Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 4 - Kitty's Outlaw - full transcript

While Kitty dines with Matt on the edge of town, Kitty's old beau robs the bank.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Good... morning, Mr. Yankton.

Morning. About that breakfast
you sent up to my room...

It was fine.

Well, that's good.

I... I'm real glad you liked it,

Mr. Yankton.

I did. Just fine.

Oh, and here's a later entry.

Now, on the eighth,
there's five pounds of coffee...

Mr. Jonas, what's this one here?

Well, now, on the fourth
of the month,

it shows you come in to pick up
a ten gallon can of coal oil.

Oh, I...

I have mind you said you meant
to come in on the third,

'cause that's the day you first
discovered the lamps

was clean empty, but you got
busy with a killing or somewhat.

Anyway, you didn't pick it up
till the fourth.

Say all that
on the bill?

coal oil,

Excuse me a minute, would you,
Mr. Jonas? ten gallons, 30 cents.

Oh, and... and here's
a later entry, same day.

Three lamp chimneys.

Yeah, well, Chester filled
the lamps that day.

Well, they don't break
the chimneys as a rule.

It does if you set
the can down on them.

Yeah, I... Excuse me a minute,
would you, Mr. Jonas, please?

I guess it would.

You, uh,
you mind if I try

a mite of this tonic,
Mr. Jonas,

just to see if it's all right
for me, you know?

A mite's all right,

Excuse me.

Let me see, on the, uh...

on the eighth, here's
five pounds of coffee...

Ooh, that... that tonic,
it gets in your eyes,

it makes 'em smart like.

Be nice if it worked that
way on your head, too.

Chester, darn it!

Well, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.

I am trying to work out
the marshal's payment here.

Well, I'd...
I'd help you but good,

but I ain't too good
at figures.

Now, look,
Mr. Jonas,

what's this one
here on the ninth?

It says horehound
and licorice.

Well, that's what it says.

Don't you recollect
getting any horehound

or licorice on the ninth?

Excuse me,
would you, Mr. Jonas?

I see that I used
that green tonic before,

but you got yellow here
and you've got red.

Yeah, and it smells
just like the green.


Well, let me see...
Marshal, where was we?

Horehound and

Oh, you... you got
any fresh, Mr. Jonas?

That last I got wasn't
up to snuff.

It was kind of old
and crumbly like.

I do not have any fresh.

Well, well, I
guess that belongs

on the bill,
too, then.

Excuse me a minute,
Mr. Jonas.

You don't need another bottle!

Smarting again.

All right, Mr. Jonas...

Now, look, you go over there,
and you stay by that window,

or somebody's gonna get
their throat cut for sure.

Well, if you feel that way
about it, Mr. Jonas.

Chester, you got me so edgy
I'm ready to fly.

Well, forever more.

Well, I never,
I sworn to dickens.

Mr. Dillon, there...
there's that man again.

What's he doing now?

Well, he's...
he's just walking

and looking
like he always does.

Two days of walking
and looking.

Maybe he's figuring
to buy the place.

Well, he sure has been
studying everything enough.

I never seen a man take
such an interest in a town.

Well, I have, Chester.

Oh, what do you mean?
You know him?

Not him, but I
know his kind.

You see enough
of 'em, you get so's

you can recognize
that look.

Well, there's nothing
about his look

that means a thing
to me.

He's trouble, Chester.

I don't know
just what kind

or when it'll happen,
but he's trouble.

He's heading straight
for Miss Kitty.

Well, he's sure no stranger
to her, that's for sure.

No, I guess he isn't.

Well, you... you know,
you don't see her

look at a man
like that too often.

Nope, not too often.

Come on.

Mr. Dillon,
Mr. Dillon, you...

you know what I
can't understand,

is-is-is why Miss Kitty
would be talking

to a man like that, you know,
that you say means trouble.

Well, Chester, Kitty
knows a lot of men.

Well, yeah,
sure, she does.

You know, what could be
is she don't know

what kind
of a man he is.

That being the case,
maybe you ought to talk to her.

I'll do my talking
to him, Chester.

Well, she's taking
her leave of him.

Now would be
a good time.

Yeah... yeah, maybe
I will talk to him.

Look, you can run back
to the office, huh?

Oh, well, uh...

You want something,

Well, I think you've
been around Dodge

long enough
to know who I am.

Sure, you're
Marshal Dillon.

If there's anything
around town

you don't understand,
maybe I can help you out.

Well, I've been out
of civilization

for three months,

I'm just trying to
get used to it again.

Oh, you got a name?

Cole Yankton.

That's no summer name,

in case that's what
you're thinking.

Oh, well, what
have you been doing

that's kept you out
of civilization for so long?

Oh, I've been out
trading horses

among the settlers
and Indians.

Are you all
through that now?

Yeah, I did
pretty good.

Sold everything
I had.

Well, most men
come into Dodge

for the sights
set on gambling.

I haven't seen you
around the saloon yet.

I'll get around
to that.

Oh, you're planning
to stay a while, are you?

I just come through here to
get the Santa Fe for Wichita.

Ah... well,
leaves every day.

You know, you act like you
got something against me.

No... no, not yet.

Well, I reckon
being a lawman,

you gotta be
suspicious of everybody.

Not everybody.

Well, there's nothing
wrong with me, Marshal,

so don't you worry
about a thing.

I won't.


Maybe I'll let you
do the worrying.

Hello, Kitty.

Hello, Matt.

Well, uh, can
we sit down?

Sure we can.

What's the matter,
is something wrong?

Well, no, not a thing.

Unless maybe
it's this drink.

If Red keeps this up,
the saloon's gonna go broke.

Keeps what up?

Well, he's practically
stopped watering the whiskey.

Oh, I see.

I swear, this
is only half water.

All I know is, the less
whiskey people drink,

the less trouble they
make for me, Kitty.

What's the matter?

Oh, yeah, you, uh...
you know him,

don't you?

Kitty, Marshal.

You two know
each other?

Would you say we
knew each other, Marshal?

Well, I'd say we'd met, Yankton.

I don't think we
know each other.

I was hoping
I could see you, Kitty.

You can, Cole.

Excuse us, Matt.


I thought you had forgotten
about me, Kitty.

I thought I had, too.

Well, Chester, look at that.

There sits the marshal
of Dodge City, half asleep.


Crimes being committed
all over the town,

widows being robbed, old men
getting their throats cut,

children being sold
into slavery,

and there he sits,
sucking on a straw,

digesting his dinner.

Yeah, he...
he, uh...

he don't look none
too lively, Doc.

If I had a gun,
I could shoot his heels off.

Well, I'd soon
enough get you one.

Why don't you two sit down
and quit your bragging?

Well, maybe, uh...
maybe we ought

to sit down, Chester,
I don't know.

Let's pull a chair into it,
you know.

See, make him look
less conspicuous.

Oh, I tell you...

this is one part
of my job that I...

I surely
take pleasure in.

Let me tell you something.

I wouldn't hire either
of you two

to drive a tent peg
in quicksand.

Well, now, Mr. Dillon,
I don't need for you

Oh, don't-don't... don't answer
him. to talk to me like that.

Don't answer
him, Chester,

it's just his bad
conscience talking.

He's ashamed
of himself.

Doc, didn't you ever hear
of a man sittin' and thinkin'?

Well, yes, I've
heard of it.

Don't see it done
much anymore, though.

Now, tell me,
what in the world

could you be thinking
so hard about?

Cole Yankton.

Is that who
that is?

Well, I've seen him
once before today.

Where'd you
see him, Doc?

Well, I just looked
out my window

a while ago, and
there he was,

right across the street
there, talking to Kitty.


You know, that's beginning
to gall me a little,

him talking to Miss Kitty
like that all the time.

Chester, why shouldn't he
talk to her?


no reason, only...

Oh, you're not fooling me
a bit, Matt.

You're bothered about it
just as much as Chester and me

and everybody else.

Well, it's like I
was telling Chester, Doc-

Kitty knows a lot of men.

Men like that- outlaws?

Well, he told me he
was a horse trader.

There, they're
at it again.

Well, now, just what
on earth do you think

that they've got to say
to each other all the time?

By golly, I don't
know, Chester,

but look at that, she's...
she keeps nodding,

and she's agreeing
to something.

Yeah, well, just speaking
purely for myself,

I don't like it a bit,
not one bit.

There, he's leaving town,
it looks like.

Good riddance.

Well, don't you
like that better, Chester?

Yeah, I do.

Looks like maybe you won't have
to worry about him at all, Matt.


Mr. Dillon, why don't you
ask Miss Kitty about him?

You said you
was having supper

with her tonight,
didn't you?

Yeah, Chester, I'm having
supper with her.

You like the enchiladas?

Yeah, well, I'd like 'em better
if I knew what was in 'em.

Haven't you ever
been here before?

Not very often.

You know, for one thing,

it's too far
a walk out here.

This is hardly
part of Dodge.

It's just on
the edge of town.

I don't think you
like Mexican food.

I grew up on it, Kitty.

Well, a walk's good for you-
gives you an appetite.

Is that why you brought
me clear out here?


I just get tired of eating
at Delmonico's and those places.

A little change of scenery
is good for you

once in a while.

Yeah, as long
as it's for the better.


You haven't asked me
about Cole Yankton.

No. Should I?

Well, I just thought
maybe you would.

Mr. Dillon!

What are you doing
out here?!

I thought
I'd never find you!

What's the matter?

Well, three men busted
into the bank

and got away with $10,000!


You got any idea
who it was?

Well, yeah,
one of 'em, anyway.


Cole Yankton.


We'll talk about
it later, Kitty.

I got your horse, Mr. Dillon,

but we're gonna have to go some
if we intend to catch 'em.

You sure they headed
south out of Dodge?

Well, yeah, I'm sure.

Course, they did
get a head start on us-

me having to look
all over for you.

Well, as black as it is, we might
as well be waiting until daylight.

Well, Cole Yankton ain't
waiting for daylight, Mr. Dillon.

I know it.

Isn't that a fire
over there?

Well, it appears
to be.

Come on.


You been here long?

Long enough to get
waked up twice.

We're trailing some men.

They might have
headed this way.

Did you see
anybody tonight?

Ain't seen anybody.

But about an hour ago, I heard
some horses ride by.

Were they headed south?

They woke me up, too.

At least we're going the
right direction, Chester.

Much obliged.

They running, Marshal?

Yeah. Well, they couldn't keep up the pace

they were setting
when they came by here.

This country to the south
gets wild.

If they're figuring to dig in,
I know the likely spot.

Oh, where is it? How far?

Mm, about an hour's
hard ride.

You follow this trail
till you come to a rise

off to the left.

There's an old lean-to shack
behind it

that you can't see
till you come up on it.

If I wanted
to hide myself,

that's where I'd go.

Much obliged to you.

Let's go.

Don't make that
fire too big.

No matter. There won't
nobody find us tonight.

They ain't even bothering
to hide, Mr. Dillon.

If it was me, I'd get
myself in that shack.

Well, yeah, but they'd
have been safe enough

if it hadn't been for
that cowboy, Chester.

But there's only
two of 'em.

The other one's
probably in the shack.

You're bound to make
a big fire, aren't you?

I can't just set.

I don't feel easy.

You were mighty easy
a while back.

Said they
couldn't find us.

Well, just the same,
I don't like stopping.

We ought to be riding.

How they gonna find us?
They ain't bloodhounds.

You ain't always
right, Yankton.

I'll give you credit
for one thing.

Least that tinhorn marshal
never showed up.

Don't give me credit.

Yeah, that gal helped
you out, didn't she?

What's her name?

Her name's Kitty. I don't
want to talk about her.

I was afraid of
something like this.

You talked about her
enough before, Yankton.

Look, the marshal was
out of the way, wasn't he?

That's what I said. Well,
that's all you need to know.

You leave Kitty's
name out of this.

You're awful touchy
about her, ain't ya?

You keep talking, I'm gonna
put a bullet right through you.

I wouldn't try
it, Yankton.

Chester, I'm gonna
move in on these two.

You take the one
in the shack.

You ready?

I'm ready.

All right.

All right, throw your hands up.
You're covered.

Get your hands
up, Yankton.

They're up.

All right, Yankton,
get on your feet.

I can't, Marshal.

I'm too dizzy.


I'm hit.


By golly, Mr. Dillon,
we must've got him, too.


Well, not quite, Chester.

He's breathing anyway.

Well, there's a wagon
over there.

Maybe we can get him
into Dodge.

All right,
we'll try it.

Look, first let's
find the money.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Dillon, that-that's, uh...

...that's awful about
Miss Kitty, ain't it?

Come on, let's get to work.

How is he, Doc?

I've done everything
I can for him, Matt.

I ain't gonna make it.

I never thought I could.

Well, there's always
a chance, Cole.



My partners...

they're, they're both
dead, aren't they?

Yeah, we buried them
last night

we brought you in.

I knew he was here.

I had to come.

Hello, Kitty.


I got a bullet in me.

I know.

Anyway, I'm...
I'm glad you came.

There's something
I want to tell you.

You save your strength, Cole.

Talking's kind
of useless sometimes.

Yesterday, I had in mind
asking something of you.

A favor, sort of.

But when I got close to
you, I knew I couldn't.

And I'm glad.

'Cause things didn't work out
so good.

I'm sorry, Cole.

I'm sorry you got hit.

Thanks... for
coming, Kitty.

I won't bother
you no more.

Oh, now, Cole...


I think he's dead, Doc.


Kitty, look, you...

you don't have
to explain anything.

Yes, I do.

I want you to hear
this, too, Doc.

You both think I tried
to help him,

don't you?

Well, don't you?

Well, Kitty, a lot of things
made it look like you did.

I know.

But I guess I'd have
to hear you say it

before I'd believe it.

I would, too.

Well, thanks, but...

Let's just forget
about the whole thing, huh?

No, no, wait a
minute, Matt.

I don't know whether I can make
you understand this or not,

but I want to try.

Cole, he... he's been
in California for years.

That's why you never
heard about him.

But I heard of him
and what he's been doing.

When I saw him here
in Dodge, I...

I didn't think, at first,
about why he might be here.

It'd been such a long time.

I was kind of glad to see him.

Kitty, listen, you...

you don't have
to explain all that.

I want to say it, Matt,
I want to say it all.

I... I got to thinking
that he came here

because he thought
I might help him.

But then he did
a real nice thing.

He didn't ask me to.

He didn't make me say no.

Oh, Cole...

Cole Yankton.

New Orleans.

I was just a girl.

He was the first man
I ever knew.

The first grown man.

I don't know whether you could
understand this or not, but...

to a woman,
that'd make him special.

Well, then...

That Yankton
was a fool.


He should have
stayed with her.


She's all right, isn't she, Doc?

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