Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 32 - Change of Heart - full transcript

Matt becomes suspicious when Jerry Cass's plans to marry saloon hostess Bella Grant are complicated by Bella's sudden insistence that Jerry leave his recently-inherited ranch for six months.

Staring James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Oh, I'm awfully sorry I'm so slow, Kitty.

Eh, don't worry about it.
It's gonna be a long night.

Yeah, I know.

You know, one week in Dodge
is harder on a woman

than a whole month in St. Louis.

Hmm. St. Louis.

It sure been a long time since I was there.

You never told me you were there at all.

I've been just about everywhere.

Aren't you getting kind of tired of it, Kitty?

You mean the men?

I mean so many men.


You think I'm in love, don't you?

Jerry Cass is a fine man, Bella.

Yeah, you're right.

But I can't afford to fall in love right now.

Nobody can.

Of course that doesn't seem
to stop anybody much.

Even you?

Yeah, even me.


You know, Kitty,
I've only known you a week,

and I have no right in the world
to ask this, but...

Go ahead and ask.

Of course, I might not answer you.

That... That Marshal fella, Matt Dillon.

He's a might a good friend of yours,
isn't he?

Best in the world.

That's not what I meant, and you know it.

Well, I don't know exactly what you meant,

but I think I answered you question.

I'm sorry I asked.

Forget it.

What about Jerry Cass?

What about him?

Well, you were out at his ranch
the other day, weren't you?

Oh, he insisted I see it.

Well, it seems to me
like he wants you to live out there.

It's written all over him.

- Yeah, I know.
- Well?

Well, you got to admit
I've been thinking about it.

Well, I guess there's no hurry,
expect for us to get on downstairs.

A little easier to face these wool trappers
and buffalo hunters

before they get too drunk and fun-loving.

You're right.

Well, I'm ready.
Let's go down and start a fight.

Nobody's been walking on these feet
of mine but me.

First drink's on the house.

There's the marshal, Bella.
I want you to meet him.

You know, I think I'll just sit in
on that poker game over there, Mr. Dillon.

If it's all right with you?

Huh. It's your money, Chester.

- You gonna be here long, though?
- A few minutes.

I told Mr. Dobie
I'd stop over at the Dodge house,

so I'll be back at the office later.

- Oh, well, I'll... I'll see you back over there.
- All right.

That's a house game, Chester.

- Evening, Matt.
- Hi, Kitty.

Marshal Dillon, Bella Grant.

How do?

Pleased to meet you, Marshal.

Bella's been here a whole week, Matt.

Oh, well, dad gun, seems like I've
been awful busy last week.

Mmm, seems like.

Well, how do you like Dodge, Bella?

Aside from the heat and the dust,
I like it fine, Marshal.

Heat and dust is about all there is to Dodge,
if you ask me.

- Not quite all, Kitty.
- Huh?

Not quite.

Oh, Jerry Cass, huh?

Well, I'll see you later.

You don't mind?

Would it matter?

Nice to have met you, Marshal.

It's kind of usual to see Jerry Cass
since his pop died, isn't it?

He's been coming in every day lately.

- He has?
- Mmm.

Wouldn't think he'd have time

with running that ranch all by himself
and everything.

You see, Jerry's kind of changed his ways
some in the last week.

Uh. Bella, huh?

Mm-hmm. He's mighty sweet on her.

Well, she seems to kind of like him.

Well, she's...

She's running this romance, if you ask me.

I don't think Jerry had a chance
when she went after him.

Well, he's got to learn
about women some time.

- How about a drink?
- Okay.


- I thought I'd find you here.
- You again. I'm getting sick...

I told you for the last time.

- You told me...
- Get away from her,

and stay away from her.

- Let's settle this outside.
- Fine with me.

This looks like a fight, Matt.

Yeah, stay here.

All right, what's going here?

Are you looking for trouble too?

Jerry, are you all right?

Have your men give him a hand.
Get him back inside, will you?

Tell him he can pick up his pistol
in my office later.


when he comes to take him down
and throw him in jail, will you?

- Yes, sir.
- I'll be back there in a few minutes.

Yes, sir.

What in the world happened here, eh?

Kansas, I make it home...

Oh, Mr. Dillon.

I've got him locked up like you told me to.


You know, he claims that he didn't know
that you was the marshal.

Huh, what would he have done
if he'd known?

Try to shoot me or something?

Well, I don't know that.
I didn't... didn't ask him.

But he says he wants to talk to you, though.

Yeah, well, I kind of like to talk to him myself.

- Hello, Marshal.
- Jerry.

- Chester.
- Oh, howdy, Jerry.

Marshal, I was wondering
if you'd let him out of jail now.

Why, so you go finish
your fight somewhere else?

Oh, no, Marshal, it ain't that.

Well, I want to be friends with him.
It's hard, but I'm willing to try.

He's trying to take your girl, Jerry.

Take my girl?

- Brisco?
- Brisco?

Brisco Cass. He's my brother.

- What?
- Well, didn't you know about that?

Well, I never even knew you had a brother.

Well, I didn't, either.

Well, I didn't hardly know myself
until last week.

You see, Brisco left home
when Ma died some 15 years ago.

Been living in St. Louis.

I guess he figured since Pa's dead,
I needed some looking after.

I sure don't, though.
I can take care of myself.

Chester, go let him out, will you?

Yes, sir. Excuse me.

Marshal, I've been working
that ranch all my life.

l... I wouldn't do nothing wrong there
nor no place else, either.

What, does he think
you're doing something wrong?

Aah, well, I want to complain about it to you.

But I sure got to get it settled,
or there will be real bad trouble.

Hello, Brisco.

Why didn't you say you was the marshal?

You didn't give me much of a chance
to say anything.

I'm not looking for trouble with you, Marshal.

This Jerry, here, has got me all riled up.
Him and that girl.

Now, there's nothing wrong with Bella.

- You mean, she's pretty.
- Sure, she's pretty.

She's pretty. She's smart. A fine girl.

A wonder of the world,
but she works in a saloon.

No brother of mine is gonna keep company
with a saloon girl.

Well, maybe she won't
always be saloon girl, Brisco.

And maybe I'll marry her, too.

Not if I have anything to say about it.

You can only push me so far, Brisco.

I'm telling you don't see Bella no more.

All right, you two, go settle this at home.

Ain't me that's looking for a fight.

All right, then figure out
some other way to settle it.

Chester, get their guns for them.

Yes, sir.

Now, this a family matter,

and I'm not gonna mix in it
unless there's gunplay.

And then I'm gonna mix fast,
you understand?

I'll straighten him out, Marshal.

There won't be no trouble.
Come on, Jerry.

So long, Marshal. Chester.

So long.

Now, I can't understand that Brisco.

To hear him talk, you'd think a saloon girl
was just about as low as a snake's belly.

Yeah, it doesn't make sense.

Well, you'd think
that Olive Hasty, for instance.

I mean, just as nice a girl
as you'd ever want to meet.

Of course, the only reason
that she works down there at all

is just to help out her old ma and pa.
I mean it ain't what she'd rather do.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna worry about it.

Starting tomorrow morning,
I got three days in the saddle coming up.

You going up to James Crawson, are you?


Well, is there anything special
that you want me to do?

No, no, just keep out of trouble, Chester.

That no trouble done, right?

What's the matter?

Come in, Jerry, hurry.

What's troubling you, Bella?

I just wanted to make sure you were alone.

You didn't tell me to bring nobody else.

Jerry, don't joke. I'm worried.

Aw, why? What are you worried about?

You know what I'm worried about.

Brisco, huh?

He's caused this trouble already,
hasn't he?

Now don't worry. I can take care of Brisco.

That's just it.

You'll be using that gun next.

Bella, I don't like to be pushed around.

Nobody is gonna tell me what to do.

I'm used to being my own boss.

I know what I'm doing,
and I don't need no brother to tell me.

Jerry, Brisco doesn't want you
to see me again ever.

- Yeah, I know.
- He's gonna break us up.

Oh, no, he ain't.

You see...

he doesn't want you
running around with just a saloon girl.

You ain't just a saloon girl.

Yes, I am. I'll never be anything else.

Maybe Brisco's right, Jerry.

I know what my future's like.

Ah, don't say that, Bella.

- It's true,
- No, it ain't.

Oh, sure.

Sure, Jerry, I'm all right now,
but a few years from now...

You see, Jerry, men around here
just don't marry saloon girls.

Oh, it sounds real fine,

but it just don't work.

Bella... Bella, doggone it,
we're gonna get married.

Oh, Jerry, you don't mean it.
You can't mean it.

Sure I mean it. We're gonna be married.

Oh, Jerry.

I'd be so proud to be your wife.

Well, then we'll do it.
By golly, we'll do it.

When, Jerry?

Well... Well, now, I don't know.
I got to figure a little bit.

Soon, please?

Oh, sure.

Uh, I'll let you know in a couple of days.

And, Brisco, Jerry, what about him?

You just leave that Brisco to me, you hear?


Now kiss me.

I'm warning you, Bella.

You try to fool me, and I'll put a bullet
in you just as quick as I will in Jerry.

I believe you would.

You know I would.

- Get inside.
- What for?

Don't argue, move.

- Hi, Matt.
- Hi, Doc, how are you?

Oh, all right, I guess.

Sounds like you're tired.

Well, I am.

- What have you been doing?
- Working.

Huh, what at?

Well, I rode 30 miles since sunup.

Anybody shoot at you?


You shoot at anybody?


Huh, you could have done that much work
sitting here on Front Street.

Well, maybe you're right, Doc.

Well, at least you got back in time
for the fun tomorrow.

What fun is that?

Jerry Cass is getting married.

- He is?
- Yup.

To Bella?

Yeah, they announced it last night.

What about Brisco?

Well, I'm afraid
that's where the fun comes in.

Brisco says he's gonna stop it
even if he has to use lead.

You seen Jerry?

No, I haven't seen him,
but he's probably over

at the Long Branch there with Bella.
He usually is.

Yeah, expect she's not over there right now.

She ain't?

And if you see Chester, tell him
to put my horse up, will you?

Oh, and don't get too far away.
We may need you.

Hello, Jerry.

Oh, hello, Marshal.

Well, what'cha doing sitting here
all by yourself?

Uh, just passing a little time.
Waiting for Bella to get back.

- Oh.
- She had to go out somewhere

and didn't want me to go with her
for some reason.

That's why you're looking so worried, huh?

Marshal, I'm all mixed up.

What's the matter?

Well, it's Bella.
You know what she told me this morning?

She got into her head
that's she not gonna marry me

unless I quit the ranch
and move back east with her somewhere.

- What?
- That's right.

She claims she wants to live
closer to civilization.

Well, she certainly got that idea
all of a sudden, didn't she?

Yeah, she sure did, just this morning.

How come she didn't let you know sooner?

I don't know.

Marshal, that place means a lot to me.
I don't want to give it up.

Beside, what can I do back east anyway?

What did you tell her?

What could I tell her?
She's made up her mind.

She claims I only got to try it
for six months,

and if I don't like it,
we'll move back here.

But I don't know.

Well, six months isn't so long, Jerry.

Ah, six months to leave a place go.
You can't do that, and you know it.

Well, maybe you can get somebody
to run it for you.

Yeah, but that never works out very well.

Besides, there ain't nobody that can
run that place the way I can.

Expect maybe Pa when he was alive.

Well, that's probably
why he left it just to you, Jerry.

Left it just to me?

I never thought about that.
I guess he did.

What do you mean, you guess he did?

l... I don't know.
Pa never said nothing about it.

I was the only there, so I just naturally
figured it was mine, that's all.

You mean he didn't leave any will?

None that I ever heard anything about.


- That's funny.
- Why?

Well, your pa was pretty businesslike.
That doesn't sound like him.

Well, I don't make any difference
now anyway.

The only thing that matters to me is Bella.

If I lose her, I just don't know what I'll do.

You gonna be around here for a while?

Yeah, I guess so.

Stick around, I may stop back.

Sam, bring me another drink.

Mr. Dillon.

Uh, I ran into Doc.

He... I put your horse away for you.

Good, good.

Say, I'm going down to the bank.
You want to walk along?

- The bank?
- Yeah, I got to see Mr. Bodkin.


Yes, sir.

Old man Cass
was a little particular in his way.

Yeah, but not when it came
to business, Mr. Botkin.

I'd be mighty surprised
if he didn't leave a will.

What's your interest in Cass' will?

Well, in the first place as a law man.
and then as a friend.

Oh, all right.

Now, let's see.

Yeah, here it is.

There you are.

All right, thank you.

Well, that makes a little more sense.

What do you mean?

How come Jerry's never seen this?

Why, I don't know.

He never asked me to.

Anyway, he doesn't come to town much.

Well, he's been coming in here
plenty lately.

Never comes in here.
Never ask me about it.

What about Brisco?
Has he seen this?

Yeah, Brisco wrote me
right after his father died.

Had a copy made for him.

Well, if you don't mind, Mr. Botkin,
I'd like to take this with me.

Well, take good care of it, Marshal.

It'll get the best care its ever had,
I'll tell you that.

- So long.
- Goodbye, Marshal.


Did you find out what you
wanted to know, Mr. Dillon?

I sure did, yeah.

Look, I'm gonna find Bella.

You go get Jerry at the Long Branch
and bring him over to her room.

Yes, sir.

Well, Marshal Dillon.

Well, I took a chance you'd be here, Bella.

You alone?

Of course I'm alone.

I'd like to talk to you.

What do you want?

Leave the door open, will you, Bella?

Oh, all right, Marshal.

Now what do you want?

I want to know why you changed your mind
about marrying Jerry Cass.

I didn't change my mind.

I only said I thought it over
and I didn't like the idea of living on a ranch.

What you said was you want him to go
east with you for six months.

All right. What's the matter with that?

Thought I'd let him try it, that's all.


I'm not made of leather, Marshal.
I'm a woman.

A city woman, and I hate the country.

Then why did you say
you'd marry him in the first place?

I do want to marry him.

It's just that I didn't like the idea
of spending the rest of my life

drying up on a cow ranch.

Why don't you tell me the truth, Bella?

Why don't you leave me alone?

I have enough trouble.

Yeah, I saw you on the street this morning
with Brisco.

I wish he were dead.

What would Jerry say
if he knew you'd been with him?

You won't tell him, will you?

I mean, Brisco just ran into me.

All right, he threatened me,
and I'm scared to death of him.

Sound like you really mean that.

I am, if only you knew how much.

Are you in love with Jerry?

Now what made you ask that?

Are you?


Yes, I'm in love him.

I admit I wasn't at first, but now it's different.

I guess I love Jerry more
than anything else in the world.

You know, the way you say that,
I almost believe you.

That doesn't matter if you do or not,
Marshal. It's true.

Then you're kind of in a tough spot,
aren't you?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am.

Uh, Mr. Dillon, I got him.

What's this all about, Marshal?

Maybe you better ask Bella.


What's the matter, Bella?
You look real upset.

Well, quite a party.
What's going on, Marshal?

You a preacher on the side?
You gonna marry them yourself?

I'm afraid your little game's up, Brisco.

What are you talking about?

If I told you,
there probably be a shooting.

There you are.

What's that?

It's your pa's will.

Where did you get that, Marshal?

I got it from Mr. Botkin at the bank.

He's lying, Jerry. That ain't Pa's will at all.

Let him read it.

"I leave my ranch to both my sons.
They got to work on it and live on it.

"If either one of them leaves
for longer than six months,

"he loses his share to the other.

This is my last will and testament.
Sam Cass."

There's a train out in about a half hour.

If I were you, I'd be on it.

Bella, where you going?

Let her go, Jerry.

He'll do something to her, Marshal.
He'll hurt her.

No, he won't.

Well, he's no good, Marshal.

You read the will, didn't you?

- Yeah.
- All right.

If you leave that ranch for six months,
you lose your share in it.

That's what he was trying to get you do,
go back east with Bella.

What are you saying?

He didn't even want me to marry her.

He probably just said that
to throw you off the track.

Make himself look innocent
after he got your share.

I'll kill him now. I'll kill him for sure.


Stay here until they're both on that train.

Till they're both on that train?

She was in it with him.

Mr. Dillon, they're just
standing down the hall talking.

They ain't going no place at all.

Well, go on back to him.
I don't care what you do.

Just get out of my way.

You're afraid of him, aren't you?

Well, he'll kill me. I'm no good with a gun.

I know he'll kill you,
and then he'd hang for it.

A lot of good his hanging will do me.

No. No, he's not gonna hang, Brisco.

What are you doing?

Something you'd never understand.

He's dead.

I'm no good. I'm no good at all.

Why did you do it, Bella?

He brought me to Dodge.

I want... I wanted to get out of all this
after I met you.

He did...

He... He'd kill me if I try.

Jerry? J...

She said she tried to get away.
She didn't want to go along with him.

She was in love with you, Jerry.

Why do you say that?
How do you know?

She shot him, didn't she?

To keep you from killing him
and hanging for it.

That cost her her life.

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