done.


Well, what difference does
it make how it happened?

I mean, are you gonna
loan me a dollar or ain't ya?

All right, here you are.

Oh, well, I sure do...

Hold on here a minute.

You told me yourself two
weeks ago you stopped gamblin'.

Well, yeah, that's right.

Well, if you swore off,

how come you went
broke gamblin' last night?

Oh, no, no, no. Now, Doc.

Listen, I... I said that
I went broke. Yeah.

But now you was the one
that said it was gamblin'.

I didn't say nothing
about gamblin'.

What I said was "yeah."

But the "yeah" had nothing
to do with the gamblin'.

What the... the "yeah"...

Chester, just keep it and
spend it any way you want to.

Well, I sure do... [door opens]

- Matt.
- Mr. Dillon!

Doc, Chester.

My golly, I... I was
beginning to worry about you.

Are you all right?

Oh, I guess so.

You didn't find Rusk, huh?

Not yet.

Not yet? You mean you're
going out there again after him?

I'm afraid I have to, Doc.

As soon as I get a
square meal under my belt.

I've been livin' on branch
water and jerky for three days.

Well here, Mr. Dillon,

you just sit right down there
and have a cup of coffee.

Oh, thanks.

Well, how's the prisoner?

Oh, he's complainin'.

[door opens]


How's Chavela?

Gracias, señor doctor.

She is well.

What can we do for you, Ramirez?

Nothing, Marshal.

I brought the man to you.

He's outside.

Well, you just had
to do it, didn't you?

The law of a man's honor, señor.

It must be in his own hands.


Well, I'm sorry, Miguel.

I'm sorry it has to be this way.

Lock him up, Chester.

Yes, sir.

What's going to
happen to Chavela?

I don't know, Doc.

How am I going to explain to
her about her father's honor?