Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 25 - The Bear - full transcript

Rivalry for the affections of a former saloon gal leads to a frame-up for murder.

Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.

- Wait a minute, Webb.
- Huh?

Wait till you see it.
I've been having them paint that thing

till it just shines.

- In the living room?
- Yeah. Ha ha ha!

Oh, the boss.

Yeah. With Tilda.

Stay here.

- Well, hello, Plummer.
- Blocker. Hello, Tilda.

I thought you boys was going out
to the ranch this morning.

Uh, we're riding out now.

Good, I don't like to leave it
alone too long with nobody there.

Are you planning on staying
in town long, Mr. Blocker?

Think we ought to tell him, Tilda?

Of course.

Tilda and me is getting married

one week from today.


Thanks. I'll be staying in town

and be out the first thing
in the morning.


Good-bye, Tilda.

So long, Plummer.


They're getting married.

Well, what did you expect?

I didn't think
she'd go through with it.

Oh, forget it, Plummer.
Come on, let's get going.

Go ahead, I'll...
I'll be out in the morning.

- What?
- You heard me.

Well, all right.

Go away.

I want to talk to you.

Joe, what do you want?
What are you doing here?

Buying new clothes already, huh?

You shouldn't be here.

You know you shouldn't be here at all.

I've been waiting to talk to you.

I saw Blocker bring you home.

Joe, it's late, very late.

Please leave. Please.

So, you're going to marry him, huh?

Why not?

He's the first decent man
I've met out here.

Now, Tilda, that's not nice.

It's true.

Look, I don't mind you
fooling around with him some.

Sure, let him spend
his money on you.

But getting married?
Now, that's different.

I'm going through with it, Joe.

Not if I can stop it, you ain't.

And how are you going to stop it?

You going to beat him up?

You're a coward, Joe,
and I think you'd better leave.

You're going to be sorry
you ever knew me.

That happened a long time ago!

I'll fix you good...
you and him both.

You wouldn't dare try anything.

What are you going to do,
tell him I was here?

No. It's not important.

You know, for a dance hall girl,
you sure took on airs fast.

Now get out.

You're going to be sorry, Tilda.

Real sorry.

- I'll get him, Mr. Dillon.
- All right.


What in the world?

Well, Mike, that's the first time
I've seen a man

come to town bareback
in a long time.

To tell you the truth,
I'm not in the habit of it, Chester.

Where's your other horse
and your wagon, Mike?

Them boys again, Marshal.

What boys is that?

You know, those two crazy cowboys
I hired on this fall.

Oh, you mean Plummer and Webb.

Yeah. They've been funning me
quite a bit lately.

I guess it's on account
I'm getting married tomorrow.

Well, we heard about that, Mike.

Thank you, Marshal.
I'd like for you both to be there.

- Well, fine.
- Yeah, thanks, Mike.

What did Plummer and Webb
do to you, anyway?

Well, this time they got
a hold of my wagon

and sawed the doubletree half in two.

I got just a few miles
outside of town here,

and I hit a chuckhole
and pulled the whole thing out.

That's their idea of a joke?

No harm done.
I'll just get another doubletree

and go on back and get my wagon
and the other horse.

That sounds like a kind of
a poor kind of joke to me.

This ain't so bad.

Why, just yesterday they put
some cockleburs

underneath my saddle blanket.

Lucky for me that bronco started
to feel them before I'd get to them,

because he bucked
that saddle plum off.

Where are they now?

They rode in this morning.

I'm bringing in the wagon
so I can take Tilda home.

Which reminds me,
I'd better get a move on.

See you, fellas.

All right, Mike.

Mr. Dillon, I don't think it's right,

playing jokes on as nice a fella
as Mike there, do you?

- Well, if it is a joke.
- What do you mean?

Plummer had his eye on Tilda
long before Mike moved in.

Oh, well, I know that.

But does Mike know it, though?

I doubt it.

Plummer's going to make him mad
if he keeps this up.

Nobody never made Mike Blocker mad
that I know of.

Well, I'm going to go over and have
a talk with those two, Chester.

I'll see you later.




Something on your mind, Marshal?

I've been looking for you fellas.

I wanted to have a little talk with you
about that wedding tomorrow.


Well, you ought to talk
to Mike Blocker about that.

Because he's the one
that's getting married, not us.

Yeah, I've just been talking to him.

I wanted to give you
a little friendly advice.

No offense, Marshal.

He didn't mean nothing, Marshal.

No, I was just in good spirits,
on account of the wedding and all.

You call it good spirits

to get a man hurt
just before his wedding, do you?

No, we were just
hoorahing him a little,

like you do any bridegroom.

Putting burs under his saddle?
Wrecking his wagon?

- That your idea of a joke?
- He told you, huh?

Yeah, he told me.

You know, he don't seem to mind
as much as you do, Marshal.

You're pushing him
pretty hard, Plummer.

Now, if Mike Blocker
ever gets mad at you,

you're going to be in real trouble.

Take my advice
and stay away from him.

We're not going to do nothing.

Maybe a little shivaree
after the wedding, that's all.

Well, you go too far,
and you may wind up in jail.

Maybe you ought to just stay away
from the wedding altogether.

Oh, now, Marshal, we was invited.

Never mind, Webb.

He's the law.

And if he don't think
it's a good idea,

why, we won't go near the wedding.

No, sir. We won't go nowheres near it.

That satisfy you, Marshal?

You just remember what I said.

Thank you
just for being good people.

Mighty fine punch.

Hey, Chris.

Hey, Mike.
Fill me up again, huh? It's good.

Sure thing, Doc.
We've got gallons of this.

- How about you, Marshal?
- All right, Mike.

Mike, I want to tell you...

that's one of the nicest weddings
I ever saw.

You mean there can be
a difference in weddings?

Well, sure, you betcha.

I'm sure glad you liked mine,

because I'd sure hate
to stage another one for you.

Well, l...
I was all set for you.

I had a bottle of ammonia
in case you broke clear down.

Now, Doc, it wasn't that bad.

Well, you were getting pale.

Yeah, but he started coming around
at about the halfway mark, Doc.

All right, we'll just wait
till you two fellas go through that.

We'll see how brave you are.

That'll be Doc here.
He'll be next, Mike.

Not me, not me. Too late for me.

Here, Sam. Let me help you
to some of this.

- Ha ha!
- Chester, how are you?


Chester, how do you like
the wedding punch?

Oh, it's fine, fine.

It ain't too stout.

It's my third glass.
I can't even feel it.

- Can't feel a thing, huh?
- No.


Mr. Dillon,
I just love weddings, don't you?

I mean, there's just
something about them that's...

Well, l... l...

I think it's because everybody
just kind of loves everybody.

I thought probably it was because
you were getting your fill

of free whiskey.

- Oh, it couldn't be that.
- Huh?

Well, he's had three drinks already
and doesn't feel a thing.

Oh, yeah.

Well, if...

if you gentlemen will excuse me,

I think, Doc, I'll just go...

freshen up my glass.

You know, I believe him, Doc.


He doesn't feel a thing.

I tell you, this here
is real good punch.

You just help yourself, Chester.

Oh, thank you.

Are you two going to wait around
and see him off,

they're driving back
to the ranch after awhile?

- Sure.
- Yeah, sure.

Listen, I'm going on with Tilda now
and help her finish packing.

You ought to see all the beautiful
new clothes she's got.

She's so proud.

- Kitty?
- Hmm?

Oh! Well, thank you.

Look at that.

That's the prettiest thing I ever saw.

What are you going to do with it?

Plant it, I guess.

Are you ready?

I sure am, Mrs. Blocker.

Oh. Oh, that sounds wonderful!

No, I don't. But I'm going down
to Mrs. Jones' next week,

and I'll pick out the material.

Oh, Kitty. Kitty, do you think
you'll have any time

you can come down and help me?

I'll take the time.

And your door is wide open.

Well, I guess I was so nervous
and excited I forgot to lock it.

My clothes.

Look at my clothes.

They're ruined.

All of them.

My beautiful clothes...
they're all ruined.

Oh, Kitty, they're...

they're all torn to shreds and pieces.

Cut to pieces.

Who? Who?
Who would do a thing like this?

Who could do a thing like this?

Joe Plummer?

Oh, no.

No, Joe wouldn't do this.

Nobody could do this.

I think he's just the kind that could.

Mr. Dillon, l...

It seems like somebody
sweetened this up a little bit.

I think it's a little bit better.

What's the matter?
Is something wrong?



What did you do with my bride?
I've been married since noon,

and I haven't spent
ten minutes with her.

Well, something happened, Mike.

Somebody broke
into her room and...

well, they ripped all her clothes up.

Ripped her clothes?

There's nothing left in there
but just a bunch of rags.

You'd better go to her.

She's crying her eyes out.

Who did it?

I don't know.

But you get to her.
She needs you.

Well, I guess there's not
much doubt about who did it.

No, I'm afraid not.
Must have been Plummer and Webb.

That would make a saint swear,
that's what.

Mike's going to kill those two
when he finds them.

Yeah. I'd better find them
before he does. Come on.

You'd better, unless you want
two dead bodies laying around town.

Hadn't we ought to
get to riding, Plummer?

Don't be so jumpy.
No one's seen us.

I wish I could be as sure as you are.

You know, you're scared
of everything, Webb.

- If Blocker finds out...
- I'll take a look outside.

Would that make you happy?

And, uh, don't drink all this, huh?

They ain't in there, Mr. Dillon.

They've got to be
around here somewhere.

We looked in about
every saloon in town.

No, there's a few left.
You finish up this side of the street.

- I'll take the other.
- All right.

Keep going till you get clear to the end.
I'll meet you there.

All right.

Where is Plummer?

Plummer? I don't know.

Don't you lie to me, Webb.

I'm going to get him, too.

Well, he went on back
to the ranch, I guess.

In that case,
I'll just start out with you.

Look, Blocker,
I ain't done nothing.

You two went too far this time.

You leave me alone.

I'm warning you.

You hit him awful hard.

- You shouldn't have done that.
- Shut up.

Yeah, but you might've killed him.

I said, shut up!

Mr. Dillon?
Mr. Dillon, over here, quick!

It's Webb!

- He's dead.
- He's dead?

Yeah, his neck's broken.

Who in the world
could've done that?

Pete? Pete.

Boy, don't hit me.

Pete, it's Marshal Dillon.

Oh, Marshal.

Come on, now, Pete.
Easy, easy.

Are you all right?

Oh, is... is...
is he still here?

Is who still here?

That fella Plummer.
He hit me.

Plummer hit you?

Well, did he hit Webb, too?

No, that was Blocker.

He come in awful mad.

Was anybody else in here, Pete?

Mr. Dillon?

Go over and see if you can
find something out from him.

All right.

Now, Pete,
did you see Blocker hit Webb?

Yeah, I sure did,
and he hit him awful hard.

Where was Plummer then?

Well, he come in after
and sneaked up and hit Blocker.

- And then he hit me, too.
- I see.

Oh, Marshal, I feel awful bad.

Pete, you'd better
take it easy for a while.

Thanks very much.

Uh, it's no use, Mr. Dillon.

No, he couldn't have seen anything.

Oh, that's for sure.

What do you think happened
to Blocker and Plummer, though?

- I've got an idea where Blocker is.
- Where?

You'd better get a hold of Doc
and take Webb out of here.

I'll see you back at the office.

Well, uh...

Come in.

Hello, Tilda.

Oh, Marshal.

I was hoping it was Mike.

Well, Tilda, it's Mike
that I'm looking for.

Well, he was here, but he left.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this,
Tilda, but Mike is in trouble.

Trouble? What did he do?

Killed a man.
The fella Webb.


Mike couldn't do that.

I swear it.

I'm afraid he did, Tilda.

No, Marshal. He was angry.
He was terribly angry.

But he couldn't kill anybody.

What are you doing here, Marshal?

Looking for you, Mike.

Me? What for?


Mike, tell him.
Tell him you didn't do it.

Didn't do what?
What are you talking about?

Harry Webb.
You didn't kill him, did you?

Well, of course,
I didn't kill him.

What's this all about, Marshal?

I just came from
the Texas Trail, Mike.

Well, sure, I was there.

I found Webb, hit him,
knocked him out.

Then Plummer hit me from behind.

When I come to, I got out of there.
But I didn't kill Webb.

I couldn't have.
I only hit him once.

I knew you didn't.
I knew it.

You see, Marshal?

Well, maybe you only
hit him once, Mike,

but once was enough.

What did you use, anyway?

I hit him with my fist.

Oh, no. No, this was no fist
that did that.

That was a club of some kind.

I swear to you, Marshal.

All I hit him with was my fist.

Well, he's dead.
And Pete witnessed it.

I'm afraid I'm going
to have to hold you, Mike.

You're not going to arrest him.

I'm sorry, Tilda. I have to.


it's our wedding day.

I know, Tilda.

But I just don't have any choice.

Come on, Mike.
I got to get you locked up,

and then I got to find Plummer.

I've been looking for him, too.


Marshal, uh...

would you let me stay here
a few minutes and talk to Tilda?

And then I'll come on down.

All right, Mike.


I didn't kill Webb, you know that.

Of course I know that.

That's why they've got
no right to jail you.

I'm afraid the Marshal doesn't agree.

Mike. Mike, let's get
out of here right away.

I can get a couple of horses.

We can be out of town before
you even know it.

No, I can't do that.
I gave my word.

You're right.

I guess I shouldn't have
even mentioned it.

Now, you wait right here.

Everything will be all right.
You'll see.

Sure. Sure it will.

You... You'd better go now.


Ain't the Marshal found you yet?

It was you that killed Webb.

But they'll hang you.

Not until I settle with you
for what you did to Til...

You're in a hurry to die, ain't you?

I know what I'm going to do.

I'm going to cut you, Blocker.

I'm going to fix you so you won't
look very good when Tilda sees you.

She'll be sorry
she ever married you.

You know, we were friends once,
me and Tilda.

- Real good friends.
- You and Tilda?

I guess she never told you.

I don't want to hear it from you.

Heh. Well, I think I'm just going
to tell you all about it anyway.

- You shut up.
- Yeah.

Me and Tilda were real sweet
on each other.

- I guess we was as close as...
- I said, you shut up!

Mike! Mike!

Stop. Hold it.

You like to killed him.

Yeah, I guess I did.

He's busted up pretty bad.

He had it coming to him.

He killed Webb,
wanted me to hang for it.

I see.

You going to jail me?

No, Mike, I'm not.


Ain't everybody that would
take a man's word for it.

You were taking quite a chance here,

going up against a knife and a gun both.

I guess for the first time in my life,

I had an itch to be a bear.


Well, I guess if a man wants
to be a bear around here,

he'd better be a grizzly, huh?

I'll get him up to Doc's
all right, Mike.

You'd better get back to the hotel.

You know, you've got a bride
waiting for you.

I do.

I do for sure.

Thank you, Marshal.


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