Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 3 - Gunsmuggler - full transcript

Matt believes white smugglers supplied the guns that a band of Pawnee used to attack local ranchers.

James Arness as Matt Dillon.

I've seen men do
a lot of things for money.

I've even seen a few of them
work for it.

However, in my job,
the ones I run into most often

are those who seek a dollar
by killing,

running a crooked game
of one kind or another,

or by stealing from
their friends and partners.

But the worst I ever met
was a couple

who were willing to earn their
bread by making it possible

for whole families to be
killed, burned out, destroyed.

And believe me,
it was a pleasure

to hunt down men like them.

Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal.

Well, now, what did I tell you?

Didn't I tell you,
when I sit down here,

that it wouldn't be two minutes
till somebody?

Evening, Kitty.

Hello, Matt.

Say, you must be kind of hard up
for customers tonight.

Well, now,
what brought you in here?

Did you smell a free drink

from clear out there
in the street or something?

Well, no, but now that
you're offering, Doc.

Who's offered?

Say, what's got into him
tonight, anyway?

Oh, quit picking on him.

He's been delivering twins,
and he's tired.

Oh, I see.

Well, where is everybody

Well, it's army night, Matt,
but there's no army.

It was payday out at the fort,

and cowboys usually stay clear
and let the soldiers take over,

but tonight there are
no soldiers; I don't know.

Well, maybe they just pulled out
and went someplace.

And that wouldn't be
a bad idea if they did.

There's been no trouble
of any kind...

no Indians or nothin'
for over...

Marshal Dillon,
you better get out here quick.

There's been trouble.

You, too, Doc...
they're gonna need you.

It's Major Evans.

Major Evans. Tobeel.

There's been an Indian raid,
Marshal... Pawnees.

They wiped out a ranch
15 miles north of town.

The wife's in the wagon there.

Is she alive?


What happened?

Six out of a family of eight
wiped out.

One of the younger boys
was alive when we left him

to come in here,
but he couldn't be moved.

Our company surgeon
stayed with him.

I guess I better get out there.

It's an army matter, of course,
and it's our responsibility...

except for one thing.

What's that?

We've had no trouble
with the Pawnees for some time,

and this was only
a small band of renegades

as far as we can tell.

But they've been supplied
with rifles, Marshal.


And I think those rifles
came out of Dodge.

Well, now,
what makes you think that?

It's the nearest source
of supply.

It's the most likely place a
gun smuggler would operate from.

Oh, I see.

And you think
that's my responsibility, huh?

It is.

Well, we'll soon find out.

Hello, Mr. Jonas.

Well, hello, Marshal.

Did you try the front door?
I didn't hear you.

No, we saw your lamp lit
back here.

Mr. Jonas, this is Major Evans
from Fort Dodge.

Oh. Howdy, Major.

I told the major here that
if anybody'd been buying rifles

in quantity around town,
you'd know about it.

Indian trouble, huh?

You see, Marshal?

See what?

So you have been selling rifles
to a gun smuggler.

Well, no, sir,
I don't think I have.

How do you know
whether you haven't or not?

Anybody can walk in here,
can't they, and buy guns,

if they got the price?

Well, yes, sir, they can,
but they ain't.

Look, the only men's
come in here recent have been

buffalo hunters, and they don't
buy rifles by the wagonload,

just two or three at the most.

Are you quite sure
you'd remember, Mr. Jonas,

if it was made
worth your while not to?

- Well...
- Major.

He'd remember,
you can rest assured of that.

Those rifles are coming
out of Dodge City, Marshal.

- I know they are.
- Look, I got a franchise

with every big firearms company
in the east,

and there's not one of 'em
that'd ship a gun out here

unless it was bought through me.

Well, somebody's getting
around it somehow,

and I'm gonna put a stop to it

if I have to search every wagon
that goes out of this town.

Now, how do you figure
to do that?

Set up a blockade.

You'll have trouble
that way, Major.

Some hardhead'll start shooting.

Soldiers are trained
to shoot back, Marshal.

She's better off, Matt.

After what they did to her,
I... I couldn't do anything.

I might have made it
a little easier, I don't know.

The whole family was treated
the same way, Marshal.

All the usual tricks.

You can't blame me
for wanting to get

whoever sold them those rifles.

I'm not blaming you, Major.

I feel the same way.

Well, somebody's responsible.

And whoever it was caused this.

And unless he's found and
caught, it'll happen again.

Most of the Pawnees
are settled and peaceful,

but there are renegades
among them.

And if they get their hands
on rifles, they'll kill.

It's as simple as that.

Yes, I agree with you.

But I'll tell you one thing,
Wilbur Jonas didn't have

anything to do
with smuggling guns.

Well, maybe not, but it's
still the most likely place.

- Hmm?

Look here.

I've recovered
these two bullets,

and that one sure looks like
a pistol bullet.

And Indians don't carry pistols.

Might have been
the husband, Doc.


Trying to help her out.

Guess he didn't
quite make it, did he?

All right, Marshal,
I don't like putting Dodge City

under martial law
any more than you do,

but I don't have much choice.

You've done a good job of
law enforcement in this town,

Marshal, and I hate
to tamper with your authority.

Say, weigh that for me,
will you, Doc?

Look, it's not a question
of my authority, Major,

it's a question
of people getting killed.

Well, I guess you've got your
duty to do the same as I have.


Major, I couldn't borrow
that Indian scout of yours

for a couple of days, could I?

What for?

Well, I think I may be able

to get a line
on the gun smugglers for you.

What do you propose, Marshal?

I want to go out there
to the site of the raid,

pick up the Indians' trail
and follow it.

Hunting down those Indians

- is an army job, Marshal.
- That's right.

But I think they'll lead me
to the gun smugglers.

Nonsense. They've already
got their rifles, haven't they?

I still think
they'll go back to 'em.

Do you always work
on such whims as this, Marshal?

You got a better idea, Major?

Well, I can't let you do it.

You're asking the army
to repudiate its responsibility.

Now, wait a minute.
You've already told me

that if those guns
were sold in Dodge,

they're my responsibility,

Then that kind of makes that gun
smuggler mine, too, doesn't it?

I'm sure you're
fair-minded enough to see that.

Well, I...

My responsibility

and my privilege
to go after him.

I still think it's a fool's game
you're playing, Marshal.

Well, you're not
gonna do any better

chasing around the prairie
at the head of a cavalry column.

- So long, Doc.
- There's no guarantee

you'll do any better,
but go ahead and try.

Well, I wonder
what's keeping Tobeel.

I don't know. He should have
found that sign by this time.

We have to get started.

You know, Mr. Dillon,

if I'd known
I could get coffee like this

for breakfast every morning,
I think I'd join the army again.

Say, you better find out how
they make this stuff, Chester.

That coffee of yours'll

singe the hair
off a buffalo hide.

Yeah, I figure
it's that Dodge City water.

Mr. Dillon?

No, Matt, I...
I couldn't save that little boy.

He died, too. He didn't have
a chance, there was...

Well, that makes
eight out of eight.

The whole family.

It's awful.
Just terrible.

And you know, nothing like this

has happened
in such a long time.

Well, somebody sold 'em rifles;
that's all it took.

Well, whoever done it
ought to be hung.

- At least.
- Here, Matt, I found three more

of those, and they look just
exactly like the others to me.

Yeah, they do, Doc.

What'd you find, Tobeel?

Many track, easy follow.

They not think
anybody come after.

How many in the war party?

25, maybe 30.

But not war party.

"Not war party"?
What do you mean?

They all braves,
bad ones... no chief.

Ride crazy.

Think crazy.

But worse than war party.

Kill anybody they find.

Track go north, then turn west.

Get the horses, Chester.

Yes, sir.

I still think I ought to send
an escort with you, Marshal.

Three of us will stand
a better chance alone, Major.

If the Indians found out
the cavalry

was chasing them,
they'd split up and disappear.

But this way,
you stand an awful good chance

of getting killed.


I still don't understand
why you think

those Indians are gonna lead you

to whoever
they got those rifles from.

Well, Major, I'll explain that
to you later...

if I'm right.

- Bye, Marshal.
- So long.

So long, Doc.

Bye, Matt.


Chester, don't...

don't you get lost.


Let's take a breather here.

Those Pawnees are setting
a pretty easy pace,

aren't they, Tobeel?


Pawnee go slow.

Not think we follow.

I hope you're right.

Too bad if they find out.

Kill us easy.

I'll tell you one thing,
it's a good thing we came alone.

As slow a pace
as they're settin',

they'd have seen
a cavalry column hours ago.

Can ask question?


Only three of us.

No can fight 30 Pawnee.

Why we follow?

Well, I don't figure
to fight 'em, Tobeel.

I just want 'em to lead me
to that gun smuggler.

But Pawnee have gun now.

What for go back
to this gun man again?



But Pawnee brave no need
buy bullet, Marshal.

Pawnee use rifle
to take bullet.

In this particular case,
I don't think so, Tobeel.

See this?

Doc Adams took several of these

from the bodies
of those ranchers.

It's a.44 caliber.

That's the kind
the Pawnees are using.

How you be sure?


No, a.45 spreads out more
when it hits.

Got a bigger powder charge.

Besides, Doc Adams weighed
one of 'em.

They're.44, all right.

But only Henry rifle have.44.

That's right, Tobeel.

Mr. Dillon,
I-I ain't seen a.44 Henry

in I don't know when.

Well, no. Buffalo hunters
usually use a.45,

or maybe a Sharps.50.

Army use Springfield.


Mr. Dillon,
you mean to tell me

that-that you think
somebody got a hold

of a bunch of them old
.44 Henrys

and sold them
to them Pawnees?

That's what it looks like,

And whoever it was
wasn't using his head, either.

What do you mean?

Well, the Indians can't steal
.44 ammunition.

They'll have to go back
to him for it.

That just sounds like
good business to me.

Well, it's good business
if you got the ammunition

to sell back to 'em.

But they're not making
.44 ammunition anymore.

Except some hand-loaded stuff.

How'd you like to tell
30 braves on the warpath

that you sold them a wagonload
of rifles they can't use?

Well, I reckon
that I wouldn't like that.

Not at all.

We better get started.

More brave join party.

All together, maybe 50.

Still no sign
of a shod horse, is there?

No sign.

Well, then, the gun smuggler
hasn't joined them yet, I guess.

I don't know, Tobeel.

They've been heading west
all day.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe they're not even planning
to join him.

They may even be onto us
following 'em.

No. Pawnee not know
we here yet.

If Pawnee know, wait and fight,

or ride fast and go separate.

Not join others. No.

Pawnee not know we here yet.

Well, they still may be planning

to separate,
hide out for a while

before they raid back
into Kansas.

Is big country.

Could do very easy.

Blow apart
like sand and wind. Gone.

Very easy.

Mr. Dillon.

Coming from the direction
the Indians went.

White man. Cowboy.

Yeah, well, that's something
to be thankful for.

Sure pushing that horse,
isn't he?

Like man afraid.

Much afraid.


Hold it.

- What do you want?
- Who are you, mister?

Name's Joe Shaw.

Now, what are you
in such a hurry for?

Well, you'd be in a hurry, too,
if you seen what I just seen.

That country back there
is just crawling with Pawnees.

- Did you see any of 'em?
- No.

But I seen plenty of sign.

The worst kind of sign, too.

What's that?

They had a powwow of some kind
about 20 mile back of me.

They left a white man there.

- Dead?
- He oughta been.

That's the best thing
he could have been... dead.

Did you talk to him?

Yeah, I talked to him.

Or I tried to,
but he couldn't answer.

He didn't have no tongue.

I gave him my six-gun.

Still had one hand.

Funny thing about it.

That place where I found him...

there was wagon tracks
leading right up to it.

And going away from it, too.

I can't figure that out.

Wagon tracks, did you say?

What do you think
about that, Tobeel?

Pawnee have no wagon.

You three fellas ain't gonna
chase them Injuns, are ya?

It's not the Indians
we're after, mister.

It's that wagon...
and whoever's driving it.

It's your business, Marshal,
but me... I think you're crazy.

That's possible.

I wouldn't give you
a plug nickel

for your chances
of getting back, Marshal,

but I'll tell 'em
what happened to you!

Same wagon.

Well, he must be traveling
alone, then.

There's no Indian sign here.

He's alone.

Pawnee turn him loose.

Yeah, there must've been
two of 'em working together...

the one that's driving
this wagon

and the one we buried.

I'll never forget
what them Pawnees did

to him, Mr. Dillon,
as long as I live.

Well, Chester,
it wasn't any worse

than what they did
to those ranchers.

Let's get going.

That's the wagon
we've been trailing, all right.

You got him, Mr. Dillon.

Tobeel crawl through brush
very quiet. Cut throat.

No, Tobeel. We got to make sure
we got the right man.

Well, he's all by hisself,
Mr. Dillon.

We could spread out
and rush him.

Uh-uh. Look over there.

See those dust clouds?

Those are the Pawnees.

Any gunshots would bring them
down on us like a swarm of bees.

No, I've got to go up there
and bluff him.

And how are you gonna do that?

Well, I'll just go down to try
to get him to start talking.

Ain't that taking
an awful chance?

Yeah, maybe so,

but you two stay here
and keep me covered.

When I get up close to him, why,
start working your way down.

Hold it.

Who are you?

What do you want, mister?

I'm kind of curious about you

and that band
of renegade Indians, mister.

What are you talking about?

I want to know about the rifles
you've been selling 'em.

Those.44 Henrys.

You're a lawman.

I wouldn't try to run for it.

I'll put a bullet in you.

You wouldn't pull that trigger.

You'd have the Pawnees
right down on you.

They'd be right down on you,
too, mister.

Pawnees wouldn't do nothing
to me.

I don't think your partner'd
agree with you on that.

My partner?

What are you talking about?

We found him yesterday...

what was left of him...
after the Pawnees got through.

You're lying.

Pawnees was just holding him

They promised not to kill him.

Want me to show you
where we buried him?

Well, I want to know
about those rifles.

You're so smart,
you go find out, lawman.

I saw those eight bodies,

Mr. Dillon?

Mr. Dillon?

So that's him, is it?


Why you no kill him?

He'll go to prison, Tobeel.

Get the horses, will you?

Chester, find the rope.

When he comes to, we'll put
a noose around his neck

and take him back to town
in style.

Yes, sir.

Mister, if it was up to me,
I'd let the Pawnees have you.

But you're going back to Dodge,
and you're gonna stand trial,

and I hope they hang you.

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