Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 3 - Blood Money - full transcript

In order to collect a reward of $500, Harry Speener kills Joe Harpe even though Harpe had recently saved his life on the prairie. Matt grudgingly pays the reward, but unwittingly sends Speener to an ironic fate when he orders the opportunistic ex-bartender out of Dodge.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

You miserable...

What do you want
to kill me for?

Looks like you busted
your leg, mister.

You come to finish me off.

Horse throwed
you, huh?

Dirty rotten animal.

Ain't much of a reason
to shoot a good horse-

just 'cause
he throwed ya.

It's my horse,
ain't he?

I better get you out
of the sun, mister.

I can't move.

Fetch me some water.

Water will only shrink
you up, laying out here.

What are you
aiming to do?

Haul you over
to them trees.

There's a spring
over there.

I can't. My leg's broken.
Now just fetch me some water.

You'll die
out here, mister.

Now I'll move you as gentle as I can... No!

Feeling better?

You about tore
my leg off.

How long was you
laying out there?

I don't know,
an hour maybe.

Two hours.

Traveling alone?


You don't look
like a cowboy.

What's that got
to do with it?

A fella like you

ought not to be
out here all alone.

Get hurt too easy.

I don't get hurt easy.

That horse bucked me off.

Oh, I hate horses.

I've always hated 'em.

That what was you doing
riding one?

How else was I going
to get to Dodge... walk?

You might have
been better off.

I'm a bartender,
not a...

not a fool cowboy.

I got a job waiting
for me in Dodge.

You ain't in
Dodge yet, mister.


What's the matter?

I think I hear horses.

Somebody's coming.

Good, let 'em come.

I need more help
than you're giving me.

Hey, what are
you going to do?

Shut up.

What are you,
an outlaw or something?

I said shut up.

That's far enough.

Who are you men?

We're looking for water.
You got a spring in there?



Hold it.

I said who are you?

Name's Dillon.
From Dodge.

My name's Chester Goode.

You don't worry me, and I ain't
never heard of no Dillon.

Well, then you shouldn't
mind if we get a little water.


But you'll have to drop
your gun belt first.

Sorry, mister.

You heard me.

Who is it?

One of them's
called Dillon.

From Dodge?

That's what he says.

Well, bring him in here.
He'll help me.

He's the US Marshal, you fool.

A marshal?

By golly, you are a marshal,
ain't ya?

My name's Joe Harpe,

What's the matter
with your friend?

Busted his leg.

Oh? Well, there's a doctor
in Dodge about 20 miles.

I can't do it alone.

You put that rifle
down, we'll help you.


What's your
name, mister?

Harry Speener.

I don't recall seeing you
around Dodge before.

Oh, I ain't never
been in Dodge,

but I heard your name
down in Tasgosa.

I was working in a saloon
down there.

Oh, I see.

That where
you're from, too?

Nah, I just happened along,
found him laying there.

Horse throwed him.

I should never have come alone.

I don't know nothing
about horses.

I hate horses- I always have.

Well, I guess we'd better
get you into Dodge.

You aiming to drag me to Dodge?

No, I've been drug
as far as I'm going to be.

I had to get you
out of the sun.

Well, you was
mighty rough about it.

Well, looks to me like
he saved your life, mister.

Why shouldn't he save my life?

Well, of all the

Oh, that's just 'cause
his leg hurts him so bad.

I busted mine once,
and I know how it feels.

You don't know
nothing how it feels.

Nobody drug
you around.

Well, I guess we better
get started.


You know that ranch house
about a mile west of here? Yeah.

Go on over there and see if you
can borrow their wagon. All right.

I'll get some splints on him. Yes, sir.

What are your plans, Harpe?

Why, I'm going to help you
get him to Dodge.


I don't know,
you seemed kind of wary

when we rode in here.

Oh. Well, that's because
I'm carrying a little money

from my last job.
Oh, I see.

Can't blame a man for
playing it close, can ya?

No, I guess not.

I'll get some splints.

There you are.

You're going to be
on crutches a while.

How... how long?

I don't know-
six weeks maybe.

If you're lucky.

Six weeks?

I can't tend bar
on crutches.

How am I going
to make a living?

I think you'll
make out all right.

That's fine
for you to talk.

Well, if there's nothing more
I can do for you, Speener,

I guess I'll be going.

That was a real rough ride
you give me on that wagon.

Yeah, I guess it was.

I'd better be going, too.

And the ride
you give me

was the roughest of all-
I'll never get over that.

I reckon maybe I should have
put them splints on your leg

before I moved you.

It's a fine time to be thinking
about that now, ain't it?

You sure make it
hard, Speener.

Well, so long. Doc.

You leaving Dodge, Harpe?

Nope, I aim to do me
some gambling first.

I'm tired of
working anyhow.

I see.

Well, I'll
see you later.

Yes, yes, Harpe.

What in the world is the
matter with you anyway?

The way I heard it,
that man saved your life.

You a preacher
or a doctor?



Come on along,
I'll buy you a drink.

Drink? Oh, no,
no, thanks, Matt.

I can't leave with that
sorehead laying there.

All right, but don't
let him throw you.

Well... next time you
bring him in here,

I have a feeling
it'll be because,

I hope, somebody shot him.

Well, he's just a no-good, Doc. Yeah.

It's this Joe Harpe
that interests me.


Why, Matt, that's as nice a
young fella as I ever met.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

He seems nice enough.

Matt, you're worrying
too much about it.

Maybe you need
that drink.

I'll see you later.

All right, Doc.

I sure hope that that's
the last ride we'll be making

for a spell.

Chester, I think this town
life is making you soft.

Town life?

I ain't slept in
a bed for a week.

Well, it's a big
country, you know.

The law can't spend
all its time in Dodge.

You don't have
to tell me that.

Looky, there, Mr. Dillon.

That's Joe Harpe.
He's still in town.


Say, take the
horses on down

and pick up the mail
on your way back.

Oh, all right.

Hello there, Matt.

Hello, Doc.


How was the trip?

Well, we were just
scouting around.

Nothing in particular.

How's things in Dodge?

Oh, everything's been
just like Sunday.

No trouble?

No, not... well, only
trouble's with him.

You know what he's trying
to talk me into? What's that?

Well, he wants to
pay me the bill

for that miserable
Speener's broken leg.

I never heard of such
a thing in my life.

Well, it's just that I made
me a little money gambling

and Speener ain't
been able to work yet.

Of course, it's been
better than a month

since we come in.

He can work any time
he wants to, Matt.

He's been around town
here without even a cane.

Marshal, I know
it sounds funny,

but I saved
his life,

and I got to help
take care of him now.

Why's that?

Ain't saving
his life enough?

It's a thing
my pa taught me.

If you save a man's life,

then you're kind
of responsible for him

from then on out.

Now that's an idea
I never heard before.

Well, by gosh,
I never did either.

But be that as it may,

Speener is going
to pay his own bill.

I got my own ideas
about that myself.

Well, if you won't let me... I won't.

Okay. I'll see you later, Doc.

All right.

You don't look to me
like you believe him.

Yeah, yeah,
I believe him, Doc.

But, you know, there's something
I can't figure out about him.

Well, he's an
awful nice fella.

There's not a man in this
town that doesn't like him.

Yeah, yeah,
he's an nice fella.

I like him myself.

Just quit worrying
about him, Matt.

I tell you, that
Speener's the bad one.

You worry about him.

All right, Doc.

I'll be up to see you
after while.

Yeah, I'll be back in
about an hour. All right.

Well, I got the
mail, Mr. Dillon.


This one here looks
awful official looking.

Better open that up.

Maybe my paycheck's
in there.


Well, no paycheck.

Just the usual wanted posters.


What's the matter?

Look at this, Chester.

Oh, my goodness.

Well, that's... that's him.

That's Joe Harpe
all right.


Wanted, bank robbery,
dead or alive, $500 reward.

Sheriff, city of Denver,
Colorado Territory.

Well, ain't that
awful, Mr. Dillon.

Yep. He's made a lot
of friends here, Chester.

You gonna arrest him?

Well, can't you
just pretend

that you didn't get
it or something?

You can stay here if
you want to, Chester.

No, no. Now, Mr. Dillon,
I didn't mean that.

All right, then you take
the Lady Gay and Delmonico's.

I'll go down the other
side of the street

and meet you at the Long Branch. All right.

If you see him, come let me know. Yeah.

Hello, Kitty.

Oh, hi, Marshal.

Well, you look like you've
been eating cockleburs.

I'm looking for
Joe Harpe.

He was in here
a while ago.

The usual.

Then that Speener
came running in here

and said something to him,
and they both left.


Somebody ought to
take that man out

and bury him somewhere.

Well, I couldn't find
him anyplace, Mr. Dillon.

I looked all
over for him.

Miss Kitty.

What's all this
about, anyway?

Well... well, Joe Harpe's
wanted for bank robbery,

that's what.

I don't believe it.

Well, you know, that's
just what Speener said

when I told him- he
just couldn't believe it.

Now wait a minute.

You told Speener?

Well, yeah. I mean,
I seen him down there.

Chester. Next time
I'll have to send you out

with a potato stuck
in your teeth.

Speener dashed in here
and warned him, Chester.


Well, now that just
goes to show, Mr. Dillon.

He ain't as bad
as we thought.

He was just waiting
for a chance

to do Harpe a
real good turn.

Sure looks like he did it, too.

Come on, let's get the horses.

We'll see you later, Kitty.
Yeah, sure.

Well, you think that
they left town?

If they're
smart, they did.


This place you picked
ain't very well hid.

Oh, I guess not, but...

we won't be here long.

Come on, sit down,
take it easy.

You ought to go on
back to Dodge, Speener.

This ain't no kind
of life for you.

Besides, you done
enough for me.

I ain't done half enough
to pay you back, Joe.

I can get away
alone now.

You know how you hate
riding and horses and all.

One more day
won't hurt me.

We'll split up tomorrow.

And then if there's
anybody following us,

they won't know which
trail to take, see?

I shouldn't have done it.


I shouldn't have
robbed that bank.

I never done nothing
like that before.

Well, it's done.

You sure you only got
$600 out of it?

I ain't even got
that now.


Well, it don't matter.

I mean... well, you
had fun with it.

I got to get out of here.

Sure wasn't thinking
when I unsaddled

in a fool place
like this.

Wasn't your fault.

You was too excited
to notice.

I'm noticing now.

All right, we'll move out.

You finish your coffee
and I'll fill the canteens.

? ?

There's Speener,
Mr. Dillon.

I don't see
Joe Harpe anywheres.

Well, I think
I do, Chester.

Hi, Marshal. Chester.

Putting up a lot of smoke,
aren't ya?

Just to help you find
the place, Marshal.

So you shot him
in the back, huh?

I tried to talk him
into giving himself up,

but, uh, he wouldn't listen.

Then he tried to draw on me.

Don't lie to me, Speener.

What difference does it
make how he was killed?

He was an outlaw,
wasn't he?

Yeah, he was an outlaw.

$500 worth-

if you lived long enough
to collect it.

What are you saying?

I'll send a telegram
to Denver.

You'll get your reward.

Let me tell you

If I were you, I wouldn't
talk about this around Dodge.

A lot of men don't take to
the idea of blood money.

You got no right
to talk like that, Marshal.

I ain't done
nothing wrong.

Shut up, Speener or
I'll kill you myself.

Let's go find something
to scratch out a grave with.

Well, I found him like you said,
Mr. Dillon.

Over here, Speener.

I've been waiting around
like you said, Marshal.

I haven't talked
to nobody.

Got a wire from Denver
this noon.

Everything's all right.

Your money will be here
in about a week.

Oh. Oh, I thought
maybe it had come now.

There it is.

But I thought you said
it hadn't come yet.

I'm paying you out of government
funds in the meantime.

Oh. Oh, well, that's,
uh, that's fine.

Just fine.

I didn't think you'd mind
how you go it.

Oh, now, Marshal,
I only done my duty.

Count it, Speener.

Oh, I'm sure it's all here.

I said count it.

353, 354...


Yep. $500, all right.

Speener, nobody knows
about this yet.

Everybody thinks
I killed Joe Harpe.

And my advice to you
is to get out of Dodge

before they find out
who did kill him.

What for? I didn't
do nothing wrong.

Tell me something, Speener.

Joe Harpe the first man
you've killed?

Of course he is.

You know, there's men
around Dodge

that have killed
ten or a dozen

and thought
nothing of it.

But I can't guarantee
how they're gonna take

to your killing one man.

Well, they can't do nothing...
'cause it was legal.

Yeah, it was legal.

I earned this, and I'm gonna
double it gambling.

There ain't nobody
gonna stop me.

Okay, I warned you.

I'm gonna get rich.

This is my start,
and I'm gonna get real rich now.

Get out of here, Speener.

Go on. I said get out.

Oh, Marshal...

I'm about to go
in there.

I've been thinking
over what you said,

and it just ain't right.

I'm an honest citizen.

I can use my money
any way I want.

Evening, Marshal.

Hello, Red.

Well, sit down, Matt.

You want a drink?

No, thanks,
I came in here for one,

but I changed my mind.


You mind if I sit
in, gentlemen?

This ain't no penny-ante game.

Oh, you think
I ain't got money?

There's $500 in there.

Well, I'll show you.


Give me that.

Where'd you get $500, Speener?

It's none of your business.

Now give me that.

One story had it you rode
out of town with Joe Harpe.

That's a lie.

I'm not gonna ride anywhere

Not on a horse.

I never did figure the marshal
shooting a man like Harpe,

even if he was wanted.

Now give me that money.
It's mine.

Yeah, I guess it's yours,
all right.

And I guess maybe I know

how you earned it.

Give me that.


It's all right, Kitty.

He's too much
of a coward to draw.


Now he's running to you,
the dirty sneak.

Did you have to give
him that money?

Marshal, Marshal, you saw
what he done. You saw him.

Now you ain't gonna let him
get by with that, are ya?

No, no, I guess I'll have
to talk to him about that.

Talk to him?

I can't understand
why he didn't kill you.

Kill me?

Yeah, without waiting for you
to draw your gun.

Now look here, Marshal.

You're supposed
to protect people.

Speener, I'm afraid I've done
about all I can for you.

Now that it's out,
you're sure to get killed.

Joe Harpe was pretty well liked
around here, you know?

From now on, around Dodge,

you're as good
as dead, mister.

And I don't want
the bother of it.

Now suppose you get
out of here, huh?

Go on. Get out of here.

It's up to the ace.

Mr. Dillon, over here!

Here he is, Moss.

I told you that the boy
would find him.

Good morning, Marshal.

Hello, Moss.
Is something wrong here?

Well, I really ain't
sure, Marshal.

Well, it's the horse,
Mr. Dillon.

The horse?
He looks all right to me.

Well, it ain't
the horse.

I mean, the horse
is all right.

It's that, uh...

Marshal, look here.

See that mud?

That's red mud.
You know where that came from?

Well, about the only
red mud I know of

comes from Granby Springs down
about 20 miles south of here.

That's right.

Well, why?
What's all this about?

Well, Harry Speener
rented this horse.

That's right, Marshal.

Right after you run him
out of town last night.

Sold his other one.

He swore he'd never ride again.


Well, he should have
bought this horse

instead of renting it.

He never intended
to bring it back.

He was stealing it,
that's what.

Moss, the horse is here now.
What's your complaint?

Well, I guess I really
ain't got one.

Where's Speener now?

Well, that's just it,
Mr. Dillon.

This horse
come back alone.

It looks to me like
that somebody just maybe went

and killed him after all,
don't it?

Well, maybe we'd better
go find out.

Help. Help.

Help. Help.


That's the man
that murdered Joe Harpe.

Yeah. After Harpe
saved his life.

Help me.
You gotta help me.

Horse kicked me.

Smashed... smashed my side.

I'm hurt bad.



Wait. Wait!


No! Don't leave me! Wait!

Wait! I didn't do nothing wrong!

It was legal!
You got no right!

I didn't do
nothing wrong!

I'll kill you.

I'll find you
and I'll kill you both!

Well, looks like somebody
was here, all right.

But he ain't been
shot, Mr. Dillon.

It looks like it
was his horse again.

You mean, like before?


Only this time, Joe Harpe
wasn't here to help him.