Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 8 - Born to Hang - full transcript

Joe Digger is nearly killed by two men who tried to lynch him. Now he is giving Matt until midnight the next day to bring them to jail, or he will track them down and kill them both.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Hey, Glick!
Come on, Glick!

They're ready for you,

That's fine.

You were lucky we caught
you so near these trees.

I don't know what we'd have
done way out on the prairie.

You'd have thought of something.

Like what?

You ain't above shooting a man
in the back, are you?

You could make me mad
talking that way, Digger.

That worries me a lot.

You shut up!

Huh, Glick, come on!

Let's get this
thing over with!

Get moving.

What you lookin'
so long-faced about?

It's what I told you
before; this ain't right.

You telling me it ain't right
to hang a horse thief?

It ain't right
to hang nobody

the way you're
doing it.

I don't hold
with lynching.

Hanging a horse thief
ain't lynching.

You can't even
prove he's a thief.

Then what was our
horses doing with him?

I was camped.

I didn't know
your horses was anywhere around.

I suppose they just wandered
up to you in the night, huh?

I don't know
how they got there.

We do.

That ain't so, Pate.

You don't know
nothing of the kind.

Just 'cause this man was camped
near a few head of your horses,

there's no sign
he was a-stealin' them.

Roble, I'm gettin'
a bellyful of you.

Are you working
for me and Glick or not?

He's talkin' just 'cause
they ain't his horses.

That's got nothing
to do with it!

Come on!
We're wasting time!

If you don't like
what we're doing,

why don't you get out?

All right.

All right, I will.

And you keep your mouth
shut about this!

He don't dare say nothing.

He better not.

That noose looks
kind of empty.

Put his neck in it.

You men are nothing
but murderers.

Now, that's no way
to go to your maker,

calling people names.

This is all right.

Bring his horse around.

What are you gonna do,

just hold that rope
in your hand?

I know how to hang a man
without advice from you.

All right, get mounted.

Well, I ain't got wings.

You'll never have wings
where you're going.

Now, get our horses, Pate.

You might have the decency to
wait and put a bullet in me.

Bullets cost
seven cents apiece, Digger.

You're even worse
than I thought.

That rope tight enough?

You figure.

It'll do.

All set, Digger?

My pa always said
I was born to hang.

You hit his horse, Pate.

I got no stomach
to watch a man kick.


That's right.
You can breathe.

It wasn't long.
Just take it easy.

Air, air feels good.

You come back.

I was clean
out of my head.

I couldn't fight 'em.

Not the two of 'em.

Well, you
saved my life.

I don't hold
with lynching.

It's the truth.
That's the honest truth.

I ain't no horse thief.

I never thought you was.

I guess my pa was wrong.


Yeah, my pa.

He always said
I was born to hang.

You work for them two,
don't you?

I been working for 'em.
Not no more.

I reckon I owe you a drink.

What about it?

We ain't but ten miles
from Dodge.

Might as well.

Good. I got something
to tell you.


Yeah. Something mighty

Is Marshal Dillon
back yet, Chester?

I don't know.

Oh, yeah, he-he's back,

but he's busy
right now, though.

Well, did you tell him
about Joe Digger?

Yeah, I told him
about the lynching

and how you cut him
down and all.

That all?

Well, he said he wanted
to hear it from you.

That's bad, ain't it?

Well, thanks,
anyhow, Matt.

Sure, Kitty.

You tell Red,
what I said now.

You don't need a shotgun man over there.

It'd just be
asking for trouble.

Yeah, but what happens
when you're out of town?

Tell your gamblers
to deal straight.

Oh, listen, Matt, we fire
more gamblers than you jail.

Anyway, it's the customers

that 'cause most of the
trouble, not the dealers.


But we'll let you
come play anytime.


I'll see you later, Matt.

All right.


Come on in.
Yes, sir.

Sit down.

Ain't no time
for sitting, Marshal.

Heard what you did
today, Roble.

That was a pretty fine thing.

I don't hold with murder,

and I don't hold
with lynching either.

I didn't save Digger's life so as
he could start murdering people.

What do you mean?

He's gonna kill
Pate and Glick both,

and he don't care
how he does it.

He tell you that?

He's gonna
kill 'em, Marshal.

Well, he'll probably
get over it.

After all, you can't
blame him for being mad.

You don't know
him, Marshal.

He means it.

Where is he now?

In his room at
the Dodge House.

He ain't as strong
as he thought he was.

Kind of weaked out
after we got to town.

What are you
gonna do now?

You goin' back to work
for Glick and Pate?

Not hardly.

No, they'd hang me, too,
if they find out what I done.

I'm headed for Texas.

Well, you're probably right.

I done my part,

but there's gonna
be a lot of blood

unless'n you stop it.

Which room is Joe Digger's?

Uh, Digger?
That's room 12, Marshal.

Up the stairs.

All right, thanks.

Joe Digger?

That's me.

I'm the marshal.

I'd like to talk to you.

About what?

I hear you had a little
trouble this morning.

Where'd you hear that,

How come you
didn't tell me?

Somebody tries to lynch
a man around here,

I like to
know about it.

Yeah, it's all over.
Nobody got lynched.

Yeah? What are those
marks on your neck then?


I'm still alive,
ain't I?

Yeah, but you take it
mighty easy.

Most men'd be kinda mad.

Well, they just made
a mistake, that was all.

They just did what
they thought was right.


A little rope burn
ain't gonna hurt me none.

'Sides, I'm kinda
glad it happened.


My pa always said
I was born to hang.

Today he got proved wrong.

You're wasting my time, Digger.

I came here to tell you
one thing.

You leave Glick and Pate to me.

Which one you going after first,

So you can get the other one?

They don't deserve a trial.

Well, they're gonna get one.

From now on,
this is the law's business.

You're denying me what's mine.

I'm not gonna argue with ya.

I'm just tellin' ya.

You think about it.

Till midnight

I'll think about it
till midnight tomorrow, Marshal!

By then, I'll be feeling better.

I'll come by and see
if they're in jail.

They will be... or you will.

Well, somebody's home.

Yeah, I don't think
that they'd go off

and leave a
fire burning.

What's the matter?

He's got a loose shoe.

I'll have to have it fixed
before we start back.

Yeah, if they'll give you
the loan of any tools.

Well, at least they won't
have much choice about that.

You think they'll
up a fight?

Well, I'm counting
on Glick not to,

not in front of his wife.

This, this other
fellow, that Pate.

He ain't married, is he?

No, no.

Hello, Glick.

Marshal, what are you
doing out here?

Pate around?

Went to Dodge.

Well, aren't you gonna
invite us in?

Why, sure.
Hello, Chester.

Come on in.
Just finishing dinner.

Hello, Mrs. Glick.

Hello, Marshal.

How do you do, ma'am?

Sit down.

The woman'll find
you something to eat.

No, thanks.
We've already eaten.

Are you sure I can't feed you nothing?

Oh, no.
No, thank you, ma'am.

Don't get out this way
very often, Marshal.

What can we do
for you?

I'd like to talk to you
alone if I can.

Me and the woman's
got no secrets.

What do you want
to talk about?

You and Pate.

What about
me and Pate?

I'm arresting both of you.

I don't know what
you're talking about, Marshal.

You want me
to explain it to you?

That might help.

You come in a man's house
to arrest him,

he ought to know
what it's about.

Didn't you and Pate
murder a man yesterday?

Murder a man?

What man?

A drifter by the name
of Joe Digger.

I never heard of no Joe Digger.

Then you shouldn't go around
lynching strangers.

Oh, so that's what
this is about.

I seen that fellow, Marshal.

I was riding by yesterday
and I seen him hanging.

I don't know
who done it,

but it sure wasn't
me and Pate.

Digger says it was.


Claims you and Pate
strung him up.


Roble told you.

Roble cut him down.

Digger's alive.


What the...?

What are you
after us for?

Attempted murder.

You'll probably get 20 years,
but at least you'll live.

What do you mean?

Digger's out
to kill you.

Lucky thing I got to you first.

Good thing I found you
at dinner, isn't it?

I'm going to
unshoe that horse.

We'll leave afterwards.

All right, sir.

You can go back to your
coffee while we're waiting.


I better get
back to my work.

Don't you let us
interrupt you none,


You know, the marshal's right
about that Digger fella.

He's out to kill you.

Is he?

Made him kinda mad,
getting strung up thataway.

Ed. Ed, come here and
unbutton my sleeves.

My hands are wet.

Come on. Please.
Unbutton them.

Wouldn't hurt you none
to unbutton her sleeves, now,

would it?

No. Over here.

Get out of the way.

Mr. Dillon!

You hurt bad?

No. He went thataway.

He's got a gun.

She give him a gun.

He probably went out
to get a horse.

Do you see him?

Not yet. No.

Well, he'll just
ride right off.

He's in that
barn, Chester.

He's got to
come out that door.

Well, it happened
so fast, Mr. Dillon.

I didn't think she'd do
a thing like that.

She's his wife, Chester.

Look, you better get back
and take cover somewhere.

I guess I ain't
much good to you here.

Go on. Hurry up.

Here he comes.

All right, hold it.

Is he dead?


Mr. Dillon.

He's dead, ma'am.

I'm sorry, but... he didn't
give me any choice.

What are you going
to do, Mr. Dillon?

I don't know.

We can't stay here.

This Pate won't live
to go to jail either.

Let's bury him.

Ooh! Doc, that hurts.

'Course it hurts
a little.

It always does
when you get shot.

It's all right for you
to make light of it.

Nobody shot you.

Well, you don't have
to be such a baby about it.

Baby? Suppose you'd got hit in the head.

A baby? You... Doc, you
know, for a doctor,

you got an awful
mean streak in you.

Yeah. Well,
I cultivated it.

Helps me in my work.

Ow! Hog sticker!

What did you call me?

Hog butcher!

Chester, just because
you got a little bit

of a scratch on your arm
doesn't give you

any right at all
to malign me.

Or, what is
infinitely worse,

all of those who
adhere assiduously

to the Hippocratic oath.

Talk, talk, talk!

Nobody shot you!

Well, I suppose the next
thing you'll be doing

is telling me just exactly
how it all happened.

How smart you were, getting
there just in the nick of time.

How brave and
everything you are.

Here. Put this on.

Now put your
hand in there.

Never mind!
Never mind!

I'll jus do it
myself. I'll just...

How is he, Doc?

Oh, he's fine. He just
got stung a little bit.

Did you get the horses put up,
Mr. Dillon?

Yeah. Look, I'm going to have
to go after Pate right now.

Well, I'll go with you.

No. You better
go to bed.

No, it's all right.

I'll take one side
of the street

while you take the other.

All right.
It's up to you.

Up to him?

I have heard of cases
when it was up

to the attending physician
and not the patient.

Well, I ain't no patient,
not of yours.

You'll change your mind
when you get my bill.

You mean you're going
to charge me

for just messing
around a little

and wrapping up my arms
with a couple of old rags?

Your bill just
went up a dollar.

And a quarter.

Chester, come on.
You better come with me.

You'll go broke around here.

We better hurry, Mr. Dillon.

It's almost midnight now.

You try the
Texas Trail.

I'm going to look for Joe
Digger over at the Dodge House.

Matt, there going
to be shooting?

I don't know, Doc,

but you better not
go to bed for a while.

All right. I'll wait up.

you take care of yourself!

Joe Digger's not in his room.

You know where he is?

Why, no, Marshal.
No, I don't.

You don't sound
real sure of that.

I don't know where
he is, I said.

You trying to
hide something?

Why, no, Marshal.
No, nothing at all.

You're lying.

Just leave me be, Marshal.

Joe Digger's not here,
so just leave me be.

I'm not going to leave you be.

Somebody's liable to get
killed because of your stalling.

Now, are you going
to tell me where he is?

He'll shoot me.

He said he'd
shoot me, Marshal.

He's not going to shoot
anybody if I get to him first.

Now, where is he?

All right, I'll tell you.

He was sitting over there
looking out the window

when he seen Mr. Pate walk by
just a few minutes ago.

And he got up and went out.

But first,
he said he'd shoot me

if I said anything
to you about it.



Oh, Pate ain't
in there, Mr. Dillon.

Did you find Digger?

Well, no, but he's out
after Pate right now.

Trouble is,
I don't know just where.

He may be waiting for midnight
like he said he would.

Well, yeah.
He must be.

That'll give us
about three minutes

to have a look
in one more bar.

? ?

Hello, Pate.

Roble come back
and cut you down.

Too bad he ain't here
to help you.

What do you mean?

I'm going to kill you.

Now, wait a minute.

Put your hands
on the table.

Put your hands on the table.

? ?

When that clock
reaches midnight,

I'm going to kill you.


You wouldn't dare.

Ah, look,
maybe we made a mistake.

You can't blame us for that.

All right, hold it.

You're late, Marshal.

It's after midnight.

Put the gun down.

Now, get away from it.

You should have
trusted me, Digger.

It ain't my fault
you're late.

You're going to jail.

What for?

He tried to murder me,
didn't he?

You ain't got a leg
to stand on, Marshal,

and you know it.

Let's go.

? ?


At least I got
a trial this time.

I guess my pa
was right after all...

one way or the other.

Just born for it.

Yes, sir...

just plain born to hang.

? ?