Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 39 - The Gentleman - full transcript

Suave and enigmatic gambler Marcus France falls in love with Long Branch hostess Boni Damon. France is curiously unwilling to marry Boni, though he is willing to risk death to protect her from the unwanted advances of vicious Tiller Evans.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Whoa, whoa!

Boni, hey, Boni.

How are you?

Hello, Tiller.

How's everything, Boni?

Could you come
out here?

I want to talk
to you.

Oh, Boni.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Ow! Stop!

Ow! Please!

Let me talk to you.

No! No!

What do you want?

You got no business messin'
in my affair.

I ain't hurting Boni any.

Am I, Boni?

Am I, Boni?!


See, you got no right
to messin' in my business.

Is that your wagon, Tiller?

Of course
it's my wagon.

Get out of here.

I have to go
now, anyway.

But I'm gonna
be back.

And when I do, then we'll see
who tells me what to do.

You remember what
I said now.

Hah! Hah!

I can't tell him
from one of his mules.

Are you all right?

I hate him!

Better get her
inside, Kitty.

Come on, honey.

I can't understand
why she'd fool around

with a man like
that, can you?

Chester, there's no
figuring a woman.

Yeah. Well, do you think
that he's gonna come after you

when he gets back
like he said he would?

I hope he does.

You Marshal Dillon, sir?

Yes, sir.

Permit me to
introduce myself.

I'm Marcus France.

How do you do.

This is Chester Goode.

Mr. Goode, how do you do. How do you do.

I saw that fight in the
street there, Marshal.

That man should
be whipped.

If you ask me, I think
he ought to be hung-

beating up on a woman like that.

Marshal, I don't want
to take your time up,

but I thought it
best we have a talk

before I go to work here.

You new in Dodge?

Yes. I'm from Philadelphia,
and I'm a gambler.

Oh, they gamble
in Philadelphia?

Men gamble everywhere.

Weakness seems
to be universal.

You can gamble all you
like around town,

as long as you don't deal
a crooked game.

Well, that's precisely what
I want to talk to you about.

You see, it's not that I am
dishonest, Marshal,

but I've often been accused
of being so,

and sometimes makes
for unpleasantness.

Well, around here it sometimes
makes for gunplay.

I'm sure, but I can handle
myself on that score.

Well, I've never seen
a gambler yet

that would admit
to being crooked.

But he always gets found out,
and then somebody gets killed.

That's why I don't allow

anything but
an honest game in Dodge.

Marshal, I'm a gentleman,
and I don't play

anything but an honest game.


I guess there
are reasons

why I've been accused
of being dishonest.

See, a bad loser in a game
will do anything to save face.

Even call the deal crooked.


And there are likely to be
many losers

in a game
that I run.

There is?

Well, I do possess

skill at cards.

I'm also
extremely lucky.


If you care to send
a man around

to watch the deal,
you may if you wish.

No, you go ahead
and run your game.

If it's crooked,
I'll find out soon enough.

Well, whatever
you say, Marshal.

There's just one thing:

If you take to using a gun,
even in self-defense,

I'll have to run you
out of town.

That's fair enough.

Hello, Matt.

Oh, hello, Doc.

Doc, this is Mr. France;
Doc Adams.

How do you do. How do. Dr.
Adams, nice to know you.

Well, just Doc will be
all right, I guess. Doc.

Mr. France is
from Philadelphia, Doc.

Oh, is that so?

Well... that's quite
a long ways away.

Did you just get in,
did you?

Yes, I just arrived.

I've had a long
journey, gentlemen,

so if you'll excuse me,
I'll retire to my hotel.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Dr. Adams...

I'd like to call on you,
sometime soon, if I may.

Well, just anytime at all.


Well, I think I'll go
and boil up some coffee,

if you want some.

How about a cup
of coffee, Doc?


What in the world is
he doing here in Dodge?

Well, he's a gambler, Doc.

By golly, he don't look
much like any gambler

I've seen around here.

He's a gentleman.

Well, how do you
know he is?

He told me so.


That means that...

Well, there he comes now.


You're late, Chester.

Well, now, Howard,
it couldn't be helped.

We, uh, playing
for money again?

Uh, well, I'd like to,
Howard, I sure would.

Well, I just ain't got it.

All right, we'll make it
only a dime game then.

Well, I... no,
I... I can't.

You can't?

Well, you got a couple
of dimes, ain't ya?




Howard, listen
to me, will ya?

How can I think? You keep talking
to me all time, Chester. Shh, shh!

You don't have to
yell like that.

What in the world
is the matter with you?


Who is she, Howard? Tell me.

Forget it.

We're playing
a game here.

Excuse me.

That's room 12,
up the stairs.

Well, he ain't there.

Sure is dusty out
there, ain't it?

Horses and
wagons and all,

it... sure does
make it dusty.

You're Chester, aren't you?

You know my name?


I've heard my daddy
talk about you.

Wh-Who is your daddy?

Why, he runs
the bank.

Mr. Botkin's your daddy?


I never knowed
that Mr. Botkin had a daughter.

Well, you see, I've been
back at school, in St. Louis,

since my mother died.

Oh, sure, of course.

Uh, n-now, now that,
that you're back, though,

why, y-you probably
keep house for him

and all now.

I'm leaving today,

on the train.

You leavin' today?


Daddy's going to pick me up here
in a few minutes.


He's already taken
my trunk down.


But I'll be back

Well, when, though?

Oh, I don't know;
but sometime.

You know, I... I don't
even know your name.

Oh, it's Tildy May.

Tildy May.

Well, that's
a purty name.

That's about the purtiest
name I ever heard, Tildy May.

Miss Tildy May,

your pa is here.

He's waiting
in the buggy.

She's coming!


Good-bye, Chester.

But we just met, Tildy.

Come on, Chester.

Well, that's just my luck.

Are you gonna play
or ain't ya?

Aw... Howard,
w-w-wasn't she purty?

Just as soft as a
pocketful of mice.

Why didn't you tell me
that she was here all week?

I done you a favor.

What do
you mean?

Why, it'd be
like introducing somebody

to that Boni
over at the Long Branch.

You'd get killed.

Howard, do you,
do you mean

that that Tiller Evans
has got something

to do with this girl?

No, Chester, her pa.

He's as jealous of her
as Tiller is of that Boni.


Well, she's gone
now anyway,

but when she comes back,
I'll face up to her pa.

You'll see.

You're just determined to end
up on Boot Hill, ain't ya?

Tiny, take over for
a minute, will you?

All right, France.

Excuse me,
Miss Damon.

How'd you know my name?

I made a point
of finding out.

Do you object?


I'm Marcus France.

I started dealing
faro here tonight.


I'd consider it
a real privilege

to buy you a
drink, Miss Damon.

Nobody's called me Miss Damon
in a long time.

Do you prefer
Miss Boni?

Boni's all right.

How about
that drink?


let me have a bottle
and two glasses, please.

There's a table
over here.

Do you prefer
sitting down?


I'll bring the glasses.

To the loveliest woman
I've ever seen.

Oh, please.

I mean it.

Do I embarrass you?

Yes, a little.



Then you'll remember me.

I'll remember you.

Boni, you don't have
to have any fear of me.

It's just that...

...I'm not very used to being
with a gentleman.

Boni, I'm finished
dealing here at midnight.

I understand Delmonico's
is open quite late.

Will you have
supper with me?

I'd love to.

Oh, no.

No, I can't.

Tiller Evans?

How'd you know?

I saw him...

I saw him outside
there today.

I can understand you
being afraid of him,

but I'm not
afraid of him.

I'll find you
at midnight.

Hello, Marshal.

Hello, Boni.

Now, don't tell me
you've got a date with Doc.

Of course not.

Good, I don't
trust that man.

Well, Boni, you look
different somehow.

Do I? How?

I don't know.

Happier, maybe.

I am, Marshal.


I want to thank
you again

for what you did
the other day.

Boni, it would be
a pleasure

to take care
of Tiller Evans anytime.

I'll be all right now.

Well, hello, Marshal.
Hello, France.

Boni, what are you
doing here?

Waiting for you.

I knew you were
gonna see Doc.

What did he say?

Oh, nothing, I'm just
a little run-down.

Guess I ought to
go to bed early nights.

He gave me some pills.

I bet he charged you
five dollars for them.

Exactly, Marshal.

Don't laugh,

You should do what
the doctor says.

I shall, I shall.

Matter of fact,
I'll take a pill right now.

Along with a glass
of beer.

Will you join us,

No, no, thanks.

I have to get back
to the office.

I'll see you

Good-bye, Marshal.

Oh, goodness gracious, Matt.

You'd think a restaurant
like this

could afford a decent cook
once in a while, wouldn't you?

Yeah, it's pretty
bad, isn't it?

It's just terrible.

Not gonna stop me from
eating it, though.

No, me, neither.

I'll eat it.

How come you never
got married?

Then you could
eat good.


By golly, I'd never
take a chance

on anything
like that.

Why, say, you know
the last woman

that wanted
to marry me-

I found out just
in the nick of time.

She was nothing but a hog
and a hominy cook.

It's all
she ever knew.

Didn't know there was any
other kind of food around.

Well, didn't you
ever take her out?

Oh, no, she lived up
in the mountains.

She never even
had shoes.


What a liar.

No, that's
an absolute fact.

Darnedest family
you ever saw

in your life,
Matt, I tell you.

Her pappy used to say
that every woman in the world

was entitled
to a baby and a bonnet,

but somehow or other,

he didn't say anything
about shoes.

Well, you must have been
quite a lady-killer.


I was a little younger then,
I'll tell you that.

Yeah, you sure was.

And it's a good
thing, too,

because do you know
where she lived?

Way up
in the mountains

in a place
called Ripshin Thicket.

Called what?

You don't believe it, do you?

Well, not hardly.

Well, it's a fact.

Ripshin Thicket.

Just getting up there
was a whole day's work.

It's a good thing I was
a young man, by gosh.

Doc, I'm not even
listening to you.

Well, she had a brother
named Spider Jack,

and folks said that
he never slept in a bed

in his whole life,
and I believe it, too.

I know for
one thing sure-

he never had a bath.

Never took a bath
in his whole life.

Doc, there must
be something else

we can talk about.

Well, you asked me...

Mr. Dillon...
uh, Doc.

I-I was just over
at the Long Branch,

and Miss Kitty asked me
to find you.

What did she want?

Well, I don't know.

She just said to find you.

Well, okay.


What was her name?

Whose name?

Well, that barefoot girl.


Well, sir...

she never would tell me.

Well, let's go,



Uh, something wrong?

There will be.

What do you mean?

Come on over here.

Cowboy was in here
a while back.

Came up from
Wagon Bed Springs.

Tiller Evans is due back
in town tomorrow.


Matt, there's gonna be
a killing, sure,

when he finds out
about Boni and Marcus France.

Boni says that she's
in love with Marcus

and doesn't care
who knows it, but...

boy, underneath,
she's scared to death,

and I don't blame her.

Doesn't seem to be bothering
France much, does it?

Nothing seems
to bother him.

Boni told him
about this,

and he just
shrugged it off.

It's kind of
strange, but...

I still think he's
in love with her.

You do?

Then, why doesn't
he marry her?

He hasn't
mentioned it.


Or maybe he's not
the gentleman

he claims
to be, huh?

I said you were cheating,
and I meant it.

I don't think
you realize

what you
just said.

I said it, didn't I?

Mister, you're
wearing a gun.

Use it.

Hold it!

Get your hand off that gun.

I should've used it right off.

France, I warned you
about this.

Marshal, this man
is running a crooked game.

Can you
prove that?

I don't have to prove it.

He's got more than $100 of mine.

I never took a hand all night.

Now, you see, Marshal,
it's just like I told you.

Some men just
can't stand losing.

Did you see him

Look, he's got
$100 of mine.

I never took a bet.

Of course, he
was cheating.

How about the rest
of you men?

Anybody else got any
complaints about the game?

No, Marshal, no complaints.
No, he wasn't cheating.


All right, I think you
better forget about it.

Do your gambling
someplace else.

Forget about it?

You heard me.

Some law.

I wish I'd never
seen this town.

Boys, the game is closed
for the rest of the night.


you know, egging a man
into drawing a gun on you

is gonna make your stay
in Dodge mighty brief.

I'll have to chance
that, Marshal.

How many men have you killed

because of that
tender pride of yours?

Marshal, what I've done
is my own business,

just as long
as I don't cross the law.

What about Boni
and Tiller Evans?

What are you gonna do
about that? I don't know.

But for the first time
in my life, I love a woman.

Then why don't you
get her out of here,

while there's still time?

You mean run away from Tiller?

Tiller's a pretty rough man.

What if you kills you?

Don't you care
what happens to Boni?

Sure I do.

I just can't run
away with her.

I don't figure you,

You'll be able to,
Marshal, soon enough.

All right.

But just see
that you don't

push any more men
into drawing on you.

It sure ain't gonna be
long now, Mr. Dillon.

What isn't
gonna be long?

Well, I just run into
a couple of cowboys

out there, and they
seen Tiller Evans

a couple of miles
down the trail.

He's going to be riding
into town directly.


Chester, what
do you think

of this Marcus France,

Well, I... I...

well, to tell you
the truth,

I just don't know
what to think about him.

I mean, you know,
he's a nice feller

and all like-a that,

but he just won't do
what he ought to do.

He ought to marry
that Boni Damon.

That'd stop
Tiller Evans.

There ain't no man
gonna dare move in

on a married woman.

But France won't do it.

Well, then, at least he ought
to run off with her.

It just makes me sick
to think

about what's going
to happen to her

when Tiller Evans
gets ahold of her.

Yeah, I'm afraid there's
gonna be a killing.

Well, Mr. Dillon, ain't there
nothing in the world

that you can do
to stop it?


Yeah, there's one
thing, Chester.


There's a stage leaving
here in half an hour. Yeah...

And I'll tell you what
I want you to do:

I want you to go
over and get Boni

and get her down
on that stage.

It doesn't matter what
you have to say to her.

Just be sure
she's there.

All right?

I'll meet you down there
as quick as I can.


Who is it?

Marshal Dillon.

Come in, Marshal.

How are you, France?

Unexpected honor.

Care for a glass
of whiskey?

No, thanks.

France, I came here
to tell you that, uh,

Tiller Evans will be
back in town directly.

He'd be looking for me,
Marshal, not I for him.

Well, it
doesn't matter.

Either way, it might
lead to a killing.

Well, one less sinner
in the world, then, huh?

Well, I'm not a
preacher, France.

I'm a lawman.

Of course.

Marshal, I don't have any
quarrel with Tiller Evans.

Sure, you're the law, Marshal.

Why don't you talk to him, then?

'Cause he's not the kind of man
you can talk to.

Well, then, throw him in jail

for disturbing the peace
or something.

By that time,
it will be too late.

Well, nothing to be done,
then, is there?

There's one thing.


There's a stage leaving here
in a few minutes.

Is there?

Boni is gonna be on it.


And if you're the gentleman
that you claim to be,

why, you'll be
on it with her.

I'm afraid you're making
a mistake, Marshal.

I don't think so.

There's just no use arguing
with you, is there?

If you tell me what's holding
you back, there might be.

Well, let's just say

I never run away
from a fight.

Well, I'm not
questioning that,

but this time, I
think it's different.

I don't think
that's your reason

for not taking
her with you.

Say good-bye to her
for me, Marshal.

You're going with her.

I'm sorry.

Get your coat.

I'm not going anywhere, Marshal.

Now, France, you can either walk
down those stairs

or you can be carried.

Whichever way
you want it.

Now, don't you worry
about a thing.

Everything's gonna
be all right.

I hope so.

Yeah, well, we
gotta hurry now.

Well, what happened,
Mr. Dillon?

Did you have to shoot him?

Give me a hand, will you, Chester? Yeah.

Marcus! Watch his head there.

Oh, my goodness' sakes.

What happened?

Let me out
of here.

Let me
out of here.

Hold onto him, Boni,
he'll be all right.

Take her out of here, Jim.

Boni, Boni!


Hold it.

Boni's on that stage.

That's right.

That pig rode off
with my gal.

I'm gonna find them
and kill both of them.

No, you're not.

So I have to kill you
first, then, huh?

Why don't you go get drunk
somewhere, Tiller?

That's not likely.

Tiller, it's all over.

It's not o-

Take care of him, will
you, Chester? Yes, sir.

Uh, a couple of you
men, get down here

and give me a hand with him.

Get ahold of his legs.

Here we go. Up.

Well, Tiller is gonna
be a little lonely

for awhile, Doc.

Yeah, well, I was thinking
about Boni Damon.

She's liable to be a
little lonely, too.

What do you mean?

That Marcus France
is gonna die, Matt.

He's got a bad heart.

Couldn't possibly last
over two more months.

Why didn't you tell me that?

Well, he didn't want
anybody to know.

Guess Boni isn't so lucky,
either, huh?

No, but at least now,
they'll be together

for whatever time he's got left.

Well, we know
one thing anyway, Doc.

What's that?


Guess he was a gentleman
after all.