Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 27 - The F.U. - full transcript

Matt suspects a conspiracy when a man is murdered, Al Clovis flees on a train even though he has a perfect alibi, and the bank is robbed.

Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Cards, mister?



Uh, two.

One for me.

Wait... Wait a minute.


Well, that card...

you took that from the bottom.

But... But I seen you.

You wearing a gun, mister?

Well, no. No, I ain't, but...

Well, you must've seen him, too,
didn't you?

I'm getting a little hungry.

- Let's go eat.
- Good idea.

Well, wait a minute.

You must've seen him.
You're sitting right there.

So long, mister.

I ought to kill you.

Well, wait a minute.
I ain't done nothing.

Find yourself a gun,
or get out of here, mister.

Well, I ain't a fighting man,
but, doggone it...

Next time I see you, I'm going
to put a bullet in you for sure.

Remember that.

- Who is he?
- Don't know.

Onie Becker!
Let's get him to the doc!

What do you think, Doc?


Is he going to be all right?

It would be a miracle, Chester.

Poor fella.

Where did you say Matt is?

Well, he rode over to Crow's Creek
this afternoon.

He ought to be back now.
I left him a note.

It's an awful thing, Onie getting
ambushed on Front Street,

nobody doing anything about it.

Well, what could I do about it, Doc?

Nobody even seen it happen.

What is it, Doc?

Huh? What is it?

Oh, Chester, he didn't have a chance.

Oh, that's a shame.

- Mr. Dillon.
- How is he?

Well, he's... he's dead.

- Onie Becker?
- Yeah.

Whoever would want to hurt
a poor fella like Onie Becker?

Well, that's just what
I was thinking, Mr. Dillon.

You know, maybe it was
just an accident.

Oh, sure.

I heard of a fell who cut himself
in the back of the neck

with a scythe accidentally.

Nobody ever shot himself
in the back by accident.

Well, I meant that somebody else
done it, Mr. Dillon.

Of course somebody else done it.

Well, I meant that it was a mistake.

Doc, did he say anything at all?

No, he... he was unconscious
all the time.

Huh. Where did he used to hang out
when he came to town?

Well, I just seen him today
over at the Long Branch,

gambling with two cowboys.

This Al Clovis was a-dealing.

I never heard of him. Who's he?

Well, he's new in town, Doc.

He's only been here a week or so.

I'd better get over there
and find out what I can.

I'll be back.

Ah, that's wonderful.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Hello, Kitty.
- Evening, Matt.

Can I talk to you for a minute?


Has Al Clovis been in here?

He was a few minutes ago.

I wondering when you were going
to get around to asking about him.


Well, I heard about Onie Becker.

Clovis called him out in here
this afternoon over a card game.

Was Clovis in here
when Becker was killed?


You know, shooting a man
like Onie Becker

is like shooting
your pet deer or something.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Well, Clovis must have had
some good reason,

if he's the one that killed him.

Maybe Onie had something on him.

You know, it seemed like
Clovis was deliberately trying

to pick a fight with him in here.

Is that so?


- That Clovis fella you're talking about.
- Yeah?

When he was in here, he said
something about going to St. Louis,

now that everything was taken care of.

Said he was leaving tonight.

He told you all that?

Well, you know how people talk
to a barkeep.

Yeah. Well, there's only one train.

And that's the 10:20.

Yeah. What time is it now, Sam?


I'd better get going. Thanks a lot.

Sure, Marshal.

This is the last car, Mr. Dillon.

If he ain't on here,
he just ain't on this train.

Maybe he fooled us after all, Chester.

Yeah, he could be heading west
while we're going east.

Well, I don't see him out here.

Wait a minute.

Wake up.

Uhh. What do you want?

Wake up.

Well, Marshal Dillon.
What are you doing here?

Get on your feet.

Get your hands up in the air.

I don't understand.
What's all this about?

- I don't wear a gun.
- All right, let's sit down.

What do you want me for?

I'm looking for the man
that murdered Onie Becker tonight.

You followed me on this train
because you think I killed Onie?

It's about 100 miles to Great Bend.
We'll get off there

and catch the first train
back to Dodge in the morning.

You're making
a big mistake, Marshal.

While you're riding around
on this train,

whoever did kill Onie is probably
leaving the country for good.

You'll never find him now.

You had an argument
with Onie today, didn't you?

I argue with lots of men.

Didn't you threaten to kill him?

I only did that to scare him.
He was getting kind of stubborn.

You know how stubborn
these sodbusters are.


I guess it takes a stubborn man
to grow potatoes, huh?

Why did you pass the word
all the way around town

that you were leaving tonight
on the train?

Did I say that?

You know, I can always
kick you in the head

and take you back to Dodge in a sack.

You're making a big mistake, Marshal,
a great big mistake.

Why did you run?

I'm not running.
I've got no reason to run.

That's the truth.

And where were you
when Onie Becker was shot?

You know Mr. Botkin, don't you?


Well, I guess you'll take
his word for it.

I was in his office, talking with him.

Go on.

We were discussing the money
I deposited in Dodge when I arrived...


He's transferring it
to St. Louis for me.


Yes, sir?

You go up and tell that engineer
to stop this train at Jean's Crossing.

Stop the train?

Yeah, we'll pick up three horses
there at that ranch

and head back for Dodge.

Yes, sir.

I thought you said we're
spending the night at Great Bend.

There's something about your story
that doesn't make sense, Clovis.

I'm going to get you back to Dodge
and find out why.

Let's go.

Hold it.

What are you stopping here for?

I think I'll go over and see Botkin.
His light's still on.

- Want me to go with you?
- No.

Chester, you take him on down
and lock him up.

Yes, sir. Let's go, Clovis.

Who is it?

It's Matt Dillon.

Well, Marshal, come in, come in.

Thank you.

You're working late, Mr. Botkin.

I got a good reason to be.

Where you been, Marshal?
The whole town's been looking for you.

Why, is something wrong?

Don't you know yet?

I wouldn't be asking you if I did.

While you was out of town,
the bank was held up.


Three men came to my home tonight.

They got me,
they sneaked me down here

and forced me to open that vault
at gunpoint.

They got away with over $25,000.

- 25,000?
- Yeah.

- Were they masked?
- Of course.

Did anybody follow them?

Heh! They tied me so tight,

they were miles out of town
before I could get loose.

And when I finally did,

the law was out of town.



Mr. Botkin, what time was it

when they came
and picked you up at the house?

About 10:30.

10:30, huh?

Well, that just about figures, yeah.

It was about 10:20
when the train left.


Was Al Clovis in here
to see you today?

- Yes, he was.
- When?

I don't know. About 6:00, I guess.

He was here when that fella
Onie Becker got shot.

I remember that.


And Clovis had money
on deposit with you, didn't he?

$5,000. They took that, too.

I'm afraid he's broke,
like a good many other people.


He may not be quite as broke
as you think.

What do you mean? Of course he is.

Look, I may be able to get
that money back for you,

and I won't take long, either.

When he crossed the plain

For Killer Dave

Oh, Mr. Dillon, would you like
to wash the dust off?

Later, Chester.

Well, Marshal?
Come to let me out?

Well, Bodkin says your alibi is good.

Of course it is. If you'd
believed me in the first place,

it would've saved us all
a lot of trouble.


Well, come on, let me out.

I don't want to spend
the whole night here.

Clovis, you might as well
get used to the idea.

You're going to be spending
a lot of nights here.


A long time.

You can't do this to me.
Why, it's illegal.

- Is it?
- Of course it is!

Well, maybe you know more
about the law than I do.

But this is my jail,
and you're going to be staying in it.

Now, wait a minute...

I'll let everybody know
that you're here,

and that you're here to stay.

Marshal, I demand to be released.
You can't do this to me!

I'll see that you lose your job!

Marshal! Come back here!


Well, I'll get some hot coffee fixed
for you here in a minute, Mr. Dillon.

Yeah, hot. But how fresh?

Well, I made it
the day before yesterday.

Just built to it just now, though.

That's what I figured.

Mr. Dillon, are you going to keep
Clovis locked up there?

Sure am.


I'm sorry.

I don't see how that you can
keep him locked up

when he didn't do nothing.

Mr. Bodkin said
that he was with him.

Well, he didn't murder Onie Becker,
if that's what you mean, no.

Well, why don't you
turn him loose, then?

Because, Chester, the bank
was robbed of $25,000 tonight.


Yeah, while we were
riding on the train.

I think they murdered Onie Becker

just so that we'd follow Al Clovis
out of town,

give them a free hand with the bank.

Well, I'll be. Do you reckon?

Yeah, but I don't think
that Al Clovis

is going to be able
to sit in jail very long

while they ride off
with all his money.

Well, they could wait for him

and he could meet them later.

Yeah, but how long
are they going to wait?

Besides, they got $5,000 of his money
that they took from the bank.

Oh, well, that's...

Well, what are you going to do?

There's not much we can do tonight.
We'll wait till morning.

Besides, I think he'll be more of a mood
to talk by morning anyway.

You got that coffee ready?

I'm just pouring it.

There you are.

Marshal, come and get me out!

You've got no grounds
to keep me here!

Marshal, this is illegal! Marshal!

Get me out of here!

Hey, you can look all over Kansas

In every Kansas town

You'll not find another pair

Like her eyes are brown

She's got them big eyes

She's got them big...

- Hello, Chester.
- Howdy, Mr. Dillon.

You know, you was right.

He's just been yelling
his head off for you in there.

Good, that's what
I've been waiting for.

Hey, what are you
doing there, anyway?

I'm washing my boots.


I know men who didn't
treat their feet that good.

Marshal, I want to talk to you.

All right. What about?

Did you really mean that,
about my staying in jail here?

Did you mean that?

- If that's all you want to know...
- No, don't go, don't go.


- I'll make you a deal.
- About what?

Suppose I help you get back
all the money

that was taken from the bank.

Do I get to keep my $5,000 out of it?

I see.

Now, how did you know
the bank was robbed?

You're smart, Marshal.

I know, you had it all figured.
That's why you kept me here in jail.

I'm not so dumb.

You're not, huh?

Smart enough to know that you need me
as much as I need you.

You'll never catch them
without me, Marshal.

I can take you straight
to their hangout.

Go on.

All I want out of it is my $5,000.

That's mine. I don't care
what you do with the rest of it.

The court will have decide
about you and your 5,000, not me.

Do you think there's a chance
of my getting it back?

I don't know.
You're a gambler, aren't you?


I'm supposed to meet them tonight
or early tomorrow morning.

They won't wait longer than that.

And where's the hideout?

Well, it's an old shack
about 20 miles from here.

And they're all up there now?

No one stopped them here, did they?

No, thanks to you.

Well, I'm helping you now, Marshal.

I don't know.
If you lead me to them, you are.

- We'll leave first thing in the morning.
- Why not tonight?

Oh, you want to try it
in the dark, do you?

No. No, no, of course not.

All right.

They're over in there, Marshal.

You sure?

I came out here once,
just so I'd know.

Well, I don't see nothing.

It's in there.



How are you going to take them...
three men?

What's the matter,
you getting scared, Clovis?

If you don't take them,
it's going to be bad on me.


Well, I guess that you're
a gambler, aren't you?

Look, let me have a gun.

I can help you.
You can trust me.

Clovis, I wouldn't trust you
if you were in church, praying.

Let's go.

Get off here.

You hear that?
I told you it was going to rain.

I'm going to go ahead on foot.

You stay here and keep an eye on him.

- Yes, sir.
- With this.

That's not necessary, Marshal.

Don't make any noise, either of you.

Don't you worry about that,
Mr. Dillon.

What if they hear him
and come out and shoot him?

Mr. Dillon ain't exactly green
at this kind of thing, Clovis.

I wish I was back in jail.

I wish I had just let them
keep the money.


Oh, it sure is going to rain.

Hey, get off! Get off!

- Quiet! Be quiet!
- The horse is on my foot!

- Just get him off, man!
- Get him off of there!


You... You give me that gun back, Clovis.

I'll let you have the lead
right out of it.

You shoot that, and Mr. Dillon
is going to hear you.

Won't do you any good.

But them three partners of yours
is going to hear it, too.


Mr. Dillon! He's got a gun!

Shut up!

All right, get moving.

We're going to him.
If he shoots anybody,

it's going to be you, because you're
going to be in front of me.

Come on, get walking!

Hold it.

Now, you do as I tell you,
or I'll kill you.

Now, lookie here,
you... you... l...

Shut up!

I want you to call and tell him
how you're really fixed,

but not too loud.

But he ain't around no more.

You call him.

Tell him to stand up
with his hands above his head.

You try anything, and I'll shoot you.

Mr. Dillon?

Clovis says he'll shoot
if you don't show.

You see? He ain't here no more.


Marshal, you heard him!

Marshal, you try anything,
I'll kill him sure! Marshal!

Is he dead?

Yeah, he's dead. Here.

They're gone.

Let's go!

Let's get the horses.

- Hold it!
- Hey!

Well, Mr. Dillon, you just
oughtn't to have waited there

to protect me like that.

I mean, it was all that shooting
that let them get away.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, maybe we can get the horses
and still go after them.

No, it'll be hours before we can
catch those horses now, Chester.

By that time,
the tracks will be all rained out.

It'll be a week before
we can catch them.

Well, I just feel awful about it.

How did he get your gun, anyway?

Well, he said that the horse
was a-standing there on his foot,

and he began to yell and scream,
and he made so much noise,

and l... l... l...

Well, that's kind of the way
that it happened.


Yeah, yeah.

Well, can't win them all, I guess.


What are we standing around
in the rain for?

Let's get inside.

- Mr. Dillon?
- What?

Like a piece of horehound stick?

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