Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 4, Episode 12 - Grass - full transcript

White men pretending to be Indians attack greenhorn Harry Pope at night, and he kills one of them. Now the dead man's friends want revenge.

James Arness as Matt Dillon.

What's the matter, Chester?


You haven't said a word
in the past ten miles.

Cheer up; we'll be
in Dodge for supper tonight.

Cheer up.

Well, uh, was that
cheery enough for you?

Forget I mentioned it, will you?

Yeah. Mr. Dillon, maybe we can
just go over to that farmhouse

and get us a drink
of nice, cold water.

Well, not a bad idea.

Give it a try.


Is something wrong, mister?

Didn't you hear 'em?

Hear what?
- Well, the Indians.

Just a minute ago, they
was hollerin' right out there.


Why, Mr. Dillon, I never...

Oh, he-he must have heard me,

- Mr. Dillon. Uh...
- You?

Well, yeah, I was...

I was just,
uh, yellin' a little bit

just for the fun of it.

That true?

Yeah, that's true, mister.

We wouldn't lie to you.

I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.

This is my friend,
Chester Goode.

Oh. My name's Harry Pope.

Howdy do.

Won't you visit a while?

Well, I guess the horses

could use a little rest,
couldn't they?

Well, I know I sure could.

Well, how long you been living
out here, Mr. Pope?

Oh, couple of months.

My wife died back east, and I
didn't want to stay back there,

so... well, I-I come out here
and now I got this place.

I see.

I sure am scared of them
Indians, though, Marshal.

Oh, but, uh, there ain't
no Indians, though, Pope.

We told you that. It's...

Oh, not today, maybe, but...

they come scratching
around nights.

And they whoop
and they holler, too.

Now, what makes you think
it was Indians

- that you heard?
- Oh, I can tell.

Marshal... Marshal,
do you suppose

maybe the-the Army
could come out here

and-and run 'em off?

If they was to catch me outside
the cabin, I'd be done for.

Well, Mr. Pope,
let me tell you something.

If what you'd been hearing
was really Indians,

you'd have been done for
a long time ago.

Now, you've heard
a lot of talk about Indians,

and your imagination's
done the rest.

You see, they just don't act
the way you described them.

Oh, I'm sorry, Marshal;
them was Indians, all right.

Well, then why
don't you shoot 'em?

- I don't have a gun.
You don't?

Oh, I ain't had a gun
since I was in the Army.

Well, you better get one, then.

A man needs a gun
out in this country.

Besides, if you shoot at 'em
next time you hear 'em,

why, I think you'll understand
what I been trying to tell you.

But if I was to kill one of 'em,

they might get
the whole tribe after me.

No, I don't think so, Mr. Pope.

I know, you... you think
I'm crazy, don't you?

But... but I ain't, I...

I know what I hear.

You say so,
I-I'll get me a gun, tomorrow.

And if I have to, I'll...
well, I'll use it.

All right, you do that.

Good luck to you.


- So long.
- So long.




Marshal! Marshal Dillon.

- Well.
- I been yelling at you

all the way across the street.

Hello, Curry.

I'd like to talk to you
for a minute.

What about?

You know Earl Brant?


- How do.
- Marshal.

Earl's an old friend
of mine from Texas.

He come out a couple
of months ago to ride for me.

I see.

Well, what can I do for you?

You know that
new fella, Harry Pope?

Yeah, I met him
a couple days ago.

Well, you're gonna
meet him again.

What are you getting at?

He killed Joe Carter last night.


Marshal, Joe Carter
was a good friend of mine.

He worked for me
for a long time.

I didn't like having
to bury him this morning.

What happened?

Pope shot him, in cold blood,
out near that old cabin of his.

That blasted Easterner.

I'm looking forward
to see him hung.

Now, just hold on a minute.

Harry Pope didn't seem
like the kind of man

that'd shoot anybody
in the back,

- or any other way.
- Well, he did it.

How do you know? Were you there?

No, but Earl was.

He brought Joe's body
back to the ranch.

Tell me what happened.

Pope murdered Joe Carter.

I want the details...
how did he murder him?

Tell him, Earl.

Well, ain't nothin' to tell.

We were riding
by his cabin last night,

he comes sneaking out
and shot Joe, that's all.

And that's enough.

Now, are you gonna arrest him?

I'll ride out there tomorrow.

Tomorrow? He might run.

He won't run.

He wouldn't know how.

Well, I guess
maybe that's right.

But you take him, Marshal.

'Cause if you don't,
I swear I will.

Come on, Earl.

Well, is everything all right?

Yeah, it seems
to be pretty quiet.

Guess there won't be
much going on tonight.

No. I think I'll go to bed,
then, Mr. Dillon.

I got to get up early if we're
gonna ride out to Harry Pope's.

Yeah, well, we'll be leaving
right after daybreak.

- Yeah, well, good night.
- Good night.

Uh, uh, M-Mr. Dillon?

- Hmm?
- Mr. Dillon, I...

I just seen Harry Pope.

- You did?
- Yeah.

Where was he?

Well, he went into
the stage office there.

Are you sure?

Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure.

You think maybe he's trying
to run off after all?

Well, let's go find out.

Hello, Pope.

Marshal. Chester.

Hi, Mr. Pope.

Well, you, uh,
you going somewhere?


Oh, no, no,
I'm not going anywhere.

I just come in to see whether
Jim Buck had fetched some seed

from Hay City like he promised,
but, uh, it ain't here yet.

- I see.
- That's all.

I'll come in again
sometime next week.

Well, what are you gonna do,

go back to the ranch,
then, tonight?

Oh, no, no, no, it's too late;
I wouldn't dare.

They was back again, Marshal.

- Who was back?
- Them Indians, but...

I got me a rifle, like you said,
and I... I shot at 'em, and...

they rode off.

Well, Pope, these, uh,

these Indians,
how many of 'em were there?

Well, I couldn't tell.

- But you shot at 'em?
- Yeah.

Did you hit any of 'em?

It was too dark; I-I don't know.

And they were, uh,
whooping and hollering

the way they were before?

You should've heard 'em.

Well, Pope, I... I hate
to have to tell you this,

but those weren't Indians.

They were two men
that ride for Ned Curry.

And one of 'em, Joe Carter,
you killed.


The other one was Earl Brant.

Why, I can't believe it.

How'd you know?

Well, Ned Curry
was in to see me today.

Maybe he was lying.

Curry's got his faults,
but lying isn't one of 'em.

I just don't know
what to say, Marshal.

Well, has there been any trouble
between you and these men?

No, sir. I hardly know 'em.

They... they rode by
a couple of times, that's all.

I wouldn't have shot at 'em
if I known who it was.

But wait.

It-it couldn't have been them.

No, they-they were shooting
at me first.

They were?


Just don't make sense.

You gonna arrest me, Marshal?

No, no, I'm not, Pope...
if you'll promise me something.


Don't try to leave your place,
and don't try to leave Dodge.

Oh, I won't. I'll-I'll ride out
to my cabin in the morning,

and I'll be there,
anytime you want me.

All right.

Good night.

Good night.

Night, Mr. Pope.

Well, he sure is a lonely kind
of a little feller, ain't he?

Don't even seem
like he belongs out here.


Mr. Dillon, he's coming
down the boardwalk.


Uh, Ned Curry.

- Chester.
- Howdy.

- Morning, Marshal.
- Hello, Ned.

Well, when will I get to see
that dirty little Yankee hung?

Had a little talk with Pope.

- Had a talk with him?
- Yeah.

He said he thought
he was shooting at Indians.

Well, that miserable dog.

You weren't there; you don't
really know what happened.

Now, look, Marshal, Earl Brant's
a good friend of mine.

I don't know as I take
to you calling him a liar.

Now, why do you suppose
Pope shot at him?

How do I know?

He's crazy, I guess.

That all?

That's enough, ain't it?

He killed Joe Carter...
what difference does it make?

It makes the difference between
murder and something else.

All right.

Bring Pope out here.

Let's talk to him.

And I'll beat the truth
out of him if he lies.

He's not in there, Curry.


I didn't arrest him.

Why not?!

'Cause when I talked to him,

he said he thought it was
Indians he was shooting at.

And not only that,
but they shot at him first.

Now, who could it have been
besides Carter and Brant?

I'm beginning to think
you're the one that's crazy.

You mean you're not
gonna arrest him at all?

Not till I find out
more about this.

Marshal, no man's gonna
kill a friend of mine,

then say he was
shooting at Indians!

And if the law won't see
justice done, then I will!

Use your head, Curry.

All I know is Joe Carter's dead
and Harry Pope shot him.

And that's all I need to know!

I mean what I say, Marshal.

Well, Mr. Dillon, you know,
he's just mad enough

- to go after Pope hisself.
- Yeah.

Well, there's only one thing
I can think of that might work.

Let's ride out to Pope's
and give it a try.

Marshal. Chester.

- Howdy.
- Howdy, Pope.

I'll take him for you,
Mr. Dillon.

Well, you can tie him up
anywhere there.

- Oh, thank you.
- I was just about to go to work,

Marshal, but I'd be proud
to make you a cup of coffee.

No, no, thanks, Pope.

Pope, I hate to have
to tell you this, but...

I think you'd be better
if you left here.


Well, it's no fault of your own,

but you've made enemies
here now, and...

well, I think you'd be a whole
lot better off somewhere else.

Oh, I'm sorry, Marshal,
I... I won't leave.

Let 'em come.

I'll fight it out with 'em.

Just mean more bloodshed.

But it's like you said, Marshal,
it... it ain't my fault.


well, a man's got a duty
to defend himself.

Well, I know,
but think about it.

You wouldn't have
a minute's peace around here.

You'd be jumping at shadows
night and day.

I won't leave, Marshal.

All right.

I'm sorry about all this, Pope.

Well, is he gonna leave,
Mr. Dillon?


He ain't?

Well, he's got more gumption
than I thought.

Yeah. For all the good
it'll do him.


Come on out, Pope.

You ain't got a chance.


it was you all the time.

Why'd you shoot me?

Why's you and Carter
trying to scare me?

It was a joke.

It ain't no joke no more.

You're gonna die
for killing Joe Carter.

Get on your horse and ride.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot again!

Then don't come back anymore.


Mr. Dillon,
I don't see a soul.

Do you think them shots
come from here?

They must have.

Well, look here.

Marshal Dillon.

Mr. Dillon?

Marshal, I... was shot.

All right, now, take it easy.

- Here.
No, no, no, no!

Let me down, let me down.

All right, easy, now. Here.



In the well.

I know where it is,
Mr. Dillon; I'll get it.

In-in the... back.

I was just out in the yard
doing the wash.

Did you see who did it?


It was that fella...

it was that fella Brant.

Brant, huh?

But I-I... put a bullet in him,

and I made him ride...

I-I'm burning up.

Here you are.

- Mm, mm, mm.
- What?

No, I can't drink.

Come on, Chester,
let's get him in the house.

I still don't know
why they did it.

Why'd they want to hurt me?

Come on.

All right, now, slow.

Hey, Marshal?


My horse and them hogs, don't...

don't leave 'em starve, huh?

Don't worry, Pope,
we'll take care of 'em for you.


I can hardly see.

Oh, my goodness.

You know,
he was a brave man, Chester.


Yeah, he was brave.

He put a bullet in Earl Brant,
drove him off.

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Chester, come here.

What's the matter, Mr. Dillon?

Come on, take a look.


That's... Ned Curry
and his men, ain't it?


Well, should I get my rifle?

No. No, just
stand easy, Chester.

Where's that murdering
Harry Pope?

You ain't gonna protect him
no more, Marshal.

Seems like there's a lot of men
looking for Pope today.

And we're gonna get him, too.

Come out of there, Pope!

I got three men with me!

The marshal ain't gonna
do you no good at all!

You're wasting your breath.

Keep your rifles on 'em.

I suppose that little sneak
didn't tell you.

Tell me what?

He shot Earl Brant.

Yeah, he told me.

You don't seem to care.

It's a good thing
we found Earl before he died.

He's dead?

But he was able
to talk a little first.

What'd he say?

He said Harry Pope shot him.

And now I'm gonna shoot
Harry Pope.

He's murdered
two good friends of mine,

and he's gonna die for it.

You stand in my way,
you're gonna die, too.

All right.

Go get him.


Mr. Dillon,
why didn't you tell him?

He'll find out.

Well, he'll find out, all right.

Why didn't you tell me
he was dead?

It was your friend Brant
that killed him.

He didn't tell me that.

Maybe he wasn't
very proud of it.

Why shouldn't he shoot him?

He had it coming, didn't he?

Brant was a coward,
a cheap, rotten coward.

I won't stand
for talk like that!

- No?
- No. I'll stand up

for the good name of a friend of
mine whether he's dead or alive!

A friend, huh?

- You're a fool, Curry.
- What?

You go on back in there
and take another look at him.

And take a good look this time.

I don't understand.

Go take a look.

Brant did that?

In the back?


Then Brant was lying to me.

And about Carter, too.

About Carter, too.

All Harry Pope did
was try and defend himself.