Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 35 - Widow's Mite - full transcript

Matt is strongly suspicious of the character and the intentions of gentleman gambler Leach Fields, especially when he proposes marriage to a recently-widowed woman who may know the location of $10,000 in stolen money.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Men die for a lot of reasons.

I've even heard of worthy ones,

like a man
who's willing to face it

for the good
that might come after,

but he's a different breed than
most of this Boot Hill trash.

These people died
for fools' reasons-

a spilt drink, a wrong card,

or maybe worst of all,
the bull-headed stubbornness

that keeps a man
from listening to reason.

To die like this is a waste-

for nothing is gained
by the dying.

Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal.

Hello, Kitty.

Hello, Matt.

This is, uh,
Leach Fields.

This is Marshal Dillon.
Glad to know you, Marshal.

How do you do?

Sit down, Matt.

You're new
around Dodge.

Yes, I am, Marshal.

Just came in
on the Santa Fe today.

Mr. Fields is
looking for a table.

I kind of figured you
for a gambler.

Well, an honest one,

You'll have nothing
to worry about with me.

Bill Pence and I are going to
let him have a faro table here

as soon as he's
ready to go to work.

Well, there's no hurry,
Miss Kitty.

I sort of like to get
acquainted with a new town

before I open
up a game.

Well, that's
a good idea.

Yeah, it helps.

Well, I've got
to be going,

if you'll excuse me,
Miss Kitty.

See you later,
Mr. Fields.

Marshal, nice to see you.


He seems all right.


You don't like him?

I don't know
him yet.

What do you mean?

I've seen too many
men like that.

They're all out
after an easy dollar.

Oh, you're just suspicious
of everybody.

Maybe that's why I'm
still alive, huh?

Mr. Dillon?

Uh, Miss Kitty.
Hello, Chester.

Guess who I just seen
riding up Front Street

bold as brass-

Zack Morton
and Neil Erwin.

Huh, well...

guess there's no use in
putting that off any longer.

What have they done?

I'll tell you
later, Kitty.

Well, there's...
there's Zack, Mr. Dillon.

I-I don't see
Neil, though.

Well, worry
about Neil later.

Keep out of the way.


What do you
want, Marshal?

Looks like you're getting
ready to head out of town.

I am, back
to my ranch.

You're holding me up.

Where's Neil Erwin?

I had to pick
up a few things.

Neil's waiting for me
at the edge of town.

What's the matter,
Marshal, what do you want?

When did you and Neil
get to be partners?

We ain't never
been partners.

He just helps me out at
the place, that's all.

I heard different.

You got something on your
mind, Marshal, say it out.

You're under arrest, Zack.

Know what you're saying?


I'm a respectable man, Marshal.

I ain't done too well,
but I got a good name.

I ain't going to stand for you
or nobody else putting it down.

Should have thought of that
before you robbed

the express office.

You ain't going to mix me
up in nothing like that.

It's no use.

You didn't know it,
but there was a witness.

He saw you and Neil break
into the express office,

he saw
the whole thing.

You're lying.

There ain't no witness.

If there was one, you'd have
been after us before this.

He didn't speak up
till last night.

$10,000 is a lot of money, Zack.

Where is it?

You'll never find it.

I want your gun.

You ain't going to get it,

Now don't do that, Zack.

You're in enough trouble

I can get out of it.

Right now.

Take care of him,
will you?

I'm going after Neil.

He's probably headed
for the Texas border

after hearing
that gunfire.

Well, I-I'll saddle up

and follow you
just as soon as I can.

What happened, Mr. Dillon,
did he get away?

No, I killed him, Chester.
He's in the river.


What about the money?
Did you find it?

Did you look

in them

Yeah, I looked
in the saddlebags,

but it wasn't there.

My guess is it's probably
in the river with Neil.

Well, i-it could be
buried somewhere,

you know, like out
at Zack's ranch.

I'll bet you that's what they
done- buried it somewheres.

Yeah, I know,
but if it's buried out there,

we'll have a hard time
finding it now.

Well, I'll bet his wife knows
where it's hid.

I don't think so, Chester.

I-I can't see a woman like Ada
mixed up in something like this.

Well, I don't know, Mr. Dillon.

The smell of money does things
to people, even good people.


Well, I hope you're wrong
about Ada.

Let's get back
to Dodge.

? ?

Hello, Ada.


You care to step
in the house?

No. No, thanks, Ada,
we can talk out here.

That Rogers boy bring
Zack's horse back to you?


I guess you know what
happened then, huh?

He told me.

I'm sorry, Ada.

Zack just didn't
give me any choice.

I kind of thought
maybe you'd be coming

to Dodge
this morning.


Well, we had to go
ahead and bury Zack.

Boy said you killed
Neil Erwin, too.

He was killed
crossing the river.

And you killed Zack
right on Front Street.

I'm sorry, Ada.

I'm sorry for
your sake.

Zack turned bandit,

I lost pride in him.

I hated him fer it.

That's why I didn't go
into town to bury him.

You know, Ada, there
are people in Dodge

that are saying
that they think

Zack brought the money
back out here and hid it

and that you know
where it's buried.

Is that what you think,

Well, it could
be at the bottom

of the river
with Neil Erwin.

Marshal... I don't know
where the money is.

All right, Ada.

I won't bother you any longer.

You, uh, you going to be
all right all alone out here?


What did she
say, Mr. Dillon?

She says she doesn't know
anything about the money.

Of course,

Zack could have buried it
out here somewhere

without telling her
anything about it.

Well, I just don't see how a
man could keep that much money

a secret from
his wife.

Even if she did know,

she sure ain't gonna tell
you nothing about it.

She's just a-fooling you,
Mr. Dillon, I'll bet you.

Well... let's ride for
Longtree and build us a fire;

I'm kind of hungry.

Here, you want this one?
No, I ate the last one,

Mr. Dillon,
that's yours.

Well, lookit there.

Ain't that
Leach Fields?


What's he doing
way out here anyway?

He must be lost
or something.

You know, Mr. Dillon, he's
a real gentleman, he is.

We don't get many
like him in Dodge.

Eh, I could stand
the loss.

Oh, now...

Well, hello, Chester,
Marshal Dillon.

Howdy, Mr. Fields.

Yeah, I thought
I saw somebody over here.

Like something to eat?

No, no, thanks.

Ah, it's good to get
out here away from Dodge.

Yeah, well, it is

if you don't have to
stay out here too long.


Well, perhaps.

At least it keeps you away
from killing people,

doesn't it?

Well, I'm not saying
it's wrong, Marshal.

It certainly was right
to kill Zack Morton.

Was it?

Of course it was.

As a matter of fact,
I am on my way

to console his widow
with that very same thought.

That so?

You don't understand.

We're old friends.

Although I haven't seen Ada
in some years.

Where was it you knew her?

Back in St. Joe.

Oh, y-you from St. Joe, too?

That's right.

Well, I'll buy you a drink
when we get back to Dodge.

You, too, Chester.
Oh, thank you.

See you later.

Well, now, you see
there, Mr. Dillon?

I told you that
he's a gentleman.

Let's get back
to Dodge, huh?

You don't think he's
a nice fella, do you?

Nope, I don't.

Hello, Doc.

Yep, you're at it again.

What's bothering you?

Oh, nothing,
I was just...

just thinking how natural
you're beginning to look

sitting here
on Front Street every day,

same chair,
fiddling around,

trying to make people think
you're busy.

Boy, you're sure starting early
this morning.


That same old growl.

What's the matter?
Is business bad or something?

What do you
want me to do-

go out here
and shoot somebody's toe off

so you can amputate their leg
and make a big fee?

Heavens, no, I wouldn't want
to do anything like that.

Matter of fact,
I recommend you keep that gun

in your holster at all times.

With that thing in your hands

and your eyes closed

the way they are
most the time anymore,

you're the most dangerous man
I ever saw.


Let me tell
you something.

You kill more people by
accident than I do on purpose.

Well, what do you mean
by that?

Yeah, you take
their temperature,

they're as
good as gone.

Well, I...

Well, now,
looky there.

Well, Marshal.

Well, how do you do?

Hello, Ada.

Well, we've got
some good news.

That so?

Haven't we, Ada?

Now, let me tell him,
let me tell him,

I want to tell him.

We're going to get married,


That's right.

Tomorrow, right
here in Dodge.

I brought
Ada in today

so she could buy some
clothes and things.

I see.

I know what you're thinking,

You're thinking it's awful fast,

what with Zack gone
only a couple of weeks and all,

but it ain't so fast considering

we known each other
back in St. Joe and all.

Well, I don't think
the marshal believed me

when I told
him that, Ada.

What makes you say that?

Oh, I was
only joking.

Well, you better run along
now and do your shopping.

I'll meet you in about an hour, all right?

Yes. Yes, dear.

Well, Ada,
I, uh...

I hope you'll be
very happy.

Yes, I do,
too, Ada. I-I do.

Thank you.

Thank you both.

He's a... He's a
good man, Marshal.

He's a good...
God-fearing man.

Well, that's, uh,
quite a compliment, Fields.

Yes, it certainly is.

Coming from somebody
like that.

Yeah, she's-she's one
of the finest women

we've ever had
around Dodge.

Well, she's endured a
lot of evil in her day.

I... I want to
help her to forget.

This, uh, evil
you talk about, Fields-

you know,
it's never brought her a thing.

No, of course not.

I mean, like, uh,
any money.

Money? Oh, you
mean from Zack.

Well, that's tainted
money, Marshal.

I-I wouldn't touch it, and
I wouldn't allow her to.

Oh, Mr. Fields, uh, uh,
what-what is your business?

Well, I'm a
gambler, Doc.

But an honest one.

I never made a crooked dollar
in my life, and I never will.

As a matter of fact, I
don't really like gambling,

but a man has to earn
a living somehow.

Yes, yes.

Won't you gentlemen
join me in a drink?

Well, uh,
no, thanks.

Later maybe.

Little busy right now, Fields,
but, uh,

we'll see you
next time you come to town.

All right, fine.
Well, Marshal, Doctor.

You think Ada knows
what she's doing?


But he sure
thinks he does.

Well, I'm sure glad
that meal's over.

They got a new cook here.

Didn't I tell you?

You didn't have to.

Well, it isn't
as bad as all that.

Isn't it?

Where did you learn to be a
chef, out poisoning wolves?

Well, you know, a good cook's
hard to find these days.

I'm sure of it.

Long hours, bad pay.

Well, if he doesn't
like his job,

why doesn't he go
back to oiling leather

or whatever it
was he was doing?

All right,
tell you what I'll do.

Next time,
I'll cook the dinner myself.

I'll get a Dutch oven,
and we'll go down by the river,

and I'll build you the
doggonedest stew you ever ate.

Will you really?

That is, if you don't mind
eating on the ground.

Oh, I'd love it.

Well, how are you?

Howdy, Doc.

Sit down, Doc,
but don't eat.

Why? What's
the trouble?

Well, they got
a new cook in here

while you were
gone, Doc.

Where you been?


I've been out in the
country about 20 miles,

just sitting there, waiting
for a baby to make up its mind.

And did it?

Oh, yes, it
did finally.

They always do.

You know, Matt, I
passed by Ada Morton's

on the way in.

Well, it's been Ada Fields
for the last month,

you know, Doc.

Oh, well, yeah, I know that.

He sure gave up
gambling in a hurry.

How they getting
along out there?

Well, I don't know.

I didn't see Ada at all,
but I saw him.

And you know,

uh... you know how
he usually is?

He's polite and
well-mannered and everything.

Well, he wasn't
this time at all.

He, uh... acted like
he didn't want to see me.

He... I could have used a cup of
coffee, too, along about then,

but he wouldn't even
invite me in the house.

He was probably busy.

Oh, no.

No, he wasn't busy, Kitty.

He was just sitting there
on the porch doing nothing.

You know, I
don't like it.

Just don't like it at all.

I got a feeling that

there just might be
something wrong out there, Matt.

Oh, like what?

Well, I don't know like what,
but I...

Well, don't you think
that's kind of strange behavior

for a fellow like Fields?

Yeah. Guess maybe
I better get out there

and take a look, huh?

Sooner, the better.

Well, I guess
that'd be right about now, huh?

I think
you ought to.

All right. Kitty,
if you'll excuse me?


I'll see you later, Doc. Yeah, Matt.

Well, Marshal.

Chester. Howdy there, Mr. Fields.

Hello, Fields.

What brings you
two out here?

Well, we just going by.

Thought we'd stop
to say hello.

Well, I'm
glad you did.

Sorry you missed
Ada, though.

Oh, she ain't here, huh?

Yeah, wouldn't you know
the day you'd come by

she wouldn't
be here?

She's gonna be
mighty disappointed.

Where'd she go?

I don't know.
She got on her horse

and said she was gonna visit
some neighbors.

Well, she didn't
say who, huh?

If she wants to go visiting,
I don't ask her where.


I'd, um... I'd ask you in,

but, uh, one thing
she did say before she left was,

uh, if anybody rolled by, why,
don't let 'em see the house.

She, um... she didn't take time
to clean up, and, well, you know

how women are about
those sort of things.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Well, we're
just, uh, going on by.

We got to get back
to Dodge anyway.

You tell her
we said hello.

I'll certainly do that.

All right.
We'll see you later.

All right. Bye.

Find a place
to tie the horses?

Yeah. Have you
seen anything?

No. He went in the
house a while ago,

and he hasn't
come back out yet.

Well, I still think
that you're wrong

about him, Mr. Dillon.

Huh. Nothing would
please me more, Chester.

Well, how long we gonna have
to stay out here then?

Oh, you can go back and
go to sleep if you want to.

I'll do the watching. Well, no, no.

I don't like
to sleep in the sun.

I wake up, I-I feel like
I ate a bunch of wet pancakes.

Well, find yourself
some shade then.

Oh, I might do that.

Wait a minute.

Want to follow him?

I want to take a look
in that house first.

Come on.

? ?

Get her feet, Chester.

Ada, are you hurt?

No. Starved.


Nothing to eat
for days and days.

My goodness.

Chester, go look
in the kitchen

and see if you can
find her something

to eat, will you?
All right.

Something light.
Yes, sir.

Now, Ada, you just sit
back and take it easy.

You're gonna
be all right.


We saw Leach heading
for that grove of trees.

Where was he going?

He-He wanted
the money, Marshal.

He starved me.

He-He beat me
so's I'd tell him where it was.

I just couldn't
stand it any longer.

Now, Ada, you just take it easy.

You're gonna be all right.


There's a shack

over in the grove there.

I told him to look
for the money

in the stovepipe there.

Mr. Dillon, come here!

All right, now you
just take it easy.

I'll be right back.

Mr. Dillon?

It's Fields.
He's back.

What are we gonna do?

Well, I'd like
to take him alive if I can.

Well, that oughtn't
to be too hard.

Don't look to me like
he's even wearing a gun.

Chester, I'd be
real surprised

if a man like that
wasn't wearing a gun.

You better get in the kitchen.

I'll get behind the door here.

Yes, sir.


Hold it.

Oh, Marshal, what are you

doing here?

Get your hands
up in the air.

I don't understand.

Get your hands up
and turn around.

You might explain this, Marshal.

Quit you're talking
and turn around.

Go on.

You don't leave a man
much choice, do you?

He-He sure was
terrible desperate

to try a thing like that,
wasn't he, Mr. Dillon?

Well, I tried to keep
from killing him,

but he wouldn't have it
any other way.

Ada, you all right?

You killed him.

Yes, Ada. I had to.

Look, you, uh...
you better drag him out of here.

He'd have killed... killed me
if you hadn't, Marshal.

He said he would.

All right, I think that's
enough for now, Ada.


You didn't know where that
money was hidden, did you?

No, Marshal.

I told you I didn't.

Now, what about Leach?

You never knew him
in St. Joe, either,


I been lonely, Marshal.

I needed, um...

a man to look up to.

He had a way
about him. He...

He-He was a gentleman.

I only...

I-I... I only said
I known him before

to make it look better,
my marrying him so quick.

I done wrong, Marshal.

No, you didn't, Ada.

You never meant to hurt anybody.

I guess you're the only one
around here

who believes anything I say,

Everybody's gonna believe you
now, Ada.

Now, look, you're gonna
stay right here and rest,

and I'm gonna get Doc

and bring him out here
to take a look at you.

He seemed
so good, Marshal.

So good.

For a day or two.

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