Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 32 - Hanging Man - full transcript

Dodge would appear to be undergoing a rash of suicides--or is a murderer with a rope making the rounds?

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Place looks like it's closed.

Sawyer ain't never closed.

He's too greedy.

Oh, now, Jim,
Harp Sawyer's a nice fella.

Deals a might close,
but he's honest.

Well, we ain't gonna sell him no
caps standing around out here.

Told you it's closed.

In the middle of the day?

I don't believe it.

Don't bust it.

He ain't got it
locked real tight.

Yeah, if it's locked
at all he ain't in.

Well, let's make sure.

There, come on.

Let's get outta here.

What do we do?

I don't know.

Sure never thought old Sawyer'd
go and hang hisself.

We better tell the Marshal.

He'll know what to do.

Now, where'd he get to?

Even Chester ain't here.

We gotta find him, Hank.

Yeah, but where?

Look, you take this
side of the street,

and I'll cross over.

Just kind of walk around.

If you don't find him
on the street,

then look inside somewhere.

Yeah, okay, but if
you find him first,

let me know, huh?

Well, it's a good way
to go broke, isn't it?

Kitty, you can't have a
full house night and day.

I wouldn't object.

Think I'll take this
place and move it

to a gold camp somewhere.

I think the cattle
trade's done.

Cattle trade's
better than ever,

and you know it.

Excuse me, Kitty.

Oh, hello, Cora.

I just came in.

Mel hasn't been
here, has he?

No, he hasn't, honey.

Uh, Cora, this is

Marshal Dillon.

Matt, this
is Cora Bell.

How do you do?

Ooh, hello, Marshal.

I've heard a lot about you.

That so?

Even over in Abilene.

I just came from there
about a week ago.

Cora's working here now, Matt.

I see. Well, how are
things in Abilene?

Ooh, all right.

Just needed a change.

You know how it is.


There's your man now, honey.

If you'll excuse me.

Hello, Mel.
Hello, Cora.

Let's sit down here.


Did you say Mel Tucker
is her man, Kitty?

She's wild in
love with him.

They met on the train
coming from Abilene.

Hmm, so that's where
he's been, huh?

Mm, he's not
much good but...

at least he doesn't
cause any trouble.

She must be kind of
desperate, Kitty.

Well, she's in an age where most
women get kind of desperate.


She knows he's broke and
that he doesn't work much.

But they're planning
on getting married

as soon as he can get
some money together.

Well, she's safe then.

I don't know, he's
serious about her.

And jealous- that man
is just crazy jealous.

Well, he ought to be.

Mr. Dillon?

Did a couple
of men find you?

looking for you.

Huh. What'd they want?

Well, they was over
at Harp Sawyer's office,

and they found him there...

He's gone
and hung hisself.

Oh, no.

Well, that's what
they told me.

Well, you better go get Doc.
I'll meet you over at Sawyer's.

Yes, sir.

Oh, that's terrible.

Yeah, it's going to be kind
of tough on his wife, too.

I guess he stood
on the chair.

Yeah, it looks to me like
he sprang his own trap.

How long ago do you
think it happened, Doc?

Well, I wouldn't
know exactly,

but some time last
night, for sure.


Too bad.

Well, Chester, you
better get a wagon.

We got to take
him out of here.

Yeah, right on it.

Uh, sh-should I
bring it around

to the back door,
Mr. Dillon?

Yeah, fine.



Does he have any
bruises on his head?

Well, I didn't
look for bruises.

Take a look, will you?

Well, Matt, hanging
doesn't usually

bruise a man any...

By golly, there
is a bruise.

What are you
thinking about?

That's where he used to keep his
money, over in that box there, Doc.

He didn't believe in banks.

Not there?
No, sir.

I think that somebody came in
here, knocked him on the head,

robbed him
and strung him up.

By golly, you know, it could've
happened just that way.

Yeah, easy.
Yeah, but who did it?

I don't know, Doc.

There's only one
way to find out.

It's going to be kind
of tough on his widow.

I'm gonna see her right now.

I'll wait here
for Chester.

All right.

Well, she ain't showed
up yet, Mr. Dillon.

Well, she said she was gonna
stop at church first, Chester.


Did you have to tell her
that he committed suicide?

I couldn't tell
her the truth.

She'd tell everybody else if I did. Yeah...

And I've got to have
everybody in town

think that I think
he killed himself.

Including the man
who murdered him.

Well, so that they
think it, well, what then?

Well, we just have to wait for
him to start spending the money.

Well, Mr. Dillon, people...
spending money all the time.

Well, I know, but maybe this man
will spend it foolishly.

It's the only
chance we've got.

Well, it ain't much of
a chance, if you ask me.

Here she comes.

How do you do, ma'am?

Mrs. Sawyer...

Sorry I kept
you waiting.

What'd the parson
have to say?

We'll bury him
on Boot Hill, Marshal.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I've been married to
Harp Sawyer for 35 years.

I thought I knew him.

I'd swear he wasn't a man

to kill himself.

I'd swear it.

Mrs. Sawyer, you'll
understand in time.

I promise you will.


You will.

I don't think he done it.

But I want people to know
the truth, good or bad.

And when I know,
I'm gonna tell them.

I'm gonna tell
everybody, Marshal.

Everybody will know
someday, ma'am,

and so will you.

You'll find out?

I promise.

He in there?

Yes, ma'am.

Then let's get him
buried, Marshal.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, uh...

Mr. Dillon?

Uh, look here, would you?

Oh, the bootjack?

Yeah, Mr. Dabney finally
got them in, I see.

Them's made
out of pure metal.

Yeah, and they also cost
three dollars, Chester.

I could make the same thing out
of a piece of wood for nothing.

Well, yeah, but these here
is gonna last you a lifetime.

Mr. Dillon, could-could we just,
uh, take a look at them?

Just take a minute.

Be right with you.

81 dollars even.

I'll pick the
stuff up later,

but I'll pay you
for it right now.

All right.

You see there, Mr. Dillon?

How i-it's got
the whole, the...

What is it?

That's a lot of money

for Mel Tucker to be
carrying around, isn't it?


Wait here.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna try a
little bluff.

Hello, Tucker.

Oh, uh, hello, Marshal.

You're buying clothes like
a man about to get married.

Well, that's
the truth, Marshal.

I am gonna get married
right soon.

That so?

I'm gonna go over to get Cora
now and buy her some stuff.

I didn't know
you were working.


Takes money
to buy clothes.

Oh, sure.
I made me

some money over in Abilene. How?

I don't see that that's
anybody's business, Marshal.

You will, Tucker.

After you've been
in jail a while.


What are you talking about?

Harp Sawyer didn't hang
himself; he was murdered.

And I happen to know you did it.

You're out of your head.

I got all the proof
I need, Tucker.

You left something behind.

A real calling card.

You're a liar.

The judge won't think so.

It's been a week.

How come you decided
to try this now?

Might go easier on you
if you admit it, Tucker.

This ain't right, Marshal.

Let's go.

I ought to kill you.

Use your head, Tucker.

Now, you know
where the jail is.

Start walking.

Hello, Cora.

Can I see him today?

Well, why not?

You've seen him every
other day this week.

We're still gonna
get married, Marshal.

Hello, Mel.

Hello, Cora.

How are you today?

A week in jail and
you ask me how I am.

Please, Mel.

You don't need to stand
around, Marshal.

I ain't gonna confess
something I didn't do.

Doesn't matter.

Hello, Mr. Dillon.


I see that Cora's here
for her daily visit.


You know when he sees her
it leaves him kind of edgy.

Did you notice that?


Being locked up like that, he
can't tell what she's doing.

Kitty was right.

He's a mighty jealous man.

You think that your
plan is still gonna work?

I don't know.

He better start talking soon.

I can't keep him
locked up forever.

I'm going over to the bank.
Keep an eye on him, will you?

Yeah, all right.

See you later.

I thought you were gonna
take me to dinner this noon.

I'm sorry I'm late.


I've got to wait now
till Kitty comes back.

She thought somebody ought to be
here, in case business picked up.

Not much chance in that.

I know, but I said I'd wait.

Well, we can go then.
I haven't eaten yet.

Where were you?

Now, Cora,

I don't ask you where

you've been all
the time, do I?

You wouldn't have
any right to, Dan.

We're just friends,
aren't we?

Of course.

I shouldn't have
questioned you.

It's all right.

I had a little business
to take care of.

Then I went to the
hotel and washed up.

It ain't often I have
dinner with a lady.

You can be a gentleman
when you try, can't you?

I can do most
anything when I try.

I know.

I saw Mel today.

How is he?

He doesn't like being in jail,
I can tell you that.

Nobody does.

I told him
about you, Dan.

What'd he say?

He said he'd like
to see you.

Said it'd been
a long time.


I haven't seen Mel
Tucker in six months.

You two really
getting married?

Well, why shouldn't we
get married?

Now, Cora, I didn't
mean nothing.

I was just surprised,
that's all.

Well, when you do see him,

don't act too surprised.


He's so darn jealous, Dan.

it worries me.

Seems to me you got a lot
more to worry about than that.

He'll get out of jail.
He's got to.


There she is.
Can we go now?

Let's go.

Well, Doc?

He was hit in the head,
just like Harp Sawyer.

Yeah, everything's the same.

Except they didn't get
any money this time.

This safe is a little stronger
than Sawyer's cabinet.


Well, that's
sure too bad.


Well, I don't mean just
about Dabney there.

I mean about
you, too.

What do you mean?

Well, this happened the same
way as the other one, Chester.

Well, I...

Oh, y-yeah,
that's right.

The same man must have
killed both of them.


Guess I guessed wrong
about Mel Tucker, huh?

What are you going
to do about it?

I don't have much choice, Doc.

Help him, will you, Chester?

What are you doing?

You're out,

So you're giving up, huh?


What finally
changed your mind?

What do you care?
You're free.

Oh, you're really
turning me loose, huh?

What's that?

The money I
took off you.

Count it.

I ain't going
to count it, Marshal.

I, I trust you.

That's about $300.

That looks about right.

All right, you're free.

Get going.

Not very friendly, are you?

I'm not paid
to be friendly.

All right.

All right, I'm going.

Let me tell you something,

I ain't forgetting
what you done to me.

You made a mistake,
locking me up.

I'm already thinking
how to pay you back someday.

You'd better start thinking

how to keep yourself
out of jail, Tucker.

Now get out of here.

How long you
been here, Matt?

Hello, Kitty.

Sit down.

I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?

Not likely.

Well, what's
on your mind?

Couple of murders.

I know you didn't like
turning Mel Tucker loose.

Well, didn't have
much choice.

You tried; it was
a good gamble.

Tucker could have killed
Harp Sawyer.

Except he
obviously didn't.


Well, I tried to bluff
and it didn't work.

Guess I'll just have to wait
and see what happens now.

I guess they're

I'll say one thing
That week

in jail
changed him.

How do you mean?

Well, I expected him to
come out in a jealous rage,

but he's been
meek as a lamb.

What's he got
to be jealous about?

Dan Dresslar.

He and Cora have been seeing
quite a bit of each other.

Who's Dan Dresslar?

That other fella.

Where'd he come from?

I don't know, he's only been
here three or four days.

Well, maybe
Tucker doesn't know

that they've been seeing
each other.

Oh, well, they haven't
really; they're just friends.

Tucker and Cora still planning
to get married?

Well, not right away, of course,
as they're flat broke.

Flat broke?

With $300?

Who's got $300?

Mel Tucker has.

Well, Cora and I were just
talking about it a couple

hours ago.

And she said they're broke?

That's right.

I gave Mel Tucker
better than $300 back

before I turned him loose.

That just doesn't
make any sense.

Maybe it does, Kitty.

Look, will you do
something for me?


Well, this isn't
going to be easy,

and it might make you look
kind of bad.

Well, must be important
or you wouldn't ask me to do it.

It is.

You see that table over there,
the one near the back door?


Yeah, well,
I want you to get

Cora and Tucker
and this Dan Dresslar

and get 'em
over there.

Offer to buy 'em a drink
or something.

What then?

I'll meet you outside

and I'll explain
the whole thing to you.

All right.

Are they there yet,
Mr. Dillon?

Not yet.

I don't know,
this, this sounds

a little bit crazy
to me.

You sure Miss Kitty ain't
gonna get hurt out of it?

That's one reason I
want to be right here.

It's good of you to buy
us all a drink, Kitty,

but I, I don't know
why you're doing it.

Ah, she's a nice

girl, Mel.

Isn't that
enough reason?

Well, it's good liquor;
that's all the reason I need.

Most people I know
don't do nothing

without wanting
something out of it.

Oh, now, Dan...

No, he's right, Cora.


There is something I want.

I thought so.

What do you
want, Kitty?

I want Mel to know
about you and Dresslar.

To know what
about us?

I don't like to see any man made
a fool of, like you're doing

to him.

What are you talking about?

How is she making a fool of me?

You think Dresslar is a friend,
don't you?

Keep talking.

He's a friend, all right...

but he's a friend of Cora's,
not yours.

Cora's friend? They've
been together every night

since he got to Dodge,
and every day, too,

and I wouldn't call it
being just friendly.

What are you telling lies for?

Let her talk, Dresslar.

Everybody in Dodge knows what
they've been doing, except you.

I guess I'm the only one
not afraid to tell you.

Now, look here.


You think she's in love
with you, huh?

You poor fool.

Mel, don't

believe her.

She's lying, it isn't true.

Get up, Dresslar.

No, Mel.

Now, wait, Tucker,
you ain't going to listen

to that fool talk, are you?

Get up or I'll shoot you
right there.

Don't, Mel, no.
It's a trick of some kind.

Shut up, Cora.

I'll take care of you later.

Mr. Dillon,
you'd better stop it.

Somebody's gonna
get hurt.

I can't, Chester, not yet.

You're a fool, Tucker.

Go ahead and make your play.

No, Mel!

I needed you, Dresslar.

You did

your job,

but I didn't bargain for you
to make love to Cora.

I gave you the $300
for hanging Joe Dabney,

not for stealing my girl.


Get his gun,

He was going to kill me.

If the marshal hadn't been here,

then he would have
killed me.

I'm sorry I had to do
what I did, Cora.

Don't be too
sorry, Kitty.

She's the one that hired
Dresslar to hang Joe Dabney.

Mel made me do it.

It was his idea.

Yeah, but you did it, Cora.

Sure, I did,

and I'd have done anything
to make you turn him loose,

and we just about got by
with it, too.


Next time you'd better pick
a man who isn't jealous, Cora.

There won't be any next time,

I guess there won't.

Let's go.

Bring him over to the jail
when he comes to.