Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 37 - Carmen - full transcript

When an Army payroll is stolen and two soldiers are murdered, the commanding officer of Fort Dodge threatens to put Dodge City under martial law unless Matt can capture the perpetrators within 48 hours.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.


Now, look, Sarge,
it ain't gonna do no harm

to let these horses rest
for a little bit.

Now, them horses ain't the
ones to rest, and you know it.

Oh, Sarge, it's only ten miles
to Fort Dodge,

and we're early.

But the sooner we get there,

the sooner you're going to
get to unload them supplies.

The quartermaster's
there a-waiting for us.

We'll get her there, Sarge,
and I'll unload 'em fast, too.

You bet you will.

Sarge, I like this detail,

I like working with you,
I like everything about...

You like this detail, but as
soon as that old leg heals up,

we're going to be riding
in the U.S. Cavalry,

and then I'm
gonna learn you

the meaning of
the word "work."

Aw, Sarge, I ain't afeard
of a little work.


But can't I keep driving
this team

to Dodge City
for supplies?

Just 'cause it's
safe nights, huh?

Just 'cause no Indians or
nobody be a-shooting at you,

so's you can sleep in
that nice, soft bunk

every night, huh?


Well, I think them
horses had enough rest.

Now let's go.

Yes, sir.


You killed two men for nothing.

I wouldn't say that.

A bunch of
Army saddles,

a little food.

I hope you hang,

you yellow belly.

? ?

They didn't tell you everything,
did they, Sarge?

Jennie, I got it.

I got the money.


What's the matter?

Everything turned out fine,
didn't it?

You said it was going
to be a robbery.

You didn't say you were
going to murder them.

Why take chances?
Sure, I killed 'em.

It was them or me.

But you didn't give
them a chance, Nate.

Jennie, you've got to get used
to this kind of thing.

Come on,
let's get out of here.

Mr. Dillon?


Uh, how do you
spell "lolliper"?

Has it got one
"L" or two "L"s?

How do you spell what?

"Lolliper," you know.

Does it have one "L" in
it or two "L"s in it?


I don't even know
what the word means.

Oh, "lolliper,"
you know, like...

"Susie, I never seen
such a lolliper... as you."

Well, I hope you're not going
to write that in that letter.


it don't mean nothing bad,
Mr. Dillon.

It means, like,
pretty or nice or...

Well, why don't you
just say that?

Well, that's what I was
trying to say- "lolliper."


Chester, Marshal Dillon.

Well, hello, Major.

Hello, Major Harris.

Wait outside, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Major, how are you?

Marshal, I want
to talk to you

about the affair
last Saturday.

Oh, yes, you mean the robbery
of the supply train.

It was more
than a robbery.

Two soldiers
were murdered.

Yes, I'm sorry
to hear about that.

And a government
payroll was stolen.

I don't suppose you've found
out anything about it yet.

Well, no, we haven't heard
anything around here.

You don't seem to take
very much interest

in the matter, Marshal.

Well, it isn't that, Major,

but, uh, protecting the Cavalry
isn't exactly part of my job.

The Cavalry can protect
itself, Marshal.

I hear you only had two men
on that supply wagon.

Where was the rest
of the Cavalry?

On maneuvers.

On maneuvers?

In my command, troops remain in
garrison as little as possible.

Well, then, you were kind of
asking for trouble, weren't you,

knowing the payroll
was coming in?

That payroll was a secret.

Even the two men carrying it
didn't know it was there.

Somebody knew, Major.

Marshal Dillon, I consider
this crime a demonstration

of your inability to control
these Dodge City bandits.

Now, wait a minute,
you don't know

it was Dodge City men
that did this.

That doesn't matter.

Unless an arrest is
made in this affair,

I'll give these bad men
a taste of real law,

martial law.

Let me tell you something,

You haven't been
out here long enough.

You don't know these men.

Now, you run the Cavalry
in here,

you're going to be asking
for a fight,

and you're going to get a lot
more than you

bargained for.

I want whoever committed
those murders

and I want that money, Marshal.

I'll give
you a week,

and if any more crimes are
committed against the Cavalry,

I'll take this
town over at once.

I'm sorry it took so long.

They were a little
shorthanded in there.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, uh, did you
notice them two buffalo hunters?



What's this talk around town
about the Cavalry moving in?

Everybody's saying it.
We want to know.

Is it true?

Now, don't you fellas
worry about that.

Nothing's going
to happen at all.

Oh, now, that's
kind of too bad,

'cause we was hoping
for a little fight.

Weren't we, boys? We'd blow 'em sky-high.

Ain't nobody gonna tell
us what time to go to bed.

Look, why don't you boys
go get yourself a drink

and forget
about it, huh?

We ain't about
to forget nothing.

Come on, boys.

Now, how did they
hear about it so fast?

Oh, well, you know
how the Cavalry is

once they get a couple
of drinks under their belt.

That sure got
around in a hurry.

Well, that's just
what I started to tell you

about them two
buffalo hunters.

They said just about
the same thing,

all stirred up
over it.

Let's go.

You about ready for
another drink, Jennie?

Uh-uh. Hadn't you better be
getting back to Fort Dodge?

The Army doesn't run me.

You know that.

I know, they're
a bunch of fools.

We'll show 'em, huh, Jennie?

You know, I bet there's
nothing you can't do.

What are you staring at?

A trooper, a
dad-blamed trooper.

What's wrong
with being a trooper?

You're going to
run Dodge, huh?

You're going
to take over?

Hey, look, mister,

why don't you go down the bar
and have a drink, huh?

I could cut you up
into little pieces.

We're going to get rid
of the whole lot of you.

I might just start
doing it right now.

Hey, now, mister,
you take it easy.

Hold it, Hank.

Hold it right there.

Drop the knife.

Go on.

Now get out
of here.

You're on their side, ain't you?

I said
get out.

Keep this for him,
will you, Bill?


Trooper, you'd better
get out of here, too.

He started it.

You can go out
the back door.

You can't order me.

Go on, right now.


Jennie, this is
Marshal Dillon.

This is Jennie Lane,

How do you do?

Well, this is a pleasure,

Jennie's new
to Dodge, Matt.


Mm-hmm. Three weeks.
Came down from Hays City.

Well, I thought I hadn't
seen you around before.

No, and I'm sorry.

She hasn't been working
here very long, Matt.

Well, how do you like
it in Dodge?


But now with, uh,
all this trouble

everyone's expecting,
I don't know.

You better tell that corporal
of yours

to spend his time out
at the fort

for awhile.

He's not my corporal, Kitty.

He's just a lonely kid.

Yeah, well, he manages
to get in here

to see you pretty often.

Well, they made him a clerk,
sort of a bookkeeper.

He's lucky.
Nice safe job.

Hmm, I guess.

Well, I guess I'd better
get back to work.

Nice to have met
you, Marshal.

Yes, I hope I'll see you again,

I'm here, Marshal.



She doesn't act
that way with everybody.


What, what are
you talking about?

I'm serious, Matt.

Except for you just now,
and that Corporal Stark

that you just
threw out of here,

she hasn't shown any real
interest in anybody.


I don't think it's
any romance between 'em, but...

I don't know, there's something
about that girl that bothers me.

What do you mean?

I don't know.
I don't have any idea.

Except that I know
that she's not the kind

that would
do anything without a reason.

A selfish reason,

I mean.

Well, maybe you're just
imagining things.

Look, Matt, one woman knows
about another woman.

Where'd she say she's from?

Hays City last.

Well, it might be worth
looking into.

You know, you could probably
find out something yourself

if you wanted to.


Get her to talk.

She's pretty close-mouthed,
but I'll sure try.

All right.

I'll see you later, Kitty.

Hi, Kitty.

Evening, Jennie.
Hello, Whitey.

Evening, Kitty.

Evening, Bill.
Busy night, huh?

Yeah, it's the way
we get rich.

Oh, I was wondering
how we did it.

Least it's better than
working for wages.

You stay here.
I'll see what that is.

It's a soldier.

There'll be trouble
now, sure.

He's still alive.

Somebody go get
Doc and Marshal Dillon, too.

I said somebody go fetch Doc.
What's the matter with you men?

You know what'll
happen if this soldier dies.

Let him die.

We ain't afraid
of no Army.

Come on, I'll take care of you.

They said
it's a trooper.

Not one of those men
would even go for Doc.

Well, I will.

I couldn't
help him, Doc.

There was nothing
I could do.

Yeah, well, there's nothing
anybody can do for him now.

I guess this may mean
trouble, huh?

Yup. I'm afraid
so, Doc.

I'm gonna ride
out to Fort Dodge.

Well, do you think
it'll do any good?

Well, I don't know,
but it's worth a try.

I'll send Chester
over to help you.

Mr. Dillon?

I-I heard about
the shooting.

Is it true, somebody shot
a trooper? Killed him.

He's out there in the alley, Chester. Oh.

Would you go help get him
up to Doc's office? Yeah.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, this
just-just come for you.

It's an answer to the
telegram you sent to Hays City.

"Jennie Lane left Hays
about a month ago

"with a stranger
called Nate Brand.

"Nothing against the girl,
but I hear Brand's a wild one.

Regards- Clint Adams."

Well, I never heard of
no Nate Brand. Did you?

No. Look, I got
to get out to Fort Dodge.

I'll see you later.

Come in.

Marshal Dillon
to see you, sir.

Come in, Marshal.


Sit down.

Well, what brings you
out to Fort Dodge?

Well, Major, there's
been a murder in town.

One of your men.


I don't know.
Some private.

Have you arrested
the murderer?

Nobody saw it happen.

I see.

Well, Marshal,
you leave me no choice.

Now, wait a minute, Major.

I didn't come out here
just to bring you the news.

I came out here because I want
to ask something of you.

Something from me?

I want you to keep your troopers
out of Dodge for 48 hours.

Put it off limits.

That's not exactly what I had

in mind,

Major, Dodge City
is an armed camp.

It's full of men
who fought Indians

and fought the war
and fought each other

as far back
as they can remember.

Now, they're gonna
fight you next.

And they're gonna make you

hate it.

They can't fight the Cavalry.

Yes, they can,
and they will.

And a lot of good men
on both sides are gonna die.

Now I want to make a deal
with you.

A deal?

You give me 48 hours
to catch those killers.

If I can find them,

it's gonna save a lot
of useless bloodshed.

All right, Marshal.

But I want you
to bring those criminals here

to me.

All right, Major.

Oh, Matt?

Hello, Doc.

I've been waiting
for you.

I took a letter off
of that Cavalryman,

and his name is

What else?

Well, dug a bullet
out of him.

You know something?
I haven't seen lead like that

since I was
mustered out in '65.

What do you mean?

He was shot
with a Cavalry pistol.

He was, huh?

That'd narrow it down
a little, wouldn't it?

Well, not
necessarily, Doc.

There's about 1,000 men
out there at Fort Dodge.

Well, it'll give you
something to work on.

Yeah, well, I better
get something to work on

before this whole
frontier explodes.

I'll see you later.


Oh, hello, Matt.

Say, I found out
something for you.


Yesterday wasn't the first time
that Jennie's been out riding,

and she always goes
to the same place.

Where is that?

Down by the river
near Turkey Bend.

Turkey Bend?

It might have
something to do

with that man
she left Hays with,

that, uh, Nate Brand.

Yeah, maybe.

Could he be hiding
out down there?

Well, I don't know
what for, Kitty.

He's not wanted
for anything.

Well, Corporal Stark and Jennie

have ridden out there
together a couple of times.

They did?

When was that?

Well, the last time

was the day before
the Army payroll was robbed.


You have been finding out a
lot of things, haven't you?

Where's Jennie now?

Oh, she's over at Delmonico's
having dinner.


you ought to get a medal.


Hello, Jennie.

Well, hello, Marshal.

Uh, won't you sit down?

Thank you.

I hope Corporal
Stark won't mind.

Don't be silly.

Anyway, he's out
at the fort.

Well, when was the
last time you saw him?

Uh... yesterday.


Was he alone?


No, Private Ravitch
was with him.

But he didn't kill him, Marshal.

They were good friends.

Worked together
in the bookkeeping office.

That's a pretty good job,
isn't it?

Making out
the payroll,

handling expenses,
things like that?

I don't know.

He never talked much about it.

Man on a job like that
would have a pretty good idea

of when the payroll money
was coming in,

even if they were trying
to keep it a secret.

Well, you'll have to ask him
about all that, Marshal.

I don't know anything
about the Army.

But that isn't why
you found me here, is it?

Jennie, you look
real pretty today.

Thank you, Marshal.

You really mean that?

You bet I do.

Marshal, I have to work
this afternoon,

but I'll be free
tomorrow afternoon.

I know this sounds
a little bold,

but maybe we could take
a ride together, huh?

I'd like that.

Where do you
want to ride to?

Hmm. Anywhere.

Maybe down
along the river.

I know.

Let's ride down
towards Turkey Bend.

All right, Jennie.

We ride down
towards Turkey Bend.

Mr. Dillon?

Mr. Dillon!

Well, here they are.

I sure don't like
it none, though.

You're riding
right into a trap.


Well, you know that that
Jennie rode down there

last night, and she's
probably got that Nate Brand

just waiting there
to ambush you.

It's just plum crazy for
you to let her do it to you.

Well, there's no
other way, Chester.


Here she comes now.

I'll see you later.

We stopping here?

Yeah, let's stretch our
legs for a little while.

Shall we?

Here, I'll help you down.

They won't run away,
will they?

No, they won't
run away, Jennie.

We'll get to Turkey
Bend all right.

Sure, of course
we will.

Jennie, you seem
kind of nervous.

No. Why should I be?

No reason.

Come on. Why don't
you sit down?

All right.

There. That better?


Well, it's, uh, kind of a nice
afternoon out here, isn't it?

Yeah, beautiful.

Jennie, you seem to have
something on your mind.


Want to tell
me what it is?

It's nothing,
Marshal, really.

Jennie, did you ever
see a man killed?


I mean, did you ever
really see it happen?

Marshal, I...

Did you?

Yes, once.

The man have
a fair chance?

What are you
driving at, Marshal?

I'm just thinking
about people, Jennie.

How some of them
aren't really bad.

They just fall in
with the wrong company.

Well, what's all this
got to do with me?

I just don't figure you
to be the kind of woman

to let a man be killed
without a fair chance.

Why'd you come with me, Marshal?

It's my job.

I suppose you know
about everything.

Well, I figure
that Corporal Stark

probably told you
about the payroll

and you told Brand.

It was probably going to be
a three-way split

till this Private Ravitch
found out about it somehow.

It was Stark that killed him,

wasn't it?

You in love with this Brand?

I was... once.

Well, what are you going
to do now, Marshal?

I'm going to ride out
to Turkey Bend with you.


'Cause I'm gambling
you're going to give me

that fair chance
I was talking about.

That's a pretty big
gamble, Marshal.

We'll ride slow.

Give you a chance
to think about it.

Well, that'd make a nice
camp down there, Jennie.

Plenty of firewood.

Man could get his water
right out of the river there.

A lot of places to hide.


Yeah, a man would be
real safe down there,

wouldn't he, Jennie?

Even while the Cavalry was
trying to take over Dodge,

and a lot of men were
being killed uselessly.

Of course, I guess that, uh,
wouldn't bother a man

hiding out here,
would it?

Would it, Jennie?

Okay, Marshal, I can't
go through with it.

Where is he?

Right down there
beyond that big tree.

All right.

You stay here
and keep out of the way.

He's dead, Jennie.

I'm sorry, but
I had to do it.

I know, Marshal.

I had to do it, too. I...
just couldn't stand to see

anybody else murdered
that way again.


You mean you saw him ambush
that supply wagon?

Marshal, I know
where the money is.

All right, Jennie.

Now he's dead-

and you and I could
take that money

and nobody would know,

and then maybe we could go away
someplace later.

It wouldn't work, Jennie.

But you said I was pretty.

You are.

Well, then...

Sometimes I have to use
people too, Jennie.

Oh, well, come on,

I'll show you where
the money is anyway.