Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 5 - Potato Road - full transcript

Young Budge Grilk tells Matt that his father has committed a murder and offers to lead the Marshal to their homestead. Matt and Chester are wary of Budge because of his addled and unkempt demeanor, but they decide to accompany him. When they arrive at the decrepit homestead, Matt and Chester are surprised and taken as hostages at gunpoint and locked in a squalid potato cellar. Matt suspects that the entire family is half-starved and capable of desperate measures to ensure their survival. Pa Grilk confirms Matt's suspicion when he tells them that they are to be killed so that he and Budge can rob the Dodge City Bank without interference. Matt eventually gets the upper hand on Budge and is able to hold him at knife-point. He attempts to barter for his and Chester's freedom, but he is shocked and dismayed when the ruthless Pa Grilk proves fully willing to sacrifice the young man's life.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

When the wind comes
out of the west

a hundred miles high
and a thousand miles wide,

it drives the settlers out
like buffalo bums.

It leaves them cracked
and empty,

and wishing they'd never left

And some of them
really can't take it.

They start spinning around
like poisoned wolves,

baffled but dangerous
in their hurt and anger.

Those are the hardest
I have to go up against.

Matt Dillon, US Marshal.


Where in the world
have you been?

Out hunting big bad men or something? No.

Just been talking to some
pilgrims camped upriver.

Well, you wait'll you see
what's camped in your office.

Oh, what's that?

Well, I'm not gonna
spoil it for you.

You'll have to see
for yourself.

My goodness,
Mr. Dillon,

I'm sure glad that
you're back.

Hello, Doc.

There's the
doggondest man

waiting for you
in your office.

What does he want?

Well, he-he-he says

that he wants you to come
and arrest his pa.

Oh, I knew it'd be
something silly.

Arrest his pa?

Now what does he want me
to do that for?

I don't know.

He didn't say, except he
said you better hurry,

that it's serious.

Well, in that case, I better go
talk to him, I guess.

Yeah, you do that;
I'm gonna be down

in Long Branch
having a beer.

You let me know
how it comes out, huh?

All right, Doc.

Found him, huh.

Now go ahead
and tell him

what you come for.

I come for him.

Well, yeah, I know,
he told me that.

Was it something
about your pa?

Pa needs arresting.

Arresting? What for?

He killed a fella.

Shot him dead.

Now who is your pa?

I'm Budge Grilk, Marshal.

Who'd your pa kill?

Some stranger.

Just left him laying out there.


Pa won't even
bury him.

Well, laying where?

Now, where'd this happen?

Near home.

Well, where's home?

Out yonder.

Oh, forever more.

Well, I don't know
how to tell him

how to get there.

Well, maybe you better
show me the way, huh?

That's what I come for.

All right.

I'll understand
if you don't want

to come along
on this trip.

He's got me plumb

but I'll go,
just out of sake of habit.

All right.

Come on.

There's the house.


Can't everybody live
in a big place.

No, I guess not.

Got a tater cellar, see?

Be a good place to...
to keep somebody,

wouldn't it,

Your pa gonna be
over there?

Ma'll be there.

Better not ride
no further.

Makes ma mad.

She says
it's impolite.

All right.

Come on.



She ain't...
She-she-she'll be out.


Ma, I got him.

That's her.

That there's him,
that big'un.

Well, who's the other one?

A fella named

He's hangin' around,
so I brought him, too.

Ma'am, I, uh, I take it
you know about your husband?

I been married to him
15 years.

I mean about
his killin' somebody.


you have to see pa
when he gets here about that.

That ain't none of my affair.

Budge... take that gun
on into the house.

You fellers,

you stay out here.

I'll boil up some
coffee for ya

and bring it out to ya.

And, uh, you can sit down,
if you want to.

Oh, don't bother
with that, ma'am.

It ain't no bother.

Sit down, huh?

She's crazier
than he his.

Chester, I think
they're half starved.


Ma's fixin' to make you
some coffee.

Yeah, she told us
that, Budge.

Ma like folks come visit.


Hey, Marshal?

Yes, ma'am?

I want you to come see my house.

Come here.

That Chester fella-

he can see it later.

Ma don't always ask people in,

Only sometimes.

All right.

Mr. Dillon, does that mean
that I don't get

any coffee?

Don't you worry
about that, Chester.

Come on in, Marshal.

Don't move, Marshal.

You do, I'll bust
your heart open.

Get your hands up.

This gun is


I got him, Ma!

Well, come give me
a hand here then!

Go on, get down there.

Get in there!

All right.

He got behind
me with that

knife, Mr. Dillon.

I wasn't expectin'
nothin' like that.

Come on, Budge.

Let's lock 'em up.

Lock us up where?

In the tater cellar.

Tater cellar?

Like I told you,

All right, Budge,
what's all this about?

Pa'll tell you
when he gets here.

Where is your pa?

He's waitin'.

He'll be in tonight sometime.

You can see him

in the mornin'.

Your pa never shot
anybody, did he?


But he's gonna.

He sure is.

Eh, Ma?

Now, come on...

get out there
to the tater cellar.

Go on, Chester, get!

Tater cellar don't make
much of a hotel,

does it, Mr. Dillon?

No, it sure doesn't,


Even them taters
is moldy.

Well, it's mornin'.


You think they're
gonna let us out?

Now, Chester,
I don't know.

I been thinking
about it all night.

I don't know
what they're doing,

or what they're
planning to do.

Yeah, beats me.

Imagine that old woman pulling
a trick like that.

You think she'll really use
that shotgun, Mr. Dillon?

I don't know.

She said she would.

Anyway, I couldn't shoot
a woman, Chester.

Yeah, and she knows
that, too.

That's darn smart
of her.

She knows that.

Get 'em out here, Budge.

They can't put up a fight
with nothin' but taters.

Come on out now!

Now don't you try

We both got guns.

Get up here in the light,
where we can see ya.

That's the big'un.

The big'un there, Pa.

That's the marshal.

I reckon you know who
I am, don't you?

Yeah, I know who you are.

About the smartest man
in this whole country.

That so?

Well, you're one man
oughta know

that for sure.

Am I?

I got you caught, ain't I?

You mean 'cause I wouldn't
shoot a woman?

That make you smart?

Tell him, Pa.
Go ahead tell him.

Shut up, Budge!

Don't be telling me what to do!

We got a plan, Marshal.

A real fine plan.

And it's all
my thinkin'.

We're gonna rob the bank,

The Dodge Bank.

Gonna hold it up
and take all the money.

Oh, that's a pretty
good plan.

Ain't it?

Now you see how it's gonna work?

Won't be nobody there
to stop us.

'Cause we'll have you
out here dead.

Dead and buried.

Now-now, look here...

Now you just hold steady,

What'd you think
we got you out here for?

Well, it don't
make sense.

I mean...
Why not?

Why not?

Chester, don't argue
with him.

It's no use-
they're crazy.


You call me crazy
'cause I'm gonna get rich?

'Cause I won't have to work this
no good land no more?

'Cause I won't
have to twist

and rot and starve
no more?

Do you call that crazy?


I call that crazy.

Go get Ma!

We're gonna shoot 'em
right now!


Ma, come on out,

if you want to watch
us kill 'em.

Grilk, let me ask you
What makes you think

I'd be the only one after you
if you robbed that bank?

Well, everybody knows
that once you get the marshal

out of the way,
the rest is easy.

Yeah, but there's a lot of
people got money in that bank.

You're gonna have 50 men
after you, at least.


Me and Ma and Budge gonna shoot
everybody in the bank.

That way, nobody'll know nothing
about it till after we're gone.

You won't live
to get as far as the street.

It's my plan, it ain't your'n.

Now you shut up.

She better hurry out here now

if she wants
to see this.

Mr. Dillon, he means it.

They're really
gonna shoot at us.

What's that woman doing?

Putting on her best
Sunday clothes?

Ma likes to take her time.

She's worse than you are.

I ain't waiting.

I'll shoot the marshal.

You take the other 'un.

No. Wait, Pa.

Ma? Ma?!

Come on out now.




Oh, it's

What's he want
here now?

Wants to come

Dad blast him.

Budge, you take these two

around the other side
of the house.

Get on around now, hear?

I always did hate
a nosy neighbor.

Now go on and get
'round the side

of the house before I shoot you

right now!
Mr. Dillon...


Mr. Dillon...?

All right.

Now get on back
there, go on!

What you want
here, Calhoun?

Just come to
visit a spell.

Well, we're too busy
for visiting today.

Ain't nobody too
busy for visiting.

Hold it!

Just don't you take
another step.

Well, you went and killed
that nice Calhoun fella.

Sure did.

Doggone you, Budge.

I'm gonna
whup you good.

Well, he was getting
too nosy, Pa.

Yeah, and you're getting
too smart.


Leave him

He didn't mean
nothing by it.

You're always sticking up
for him, ain't you?

He had no right

to shoot Calhoun.

Now, get back
on into that house.

Go on!

Well, what's wrong
with shooting Calhoun, Pa?

We're leaving,
ain't we?

We don't have no use
for no neighbors.

Come on, let's
shoot these two.

You ain't got a brain in
your head, have you, Budge?

What do you mean, Pa?

Now we can't leave Calhoun
laying out there in the road.

We got to bury him now.

Time we get that done,
Mall have supper ready.

We'll have to shoot these
two later in the evening.

I hadn't thought of that.

Oh, you never thought
about nothin'.

What's worse, gonna have
to feed 'em now, too.

We can't let nobody
go hungry that long.

You get in there and
tell Ma to fix something.

Go on now!

Get back into that potato cellar
now, you two.

Go on!

Budge'll bring you
something to eat directly.

Get in there!

Mr. Dillon, I don't think I
can take much more of this.

We'll get our chance, Chester.


When everyone brings the food.


Well, the trouble is,

they're the blooded-est
men I'd ever seen.

They don't even
think straight.

Yeah, it was pretty thoughtful
of the old man

not to want us
to go hungry, wasn't it?

Oh, yeah... well,
that is thoughtful.

Yeah, not to want to bury
us on an empty stomach.

Here he comes.

Stay where you are.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know, but we're
gonna do something.


Ma dipped you up
a little potato peelings.

Tater peelings
for us?

That sounds good.

Couldn't put any salt in it.

We're about out.

Aah! Pa?


You got him, Mr. Dillon,
you got him.

Now, look, when you
talk, you talk quiet.

Well, that thing ain't
gonna do you much good.


'Cause I plumb forgot
to load it, that's why.

He's right, Mr. Dillon-
it ain't loaded.

Joke's sure on you, ain't it?

Not quite.

Just getting yourself
into a peck of trouble, Marshal.

Pa sure gonna
be mad at you.

Yeah, well,
that's all right.

I'm kind of mad
at him, too.

Now, where is
he, inside?


He's lying, Mr. Dillon.
He's always lying.

I said, where is he?

Drug Calhoun's body out.

Gonna bury it.

Go on outside and see.

Be careful.

Maybe he ain't lying,
Mr. Dillon.

He ain't there.


Well, why don't you sneak around
by the front door, Chester?

Maybe you can find out
what's going on for sure.


You do that...

you're gonna get
what's coming to you.

Ain't nothing coming to me
but a long, happy life.

That kid of yours is
about the dumbest critter

I ever did see.

Oh, don't talk
like that.

He might hear you.

It's high time he did,
if you ask me.

Yeah, well, least-wise, he
don't sit around all day

pickling his brains
with that stuff.

You want me to fetch you
a clout beside the head?

I'm not sure anymore
whether I care or not.

I set fire to you,
you'll care.

Now, Jake,
I done you're bidding,

and I done it all along.

You better keep on doing it,
too, you want to stay one color.


you sure you're gonna...

shoot them fellers
this evening?

Sure. I'd have done
it this afternoon,

hadn't been for
that fool Budge.

But we got
plenty of time.

Ain't no use
exerting ourselves.

He's in there, Mr. Dillon.

He's in the house,
just sitting there

pulling on his jug
and abusing his wife.

All right, now
where's Calhoun's body?

It's around the other
side of the house...

in the shade.

Come on.

Where you taking me?

We're going
up to the house.

Get up.


He was in there,
sure, Mr. Dillon.

I'm gonna get me something. All right.

What's going on?

Make him let me go, Pa.

I got a knife
in his back, Grilk.

You drop that gun,
or he's gonna die.

No, it won't
work, Marshal.

It won't work at all.

I said drop the gun,
or he's gonna die.

You ain't as smart as me,

You don't understand nothing.

Let me loose, Marshal!

Stand still.
He's not gonna shoot.

You just watch.

No, Pa, don't! Don't!

I got him, Mr. Dillon,
I got him!

I got him!

He's dead, Chester.

He's dead?

She'll be out here with
that gun in a minute.

We better get
around the corner.

? ?

Your husband shot
at him, ma'am.

I... I'm sorry.


Poor Budge.

? ?

Ma'am, let me
do that for you.

No, I'll do it.

I, uh...

Well, I sure never figured
a man to shoot

his own son.

Budge wasn't his son.

He was my son.

He hated Budge.

Always hated him.


My first husband was Budge's pa.

He died.

That was his brother

you killed.

I see.

He sure give me
some terrible whippings.

Mrs. Grilk, I...

I'm sorry.

Well, all that
don't matter no more.

Well, what am I gonna do
without Budge?

I ain't got nobody now.

What am I gonna do?

Well, I don't know, ma'am.

I... I sure don't know.

Well, uh,
we'll bury these other two

for you.

You bury them two.

I'll bury my boy.

You know, Mr. Dillon, I-I
feel kind of sorry for her.

You gonna put her in
jail for what she did?

I don't think so, Chester.

Blaming her would be...

Well, it'd be kind of like

blaming the night
for being dark.

Come on.