Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 35 - There Was Never a Horse - full transcript

Gunman Kin Creed arrives in Dodge determined to enhance his reputation by outdrawing Matt in a gunfight. He goes to great lengths to force Matt into a confrontation and is able to wound him, but it proves to be a pyrrhic victory.

Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hey, there, what are you doing?
That's my horse.

Look, I got there first.
What's the matter...

Give me a shot of rye.

Rye? I ain't too sure I got any left.

No rye?
What kind of a saloon is this?

- There's other saloons in Dodge.
- What if I like this one?

If I ain't got no rye,
you might not like it.

You're talking
to the wrong man, bartender.

Suppose you go find that bottle.

You're a stranger
here in Dodge, ain't you?

It beats living here,

being drunk to boot.

I ain't so drunk.

It's no business of yours, anyway.

Go home to your pigs, mister.

Well, you talk kind of big.

What's your name, anyway?

Kin Creed.

Kin Creed?

I never change it.


Way I hear it, Kin Creed's
pretty fast with his gun.

You heard right.

Now, shut up.

Here's your rye, mister.

Figured you'd probably find some.

Well, now look at you.

Sorry I gotta do it this way, Creed,

but I'm a little drunk.

I can't take no chances.

Any man with a gun in his hand
is taking chances, stranger...

...especially when he's pointing it at me.


Go back to my pigs, huh?

I'm going to kill you for that.

I'm going to be the man
that killed Kin Creed.

That man ain't been born yet.

Hold it!

All right, you can put the gun away, mister.

Who are you?

I'm the marshal here.

You ain't arresting me.

No. No, it was self defense.

- Chester.
- Yes, sir.

Will you get a couple men
and haul him out of here?

All right. Yes, sir.

- Must be Matt Dillon.
- That's right.

I'm Kin Creed.

- Arizona?
- Off and on.


What'd they do,
throw you out or something?

Nobody throws me
out of anywhere, Marshal,

including Dodge.

I don't like gunmen here, Creed.

I've heard of you, Marshal.

Heard you're right handy with a gun.

- I'm still alive.
- Me, too.

I'm gonna tell you something, Marshal.

Didn't mean a thing to me to kill
that drunk just now.

Not proud of it...

...but taking a man like you...

that'd be different.

You're all alike, Creed.
I hate every one of your kind.

Can you spare me some
of that coffee, Mr. Dillon?


You're paying for it, too, you know.

Well, that's just about all
that I can afford to pay for.

Don't tell me you're broke again.

Well, seems like that I'm always broke.

It just is that this month

I'm broker than I ever was, I guess.

Did you ever try saving money?

- Huh?
- Saving it.

You know, you get a dollar,
and you put 10 cents away.

Put it away where?

In a bank.


Ain't no bank gonna mess around
with just a little ol' dime.

All right, why don't you put dimes
in your sock,

and, you know, save up
a whole bunch of them?

Well, um, I don't know about that.

You don't know about what?

I mean, it wouldn't be too good
to walk around

with three or four dimes in your socks,

I wouldn't think.

Of course, I could try it.

I mean, I'll do anything to keep
from being broke.

I don't think you've got to worry much

about that.

Well, no, I ain't gonna worry about it.

It ain't gonna do you
no good to worry about it.

That ain't gonna keep me
from being broke, that's for sure.

Hello, Marshal.

And you're Chester.

Yeah, that's right.

- How are you?
- Well, I'm... I'm good.

Are you always good, Chester,

or are you just good today?

I'm always good.

I don't think you're going to be around
long enough to find out about it.

I don't know as I like that.

I don't like smart-alecs.
They get under my skin.

Seems to me like your skin's a little bit
thick for anything to get under it.

You don't carry a gun,
do you, Chester?

All right, Creed, that's enough.

- Is it, Marshal?
- You heard me.

- You've got a gun?
- Get out of here.

If you're calling me...


Go on, draw.

When I'm ready
to draw against you, Creed,

you'll know about it.


Mr. Dillon, I'm sorry I got you into that.

You didn't get me into anything, Chester.

He's just trying to start a fight
any way he can.

What would he do that for, though?

Guess he just wants to say
he killed Matt Dillon.

Come on.

- Hi, Kitty.
- Well, hello, Matt.

- Sit down.
- All right.

- You want a drink?
- No, thanks.

I heard what happened
at Del Monico's today.

Oh, yeah?

- He's kind of pushing you, isn't he?
- Yeah.

What are you going to do about it?


You're letting everybody think
you're afraid of him.

I'll tell you, Kitty, I never saw a man
faster with a gun than Kin Creed...

...but it's a game with him.

I'm not hired to play games.

If he breaks the law, I'll arrest him.

He seems awful confident he can beat you.

- He's willing to gamble on it.
- But why?

Because it'll build his reputation.

Well, I'm going back to the house.
I'll see you later.


- Mr. Dillon.
- What's going on?

- Can't... Can't tell, huh?
- Are you going to plant something?

Well, yeah, you see...

Well, actually, it's a garden
is what it is. It's a...

You see, right over here
I got my peas.

There's the green beans right there.

- Right there I got my radishes.
- Where?

Uh... well, they ain't there yet.

I mean, I've got to plant them first,

as soon as I can get my seeds.

I see.

And then right here, you see,

I'm going to have some carrots,

and then here's room
for turnips right there.


Gotta get the seeds, of course, first.

Yeah. Now, just a second.

I thought you told me
you were broke.


Well, then where you going to get
the money to buy the seeds?

Well, l...

Wouldn't you like a plate of greens
every now and then, Mr. Dillon?

I see. So you kind of figured
I'd buy the seeds.

Well, I kind of thought that, you know,

I'm doing the work and...
just till the end of the month.

I could pay you back then, you see.

Chester, where'd you get this idea anyway?
Who's been talking you into this?

Well, actually, this is on account of Doc,

you know, and what he said
just the other day

about scurvy and all.

- The other day?
- Yeah.

That was months ago.

Yeah, yeah, and it's been
worrying me ever since,

and I just decided
I'd do something about it.

Well, wish you a lot of luck,
but I'll tell you one thing.

By the time the birds get
through with that garden,

you might not have so
much greeneries left.

Oh, now, there ain't no birds
gonna get in that garden.

I can tell you that.

How do you figure to keep 'em out.
You gonna sit up all night with a shotgun?

You know that Doc said
it's a wonder

that the whole of Dodge
ain't down with scurvy

the way that they eat, you know...

poorly, no greens
or nothing like that in their diet.

Well, look, I hope your garden
works out real good.

Well, it will, now.

It's going to if l...

Seems like I just gotta plant it.
That's the thing.

Then... It needs to be planted
is what it needs.

- Okay. There you are.
- Thanks, Mr. Dillon.

You ain't going to be sorry about this.
I can tell you that.

Well, I sure hope not.

In the meantime, though,
I think I'll just stick with beef and pork.


I'm going down to the post office.
I'll see you later.

All right.
Thanks again.

Fred, that's for you.

Now, don't you forget
our checker game tonight.

Got any mail for me?

You, too, huh?

I don't know what you mean, Marshal.

- Don't you?
- Everybody else in town does.

You know what I got
in this envelope here?

It's a paycheck
from the United States Government,

and it's for enforcing the law.

It's not for stepping out into the street

and shooting it out with every crazy gunman
that comes into Dodge

trying to make a reputation for himself.

And that includes Mr. Kin Creed, too.

Sorry to disappoint you gentlemen,

but that's the way it is.


- Want another one?
- I'll tell you when I do.


I want to know about this Marshal.

What's it take to make him fight?

I wouldn't know, mister.

Sure don't insult easy.

What's the matter with him?

I guess he just ain't like you.

What do you mean by that?

He's a lawman.

He ain't interested in just gun fighting.


Yeah, maybe you're right.

Lookie here, mister, you can't...

I'll have that drink now, bartender.

Fellas, I need a little help here.

Wasn't hurtin' anybody.

I just can't understand it, Mr. Dillon.

That feller wasn't even wearing a gun.

- He wasn't even talking to him.
- Is he hurt bad?

Well, now, I didn't wait to find that out.

but he sure went down hard.

What do you think Creed would do
something like that for?

Well, he's got his fight, Chester.

You mean, with you.

That's right.

It just don't make no sense, Mr. Dillon,

that you have to shoot it out
with a feller like that.

Well, I can't let him go
any further, Chester.

He'll kill somebody next.
I might as well face it out with him.

- M-Mr. Dillon?
- Hmm.

You know, you said yourself
how good he was,

how fast he was with a gun.

- Yeah.
- Maybe he can beat you, huh?

I mean, you really don't think
that he can, though, do you?

You know what they all say, Chester.

There was never a horse
that couldn't be rode,

never a man that couldn't be throwed.

How is he?

Not too good, Marshal.

I guess you know it's against the law
to slug people here in Dodge.

Yeah, I kind of figured it was.

I don't suppose you'd go to jail
the easy way.

You know I won't, Marshal.

All right, you got your fight.
Let's get outside.

I can kill you real easy now, Marshal.

Yeah, but you won't.

Why not?

Because you wouldn't be able to brag
about killing an unarmed man, would you?

Pick up your gun, Marshal.

- The gun's busted.
- Well, get another one.

All right.

No, wait.

That's bleeding pretty bad.

I ain't gonna shoot me
no cripples neither.

The arm's all right.

Go see your friend
the doc and get it fixed.

I don't want you to have no excuses.

Take your time, Marshal.

I'll go have me a beer.

Chester, go get my gun
out of the drawer, will you,

and bring it up to Doc's?

Are you hurt bad, Mr. Dillon?

It's bleeding pretty bad.

Oh, I just remembered.

- Doc ain't up there at all.
- What?

No, I seen him this morning going
towards the stables.

He said he's going out
to Hoskin's place,

and he wouldn't be back
until late tonight.

Well, that's fine. Fine.

That bleeding's got to be stopped.

- There's only one thing to do.
- What?

You'll have to sew it up for me.

All right.


Yeah, yeah, that'll hold it.

It's got to be sewed up, Chester.

You know where Doc keeps
those needles and stuff there?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Here's the needle.


Bring that cotton
and the alcohol there, too.

Here's the cotton.

Pour some of that stuff in there.

That's good.
That's good.

Not really as bad as it looks.

I think probably three
or four stitches will do it.

Tell you, Doc sure picked a fine time

to decide to take a notion
to go out of town.

Okay, just put her in one side
and pull her out the other.

I might hurt you, Mr. Dillon.

That's all right, Chester.
Go ahead.

That's good, now.
Now, tie it off.


- You know, you...
- That's right.

You sure was lucky that
that didn't smash your elbow.

That could've fixed you
so you could've never drawn again.

Let's keep going.

I've got to get back out there and face him
before this arm stiffens up.

You mean, you have to face him again?

Why, sure, of course I do.

He out-drawed you once, Mr. Dillon.

He's all speed, Chester.

If he's any distance from a man,
it's just luck if he hits him.

He doesn't have the nerve to stand there
for that extra second

to really take aim.

Come on, let's go.

A second shot... it could've killed you.
You know that.

It's a game with him, Chester.
It's got rules.

He couldn't take that second shot.

I just can't understand a man lives
by them kind of rules.

All right, let's get the scissors
and we'll cut the threads.


Okay, let's get a bandage around it.

You think them stitches will hold, do you?

Listen, I don't think Doc could've done
a better job himself.

He sure is gonna be surprised, ain't he?
He's gonna be as jealous as he can be.

I don't think he'll believe it.

- There.
- Okay, let's get out of here.

I've got to go back down to the office
and pick up that other gun.

I'll meet you downstairs.

- Here.
- All right.

You sure you can handle
a gun with that arm?

Well, I hope so.

Come from the Long Branch.

Yeah, it's probably Creed shooting
in self defense again.

All right, who did it?

You the man that did that?

Sure. Sure, I shot him.

I done it.

I'm the man that killed Kin Creed,

and you ain't gonna take me in either,

Yeah, I'm a gunman, too,

and you ain't gonna take my gun.

What's your name?


Budge Cod.

What did you kill him for?

l... I didn't.

What do you mean, you didn't?
You just got through telling me you did.

Well, I had to, Marshal.

You had to.

This man was shot in the back.
His gun wasn't even drawn.

Now, what are you talking about?
What did you kill him for?

I don't know.
I don't know, Marshal.

I never even seen the man before.

Then somebody said who he was, and...

Yeah. Yeah, that's what I figured.

Chester, take him to jail, will you?

Yes, sir.

Come on.

All right, some of you men
take him out of here, will ya?

Funny, man like Creed getting it like that,
right in the back.

Probably just as well it worked
the way it did, Kitty.

What do you mean?

If Creed and I had shot it out,

why, the survivor would've just been
the prize for some other drunken bum.

You don't really think
he would've taken you, do you?

Well, you know the old saying, Kitty.

There was never a horse
that couldn't be rode

and never a man
that couldn't be throwed.

Let's have a drink, huh?